OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07


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Natalie: Feeling any pain?

Jessica: Inside or out?

Natalie: Either.

Jessica: My body feels so achy. But the worst part is knowing that I could've kept this from happening so easily.

Natalie: Oh, honey, you donít know that. You know, Michael. He said there were a few different ways you could've gotten it.

Jessica: Natalie, we both know I did this to myself.

Nash: I could never leave Jessica -- I love her too much. Just do me a favor, though, huh? Donít punish Jessica for loving me. I was praying for Jessica.

Antonio: We all are.

Nash: Yeah, well, this is a sanctuary so I guess your boys in blue canít kick me out of here, too, right?

Antonio: Think this is a joke?

Nash: No, I donít think this is a joke.

Antonio: Then whatís with the crack?

Nash: I donít know -- maybe itís a defense mechanism. I'm feeling defensive, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah?

Nash: Yeah. Jessicaís collapsed. Sheís in a hospital, and you and her entire family wonít tell me whatís wrong or let me see her.

Antonio: We didnít know what was wrong with her until now. Sheís got Hepatitis C.

Rex: Ok, so you're sure everythingís ready for tonight? Great. Thanks for doing this on such short notice.

Adriana: Who were you talking to?

Rex: The manager at UV. I'm not successful enough of a PI to give up my night job.

Adriana: Do you want to?

Rex: I think about it, sometimes. Itís not my passion. However, today being the owner of a nightclub is coming in really handy.

Adriana: How so?

Rex: I've got a big surprise planned for tonight -- one I think you're going to find very interesting.

John: McBain.

Blair: Is it them?

Marty: Look, would you just be quiet.

Blair: Donít you tell me to be quiet. I'm sure this is all Coleís fault.

Marty: Cole hasnít done anything wrong.

Blair: Oh, right. Wouldnít be the first time.

John: All right, enough. They're at the high school.

Blair: Ok, well, then letís go.

Marty: Thank God.

John: Wait -- thereís something you need to know.

Marty: What?

Blair: What is it?

John: There was an accident, all right?

Blair: Are they ok?

John: Just outside the parking lot, the car hit a tree.

Marty: Oh, my God.

Blair: Well, is everybody all right?

John: Thereís no word yet.

Blair: Well, come on.

Marty: We have to get over there.

John: Yeah. Officer: If you'll just have a seat here. Your parents will be right on their way.

Bo: Hey, Starr? Are you all right? Hey, are you hurt?

Starr: It was awful! Henry was out of control and he was going so fast! And we tried to stop him and he was so -- and I was just --

Bo: Hey, now, now, itís ok, itís ok, listen -- you're all right, thatís all that matters right now.

Starr: Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. The car crashed, but itís ok.

Bo: Good, good.

Starr: Yeah. My mom -- my mom! I need to call my mom!

Bo: Itís all right. Your parents have been notified. All your parents have been notified. Listen, sit down. We have to have the paramedics check you out, see if you need to go to the hospital.

Cole: Leave me alone, I'm fine! Starr, you ok? You ok?

Starr: Yeah. I'm ok. I thought we were all going to die.

Cole: So did I.

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: I'm so glad you're all right.

Starr: I'm glad you're ok, too.

Bo: Ms. Jennings, are you ok?

Britney: I donít know -- I guess so. I'm so shocked, I -- I never expected that. I just -- it was so extreme. Henry just went psycho.

Marcie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, you're so -- you're ok! Are you all right?

Starr: Langston!

Langston: I thought I'd never see you again!

Starr: I know, so did I. So did I. Shh, shh.

Marcie: When I saw Henry race off in the car with the three of you, I just -- I didnít know what to think.

Starr: I just -- Henry, where -- whereís Henry? Is he ok? Where is he?

Cole: I donít know.

Starr: Cole, have you seen him?

Cole: I donít know. After the car crash, I didnít see him.

Britney: Yeah, I didnít see him, either. The paramedics pulled us out of the car.

Starr: Mr. Buchanan --

Bo: Henry was the only one in the car that wasnít wearing a seat belt, so he was thrown from the car when it hit the tree.

Starr: Oh, my -- heís ok, right?

Bo: No. I'm sorry, but Henry died.

Adriana: What sort of surprise?

Rex: You donít look excited, you look nervous.

Adriana: Well, I guess I am. The way you've been acting lately, your surprises havenít always been the best kind.

Rex: Oh, what, and Tateís are? Like when he surprised you and the rest of the world by announcing his love for you on national TV?

Adriana: No, that was a bad surprise, too. Look, I guess I'm just a little worried -- surprises from either one of you. So why donít you just tell me whatís going on?

Rex: I canít.

Adriana: What do you mean, you canít? Havenít you trusted me with enough secrets already? Like Toddís baby?

Rex: Would you keep it down?

Adriana: I'm not stupid, Rex.

Rex: Ok. Letís take it easy. If we keep going like this, we're going to get in a fight.

Adriana: Sorry. I guess just talking about Michael and Marcie and Tommy -- it bothers me.

Rex: You're not having second thoughts about telling them, are you?

Adriana: How can you ask me that after all this time?

Rex: No, I'm not doubting you. I'm upset, too. Toddís still missing. Sometimes I think heís dead.

Adriana: Donít even think that. Starr and Jack need their father.

Rex: And Tommy, too. As far as that kid knows, Michaelís his dad. But if Todd comes back, sometimes I think itís inevitable that heís going to find out the truth.

Adriana: Heís not, ok? The more time goes on, the less likely it is that the truth will really come out.

Rex: Do you really believe that?

Adriana: I really want to believe that.

Rex: Yeah, you and me both.

Adriana: So whatís my surprise?

Rex: No -- it'll take away some of the punch if I tell you now. Do you trust me?

Adriana: Of course.

Rex: Good.

Adriana: I'm going to the ladies' room. Perhaps when I come back, you'll be more inclined to tell me all about your surprise at UV tonight.

Rex: Never. You can torture me, put me on the rack -- I'm not telling. I want you to be blown away.

Adriana: I'm sure I will be.

Rex: Not as blown away as Tateís going to be.

Starr: Henry -- Henry is dead? I canít -- I canít believe it. How -- how can he die, and all of us got out ok?

Britney: You know, there was something wrong with him before the crash. I mean, thatís why we hit the tree. I -- I think he was sick.

Cole: He didnít deserve this.

Bo: I am sorry. Um -- I'll give you a few minutes, and then we'll take your official statements, ok?

Marcie: I donít really understand. Henry was a good kid. He was a good student. I -- I just donít understand why he would do something so crazy.

Starr: Mom!

Blair: Oh, my God. I was so sorry that I wasnít here. Look at you. I tried to rush back as soon as I could, and I was just -- I saw that crashed car and my heart stopped, sweetie. Are you all right?

Starr: Henry is dead.

Blair: Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Marty: Oh, my God, Cole, I was so frightened.

Cole: Well, donít worry.

Marty: No, but you could have been killed. Donít you ever do that to me again, ok? Do you hear me?

Britney: Cole didnít do anything. He was just trying to help. Thatís why he was there.

Blair: So tell me, what happened here, and who was this boy?

Starr: He was a really good kid, Mom. He was in my English Lit class.

Langston: He was kind of an outcast. He caught a lot of grief, and he didnít even deserve it.

Marcie: Do you know why he stole the car? Why on earth would any of you get in the car with him?

Starr: You're going to have to ask her.

Marcie: Britney?

Britney: Well, I didnít take a car and crash it into a tree. What are you all looking at me like that for?

Jessica: I did it to myself.

Natalie: Donít say that.

Jessica: No. No, itís true. I did it, or Tess did it.

Natalie: You canít be sure of that.

Jessica: I am sure. Itís Tess' big joke. I mean, she always had to have the last word.

Michael: The last word hasnít been spoken yet. Now, all you have to say is "I'm going to fight this."

Nash: Hep C -- what, thatís -- thatís --

Antonio: The worst. Itís serious.

Nash: How serious?

Antonio: Very. It attacks the liver. Itís probably -- possibly fatal.

Nash: What about the treatment? I mean, thereís got to be some treatment. They're treating her, right?

Antonio: It depends how far along it is. They're going to take a liver biopsy.

Nash: How --

Antonio: If you're asking me how she got it, I donít know. Itís a virus thatís carried in the blood. Thereís only a few ways.

Nash: Oh. Sex?

Antonio: No. No, only in the blood. I need an honest answer from you.

Nash: What?

Antonio: What kind of drugs did you and Tess do? Did you ever share a needle? Answer me, Nash. Did you ever shoot up?

Nash: No, I never shot up with Tess. I donít shoot up, Antonio.

Antonio: You havenít, what about her?

Nash: I donít know. Hey, anything was possible with Tess.

Antonio: No, it seems like anything is "possible" with you.

Nash: All right, you're pissed, you got a right to be. But donít you dare blame me for making Jessica sick.

Antonio: I had a few questions that needed answers, thatís it.

Nash: Right. So -- uh -- how else could she have gotten sick?

Antonio: I donít know. But we have other things to worry about.

Nash: Oh, we got other things to worry about besides Jessica on her deathbed?

Antonio: Hep C can be passed from a pregnant mother to her baby.

Nash: Bree.

Jessica: No, you donít understand. This is about Tess.

Michael: No. Itís about you, Jessica. Now, itís Jessica that has to concentrate on getting better, Jessica that has to keep a positive outlook and trust us to treat her, get her out of here.

Natalie: Do you need to examine her now?

Michael: Not right now. I wanted to let you know Vikiís back and sheís taking Bree down to be tested.

Adriana: I have a confession to make.

Rex: You're secretly Mrs. Tate Harmon?

Adriana: Oh, thatís not funny.

Rex: Why not? I think you being married to that guy would be a joke.

Adriana: Do you want to hear my confession or not?

Rex: Oh, all you good catholic girls and your confessions. Yes, my child, tell me what you've done, and I will determine your punishment.

Adriana: I called your hostess at U.V. and she spilled the beans about your surprise.

Rex: You went behind my back? Why'd you do that?

Adriana: I'm sorry, ok? I guess I'm just a little gun-shy about surprises these days after the whole "View" thing.

Rex: That wasnít me.

Adriana: I know that, but I have a case of posttraumatic Tate syndrome.

Rex: Yeah, you and me both. So, just how much do you know?

Adriana: Everything. And I have to say, Mr. Balsom, I didnít think that there was anything you could do to shock me, but you've really done it this time.

Starr: You want to know why we're all staring at you, Britney? Because you're the reason Henry is dead.

John: Hey, look, a young guy died today. Letís get all our facts straight before we start assigning blame, ok?

Britney: Cole, do you think it was my fault?

Cole: I'm with Lieutenant McBain here. We all just need to deal with the shock of all this and stop pointing fingers. I mean, it doesnít matter, itís not going to bring Henry back.

Langston: Britneyís been torturing him all year. He finally snapped.

Britney: Ok, I was just as much of a victim as anyone else here. I could've died, too.

Starr: Did you hear what he was saying in the car, Britney? He was up night after night doing your and his homework. He couldnít take it anymore. He had to take pills.

Cole: Dexies.

Langston: Henry?

Starr: Yeah, one of the pills fell out of his pocket and he said it was helping him stay awake.

John: Itís an amphetamine. When misused, it can cause panic attacks and hallucinations. Itís not something you want to be messing with.

Bo: How much was he taking?

Cole: Enough to stay awake for two weeks straight.

John: Ok, you all said he slumped over the wheel before you crashed.

Starr: Yeah, he was having pains. He said it felt like it was someone stabbing him.

Cole: Yeah, and his arm was hurting, too, and he was sweating a lot. I tried to get him to pull over so that I could drive, but --

Starr: But he wouldnít listen to any of us. He said that he was sick of being ordered around.

John: Sounds like he had a heart attack brought on by a drug overdose.

Cole: Yeah, he kept getting worse. I think he was getting scared.

Starr: Thatís when you finally convinced him to go back to school and --

Cole: Yeah, but by the time he got here, he saw all the cops and freaked, and just lost control.

Blair: Starr, what in the world were you doing in that boyís car in the first place?

Cole: We were trying to help Henry. All right, he got himself into a difficult situation, and Starr and I were just trying to help him. We got in the car to talk, thatís it.

John: What kind of difficult situation?

Langston: Britney.

Britney: I didnít do anything.

Starr: He was trying to manipulate him into helping her with her schoolwork again.

Marcie: Henry was doing your schoolwork for you?

Britney: No.

Cole: Heather told us that you were going to surprise us with a test tomorrow.

Marcie: Thatís right -- I was.

Britney: Well, whatís the difference now? Henryís dead! I mean, all that stuff -- thereís no point in even talking about it!

Starr: Oh, yeah, sure. You say that now, right?

Britney: Ok, I didnít know how much work he had, I didnít know that my little requests were such a big deal to him. He always made it seem like schoolwork was so easy.

Marcie: So how long have these "little requests" been going on -- for some time now?

Langston: All year.

John: All right, all right, look, that -- thatís enough. This ainít getting us anywhere, all right? The important thing is to make sure you guys are all right. We're going to take some preliminary statements and we'll get you all out of here, all right?

Bo: We'll just take the basics for now because you've had a long day.

John: Britney, why donít you go first. Officer Simmons up here will take your statement.

Blair: Do you understand why hanging out with Cole is dangerous?

Starr: Mom, look, I know your feelings towards Cole, and I am not going back on my word. I just want you to know how much of a hero he was.

Cole: Starr, thatís enough. I didnít do anything.

Starr: Yes, you did. Cole, if it wasnít for you, I would be just as dead as Henry is right now.

Michael: I know you're worried, but Hepatitis C doesnít have to --

Jessica: My daughter --

Michael: I understand, believe me. But I want you to know that the odds of contracting the disease in utero are low to moderate.

Jessica: Any risk is too much.

Michael: Letís not jump to any conclusions -- you know, we havenít even got the test results back.

Jessica: Bree doesnít deserve this, you know? Sheís a sweet, innocent, little baby. I mean, how am I going to live with myself if I gave this to her?

Nash: All right, Bree -- I've got to get her down --

Antonio: Nash --

Nash: Sheís got to get tested -- what?

Antonio: Vikiís bringing her in now.

Nash: Thank you. Thank you for telling me.

Antonio: You're her father.

Nash: Yeah, yeah -- wait. Donít you think that I deserve to know how Jessica is doing? Jessica gave birth to Bree.

Antonio: Tess gave birth to Bree.

Nash: Oh.

Antonio: And no, I donít think you deserve to know. Jessicaís my wife.

Nash: Yeah, Jessicaís your wife, and Jessica and --

Antonio: What, Nash? If you got something to say, say it.

Nash: You got to let me see her.

Michael: Is there anything else, you know, any questions about this?

Jessica: I just want you to be honest with me. Am I going to be able to be Breeís mom?

Michael: Letís take this one step at a time, ok? We havenít even biopsied your liver yet.

Jessica: Ok.

Michael: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Jessica: Yeah, one more thing. Um -- when you're waiting for Breeís test, could you just say a little prayer for her, please?

Nash: She is the mother of my child. I have a right to see her.

Antonio: No, thatís where you're wrong. You may have a right to see your daughter, but you have no right to see Jessica.

Nash: Please.

Antonio: If I hear that you upset her -- never do that.

Nash: Thank you.

Antonio: Go.

Rex: Ok, so -- so when you say you know everything, you mean that --

Adriana: I know that you planned an aids fundraiser tonight at U.V.

Rex: Oh, that "everything"? Right -- duh! You surprised?

Adriana: I'm shocked. I didnít know that inside this adorable troublemaker, there lurked the heart of a compassionate person. Well, I mean, I did know that, but I thought I was the only one that saw it. This is a big step for you, Rex -- outing yourself as a humanitarian and being vulnerable enough to show how much you care about other people?

Rex: Yeah, thatís me, Mr. Compassion.

Adriana: I think itís wonderful.

Rex: You do?

Adriana: I do. So, are you going to punish me for going behind your back and making that phone call?

Rex: Of course -- but not here. Letís go back to your place, and I'll teach you a lesson. Because you've been a very, very bad girl.

Marty: Cole, I am so proud of you.

Marcie: Me, too. It took tremendous courage and a lot of strength of character to talk Henry into coming back.

Cole: Yeah, well, I donít feel so proud.

Blair: Starr? You were brave, too. And that poor boy -- itís a tragedy. Such a waste of a young life.

John: How you doing, kid?

Cole: All right. But Starrís wrong -- I'm no hero. Do you want to know why Henry was willing to listen to me?

John: Sure.

Cole: Because I talked to him, one druggie to another. You know, I -- I told him how much we were alike -- that I had freaked out my mind and body on drugs just like he did. Yeah, it got him to calm down a little bit, but it definitely wasnít one of my proudest moments.

John: My old man, he was a -- he was a big believer in fate. You know, he always believed people were put in a certain place at a certain time for a reason. And all that stuff you went through earlier this year -- you know, with the steroids and stuff -- you had to go through that so you could be there for Starr and Britney when they needed you most.

Cole: Thanks.

Bo: Excuse me, Starr, I'll take your statement.

Blair: Itís ok.

Britney: Mrs. McBain? Please, if it gets around -- you know, why Henry did what he did -- the other kids -- they'll --

Marcie: They'll what?

Starr: They will what? Hate you? They should. Donít think that this is all going to get covered up, Britney. Because I am going to make sure that the whole school finds out exactly what you did.

Tate: This is just a business call, ok, so donít come at me with an ice pick or anything sharp.

Rex: What about something blunt?

Tate: Seriously, Rex, Adriana and I have to go over my schedule for exposed because I'm working at the TV station right now. You got a problem with that?

Rex: Ever heard of using a phone?

Adriana: Rex, back off, please? I knew he was coming over.

Rex: Well, your stationís doing a piece down at my club tonight.

Tate: Really? What about?

Adriana: The aids awareness fundraiser?

Rex: Yes, the fundraiser -- and more.

Adriana: Whatís the "more"?

Rex: For that, you'll have to tune in. You know, Tate, it would be just ducky if you could join us.

Tate: Well, gee, thanks, Rex, but I got to work.

Adriana: What about me? You donít want me there?

Rex: Uh -- I'll be busy. I wouldnít want you sitting there all alone.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Well, I better get down there. [Rex growls] Promise me you'll watch it on TV?

Adriana: Of course I will.

Rex: Ok, and tape it -- I want to enjoy it later.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Now, where did I put my jacket? Oh, yeah, thatís right -- it must be in the closet. Well, news at 11:00 -- be sure to tune in.

Adriana: Ok, Rex.

Rex: Have a good meeting.

Tate: Great. Now we're finally alone.

Natalie: Hey. Bree is here, sheís getting tested right now. Maybe you should go and be with Jessica.

Antonio: I'll be there in a little while.

Natalie: She needs you.

Antonio: I told Nash he could see her.

Natalie: Well, I hope you know what the hell you're doing.

Adriana: Tate, you promised to stop coming on to me.

Tate: Hold -- hold on a second. I'm just glad Rex is gone so we can get to work. I'm running short on time today.

Adriana: Oh.

Tate: Disappointed?

Adriana: No, of course not. I just thought that maybe you were trying to test the waters again.

Tate: Well, I dipped my toes in once and I nearly got frostbite. That was supposed to be funny.

Adriana: Sorry. I have a hard time telling when you're serious.

Tate: Oh, believe me when I say I'm 100% serious.

Roxy: Whoo!

Rex: What are you doing here tonight, Roxy?

Roxy: Itís discount drink night, right?

Rex: Well, itís always discount drink night for you, mom.

Roxy: Mmm -- thanks, baby. You know, there are an unusual amount of hotties here tonight.

[Rex stammers]

Rex: I -- I donít think they're your type.

Roxy: Oh, darling, they're all my type, each and every one of them. You are damn cute.

Rex: Did you notice thereís no women here?

Roxy: Oh, good -- then the odds are definitely in my favor.

Rex: This is an aids awareness fundraiser.

Roxy: Baby, you are so sweet. That is such a wonderful thing to do for the community.

Rex: This is a "gay" aids awareness fundraiser. These guys are all gay.

Roxy: Great -- I love gay men.

Rex: Yeah, so does Tate.

Roxy: Oh, does he have a gay fan club?

Rex: No, he has a gay life -- heís gay.

Roxy: Thatís why he dresses so nice. Wait a minute, what are you saying? Tateís not gay.

Rex: Itís true, his wife told me.

Roxy: Unless he has a wife named Rick or Dick, I donít think you know what gay is.

Rex: Tate got married when he was young, and his wife divorced him on grounds for fraud. She said she should've listened to the rumors.

Roxy: Wait -- no, wait, wait -- I saw him on "The View," and I saw him jump up on that chair and say he was crazy about Adriana. I know for a fact that guy ainít gay.

Rex: Agh!

Roxy: Baby, ok, all right, I'm sorry, that was a low blow.

Rex: Roxy, Tate is using Adriana to make him look straight. Heís built up this image that heís this big ladyís man, and heís afraid if anybody finds out the secret, itís going to mess up his career, and I will be damned if I'm going to let him use Adriana like that.

Jessica: Nash, I'm so sorry.

Nash: For what?

Jessica: For not showing up at midnight to meet you.

Nash: Nah, it was nothing.

Jessica: You must've hated me.

Nash: Never. I love you.

Jessica: Antonio might come in.

Nash: He knows I'm here.

Jessica: What did you tell him?

Nash: Nothing. I just used the magic word, "please?" And then I told Bo that he'd have to lock me up to keep me away from you.

Nash: I am not going anywhere.

Miles: Are you all right?

John: What are you doing here?

Miles: Well, I was really worried about Marty and Cole. I thought I should be here for them to see if I could help.

Marty: Yes, I am fine, Miles, thank you.

Miles: Good.

Marty: Look -- ahem. Look, listen to me, ok?

Miles: Ok.

Marty: No one knows that Todd is missing. Blairís daughter doesnít know, she doesnít need to know, and neither does Cole.

Miles: Not a word.

Bo: How'd it go in Chicago?

John: Well, Manningís disappeared and thereís something about it that stinks.

Bo: Any leads?

John: Yeah, we found a mashed-up audiotape at a place where Manning might've been. I'm trying to have the lab put it back together.

Bo: Whatís your gut say?

John: My gut tells me someone might've lured him there, promised him answers about his kid.

Bo: Who would do a thing like that?

John: I have an idea.

Bo: Yeah, me, too.

Starr: Wait, whereís -- whereís dad? Why isnít he here? Mom, does he know about what happened?

Tate: I'm Tate Harmon, and that was the lighter side of sports -- and believe me when I say, I'm 100% serious.

News anchor: Off the record, Tate, I agree with you on the future of professional curling.

Tate: Itís controversial, I know.

News anchor: Thanks, Tate. We're going to end tonight with Jane Mc Laughlin reporting from the ultra violet nightclub. Jane?

Jane: I'm here with Rex Balsom, the owner of Ultra Violet, who has opened the doors of his nightclub to host a gay fundraiser for aids awareness. Rex, what gave you the inspiration to host this event?

Rex: Well, I wanted to use the club for good, not evil -- at least for tonight.

Jane: Well, you seem to have gotten a good turnout.

Rex: Yeah, itís -- itís great. My girlfriend, Adriana, and I have a lot of friends down here, and we're hoping to attract a few of the local gay celebrities for support, as well -- like my good friend baseball legend Tate Harmon.

Jane: Tate Harmon is gay?

News anchor: Is this true?

Rex: What do you say, Tate? Come on out and join us!

Adriana: Are you crazy?

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Nash: For what?

Jessica: I'm a wreck.

Nash: You're entitled to be.

Jessica: Are you scared?

Nash: No. Hey -- no, we will do what the doctors say, we will get a second opinion, we'll take herbs and --

Jessica: Ow -- we -- we canít do anything.

Nash: Jessica --

Jessica: We have to pretend like we hate each other like we did before.

Nash: Nope, canít do that, done with that.

Jessica: We canít tell Antonio now, it'll kill him.

Nash: Well, it seems to me that itís killing you now.

Jessica: I'm going to tell him when I -- when I'm stronger, I promise.

Nash: You just promise to get stronger.

Jessica: Well, hepatitis c isnít curable.

Nash: Hey, you giving up? Huh? Because if you are, I'll get Brennan and we'll leave town right now. You just say so.

Jessica: Like hell you will.

Nash: Gotcha.

Antonio: Do whatever you have to. Just make my wife better.

Doctor: We'll do our best, Mr. Vega.

Starr: No, mom, where is dad?

Blair: Um -- let me check on something.

Starr: But, mom --

Blair: John?

John: Hmm?

Blair: Are you finished with us? I want to get Starr home.

John: Yeah, look, you and -- you and Cole need to come down to the station later this week and sign your statements, but for now um -- you guys need a ride?

Miles: I -- I can take them -- itís on my way.

Cole: Yeah, if you donít mind, I'd rather go with John.

Marty: Thank you.

Miles: Why would I mind?

Mrs. Jennings: I canít believe how long it took to get in here.

Bo: Uh -- maybe you didnít notice, but we had a bit of a situation on our hands.

Britney: Mommy, I'm so glad you're here.

Mrs. Jennings: You're going to have a major situation on your hands.

Britney: Hey --

Bo: We would like to bring in a counselor for Britney to talk to, if thatís ok?

Mrs. Jennings: No, that is not ok. She doesnít need a counselor.

Britney: Mommy, whereís daddy?

Mrs. Jennings: He got held up with something, I left him a message. The police department, the school, and you are going to get a nice, big, fat lawsuit dropped right into your laps.

Britney: Mommy --

Mrs. Jennings: We're going home.

Britney: Mom?  

Bo: Hey, Blair, you hang in there, ok?

Blair: We should go.

Starr: Wait -- no, before we go, I want to know where dad is.

John: You're -- uh -- you're dadís still in Chicago.

Starr: No. No, because once you found out about the situation, you would've told dad and made him come down here. Where is he, Mom?

[Blair sighs]

Blair: Starr --

Starr: Mom --

Blair: Itís just you've had such an awful day, I just didnít want to tell you this now.

Starr: Tell me what, mom?

Blair: Your dadís missing.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: I want to know what you did to Todd!

Miles: Nothing!

Adriana: You lied on TV to humiliate him.

Rex: How do you know itís a lie?

Nash: You mind stepping inside for a moment? Jessica and I have something we'd like to discuss with you.

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