OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/29/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/29/07


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Paige: Actually, I thought she'd be here.

Clint: "She"?

Paige: Yes. Itís such an amazing coincidence.

Jessica: Well, who is it? Whoís going to give me my life back?

Paige: Itís Dorian.

Viki: I knew it, I knew it!

Clint: How did you know that Dorian was a match?

Jessica: How, mom?

Viki: Itís not Dorian. Itís me.

Cristian: I still canít believe Antonio took Jamie and left town.

Carlotta: I know. I canít believe it, either.

Cristian: He didnít say a word about where he was going?

Carlotta: Nothing. Just that he had two plane tickets -- one for him and one for Jamie. You know, I -- I donít even think it mattered to him where he was going, just as long as it was far away from Jessica.

Cristian: Yeah, not just Jessica.

Talia: Antonio, hi. Itís Talia again. I -- John turned up a new lead in the arson investigation. Turns out our guy left something behind at Cristianís studio. We're chasing it down now. I -- I just wanted to see how you were doing. Let me know if I can do anything. Ok. Bye.

John: Hey, you hear from Antonio?

Talia: No, nothing. Oh -- I'm not having any luck with the travel records of the O.P.P. creep. I hope you're having better luck than I am. Otherwise, we're right back where we started.

John: Hmm.

Woman: Can I help you?

Miles: I hope so. I need to get in that room.

Marty: I was there.

Dr. Young: No, you donít know that.

Marty: No, I do. I was in Blairís room. I saw Spencer, I saw the scissors -- I remember.

Dr. Young: There could be so many explanations for that.

Marty: No -- no, there is only one explanation -- I killed Spencer Truman!

Rex: Tate, my man. Come on in.

Tate: You going to smash the door in my face this time?

Rex: I was just having a little fun with you, big guy. Adriana, spudís here for you.

Adriana: Hi, Tate.

Tate: Hi.

Adriana: Thanks for coming by.

Tate: Anything for the boss lady, especially if it gets me away from my computer for a little while. I've gotten so many emails from strangers wondering what team I play for that my I.S.P. called to make sure I didnít have some kind of virus.

Rex: You --

Tate: Donít even go there, Balsom.

Rex: What? I agreed to go public and take it all back.

Adriana: Well, maybe this will make you feel better.

Tate: What is this?

Adriana: This weekís orders.

Tate: Oh, it looks like you got a little bounce.

Adriana: Well, itís bigger than that. Our orders have gone back up -- they've tripled, even.

Tate: Well, thatís great. I'm glad to know that my destroyed reputation didnít hurt your business permanently.

Adriana: Maybe people just donít care if you're gay.

Rex: Not that there would be anything wrong with that, right, buddy?

Tate: Of course they care, Rex. Itís the sort of stuff that people eat up -- we all do. I just never thought that I would be on the receiving end of it for no good reason.

Adriana: Look, Rex offered to retract the story and he promised to stop looking into your past.

Rex: Remember that thing I said I was dropping? Pick it up again.

Adriana: Right, Rex?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Uh, she just walked in. Look, I'll take care of it.

Nora: Why do I feel like I just got summoned to the principalís office?

Bo: That was our son on the phone.

Nora: Is he all right?

Bo: No, not really. And itís because of you.

Nora: What?

Bo: Nora, come on -- you almost got killed. Now, why are you here? Why arenít you home taking care of yourself?

Nora: Oh, Bo, I'm fine, and Matthew knows that.

Bo: Matthew is worried, so am I. And we have reason t

Nora: Listen, you put guards on Matthew and I 24/7, not to mention all the people Asaís put on me in the mansion. My god, I'm more protected than the president.

Bo: Yeah, but the -- the presidentís not trying to put himself in the line of fire.

Nora: How am I supposed to build a case against this whack job if I'm sitting on my hands at Asaís?

Bo: There is nothing to build right now. See, now, when we get the guy, we're going to turn him over for trial, then you can take it from there.

Nora: You donít understand, Bo.

Bo: I know you want to nail this guy for everything he did.

Nora: Itís not what he did. Itís how he did it. He tried to make an oven out of my house, and when that didnít work, he tried to gas me. I donít think you understand what that means to me.

Bo: I think I have a good idea. That symbolismís not lost on me.

Nora: Itís intentional. And I will be damned if I'll stand by and let my family or anyone elseís family be exterminated.

Carlotta: You know, I just keep thinking that I should've done more, tried something else to keep Antonio from leaving.

Cristian: Come on, what could you possibly do short of locking Antonio in the freezer? Look, Antonioís a hothead. Heís going to do what he wants and everybody else be damned.

Carlotta: You're one to be talking. I canít believe that I stood there and let Antonio tell me that getting away was the best thing for him and for Jamie without giving him a fight.

Cristian: Canít leave your problems behind. Donít I know that.

Carlotta: Yeah. Antonio should know that, too. Maybe he just needs to put some distance between him and everything thatís happened.

Cristian: Yeah, right. I wish thatís all it was.

Carlotta: You know, I can understand why heís angry at me for, you know, lying to him about being my son, but you're his brother.

Cristian: Not to him, not anymore.

Carlotta: You knew, didnít you?

Cristian: Yes, I knew what was going on between Nash and Jessica and I didnít tell my brother.

Jessica: Mom, what are you talking about?

Viki: Darling, I am your closest blood relative and I knew perfectly well if anyone was going to be a match, it would be me, so I convinced Dorian to test my blood for me.

Paige: Viki, you're not a suitable donor.

Viki: Yeah, well, thatís -- thatís my decision, isnít it?

Paige: No. No, itís not.

Viki: Is there anyone else who is even close to a match?

Paige: We're still testing people. Itís -- itís possible that we could find someone else.

Viki: Well, I want to do it, ok? And itís my life. You can advise me all you want, but the choice is mine!

Jessica: No, mom. I'm not going to let you do this.

Viki: Baby, you wouldnít be sick at all if it werenít for me.

Jessica: No, thatís not true.

Viki: Oh, yes, it is true and you know that perfectly well. I would give my life if I could take back what I did to you, but I canít. I canít turn back the clock, but I can fix it! And if it costs me my life, it is a small price to pay.

Clint: Is there any possible way that Viki could survive this surgery?

Paige: Of course.

Viki: Thank you!

Paige: But your health is already compromised by your heart issues and your bouts of chemo. Now, we're talking about months of recovery for a young, healthy donor. Your immune system is weakened from the rejection drugs -- itís far too risky.

Viki: So what do we do about Jessica? We just sit by and watch her fade away? Paige, you've lost a child! In my position, what would you do?

Paige: I understand, but this is medical science. Doctors take an oath to "first do no harm."

Viki: I want my child to live!

Clint: Viki, we all want that, but we donít want to lose you in the process.

Viki: But I donít care! I donít give a damn what happens to me!

Paige: Viki, it -- itís impossible. No surgeon is going to perform elective surgery on somebody with your medical history. I mean, the malpractice issues alone are prohibitive.

Viki: Fine! You get a lawyer, draw up some papers! I know I will sign away all my rights! Ok, fine. If you people wonít do it, I'll get Dorian -- she will help me!

Clint: Viki? Jessica is still with us. This is not a matter of trading your life for hers.

Viki: But if I want to do it, why canít I?

Jessica: Because you'd break my heart.

Adriana: You're done messing around with Tateís background, right?

Rex: I love you, and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Now, I got to go. I'm already late for a meeting.

Tate: With who?

Rex: Oh, a client. I was going to stop at the diner on my way back. You want me to pick up anything?

Adriana: No, not tonight.

Rex: What about you, tater? You want mashed potatoes, French fries? Some chips maybe?

Tate: No, thanks, Rex. I'm stuffed.

Rex: Suit yourself. I'm going to kiss my girlfriend now. Call you later?

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

[Door opens and closes]

Adriana: I feel like I should say "sorry" for Rex.

Tate: Donít. You're not his mother.

Adriana: Well, thatís for sure, but even Roxy was on his case about you. Look, I'm just hoping that you two can figure out some sort of truce.

Tate: Hmm. For you? Anything, even that.

Adriana: You're being unbelievably great about this.

Tate: I just hope you can trust Rex as much as you want to.

Nora: I'm sorry if I upset Matthew.

Bo: Here. Tell him.

Nora: Oh, I know I should.

Bo: What are you afraid of?

Nora: Having to face him across the dinner table with more bad news. He just needs something good right now, Bo. He needs to know that we're going to catch these guys.

Bo: We will.

Nora: Well, he needs more than that. I want to be able to tell him that this is almost over.

Bo: So do I, and we're doing everything we can.

Nora: Heís scared, Bo. Heís so scared. So am I. I know how ugly it can get. I -- living in Chicago with Hank, raising Rachel -- my God. Then it was just graffiti and that word. But these guys -- they're playing for keeps. They want us dead. Our son, for Godís sake. How are we supposed to fight this?

Bo: We keep at it. We donít let them scare us off for any reason. You ok?

Nora: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

John: I hope we're not interrupting.

Nora: No.

Bo: Whatís going on?

John: I think we got something that might just nail this son of a bitch.

Woman: Dr. Young is with a patient and canít be disturbed.

Miles: I'll wait.

Dr. Young: Were you ever questioned as a part of the investigation into Spencer Trumanís murder?

Marty: Yes, of course. Dr. Young: Why?

Marty: I was at the hospital that night. I was Spencer Trumanís doctor.

Dr. Young: Were you ever asked, "where were you at the time of his death?"

Marty: No, but that doesnít mean I didnít Ė

Dr. Young: But it means that they didnít have reason to suspect you. He had a lot of enemies, Marty, a long list of people who wanted him dead.

Marty: But Ė

Dr. Young: Whereís the proof? Whereís the proof you killed him? Thereís absolutely no evidence.

Marty: I remember.

Dr. Young: Or you think you do.

Marty: Look, you said yourself these things I'm seeing -- they might not be dreams but memories.

Dr. Young: Marty, if I thought that that would suggest to you that you had killed a man, I would've held my tongue.

Marty: You think I'm lying?

Tate: Sorry, now I'm the one breaking promises.

Adriana: What are you talking about?

Tate: Well, that I would just stay out of your, you know, business.

Adriana: Itís ok, Tate. We're friends.

Tate: Yeah, we're work friends anyway. Um -- just so you know, if you ever need somebody to talk to, I'm a pretty good listener.

Adriana: Thanks. And you have the right to ask questions, even to have opinions.

Tate: Oh, thank you, but just make sure you let me know if I'm crossing any lines, ok?

Adriana: Look, itís no secret that Rex and I have trust issues. But I shouldnít, you know? Itís just every time it comes up, itís just me being paranoid. Rex told me that heís going to lay off and if after everything, I can trust you to do that, I can definitely trust Rex.

Rex: Rob Dalton?

Man: Thatís me.

Rex: Hey. I'm Rex Balsom from "The Banner." Thank you for agreeing to meet with me -- you're a lifesaver.

Rob: Sure. Well, I doubt I can help much. Tate and I were buds in high school, but, hey, we havenít seen each other in years.

Rex: Well, anything you can get me will really go a long way to setting the story straight -- so to speak.

Cristian: You know, Mami, I -- I should've been loyal to my brother. I -- I should've told him the truth.

Carlotta: You were just trying to protect him, Mijo.

Cristian: Yeah, but he doesnít see it that way. He thinks that if he knew earlier, he could've done something to stop it, and you know what? Maybe heís right.

Carlotta: Or not.

Cristian: That doesnít matter. Nothing that I said to him got through to him, and you know what? All the reasons that I gave sounded so damn weak when I actually said them out loud, he called me on every single one of them. He said he wasnít my brother.

Carlotta: Now thatís not true. You are, Mijo.

Cristian: No, not really, mom. I'm his cousin.

Carlotta: You listen to me. Itís whatís in the heart that matters. And it doesnít matter what you did or what you didnít do -- you canít take that love away. You and Antonio grew up in the same bedroom, sharing a room together. He taught you how to ride a bicycle, throw a baseball. He put your first paintbrush in your hand. Those are the things Antonioís going to remember. Heís in pain now, pobrecito, but soon heís going to heal and heís going to realize that you did what you did to keep him from getting hurt.

Cristian: Yeah, but it didnít work. He got hurt anyway. Now heís gone with no reason to come back.

Jessica: Mom, I need you and Bree needs her grandmother. You are the only one that understands what I've been through. And donít say that you caused it, because if I didnít have the life that I had, then I wouldnít have found Nash and I wouldnít have had Bree and I wouldnít have changed a single second and I donít regret one thing.

Nash: Mrs. Davidson, we will find another donor.

Viki: I wish I had your faith.

Clint: I think you do. You're just scared.

Viki: No, no, I'm not scared. I am terrified. Jessie, I'm so sorry. I've tried so hard to be strong for you.

Nash: Viki? I know I'm not family, but you just offered to die for your daughter -- thatís about the bravest thing I've ever heard, and your daughter is brave like you. Now, between her family and me and her will to survive, sheís not going anywhere, right?

Jessica: You see? I have too much to live for.

Nash: Right. Dr. Miller I think we should light a fire underneath those lab techs because we need another liver, donít we?

Paige: I will do my best.

Roxy: Yo. So is this where I sign up to hand over my liver?

John: The -- the bird symbol on the painting is associated with three western chapters of one pure people. That would be Idaho, Wyoming, Montana.

Bo: So you think thatís where this guyís from?

John: Well, thatís the assumption we're going on.

Bo: Anything to back it ?

Talia: Not yet, but I'm working on it now.

Nora: Ok, so yet again, squat.

John: Well, I -- I donít know about that. I want to have a -- have a look at this, a painting here. I had a -- I had a friend whoís a forensic anthropologist at the bureau and he took a look at the drawing and you see these -- these upward curves and these strokes in the painting?

Nora: No.

John: No, me, either, but he says itís there and that this is indicative of somebody thatís had a severe arm or shoulder surgery.

Nora: Oh. Well, that leaves us with a few million suspects.

Bo: Now, we narrow the field.

John: Already done.

Miles: Do Dr. Youngís sessions usually take this long?

Woman: You've heard of the 50-minute hour?

Miles: No.

Woman: Want to leave her a message?

Miles: I'll be back.

Dr. Young: I'm sure what you're experiencing is very real to you, Marty.

Marty: I am a therapist, too, so donít condescend to me.

Dr. Young: No, I donít mean to, but you know as well as I do how unreliable recovered memories can be.

Marty: These images were not suggested, you did not plant them -- I called you after the fact. I was there, I was in that room.

Dr. Young: Oh, all right. Well, was David Vickers there, too? The man confessed. How do you account for that?

Marty: People confess to crimes all the time and -- and David Vickers is an accomplished liar, so I -- I'm sure that if he had something to gain by taking the rap for killing his brother, he could convince the cops that -- that he did it.

Dr. Young: What could he possibly stand to gain?

Marty: I donít know! It -- I donít know. All I know is I saw Spencer, I saw the scissors, I saw what he was doing to Blair. I mean, my -- my head has been trying to tell me this for weeks and I -- I just didnít see it clearly until now.

Dr. Young: Well, then, Marty, I -- I guess the only question is, will you turn yourself in?

Marty: Yeah, thatís -- you're right, I should go to the police. I should tell them everything I know. I just -- my son -- I'm all he has. Hannah, what am I going to do?

Hannah: My advice -- nothing right now.

Marty: And you still donít think I did it?

Hannah: Why would you?

Marty: I donít know! I donít know! All I know is that Spencer Truman is irrational and capable of anything, and I had to stop him!

Hannah: That -- that you would take scissors to him and stab him repeatedly -- Marty, come on, it was a crime of passion.

Marty: And he held a gun to my head. He threatened to hurt my son, and he hurt Blair. You donít understand how evil this man is, and I am the reason that he wasnít in jail! And John and Todd and everything they went through, and -- and Blair -- she -- she nearly died and she lost her baby.

Hannah: Do you think that itís possible that you contrived this scenario to exorcise guilt?

Marty: No, I am not contriving anything. I killed Spencer Truman. I -- I -- I actually took a life with my own hands. And whether I confess or not, I'm going to have to live with that for the rest of my life.

Rob: Tate and I used to play high school baseball together.

Rex: You got along ok?

Rob: Yeah, we were friends, for the most part. How come you're not taking any notes?

Rex: Huh?

Rob: Donít most reporters carry around a -- a notebook with them or something?

Rex: Oh. A common misconception. I keep it all up here. Anyway, what do you mean exactly, you were friends with Tate "for the most part"? Did you get into it with him or something?

Rob: Oh, it wasnít that.

Rex: Then what?

Rob: Tate and I just -- we -- we just stopped hanging after he had the surgery.

Rex: What surgery?

Rob: Well, he went to baseball camp one summer. He injured his shoulder and he had to get it repaired. Well, itís the same thing that forced him out of the game.

John: Officer Sahid cross-checked three points of interest with medical facilities. There is a clinic here, and guess what it specializes in.

Bo: Orthopedics?

John: Exactly.

Rob: After the surgery, he went back to camp to rehab his arm, I guess, and when school let back in, camp was all he ever talked about. How much it -- how much it changed him. He was right, though. It was -- he was different.

Rex: Different how?

Rob: We'd -- we had a lot in common before he left, you know? And when he came back, not so much. -- He made new friends. They werenít really in my crowd, you know? I'm sorry, you look familiar. Do you -- do you ever do TV?

Rex: Nope, never. So where was this camp?

Rob: It was Wyoming.

Nora: We, thatís not much to go on. I mean, we canít -- unless we have proof that our guy got surgery at this clinic, and we can connect the dots from the clinic to the O.P.P. headquarters.

John: Itís a start.

Bo: I agree. And we know what we're looking for and where to look.

Rex: All right, so just to be sure -- you never got a vibe off this guy?

Rob: What kind of vibe?

Rex: Your gaydar never went off at all?

Rob: Wait a minute -- I -- I thought this article was supposed to be about Tate not being gay.

Rex: Well -- yeah. Yeah, I was trying to figure out if he really isnít --

Rob: No, no, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Thatís where I've seen you before. You're the guy who said Tate was gay.

Viki: Hey, Roxy, we really appreciate the offer.

Roxy: Hey, Vik, honey, no more crying. Just hook me up, because I got the most interesting liver in all of Llanview. And I used to take care of Jessica when she was just a little rug rat. Before that whack job Allison and Mitch Laurence made the switcheroo. And it was only for a couple of weeks, but I treated her like she was my own.

Jessica: Thanks, Roxy.

Roxy: You know, baby, you look a little yellow.

Nash: She knows.

Roxy: Not a good color for you.

Viki: Uh -- come on, I'll -- I'll get you some forms to fill out.

Roxy: Oh, ok.

Paige: You're not going to believe this.

Viki: What?

Paige: I -- I can hardly believe it myself. The odds are astronomical.

Clint: Well, what is it, Paige?

Paige: We und another match.

Viki: Who?

Paige: Antonio.

Roxy: Uh-oh.

Viki: Jessie --

Clint: Honey, are you all right?

Jessica: Antonioís the match?

Paige: Doctors donít like to say this, but under the circumstances, itís completely true. Itís a miracle. This is good news.

Clint: We understand that, Paige, itís just that we're a little surprised, thatís all.

Viki: I mean, I really thought that if anybody else was going to be a match, it would be Natalie or that -- Miles Laurence.

Paige: Right, yes, usually it is a family member, but not always. We -- we got lucky. And aside from the Hepatitis C, Jessica, you're looking at minimal postoperative complications.

Viki: Well, thank God for that, right?

Paige: So I will -- I'll contact Antonio and I'll -- I'll set up the surgery.

Nash: Paige, would you mind terribly if perhaps we were the ones to contact Antonio?

Paige: Oh. Of course not, thatís fine. Just -- just tell him to call me and -- look, I know you're all worried about Antonio. But I feel very optimistic about this. I think you should stay positive, Jessica. You have not come this far just to be let down now.

Jessica: How do I do this? How do I do this? How do I ask Antonio to give a part of himself to me when I've taken so much from him?

Rob: Listen, dude, I donít know what your deal is, but I'm not in.

Rex: Ok, look, I'll pay you, ok? Just tell me what was so different about Tate when he came back from this camp.

Rob: Why should I? You're just going to make up whatever you want for your smear job, anyway. See a shrink, man.

Adriana: Look, I'm glad that after everything, we're still friends, Tate.

Tate: Me, too, as long as you donít take things the wrong way and think I'm going to pull another "View" on you again.

Adriana: Well, hopefully, we're past that.

Tate: Yeah, even if Rex isnít. I promised myself I wasnít going to do that.

Adriana: Good save.

Tate: You know, I'm usually a lot slicker than this around everybody else. But you just have that kind of effect on a guy, I guess. I hope Rex appreciates it.

John: We connect a guy whoís had severe arm or shoulder surgery with the Wyoming branch of the O.P.P. and we may just have our perp.

Talia: And I'll keep working on those travel records from Wyoming.

Bo: All right. Good work, you two, both of you. Keep me apprised, all right? Time to call it a night. You, too, Nora.

Nora: Hmm? Oh. I keep thinking the longer I stare at this, I'm going to get something. All I'm getting is eye strain.

Bo: Well, then stop staring at it, go home, look Matthew in the eye, and tell him that we're on to something real.

Nora: Yeah. Thanks to you guys. Thank you. Really, thank you. Hopefully, it'll be good enough.

Woman: Need anything else, Dr. Young?

Hannah: No, Lisa, thank you. You can go on home. You going to be all right?

Marty: Yeah, I'm -- I'm -- I'm going to go home. I'll be fine.

Hannah: All right. Now, look, donít say anything to anyone right now. We're going to meet tomorrow. We're going to sort this thing out.

Marty: Huh. Well, whatís there to sort out? I killed someone.

Hannah: Marty, you donít know anything for sure. I'm going to work with you. We're going to figure this out. Now, why donít I prescribe you something thatís going to help you sleep a little tonight?

Marty: No. No, I'm not going to start medicating, not now.

Hannah: All right, then you've got to try to get some rest. And I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Marty: Ok.

Roxy: Hey, listen, I think you should take my liver. A guy who was dumped -- they donít usually make for the most willing organ donor.

Clint: Roxy, please, thatís enough, all right? Antonio might be hurt and angry, but heís not vengeful. Heís not going to let Jessie suffer. Once we find him, he'll come through.

Viki: Shall I call him?

Nash: Thatís a wonderful idea.

Roxy: Count me in, because I took the night off from the hotel so I could sit vigilante. Oh, and I got my tricks of the trade with me. So you got one free manicure coming to you. And listen, mellow yellow, I'm going to pick a polish that doesnít quite clash with your color.

Clint: Jeez, Roxy, please --

Jessica: Itís ok, Dad. Roxy, thanks, but I donít think I have the energy right now.

Nash: What did Antonio say?

Viki: I got his voicemail. I'm going to have to go track him down.

Clint: All right, I'll go with you.

Viki: Itís all right, honey. We'll be back with good news.

Jessica: Well, what are you going to say?

Viki: Whatever it takes to save you. Carlotta, Cristian --

Carlotta: Viki, Clint?

Clint: Hi. Listen, we are so sorry about whatís happened with Jessica and Antonio.

Carlotta: Please, itís not your fault.

Viki: We know, but we feel just terrible about it, and I feel so bad for Antonio.

Clint: Heís a good man, and we're sorry about whatís happened.

Carlotta: Yes, yeah. Thank you. We're all sorry.

Cristian: Howís Jessica doing?

Viki: Thatís why we're here. They found a liver donor.

Carlotta: Ay -- ay Dios!

Cristian: Whatís wrong?

Clint: Itís Antonio. Heís the match.

Viki: I've been trying to call him. Heís not answering his phone.

Clint: Listen, we were hoping that you could help us find him. Obviously, time is of the essence.

Cristian: Um -- I -- I wish we could help you, but Antonioís gone.

Viki: What?

Carlotta: I'm sorry, Viki, but we donít know where Antonio is.

Clint: What do you mean?

Carlotta: Antonio packed a few bags and took Jamie and left town. He wouldnít tell any of us where he was going.

Cristian: He didnít want anyone knowing, not even -- not even his family.

Carlotta: But I'm sure that if he knew what was happening, he'd come right back. I know even after everything thatís happed, I know in my heart that my son would never want to see Jessica suffer.

Viki: Well, I mean -- well, we have to find him.

Roxy: Black polish is very in these days. Of course, we donít want to give any hints to the grim reaper. Oh, just a little bellows humor, thatís all.

Nash: Itís gallows humor, and we'd rather not think about it.

Roxy: Hey, listen, donít worry about anything, because sheís going to be fine. Sheís like a cat. Sheís got nine lives. Or at least two, anyway. Nothingís going to happen to her.

Jessica: Roxy, I appreciate that, but I really donít think I'm up for a manicure right now. I'm sorry.

Roxy: Well, baby, itís your cuticle, not mine. Hey, I got a better idea. How about an interpretive reading of "The Intruder"? Thereís lots of juicy stuff in this.

Jessica: Oh, Roxy, thank you. I just want to sleep right now.

Roxy: Ok, well, I guess three makes a fifth wheel. Huh. Ok, well, I'm going to put in a good word with my psychic healer, Eda Marie. She'll put in a real good word for you. Ok, I'm out of here.

Jessica: Thank you.

Roxy: Bye.

Jessica: Itís not going to work, Nash.

Nash: Donít you even think of giving up. It is not allowed.

Jessica: Well, we have to be real. Antonio isnít obliged to do anything for me.

Nash: Ok, what we did to Antonio was unforgivable, I'm sure. He wants to make me the bad guy. I'm ok with that. But I am not ok with you caving. I need you. More importantly, Bree needs you. You got to keep believing. Antonio will come through. He will do the right thing.

Jessica: What if he doesnít do the right thing? What if I hurt him too much?

Nash: [As Vito Corleone] Well, then I'm going to make him an offer he canít refuse. [Normal voice] Because I love you. And I will do anything to save you.

Adriana: Rex, you left your cell phone sitting right on the coffee table.

Rob: Uh -- this isnít Rex. I'm actually looking for Rex.

Adriana: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess he left his phone. I'll hang up so you can call his voicemail.

Rob: Hang on. Can you take a message for me instead?

Adriana: Yeah, I guess so.

Rob: Thanks. My name is Rob Dalton. I met with Rex earlier today. Tell him if I find out heís using my name in connection with another bogus story about Tate, I'll sue his ass all the way to welfare.

Marty: What do I do?

Hannah: Can I help you?

Miles: I really hope so. I'm in need of a new psychiatrist.

Carlotta: His phoneís not even ringing.

Cristian: We'll just have to wait till he calls, then, mom.

Carlotta: Jessica canít afford to wait.

Cristian: What else can we do?

[Carlotta sighs]

Cristian: What if he says no?

Carlotta: He wonít. My son, your brother, will not wash his hands of Jessica. He -- no matter how badly heís hurting, he will come back home, and he'll do the right thing.

Cristian: Well, itís not enough if he does the right thing. Heís got to know about it so he can get here in time.

Nash: Everything is going to be ok. Your mom and dad will go find Antonio. They'll bring him back here. He'll do it. He'll do the right thing.

Jessica: Antonioís not with you?

Clint: No, honey, heís not.

Nash: He said no?

Viki: No, no, no. No. Heís gone. He took Jamie. He left the country. Nobody seems to know where he is. He didnít tell anybody. But this isnít over, ok? We're going to find him.

Clint: Yeah. And Paige will continue to look for another donor.

Jessica: Paige said that finding two matches was a miracle. Three is impossible.

Clint: Look, we are going to find Antonio. Carlotta and Cristian are helping, as well.

Nash: All right, I'm going to find him. I'm bringing him back here.

Jessica: No, Nash -- Nash -- donít leave me, please. Please.

Nash: I donít want to. But sitting around here and hoping for the best is a risk I'm not willing to take, ok? You be here when I come back. All right? You be here when I bring Antonio back for you. Promise me.

Jessica: I promise.

Nash: All right.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marty: I want to know why you confessed to killing Spencer Truman when you didnít do it.

Adriana: We're over, for good this time.

Viki: What if Antonio is so angry that he refuses to help us?

Antonio: You took my wife. What else do you want?

Nash: I need you to save your wifeís life.

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