OLTL Transcript Friday 5/11/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/11/07


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[Knock on door]

Marty: Who is it?

Miles: Miles Laurence.

Marty: Hi.

Miles: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Marty: No. No, come on in.

Miles: For you.

Marty: Oh. Well, thank you, Miles. They're beautiful.

Miles: I stopped by the office. Your secretary said you werenít coming in today. Are you sick?

Marty: Oh, no, no. I was down at the high school.

Miles: Oh. I guess you wonít be needing this -- chicken soup. I thought you were sick.

Marty: Well, thatís really sweet. You know, Cole -- Cole and I will -- will have it for -- for dinner tonight.

Miles: How -- howís he doing? Is he ok?

Marty: Yeah, better than me. Huh.

Miles: Oh. God, I'm sorry. Who do therapists talk to when then need therapists?

Marty: Uh -- we have our shrink hotline. Yeah. Well, you look very nice, Miles. Are you going out?

Miles: I have a date.

John: Yeah, come on in, Bo.

Bo: Got a minute?

John: Whatís up?

Bo: The arson case.

John: Any news?

Bo: Nah. But I thought maybe a fresh set of eyes might help.

John: Sure.

Bo: Take a look at that. Itís a copy of a letter that we received from the hate group that we think is responsible, so -- well, maybe you can see something that -- that we missed. Whatís with this cassette? Bad tunes?

John: Well, actually, it may be related to Manningís disappearance.

Bo: You going to send it to the lab?

John: Yeah, maybe they can get something from it. As it is now, Manning seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Bo: Hmm. You know, in a perfect world, he'd probably never come back.

John: Yeah, but Blair probably wonít stop looking for him till she finds him.

Bo: Yeah, I heard that she went to Chicago again.

John: Yeah, she hired a local P.I. for him to help her.

Bo: But not Balsom?

John: He was there, but apparently he came up empty.

Bo: Yeah, well, you know, heís a good kid, most of the time. Heís pretty good at what he does.

John: Yeah? So why didnít Blair take him back with her?

Bo: I donít know. But I think he has other things on his mind right now.

Rex: If Tateís not gay, why'd you get divorced?

Adriana: Please donít answer that. Itís none of his business.

Rex: The marriage ended years ago. Whatís the big deal?

Tate: Oh, man, you just donít give up, do you?

Rex: Yeah -- you started it when you hit on my girlfriend on national television.

Adriana: He didnít hit on me.

Rex: No, he only jumped off a chair on "The View" and swore his undying love for you.

Tate: Yeah, and you got your revenge, Balsom. You probably would have jumped up and down on a couch in your club if you had one, telling the whole world I was gay.

Paula: Which heís not.

Rex: Then tell me why heís a fraud.

Paula: Do you want to tell him, or shall I?

Nash: Come on, tell us, damn it. Does my daughter have Hepatitis C, or not?

Michael: Breeís test results came back negative.

Jessica: Oh, thank God.

Michael: Sheís going to be fine.

Viki: Thank God.

Clint: Oh, thatís great, honey.

Jessica: I canít believe it.

Nash: See? Thereís nothing to worry about.

Antonio: What about Jessica? Do you have any good news for her?

Michael: Before we can fully assess Jessicaís condition, we need to biopsy the liver. Well, now that the feverís subsided, we can do it.

Viki: Well, when?

Michael: Itís been scheduled for later today.

Viki: Oh.

Natalie: Will she have to go into surgery?

Michael: No. No, it can be done right here in the room. The risks are minimal.

Viki: Wow.

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Thank you.

Jessica: Guys, cheer up. Breeís fine. Thatís all that matters.

Natalie: Not quite.

Jessica: I'll be fine, too, Natalie, donít worry. Um -- you think maybe Breeís hungry?

Nash: Yeah. I'll go feed her.

Jessica: Thank you.

Antonio: I'm going to go call my mom, check on Jamie -- let her know Breeís doing ok. All right? Can I get you anything?

Jessica: No, I'm fine, thank you.

Antonio: All right.

Natalie: Honey, we'll let you get some rest.

Clint: You yell if you need us, all right?

[Jessica chuckles]

Viki: How are you?

Jessica: How are you?

Viki: I asked first.

Jessica: Oh -- hmm -- not bad.

Viki: Why donít you tell me the truth. Sweetheart, itís not your fault.

Jessica: I -- oh. I shot up Heroin.

Viki: No, you did not. Tess did that.

Jessica: Tess is me.

Viki: No, Tess is not you. You cannot blame yourself for this. You cannot.

Jessica: I just donít understand why I couldnít have stopped her. Why I couldnít have been stronger.

Viki: Sweetheart -- sweetheart, you canít beat yourself up over this. And you canít change the past.

Jessica: I'm hurting everybody.

Viki: No, you are not hurting anybody except yourself if you keep looking backwards. Baby, you've got to concentrate on getting better and living a happy, healthy life with Antonio and his two girls.

Jessica: What if that doesnít happen?

Marty: So, you have a date tonight? Thatís wonderful.

Miles: You mean it?

Marty: Well, of course. So, who is she?

Miles: Oh, no one you know.

Marty: Oh, no, I'm -- I'm sorry, itís none of my business.

Miles: No, I -- I just -- I donít want to jinx anything.

Marty: Well, I'm really happy for you, Miles.

Miles: Well, I just wanted to make sure that you and Cole were ok.

Marty: We are. Thank you. Actually, did you end up talking to anyone down at the police station about what you know about Toddís disappearance?

Miles: Not yet.

Marty: You know, John McBain is working on the case. You should talk to him, you know? Or Commissioner Buchanan. You know, show them the letter.

Miles: I donít think thereís anything in that letter that could help them.

Marty: Isnít that for the police to decide?

Miles: You think I'm protecting Spencer.

Marty: I know he was your friend.

Miles: He wasnít the man I thought he was.

Marty: And that bothers you.

Miles: Yes, it does. I mean, am I really that screwed up that I canít see the real Spencer?

Marty: Miles, he showed you a different side. You had no reason to believe he was anything but a friend.

Miles: How do you know when someoneís lying to you?

Marty: Well -- well, itís not easy. Some people are better liars than others.

Miles: Then how do you know you can really trust me?

John: "Cease your investigation, or be lumped in with the rest of our enemies who are threatening the future of a pure white America."

Bo: Hmm. The feds faxed me a list of white supremacists that might be on their "most wanted" list.

John: Any of them seem right for this?

Bo: Well, I donít -- maybe, but the problem is there are no fingerprints on the original.

John: What about the paper itís printed on?

Bo: Itís paper you can buy at any office supply store anywhere in the country. You know, these jerks are being real careful.

John: Yeah, well, whoever wrote this -- they ainít that smart, Bo.

Bo: Hey -- ahem -- do you think Manning is in real trouble?

John: Chicago police found a large amount of his blood and they have to go on that assumption. This tape was found in his last known location. Oh, maybe thereís some sort of connection.

Bo: This looks like somebody stomped on it deliberately.

John: Whateverís there, somebody didnít want it heard.

Tate: No, I'll do the honors. So, the nasty details behind our divorce -- are you ready?

Adriana: Tate, donít do this.

Tate: Well, itís no bombshell. Like I said before, Paula and I got married very young. We were too young to know ourselves, not to mention each other.

Adriana: Yeah. That can happen.

Tate: We were lucky. We had no children to be worried about, so the split was fairly quick and painless. I didnít lie when I said I had never been in love before.

Adriana: Happy?

Rex: You know, it sounds like irreconcilable differences, not fraud.

Tate: What -- what are you, a divorce lawyer now?

Rex: Fraud is when you intentionally deceive someone, causing them to suffer.

Tate: Your point?

Rex: What were you lying about? Is your ex-husband a fraud or not?

Paula: He was.

Rex: How?

Paula: He made promises he couldnít keep. He married me under false pretenses.

Rex: I knew it!

Adriana: What pretenses?

Tate: When I asked Paula to marry me, she didnít say yes at first.

Rex: Right, because she was suspicious of your sexual orientation.

Tate: Because she was worried about what life would be like if I made it to the majors.

Rex: All those naked guys in the locker room --

Paula: All the women outside the locker rooms. Girls loved Tate.

Tate: I was like a kid in a candy store. The more there was on offer, the more I wanted.

Adriana: You cheated on your wife?

Rex: Wait -- funny, I -- I call that infidelity, not fraud.

Adriana: Give it up, Rex.

Rex: No, not until I get something that sounds like the truth.

Paula: I was angry. He lied, he cheated.

Tate: Paula has a temper.

Paula: Which exploded when I found another womanís underwear in my bed.

Tate: You see? I'm not as good of a liar as you think I am.

Paula: First, I flipped out on Tate. Then I called a lawyer, said "my husbandís a fraud. I want out."

Rex: You didnít fight it?

Tate: By that time, I wanted out as much as Paula did, so I hired my own lawyer. End of story.

Rex: Not quite.

Marty: Of course I trust you.

Miles: Yeah, but you're trained to have good instincts with people.

Marty: I'm not always right.

Miles: Neither am I.

Marty: Because of Spencer?

Miles: Maybe he used me to lead Todd into a trap.

Marty: When somethingís bothering you, you need to ask yourself if you did everything you possibly could to deal with it. And if the answer is yes, then you have to let it go.

Miles: And if the answerís no? Then you need to figure out a way to fix it.

Miles: Sounds easy.

Marty: Well, itís not. But it works. So, is there something more you could do?

Miles: Yeah.

Marty: Then you need to go for it.

Miles: I will.

Marty: Ok.

Miles: Thanks.

Marty: You're welcome. And, hey, have fun on your date tonight.

Miles: And you take it easy. Looks like you could use some sleep -- not that you look tired or anything.

Marty: Thanks for your concern.

Miles: Thatís what friends are for.

Viki: You will get better, sweetheart. I promise you that.

Jessica: How can you promise me that?

Viki: Because I know you, and I know how strong you are.

Jessica: You make it sound like I'm superwoman or something.

Viki: You are. You are superwoman.

Jessica: Oh --

Viki: And you'll be home very soon.

Jessica: Wherever that is.

Clint: I should call Kevin and Kelly, let them know the good news.

Natalie: Yeah, I -- I'll go call Joey. But first, I need to get some coffee.

Clint: All right.

Natalie: Do you want anything from the cafeteria?

Clint: Just your smile.

Natalie: Oh. That'll be easy. I wonít be long.

Clint: Ok.

Nash: Hey. Howís Jessica?

Clint: Sheís ok. Sheís talking with her mother.

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: That is just one beautiful little girl you got in your arms there.

Nash: Yes, she is. Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

Clint: I doubt it, Nash.

Nash: You wish she was Antonioís.

Clint: Oh, no, no. Then she wouldnít be who she is. I wouldnít change that for the world.

Nash: Yeah, thatís clever. Still, you wish I werenít here.

Clint: Well, what I want doesnít matter. Itís up to Jessica, and she wants you here.

Nash: For Bree.

Clint: And for herself.

Nash: You know, no matter what you think, sir --

Clint: Look, son, this is complicated, but one thing is simple. I will always do the right thing for Jessie.

Nash: So will I. I promise you that.

Talia: Howís Bree?

Antonio: The doctor gave her a clean bill of health.

Talia: Thatís terrific. Yay. I'm so glad.

Antonio: Did you get anything off that letter?

Talia: The lab ran it over with a fine-tooth comb and they found nothing.

Antonio: I should go down there.

Talia: No. Nobody expects you back to work until Jessica goes home.

Antonio: You know, I donít know whoís worse -- the guys lighting those fires or the guy who shared a needle with my wife.

Talia: I'm sorry. I donít know what to say.

Antonio: You still have those contacts at the NYPD?

Talia: Are you crazy? What do you want me to do, ask New Yorkís finest to bust every club in Manhattan looking for the guy?

Antonio: Somebodyís got to pay.

Talia: You canít fix this. You got to let it go.

Antonio: And how am I supposed to do that?

Talia: Make peace with what happened.

Viki: Jessie? Did something happen between you and Antonio?

Michael: Jessica, Viki -- this is Dr. Strichtner. She'll be performing the biopsy.

Viki: Oh. How do you do? Um -- well -- well, I'm going to get out of here. I'll be back in a little bit, ok? I love you. Excuse me.

Jessica: Letís see how bad this really is.

John: Have the lab put a rush on this, will you, Thompson?

Ofc. Thompson: Sure.

John: Thank you.

Bo: Maybe you'll get lucky.

John: Yeah, maybe. You know how this works. The longer this goes on, the less likely it is that Manningís alive.

Miles: Todd canít be dead.

Bo: Didnít know you cared, Laurence.

Miles: Well, itís my fault heís missing.

John: Yeah? Why is that?

Miles: Spencer wrote me a letter. I didnít receive it until after he was dead.

Bo: Do you still have it?

Miles: Yeah.

Bo: Oh. "I have something of the utmost importance to confide in you. Itís about a man named Todd Manning. You will hear that I tried to hurt this man. If I did, it was because he deserved to be hurt, just as you deserved to be helped. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. Todd doesnít deserve the truth, that -- that his son is still alive. 70860707. Your one true friend. Spencer."

Miles: Yeah. See, I thought the numbers were a code to where Toddís son was.

Bo: So you told Manning?

Miles: Yeah.

John: Blair said he thought the numbers were a zip code or something in Chicago.

Bo: Do you have any more of these letters from Truman just lying around anywhere?

Miles: Huh -- no, thatís -- thatís the only one.

Bo: All right. Well, thank you for bringing this in, ok? And if we have any questions, we'll give you a call.

Miles: Ok. Hey, can I get that letter back when you're done with it?

Bo: Well, I canít tell you exactly when that'll be.

Miles: No, I understand. I hope itís helpful.

Bo: Ok. Thanks again. All right, letís have this analyzed, make sure that itís Trumanís handwriting.

John: Ok. I'll fax it to the Chicago Police Department, see if they can make anything out of these numbers.

Bo: Ok, let me know if thereís anything I can do.

John: All right. I'd better take a look at Trumanís files while --

Bo: The case is closed.

John: Maybe not.

Tate: We agreed to keep quiet about our reasons for splitting up.

Paula: It was prohibited in the divorce papers.

Rex: Why would you need a gag order?

Paula: Tate knew he was about to become famous. He wanted to protect me.

Tate: So we decided it was better to keep our mouths shut.

Rex: In other words, you're not telling.

Paula: Am I free to go?

Rex: You're not under arrest.

Paula: It sure feels like it.

Tate: I'll walk you out.

Paula: If you come near me again, I'll sue you for harassment.

Adriana: Satisfied? Hello? Earth to Rex!

Rex: What?

Antonio: The junkie that infected Tess with a needle may have infected others.

Talia: Ok, without a name or a description, you're not going to be able to stop him. Looking for someone to blame is not going to make your wife better.

Antonio: I donít have to look for someone to blame. I know whoís responsible.

Natalie: Hey. Howís Jess doing?

Viki: Well, they're -- they're just about to do the biopsy.

Natalie: So what exactly are we hoping for again?

Viki: Well, we're hoping that the virus hasnít done any damage to the liver. And that it can be stopped before it does.

Natalie: And the worst?

Viki: The worst -- she could have cirrhosis. She could have liver cancer.

Natalie: No.

Antonio: Excuse me for a sec.

Talia: Take your time. I'm going to go check in with the station.

Antonio: Talk to you for a minute?

Clint: Antonio, you know, I donít think so.

Nash: Itís all right. You know what? You want to play with your granddaughter for a minute?

Clint: I never say no to that.

Nash: There we go. I got a diaper bag. You really want to start another fight now, here?

Antonio: I donít want to fight you, Nash, I want to thank you.

Viki: And when your mommy comes home, I'm going to take both of you to see the ocean.

Clint: Ooh.

Viki: Because your mommy loves the ocean.

Natalie: I think she likes the idea.

Clint: Yeah, I think she likes the idea of her mama coming home.

Viki: Yeah.

Natalie: Mom?

Clint: Whatís the matter?

Viki: I'm so grateful that sheís all right, but what about Jessie?

Natalie: Mama, sheís going to be fine. And we'll make sure that the enemy keeps away from her.

Viki: Yeah.

Clint: And you think the enemy is Nash, huh?

Viki: Yes -- in a way, yes.

Clint: Well, I think heís doing a damn good job helping her to cope.

Natalie: Tell that to Antonio.

Nash: Thank me? What for?

Antonio: For saving Jess.

Nash: How'd I do that?

Antonio: Tess shot up once, she probably would've again had she had the chance.

Nash: Oh, not necessarily. I mean, you heard everything Jessica had to say.

Antonio: She survived because she met you. You saved Tess. You saved Jessica.

Natalie: Hi. I think this little girl here is getting tired of hospitals.

Nash: Oh. Uh -- you want to take her?

Natalie: Yeah, actually, I -- I would. I'd like to take her to the park.

Nash: Ok, great. Here -- uh, take this and give me a call if she needs a diaper change or she starts crying and watch out for the --

Natalie: I think I got it covered.

Nash: I know you do. All right. You be good to Auntie Natalie, ok? All right? I'll miss you.

Natalie: Wave goodbye, cutie.

Nash: Bye-bye.

Natalie: Say "bye."

Nash: I'll be here watching your mommy, all right?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Nash: We all will.

Antonio: Look, just because you helped save Jessica doesnít mean I want you around when she gets better, so itís time we laid some ground rules.

Nash: Ah.

Adriana: Enough, Rex!

Rex: Somethingís going on between them.

Adriana: Who cares?

Rex: I do.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: Tate has been after you since day one.

Adriana: Here we go again.

Rex: Come on, Adriana -- the guyís basically done everything but rip your clothes off.

Adriana: Oh, you're exaggerating.

Rex: He made a fool of me on television.

Adriana: Yeah, and you got back at him by returning the favor. What makes you any better than him?

Rex: Well, because I told the truth.

Adriana: Did you not hear one word that Paula and Tate just said?

Rex: I heard a bunch of lies.

Adriana: Tate is not a threat, Rex. I love you.

Rex: You do?

Adriana: Why donít you believe me?

Rex: What would you do if -- if some gorgeous model was hanging all over me 24/7, wearing nothing but her underwear?

Adriana: I wouldnít be thrilled, but I would trust you.

Rex: Yeah, but you donít. You think Tateís telling the truth.

Adriana: You went behind my back to try to dig up his dirty little secrets! Why didnít you come to me first?

Rex: I knew you wouldnít believe me. Was I wrong?

Adriana: I donít know, but I would've listened to you. I would've tried to show you that Tate is unimportant.

Rex: Sorry.

Adriana: How sorry?

Rex: Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it.

Adriana: You already know, Rex.

Rex: Adriana, I --

Adriana: Trust, Rex. Is that so hard?

Rex: Ok, I'll do it.

Tate: Do what?

Rex: Publicly announce I made a mistake -- you're not gay.

Tate: Thanks, but no, thanks.

Jordan: Hi, Miles.

Miles: Hey, Jordan.

Jordan: Hi. How are you?

Miles: I'm good, good.

Jordan: Hmm -- no, you're not.

Miles: What are you, a mind reader now?

Jordan: Eh, itís part of my job.

Miles: Ah.

Jordan: Whatís wrong?

Miles: Well, you have a minute?

Jordan: Hmm.

Miles: I'll pay you if -- if you have another date or something.

Jordan: I'm not a whore.

Miles: Uh, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Jordan: Itís ok.

Miles: Um -- here. Come in. Um --

Jordan: So whatís on your mind?

Miles: Well, I lied to someone and I donít know how I feel about it.

Marty: Is this a bad time?

John: Uh -- whatís up?

Marty: I just finished the profile on Stevens, the guy who murdered his wife?

John: Thanks.

Marty: Mm-hmm.

John: I appreciate it. I know you were planning on taking some time off.

Marty: Yeah, but Cole seems happy enough to get back to school, so -- well, I'll let you get back to work.

John: So what do you know about this Miles Laurence?

Marty: Uh -- like what?

John: You tell me.

Marty: Well, I saw him professionally, but just briefly and you know I canít divulge confidential information, so -- what exactly do you want to know about him?

John: Heís a lurker, and I donít trust him, and if I were you, I wouldnít, either.

Nash: You can make whatever ground rules you want for your child, but when it comes to my Brennan --

Antonio: I'm not talking --

Nash: Sheís off-limits.

Antonio: About Bree.

Nash: Oh, did I forget to mention you canít make any ground rules about Jessica, either?

Antonio: Sheís my wife.

Nash: Yeah, and you treat her like your property. Itís no wonder --

Antonio: Itís no wonder what, Nash?

Talia: Hey, the doctor just finished up with Jessica.

Antonio: Thanks.

Talia: Got a minute?

Nash: Yeah, sure -- what?

Talia: Antonio is a good guy. He loves his wife and his daughters.

Nash: "Daughters" -- yeah, one of them happens to be mine.

Talia: He loves her like his own.

Nash: Mm-hmm. Whatís your point?

Talia: You think too much about yourself.

Nash: And who are you?

Talia: I've got Antonioís back. I just thought you should know.

Nash: Hmm. Whew. Oh.

Michael: The biopsy went really well. There were no complications.

Viki: Is she -- is Jessie all right?

Michael: Yeah, sheís sleeping off the anesthesia right now.

Clint: And when will we get the result?

Michael: Well, Dr. Strichtner just sent the specimen off to pathology. It'll take a while, but we've put a rush on it, and in the meantime, we're doing everything we can to make sure that Jessica is comfortable.

Jessica: I love you.

Antonio: I love you, too.

Natalie: Worried about your mommy? Yeah, me, too. Sheís going to be ok. You know what? Sheís going to get better and sheís going to bring you to this park herself. Hmm. I wanted to bring my baby to this park. Wouldnít it have been nice to have a little cousin, maybe a little boy? Yeah? He would have had dark hair and blue eyes. His name would've been Johnny. But he doesnít exist. He never will.

Marty: Why donít you trust Miles?

John: Truman wrote him a letter that sent Manning to Chicago.

Marty: Yeah, I know. Did he show it to you?

John: He thinks it might help us find Manning.

Marty: Well, will it?

John: Itís too soon to tell.

Marty: Look, I know he feels disappearance.

John: Maybe he is.

Marty: You know, something can make you feel badly and itís still not your fault.

John: Are we still talking about Laurence?

Marty: Look, I just -- I understand, ok? I'm the one that found Spencer unfit to stand trial. He didnít go to jail because of me. He attacked Blair, he hurt a lot of people, and he ended up dead.

John: He got what he deserved.

Marty: Miles has some issues, but heís harmless, unlike Spencer. Well, if you need anything else, just call me.

Miles: You told me to play hard to get.

Jordan: Did you?

Miles: Yeah, I told her I had a date.

Jordan: Thatís good. Let her think you're a popular guy.

Miles: No, thatís the problem -- I'm not.

Jordan: Donít lie.

Miles: What do you mean?

Jordan: Find yourself a date and then make sure this woman sees you with her.

Miles: Oh. Well, then thatís no problem. I'll just -- I'll get out my nonexistent little black book and I'll thumb through it looking for my nonexistent date. That should be easy.

Jordan: Sheís standing right in front of you, Miles.

Miles: Well, thanks, but you're just another lie -- no offense.

Jordan: None taken. But if you change your mind, you let me know.

Miles: Ok -- here, let me pay you for your time.

Jordan: Oh -- please donít insult me.

Miles: All right. I'm -- I'm just a mess, arenít I?

Jordan: You are a handsome and charming man. Good luck, ok?

Miles: Thank you. Well, you're not the only one I lied to today, Marty. Whoa.

Rex: You donít want a public apology?

Tate: I donít need any more media focus on me right now.

Rex: But -- but I'm saying you're straight.

Tate: And the gay community is going to think I'm saying thereís something wrong with being gay.

Adriana: But you're not gay.

Tate: I had my publicist prepare something for me. I'll read it on the air tonight.

Rex: Is that ok? Am I in the clear?

Adriana: I'll think about it. Maybe you can think of something to make it up to me.

Rex: Adriana, I -- I think we're all --

Adriana: I have to get back to work. Laylaís going to wonder what happened to me.

Tate: I'll walk you out.

Adriana: Ok.

Bo: Balsom.

Rex: Help me?

Michael: Hey -- listen. You guys are all exhausted, you know? I suggest you go home, get yourself something to eat, hmm? Jessica needs her rest right now. You can come back tomorrow.

Viki: Honey, what do you think?

Jessica: Yeah, get out of here.

Clint: Honey? You call if you need anything, all right?

Jessica: Yeah, ok.

Viki: Ok. See you first thing in the morning, ok? I love you.

Jessica: I love you.  

Clint: You want to take Michaelís advice and grab a bite to eat?

Viki: Sure, why not? Sure, thanks.

Antonio: If thereís anything you need --

Jessica: You keep your cell phone on.

Antonio: I promise.

Jessica: Ok.

Adriana: He says heís sorry.

Tate: Hmm. But you donít believe him, do you?

Adriana: Do you?

Tate: Does it matter?

Adriana: He was wrong.

Tate: Yeah, I'll survive.

Adriana: I'm not sure I will.

Tate: What are you talking about?

Adriana: I love him so much. What Rex did to you -- that was the old Rex.

Tate: What do you mean?

Adriana: When I first met Rex, he didnít trust anyone, including himself.

Tate: Why not?

Adriana: Doesnít matter.

Tate: Well, if you're in love with the guy, it does.

Adriana: You think itís silly that I still love him?

Tate: Well, you -- I mean, you canít help your feelings, right?

Adriana: Which means Rex and I have to work it out.

Tate: Do you think thatís going to be possible?

Adriana: You know, I'll bet that right now Rex is even trying to figure out how to do the right thing.

Rex: Doesnít it sound like Tateís still hiding something?

Bo: Hard to tell.

Rex: So, I have to keep digging into his past.

Bo: Yeah, and Adrianaís really going to love that.

Rex: Oh -- I canít just sit back and keep watching this guy hit on her.

Bo: Do you trust her?

Rex: Sure. Itís the ballplayer I donít trust. Thatís why I need your help.

Bo: When you asked me last time, I told you -- be honest.

Rex: Yeah -- I was. Itís Tate whoís lying.

Bo: Balsom. You do screw up.

Rex: Gee, thanks for the help.

Bo: But you have good instincts. Follow them.

Rex: You're right. So, I have to keep digging.

Miles: "Your one true friend, Spencer." Did I do the right thing?

[Knock on door]

Marty: John?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: I feel like I'm going through all of this alone.

Cole: You're not alone.

Marty: Miles told me he had a date. I just didnít know it was with Natalie.

Jessica: Nash -- is that you?

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