OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/31/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/31/07


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John: Claudine, see if you can get me Statesville on line two again, please.

Marty: John, I need to talk to you.

John: Hey.

Marty: Itís important.

John: What, is Cole in some kind of trouble again?

Marty: No, no, Cole hasnít done anything. I have.

Miles: All right, Marty, you're on. Letís hear your deepest thoughts.

Martyís voice: I was in Blairís room, I saw Spencer, I saw the scissors -- I remember!

Hannahís voice: There could be so many explanations for that, so many --

Martyís voice: No, no, there is only one explanation -- I killed Spencer Truman!

Blair: Anything I can do to help?

Cristian: I donít know. Letís see -- some crazy racist is out to kill me, my brotherís cut me out of his life and left town, possibly for good -- even though heís the only one who can save Jessicaís life -- and the woman I love may be dying. No, I donít think you can help.

Blair: Well, I think you're wrong. I can.

Nash: Damn it, Clint. Why doesnít he pick up?

Antonio: You left him a message, right?

Nash: Yes, I left a few messages. I told him you're coming back for the transplant, but he should've gotten his messages by now.

Antonio: Itís ironic, isnít it? I cross the ocean to get away from Jessica, and now I'm going to be a part of her life forever.

[Monitor beeps]

Michael: The tests should take about an hour. You know, it might be a good opportunity for you to step out -- [Alarm] Get a bite to eat.

Nurse: Dr. McBain, sheís failing.

Viki: Jessie? Jessie?

Clint: Michael, whatís happening?

Viki: Michael, please, what -- whatís going on, please?

Michael: Out of the room, please.

Viki: What?

Michael: Now.

Nurse: Now, please --

Viki: What?

Nurse: Please go, please.

Michael: Get me Dr. Pearce, stat -- we're losing her.

[Monitor beeps]

Dr. Pearce: What happened?

Michael: Her liver -- itís not synthesizing enough clotting protein. Sheís got gastrointestinal bleeding, and my main concern is Hepatic Encephalopathy.

Dr. Pearce: No way to know while sheís unconscious.

Viki: What -- Michael, what is that? Hepatic -- can you fix that?

Nurse: I'm -- I'm sorry. We'll be out to talk to you in a moment.

Viki: She has to hold on, she just has to.

Clint: We are not going to lose her, not after we found a way to save her.

Viki: Yeah, how? Antonioís not even here!

Clint: She is going to hold on! Sheís got too much to live for -- her daughter, Nash. We are not going to lose her.

Viki: Michael, what -- what is it?

Michael: The liver damage is causing other complications. Her kidneys are failing.

Nash: Antonio, I wish I could be the one to save her.

Antonio: Right -- so you could be the hero.

Nash: No, that is not what I meant by that at all.

Antonio: You know, even if you did play the white knight, there are no guarantees.

Nash: Guarantees?

Antonio: That Jessica will be with you forever. I mean, look what happened to me. She professed her undying love to me, up and down, then left me for the first guy who walked through the door.

Nash: You think thatís what I'm worried about? Thatís not what I'm worried about. All I am thinking about is not letting Jessica die. Would you think about that? Can you think about that? No, you canít, because all you're obsessed with is your bruised little ego. Well, to hell with that. This is about saving Jessicaís life. Can you think about her?

Antonio: You're right. You're right, I was being a jerk. Itís a tough situation I'm in. I just -- these feelings for Jessica -- and then I -- never mind. This whole thing is -- itís bigger than me and my feelings, you're right.

Nash: Antonio, this isnít about one-upping you. All right, I -- I understand the sacrifice that you're making, itís not just emotional. Itís physical and emotional. I mean, you're in love with Jessica, and you're risking your own life to save her, when, inevitably, you're still going to lose her.

Antonio: Itís reality.

Nash: Itís harsh. But I'm not so callous that I donít feel very bad about what you're going through. I understand all too well what you're going through. I just wish we didnít have to drag you back into our lives, I'm sorry.

Antonio: "Drag me back"? What the hellís that supposed to mean? What, are you insinuating that I wouldnít help Jessica unless I was forced? Nobody had to drag me.

Nash: Right, I'm sorry. Itís a poor choice of words.

Antonio: Yeah. Let me repeat myself, ok? Maybe this time you will get it. I am not doing this so that you and Jessica can live happily ever after, I am doing this because itís the right thing to do.

John: What have you done?

Marty: I -- I donít know how to begin, but I -- I know you're the person I have to tell because you're going to -- you'll know what needs to be done.

John: Ok. Does this have something to do with the panic attacks youíve been having lately?

Marty: Yes, it does. Um, I didnít know the source of the panic until now, and -- and I didnít deliberately try to hide the truth from you. I -- I didnít know what the truth was until yesterday --

John: Oh -- oh, ok, ok, slow down. What truth are we talking about here?

Bo: John? I need to talk to you. I think we caught a break on the hate crime case.

John: Uh, ok.

Marty: Uh, no, thatís ok, go ahead. I'll -- I'll wait here.

John: Yeah? Just give me one minute, ok? What do you got, Bo?

Bo: When Balsom was here a while ago, I think he may have inadvertently given us a tip.

John: What kind of a tip?

Bo: Well, someone we know might be keeping a secret.

Hannahís voice: So, in the dreams, do you -- do you know what you're supposed to do with the scissors?

[Tape winds]

Martyís voice: And thatís when I start getting scared.

Hannahís voice: And whatís scaring you, Marty? What is it? Is it some thing or someone?

Martyís voice: Itís -- itís someone. Thereís someone else in my dream.

[Tape winds]

Martyís voice: Itís a woman, and sheís wearing white.

Hannahís voice: And why would that be?

Martyís voice: Uh, white, white -- white is, um, the good guys. They always wear white, and itís also the color of death in some countries.

Hannahís voice: Yeah.

Martyís voice: And purity -- um, brides wear -- wear white. Itís a bride. Oh, my god.

Hannahís voice: Marty -- Marty, what is it? Who is the bride in your dream?

[Marty pants]

Martyís voice: The bride -- it was Blair., My god, the scissors -- I canít -- I killed Spencer Truman.

[Tape stops]

Miles: The woman I love killed the only person whoís ever loved me.

Spencerís voice: "I hope I've proved by now that I am your friend, and that you can believe and trust me. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end."

Bo: Balsomís been digging into this Tate Harmonís background.

John: What, outing the guy on TV wasnít enough?

Bo: Well, he was wrong about that, but the point is he thinks that the guyís hiding something.

John: Any idea what?

Bo: Balsom talked to this old friend of Harmonís. This old friend says that Harmon, as a teenager, went away to this camp, and when he got back, he changed.

John: "Changed"? What -- changed how?

Bo: The camp was in Wyoming.

John: Wyoming?

Bo: Mm-hmm. Yeah. You think thatís a coincidence?

[Phone rings]

Marty: Hello?

Miles: I need to see you, Marty, right away.

Marty: Miles, this isnít a good time, ok? I'm in the middle of something important.

Miles: Whatever it is, this is more important. Itís about Spencerís murder.

Marty: what about it?

Miles: We need to talk about this in person -- and keep it between the two of us. Come to my suite at the palace, I'll be waiting.

John: I donít know, Bo. At link is tenuous at best. And I've seen that guy Harmon around -- itís not like heís keeping a low profile.

Bo: Yeah, but he could hide in plain sight.

John: And our guy likely had surgery in Wyoming. I kind of remember when Harmon retired, he blew out his shoulder. Maybe it wasnít the first time.

Bo: His medical history could be public record, could even be on one of those sports websites, so I'll get Sahid to check into that.

John: Hmm, all right. I'm going to try to find out the name of that camp he went to.

Bo: We're on to something.

John: Hmm. Oh -- you're not going to tell the mayor about this, are you?

Bo: I donít know -- you know, then he can hold one of his press conferences and he could tank our whole investigation -- I donít think so.

John: Yeah.

Cristian: Nobody can do anything for me right now, ok why are you even here?

Blair: Well, I came here to work on a song, and if you werenít so defensive, maybe you'd get a chance to hear it. You know, Cristian, I can be your friend -- just like you were a friend to me when, you know, rode to Starrís rescue the other night at the movie theater.

Cristian: Wait a minute, I didnít exactly volunteer for that.

Blair: Yeah, but you went along with it, and I canít tell you how much I appreciate that. I wish that I could bring Antonio ho and I wish that I could heal Evangeline and Jessica, but I canít. But I can be here for you. You can talk to me. I can be your friend.

Layla: Hey, Cristian, Blair. I heard you were here.

Cristian: Did you hear something about your sister?

Layla: I just got back from the clinic. Sheís the same.

Blair: Layla, I am just so sorry about Evangeline.

Layla: Yeah, me, too. I've never seen my sister hold so still. She even tosses and turns when she sleeps. Itís -- I just canít describe it. But thank you for -- you know. I'll let you know if thereís any change. So I -- I guess I will set up.

Cristian: Whoa, wait a minute, "set up"? You donít have to work. Are you crazy?

Layla: I need to stay busy.

Vincent: Um, then I'll catch up with you guys later.

Layla: No, um, stay -- for a little while. Have a drink, maybe?

Vincent: Ok.

Layla: Ok.

Cristian: All right, itís -- itís this waiting thatís killing me. Not being able to do anything, it makes me so damn angry. At least when I boxed, I could go to the gym and beat up on something.

Blair: You still love Evangeline, donít you?

Cristian: I was angry about her relationship with Todd.

Blair: You and me both.

Cristian: But, yes, I still love her, very much.

Blair: Cristian, if Evangeline got better and came back to Llanview, would you tell her that? Would you try to start all over again?

Cristian: What about you? If Todd comes back from where he is, will you admit that you love him and start over again?

Michael: Well, Dr. Pearce is doing an emergency hemodialysis. This should remove the excess protein and fluid from her blood. That should restore her kidney function.

Clint: And you said Jessie was also suffering from portal hypertension?

Michael: And the vessels, the blood vessels in the liver, are blocked. This is hindering blood flow.

Viki: If the blood supply is cut off --

Michael: It could affect her heart and her brain.

Viki: How is she, doctor?

Dr. Pearce: Her kidneys are functioning for now, but once a patientís in failure, thereís a domino effect. Thereís nothing more I can do until the donor is here.

Clint: Doctor, could -- could we possibly see her?

Dr. Pearce: Yes, of course.

Jessica: Do I look that bad?

Clint: You are beautiful, Jessie, as always.

Jamie: Are we there yet?

Antonio: No, not yet, sweetheart.

Jamie: When Jessicaís better, will she come to Spain with us?

Antonio: No, no, she wonít. Itís like I told you before, ok? Itís just you and me from now on.

Nash: Hi. The pilotís opened up a phone line so I can try Clint again.

[Phone rings]

Clint: Hello?

Nash: Clint? Finally -- I've been trying to reach you.

Clint: Hold on. Hold on a minute. I got to take this. I'll be right back. [Clint sighs] Nash, we're having a crisis.

Nash: Why? Whatís wrong?

Clint: First of all, are you with Antonio?

Nash: Yeah, yeah. No -- so you havenít gotten any of my messages? We're on a plane right now back to Llanview, Antonioís agreed to be the donor.

Clint: Oh, thank god. When are you going to be landing?

Nash: Uh -- a couple hours.

Clint: Nash, I pray thatís soon enough.

Bo: Oh, honey. You know, something is -- what is it? Is it Jess?

Paige: I called the hospital on my way over here and things have gotten bad.

Bo: S anybody found Antonio?

Paige: No.

Bo: And heís the only match?

Paige: Yeah -- besides Viki, but she canít donate because her health is far too fragile.

Bo: Sheís going to fight you on that.

Paige: Oh, she already has, tooth and nail, and I donít blame her, but thereís a really good chance she wouldnít even survive the surgery.

Bo: How long can Jess wait?

Paige: Jess is very weak, and sheís getting weaker. It has to be done really soon.

Bo: I can only imagine what my brotherís going through right now.

Clint: Jessicaís worse -- her kidneys are failing. They had to put her on emergency dialysis and that stabilized her, but sheís still very, very we, Nash. She canít hold on much longer without the transplant.

Nash: I want to talk to her.

Viki: So, anyway, Natalie said that she loves you and she wants to come and see you, and sheís going to do that as soon as she feels better, ok?

Jessica: I -- I want to see her, too.

Clint: Nash is on the phone. He found him, heís with Antonio.

Michael: Has Antonio agreed?

Clint: Yes, he has.

Viki: Oh, thank God! Honey --

Clint: Jessie -- Jessie, are you strong enough to talk to Nash? Is that ok, Michael?

Jessica: Please, I need to hear his voice.

Michael: Thatís fine. Absolutely.

Viki: Yeah? Here, let me -- just turn your head. Here you go.

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Hey. Babe, you just hang on, ok? I'm coming home.

Jessica: I'm not sure I can.

Nash: Uh -- now, you have to. I've already started arranging for your coming-home party. You canít have a party without the guest of honor, right?

Jessica: I love you so much. I need you here.

Nash: I'm on my way. I love you, too.

Jessica: I need you to do something for me.

Nash: Anything.

Jessica: I need you to put Antonio on the phone.

Cole: "Team Valor." What -- what does that mean? Yes -- no. "No."

John: Cole?

Cole: Hey.

John: Hey. How you doing? You -- you feeling ok?

Cole: Yeah. Uh, whatís up?

John: Was -- I was just wondering if you knew where your mom was.

Cole: Oh, she left me a message saying she had a meeting to go to, didnít say where.

John: Right, right. So what are you doing? What is all this?

Cole: Huh. Just memorizing lines for the play I'm doing at school -- the musical.

John: The musical?

[Cole chuckles]

Cole: Yeah. Want -- want to help me?

John: How?

Cole: Well, you could read the other part and see if I remember mine.

John: Read the other part? Is this something I'm going to have to come see?

Cole: Yeah, if you want.

John: Well, I'll tell you what -- you surprise me, all right? I donít think I could stand it twice. What are you doing? You know, you should -- you should get a girl to help you with this. You know, they -- they eat that kind of thing up.

Cole: Actually, I think I'm going to stay away from girls for a while.

Marty: Ok, I'm here. What did you want to tell me about Spencerís murder?

Martyís voice: I killed Spencer Truman.

Cole: I just donít understand how the whole thing works. I donít understand how some people can fall in love a million times in their lives, and other people just fall in love with one person forever -- like my mom.

John: Look, when someone has what your mother and father had, I'd consider that pretty damn lucky.

Cole: But I hate seeing her miserable. And I donít want her grieving over my dad the rest of her life, and I hate seeing her me -- and I know my dad would want her to be happy.

John: Look, maybe itís none of my business, but has something happened lately to make her seem so unhappy?

Cole: Huh. Yeah -- me.

John: Wrong. I know thatís wrong. You know, I know your mom a little bit, and to hear her talk about you -- you're one of the truly good things in her life right now.

Cole: So you and my mom are -- just friends?

John: Friends, yeah.

Cole: Well, I know you guys, you know, had a burger a couple times. I just didnít know if maybe it could turn into something else.

John: Sometimes a burgerís just a burger.

Cole: Yeah, I guess it would be kind of strange for you and my mom to get together.

John: Yeah, whyís that?

Cole: Because you're nothing like my dad. You know, he was a poet, a pacifist, he laughed a lot. Not that -- you know, it -- you -- you're a really great guy, and -- and my mom could do a lot worse.

John: Yeah, thanks.

Cole: Wow -- yeah, that didnít come out right. Thatís not what I meant -- thatís not how I meant it to sound. What I'm trying to say is I really like you, and my mom -- well, sheís great, and why am I talking to you about this? Oh, my goodness. Uh -- I am really sorry. Itís none of my business. I -- I donít know. I just -- I've been thinking a lot lately, and I'm kind of in a weird mood, so just pretend that none of that happened, please.

[Tape stops]

Marty: Where did you get that, Miles?

Miles: It fell into my possession. It doesnít matter how. The point is, I know the truth now.

Marty: I didnít know I killed Spencer Truman -- I -- I blocked it out. But now that I know, I'm going to Ė

Miles: He was my best friend, my only real friend.

Marty: I know, and I plan to pay for what I did. I planned to turn myself in. I was down at the police station when you called, just getting ready to confess everything to John.

Miles: I was afraid that you would do something crazy like that -- that why I needed to talk to you first.

Marty: I donít understand.

Miles: Confessing to the police is the last thing that you should do.              

Vincent: You want me to take you home?

Layla: No. I canít go home. I'd just be going out of my mind, staring at the phone, waiting for it to ring, waiting for someone to tell me good news about my sister -- or bad news.

Vincent: Yeah. I know itís hard for you -- all this waiting, not being able to help her.

Layla: Evangeline is the best person I know. Ever since we were little, I'd try to be like her. I'd tag along with her and her friends, get in her way when she was getting ready for a date.

Vincent: And she put up with you.

Layla: Not really. We fought a lot. But sister stuff, you know? We knew how to push each otherís buttons. Whew. Until now, I always knew that she would be there for me whenever I needed her. Sheís going to -- sheís going to get through this, I -- I know it, I know it. She has to.

Blair: Oh, Cristian, if Todd were to come home, I -- I really couldnít tell you. You know, thereís just way too many wounds to heal, you know? He'd probably never get over the fact that you and I were even together. But I can tell you when we were in Chicago, there was -- there was a moment, a moment where it kind of felt like it did before. It was good times, and I wish we could've made that last, you know? What are you doing? What -- you got me talking about me, and I was the one that asked you the question about Evangeline.

Cristian: Ok. I'll answer your question. When Evangeline comes back, I'm going to tell her how much I love her, and that I never stopped loving her -- and that I want her in my life.

Blair: Sometimes you never know how much you love somebody until you almost lose them.

Jessica: Nash, let me speak to Antonio, please.

Nash: All right. Jessica wants to talk to you.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: Yeah? Yeah, I'm here.

Jessica: I'm so sorry. I wish I didnít have to ask you to do this.

Antonio: Donít be sorry. Please. I want to help. This is about you getting better.

Jessica: Thank you. I'm always going to be grateful for this.

Clint: Antonio?

Antonio: Yeah?

Clint: Hurry.

Marty: I have to confess.

Miles: You need to think about your son. If you go to prison, whoís going to take care of him? The courts -- they could take him away from you, and they could put you away for a long, long time. Cole would be without his only living parent. He'd be alone, just the same way I was. I wouldnít wish that on anyone.

Marty: No, no, itís not going to happen.

Miles: You need to keep quiet about this, Marty. For your sonís sake, please.

Marty: What about you? I killed your best friend.

Miles: No one will ever hear about it from me. I'd never hurt you. I love you.

Blair: I'm not drunk but I ainít sober and I donít mind sitting here alone yeah, I'm as empty as October when thereís nothing going on you can make me laugh god knows I need it you can tell me all about yourself paint me a picture bet I've seen it oh, but you canít ever tell come on and try to hold me you canít hold me too tight I ainít afraid to walk away with nothing as long as I feel something I loved someone till I was empty and they just left me here like this waiting for something else to hit me a bottle a bullet or a kiss and with his leaving went my last tears and I may have turned my back on love but I still have a heart in here somewhere so before it turns to dust come on and try to hold me you canít hold me too tight I ainít afraid to walk away with nothing as long as I feel something you're a chance I got to take so come on and try to hold me I got nothing left to lose so you canít hold me too tight I ainít afraid to walk away with nothing as long as I feel something I just want to feel something oh, God, help me feel something.

Layla: I think I'm ready to go home now.

Vincent: Cool. I'll take you home.

Layla: Thanks. Um -- I'm not sure if I'm ready for, you know, company.

Vincent: Hey, look, thereís no worries, no sweat at all. I'll take you home, make sure you're safe, make sure your doorís locked. And if you're tired, you know, you're upset, you're feeling a little anxious, give me a call.

Layla: Thank you. Beautiful song, Blair.

Blair: Oh --

Layla: Beautiful.

Blair: Give her my prayers, ok?

Layla: Thank you. Bye.

Blair: Thanks. You know, there was a time when Todd said my music saved his life. I wish I could do that again.

Cristian: How about a toast?

Blair: To what?

Cristian: To things getting better.

Blair: All right.

Cristian: Wait, wait, wait.

Blair: To the both of us.

Cristian: Cheers.

Bo: I'm going to call Nigel. I'm going to see if País up to hearing about Jess.

Paige: Bo, if you donít tell him, and the worst happens, he might not survive it. I just -- I want you to be prepared for what might happen. I love you.

Bo: Ok. Nigel? Hey, itís Bo. Listen, um, I want to talk to you about Pa.

Viki: My darling Jessie, I love you so much, and you have so much to live for. There are so many people who love you and need you.

Clint: Jessie? You hang on. Hang on, Jessie. Nash and Antonio -- they're going to be here very soon.

Jamie: Are we there yet?

Antonio: Hmm -- not yet, sweetheart.

Pilot: Look, I know you're all anxious to get to Llanview, but we have a problem.

Nash: What?

Pilot: Thunderstorms. We're going to have to delay our arrival.

Cole: All right, well, I better get to rehearsal. Thanks for listening -- again.

John: Yeah, hey, wait, uh -- look, Cole, I donít mind talking to you, all right, you know that.

Cole: Yeah, me, too. And if I see my mom, I'll tell her that you were looking for her.

John: Ok, thanks.

Cole: All right, see ya.

John: See ya. Hey, Marty, itís -- itís John. Uh -- look, call me. You disappeared from the police station before we could talk.

Marty: Miles, you canít keep my secret -- it isnít right. I wouldnít burden you like that.

Miles: I'll be getting something in return.

Marty: What -- what do you mean? What would y be getting?

Miles: Your undying gratitude -- and your hand in marriage.

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Blair: Todd?

Marcie: You're interested in Marty Saybrooke.

Miles: Marty Saybrooke -- will you marry me?

Jessica: I'm dying, arenít I?

Nash: If we donít get to her, sheís going to die. Or is that what you want?

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