OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/30/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/30/07


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Guard: Can I help you?

Marty: I'd like to see David Vickers.

Bo: All we know for sure, Mr. Mayor, is that the arsons and the attempted murders at Cristian Vegaís studio were committed by a member, or members, of a white supremacist group called one pure people.

Mayor: You've known this for weeks?

Bo: No, not for certain. The only strong link we had between the incidents and this group was a medallion that was found at D.A. Hanenís house.

John: We re-examined the forensics photos from all the other sites. This symbol appeared in every one of them.

Mayor: And you didnít catch this before?

John: Maybe you'd like to suit up and work the crime scene with us next time.

Bo: The -- the point is that now we have proof that all the incidents were linked.

Mayor: They're leaving their calling card and laughing at us.

John: Thatís why they got sloppy. They couldnít resist taking credit.

Rex: Hey. Missed you last night. Something wrong?

Adriana: Do you even have to ask?

Rex: Adriana, whatís going on?

Adriana: How could you do this, Rex? After you promised me, how could you do this to us?

Cristian: Oh, come on, Antonio, come on. Where the hell are you?

Antonio: Exacto. Y para postre, el flan de la anilla. Si, gracias. Oh, gracias. Hmm. Howís my best little girl?

Jamie: Good.

Antonio: Yeah? Have you thought about what you want to do after we go shopping?

Jamie: I want to go home to Jessica.

Michael: Any word from Antonio?

Viki: No. Cristian and Carlotta keep calling him. He doesnít answer. I mean, I -- itís -- I donít know. He and Jamie have vanished.

Michael: Bo canít track him down?

Clint: Well, heís doing everything he can. Antonioís a cop, too. He knows exactly how to disappear.

Viki: Damn, I wish Jessica and Nash hadnít done this now.

Michael: Oh, I think itís important to say, we have Jessica on a very heavy regimen of chemotherapy and ethanol injections.

Clint: Yeah. We talked about that.

Michael: And since we've moved her to the ICU, she is receiving the best possible around-the-clock care. I am still very, very hopeful --

Viki: Michael, not without a transplant. Come on, you moved her here because sheís dying.

David: Howís my old lady? You always tell her not to come visit me on the inside, but you know broads. Say, you think you could check to see if the conjugal roomís been wiped down?

Guard: Three-month waiting list. You know the drill.

David: Hasenfeffer.

Marty: Hello, David.

David: I thought I told you never to come see me in here, Mandy.

Marty: Marty.

David: Subterfuge -- I'm good at it. I hope you can keep up. I told you I'm not in love with you anymore, Marny! Did Dorian tell you to come take more blood?

Marty: Excuse me?

David: You're not going to start sobbing again, are you, Melanie? What are you doing here? You already shrunk me back in Llanview.

Marty: I want to know why you confessed to killing Spencer Truman when you didnít do it.

Bo: We traced the O.P.P. calling card to a chapter in Wyoming.

Mayor: Tell me you got fingerprints.

John: The fire took care of that.

Bo: We do have people combing travel records between Wyoming and Llanview from around the time of the arsons.

Mayor: Well, isnít that a long shot? I mean, the guy could have driven.

Bo: No, well, we're going to check easy pass. We check for speeding tickets.

John: Thatís the job. We follow every lead till we catch a break.

Mayor: Catch it soon. My townís being terrorized. I want it stopped, now.

Bo: As you know, Detective McBain was one of the bureauís finest investigators, and he'll be heading the task force on this case.

Mayor: I thought Detective Vega was working the investigation.

Bo: Detective Vegaís on a leave of absence. His wife is ill.

Mayor: Probably for the best. Bad idea to have one of the victims on the case. I -- I didnít mean the wifeís illness --

Bo: Sheís my niece.

Mayor: I'm sorry. I'll keep her in my prayers. I'll tell you what we're going to do. I'm going to contact D.O.J., have them send out a C.R.S. team. Itís done, Commissioner. It was far too easy for the first victimís lawyer to grab a mike and claim this department was biased.

John: And we handled that.

Mayor: Keep me posted. And if thereís any good news, I want a press conference. People need to know we're doing something.

John: Eh -- thanks for coming down, mayor. Itís been swell. The guy risked our whole damn investigation just to get a couple votes.

Bo: I want us to just stay focused on this Wyoming connection. Itís going to break. I can feel it.

Hannah: Come on in, Miles. You can take a seat.

Miles: Thank you.

Hannah: So, you are in the market for a new therapist? You mind if I ask why?

Miles: I just want to try someone different.

Hannah: Fine. So, what specifically did you want to talk about?

Miles: A woman.

David: So you have been talking to Dorian? Huh. Just not about liver snatching.

Marty: I havenít spoken to Dorian about you. What does she have to do with this anyway?

David: She doesnít think that I killed Spencer, either, even though I did.

Marty: And what made her suspicious?

David: One womanís suspicions are another womanís abiding love. It means sheís still attracted to me. She just -- you know, it kills her to see me in here -- in this.

Marty: Uh-huh.

David: So if you havenít been talking to Dorian, what makes you think I didnít kill Spencer?

Rex: What exactly do you think I did?

Adriana: Do you miss this?

Rex: Oh, gee, thanks. I thought I lost it.

Adriana: At your meeting with Rob Dalton? He called. At least show me a little respect and tell me the truth, now that you're caught.

Rex: Ok, first of all, I need you to know that I do what I do for you, to protect you.

Adriana: By lying to my face?

Rex: No --

Adriana: Thatís protecting me?

Rex: Itís not a lie, not the way you think.

Adriana: You said you werenít looking into Tateís past anymore, and you still are. Thereís nothing to find, Rex.

Rex: Yes, there is.

Adriana: No, there isnít. When are you going to get it through your thick skull that Tate is just a normal guy? You're the one thatís hiding things, not him. Why canít you just let it go?

Rex: I know you like to see the good side of people, but there is something off with this guy, I'm sure of it.

Adriana: You're losing it.

Rex: No, I 'm not. I'm perfectly fine, and --

Adriana: You know how much it upsets me when you keep things from me, and yet, you do it anyway, after you promised me that you wouldnít!

Rex: Look, what am I supposed to do? I know in my gut this guy is hiding something, something that could hurt you. Now, I canít let that happen. I love you too much --

Adriana: Oh, donít say that.

Rex: I do. And you love me, too. I was going to tell you.

Adriana: When?

Rex: When I had proof. Because I knew you wouldnít believe me without it.

Adriana: Can you blame me?

Rex: No. I've blown it enough times, ok, but I'm -- I'm sure about Tate. And if I didnít know about it before, I knew it the minute I met his dad. There is something up with those two, I'm sure of it.

Adriana: So you're not going to stop, are you?

Rex: No, I canít, I'm sorry.

Adriana: No, you're not. You're just sorry that you got caught.

Rex: Damn it, Adriana, why canít you just trust me?

Adriana: Oh! Wait a minute. Now itís my fault?

Rex: No. No -- it -- I didnít mean it the way it sounded, ok? Itís just I'm so sure about one thing, you're so sure about another. And I thought that I'd have the proof I needed by now, and then it wouldnít matter that I kept it from you.

Adriana: It does matter, Rex! First, without even telling me anything, you go and make Tateís private life into a public spectacle. And then when you find out you were wrong about that, you just keep on digging knowing how much it upset me. You begged me not to break up with you if you would stop, and I actually believed that you meant it, but you didnít. And now, I wonder if anything you said was true.

Clint: Jessica is not going to die. She could start responding to treatment, or we could find Antonio.

Michael: The fact of the matter is, Jessicaís liver is failing. Obviously, we want to do the transplant, stat.

Viki: Well, I am still a viable donor.

Michael: Absolutely not, Viki.

Clint: Viki, we are not there yet. I mean, Natalie -- sheís using all her police contacts to try and track down Antonio. Bo, John -- they're doing the same thing.

Viki: Natalie -- Natalie still has the flu. She canít even come and see her.

Michael: Oh, Natalieís doing the right thing. You know, the risk of cross-infection right now is greater than it ever has been.

Viki: Cristian, did you find Antonio?

Cristian: No, Mrs. Davidson. Heís still not answering his phone, but I'm going to keep trying.

Michael: Let me know as soon as you guys hear anything, ok?

Clint: Yeah, we will. Will do.

Cristian: Look, guys, I know this -- this has got to be weird. Antonio being the donor after everything thatís happened.

Clint: Yeah. Well, nobody could have predicted what happened between Jessie and Antonio --

Cristian: You donít have to explain. What happened between Nash and Jessica wasnít your fault.

Viki: No, it wasnít, but Antonio is furious, and he has every right to be.

Cristian: I know my brother, and heís hurt, and you're right -- heís very angry, but heís going to do whatever it takes to -- to help Jessica survive this.

Clint: Are you sure?

Cristian: I guarantee you. Itís her life we're talking about.

Viki: Well, none of this makes any difference at all if we donít find him.

Antonio: And you know how you always tell me you want to be like Dora the Explorer? With Senor Papi as your trusty guide? Barcelona is the first stop on our big adventure. And we're going to have a great time, you and me, together.

Jamie: Canít we go home, then come back with Jessica?

Antonio: No. We canít. I know itís hard for you. Itís hard for me, too. Ok? But this is about you and me. Ok? We're going to have to get used to no more -- no more Bree and no more Jessica.

Jamie: Why?

[Knock on door]

Antonio: I want -- that must be our driver. I'm -- I'm coming.

Rex: Look, Adriana, I know I lied, but I did it for a good reason.

Adriana: This is not like the Tommy thing. It makes no sense that we can trust each other about that, but then something as stupid as Tate has us lying and fighting. Itís not worth this.

Rex: Look, itís like Bo said. My gut tells me thereís something hinky about this. Look, I need to see this through. Now, if it turns out that I'm wrong about this, I will never be so happy to be wrong about anything in my entire life, because it means that you're safe.

Adriana: That sounds like my motherís reasoning.

Rex: Ouch.

Adriana: My mother had me raised by other people because she thought it was best for me. But I would give anything to have those years back, to be normal. And you feel the same way about Roxy and Natalie. You told me that. They took away our choices. And now, you're trying to do the exact same thing. Donít I for once get a say in my own life?

Rex: Well, I donít know what to do. I love you, and I donít want to see you hurt.

Adriana: You've hurt me, by undermining something thatís really important to me.

Rex: You're important to me.

Adriana: Not enough, apparently.

Rex: That isnít true!

Adriana: Oh, true? Sorry if I'm a little fuzzy on that concept at the moment.

Rex: Ok -- damn it! Stop arguing with me on this. The only thing that matters is that we love each other.

Adriana: No.

Rex: What, you donít love me? Now, that would be a lie.

Adriana: I canít love you, Rex.

Rex: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Adriana: It means itís over. We're over, for good this time.

John: I want any Wyoming newspaper articles you can find on this camp, all right? I donít care if itís a fluff piece -- I want it. Itís going to be tedious as hell, but -- officer: If it gives us a name, itís more than worth it.

John: You're a good man. Hey, I thought you'd left. You'll be late for your happy ending.

Mayor: I have a few more questions about the investigation.

John: Well, the commissionerís in a meeting.

Mayor: Thatís fine. I'll talk to you.

Officer: Lieutenant McBain?

John: Yeah?

Officer: Call on line two.

John: Thank you. McBain.

Guard: This is Arnold at Statesville.

John: Hey, Arnold. David Vickers get any visitors?

Arnold: Two in the past 24 hours. First there was a Dorian Lord.

John: Yeah, it figures. Who was the second?

Marty: Letís just say you donít strike me as the violent type.

David: Well, you should see the other guy. Oh, thatís right, you canít, because heís dead.

Marty: You didnít kill your brother, David.

David: You know, Marty, there is an old saying that goes "motive plus opportunity equals the means to scissor-stab someone in a hospital." And if for any reason, thatís not clear to you, you can check out the digital photo from the surveillance cam. Or maybe even my signed confession. I think it was the signed confession that really sealed it.

Marty: Yeah, you know, in addition to being a psychiatrist, I'm also a trained profiler.

David: You should wear a cape and solve crimes.

Marty: You donít have the guts to kill someone.

David: Then you donít know me as well as you think you do.

Hannah: Being that you're all right with my recording the session, I'd like to just put in a fresh tape. If I can find --

Miles: Take your time.

Hannah: All right. So, where would you like to begin?

Miles: I guess we should start from the beginning.

Viki: Hey.

Jessica: Is Nash back? Did he find Antonio?

Viki: No, darling, not yet. But you know what? Thereís plenty of time.

Jessica: Donít lie to me, mom.

Clint: Jessie, we need you to hang in there. The doctors are doing everything possible.

Viki: Uh -- are you in pain, darling? I mean, thereís no reason for you to be uncomfortable.

Jessica: Uh-uh. Drugs started all this.

Viki: No, honey, they didnít.

Clint: Jess, you shouldnít talk too much.

Viki: You know, sweetheart, Cristianís here. And he -- and he wants to see you. Would that be all right?

Clint: Ok.

Cristian: Hey.

Jessica: Cristian, I'm so sorry.

Cristian: Jess, stop, stop.

Jessica: Sorry --

Cristian: Stop. Listen, none of that matters, ok? We're going to find Antonio. And you're going to beat this.

Viki: Clint?

Clint: Yeah?

Viki: What if Cristianís wrong? What if Antonio is so angry that he refuses to help us?

Nash: I donít have time for this. Hello, Jamie.

Jamie: Is Jessica with you?

Nash: No, she isnít, sweetie.

Antonio: Mija, why donít you go into the other room and watch one of those DVDs you brought, ok? I promise I wonít be long.

Jamie: Ok, daddy.

Antonio: Ok? Give me a kiss. All right. Get out before I call security.

Nash: Canít do that.

Antonio: How the hell did you find me?

Nash: I broke into your apartment. I found the passwords to your credit cards.

Antonio: Son of a bitch. You took my wife. What else do you want?

Nash: I need you to save your wifeís life.

Marty: You are a vain, lazy opportunist who charms his way into peopleís lives and then blames everyone around him for his failures. How am I doing?

David: Wow, I went my entire life without being self-aware. Thanks for bringing that to a screeching halt.

Marty: Hmm. Yeah, see? There you go -- blaming me for pointing out your flaws.

David: Flaws? I only have one flaw, Marty. Singular. You see that? Thatís where Spencer pushed me off my banana-seat bike. I know itís hard to see, but itís there. Oh, itís there.

Marty: You didnít kill Spencer.

David: I shot at a police officer when I was 15 years old.

Marty: Yeah, but you didnít kill him, your brother did. Look, he is a cold-blooded murderer, not you.

David: Ok. You got me. I'm innocent. I just like hanging around here to play hopscotch with other men. Thatís not prison slang for something. We actually play hopscotch out in the prison yard.

Marty: Why are you here, David?

David: You know what, Marty? The real question is, why are you here? Wait a second. Wait a cotton-picking second. You're the guilty one, arenít you?

John: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Mayor: I was talking to you, Detective.

John: Lieutenant.

Mayor: You work for me, capisce? And my time is a damn sight more important than yours, so whatever you have to do can wait.

Miles: I keep this to remind me of how much Spencer Truman helped me. He gave me a new life.

Hannah: Well, being that you've been out in the world a while now, how does your life feel?

Miles: Whatís there not to like?

Hannah: Well, you said you were here because of a woman.

Miles: Thatís the one thing thatís not really working out for me.

Hannah: How so?

Miles: She just wants to be friends.

Hannah: Hmm. And you're having trouble accepting that?

Miles: I canít accept it. I wonít.

Hannah: What do you mean?

Miles: I'm going to make her love me, no matter what it takes.

Rex: No, donít do this, Adriana, not again.

Adriana: I canít take this anymore, Rex. Any trust that we've ever had -- itís broken, and we canít get it back.

Rex: Look, if you are completely anti-lie, you would have ratted out Michael and Marcie, given Tommy back to Todd, because thatís technically the honest thing.

Adriana: This is not a philosophical fight, Rex, this is about us! I asked you not to do something. You said you wouldnít and you went and did it anyway! How am I supposed to trust you after that?

Rex: Look, I'm sorry. I really am.

Adriana: But are you going to stop? I didnít think so.

Rex: Ok, look, if I back off and something happens to you, I wonít be able to live with myself. Please understand that.

Adriana: I do. Because I canít live with this.

Rex: So, what is this? You leave me and go to Tate? Is this just a way to clear the path for that lying son of a bitch?

Adriana: I have loved you so much that I thought my heart might burst. But I look at you now and I donít even know who you are anymore.

Rex: You know me. Adriana, I am the guy who loves you, the guy who would do anything to keep anything bad from ever happening to you.

Adriana: No, donít do that.

Rex: What, I canít even touch you now?

Adriana: You think that'll fix it? You'll kiss me, we'll have sex, and everything will be ok again?

Rex: All I want to do is hold you until the day I die.

Adriana: I canít -- I canít let you do that. If I do, we'll just go right back to the same thing over and over again. And I canít do it anymore, Rex.

Marty: Oh, why would you say I'm guilty?

David: Spencer would never have escaped from the hospital and done all those things that he did if you didnít testify that he was crazy.

Marty: He was crazy. He needed psychiatric help.

David: The only help that my brother needed was the help that he got -- at the business end of a pair of scissors.

Marty: I know you hated him.

David: Hate is something that you feel for someone whoís too beautiful. Come to think of it, I get that a lot.

Marty: How can you sit here and crack jokes?

David: What do you want me to do? Spencer is dead. I planned it, I dreamt it, and I did it. I stabbed him, with scissors -- and not the little kind with rounded edges that kids use, but the long, pointy kind, and now that bastard is burning in hell.

Marty: Yeah, thatís all fine, but you didnít do it.

David: You keep saying that.

Marty: You know, I'm -- I'm trying to understand why you confessed to a crime you didnít commit.

David: Do you like to flirt with felons? Because itís pretty clear you're coming on to me.

Marty: You know, and -- and given the way you lived your life, thereís only one motive that I can think of -- money.

David: Do I look rich to you?

Marty: Not yet. I knew that there was something more to this.

David: You do yourself a favor, Dr. Saybrooke -- let it go.

Marty: I canít do that.

David: Your time, your dime. You can take me off the list for the conjugal room. This oneís not coming back.

Hannah: You canít make somebody love you. Nobody can.

Miles: But isnít there anything that I can do?

Hannah: Oh, you can -- you can only work on yourself, be yourself.

Miles: I -- I've tried that.

Hannah: Well, then maybe this isnít the right woman for you.

Miles: She is. I can feel it.

Hannah: You know, I -- I donít mean this as a criticism by any means, but you've had limited experience with women.

Miles: So what?

Hannah: Well --

Miles: Look, if I could get some insight into her, get inside her head, I'll figure out what makes her tick. I know I could convince her that we would be good together.

Hannah: You have to be very careful, Miles. You canít force these things.

Miles: No, I know what I'm doing. I can win this -- I just need the right ammunition.

Hannah: Well, now, wait. Is this maybe some sort of a -- a contest or a conquest?

Miles: No. I love her with all my heart. I know that I could make her happy if she would just let me.

Hannah: And I'm sure you believe that.

Miles: Oh, I know that. You're a woman. Hey, you understand how these things work. Just tell me what I need to do.

Hannah: Well, first of all, there has to be a connection. Is that there?

Miles: Sometimes. I want there to be one. I know -- I know we could be there, we could get there.

[Phone rings]

Hannah: I'm sorry. I'm sorry -- this never happens during a session unless itís an emergency. Would you forgive me?

Miles: No, go ahead.

Hannah: Yes. Uh -- I'll be right out. I'm sorry. I just need a moment.

Miles: Of course. Take your time.

Hannah: Thank you for understanding.

Adriana: Just go, Rex.

Rex: Look, I know we're not perfect, but we're pretty damn close.

Adriana: I used to think so.

Rex: Look, this is whatís wrong. We shouldnít be fighting over this jerk, ok? We're giving him exactly what he wants.

Adriana: I canít talk about this anymore, Rex, ok? Itís over. Just accept it.

Rex: You know, you can break up with me, but you canít get me to stop loving you. Nothing can change that. I'll never stop.

Jessica: I should never have --

Cristian: Jess, stop, stop, stop, stop. Come on, come on. It canít be good for you to get upset like this.

Jessica: Itís my fault.

Cristian: Listen, Antonio is just lashing out. And when he gets back, we're going to work this out.

Jessica: Oh. Why are you being so nice to me? Why donít you hate me for what I did to your brother?

Antonio: What are you talking about?

Nash: I tracked you down because Jessica needs a liver transplant.

Antonio: Yes, I know. My whole family was tested. My 5-year-old daughter even wanted to try.

Nash: Antonio, if you'd listen to me --

Antonio: Jessica rejected her and she still wanted to help, you know, but she canít and neither can I. Now, get out before I call security.

Nash: Antonio, they found a match -- you are the match.

Hannah: Just handle it for me, ok? What are you doing?

Bo: You're positive that Adriana wonít take you back?

Rex: What am I doing? You're in the middle of a major case and I'm bothering you with girl problems.

Bo: No, no, thatís -- sit down, Balsom. Hell, you're already here anyway and -- go ahead. I'm -- I need a break from looking at that white board. Ok, come on, letís hear it.

Rex: She says I harassed the guy.

Bo: By investigating him?

Rex: I kind of called everyone I could think of who might spill Tateís dirty little secret, up to and including his dad. I guess I stopped seeing the forest for the trees.

Bo: Oh -- ahem. What? The trees are what?

Rex: Exposing Tate.

Bo: Ah. And the forest?

Rex: Losing Adriana.

Bo: What a nice analogy.

Rex: Look, I canít -- I canít just let her walk away, Bo.

Bo: Ok -- ahem. You're not going to like to hear this one.

Rex: Canít be any worse than what I feel right now.

Bo: What Adriana needs is space, and the smartest thing that you could do is give it to her.

Rex: Do you really think that?

Bo: Itís all I have.

Rex: Thatís genius.

Bo: I thought it was totally obvious.

Rex: You're brilliant, especially when it comes to women!

Bo: Uh --

Clint: Do you remember the first time that Jessie went to a junior high dance with a boy?

Viki: Yeah -- Clay Bowman.

Clint: Hmm.

Viki: That was his name. He was such a sweet kid -- he had freckles all over his face. You didnít stop pacing all night. What were you so worried about?

Clint: Well, everything. Those were the days when I still thought that she was mine.

Viki: She is yours. She always will be.

Cristian: I'm going to be honest with you. I -- I hate that my brother got hurt. But hate you, Jess? Come on -- you were my first love, the first woman in my life. I could never hate you. You're my friend. You're stuck with me, you got that?

Jessica: Got it.

Michael: Hey, guys. I'm sorry to break this up, but Jessica has to go for another round of tests. It'd be good if you got some rest after the tests.

Jessica: I feel like I could sleep forever.

Antonio: I'm the match for Jessica?

Nash: She needs your help. We both do.

Antonio: Why would I lift a finger to help either one of you after what you did to me?

Nash: Because Jessica is dying. If she doesnít get a piece of your liver --

Antonio: I donít need you to tell me worst-case scenario -- I am still her husband.

Nash: Antonio, this isnít about you or your macho pride.

Antonio: No, you're right, itís not. Itís about my daughter.

Nash: What does she have to do with --

Antonio: I am a single parent. An organ transplant is risky for the donor as well as the recipient.

Nash: You're right. There is a small risk that you could die. But if you donít do this, Jessica will die. Can you live with that?

Antonio: Oh, so now you wonder what I can or canít live with?

Nash: Look, I'm a bastard, I'm a hypocrite. I'm anything you want, but I'll make you a deal -- go through with the operation and I will give up Jessica.

Miles: Uh -- your tape recorder was left on and I thought I would turn it off.

Hannah: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. I -- I -- I just got a little confused with the interruption. Sorry about that. Um -- I'd like to try and help you, Miles, if you're interested in working with me.

Miles: You've already helped me -- more than you know.

Rex: Itís perfect. All I have to do is back off, give Adriana some space. She'll forgive me because deep down, she'll realize I just lied to protect her.

Bo: No, no, hold it, hold it. I didnít say all of that. All I said was give her some space.

Rex: Get it, got it -- good. You know, I canít believe I almost lost her for some crumbs passing for Intel.

Bo: "Crumbs" -- I thought you said that you didnít find out anything.

Rex: Practically. All I got was some high school friend of Tateís who said that his dad took him to a fancy camp in Wyoming when he was a kid. The friend went on and on about how Tate came back from the camp changed, whatever that means.

Bo: Wait. Harmon spent time in Wyoming?

Rex: You think they scared him straight? Ok, ok -- I'm off that, I swear. Thanks for listening to me, Bo.

Bo: Anytime, Balsom.

John: You got another bureau-trained investigator who can crack this case? Mayor the public needs answers. They need this lunatic off the street. You donít think I can handle it, fire me. Claudine? Make sure his honorís office gets copies of all our reports, same as the D.A.

Mayor: You and me -- we're not through.

John: You know where I live. So does your wife. Claudine, see if you can get Statesville on line two again.

Marty: John, I need to talk to you. Itís important.

Antonio: Come again? You're willing to give up my wife?

Nash: You just tell me what I got to do to convince you to go through with it.

Antonio: Not a thing. I'll take the risk -- because itís the right thing to do. And when this is all done, God willing, that Jessica and I -- we pull through this -- I want nothing to do with either one of you ever again.

Nash: Fine. Whatever you want.

Antonio: Jamie and I will be ready in 10.

[Monitor beeps]

Cristian: I'm going to go. I'm going to try to find my brother, ok? You hang tough, Jess.

Jessica: I'm trying.

Cristian: If thereís anything else I can do, just let me know.

Viki: Thank you, Cristian. Just find Antonio.

Cristian: Yeah.

Michael: The tests are going to take about an hour. It might be a good opportunity for you to step out, get something to eat.


Nurse: Dr. McBain, sheís failing.

Viki: Jessie?

Clint: Michael, whatís happening?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

John: Is Cole in some kind of trouble again?

Marty: Cole hasnít done anything -- I have.

Blair: You never know how much you love somebody until you almost lose him.

Clint: Nash and Antonio are going to be here very soon.

Pilot: We're going to have to delay our arrival. We have a problem.

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