OLTL Transcript Monday 5/14/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/14/07


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John: Hey. Howís Jessica doing?

Natalie: We still donít know. We're waiting on the results from the liver biopsy. But the good news is, this little one here -- she doesnít have the virus.

John: That is good news.

Natalie: Yeah. I donít think Jessica could have lived with herself. Mom said that Mike kicked everybody out of Jessicaís room so she could get some rest.

John: Yeah, well, mike can a tough customer.

Natalie: Yes, he can. Well, look how tough he was on you when you were in recovery.

John: Yeah, so much for brotherly love, right?

Natalie: I -- I was hard on you, too. I said a lot of things, and I'm sorry.

John: Donít apologize. I can be pretty tough to deal with myself.

Natalie: Yeah, you're pretty stubborn.

John: You should know. And I was -- I was a real jerk at that time, you know? But I know why you did what you did.

Natalie: Because I loved you. I still do. I mean, I donít want to, but I do.

John: I know the feeling.

Viki: You're not eating. Thatís not like you.

Clint: Too worried about Jessica. Are you?

Viki: What kind of a question is that? Of course, I am. Why would you even ask me that?

Clint: Well, you didnít seem to have a problem here.

Viki: What is that supposed to mean?

Mrs. Jennings: If you want something that isnít on the menu, let us know.

Blake: We'll have the chef prepare it for you.

Britney: I'm not hungry.

Blake: You have to eat, Britney.

Mrs. Jennings: You've been through an ordeal, dear, but itís over now. And the best way to forget about that dreadful boy, Henry, is to get back to living a normal life.

Britney: My life is never going to be normal again.

Blake: Oh, stop being so dramatic. Now, choose something for dinner, or we'll choose it for you.

Marcie: Hey.

Starr: Hey. Oh, my gosh, I love your necklace.

Marcie: Oh, thanks. Itís an early mommyís day present.

Starr: Motherís Day -- I completely forgot about it.

Marcie: Ok. Itís ok. You still have plenty of time. Itís on Sunday.

Starr: Right. Ė Well someone and said that you needed to see me.

Marcie: Yes. I finally finished casting the musical, and I just posted the list.

Starr: Are you saying that I got a part?

Marcie: Well, why donít you just look and see for yourself?

Starr: No. No, thereís no way that I can play that.

 [Knock on bar]

Dorian: Pardon me.

Bartender: Dr. Lord, right?

Dorian: Right. Menu, please. I need to pick up some food for my niece.

Bartender: Sure. But donít you have flunkies to do that for you?

Miles: Dorian.

Dorian: Miles. Well, what brings you here?

Miles: Ah, Rodiís famous hamburgers. I love them. You know, I'm glad I ran into you.

Dorian: I donít have time to chat. All I have on my mind right now is getting some food for my grandniece, so excuse me. Whereís that menu, please?

Paige: So page me as soon as you get those test results.

Bo: How is she? Is there any change?

Viki: What, are you annoyed because I ate my dinner?

Clint: No, of course not. I'm just wonder--

Viki: Clint, I was hungry, ok? I've been at the hospital all day long. You canít eat the cafeteria food. Itís disgusting. I have a heart condition. I'm supposed to take care of myself. I cannot be there for Jessica if I'm sick. And neither can you.

Clint: Well, I donít think my skipping one mealís going to make me incapable of being strong for my daughter.

Viki: What, are you trying to make me feel guilty because I ate food?

Clint: I'm just trying to make conversation.

Viki: Make conversation? No, I donít think so. You want to make conversation, fine. Letís talk about -- ooh, letís talk about the election. That'll be fun.

Clint: I donít think I'm up for that tonight, I'm sorry to say.

Viki: Look, I have to concentrate on being positive, ok? I have to believe that Jessica will survive this.

Clint: I'd like to believe that, too, but I canít put on a happy face when I'm worried sick. And I'm not inclined to wishful thinking the way you are.

Viki: No, of course not, because you need people to tell you definitively and unequivocally that Jessica will be fine. You want assurances. They canít give you that. Nobody can. So you might just as well eat your dinner and get some sleep, or you'll give yourself a stroke.

Clint: Is that more wishful thinking?

Britney: Look, I'll eat later when I get home, ok? But I just want to go back to school right now.

Blake: School? Why?

Britney: Mrs. McBain is going to post the cast list for the musical today.

Blake: That ridiculous musical, what a waste of time.

Britney: Not to me.

Mrs. Jennings: Darling, we know you love to sing, and thatís all well and good. But loving it doesnít make you talented. If it did, I'd be a prima ballerina.

Blake: And I'd be independently wealthy.

Mrs. Jennings: There must be dozens of girls who can sing better than you do. Why put yourself through the humiliation?

Britney: It sounds fun.

Mrs. Jennings: Humiliation?

Britney: No, the musical. I want to have some real fun for a change, especially after what happened with Henry.

Mrs. Jennings: Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should be angry that your teachers didnít realize how dangerous that boy was.

Britney: I jerked him around.

Blake: Well, your mistake wasnít getting someone else to do your paper for you. It was choosing someone who was so seriously disturbed.

Mrs. Jennings: And now you've ruined your own reputation.

Britney: Oh -- oh, no. What if I get rejected from the debutante committee?

Blake: Thatís enough, young lady. Protecting your familyís name is very important.

Mrs. Jennings: Britney, your father and I donít want to upset you. I mean, we know you've been traumatized.

Blake: But we think you should move on. Living in the past is not productive.

Britney: Fine, I'll try to move on, ok? And the best way for me to do that is to be in the musical. You donít have to come if you're too embarrassed, but I need to go see what part I got. Otherwise, I wonít be able to sleep all night. I promise, I'll be home. Please?

Blake: Very well. Go. But donít co back late.

Britney: I wonít, I promise.

Starr: Mrs. McBain, there is no way that I can play the lead role.

Marcie: Yes, you can. You gave the best audition.

Starr: Better than Britney?

Marcie: Yeah -- this isnít a competition, Starr, itís a learning experience, ok? She was good. You were better. She'll be great as your understudy.

Starr: "Understudy"? Britneyís going to be my understudy? That is not going to fly well with her.

Marcie: Well, you know, thatís too bad. She can turn it down if she wants to.

Starr: Well, I can turn it down, too, right?

Marcie: But -- but why? Why would you do that?

Starr: You know why.

Marcie: Cole.

Starr: Yeah. I canít be around him.

Marcie: You're already around him, Starr. You go to the same school.

Starr: Yeah, but this is going to make it even worse.

Marcie: It'll be fine. I promise you. You and Cole have hardly any scenes together.

[Phone rings]

Starr: Excuse me. Itís my Aunt Dorian.

Marcie: Good. Why donít you get it? I'm going to make my getaway.

Starr: Ok. Aunt Dorian?

Dorian: Starr, darling, I am here at Rodiís, d I just want to be sure. Now, you wanted a hamburger and pomme frites, oui?

Starr: Yeah, thatís great.

Dorian: Yes, but what would you like on your hamburger? I know you said "the works," but I donít want to assume too much about the staffís intelligence.

Starr: No, you know what? Just -- just forget about it. I'm here with Mrs. McBain, and I donít know how much longer I'm going to be.

Dorian: At school? Oh! Is it about the musical?

Starr: Yeah.

Dorian: Darling, I am so glad that you're involved with that. Itís something to keep your mind off of whatís happening with your father.

Starr: You know, um, I really got to go, aunt Dorian. I'll grab something on the way home.

Dorian: Goodbye, Cheri. Oh. Ah. Sorry I wonít be ordering, after all.

Bartender: No problem.

Dorian: Hmm. All right. What do you want? I donít have too much time, so make it fast.

Miles: I just was going to ask you if you've heard from Blair, and if she had any luck finding out what happened to Todd.

Dorian: No, and no.

Miles: Oh. I'm really worried, for both of them.

Dorian: So am I. Excuse me.

Miles: Should I call her?

Dorian: What?

Miles: Blair.

Dorian: Oh, really? Why would she want to hear from you? You are the man whoís responsible for the fact that Todd went chasing off to -- to Chicago, into what was obviously a trap.

Miles: That came from Spencer. All I did was relay the information to Todd that I found in Spencerís letter.

Dorian: Without verifying its veracity.

Miles: I had no way of doing that.

Dorian: But you did know that Spencer didnít wish Todd any good, or didnít you get to that yet in the chapter about deductive reasoning in the new book of human experience?

Miles: Oh. Just because I'm not jaded and cynical?

Dorian: I canít debate with you. I really donít have the time.

Miles: Hmm.

Dorian: The fact remains, motives aside, you're the one who is responsible for Todd going to Chicago. You are responsible for his disappearance. And it is, all of it, on your head.

Natalie: A part of me will always love you.

John: Yeah, me, too. I mean, I feel that way about you. Probably, but --

Natalie: "Probably"?

John: Oh, look, I'm not -- I'm not good at this kind of talk.

Natalie: I know. I know.

Natalie: Whee.

John: Holding a pink bag. I canít believe how big sheís getting.

Natalie: Oh, I know. Sheís already trying to talk, too. She calls me "anwa."

John: "Anwa"?

Natalie: For "Aunt Natalie."

John: Ah.

Natalie: Donít you, Breezy? Who am I? Tell John, who am I? I guess sheís not going to do it.

John: No, sheís not going to do it, no. You're really good with kids.

Natalie: This one makes it easy, donít you, sweetie?

John: I donít think I'm too good with kids.

Natalie: Oh, please, you are such a liar. I've seen you with Tommy.

John: Ah, Tommyís special. Like his dad.

Natalie: Well, you know, the trick to being good with kids is to be their friend. You're a pretty good friend to those that you care about.

John: Yeah -- I donít have a regrets.

Natalie: Yeah, me, neither.

John: Well, Bree, thatís some hair you've got.

[Natalie laughs]

John: Well, it was really nice seeing you again. And I hope your mommy gets better.

Natalie: Thatís what we're all praying for.

John: Yeah. Uh --

[Bree babbles]

John: Everybody down at the station -- they -- they miss you.

Natalie: I miss them, too. But you know I -- I had to leave, for a lot of reasons.

[Bree babbles]

John: Thatís my cue. I'll see you.

Natalie: Yeah.

Cole: Britney -- big mistake.

Jessica: Nash -- is that you?

Britney: I donít need any caffeine. I barely had a sip of that wine.

Cole: Thereís no way I was going to leave you in the park alone.

Britney: What the hell do you care?

Cole: Look, Britney, we're all freaked about what happened with Henry.

Britney: Itís not just that, all right?

Cole: What?

Britney: Nothing, you' itís lame.

Cole: Maybe, maybe not.

Britney: Itís my stupid parents, all right? Acting like the reason Henry lost it was because the school screwed up and didnít realize he was so insane.

Cole: Yeah, I heard them talking to the reporters outside the school.

Britney: Yeah, and they got into a huge fight with Principal Wexler. I mean, I'm going to have a target on my back from now on. I get caught with a latte on school grounds, I'll probably be suspended.

Cole: You're not responsible for the fact that your parents are Ė

Britney: Greedy?

Cole: I wasnít going to say that.

Britney: Donít worry about it. They're totally greedy. If they could sue Henryís parents, I bet they would.

Cole: Oh, come on, they're not that sick.

Britney: You have no idea. I'm a pariah.

Cole: You're head cheerleader. That hardly qualifies.

Britney: Cole, the other day, you said I wasnít innocent -- you know, about Henry. It wasnít my fault.

Cole: Itís nobodyís fault.

Britney: Except Henry'.

Cole: Especially not Henry. Henry -- Henryís mind was all messed up on drugs. I mean, if I get less than eight hours of sleep, I can't think straight. He went two weeks. I canít imagine what was going through his head.

Britney: I donít think you want to know.

Cole: Britney, donít listen to anybody. All right? You might have set Henry off, but he had a lot worse problems than you. I know that, Starr knows that, and nobody else was in that car.

Britney: Thanks. I just -- I donít ever want to be that scared again.

Marcie: I would like to hear you sing one of your songs in the show. Now come on.

Langston: I bet you really hate me now for signing you up for the musical, ms. "Starr" of the musical.

Starr: I cannot believe this.

Langston: I've got a song for you. Want to hear it?

Starr: Well, I guess I have no choice, do I?

Miles: Hi, baby Bree. Hi. Can I take you? Yeah, I'm your Uncle miles -- whoa, boy! Hey, sweetie. Whoo. You know what? When you get a little older, I am going to spoil you rotten. Rotten, I say. As long as itís ok with your parents, ok? Huh? Any news on Jessica?

Natalie: Actually, we're still waiting on the test results.

Miles: Oh.

Natalie: But --

Miles: You must be really worried.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, thatís an understatement.

Miles: So many people in trouble. I mean, Jessica, Blair and Todd. But thatís -- thatís much worse.

Natalie: Worse than Jessica being sick?

Miles: That didnít sound right. Uh -- itís worse for me. Thatís not what I meant, either. What am I trying to say? Um -- what I'm saying is, if Todd is dead, I canít help but feel responsible.

Natalie: Would you stop beating yourself up?

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: You did the right thing by giving Todd the information. To withhold it would have been wrong.

Miles: Thatís what Marty told me.

Natalie: Well, I guess in this case, she would have been right. But in the future, Marty Saybrooke is the last person you want to take advice from.

John: What are you doing in here?

Marty: Huh.

Britney: So do you want to hang out or something?

Cole: Uh -- I'm sorry, I canít. Langston called, and said the cast list was posted for the musical, so I'm heading over to the school now.

Britney: Did she say what part Starr got?

Cole: No, I -- I donít even think she knows yet.

Britney: Of course she does. Langstonís the writer.

Cole: She just said to go check it out. Arenít you curious?

Britney: I'm not really in the mood to go back to that building right now, let alone see people. Cole, I -- I feel like I should do something, you know, to show you how grateful I am for not blaming me for what happened to Henry.

Cole: Just try to be nicer to everybody. Everybody. Not just your sidekicks.

Britney: Ok, I'll try.

Cole: You going to be all right?

Britney: Sure, thanks. Hey, Cole? Even though she broke up with you, you're -- you're still in love with Starr, arenít you?

Cole: Yeah.

Britney: More than ever, right?

Viki: Are you insane? I donít wish you any harm. I was merely suggesting you take care of yourself.

Clint: Well, I'd suggest you stop worrying about me and put your focus on our daughter.

Viki: There you go again. What are you insinuating?

Clint: Nothing! Ah, this whole conversation has been one big misunderstanding and a waste of time. Why donít we just get the check?

Dorian: Hello.

Clint: Hi.

Dorian: Oh, am I interrupting something?

Clint: Yes, you are, but thatís ok.

Viki: Huh, talk about a total waste of time --

Dorian: Excuse me?

Clint: Jessica is resting and we're waiting on the results for her liver biopsy.

Dorian: Oh, yes. And of course, I hope and pray that it'll be all right.

Clint: Thank you very much. Would -- would you care to join us? You wouldnít mind, would you?

Viki: Are you kidding?

Dorian: Oh, I hope you're not leaving on my account.

Viki: No. No, I'm not leaving, Dorian. I'm moving, to a better table. And yes, itís because of you. Thank you so much for dinner, Clint. Sorry I ate it.

Clint: That didnít go well, so I'm not sorry itís over.

Langston: What do you think?

Starr: It was so beautiful.

Langston: Thanks.

Starr: Really, I had no idea that you could write stuff like that.

Langston: You want to try singing it?

Starr: Well, I donít think that I could.

Marcie: Oh, no, it'll be fine. Come on, just do the best you can.

Langston: Itís called "fly to you." Come on, I'll lead you through.

Starr: Ok. I put so much into this little dream I had I swear to you I could almost taste and touch peace would last

Britney: Oh -- Starr got the lead? Oh -- student number three and Starrís understudy. Oh, God, just when I thought life couldnít suck anymore.

Starr: And no regrets whatever the world does to me I'll fly to you in this world of subtlety and envy at least there was a time for you and me like a summer song like thereís nothing wrong I'll fly to you that one part -- it was ok?

Langston: Yeah.

Starr: Ok.

Nash: Yeah, itís me. I had to see you. Should I get a doctor?

Jessica: No -- no pain. I'm just ashamed.

Nash: Ah, Jessica --

Jessica: No. My God, heroin -- what kind of person am I?

Nash: We shouldnít talk about this now.

Jessica: No, and the funny thing is I have a -- a hazy memory of it.

Nash: It doesnít matter, not to me. I love you. And thereís nothing that you could've done in the past or that you could do now or that you could ever do in the future that would change the way I feel about you. I love you. I love you.

Paige: I just want to make sure Jessicaís comfortable. I'll just be a minute.

Bo: Ok.

Man: Dorian?

Dorian: Peter! What a pleasant surprise. Uh -- Clint, I would like you to meet Peter Corrigan. Peter, this is Clint Buchanan.

Peter: I know you by reputation, of course.

Clint: Oh. Well, nice to meet you. Peter: How are things over at B.E. these days?

Clint: Uh -- fine, I guess. Itís business as usual, but, actually right now I'm dealing with some family issues.

Peter: Oh, I understand completely. You look beautiful as always, Dorian. Take care.

Dorian: Thank you. Stay in touch.

Peter: Definitely.

Dorian: Um -- construction business, doing very well -- worth millions, good thing. He has to pay alimony to five wives.

Clint: Five? And you're familiar with his personal history because --

Dorian: Because we co-chaired a fundraiser for the hospital.

Clint: And during this fundraiser, he discussed his ex-wives with you, huh?

Dorian: I donít know -- the subject came up somehow. I'm not sure.

Clint: Really?

Dorian: Clint, you're jealous. [Dorian laughs]

Peter: Viki?

Viki: Oh -- Peter, hello. Itís nice to see you.

Peter: You, too. Um -- are you all right?

Viki: No, I've -- I've had very bad news about my daughter. Sheís very ill.

Peter: I'm so sorry. Is there anything I could do to help?

Viki: No, thatís nice. Thank you, no.

Peter: Will you at least let me buy you a drink?

Miles: You know, if --- if Spencer did lie in that letter and Todd is hurt or worse --

Natalie: Hey, when is this going to sink in? Miles, you are not the one who lied.

Miles: Well, not to Todd anyway.

Natalie: What?

Miles: Itís true. I didnít lie to Todd, but --

Natalie: But what? Who did you lie to, Miles?

Miles: Yeah, thereís -- thereís this woman I interested in and I told her I had a date tonight, trying to make her jealous.

Natalie: Mm-hmm, and did it work?

Miles: Yeah -- well, I -- I think so.

Natalie: Yeah?

Miles: Hmm. But itís not true -- I donít have a date.

Natalie: Oh, I see!

[Bree babbles]

Natalie: Yeah? You know what?

Miles: Hmm?

Natalie: I've got to get Bree back to her grandmaís. And since Michael McBain kicked everyone out of Jessicaís room, I am free for the night, so why donít I make an honest man out of you?

Miles: What?

Natalie: We'll go out for a burger, and that way you wonít have lied about a date.

Miles: Oh, well, I would love that, but I'm -- but I'm sure you have better things to do.

Natalie: Oh, yeah, like doing my laundry, cleaning out my closet, maybe crying myself to sleep if I'm lucky, but I guess I'll sacrifice so I can spend a little time with you.

Miles: Well, I'm flattered.

Natalie: But only if you promise to make me laugh, ok?

Miles: Oh --

Natalie: This so-called date -- no serious talking, no meaning-of-life talk.

Miles: You're on. You got it.

Natalie: Great. [Natalie chuckles]

John: You donít look so good -- you all right? You want to talk about it?

Marty: Oh. Itís embarrassing. I -- I think I just had a little panic attack.

John: Why?

Marty: I'm not sure.

John: Something must have triggered it, right?

Marty: Hmm.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy -- hey, hey. Hey. You all right?

Marty: Yes. I'm just a little dizzy. I --

John: You're shaking. You had anything to eat today?

Marty: No.

John: Me, neither. How does a -- how does a burger at Rodiís sound?

Marty: Sounds good. Hmm.

John: Letís go.

Marcie: That was absolutely beautiful and it wasnít just your voice, but the emotion that you put behind it was great.

Starr: Really? I was so nervous in front of both of you, I couldnít believe it.

Marcie: Are you kidding me? It certainly didnít show.

Langston: No, you were amazing. I mean it. You're so

Starr: Thanks. Your song was really good, Langston.

Langston: Well, you and Cole inspire me.

Marcie: Well, I need to go and make copies of the script and the songs that we have so far. You, Miss Langston, need to go home and keep writing, ok?

Langston: I better go. Are you coming, Starr?

Starr: No. Um -- actually, I think I'm going to stay here and go over the song a little bit. I like singing in the gym -- it has great acoustics.

Marcie: Oh, you know what? I will -- I'll let the night watchman know that you're here. Ok?

Starr: Ok.

Marcie: Ok.

Langston: Oh, and Starr? Thanks for making my song sound better than it is.

Starr: Langston, your song is amazing.

Langston: When you sing it. I'll see you.

[Starr hums "Fly to You"]

Starr: I could almost

Cole: That was amazing. So are you.

Miles: Yeah, you're fun to be with.

[Natalie chuckles]

Natalie: Thatís if your standards are low.

Miles: You shouldnít put yourself down like that, Natalie.

Natalie: No, I'm not. Itís just -- you know, my sister, Jess -- sheís in the hospital and -- we donít know whatís going to happen to her.

Miles: I'm sorry I upset you.

Natalie: No, you didnít. Itís just -- itís me, itís my life.

Miles: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought the meaning-of-life talks were prohibited.

Natalie: You know, you're right. I'm so sorry.

Miles: No, thatís ok. I mean, you made the rules. If you need to break them, you can do that.

Natalie: No, I donít. I'm just -- I'm glad to be away from the hospital for a while.

Miles: Hmm. I can relate to that.

Natalie: Thank you. And thank you for paying for dinner.

Miles: Hey -- should I not have done that?

Natalie: What?

Miles: Paid for the burgers.

Natalie: Uh -- I mean, no -- we can -- I can -- 

Miles: No, no, I want to pay. Itís just someone told me one time that you canít buy friends.

Natalie: Well, you canít, but I hardly think dinner is --

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: Who told you that?

Miles: A woman.

Natalie: The woman you're interested in?

Miles: Yes.

Natalie: Well, thank goodness you're not still hot for Marty Saybrooke.

Miles: She just wants to be friends.

Natalie: Oh -- so she leads you on and shuts you down, huh?

Miles: I guess you could say that, yeah.

Natalie: Well, thank God you're over her, then.

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: Or not.

Marty: Uh --Miles told me he had a date. I just didnít know it was with Natalie.

John: Yeah, I ran into Natalie at the park, and she didnít mention anything, either. I'm thinking why should she -- itís none of my business.

Marty: Does it bother you?

John: Well, itís like I told you -- I donít trust Laurence.

[Phone rings]

John: Excuse me. Hey, this is the station -- I need to grab this. Why donít you get a seat at the bar and I'll handle this and come join you?

Marty: Sure.

John: All right. McBain.

Viki: Thank you -- no. I -- I donít actually drink. Uh -- sit down, please.

Peter: Thank you. I wish I had your willpower. After five wives, I'm amazed I'm not an alcoholic.

Viki: Well, I've been married a few times myself.

Peter: Your storyís very different,

Viki. I'm basically what my son likes to call "a dog."

Viki: I've heard that about you.

Peter: I've learned from my mistakes, though.

Viki: Have you? No more marriage in your future?

Peter: Ah, no more love.

Viki: Oh, come on -- "no more love." What if the perfect woman came along?

Peter: Well, sheís late. I'm not ruling out marriage, though -- just love. I hear that divorce is a piece of cake when you're not emotionally involved.

Viki: That may be. I wouldnít know.

Dorian: Do you think that maybe -- hmm --

Clint: Viki? No, no, no, no. This is Viki pretending to be optimistic about Jessicaís condition when sheís actually scared to death.

Dorian: Oh, so being rude and angry is her way of dealing with the tension?

Clint: Yeah, yeah, and itís totally the wrong way. It would be so much easier for everybody involved if she would just admit to herself how she actually feels.

Nash: Are you sleeping?

Jessica: No.

Nash: Well, you should be.

Jessica: Hmm. You're not going to go, are you?

Nash: No, I'm not going to go. I'll never leave you.

Peter: Would you like anything else? Coffee, tea?

Viki: Hmm, I'm actually still working on my tea.

Peter: You know, I have some wonderful imported tea at home -- herbal, soothing and relaxing. Would you like to try it?

Viki: No. Hmm -- no, thank you, not today.

Peter: Are you sure? Oh, donít worry -- I wonít propose to you, at least not marriage.

Viki: No. Peter, my daughter is so sick.

Peter: Oh -- say no more. At least let me walk you to your car.

Viki: That'd be nice, yeah. Thank you.

Peter: Mm-hmm.

Clint: What are you smiling?

Dorian: I'm just so happy to see you relaxing.

Clint: I'm not relaxed.

Dorian: I'm very sorry.

Clint: Well, I'm worried about Jessica and I'm a little upset with the way Viki went off on me tonight.

Dorian: But you said yourself, itís a way of dealing with the tension.

Clint: I know, but she has a way of -- where'd she go, anyway?

Dorian: She left -- with Peter. Speaking of which -- why donít you come home with me? We can have a few drinks and then --

Clint: Oh. Dorian, I'm not in the mood.

Dorian: I'm pretty sure if you came home with me, I could get you in the mood.

Clint: Yeah? Itís -- I'm afraid that if I went over to your place, I'd just fall apart, and for Jessieís sake, I canít do that.

Dorian: Of course, I understand. But please know this -- if you ever need me, I will always be there for you.

Miles: So seeing John with Marty, does --

Natalie: What?

Miles: Well, no --

Natalie: Say it!

Miles: I -- well, itís obvious it bothers you.

Natalie: What about you seeing John with Marty?

Miles: I -- I donít like it, but thereís nothing I can do about it.

Natalie: You know what? I wouldnít mind messing with Martyís head a little bit more -- try that jealousy thing one more time?

Miles: How?

Nash: You remember when you were Tess, and I was me but beat up and in the hospital, and you slept with me in my hospital bed?

Jessica: I think so.

Nash: Well, dťjŗ vu.

Jessica: Hmm.

Starr: What are you doing here?

Cole: I just came down to see the cast list.

Starr: Look, I never got a chance to thank you for saving my life yesterday.

Cole: I've missed you.

Starr: Cole, I've missed you, too.

Cole: So you've been ok? Oh. Sorry -- I donít know -- I -- how can I ask that, you know, between what happened at school and your dad? My mom told me heís missing.

Starr: The police found his blood, and they still donít know where he is.

Cole: I'm -- I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Star well, you can pray that he comes home safe. God, this whole situation is so weird. I know that there are a lot of people that are there for me, but for some reason, I -- I feel like I going through all of this alone.

Cole: No. You're not alone.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

John: Seeing that kiss, it bothered me.

Evangeline: Layla told me you're painting again.

Lindsay: Heís creating a whole new style.

Evangeline: Really?

Adriana: Are you questioning Tateís friends and family about his past?

Cole: Maybe the person who doesnít want us to be together is you.

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