OLTL Transcript Monday 5/21/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/21/07


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John: Ok, what did you want to tell me?

Bo: Well, I didnít want to do it over the phone. I just got back from Cristian Vegaís. Thereís been another incident.

John: Arsonist?

Bo: Yeah. This time, itís even worse.

John: Why, what happened?

Bo: Well, we got there -- we found Lindsay Rappaport. She was unconscious, lying right in front of the door. And the door was sealed from the outside all the way around, wedged shut. When we busted in, we found Cristian, Nora, Sahid, and Evangeline, all unconscious on the floor. They had been gassed. We think it was carbon monoxide.

John: What the hell -- are they all right?

Bo: Yeah, everybodyís ok except Evangeline. She still hasnít come to.

Nora: I still canít believe this.

Talia: Believe it. We were set up.

Lindsay: They could have killed all of us.

Cristian: You just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, Lindsay. But the rest of us -- this group wanted us dead. I donít get it. Whatís wrong with this hospital? Why havenít we heard anything about Evangeline?

Layla: Cristian, whereís my sister?

Cristian: Layla -- um --

Layla: Well, whatís going on? Nora?

Nora: The doctors are working on Evangeline. Sheís still unconscious.

Layla: Oh, my God. How could this have happened?

Cristian: Itís this group, one pure people. Looks like they're stepping up their game.

Man: Hey, Mr. Baseball!

Tate: What are you doing here?

Man: So, since when are you gay? And why is it your old man is the last to know about it?

Starr: Who are they?

Langston: I've seen that one around.

Starr: Well, what are they doing here?

Langston: I donít know. They're for sure not your regular theater geeks.

Starr: What, like us?

Langston: We're not geeks. We were coerced. Mrs. McBain used psychological warfare to render us devoid of will, and then forced us to do her bidding.

Marcie: Huh, you talking about me? All right, everybody, listen up. I'm sorry, but I have some bad news. Unfortunately, Alec wonít be able to do the show.

Starr: Are you --

Langston: Um -- excuse me? Heís the lead.

Marcie: I know. And I tried to talk him into it, but the madrigal chorus made state finals, and he has to prep for Harrisburg.

Langston: Did you try using blackmail?

Starr: So, what, the show is off now?

Marcie: No. We have to find a new male lead, somehow. Anybody have any ideas?

Cole: Uh -- I'm ready if you are.

Britney: Thanks. Cole, thank you so much. I -- I couldnít do this without you.

Langston: What the hell was up with that?

Britney: Cole, I donít think I can do this.

Cole: Britney, itís going to be hard on everyone. Come on, we donít want to keep Henryís parents waiting.

Britney: Yeah, I know, but what if they start to yell at me? I mean, what if they think what happened was my fault, too? I donít think I can take it if they start to accuse me.

Cole: Yes, you can. First of all, I'll be there with you the whole time. And if things get weird, you can just leave.

Britney: Well, what if I freeze?

Cole: You're not that type, Britney. You always have something to say for yourself.

Britney: Huh. Is that a good thing?

Cole: Sometimes.

Britney: At least you're honest.

Cole: All right, come on, we donít want to keep the Macklers waiting.

Clint: Nash, I donít know whatís going on with you, but Jessicaís got enough problems, facing major surgery -- if we can find a liver donor.

Nash: We will.

Clint: You're damn right we will. But in the meantime, I donít want you making any trouble, ok?

Nash: Oh, me. That is all Jessica.

Clint: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Nash: Jessica is doing something right now, and I'm not sure sheís strong enough to handle it.

Clint: Whatís she doing?

Nash: Sheís ending her marriage.

Antonio: You -- you're in love with Nash? I donít believe it.

Jessica: Itís true, Antonio.

Antonio: No, you're sick, and the medication --

Jessica: Thatís not it.

Antonio: It -- it is. You're not thinking clearly.

Jessica: Antonio, listen to me. I'm in love with Nash. And I want to be with him.

Bo: Antonioís got his hands full with Jessica right now, so I'd like you to take over the arson investigation.

John: Done. First, I want to see how Evangelineís doing.

Bo: Good idea. Let me know if thereís any change, all right?

John: I will.

Bo: And while you're there, if you can get statements from the other victims -- they're all in the E.R. Right now.

John: Done.

Bo: Hey, John?

John: Yeah?

Bo: Just so you know -- Evangelineís heart stopped at Cristianís studio and she was -- she was breathing on her own when I left the hospital. But I just want you to be prepared.

John: We should have stopped these son of a bitches.

Bo: I know. We've got plenty of time to be guilty. Right now, we have to stop those people before somebody else gets killed.

John: Ok, I'm going to call the bureau. I've got a buddy in the hate crimes unit. He owes me a favor.

Bo: My son was almost killed because of these idiots. So nobody wants a piece of them more than me, and they will pay, John. Mark my word.

John: If Evangeline doesnít make it, I'll hunt them down and kill them myself.

Langston: So how pissed are you that Cole left with Britney?

Starr: I donít own him.

Langston: Yeah, but you're still pissed -- admit it.

Starr: I just canít believe that heís moved on to somebody else so fast.

Langston: You've got to do the same thing.

Starr: Oh, yeah? How?

Langston: We need them gone if we're going to get any rehearsing done today.

Marcie: I know. All right. Boys? Boys, I'm sorry, but we have the gym for rehearsal, so you guys are going to have to take this someplace else, ok?

[Boy chuckles]

Marcie: Did you hear me? Did you hear what I just said?

Boy: What kind of gig you doing?

Marcie: Itís the spring musical.

Boy: Seriously?

Marcie: Yeah, seriously. And if you and your boys donít clear out, you will be spending your weekends in my detention room building my sets.

Boy: So you hear the teach?

Mr. Harmon: Come on! You donít have to protect me.

Tate: Pop, I'm not gay, ok? I -- I discovered girls when I was 13. I couldnít leave them alone. I still canít.

Mr. Harmon: Yeah? In the papers, in the news --

Tate: They donít know what they're talking about.

Mr. Harmon: You serious? Ok, just wanted to make sure.

Tate: Is that why you came back Llanview?

Mr. Harmon: What, thereís a law that I canít see my own son?

Tate: Wait a second -- how long have you been in town?

Mr. Harmon: Just got here.

Tate: How'd you find me?

Mr. Harmon: Well, actually, I was on my way to Wandaís. I was going to have a beer and --

Tate: Itís Rodiís now.

Mr. Harmon: Really? Huh. Whatever. A beer sounded good. I was going to call you from there and tell you I was in town.

Tate: But you saw me and decided to follow me instead? Why'd you come back, Pop?

Mr. Harmon: To help you.

Tate: With what?

Mr. Harmon: With that kid. Whatís his name -- Rex Balsom.

Tate: How do you know who he is?

Mr. Harmon: Well, actually, heís been calling me a lot. And all he wants to talk about is your past.

Tate: Did you tell him anything?

Mr. Harmon: Hell, no. Thatís the last place you want me to go, right?

Layla: Howís my sister?

Nurse: Sheís still unconscious.

Layla: And when is she going to come to?

Nurse: I really couldnít say. You'll have to talk to her doctor.

Layla: I want to see her.

Nurse: As soon as sheís stabilized.

Layla: Sheís not stable? I need to go in there.

Cristian: Layla -- nurse: You will just be in the way, Miss. Dr. McBain will let you know as soon as you can go in. Now, letís have a look at the rest of you. We'll need to draw some blood to determine your carboxy levels. Ms. Rappaport, letís get you to radiology for a C.T. scan.

Lindsay: Ok.

Nora: Age before beauty. Well, I -- I donít -- you know, I got nothing. I donít know why I said that. I have not a clue.

Talia: Whatever. Donít worry about it. You're really upset.

Nora: I'm not upset, I'm angry, mad. I want somebodyís -- I'm upset, I want someoneís head on a platter.

Cristian: You ok?

Layla: Me? You're the one who just got gassed.

Cristian: Evangelineís going to be fine, too, Layla.

Layla: I donít know, Cristian. I have a really bad feeling.

Cristian: Look, sheís in there with Michael. Heís going to take good care of her. Donít you worry.

Layla: I'm so scared, I donít -- I donít know what to do.

Clint: Jessica is ending her marriage?

Nash: As we speak.

Clint: Nash, I know that you want this to happen --

Nash: Itís what she wants, Clint. I'm not delusional. I know that sheís talked to you about it.

Clint: Sometime ago, she came to me and told me that she was confused.

Nash: Confused, yeah. She was confused because sheís in love with me. Sheís been trying to tell Antonio. She was going to tell Antonio, but she collapsed.

Clint: And why did that happen? The stress of telling Antonio, right?

Nash: Maybe. But look, if she hadnít gotten sick, we wouldnít know that sheís sick, and then the cancer could have spread, and -- and she might not have had a chance.

Clint: You know what that is? That is good spin on a bad situation.

Nash: Oh, itís true! It is the truth! Jessica is in love with me. Sheís going to need me now. Everybody has been shutting me out. Now, I'm not saying I blame you, because you didnít know. But you know now, donít you? So nobody is going to keep me away from her anymore. I'm sorry, sir. I know you're just looking out for your daughter. But please believe me, so am I. I would do anything to save her. Everything that is in my heart I'd give to save her.

Clint: I'm not sure thatís the truth.

Jessica: Antonio, I donít know what to say. I'm sorry.

Antonio: Sorry?

Jessica: I know, itís terrible, itís wrong, itís not good enough for what I put you through. I didnít plan --

Antonio: You never meant to hurt me.

Jessica: No.

Antonio: Thatís what you're saying.

Jessica: I didnít, I swear. I loved you. I still do.

Antonio: Just not enough?

Jessica: Thatís not it, really.

Antonio: Then what is it, Jess? Because I'm not getting this here.

Jessica: I donít get it myself.

Antonio: You married me. You promised your undying love. Made my daughter fall in love with you, too. And all that time, you've been messing around behind our backs with your boyfriend! I'm sorry. I donít -- I donít mean to lay that on you. Not here, not now.

Jessica: No, itís --

Antonio: Not with you like -- like this.

Jessica: Itís ok. You're angry. You have every right to be angry. I'm mad at myself, too, for letting this happen.

Antonio: How does something like this just happen? One day, we're happily married. And then suddenly, itís not enough?

Jessica: No, no, that wasnít it.

Antonio: Or maybe you were never happy with me.

Jessica: No, I tried to be. I -- I'm sorry. I -- I didnít mean that. I -- I was happy. I really was. I just -- there was something in me I just couldnít control. I just had to be with Nash.

Antonio: Tess.

Jessica: No. No, it was me. It was all me. Antonio, I love you. I do. But I'm in love with Nash. And I canít fight it anymore. I canít. We just -- we're meant to be together.

Bo: So thereís no change?

Talia: Not yet. They're still working on her. People are running around everywhere. She hasnít come to.

Bo: What about the rest of you?

Talia: We're getting worked on, getting blood work done, stuff like that. They're not going to let us go until they get the results back.

Bo: You hanging in there ok?

Talia: Huh. All in a dayís work, sir.

Bo: Hey, you're a victim in all of this, so you give yourself a break.

Talia: Itís starting to get real old.

Bo: We'll get our payback, Talia, all of us.

Nora: Lindsay, how was your Cat scan?

Lindsay: Do you really care, Nora?

Nora: Listen, what I said before -- I donít know why I said that to --

Lindsay: Itís fine. I'm fine.

Nora: Good. At least thereís some good news.

Lindsay: Anything on Evangeline? Anything at all?

Cristian: No. No, not yet.

Lindsay: Who are these people who did this?

Layla: Well, I couldnít reach my mom, and I donít want to leave this on a message, because I donít even know what I would say, so -- hey, is she doing better?

Paige: Well, we have managed to stabilize her.

Layla: Then sheís coming out of it?

Paige: I'm afraid not. I'm sorry, Layla. Evangeline has lapsed into a coma.

Nash: What are you talking about? Jessica means everything to me, and I would do anything for her.

Clint: Even back off, if thatís what she needs?

Nash: Thatís all I've been doing, and all itís done is made things worse.

Clint: Nash, sheís dying. It doesnít get worse.

Nash: Well, I'm not giving up.

Clint: And I'm not giving up, either. But Jessicaís got more to worry about than your future together -- if she even has one at all.

Antonio: Is it because Nash is Breeís father? You feel some kind of a connection with him?

Jessica: No. Itís more than that.

Antonio: Then what is it? Help me out here, Jess, because I'm really trying to understand.

Jessica: I donít understand, really, my--

Antonio: Just that you want him, and not me!

Jessica: No. I did want you when we got married. It wasnít a lie, I swear.

Antonio: But at some point, that changed.

Jessica: Yes, it did. And I donít know why, so donít ask me. I tried to push him out of my mind, I swear to God, I did. I tried to make things work between us.

Antonio: You really had to try that hard? Because for me, it was as natural as breathing. I love you that much.

Jessica: I know. You've been my life for so long. You've been my rock, and I couldnít have gone through this without you, I'm sorry.

Antonio: But there was always holding you back -- something holding you back from committing to me. When I first asked you to marry me, way back, before Tess, even then, you couldnít give me an answer.

Jessica: Well, maybe it was Tess, I donít know.

Antonio: But itís not Tess now! Thatís what you said. When did you know it was Nash, and not me?

Jessica: I donít know exactly.

Antonio: Tell me the truth, damn it! You were late to our wedding. Was that why?

Jessica: No -- I didnít know then.

Antonio: Our honeymoon -- were you wishing --

Jessica: No.

Antonio: You were with Nash instead of me?

Jessica: Donít do this.

Antonio: Or was it after we got back, when you saw him again?

Jessica: It wasnít one exact point.

Antonio: There had to be something. Was it the kiss? Why?

Jessica: It wasnít planned. It took us both by surprise the first time.

Antonio: "The first time"? Just about how many times are we talking about here, Jess? How far has this gone?

Layla: Evangelineís in a coma?

Paige: Thatís what the tests indicate, yes.

Layla: What does that mean, exactly? When is she going to wake up?

Paige: We donít really know. We've run all the tests, and her condition -- well, the coma is -- is very deep, and itís not likely that sheís going to come out of it anytime soon.

Nora: Ok, you know what? You canít give up hope, though. You donít -- you donít give up hope, because thatís what they said about me.

Layla: And you're ok now.

Nora: Yeah. Ok? So the only thing that we do right now is we just -- we just keep praying real hard that she comes out of it soon, all right? Ok.

Layla: I really need to see my sister now.

Paige: Of course. Come on, I'll take you in.

Layla: Come with me?

Nora: Oh, my God, Evangeline --

Lindsay: I'm so sorry. I know how close the two of you are. I'm so sorry.

Nora: This isnít over yet. Itís not over yet. What -- any word, any news on the case?

Talia: Not yet, no.

Nora: No? Well, I hope they're not sitting around doing nothing, because I'll tell you right now, those psychos who did this arenít.

John: Hey. How you doing?

Talia: I'm pissed off. Those jerks set us up, and I walked right into it.

John: Oh, no, donít worry, we're going to get them.

Talia: "We"?

John: Yeah, Bo thinks Antonioís got a lot on his plate right now, so you're stuck working with me for a while. You got a minute to brief me?

Talia: Sure. What do you want to know?

John: First off, howís Evangeline?

Mr. Harmon: If heís looking for dirt, I'm not going to give him a shovel.

Tate: Thanks.

Mr. Harmon: So who is this guy anyway?

Tate: I have a thing for his girlfriend, so he decided to out me on TV.

Mr. Harmon: Oh, ok. All right, yeah, I get it. Well, I hope this girl was worth it, this -- this young Adriana girl. Hey, you're all over the news.

Tate: Well, she deserves better than Balsom, thatís for sure.

Mr. Harmon: Oh, well -- hmm. Letís see -- you make a move on a guyís girlfriend, pisses him off, then he gets even by emasculating you on TV. [Mr. Harmon laughs]

Tate: Dad, you know what? If you're going to keep laughing, this conversation is going to be over right now.

Mr. Harmon: All right. I'm just messing with you, thatís all. Come on. So this -- this young girl, this -- this lady -- so how does she feel about all this?

Tate: Sheís furious. I wouldnít be surprised if she broke up with him.

Mr. Harmon: Wow. You love her?

Tate: Sheís in love with Balsom.

Mr. Harmon: So? Never stopped you before.

Tate: This is different.

Mr. Harmon: Different how? Come on, you're a Harmon -- we fight for what we want.

Tate: She wants to be friends.

Mr. Harmon: Sheís angry at her boyfriend. Go in for the kill.

Tate: The more I piss rex off, the deeper heís going to dig into my past, looking for that secret that he can use against me.

Mr. Harmon: Well, so far, no oneís talking.

Tate: Thatís because there is no secret -- right, Pop?

Mr. Harmon: You know, you're not going to believe this right now, but this is probably the best thing that ever happened to you.

Langston: So, you -- um -- here to audition for the musical?

Boy: Are you serious?

Langston: Yeah, I am.

Marcie: Why donít we try these bars again from 67, ok? [Marcie plays piano]

Starr: Huh?

Marcie: You want to talk about it?

Starr: No. Talk about what?

Marcie: Whatever it is you're thinking about instead of the music.

Starr: No, I just -- I think itís really rude that Alec just bailed on the play like that.

Marcie: Thatís it?

Starr: Cole and Britney went off someplace together.

Marcie: That bothers you, huh?

Starr: More than you can ever imagine.

Clint: I know my Jessica, and breaking Antonioís heart is breaking hers.

Nash: So what is she supposed to do?

Clint: I donít know. I donít know. I just want her to live. And I hope what little fight she has -- that this isnít taking it all out of her.

Nash: Well, sheís got a lot to fight for. I'm not just talking about myself -- our daughter. Clint, she wonít give up. She wonít.

Clint: I hope to God she has a choice.

Jessica: The first time was at Capricorn, during the fire when we were locked in the storage room.

Antonio: The first time you what? Kissed? Had sex?

Jessica: Donít --

Antonio: Pledged your undying love?

Jessica: Donít, Antonio.

Antonio: Why didnít you tell me then?

Jessica: Because you were in the hospital. You had almost died --

Antonio: You had plenty of other opportunities.

Jessica: I tried to convince myself that it wasnít true. I even tried to give him up, but I -- I couldnít.

Antonio: When did it finally hit you? When you ditched my daughter in court after promising to adopt her?

Jessica: No, no. That was my biggest regret -- that I put Jamie in the middle of this.

Antonio: She said something about you were sorry about the kissing. What did she mean by that?

Jessica: Right after -- when she ran out of the apartment, before she got hit by the car, she saw Nash and I.

Antonio: She saw you kissing him? In our home?

Jessica: I'm sorry. I should've been able to control myself, but I couldnít.

Antonio: After you ran out on the hearing, and you ended up at the quarry, I found your necklace there. It didnít fall off by accident, did it? You were with Nash.

Jessica: He found me.

Antonio: And what -- what did you do then?

Jessica: Nash and I -- we -- we made love.

Langston: You interested?

Boy: School play?

Langston: I wrote it. I have a pretty good say who gets to be in it.

Boy: Cool.

Langston: So whatís your name?

Boy: Markko.

Langston: I'm Langston.

Markko: First or last?

Langston: First.

Markko: Ok. Langston. You see my eyes?

Langston: Yeah?

Markko: I'd rather stick needles in them than be in your stupid show.

Jessica: I know telling you I'm sorry isnít enough, but I am. I really am.

Antonio: If you're going to tell me none of this is my fault, donít. Ok?

Jessica: But it isnít.

Antonio: I know that.

Jessica: Antonio, you have done nothing but love me, love me --

Antonio: Donít patronize me, ok?

Jessica: If you want to leave, I understand.

Antonio: I do. I do want to leave, but I canít. You ought to understand that. You canít stay away from Nash, and I canít stay away from you. I'm standing here, loving you, making bargains with God so he lets you live. Do you think I'm going to let you throw that life away on Nash? Forget it. I donít accept it, Jessica. I donít accept it at all.

Nash: You're disappointed in me?

Clint: I'm not even thinking about you, son. My daughter may be making a huge mistake. And it takes everything in me not to go up there and just put a stop to it.

Nash: I would do exactly that if I thought it would save her -- exactly that. Believe me. But you and I both know that thatís not what itís going to take.

Clint: At this point, I donít know what itís going to take short of a miracle.

Nash: A will to survive. Sheís got that. Sheís got that for our family.

Clint: Nash, I hope what my daughter is giving up for you -- I hope it doesnít kill her.

Starr: Cole and Britney went to visit Henryís parents?

Marcie: They did what? Amber: The Macklers called Britney and asked to see her, and I guess Cole went with her for moral support.

Starr: What did they say to them?

Amber: Me and Britney havenít exactly been B.F.F.s since she almost drove Henry off a cliff -- figuratively speaking.

Starr: I hope they're really mean to her.

Marcie: Now, letís give Britney some slack, ok? Sheís -- feels really bad about this.

Starr: She should.

Langston: Oh, I get it -- you just donít want your friends knowing you're into theater. Donít worry -- our little secret.

Markko: Hey.

Langston: "Hey" what?

Markko: You donít mock me like that.

Langston: Oh, you're the only one whoís allowed to do it?

Markko: I do what I want, when I want.

Langston: Ha -- you big phony.

Mr. Harmon: So sheís really pissed off at her boyfriend, right?

Tate: Bigtime.

Mr. Harmon: Well. If this guy keeps dogging you, you're the winner.

Tate: You really think she'll dump him for me?

Mr. Harmon: If I know women --

Tate: You know, I'd rather just wait for this whole thing to blow over and see what happens.

Mr. Harmon: Still waiting for the sign from the catcher, huh?

Tate: I guess you could say that.

Mr. Harmon: Huh.

Tate: I'm -- I'm really sorry that Rex was bothering you.

Mr. Harmon: Nah. It just gave me an opportunity to see you, make sure you're ok.

Tate: I'm fine.

Mr. Harmon: So you say. Put your old man up for a couple of days?

Tate: Sure.

Mr. Harmon: Excellent. I want a front-row-center seat on this one. We're going to have fun watching this Rex guy get what he deserves.

John: Ok. Thanks.

Talia: I want these freaks caught.

John: Yeah, me, too. Hey, look, you think the doctors would let me go in and see Evangeline?

Talia: I donít think so. You two were close.

John: We still are. I need her to pull through this. Hey, boss. Paige is right there. How is she?

Paige: Oh, well, not good. Sheís stable and she looks like sheís going to survive, but beyond that --

Bo: Uh -- everybody else check out ok?

Paige: Yeah, it looks that way. Before I release you, I'd like to check your blood levels one more time.

Nora: I -- I'm fine. I really am. I -- I got to get home. I -- I got to find out some way to explain this to Matthew without scaring him half to death.

Bo: If you want me to, I'll go home with you.

Nora: No, no. Itís all right, I'm fine. Besides, who will look after Lindsay? Can I talk to you for a minute?

Paige: Sure.

John: Hey. How is she?

Layla: She wonít wake up, John. She -- she just wonít wake up.

Jessica: Antonio -- Antonio, you have to accept it. I -- um -- I love Nash, and I'm going to be with him. I'm just sorry that by loving him, I'm hurting you. Is that it? You're not going to say anything?

Antonio: Would it make any difference?

Jessica: You can tell me what you're thinking.

Antonio: I'm thinking I wish I never met you.

Layla: What happens now?

Paige: Well, we're going to move her to a special care facility that takes care of patients that have needs like hers -- hopefully tonight.

Layla: Can I go with her, make sure sheís settled in ok?

Paige: Yes, yes, that would be good.

Layla: I got to go call our mom because I couldnít get through before. John, I really need Vange to wake up.

John: I know.

Cristian: Hey, Bo? I want to help catch these sons of bitches. This has to stop. I'll do whatever it takes.

Tate: So, Pop, how long you plan on staying in town?

Mr. Harmon: For as long as you need me.

Adriana: Hey! You're still here.

Tate: I canít say goodbye. Whereís Rex?

Adriana: Heís still at Rodiís.

Tate: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Adriana: We're working things out.

Tate: If you're happy, I'm happy.

Adriana: Look, you donít need to worry about, um, any problems that you had before.

Tate: Oh, I'm not worrying.

Mr. Harmon: You're right -- she is worth it.

Tate: Oh -- Adriana, this is my dad. This is Kirk Harmon.

Kirk: Adriana, itís a pleasure to meet you.

Adriana: You, too. Tateís never mentioned you.

Kirk: Itís because I'm so boring.

Adriana: Oh.

Tate: Ha.

Adriana: Well, if you're anything like your son, I doubt it.

Kirk: You know, I now understand why he was jumping up and down and raving about you on that TV show.

Adriana: Uh -- oh, it was just to help my company out.

Kirk: Oh, come on.

Britney: That was brutal.

Cole: Yeah. Henryís mom looked like she'd been crying for days.

Britney: God, when Mrs. Mackler started saying I was his best friend and -- and that I was all he talked about and to thank me for being there for him? I mean, my God, do you think he really believed that?

Cole: Yeah. I think he did. Henry didnít have anybody, so even though we were mean to him, it was better than nothing.

Britney: I'm a horrible person.

Cole: I -- I donít know. What do you want me to say, Britney?

Markko: What did you just call me?

Langston: A phony, a wuss.

Markko: Because I donít want to put on a leotard and be in your puppet show? Letís get out of here.

Marcie: You sure about this? You saw them leave?

Starr: Langston?

Langston: What? You ok?

Starr: Guess where Britney dragged Cole off to?

Langston: Where?

Starr: To see Henryís parents.

Langston: Shut up.

Starr: No, I'm not even -- they're back.

Langston: Why the hell would you go see Henryís mom and dad? You practically murdered him with your bare hands, now you got to go torture his parents, too?

Cole: Langston, chill out!

Britney: All right, I have something to say -- to all of you.

Jessica: Ok, I deserve that. But I donít regret loving you. Not for one minute.

Antonio: But you regret that you married me?

Jessica: Only because you'd be hurting less now.

Antonio: Would I? Or would you?

Clint: Nash, I'm going to check the organ donor list -- at least I can feel like I'm doing something to help.

Nash: I'll stay here.

Clint: You do that.

Nash: Cassiopeia.

On the next ďOne Life to LiveĒ

Marty: Hello? Is anybody there?

Cole: Britney says she wanted to say something, so give her a couple of minutes to say it!

John: You have a right to handle this your way, even if you're making a mistake.

Jessica: I told Antonio the truth -- I told him that I'm in love with Nash.

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