OLTL Transcript Monday 5/28/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/28/07


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Blair: All right, so where do you want to sit?

Starr: Is this too close? I want the aisle seat.

Blair: It'd be great.

Starr: Ok, I want some popcorn -- what size?

Blair: Big as they got.

Starr: I'm on it.

Cristian: Hey, Starr.

Starr: Hi, Cristian.

Blair: Cristian?

Cristian: How you doing, Blair?

Blair: What are you doing here? I didnít know you like chick flicks.

Cristian: I donít, actually, but I heard it was funny, so -- I donít know, I could use a laugh.

Blair: Yeah, I heard what happened to your studio. I'm sorry.

Cristian: Thanks. Any word on Todd?

Blair: No. I'm also sorry about what happened to Evangeline. I thought, well, you know, if Todd was going to come back, and he was able to, word about her would probably bring him back, but it didnít happen.

Cristian: Right. Well, I -- I donít really know what to say to that.

Blair: Me, either. Starr and I thought we'd come to the movie -- you know, get our minds off our problems for a while?

Cristian: She probably really misses her dad, huh?

Blair: Yeah, she does. And I tell you what, this movie better be funny, because she needs to clear her head of her dad and that boy Cole Thornhart.

Dorian: Hello, David.

David: I'm sorry, do I know you?

Dorian: Stop it.

David: You havenít come to see me since I was sentenced.

Dorian: Itís because I couldnít bear the thought of seeing you in here. You were never far from my thoughts.

David: So what is it you need?

Dorian: Blood.

Jessica: Sunís gone.

Nash: Oh, it'll be back tomorrow. And you know what? We will watch the sun set together then, too, because I am going to watch every sunset with you for the rest of my life.

Jessica: You canít count on that.

Nash: Jess --

Jessica: No, I mean it. We have to face reality, and I need you to do something for me.

Viki: Antonio.

Antonio: How long have you known?

Viki: Clint told me last night.

Antonio: No. I mean, how long have you known Jess was cheating on me?

Viki: I didnít know, Antonio. I had no idea. I wish I could offer you some kind of comfort.

Antonio: Well, you canít. Jess did what she did. Now I have to do what I have to do.

Viki: What is that?

Jordan: So, whatís the problem?

Miles: I took your advice. I created a situation where I could come to the rescue of the woman I'm in love with.

Jordan: And?

Miles: Another guy got in the way.

Jordan: Oh, bummer.

Miles: Now I need to figure out a way to knock the other white knight off his horse.

Marty: Oh, John, uh -- I'm sorry.

John: Are you all right?

Marty: Yeah, yeah, I'm all right. I -- I just, um --

John: You just what?

Marty: I just -- I just felt I couldnít -- I couldnít breathe for a second.

John: Another anxiety attack like you had the other day?

Marty: Yeah, I know.

John: Whatís going on with you?

Marty: I just had a really bad night last night.

John: You're not sleeping?

Talia: Detective McBain?

John: Yeah?

Talia: Sorry to interrupt.

John: What is it?

Talia: The Commissioner wanted me to report to you.

John: Yeah, there is something I could use some help on. Just stay here for a minute, all right, I'll be right back. I found something in Cristian Vegaís art studio today.

Talia: Great.

John: Yeah, you see this -- this symbol here? It was painted on one of Cris' canvases, he swears he didnít do it.

Talia: Looks kind of like the bird from the O.P.P. medallion.

John: Yeah, well, not to be confused with art critics, but forensics thinks these lines here -- they seem to designate some sort of mountain range.

Talia: You think itís some sort of clue to where their headquarters are?

John: It could be. What I want you to do is see if you can find out anything about supremacist groups in mountainous regions.

Talia: Sure -- finally we got a lead.

Woman: Hey. Hey.

Marty: Thank you so much for making the time for me.

Woman: Thatís all right. You made it sound important. So, look, why donít we meet at my hospital office in just, like -- you know where it is?

Marty: Yeah.

Woman: 20 minutes?

Marty: Yes. Thank you.

Woman: Oh, ok. All right, see you there.

Talia: Anything else?

John: What -- uh -- no, excuse me for a second. Hey, uh, sorry about that. You got somewhere to be?

Marty: Yeah, actually, I -- I have an appointment.

John: With Dr. Young?

Marty: Yeah, sheís an old -- a grad teacher of mine, and, you know, we get together and catch up and -- I'll see you later.

John: Yeah, ok -- ok.

David: Jessica Buchanan has liver cancer?

Dorian: Yes -- some complications from Hepatitis C.

David: Well, how does a girl like Jessica contract Hep C?

Dorian: Uh -- because, apparently, Jessicaís alter, Tess, didnít lead such a wholesome life.

David: I'm very sorry, and I'm so relieved to know thereís nothing I can do to help. Anything else?

Dorian: David, we're looking for a compatible donor for her.

David: Well, I canít help you. My liver, such as it is, is the only one that I have, and I'm using it -- a lot.

Dorian: If you're a match, we only need a portion of your liver. I'm signing up everybody I can think of.

David: Oh, just a portion of my liver? Oh, why didnít you say so? Do you have a melon baller? We can take of this right now.

Dorian: Uh -- because, apparently, Jessicaís alter, Tess, didnít lead such a wholesome life.

David: I'm very sorry.

Dorian: If you're a match, we only need a portion of your liver. I'm signing up everybody I can think of. A young womanís life is at stake.

David: A young woman whose mother happens to be your sworn enemy, and whose father -- why does this still take me so long? You're still after Clint Buchanan, arenít you?

Dorian: No.

David: Really?

Dorian: I'm not after Clint anymore because we are officially together.

David: Congratulations.

Dorian: We're very happy. But heís terribly, terribly upset about his daughter, actually enough, and I want to do whatever I can to help.

David: Hmm -- so you want me to carve out a piece of my handsome liver for the sake of your love life?

Dorian: Get tested first. Then if you're a match, we'll talk sacrifice.

David: Sorry. You know I hate needles.

Dorian: David? This isnít a request.

Antonio: I donít feel comfortable confiding in you.

Viki: Antonio, I have always been so fond of you, you know that. That hasnít changed, you know.

Antonio: I need to be as far away from Jessica as possible, and from everything that reminds me of her. I'm sorry, but that includes you.

Viki: I understand. I hate it, but I understand.

Antonio: I canít talk about this anymore. I'll have Jess' and Breeís stuff packed up and delivered to you at Llanfair.

Viki: Um, I have to go back to the hospital.

Antonio: I know how worried you are about Jess.

Viki: I'm scared to death.

Antonio: No matter what happened, I hope you know that I want her to get well.

Viki: I donít think anyone could've been as understanding and loyal to Jessie as you've been.

Jessica: I want to make a tape for Bree so she has something to remember me by.

Nash: Donít talk like that.

Jessica: I have to.

Nash: No, you donít have to.

Jessica: I do. The doctor said if we donít find a donor soon, they're going to have to start chemo. I donít want her to see me with my hair all falling out. I donít want her to see me looking any sicker than I do now, so please?

Nash: I will do anything you ask me to do, you know that, but donít ask me to do this. I'm not going to make plans for when you're -- I wonít even say the word.

Jessica: Listen. Maybe you wonít have to show her the tape, ok, but itís just in case.

Nash: Just in case what? Hmm? You are going to get a donor, you are going to be fine, and we are going to have that happy little ending we talked about back in Napa.

Clint: Nurses' station told me you two were down here.

Jessica: Hi, dad.

Clint: Sweetheart, it is so good to see you out of bed.

Nash: Yeah -- she wants to make a video for Bree to remember her by. Clint, tell her she doesnít have to do that.

Jessica: Dad, if I was Breeís age, and you thought there was even the slightest chance that you'd be taken away from me forever, wouldnít you like to have the opportunity to say what you needed to say to me?

Clint: I donít want to think about this any more than Nash does, but I see your point. And, Nash, if this brings Jessie some peace of mind, I think we should honor her wishes.

Jessica: The doctor said if we donít find a donor, we have to prepare for the worst. So please, help me say goodbye.

Starr: Britney, you're -- uh -- you're so dressed up. Big night?

Cole: You here with Langston?

Britney: Oh, did you come here with your mom? God, thatís so cool. I mean, I canít remember the last thing my mom and I did --

Blair: No, uh, Starr is not here with me.

Cole: You're not here together?

Blair: No, I'm here by myself. Starr is here with --

Jessica: I have a job for you, too, you know.

Clint: You do, do you?

Jessica: I do. I wrote down a list of my favorite books, and each birthday I want you to give it to Bree on.

Clint: Jessica --

Jessica: Let me finish. And I'm also going to write a whole bunch of letters for each year until sheís grown up, and, um, you can give her a letter every year with her book.

Clint: Sweetheart, I will do whatever it is you want me to do.

Jessica: I wrote Jamie a whole bunch of letters, too, but I'm not sure that Antonioís going to think thatís ok. So -- um -- heís still really angry. I just want her to know how much I love her. Anyways, I know it sounds grim, but it makes me feel better to know that I know a part of me is still with them.

Clint: I donít know how you can be so strong.

Jessica: Huh -- my parents' daughter.

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: Dad, would you mind holding the camera for me, please?

Clint: Sure. Yeah.

Nash: Record buttonís the -- the red button under your thumb.

Jessica: Lens cap.

Clint: Thanks.

Jessica: Ok.

Clint: All right, itís rolling.

Jessica: Hi, sweetheart. I just wanted to tell you a few things that I donít want you to forget, because you're my baby girl and I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world. And I want you to know that I'm with you, even though you canít see me. I'm with you and your daddy all the time. Like at night, every night when the stars come out, I'm going to be the first star that you see -- thatís going to be me saying good night to you. And on a summerís day when a cool breeze blows, thatís going to be me, too. And when you're feeling scared and alone, all you have to do is picture me beside you holding your hand, and I'm going to be there, ok? You can just wrap yourself up in my love, like I did with you with your little yellow blanket with the little bunnies on it. And when you miss me, you just remember that love, because itís going to be there even if I'm not.

Antonio: Yeah, hi. I need to make a reservation on a 10:00 flight. For two.

Jordan: You didnít tell me you had competition.

Miles: I'm not sure I do. Itís just every time that I get somewhere with her, this guy shows up.

Jordan: You're losing her.

Miles: I -- I wanted her to confide in me, but she hired a therapist instead --

Jordan: Oh, man.

Miles: A shrink.

Jordan: Wait a minute. This could actually work for you.

Miles: How? Come on, what do I do?

Talia: So, what, do you think this guy was trying to draw a picture of the O.P.P. medallion and heís just a crap artist?

John: I thought that at first, but now I donít know. I mean -- you know, look at this. Look at the birdís eye, and then -- then the beak, the claws.

Talia: Itís a lot scarier.

Jeeter: I'm saving you a trip, McBain.

John: Hey.

Jeeter: Hereís the analysis of the canvas and the computer search.

John: Thanks, Jeeter.

Jeeter: I'll be around if you have any questions.

John: All right. No fingerprints on the canvas except Cris' and mine -- we already knew that. The paint that was used was from the studio -- damn.

Talia: What does it say on that second sheet?

John: Results of the search of the symbol on the picture.

Talia: Well, does it tell us anything we donít already know?

John: Yeah, it does.

John: The version on Cris' canvas has been spotted in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Talia: Idaho? Whatís this guy doing so far east?

John: Outreach? Hey, look, I was wondering if maybe you could put in some overtime on this one. I know you've been on duty since this morning.

Talia: Itís not a problem -- this guy tried to kill me. Besides -- [Talia sighs] I owe it to Antonio.

John: Yeah, I -- uh -- I didnít want to bother him and Jessica. Have you -- have you spoken to him?

Talia: Heís going through a really rough time. I just -- I wish I could do more to help him. Heís really become a friend to me.

John: Yeah, well, the only way to help a friend is if they let you.

Dr. Young: On the phone, you sounded -- you sounded pretty anxious, so whatís going on?

Marty: I keep having this, um, very disturbing dream, and itís becoming more frequent.

Dr. Young: All right, tell me about it.

Marty: I'm in this small room, and I donít know how I got there. I'm afraid, and I donít know what I'm afraid of. I -- and then I see this pair of scissors, and I go and I pick them up and they're really cold in my hand, and I start feeling terrified, like -- like I canít breathe, and -- and thatís when I -- I wake up gasping for breath.

Dr. Young: So, in the dream, you -- do you know what you're supposed to do with the scissors?

Marty: No.

Dr. Young: And does this have anything to do with the two men that accosted you last night?

Marty: You know about that?

Dr. Young: Itís because of my affiliation with the L.P.D.  You know, I see all the police records when they come in.

Marty: Last night was upsetting, but I've been having this dream for almost a month.

Dr. Young: Well, Marty, something about this dream is bothering you enough that you -- you set up this emergency session. So, what is it?

Marty: The scissors -- I donít think they're symbolic. I -- I think I'm repressing something.

Dr. Young: Why?

Marty: Because I -- I saw a pair of scissors, an ordinary pair of scissors at the police station on the desk, and I had a panic attack.

Dr. Young: All right, so -- so the image of the scissors -- well, if they're affecting you when you're awake, then maybe you're right. Perhaps itís not a dream. Maybe itís a memory.

Jordan: I tell all my clients to can their shrink and tell me their problems.

Miles: Why do you do that?

Jordan: Because then they need me -- itís good for business. Itís also kind of interesting -- human, you know.

Miles: How do I convince her to talk to me instead of her shrink?

Jordan: Well, it might be good to find out what she needs the shrink for, and then find a way to give it to her.

Miles: Arenít these sessions confidential?

Jordan: Yeah. Itís too bad you couldnít be a fly on the wall.

Antonio: How do you explain to your little girl that her stepmother dumped us both for another man?

Carlotta: Tonio, does Jessica really know what sheís doing? Is there no hope?

Antonio: Our marriage is over, Mami.

Carlotta: I'm so sorry.

Antonio: Yeah, well, me, too -- and angry. I thought I could deal with this by throwing myself into work, but somebody convinced me otherwise.

Carlotta: You still havenít told me what you're going to do.

Antonio: Jamieís my world. Sheís the one person whoís always been straight with me. I'm going to take her out of here.

Carlotta: "Out of here"? Where are you going?

Antonio: To a place where no one will betray either one of us.

David: Dorian, even you canít force me to be an organ donor if I donít want to be.

Dorian: Actually, I can.

David: Really? How?

Dorian: David, you confessed to murdering Spencer Truman -- even though you didnít do it.

David: Keep your voice down.

Dorian: And you did that because Asa Buchanan offered you $10 million once you got out of jail.

David: If Asa finds out I didnít do the murder, I'll be doing time for nothing.

Dorian: He wonít find out -- as long as you have the test.

David: You know, the last time someone blackmailed me for the use of one of my organs, it wasnít my liver.

Dorian: This is in a very good cause.

David: You're not doing this for Jessica, you're doing this to impress Clint.

Dorian: Ha!

David: You must really love that guy, huh?

Dorian: Love? "Love"? Love has nothing to do with it.

Jessica: I hope you have a good life, and I hope you have fun every day, and I hope that you have lots of friends. And I know that one day, you are going to find somebody that you love just as much as I love your daddy. And you guys take care of each other, ok? And donít be sad about me. Donít be sad about me at all, ok, I'm fine. I have everything that I've ever wanted because I have you and your daddy. You have made my life so much better. I just wish that I could've had you for just a little bit longer. [Jessica sighs] So, good night, sweetie, and I will see you tonight when the first star shines. I love you. Is that my omelet?

Viki: Yeah.

Jessica: Thank you -- real food, I am starving. Mmm.

Viki: I forgot to get you something to drink.

Jessica: Oh, no, I'm ok.

Viki: No, I'll get it from the machine.

Jessica: No, mom, I'm --

Clint: I'm going to go over there -- she never has the right change.

Jessica: Oh. Well -- ahem -- it doesnít smell as good as yours. I remember the one that -- the first one that you made me, not Tess, huh. Um -- I think that was the first day I realized that I had feelings for you. I just wish that we had more time.

Nash: You know, I know you are determined to look at the worst-case scenario here, but we are going to have that time.

Jessica: Just hold on to the tape, ok?

Nash: We're not going to need the tape.

Jessica: Hold on to it just in case.

Nash: You all right?

Jessica: Um, I'm just not as hungry as I thought, I guess. You know, I was just thinking that I just found you, and -- I donít want to say goodbye, ever.

Nash: You donít have to say goodbye because you're not leaving. I wonít have it. You and I did not come this far to not be together now. All right? Da-da-da.

Dorian: I am not going to discuss my relationship with Clint with you. Now, am I safe in assuming that you will get tested to see if you can help Jessica?

David: Seems I have no choice. I'll talk to the warden at next weekís poker game.

Dorian: Oh, I've already cleared it with the warden -- they're waiting for you in the infirmary.

David: What?

Dorian: Guard?

Cole: You're hanging out with him?

Britney: Isnít he a little --

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, Starr and I go way back. I like hanging out with her, and sheís cooler than 90% of the women I know.

Starr: Well, thank you, Cristian, but you donít have to stick up for me. I'm totally here with my mom. And you're right, Britney -- it is cool.

Blair: Thank you for stepping up for my daughter.

Cristian: No problem. I know what a broken heart feels like.

Blair: You want to join us for the movie?

Cristian: Uh -- no, no. You know, now that I'm here, I -- I guess I realize I donít like chick flicks.

Blair: Oh --

Cristian: I'll see you.

Blair: Have a good night.

Starr: Here.

Blair: Thank you. You ok?

Starr: Yeah, I'm fine.

Blair: You want to go?

Starr: Isnít my humiliation complete enough?

Blair: You know, Starr -- if Cole is here with Britney, maybe heís not what you thought he was.

Starr: I know that you're trying to help, mom, but you're really not.

[Movie starts]

John: I had one of the photos from the Capricorn file blown up. This is right outside the storage room.

Talia: Great -- itís the same mean-looking bird with those mountains.

John: I bet we'll find it at the other sites, too.

Talia: It really creeps me out to think about this guy living in Llanview.

John: He wonít be here for long. We're going to get him.

Dr. Young: Do you remember the first time that you had the dream?

Marty: It was about a month ago.

Dr. Young: How do you know that?

Marty: I -- I just remember those kind of things, and the dream had me very scared right from the start.

Dr. Young: Ok, Marty, letís just go back. I want you to tell me everything you can remember in detail.

Marty: The room -- itís red.

Dr. Young: And where are the scissors?

Marty: They're on a -- a table that -- it -- itís taller than a table.

Dr. Young: Yeah.

Marty: And I can see the scissors there, and -- then thatís when I start getting scared.

Dr. Young: And whatís scaring you, Marty? What is it? Is it something or someone?

Marty: Itís -- itís some-- itís someone. Thereís someone else in my dream.

Viki: I canít stand this.

Clint: I'm telling you, hearing her make that recording was one of the saddest things I've ever been a part of.

Viki: I couldnít even breathe. And sheís still trying to take care of us.

Clint: I was thinking that maybe it makes it easier for her.

Viki: I saw Antonio at the diner.

Clint: How is he?

Viki: How do you think? Heís loved Jessica for a long time.

Clint: Is he going to be ok?

Viki: I honestly donít know. Heís so emotional and impulsive, and his heart is broken. I'm worried about what he might do.

Antonio: I canít stay in Llanview anymore. If I did, I have to see Jessica with Nash, or I'll have to watch her die-- but I canít go through that, Mami, nor would I put Jamie through that, either. I have to go.

Jessica: I love you. Bye-bye. Oh, my God -- she said it! She said "bye."

Nash: She did?

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Hello? Mrs. Louis, yes. Yes, she heard it. Itís great. Yeah. Ok, thank you. Yes, I'll be home in an hour or so. Ok, bye. Hmm.

Jessica: Sheís growing up really, really fast. In a year from now, you're going to be able to have a conversation with her.

Nash: So will you.

Blair: Hey -- you're not holding up your end of the popcorn here.

Starr: What?

Blair: Popcorn -- come on, help me.

Starr: Oh.

Britney: Do you want to just go?

Cole: No -- itís your birthday. And besides, I kind of want to see how Ramona sneaks in to see Dylan in the I.C.U.


Marty: I knew I'd be able to see things more clearly with your help -- there has been somebody else in the dream all along.

Dr. Young: Well, your subconscious has been protecting you, Marty. Now, you're -- you're safe here. So I want you to tell me, who is it?

Marty: Um -- they're behind some sort of curtain.

Dr. Young: And what happens if you just push the curtain aside?

Marty: Itís -- itís a woman, and sheís wearing white.

Dr. Young: And why would that be?

Marty: Uh -- white, white -- white is, um, the good guys -- they always wear white. Itís also the color of death in some countries.

Dr. Young: Yeah.

Marty: And purity -- um, brides all wear white. Itís a bride. Oh, my God.

Carlotta: Oh --

Cristian: Whoa.

Carlotta: Oh, I didnít see you come in.

Cristian: Whatís wrong?

Carlotta: Oh, Antonio just left.

Cristian: He told you? Look, Mami, donít worry about us. Antonio is just angry at the world right now.

Carlotta: Antonio left, and he took Jamie with him.

Cristian: Where'd he go?

Carlotta: I donít know -- he wouldnít tell me. But he said he may never come back.

Clint: Your mother and I have decided that you can take that videotape and put it in a drawer and forget all about it because there is no reason to give up hope.

Viki: Thatís right, thatís right.

Nash: Listen to your parents.

Clint: All you need is a match, and we have hundreds of people waiting to be tested, and Dorian has said that sheís pledged to get 250 more all by herself.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Excuse me. Natalie. Hi, darling. How you feeling? Oh -- well, sweetheart --

Jessica: Dad?

Viki: Aspirin and fluids -- thatís about all you can do.

Jessica: Can you please thank Dorian for me?

Clint: I will. You know, sheís been great throughout all of this, and not -- not just lining up donors, either. Sheís been explaining the medical jargon to me, listening to me when I want to spout nonsense.

Jessica: I know that Nat and I gave you a hard time when you first got together with her, but, um, if she makes you happy, I want you to hang on to her.

Viki: Uh, Natalie sends her love. She will be in here to see you when -- when sheís not contagious anymore.

Jessica: Well, I'm feeling a little tired. I think I want to go back to my room, ok?

Nash: Yes, ma'am.

Paige: I have good news.

Viki: What is it?

Paige: We found a donor for Jessica.

David: Itís done.

Dorian: Thank you, David. I'm really sorry you fainted.

David: I did not faint -- I rapidly lost consciousness. I suppose I'm not going to see you again until you need something else.

Dorian: I hate seeing you in this awful outfit.

David: Itís a blend.

Dorian: Oh -- I'm afraid to ask "of what?" I also hate to see you rotting away here in this awful place for something you didnít do.

David: I've got 10 million reasons to be all right with it.

Dorian: Still, donít you keep wondering who really did kill Spencer Truman?

Dr. Young: Marty -- Marty, what is it? Whoís the bride in your dream?

Marty: The bride -- it was Blair. And the scissors -- I saw them.

Spencer: You.

Marty: I killed Spencer Truman.

John: Take a break.

Talia: I can handle it.

John: Thatís an order, Sahid. I've seen your paycheck -- get out of here.

Talia: Fine. I want to call Antonio anyway.

 [Phone rings] Martyís voice: You've reached dr. Marty Saybrooke. I'm not available to take your call right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you. [Voicemail beeps]

Viki: You found a donor? Oh, thank God!

Nash: I told you. I told you.

Paige: We want to get moving on this right away.

Clint: All right, wait -- wait a minute. Whoís the donor?

Cristian: Listen, mom, thereís no way Antonio is going to leave Llanview for good.

Carlotta: Oh, God, you didnít see him. He was so hurt and so angry -- with Jessica, with you, with me.

Cristian: With you? What did you do?

Carlotta: I guess he feels I lied to him for most of his life about who his parents were.

Cristian: This is crazy. I mean, he took Jamie away from everything she knows?

Carlotta: He says sheís his life now. I -- I think in his emotional state, he feels thereís nothing to come back to.

Jamie: Papi, can I have another cracker?

Antonio: You know how to say that in Spanish? Hmm. "Una mas, por favor." I'm going to teach you all those words.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Whoís that?

Antonio: Someone from the past. But you're my future. You are the only one I want to talk to.

Paige: Actually, I thought she'd be here.

Clint: "She"?

Paige: Yes. Itís such an amazing coincidence.

Jessica: Well, who is it? Whoís going to give me my life back?

Paige: Itís Dorian.

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Cristian: I knew what was going on between Nash and Jessica, and I didnít tell my brother.

Clint: How did you know that Dorian was a match?

Viki: Itís not Dorian, itís me.

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