OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/22/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/22/07


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Britney: Hey, everyone --

Boy: I love this part.

Britney: I have something to say!

Boy: Are you going to dance right here?

Britney: To all of you! Didnít you hear me?

Langston: How the mighty has fallen.

Starr: Yeah, God, what are you going to do now, Britney?

Boy: Beautiful.

Cole: Guys, come on, please! All right, Britney says she wanted to say something, so give her a couple of minutes to say it!

Cristian: Yeah, her name is Evangeline Williamson. She was transferred from -- you're kidding me. You put me on hold to tell me you canít give out that kind of information? Thanks for nothing.

Paige: I thought one of the nurses took your cell phone.

Cristian: Oh, I gave her a choice -- either let me keep my phone or have to explain why everything in this place is trashed.

Paige: Oh, I see. Ok, well, now you've made your call. Would you please lie back down?

Cristian: No. I'm leaving.

Paige: Look, do I have to remind you, you were unconscious? When you came in here, your EKG was showing signs of irregular heartbeat. You're still dropping PVCs -- that means your heart is not functioning normally. You need to stay here at least overnight.

Cristian: My EKG is fine --

John: You're wasting your breath, Doc. He wonít listen, heís not changing his mind.

Paige: You're siding with him?

John: He wants out? Let him go.

Miles: But you drew my blood hours ago.

Nurse: Does this look like a slow night to you? You're just going to have to wait.

Marty: Miles?

Miles: Marty.

Marty: What was that about?

Miles: What are you doing here?

Marty: I work here.

Miles: I mean the emergency room?

Marty: I'm sorry. I didnít mean to be short. I came to check on Nora Hanen.

Miles: Hmm. District attorney.

Marty: Yeah, sheís a really good friend of mine, and she very nearly died tonight.

Miles: Oh. I'm sorry. Is she going to be all right?

Marty: Yeah, thank God. They've actually already released her, so -- uh, what are you doing here?

Miles: Jessicaís going to die if she doesnít get a liver donor. I'm a blood relative, and I canít get anyone in here to tell me if I'm a match.

Marty: I'm just as concerned about Jessica as you are, but -- look, they are testing a lot of people, so, you know, I'm sure the lab -- itís just -- itís just backed up.

Miles: Donít they understand Jessicaís time is running out?

Natalie: Oh, good -- you're awake. Ok, I've decided what you need is a good laugh. So I got a portable DVD player and just about every comedy movie they had. Also, I got you pretty much every trashy gossip magazine that they had on the rack, in case you want to catch up on Brangelina and Olsen twins -- that they're a foursome.

Jessica: Natalie, could you do me a favor?

Natalie: Well, sure, honey.

Jessica: Could you take down -- um -- these pictures? I canít. The ones of Jamie -- they're Antonioís.

Natalie: Jess -- honey, whatís his is yours.

Jessica: No, that sweet little face -- itís just not right. They belong in Antonioís place, they're his.

Natalie: Jess --

Jessica: No, his -- his familyís not my family anymore.

Nash: You spoke to Jessica?

Antonio: Good question.

Nash: What does that mean?

Antonio: I talked to the person in her bed, and I heard a lot of bull. But the person saying it wasnít any Jessica I know. The woman I fell in love with is gone, and I donít want anything to do with the woman whoís taken her place. You want her -- someone who lies and cheats and walks all over the feelings of an innocent little girl? Well, sheís all yours. But you're going to do one thing for me first.

Cole: Say what you need to say.

Britney: Thanks, Cole.

Langston: You know, maybe we're just a little sick of listening to what Britney has to say.

Markko: Unless she wants to tell us sheís transferring out.

Langston: What are you still doing here? Your posse left.

Markko: Thought I'd stick around, referee the cat fight.

Cole: Thereís not going to be a fight.

Markko: You sure about that?

Students: Whoa!

Cole: That was cute. Yeah.

Britney: Look -- look, you can all go on hating me, ok? Thatís fine, I did something horrible.

Langston: Which "something" are you talking about?

Britney: I just want to have my say, and all I'm asking is for you to listen to me.

Boy: Yeah, right.

Britney: I just want to tell you that I'm sorry.

Boy: Oh -- ok.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: All right.

Vincent: Hey, Layla?

Layla: Hi.

Vincent: Hey. I heard what happened at Cristianís studio. How bad is it?

Layla: Evangeline is in a coma -- thatís how bad it is.

Paige: If you leave you're going to have to sign a form releasing the hospital of any responsibility.

Cristian: Ok. Fine. Go get your form, I'll sign it.

Paige: You donít know what heís been through.

John: I know what itís like to hate hospitals.

Cristian: Look, doctor, I can walk and I can see straight, and that is good enough for me.

Paige: All right, look, if you feel dizzy, if you get short of breath, if your heart is racing, if you feel anything weird at all, will you promise me you'll come back?

Cristian: Definitely -- and you can check my EKGs again and PVCs.

Paige: All right.

Cristian: Thanks for backing me up.

John: You have a right to handle this your way -- even if you're making a mistake.

Natalie: Baby, I donít know what happened, but I am sure that it can be fixed.

Jessica: No, Natalie, I screwed up. I screwed up, and it wasnít just one thing -- I've been screwing up over and over and over again and I've been lying about it. And then once they told me I had cancer, I just -- I couldnít do it anymore, and it all just came out.

Natalie: What did?

Jessica: I told Antonio the truth. I told him that I'm in love with Nash.

Nash: Antonio, I know how you must feel.

Antonio: I treated you like a friend. I went out of my way to trust you. I gave you a job and bankrolled your winery. How did it feel to accept all of that, and then have sex with my wife? What does it feel like, "friend," to know that you've destroyed my marriage and taken away the woman I love?

Natalie: You -- you're in love with Nash and you told that to Antonio?

Jessica: I didnít want to love Nash -- and the day that I married Antonio, I didnít. I swear I didnít. I thought what I was feeling were Tess' feelings. I did everything that I could to shut him out, to push Nash away, but is way into my heart anyway.

Natalie: That couldnít have been easy, holding all of that in.

Jessica: No, it wasnít.

Natalie: If you want to talk to me about it, you can.

Jessica: After I was integrated and I stopped having those blackouts -- I donít know, I just -- I felt differently about Nash. I just -- I donít know, I -- at first, I just thought it was Tess' memories, and we had Bree together, and he was such a good father. But then, you know, it hit me -- whatever it was. I was a totally different person. The feelings that I was having were mine, they werenít Tess', and that I had them both and I loved them both and I didnít know what to do.

Natalie: Baby, itís ok.

Jessica: No, itís not ok. Antonioís the most wonderful person in the whole wide world, and I hurt him so bad.

Natalie: I know what you're going through.

Jessica: Oh, Natalie, I donít think that you do.

Natalie: I know what it feels like to love two men at the same time. You know, when I thought Cristian was dead, I fell in love with John. And then when Cristian came back --

Jessica: Natalie, when you found out that Cristian was alive, you kept both men at armís length. You didnít hide or -- or pretend.

Natalie: I know, but that was the only way I could handle it -- I was really mad at both of them.

Jessica: You didnít betray them, Natalie. I did.

Natalie: So what you're saying is you didnít just tell Antonio that you're in love with Nash. You told Antonio that you cheated on him, too.

Nash: I donít know how to talk about it.

Antonio: Then try.

Nash: It sucks, for everyone. But we never intended to hurt you, Antonio.

Antonio: Except when you were doing my wife.

Nash: No, not even then. Hey, how does it feel, huh? Feel pretty lousy? You feel embarrassed? You feel alone? Well, welcome to my world, because I've been the odd man out for months now. I just didnít know that Jessica was going to --

Antonio: Leave me?

Nash: No, fall in love with me. I just wish this could've ended more civilized.

Antonio: For who?

Nash: I canít make this better for you, Antonio.

Antonio: Donít bother. Itís done. But thanks to you, I have to go home now and try to explain to Jamie that Jessica may die -- but even if she doesnít, that Jessica is never coming home. And this is after I swore to Jamie up and down that Jessica really loved her and wanted to be her mother.

Nash: I donít like hurting kids. I'm sorry, I feel rotten about it.

Antonio: Good.

Nash: You know, I tried to leave Jess -- after I tried to leave Tess. I -- I tried to give you space to enjoy your happy little nuclear family- thatís why I kept leaving town.

Antonio: But you always kept coming back, right?

Nash: You kept bringing me back! Think about it -- dinner with the family? You invested in my vineyard, you give me a job at the club? I tried to stay away from you guys.

Antonio: Not hard enough.

Nash: Oh, all right, you're right. You're right -- itís all my fault, ok? I put my happiness ahead of your happiness. I'm sorry.

Antonio: How many times?

Nash: "How many --" what?

Antonio: How many times did you have sex with Jess? It wasnít once in a heat of passion, was it? It went on and on, didnít it? "Didnít it?"

Cristian: Ok, so if I fill this out, then that means I'm good to go, right?

Nurse: Just give it to dr. Miller and see what she says.

Cristian: Right.

John: You know, for what itís worth, I donít think the -- the doc was keeping you here to make money for the hospital.

Cristian: Good, because I'm uninsured.

John: That wasnít my point.

Cristian: I thought you were on my side.

John: I am. You know, there -- thereís a group out there that may want you dead.

Cristian: Yeah, believe me, I know.

John: So you're up for taking care of yourself?

Cristian: I'll be careful.

John: Well, "careful" would be staying here in the hospital, letting these people look after you until you're 100%.

Cristian: Look, John, Evangeline almost died, and nobody in this damn place is telling me how sheís doing -- I have to get to her, man.

John: I know. I know, but the doctors say we'd just get in their way, Cris. As far as security goes, I got a guard 24/7 outside Evangelineís room at the clinic.

Cristian: I have to see for myself.

John: You know, she means a lot to me, too.

Paige: No, matching Jessica to a donor is not as easy as finding someone with the right blood type, Mr. Laurence. We also have to do something called H.L.A. testing, and that takes a lot of time.

Miles: Jessica doesnít have that.

Marty: Paige, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.

Paige: You're welcome.

Marty: And, look, I'm going to ht, but if you do find a donor, could you please call me on my cell?

Paige: Of course.

Marty: Thanks.

Miles: Thanks for making her talk to me.

Marty: I didnít make her do anything, I asked her nicely. Look, I am just as concerned about Jessica as you are -- sheís my best friend.

Miles: I'm just so worried about her. She -- sheís young, she has a little baby.

Marty: I know, I know. The waiting is excruciating.

Miles: Why donít we wait together? I'll buy you dinner.

Marty: I canít. I -- I have to be somewhere tonight.

Miles: Where?

Marty: Cherryvale.

Miles: Well, whatís in Cherryvale?

Marty: Well, I am helping to organize a support group for people living with lupus.

Miles: Huh. You're amazing.

Marty: No, I'm not.

Miles: No, you are. You have a heavy-duty career, you're -- you're raising your son all by yourself, and you need the time to help people you donít even know?

Marty: Well, those people and I may be strangers, but we have one big thing in common -- we all have Lupus.

Britney: Look, what happened with Henry wasnít all his fault -- it was sort of mine, too.

Langston: "Sort of"? Oh, please.

Britney: Ok, you know what? I hear you -- it was all my fault. I let him do my homework, and I made him write my papers, and then I treated him like crap, so he -- he snapped. But, you know, I didnít know he would do that. I didnít -- I didnít know he was so upset.

Langston: Yeah -- because sheís been treating people like that since junior high and none of them went psycho.

Girl: Really, yeah.

Britney: I just -- I just wanted to let you all know I went to see Henryís parents and I told them I was sorry -- and I wanted to tell all of you, too.

Langston: Aw. Sheís like a totally different person now. Itís like her brush with death was like a total makeover.

Markko: I've heard better apologies from politicians.

Girl: Yeah.

Second girl: Yeah, serious.

Langston: You know what, Brit? We donít buy it. You're on your own.

Girl: Yeah.

Boy: Yeah.

Layla: They've already transferred her to a long-term-care facility. But I canít go until I fill out these stupid forms. Um -- I donít know any of her insurance information, and they wonít tell me where they put her purse.

Vincent: Look, this stuff can wait.

Layla: Yeah -- try telling the nurse that. The sooner I get this done, the sooner I can go to my sister -- and fill out more forms.

Vincent: Have you talked to your mother?

Layla: Yeah. I called her.

Vincent: Howís she taking it?

Layla: Really bad. But at least sheís on her way over. You know, Vange -- sheís the strongest person I've ever known -- which drove me crazy sometimes. But seeing her in there like that, maybe with brain damage -- you know what? But I've got to be the strong one. I've got to get everything done and done right, just like she would do. Stupid pen.

Vincent: Hey -- Sweetheart -- letís finish.

Layla: Thank you. I'm sorry.

Vincent: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no -- shh.

Layla: I'm just -- just scared.

Vincent: Shh. Itís all right, itís all right.

Miles: You never told me that were sick.

Marty: Because I'm not. I have been in remission for a long time, and I know how to live with it.

Miles: So -- so you knew about this condition for a while?

Marty: Yeah, since I was a teenager. Actually, the people here at this hospital helped me turn my life around, and I'm hoping, you know, to do the same for the people in Cherryvale.

Jordan: No woman can resist a hero -- especially when he rides in and rescues her.

Miles: I -- I donít want to hold you up, ok?

Marty: Uh -- ok.

John: Hey.

Marty: Hey.

John: Whatís he doing here?

Marty: Uh, Jessica Vega is his niece, so, you know, he wanted to see how sheís doing.

John: I could never keep track of that stuff. Actually, when I was waiting for news on Evangeline, I -- I went over to the lab to see if I could get tested, maybe help those guys out.

Marty: That was really nice of you.

John: Ah, you know, unfortunately because of all the skin grafts, my immune systemís been compromised -- or something like that? How you doing?

Marty: Oh, good. Putting one foot in front of the other.

John: Is that your way of saying you're still thinking about Truman? You know, thereís nothing more you could've done.

Marty: You know, I know that -- rationally. I just -- for some reason, I'm having trouble getting past it.

Langston: Look, Brit, we get how sorry you are that you kicked someone like Henry -- kicked him so hard he didnít care whether he lived or died -- but what about all the other stuff you did? How about apologizing to all the other people that are still around?

Cole: Come on, Langston.

Girl: Yeah. Come on.

Langston: No, no, no. The people who were able to hack it in silence, while you yukked it up with Amy, Amber, and the rest of your pod squad? Donít they deserve apologies, too?

Boy: Yes.

Britney: What, you want me to apologize for every mistake I've ever made?

Langston: Yeah, I do, and you could start with your favorite target -- Starr.

Girl: Yeah, letís start there.

Antonio: According to you, you fought your love -- or whatever -- with all you had. But what you and Jess had together was so hot and pure that you just couldnít keep --

Nash: Oh, shut up!

Antonio: Excuse me!

Nash: Shut up! You want to hear my side? You want to hear what I'm thinking? Here it is, you ready? What were you thinking?

Antonio: That my marriage vows meant something.

Nash: Your marriage vows? Grow up. I got to think about my family. Now, I care about you and your daughter, Jamie, I do -- I probably care too damn much. But this has been going on for too long. Jessica has chosen. I love her, and sheís in love with me.

Antonio: You son of a bitch. You stole my wife.

Nash: "I stole your wife"? I asked her not to marry you. I tried to stop the wedding -- you remember that? I begged her not to go through with it.

Antonio: But she did, and she chose!

Nash: How could she choose? She didnít even know who she was. But you -- you were so wrapped up in your fantasy -- the perfect little family that you're always going to have -- at you paid no attention to what was going on with her.

Antonio: Thatís not true. She stopped the wedding and went to you. She told you it was over, and when she turned back around she was at peace with it.

Nash: How could she have been at peace with it? Huh? You think she had time to "come to peace with it," in front of everybody sheís ever known, at the altar? The only reason I let her marry you is be-- because she swore to me -- she swore to me that she was Jessica. That Tess was gone, and all of Tess' memories were gone.

Jessica: I canít believe I did the same thing mom did.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Jessica: You werenít here when her marriage to dad broke up. She had cheated on him with this man named Sloan Carpenter.

Natalie: Yeah, I heard about that.

Jessica: Yeah, it was awful. I hated her much for doing that and I felt like, you know, she didnít give me or Joey or Kevin even a secondís thought, and I swore when I grew up I would never -- do something like that.

Natalie: You and mom, you share the same illness.

Jessica: Yeah, well, try telling that to Antonio, or Jamie. That sweet little girl -- I broke her heart.

Natalie: I donít know what to say.

Jessica: I do. I should never have married Antonio, I shouldnít have. I knew there was something wrong in the back of my mind, I knew that there was something wrong.

Natalie: But you loved Antonio, I know you did.

Jessica: Of course I did. You know, we had built this life together before I realized that I was sick. And I didnít want to sacrifice that for feelings that I knew that -- they were just going to go away, you know, and everybody was rooting for us -- you know, the storybook ending -- and I really -- I really wanted that, too. I donít know, it -- I just -- I couldnít put it into words, though. Maybe if I had have --

Natalie: Baby, people make mistakes.

Jessica: Yeah -- and people get hurt. I just couldnít ask Antonio to go through this with me, you know? I couldnít ask him to be my rock. I have taken so much from him. I've given him nothing. You must hate me. You must think I'm awful -- even worse than Niki or Tess. I mean, they were -- they were fragments, they were symptoms, but I'm the real thing. You know, I'm the real bitch, I'm the real monster. If I die of cancer alone, I'll be getting exactly what I deserve.

Natalie: All right. Thatís it -- you need to shut up and listen to me. Nobody -- not even you -- can talk about my sister like that.

Langston: Oh, what, you donít like to talk about what you did to Starr -- kind of messes with your image as a changed woman?

Starr: Langston, please --

Langston: You know what really bothers me?

Starr: Langston --

Langston: What did Starr ever do to you? Did you have a lot of fun putting together that little slide show about her parents?

Britney: I'm sorry.

Langston: Well, thatís bull! And you -- you stand here with her, cheering her on?

Cole: Because I'm so sick and tired of all this, Langston! I mean, come on! Canít this be all over and done with? You're keeping it going just like she did. All right, you sent that picture to Henry with her and -- and Garrett. All right, you sent him over the edge.

Langston: What? None of this is my fault. I was just trying to warn --

Cole: Trying to what? Trying to score a point against Britney -- thatís what you were trying to do. All right, listen, I got myself in trouble with taking steroids, all right, and people gave me a second chance. Britney is trying to change. Why shouldnít she get a second chance? Oh, come on!

Langston: No --

Boy: No.

Langston: You're a guy. Maybe you havenít seen this act before. This whole "I'm sorry" bit -- itís just another thing from Britneyís little bag of tricks.

Cole: All right, Langston, what does she have to do?

Langston: I want more than words -- I want action.

Students: Yeah!

Langston: Britneyís so good when she has a project -- like trying to convince your mother and Starrís parents that you guys slept together at winter festival? [Students groan] Complicated, but she pulled it off.

Starr: Langston --

Langston: She tried to make Starr look like the slut --

Starr: Langston! Could we just all grow up and shut the hell up? If Britney says sheís sorry, then can this just be over? Please?

Marty: Are you still looking into Miles' background?

John: Oh, yeah. I mean, for starters, I know he had something to do with Manningís disappearance.

Marty: But, I mean, you havenít found anything so far?

John: We will. All right? We will. Look, off the record, we found an audiotape in the crack house where manning was last seen. It was of a baby crying, which means manning was lured there.

Marty: Yeah, but that doesnít make miles anything more than, you know, maybe Spencerís pawn. Look, I know you think I'm too easy on people, and -- and I know you have great instincts, but -- look, itís just that miles -- heís -- heís a little --

John: Creepy? Nuts?

[Marty chuckles]

John: What?

Marty: I was going to say "eccentric." And just because he is a little odd, it just -- it doesnít put him in the same league as Spencer.

John: Tell me that when you're duct-taped to the radiator. All right, just keep your guard up.

Marty: And what is that supposed to mean?

John: It means what it means, all right -- until we clear this guy, stay the hell away from him.

Layla: Um -- have you heard about my sister?

Paige: No, I havenít, but I'm going to call right now and find out for you.

Layla: Thank you. Thank you.

Cristian: I thought you were in the ambulance with your sister.

Layla: They told me I had to fill out all these forms first.

Vincent: Look -- look -- I say you donít have to fill them out, ok? This hospital is not going to forget that Evangeline owes them money, all right?

Layla: Right.

Vincent: They'll find a way to get it.

Layla: Thatís what I'm afraid of.

Vincent: How about you let me take you to your sister?

Layla: Ok.

Vincent: Yeah. Letís get this show going. You rolling with us?

Cristian: No, no, you -- you guys go ahead. Thereís something I got to do first.

Natalie: You are in a battle for your life right now. So there is only one person you can focus on, and that is you. You've been carrying around this lie -- which is like running with ankle weights. But now you're free of the lie, and thatís a good thing, so donít screw it up with this guilt. I mean, itís just a waste of time and energy.

Jessica: So I'm just supposed to be free and easy right now, huh?

Natalie: No. You are supposed to focus on getting better. I mean, if you want to sit around here and, you know, call yourself a liar and a slut and a whore and --

Jessica: I didnít say "slut" or "whore."

Natalie: I'm just paraphrasing.

Jessica: Huh.

Natalie: You just need to stop this. I need my sister.

Jessica: So you're only thinking about yourself, right?

Natalie: Damn straight. I mean, since I came to this town, I've wanted what you have. First, I thought it was money, things. But then I realize what you really got. You got class. And I want that class -- and you still got that class, and I still want it.

Nash: Jessica and Tess both died the day they got integrated.

Antonio: Itís convenient for you to think so.

Nash: You just didnít want to see it -- the Jessica whoís laying in that hospital bed is a new woman. Sheís the mother of my child. I'm in love with her, and I will fight for her, no matter what it takes.

Antonio: I donít want her anymore.

Nash: Thatís not true.

Antonio: She betrayed me, she hurt my daughter. We were a family for years -- until you came along. But now -- all those memories are dirty. What I remember now were all those times when I walked in and found you and Jess together, the two of you lying to me and Jamie, and it makes me sick!

Nash: We're in love with the same woman, and for months now, we have been ripping her in two.

Antonio: I was a good husband and a good father. You were never a part of it.

Nash: No, I wasnít? But I am a good father, and I will be a good husband to Jessica. Antonio, I'm sorry, but in what world could you and I have ever been friends?

Antonio: You can be sorry in hell!

Nash: Oh.

Cristian: Hey! Let him go! Come on. Antonio, donít be stupid - donít be stupid. This isnít going to help Jessica.

Nash: Ahem.

Antonio: We're done. Get out of here.

Nash: Ahem.

Nash: I am sorry.

Cristian: What happened?

Antonio: I donít want to talk about it.

Cristian: Come on, letís go see Jess -- she needs you.

Antonio: Donít know what she needs, but it sure as hell isnít me.

Natalie: When I grow up, I want to be you.

Jessica: Huh. Natalie, I donít even know who I am anymore.

Natalie: Oh, please -- join the club. I mean, I came to this town as a Balsom -- now I'm a Buchanan. I mean, I am so far behind on trying to catch up and figure out what a real family is. I've made so many mistakes.

Jessica: Hmm -- me, too.

Natalie: So -- ok, I'm -- I'm going to shut up and let you call yourself every name in the book -- as long as you promise to do it after you're well. And let us handle Antonio. Let us handle everything.

Jessica: Ok.

Natalie: You've got to fight this and win -- because you're my hero.

Starr: If Britney says that sheís sorry, then maybe she is. Could we just all grow up and stop this?

Britney: Thank you.

Starr: Donít thank me.

Markko: Your friend always this much of a downer?

Langston: If you had her life, you'd be in a home somewhere.

Markko: Oh, tough life.

Langston: You know, you talk big, but if you really had guts, you'd show it on stage.

Markko: I donít do theater.

Starr: What was that all about?

Langston: Are you really mad at me?

Starr: Langston, I just didnít like that you made it about me. I donít want to get dragged in another thing with Britney.

Langston: I just saw her humble act up there and I just went crazy. Nobody ever takes her on, and then all of a sudden she goes, "I'm sorry," and we're all just supposed to forget about it?

Starr: Langston, believe me, I know. I just -- I know what it feels like to be the center of attention in a negative way.

Langston: I'll be more careful about how I stick up for you.

Starr: I'm so lucky to have a best friend like you, I know that. Itís just I am so sick of all this stuff with Britney. It is such a waste, and -- look. Not only do I have to see them in rehearsal together every day, I have to watch them bond.

[Footsteps] [Phone vibrates]

Marty: Hello? Is anybody there?

Britney: Well, that sucked.

Cole: Come on, Britney, you didnít really expect them to say "all is forgiven," now, did you?

Britney: No. But I didnít really expect Langston to go off on me, either.

Cole: Well, look on the bright side -- you did it. Now nobody can ever accuse you of never saying you're sorry.

Britney: Even if they totally donít believe me?

Cole: Well, for what itís worth, I believe you.

Britney: Thanks.

Langston: Oh -- heís hugging her.

Starr: Yeah?

Langston: Thatís so not right.

Starr: Well, I kind of lost my right to tell him what to do, didnít I? Could we just leave it alone?

Marty: I said, "is anybody there?"

Shaun: How you doing?

Marty: Hi. Huh. You have got to get it together. [Marty sighs]

John: Thatís Laurence, spelled with a U. I donít know -- maybe heís French. Look, anything you got on this guy -- and I need it for an interview I'm setting up for tonight. Thanks.

Cristian: Look, man, you were choking Brennan -- I'm not going to let this go.

Antonio: You donít have a choice.

Cristian: If I'd been here five minutes later, the guy would've been dead. You're crazy if you think I'm going to let you walk around this place without knowing what made you do that. Come on, man, I'm your brother, let me help you.

Antonio: You canít help me. Jess and I -- we're through.

Nash: I stole you some flowers.

Jessica: Thank you. I told Antonio everything.

Nash: Yeah, I know.

Jessica: You do?

Nash: Yeah -- I kind of ran into him after.

Jessica: Was it that bad?

Nash: Nah -- it'll get better, eventually.

Jessica: I hope I get better.

Nash: Scooch.

Jessica: You bed hog.

Nash: Hmm. You are going to get better because I wonít accept anything else.

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Hmm?

Jessica: Even if I do get better, things are not going to be easy for us -- they're not going to be easy for a long time.

Nash: Because things have been easy so far. At least it'll feel right.

Jessica: After what we've done, I donít know how anything can feel right again.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Nothing is more important than helping us find Todd.

John: Where do you have to be, anyway?

Man: Need help, lady?

Clint: Viki, Jessica told Antonio that their marriage is over.

Nash: We donít have to hide anymore. We're going to be together forever.

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