OLTL Transcript Friday 5/18/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/18/07


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Rex: You're breaking up with me?

Adriana: What part of the sentence didnít you understand?

Rex: Over Tate Harmon? I donít get it.

Adriana: Then let me make it clearer. You and I are over.

Michael: So the receptionist knows to send anyone who wants to be tested down here. We're going to be taking you in one at a time.

Clint: And how long till we get the results?

Michael: You know, I wish I could tell you that. And we're going to be starting with immediate family first. Thatís where we have the best possible chance of finding a match.

Nash: What if we donít find a match?

Natalie: They will.

Nash: Just donít let her die, please.

Michael: I'll be back as soon as the lab is ready.

Clint: Thanks, Michael.

Michael: Viki, if thereís a match out there, I guarantee you, we will find it.

Antonio: What are you thinking?

Jessica: How lucky we are that Breeís not sick. I miss her. I miss holding her.

Antonio: You will again --

Jessica: Hmm.

Antonio: When you're not so tired.

Jessica: Where is she? Antonio: Your mother took her back to Llanfair. What is it?

Jessica: I just canít help but wonder how many more times I'm going to get to see her. How many more times I'm going to get to hold her.

Antonio: Till sheís 80 and you're 100.

Jessica: Antonio, I have cancer. And if we donít find a compatible liver donor, I'm not going to live to see my next birthday.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah, come in.

Matthew: Hey, whatís up, Dad?

Bo: Matthew bud -- whereís your mom?

Matthew: I thought maybe you would know.

Bo: Well, wasnít she supposed to pick you up after school?

Matthew: She didnít show. I got Marianne to get me.

Bo: That doesnít sound like your mom.

Matthew: Even if she was running late for work, wouldnít she have you or Marianne come and get me?

Bo: Yeah, well, you know what? Let me just find out where she is.

Lindsay: What?

Rex: I did something really stupid, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Adriana: You forgot to sound like you mean it.

Rex: Tell me what you want and I'll do it.

Adriana: I just want things to go back the way they used to be.

Rex: They can.

Adriana: They canít. I canít forget what you did, Rex.

Rex: Itís not like I'm an ax murderer.

Adriana: This is what I'm talking about. You're not really sorry. Somethingís gone wrong between us, and you have no idea how to fix it.

Miles: I -- I just read the article in the online edition of "The Banner" an hour ago about Jessica needing a liver donor.

Natalie: It was in "The Banner"?

Clint: Yeah, your mother thought a plea for donors would help -- not only Jessie, but other patients.

Miles: I'm Jessicaís uncle. Maybe -- maybe I'm compatible.

Dorian: Jessica already has Laurence blood running through her veins. She doesnít need any closer ties with that family.

Antonio: No bad thoughts, ok? We'll find a donor.

Jessica: Even if we do, it might be too late. What if the cancer spreads?

Antonio: If you think like that, it will beat you.

Jessica: I have to face reality.

Antonio: Do you know what reality is? I love you, and I wonít let anything take you away from me.

Bo: Your momís office doesnít know where she is.

Matthew: Well, maybe Evangeline knows.

Bo: No, her secretary said that sheís not there, either.

Matthew: Do you think something happened to Mom?

Bo: I -- you know what I think? Sheís at a meeting away from the office and she just lost track of time.

Matthew: Yeah, but I left a message on her cell phone. She always calls me right back, unless sheís in court.

Bo: Well -- ahem -- let me try.  I got her voicemail, too.

Matthew: Well, sometimes she forgets to charge her battery.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Officer: Commissioner, can I talk to you?

Bo: Yeah, sure. Here, grab a -- grab a seat there, Matthew, I'll be right back.

Matthew: All right.

Officer: We just got a 911 call on an open line.

Bo: Were you able to trace the call?

Officer: Cristian Vegaís cell phone.

Bo: Oh. All right -- um -- get ahold of the cell phone company, see if they can find out which tower it came from, all right? Thanks. Matthew, I'm going to have Officer Watkins drive you back to your grandpaís house, ok?

Matthew: Did you find out anything about Mom?

Bo: No, but ---- I'm going to call you as soon as I hear from her. All right?

Matthew: Ok. Love you.

Bo: You, too -- enjoy the doughnuts. Mick, Jerry, you're with me.

Clint: Dorian, that was uncalled for.

Natalie: Miles could save Jessicaís life. What -- what does it matter who he is?

Dorian: He is a Laurence, so he, no doubt, has some ulterior motive.

Miles: Believe whichever you want to believe. I'm not my brother.

Dorian: What about your involvement with Toddís disappearance?

Clint: Dorian, stop it! Todayís about Jessica, nothing else.

Dorian: Fine.

Clint: Listen, Miles, I'm sorry about this, but everybodyís on edge.

Miles: I -- I -- I never knew my brother, but I've heard a lot about him. I understand Dr. Lordís suspicions.

Natalie: You're letting her get off easy.

Miles: Your dadís right -- todayís only about Jessica. I'd like to be tested.

Clint: Thanks.

Natalie: Dad, is Mom ok?

Clint: I'm not sure. I'll check on her.

Michael: Clint? Would you like to be first?

Clint: Uh -- yeah, of course. Letís do it.

Nash: Sorry.

Dorian: What do you have to be sorry about -- worrying about Jessica? We all are.

Nash: I heard what Clint said to you.

Dorian: I was thoughtless.

Nash: You know, if Miles is a match, then --

Dorian: Oh, thatís really good news.

Nash: You donít sound like you mean it.

Dorian: Heís a Laurence.  Jessicaís biological father, Mitch Laurence --

Nash: Mm-hmm?

Dorian: Was an evil, evil man.

Nash: Oh. And you think that runs in the liver?

Dorian: Huh. Miles was very close friends with Spencer Truman, and I donít think we should trust him.

Natalie: Donít let Dorian upset you -- she doesnít trust anyone.

Miles: I'm not my brother.

Natalie: You donít have to prove that to her -- or to me.

Miles: Thanks.

Natalie: Just donít make me eat my words.

Miles: Right now all I want to do is help Jessica.

Rex: I will do anything to prove I love you.

Adriana: Protecting me from Tate isnít love.

Rex: Heís dangerous.

Adriana: Only in your mind, Rex. And you didnít just hurt him -- preorders for exposed have gone down since you outed him.

Rex: I'm sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you.

Adriana: Well, maybe you should've thought of that instead of all the other crazy stuff thatís poisoning your brain.

Rex: I'll do anything you want, just let me make it up to you.

Adriana: Is that the truth, or are you just saying it to get me back?

Rex: Both.

Bo: Lindsay -- sheís alive. Get that door open! Come on, gentlemen, move, move! [Officer coughs] Go. Nora? Get on the horn, get an ambulance over here and backup, all available units.

Ofc. Willard: Right. Dispatch, this is Willard. We need backup immediately.

Bo: Mick?

Mick: Clear!

Bo: Whatís up -- all right. Everybodyís alive, barely. No visible injuries.

Mick: Commissioner?

Bo: I'm ok.

Mick: You're --

Bo: No, I'm dizzy. Are you ok? Look, itís got to be gas. Come on, Mick, letís move! Get these people out of here! We got to find the source. Come on. Nora?

Bo: All right, call C.S.U. Also, get another ambulance over here, tell them we got two DAs down.

Mick: Ok.

Bo: Cristian, you ok?

Cristian: Is that Lindsay?

Bo: Yeah, she got hit in the head.

Cristian: How are the others?

Bo: Sahidís breathing is shallow -- same with Nora. Evangeline -- we're doing all we can.

Nash: You know, I'd sell my soul to save Jessica.

Dorian: I'm sure.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: They're going to find a donor. Believe me, they will.

Nash: Thank you for being there when Paige gave me the news.

Dorian: I am a trained physician, and besides which, Clint didnít want you left alone.

Nash: Heís a good man.

Dorian: The best.

Nash: Yeah.

Dorian: But you're not making it any easier for him. You donít hide your feelings for Jessica.

Nash: I love her.

Dorian: I know, but her family really is dealing with enough right now.

Nash: I am her family. My daughter and I are her family.

Dorian: However, you are not her husband.

Nash: I'm not leaving her.

Dorian: Of course you're not. I understand. I would move heaven -- or hell -- to be with the people I love.

Nash: Well, I just want her to get well.

Dorian: Yes, of course you do. Itís going to be all right, I promise. How'd it go?

Clint: Fine, fine -- thatís the easy part. At least it makes you feel like you're doing something.

Michael: Nash, you want to go next?

Nash: Wild horses. Thank you.

Dorian: I'm sorry about the way I was with miles earlier.

Clint: I'm sorry that I snapped at you.

Dorian: I deserved it. I was out of line.

Clint: You know, it doesnít make one bit of a difference that Jessica and I donít share the same blood. In my heart, sheís my daughter. But right now, biology matters -- her life depends on that.

Miles: Hepatitis C -- it -- itís, like, the last thing I would expect Jessica to have. How did she get it?

Natalie: Itís not a pretty story.

Dorian: Viki, can I get you a cup of coffee or anything else?

Viki: No, thank you. What I need is a miracle.

Dorian: You've already done everything that you can. Itís out of your control now.

Viki: Maybe not.

Jessica: You canít control what happens to me.

Antonio: But you can control how this goes down. You put enough good energy out there, a donor will be found.

Jessica: Do you really believe that?.

Nash: God led me to you. He wonít take you away from me now.

Jessica: How can you be sure?

Antonio: Faith in my love for you. Faith that you're strong enough to beat this.

Nash: Antonioís right.

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Nash: I just got back from the lab, itís your turn to be tested.

Antonio: I'll ask Natalie to keep you company.

Jessica: No, itís ok. I want Nash to stay with me.

Antonio: You sure?

Jessica: Yeah, we -- um -- we have to talk about Bree in case something happens to me.

Antonio: But I thought you already had that talk.

Jessica: We're not finished.

Antonio: Ok. All right. Yell if you need me.

Jessica: Antonio? Take a break, ok? This is hard on you, too.

Antonio: Hey, you're stuck with me, Jess -- for better or for worse, remember?

Jessica: I donít deserve you.

Antonio: I'll be back soon. If you upset her --

Nash: Wonít happen. I came as soon as I could.

Jessica: We have to tell him, Nash. I have to tell him about us.

Viki: Would you come out here for a moment, please? I have to ask you a favor. I need you to do something for me.

Dorian: Does this have anything to do with me and Clint?

Viki: No. No, it doesnít. No, I have more important things to think about.

Dorian: Whew. All right, then. I'll do anything I can.

Viki: Remember that you said that. I need you to draw my blood and get it to the lab to be tested.

Dorian: No.

Viki: Dorian, I'm Jessicaís mother. If anyoneís going to be a match, itís going to be me. And you and I both know that the chances of finding an unrelated donor are practically nonexistent.

Dorian: No doctor in his right mind is going to perform elective surgery on a transplant patient.

Viki: Look, I'm a -- I'm a major benefactor of this hospital, so is Asa. If I'm compatible, we'll simply convince the board to allow the surgery, thatís all.

Dorian: You could die.

Viki: Thatís ok. I've had a very long and a wonderful life. Jessie has her whole life ahead of her, she has a baby.

Dorian: I know itís heartbreaking, but itís really not worth sacrificing yourself.

Viki: Well, can you come up with a better answer?

Dorian: No, I'm afraid not. In this case, there are very few answers available.

Viki: I know you, and I know that if Adriana or Cassie were in this situation -- if they were fighting for their lives and there was even the tiniest possibility you could help them, you would do it, no matter the cost. Please. I will owe you forever. All you have to do is take my blood and get it tested, thatís it. We can always figure out the rest later on.

Dorian: Come with me.

Viki: Oh --

Dorian: Come.

Viki: Thank you. Go ahead.

Adriana: Thanks for the truth, Rex.

Rex: Well, if I gave you any less, you'd be out that door.

Adriana: You said you didnít want to lose me.

Rex: And I'm sorry for what I did.

Adriana: So, which is more important to you -- me or getting back at Tate?

Rex: Itís more complicated than that. Do you believe that I love you?

Adriana: We're not talking about you and me.

Rex: Thatís all this is about! Everything happened because Tate tried to mess us up.

Adriana: You could've just walked away.

Rex: Thatís not who I am and you know it. Now, you love me for me, and if not, then maybe we really are over.

Viki: You'll be careful with that, will you?

Dorian: Of course I will. I donít want your blood on my hands -- how would I explain it to people?

Viki: Wish fulfillment?

Dorian: Cheap shot.

Viki: Thank you very much for doing this, I mean that.

Dorian: I drew your blood. But for the record, I'm not going to perform an illegal transplant down in the hospital basement. I just want to set the record clear on that.

Viki: Ok. How -- how are you going to get the lab to test the blood?

Dorian: I have my ways. Really, you do have a control issue, donít you?

Michael: Are we ready?

Dorian: Yes! Yes, we are, thank you. Lead the way.

Michael: Ok.

Clint: Howís Jessica?

Antonio: Scared out of her mind and trying not to show it.

Clint: Ok. Is she up for a visitor?

Antonio: Nash is with her.

Clint: You're ok with that?

Antonio: Jessica wanted to see him to talk about Bree.

Clint: Itís good of you to let him do that.

Antonio: And --

Clint: And what? Whatís wrong?

Antonio: Nah, I needed time away.

Clint: Away from Jessie?

Antonio: Yeah.

Clint: Antonio, you donít have to be strong for her all the time.

Antonio: I wish it were about that.

Clint: Well, if itís too painful, I'll understand.

Antonio: Whatís painful is Tess and what she did. She cared more about getting high for an hour than about living her life. How stupid do you have to be to share a needle with a stranger, a junkie? Even if Jess knew, and then she just did it that one time --

Clint: She wouldnít lie about something like that.

Antonio: I hate Tess for doing this to her. Jessica is so scared. I -- but when I look at her right now --

Clint: When you look at her, you see Tess.

Antonio: Yeah, I do, and all I feel is anger. I had to get out of the room.

Clint: I know you love one and you hate the other, but they're the same person -- itís exactly the same way it was with Viki and Niki.

Antonio: If there was no Niki --

Clint: There would be no Tess. Believe me, I've been thinking about that ever since we heard the news.

Antonio: Do you blame Viki?

Clint: Not as much as she blames herself.

Antonio: You donít have to answer this, but was Niki the reason you and Viki split up?

Clint: In part, but it was more complicated than that.

Antonio: You guys still love each other.

Clint: In a way, yeah, we do -- I never even thought that we would split. And every time we got back together, we both thought it would last.

Antonio: I'm sorry.

Clint: Antonio, are you afraid that your feelings for Tess are getting in the way between you and Jessie?

Antonio: I donít know. But if Tess were real, if she were a separate human being, kill her for what she did to Jessica.

Clint: I felt the same way about Niki -- and she was far worse than Tess.

Antonio: That selfish bitch just as good as killed my wife.

Miles: So Nash is Breeís father?

Natalie: Yeah. And Nash is in love with Jessica.

Miles: Not Tess?

Natalie: Not anymore.

Miles: But sheís married.

Natalie: Yes, and thatís never stopped him before.

Miles: So her husband doesnít know?

Natalie: Oh, he knows -- he knows that Jessica loves him.

Michael: Miles? We're ready for you.

Miles: Great. You know, Jessica -- sheís really lucky to have a husband like that, who cares for her. You can see it in his eyes -- heís very protective.

Natalie: Sometimes to a fault.

Miles: Well, thatís . Heís not going to let anything get in the way of Jessica getting well.

Nash: You donít have to tell Antonio now.

Jessica: He loves me so much, Nash, and the longer this goes on, the more itís going to hurt him when the truth finally comes out.

Nash: When you're stronger, ok?

Jessica: No. No more excuses. He has to know that I betrayed him.

Nash: You didnít betray him. You canít help who you fall in love with.

Jessica: Thatís not the point, Nash. I canít ask him to go through this with me, itís too much.

Nash: Well, heís not going to stay away anyway, so --

Jessica: Well, heís not going to have a choice, because if I get better, I'm leaving him.

Nash: I just donít think now is the right time.

Jessica: Why?

Nash: Because you need to get better, you need to get stronger. When you do, then we'll tell him. We'll tell him together, ok?

Bo: Oh, thank God.

Nora: Is she -- is she alive?

Bo: Sheís breathing. Evangeline -- Evangeline, hang in with me, ok?

[Talia coughs]

Bo: Paramedics are on their way. Sahid, donít get up!

Talia: I'm fine. Is everybody else ok?

Bo: We donít know yet.

[Siren] [Talia coughs]

Lindsay: Whatís happening?

Bo: Lindsay, you got hit on the head, you might have a concussion, ok? Ht there, paramedics are going to check you out.

Lindsay: My God, whatís happening?

[Siren stops]

Lindsay: What -- Nora? Is Nora dead?

Nora: No such luck.

E.M.T.: Stand back.

Bo: All right, these four right here -- they were gassed, they need oxygen. Evangeline -- sheís the worst -- right there -- sheís been out I donít know how long. I gave her CPR, she came around. Here, Cristian.

[Cristian coughs]

Bo: Howís she doing?

E.M.T.: Alive -- thatís about all I can say. Do we know what we're dealing with?

Bo: Yeah. Like I said, I think itís gas -- now, we know where the source --

E.M.T.: The sooner we can narrow it down the better.

Bo: All right, as soon as I know, you'll know.

Nora: I -- what -- oh, I feel sick.

E.M.T.: Lie still, lie still.

Nora: I -- but I feel --

Bo: Somebody gassed Cristianís studio, ok? Hey, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Bo, who would do something like this?

Talia: The arsonist. Heís raising the stakes -- this was attempted murder.

E.M.T.: Lost the pulse -- we're losing her!


E.M.T.: We need to get her out of here now.

Cristian: Come on, wake up. Ok, I'm going with her, Bo.

Bo: All right, you get yourself checked out, ok? You were exposed, too, Cristian.

Bo: Oh, come on, Evangeline.

Adriana: Prove I can trust you.

Rex: Done.

Adriana: You'll leave Tate alone?

Rex: Yep.

Adriana: Seriously, Rex.

Rex: Well, what are my options? Make the woman I love happy, or get revenge on Tate and spend the rest of my life alone and miserable? I think I'll take option A.

Adriana: You're impossible.

Rex: But am I forgiven?

Adriana: Letís see -- what are my options? Dump the man I love, or forgive him and spend the rest of my life blissfully happy? I think I'll go with option B.

Rex: You mean it?

Adriana: Consider this the shortest breakup in history.

Singer: You canít hurt me anymore

Rex: Can we kiss and make up?

Adriana: Here?

Rex: Or my place?

Singer: You canít travel to the places I can

Adriana: Not tonight, Rex.

Rex: But I thought you said you forgave me.

Adriana: I do. But I have a lot of damage control to do because of you, so I need to go home and take care of business. Can you handle that?

Rex: Absolutely. I'll call you.

Adriana: I'll call you.

Rex: Cell phoneís on, batteryís recharged -- does that sound too desperate?

Adriana: Sometimes desperate is nice.

Singer: I tried to give you my heart

Adriana: Be good.

Rex: Scoutís honor.

Adriana: You were never a scout.

Rex: Never too late to join.

Singer: Never straight in line as you swallow me whole

Rex: Whew.

Miles: Jordan? Hi.

Jordan: "Hi" back.

Miles: Are you busy?

Jordan: I am just checking my investments.

Miles: Oh.

Jordan: How are you?

Miles: I could use some advice.

Jordan: Hmm -- sit.

Miles: Thanks.

Jordan: Is this about that woman that you like?

Singer: How can you free me

Miles: A little stuck in the progress department.

Jordan: Oh. Well, then raise the stakes.

Miles: How?

Jordan: No woman can resist a hero -- especially when he rides in and rescues her.

Miles: Hmm. But sheís not in danger.

Jordan: Technicalities. Find a workaround, use your imagination -- I know you're good at that.

Michael: Natalie? We're ready for you.

Viki: Thank you.

Michael: Now, listen to me. I donít want you to be disappointed if you're not a match.

Dorian: Antonio, can I get you anything, maybe some coffee?

Antonio: No, agreeing to be tested is enough. Thank you.

Dorian: My pleasure.

Viki: Yes, thank you. Itís really very, very generous of you.

Dorian: Now, Viki, donít make it sound as if I've never done anything generous in my life.

Clint: Donít start anything.

Viki: Itís all right, itís fine. Let her talk. I'm going to get some tea.

Antonio: Nashís time is up.

Dorian: Oh -- Nash loves her.

Clint: Oh, heís made that perfectly clear.

Dorian: You know, even if Jessica gets better -- and I hope and pray that she does -- huh -- itís not going to end very well for Nash, is it?

Clint: I'm afraid not.

Jessica: I'll find the strength to tell Antonio -- now and alone.

Nash: Jessica --

Jessica: Nash -- itís going to be so much harder for him if you're here.

Nash: I'm responsible.

Jessica: No, you're not responsible. You didnít slip something in my drink.

Nash: Well, I sure feel like you slipped something in mine.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: I never meant for this to happen.

Jessica: Are you sorry?

Nash: Not for a moment.

Jessica: Let me do this my way, ok?

[Door opens]

Antonio: Timeís up, Nash. Jessica needs her rest.

Nash: Take care of yourself.

Jessica: I will.

Antonio: You think you could get some sleep?

Jessica: Not now.

Antonio: I'll ask Michael to get you a sedative.

Jessica: No, Antonio, donít. I have to talk to you.

Antonio: What did he say?

Jessica: Nothing -- this is between you and me.

Antonio: It can wait.

Jessica: No, it canít -- I've waited too long.

Antonio: Now you're scaring me.

Jessica: I'm scared, too, but we canít put this off any longer.

Rex: I'm serious, Rox, Adriana took me back. Yes, some serious groveling was involved. I promised her that I'd stop digging up dirt on Tate. No -- stop -- stop laughing, I'm keeping this promise. At least, I'm not going to go public with anything -- even if I find out heís an ax murderer.

Jordan: Well, if you create a situation that makes her afraid, then you can come in and save her, and that makes you a hero.

Miles: Well, I wonít hurt her.

Jordan: Oh, no, thatís not what I'm suggesting at all. I'm just saying that if you bring her to the point of feeling threatened -- well, then you can ride in and rescue her.

Miles: That seems cruel.

Jordan: You asked me for my advice on how to make this woman fall for you -- thatís the problem, right?

Miles: Yes.

Jordan: Miles, you need to make this happen. Opportunity is knocking -- open the door.

Cristian: Wait, howís Evangeline?

E.M.T.: You'll need to ask the doctors.

Nora: How is she?

Cristian: I donít know, but I donít think itís good.

Bo: Ok, secure the corridor and the studio. Whereís C.S.U.? Jerry: Five minutes out.

Bo: All right, I want you to have all the other units canvass this area, see if anybody saw anyone or anything that is suspicious. Sahid was right -- this is attempted murder. We got to get this guy before he kills somebody else. Jerry: Yes, sir.

Dorian: How is Jessica?

Nash: Uh -- no one deserves this.

Clint: No, I wonít argue with that.

Nash: I'm going to get some air. Excuse me.

Natalie: Hey, Mom, we're done.

Viki: Thank you very much.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Viki, I'm worried about you. Have you been keeping up with your anti-rejection medication?

Viki: Yes. Of course I am. I'm taking very good care of myself. I'm certainly not going to fall apart now.

Michael: Ok, you need your rest.

Viki: Well, I'm getting my rest. Honestly, I'm taking care myself. You please take care of my daughter.

Natalie: How long before the test results get back?

Michael: The test results are top priority.

Natalie: You know, I'm going to call Kevin and Joey and have them get tested in London.

Dorian: I'll tell you what -- I'll call everybody I know, including my girls. I'll tell them Jessica just needs us.

Clint: Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: You know, I -- I'm worried about Nash. I donít think he should be out there alone.

Natalie: Why?

Dorian: Because heís in pain and he needs a friend.

Natalie: Nash doesnít deserve to have friends.

Clint: Natalie --

Natalie: What, Dad? I mean, he wants Jessica, but he doesnít care who he hurts to get her.

Clint: He loves her as much as we do.

Natalie: That doesnít give him the right to ruin Jessicaís life.

Clint: Well, I donít think thatís what heís doing.

Viki: Well, I agree with Natalie.

Natalie: Thank you.

Dorian: Look, I can understand your anger, but really, would Jessica want you to feel this way?

Clint: Look, nobody should have to go through this alone, all right? You give Joey and Kevin my love, tell them I will call them again a little later. Excuse me. Dorian.

Natalie: Nash shouldnít even be here.

Dorian: Excuse me, I think your father has made it clear what he wants us to do, and I think we should abide by his decision, ok? Now, come on. Letís get busy with those phone calls, shall we, girls?

Clint: Son, we're all worried about her.

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: Mark my words, sheís going to fight -- the way sheís fought through every obstacle in her life. Sheís a strong young woman.

Nash: Well -- sheís going to need it. Sheís going to need every bit of strength sheís got.

Antonio: Nothingís more important than your health. Get some sleep, and then we'll talk --

Jessica: Donít tell me whatís important, Antonio, please?

Antonio: Ok. Shh. Take it easy.

Jessica: Not until you listen to me.

Antonio: Ok. All right. Tell me.

Jessica: Please donít hate me.

Antonio: Jessica --

Jessica: You are my best friend in the whole wide world, and you've always made me feel loved and protected.

Antonio: Then whatís wrong?

Jessica: I donít know. I donít know why it wasnít enough, and I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry -- I'm in love with Nash.

On the next ďOne Life to LiveĒ

Tate: Why'd you come back, Pop?

Mr. Harmon: To help you.

Paige: Evangeline has lapsed into a coma.

Nash: Jessica is in love with me.

Jessica: We're meant to be together.

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