OLTL Transcript Monday 5/7/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/7/07


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Nash: All right, God, here I am. How do we do this, huh? Do I got a right to do this? Because I never asked you for anything, but I'm asking you for something now -- make Jessica well. Make her well. I'll cut you a deal.

Natalie: So you got the results back from Jessicaís test?

Michael: Like I said, it wasnít what I wanted to see.

Viki: Whatís wrong with her?

Antonio: Is she going to be all right?

Marty: Miles. What are you doing here? Is something wrong?

Miles: Um -- I know what happened to Todd Manning.

Blair: Ok, if you two want to head back to Llanview, go right ahead. I'm staying here in Chicago --

John: Do you ever listen to anybody?

Blair: I listen to things that are important, ok?

John: Just -- what do you got there, Detective?

Det. Morris: The trash from the building where Manningís blood was I.D.'d. Got it just before the truck came.

John: Oh, yeah? Anything we can use?

Det. Morris: Donít know. I'll get to it later.

Blair: "Later"? No, no, no, let -- let me -- let me at it.

Dorian: No! Blair, you're out of your mind.

John: You got some gloves?

Heather: I canít believe it!

Marcie: Heather? Honey, are you ok?

Heather: I'm not sure.

Marcie: You're not sure of what? You're not making any sense, honey.

Heather: I think Henry just stole the student driverís car.

Marcie: What? When?

Heather: Just now.

Marcie: Ok. Uh -- I'm going to go notify the principal, ok?

Heather: But, Mrs. McBain, thereís more.

Marcie: Whatís that?

Heather: Britney, Starr, and Cole got in the car, too, and Henry was driving, like, 90 Miles an hour.

Marcie: Oh, God.

Cole: Dude, arenít you going a little fast?

Henry: Shut up!

Britney: Ok, you know what, Cole? Stop talking. This is a very difficult car to handle, and Henryís doing just great.

Starr: Henry, we should really go back to school, ok? You're not supposed to be driving without an instructor.

Henry: You're all such hypocrites. You keep telling me to not let Britney boss me around, but you boss me around just as much as she does. At least she cares about me.

Starr: She only cares about you when thereís a big test coming up.

Britney: Oh, shut up. You're just jealous because he doesnít help you.

Henry: You know, I'm smarter than all of you put together.

Britney: Thatís right, Henry, you are, and these guys donít even respect you.

Cole: Britney, you're such a bitch. Henry, donít listen to her.

Henry: Donít talk to her like that.

Britney: Henry, ignore them. Listen, listen, help me out, and I'll make sure everyone knows what a great guy you are.

Starr: Are you --

Britney: In fact, I could probably make you the most popular guy at school.

Cole: How will you --

Starr: Henry, look out!

Michael: Jessica has Hepatitis C.

Natalie: Hep C? Are you sure?

Michael: Itís a virus known as H.C.V. It attacks the liver. The majority of cases are chronic. The virus attacks the liver over a number of years.

Antonio: Ok, Michael, what about Jessicaís case?

Michael: Oh, we're actually quite fortunate that Jessica collapsed. I mean, most people that are carriers of H.C.V. have it for up to 30 years without showing any symptoms while serious damage is being done.

Natalie: How would Jessica even catch this?

Michael: You donít catch it, per se -- not like you would a cold.

Natalie: I know how you get it. It just doesnít make any sense.

Michael: Viki, did Jessica have any blood transfusions prior to 1992?

Viki: No.

Michael: And did she ever work in a hospital where she may have been exposed to needles containing the virus?

Viki: I donít know. I mean, she was a candy striper when she was a teenager. My God.

Michael: The most common mode of transmission for Hep C is the sharing of needles with someone who has it.

Viki: Needles? You mean like -- like Heroin?

Nash: These two mean the world to me. Huh? But, hey, if Antonio is right -- if Antonio is right and I stressed Jessica out so much that it made her sick, if itís my fault -- I want her to get well. So hereís the deal. Make her well and I'll give her up for good.

Paige: You know, I hate to eat and run but duty calls.

Bo: I know. Looks like itís going to be another one of those late nights. Do you think that we will ever be able to spend time with one another other than over just a little snack like this?

Paige: Mm-hmm. I think I'm definitely free three weeks from last January.

Bo: Oh -- fine, fine. Now, you know what? I had in mind something just a little bit sooner, ok? Think about this -- you, me, the lake, next weekend.

Paige: I would love that, but I'm not sure Noraís going to let Matthew go next weekend. Itís motherís day.

Bo: Oh, thatís right, I forgot. Oh -- hey. You going to be all right with that?

Paige: Yeah. I spent every other Motherís Day without Hugh.

Bo: I know, I know, but this one --

Paige: Yeah, it would have been our first one together.

Bo: Look, I donít think you should be alone.

Paige: No, I'm not going to be. I'm going to go to California. I'm going to see Hughís grave. Samantha and Edward asked me to come and she and I are both his mother, so we're going to remember him together.

Bo: I think thatís a great idea. I think you should go.

Paige: You know, every single motherís day I said a prayer for my son. I prayed that he was safe. I prayed that -- that I did the right thing, keeping him away from Spencer. And now Spencerís never going to hurt anyone ever again.

Marty: Miles, if you feel guilty, you know, about the tip you gave Todd to find his son, donít -- unless thereís something you're not telling us.

Miles: No, no, I -- I just know that Spencer wanted Todd dead, and now Todd is missing.

Marty: Well, I'm sure there is another, reasonable explanation, or at least I hope so.

Miles: Why? Why do you care if Todd turns up dead?

John: We were lucky Detective Morris let us do this.

Dorian: "Lucky"?

John: He didnít have to.

Blair: Here, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, no, thank you. I mean, but we are doing them a favor, actually, sparing them an intimate encounter with the refuse from a crack den.

Blair: What exactly are we looking for, John?

John: Could be anything, you know -- a droplet of blood, a partial print, it could be something thatís so little it doesnít even seem like something.

Blair: Really? Oh, you think thatís something?

John: I donít know. I donít know. The labelís been ripped off. The way the plasticís been broken, it doesnít seem like it was broken by accident.

Blair: But itís -- itís broken, itís worthless. Look, John, thank you. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for coming all this way to help me find Todd. I really appreciate it.

John: Yeah, well, you know, you helped me nail Truman. I sort of owe you one.

Blair: But you canít stay here forever.

Dorian: Uh, excuse me, that goes for you, too.

Blair: Well, I canít go back home without Todd. The kids will get suspicious, especially Starr.

John: Sooner or later you're going to have to tell them something.

Dorian: Well, you know Starr. She'd figure it out on her own anyway.

Blair: Well, who knows? Maybe we'll find Todd before then. We might. And right now, I just donít want to worry my kids. I mean ignorance -- itís bliss. Right?

Starr: Henry, are you crazy? You almost hit that kid!

Cole: Henry, are you listening?

Britney: Oh, my God, you guys -- shut up and let him concentrate. With you two bugging him all the time, no wonder --

Henry: Britney, no one invited you, either.

Britney: Well -- but, Henry, I wanted to talk to you. I mean, I can understand why you're so angry with me, but I saw what you wrote on your Myface page.

Henry: You read that?

Britney: Well, of course I did. I check it every day. I mean, that was so sweet what you said about giving me another chance and forgiving me.

Henry: That was before I saw the picture of you and Garrett attached to my locker, and before amber came to me to get the picture you gave to me to give to him.

Starr: No way -- you didnít.

Henry: I must've looked at that picture a thousand times a day all because you gave it to me.

Britney: Well, I'll give you another one.

Henry: It wonít be the same. You canít treat people like this and then expect them to like you.

Britney: Well, Henry, I'm sorry. I guess I just never realized how much you cared about me. I mean, most people are only my friend because I'm pretty or popular.

Starr: You're kidding me, right?

Britney: Look, I'm really sorry. I made a huge mistake. It was so stupid. I'll try better if you forgive me.

Starr: Henry, you're not going to believe her, are you? Henry? Henry!

Cole: Ok, that was the second stop sign you went through without so much as tapping on the brake. I think itís time you pull over, buddy.

Henry: Huh. I'm not your buddy, or your friend. I donít have any friends.

Britney: Well, Henry, I was hoping I was a little more than a friend. Do you remember those earrings you gave me?

Henry: How could I forget that humiliation?

Britney: Oh, I was PMSing. They make me act really bitchy.

Starr: Britney, donít even --

Britney: Starr, shut up! This is between me and Henry.

Cole: Not if you get us killed.

Henry: What, are you scared?

Britney: You know, Henry, I was so, so wrong about those earrings. I've been thinking about how beautiful they were and -- do you still have them?

Henry: Yeah, they're in my -- Henry, donít give them to her!

Cole: Henry, come on, put both hands on the wheel!

Henry: Are you serious? You really like them?

Britney: Of course. I wouldnít lie about something like that. That would be so cruel.

Starr: My gosh!

Britney: If you give them to me, I'll wear them forever.

Bo: I think itís a great idea that you're going to visit Hughís grave, but after that I want you home, Paige.

Paige: I am home. I told you, I'm not going to leave Llanview.

Bo: I'm not talking about Llanview. I mean home, our home. My place. For good, ok? I want us to make it, honey, ok?

Paige: Even after everything that has happened?

Bo: Hey, Spencerís dead. Thatís all behind us now.

Miles: Be honest, Marty. You never wished Todd dead?

Marty: No. Yes, we have our issues, but --

Miles: "Issues" is too kind a word.

Marty: Ok, you're right. You know our story, ok? Todd did the worst thing imaginable to me. I wanted him punished. I wanted to make sure that he never, ever did the same thing to another woman again. But I didnít want him dead.

Miles: I just donít get this.

Marty: What donít you get?

Miles: Well, I mean, Todd Manning did all these terrible things, and you let him off the hook. But Spencer, he does a couple of wonderful things, and everybody canít wait for the guy to die.

Marty: Todd and Spencer are very different cases.

Miles: How?

Marty: Miles, Spencer -- he had no conscience. Thatís why I found him unfit to stand trial. Ok, he may have done some wonderful things, but he -- he did terrible things, evil things. And he showed no remorse. Thatís the difference between him and Todd. Todd -- he genuinely suffers for the mistakes he made, and he has two kids that he loves and they love and need him. So for their sake, I hope heís alive.

Miles: Well, if Spencer is the man that everyone thought he was, might be too late for Todd.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Marcie: Blair? Itís Marcie McBain. Look, I know you're out of town, but, um, somethingís happened.

Blair: What is it?

Marcie: Itís Starr.

Blair: Well, what -- whatís going on? Does it have anything to do with Cole Thornhart?

Marcie: Yeah -- I mean, Coleís involved, but it -- itís not him.

Blair: Whatís going on with Starr?

Marcie: Henry Mackler was supposed to have a student-driving lesson after school and, for some reason, he took off in the car without the instructor.

Blair: Marcie, what does this have to do with my daughter?

Marcie: Three other students got in the car with him, and we donít know where they are.

Blair: Marcie, are you telling me that Starr is in the car with them?

Marcie: I'm afraid so, yes.

Blair: Oh, God -- this -- find my daughter, please, and make sure that sheís safe.

Marcie: Yeah.

Blair: Starr --

Starr: Mom? Mom, hello, is that you?

Blair: Starr -- mom, I canít hear you.

Henry: Hang it up!

Starr: Itís just my mom, but I -- I canít even hear --

Henry: Ok, ok, everybody, put your cell phones out the window now, or I drive this car off the road.

Starr: No!

Blair: Starr -- are you all right?

Starr: No, mom -- mom, we're -- we're driving, we're in the middle of driving --

Henry: Now, Britney, I said now!

Starr: No! Mom!

Henry: I said now. Everybody, give your phones to Britney -- now, come on!

Starr: I canít hear you -- I love you! Mom! Ah! Mom, I love you!

Blair: Starr -- Starr!

Henry: You promise lying about the earrings?

Britney: Can I show you? Here, let me try them on.

Henry: Ok.

Britney: See, Henry -- look. Arenít they pretty? I donít know how I didnít notice that before.

Henry: Who was that on the phone?

Starr: It was -- it was my mom, Henry, but sheís going to know that somethingís up if I donít answer --

Henry: Look, I told you not to answer your phone.

Britney: Forget about her -- look at the earrings. Look.

Cole: Henry --

Henry: They're nice.

Cole: Henry, what is this?

Henry: Thatís mine, give it back.

Starr: No!

Henry: Give it back!

Starr: You're swerving!

Cole: This is a Dexy, isnít it?

Henry: Thatís none of your business.

Britney: Henry, look, see -- donít they look pretty on me?

Henry: They look nice.

Starr: Wait -- whatís a "Dexy," Cole?

Cole: Itís a -- itís a pill to make you stay up, like if you have to stay up overnight. Henry, how long has it been since you've slept?

Henry: Oh. You shouldnít be asking me anything, steroid boy.

Cole: Hey, I'm just trying to help, all right?

Henry: God -- yeah, right.

Cole: So, come on, Henry. Please, just tell me -- how long has it been since you had any sleep?

Henry: Itís been a long time.

Starr: Henry, why would you do something like that to yourself?

Henry: For her. I did everything for you. I couldnít balance my schoolwork and my homework and your homework and sleep at the same time. Something had to give, so I just -- I stopped sleeping. I've been popping those pills like they're candy.

Starr: Oh, my gosh -- you havenít even slept an hour?

Britney: Because of me?

Cole: Henry, I'm serious. How long has it been since you had any sleep?

Henry: Two weeks.

Jessica: Mom?

Viki: Oh, honey, we're -- we're here. We're here.

Antonio: Baby. Hi.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: We didnít -- we didnít want to wake you.

Jessica: Ok. Well, whatís going on? Whatís wrong with me?

Viki: Um -- honey, you have Hepatitis C.

Jessica: Are you sure?

Michael: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Viki: Do you know what it is?

Jessica: Yeah, I know what it is. I did an article on it once.

Natalie: They caught it early.

Antonio: Yes, which means they can treat it.

Jessica: How?

Michael: Well, currently the only method of treatment is drug therapy.

Jessica: And thereís no cure?

Michael: Well, itís possible that after treatment, your blood will show no sign of the virus, but I canít guarantee it wonít come back.

Jessica: Ok, how long have I had it?

Michael: We wonít know that until we biopsy your liver.

Viki: I donít understand how she got this.

Natalie: Mom, mom, itís not important. We just need to get her on the drugs and --

Michael: You know, actually it might be helpful if you could remember where you might have contracted it.

Jessica: No, I donít, I --

Antonio: What, Jess?

Jessica: What if I had this before Bree? Could I have passed it on to my daughter?

Marty: Miles, do you know something else about Toddís disappearance, you know, something you're not telling me?

Miles: It -- itís a complicated situation.

Marty: Well, you're going to have to figure out how to uncomplicate it. Look, I have a meeting with Detective Sanchez about a -- a case. I'm doing some profiling for him, so I have to go. Are you going to be ok?

Miles: Yeah, yeah. Go do what you got to do. I'll talk to you later.

Marty: Ok.

Bo: I just had a thought -- ahem. When you get back, do you think that we can spend some time together, alone time, really quality time? Because I'd rather nobody else know this -- I miss you when you're gone.

Paige: Well, I miss you, too. I'm not going to be gone that long.

Bo: A day is too long.

Paige: You sound like a teenager in love.

Bo: Really? Well, it might be a stretch in my case, but you kind of make me feel like a teenager, you know -- happy?

[Pager beeps]

Paige: Oh.

Bo: Ay-yi-yi.

Paige: Yeah. Itís the hospital. I got to go.

Bo: They didnít have pagers when I was a teenager.

Paige: I'll see you later.

Bo: All right. Hey. Officer: Yeah, whatís up? Commissioner, itís for you. An. What? Where? When? Ok, I'm on my way. Nick, you're with me.

Miles: Whatís wrong?

Bo: Police business.

Britney: Two weeks?

Starr: Yeah, Britney, and he did that all for you. How does that make you feel?

Henry: Donít blame her. I wanted to do it.

Starr: Henry, what kind of pill keeps you up for two weeks?

Henry: Dexamphetamines. And it doesnít just keep you awake -- it helps you focus and get better grades.

Cole: Henry, you saw what using did to me. I mean, I lost my chance at a football scholarship. Everybody started calling me "steroid boy." Did you really think you could get it to work for you?

Henry: Would you stop comparing our lives? They're totally different. My life is a living hell and yours --

Cole: My life sucks! Are you kidding me?

Henry: I think thatís a little relative, donít you think?

Cole: Yeah, things between Starr and I could've been different if I hadnít -- if I hadnít have messed with that stuff. All right? I lost somebody I loved. I mean, are you willing to lose everything, too?

Henry: Being smart is all that I have. Ok? Girls -- girls donít like me. I have to do things the hard way, so I'm willing to make a -- [Henry gasps]

Britney: Hey, are you all right? Henry?

Henry: Oh, God, it feels like a knifeís going through my chest.

Britney: Henry?

Henry: Oh, God, it hurts.

Starr: Henry, are you ok? Whatís happening?

Cole: Pull the car over now!

Jessica: Could I pass this on to my daughter?

Michael: If you had the Hep C when you were pregnant. Oh, my God -- We should get Bree tested right away.

Jessica: Well, what about anybody else?

Michael: Hep C is not passed on through casual contact. I mean, the risk is actually very low even with intimate contact. But if thereís anyone whoís concerned, they should get tested.

Antonio: I'm not worried about me. Letís just focus on Jessica.

Michael: Ok. Well, letís get you prepped for that biopsy. I'm sorry, guys, I'm going to have to ask you guys to step out.

Viki: Sure.

Natalie: We'll be right out here.

Antonio: I love you.

Jessica: Ok. I didnít want to scare my family, but I know a lot about this.

Michael: I got that.

Jessica: Michael, am I going to die?

Natalie: I donít understand this. I mean, how could she be so sick and we didnít even know it?

Viki: Well, obviously, it was Tess who contracted it, right?

Antonio: Which means sheís had it for a while.

Viki: So we have to get Bree tested right away. And -- and no matter how you two feel about it, somebody has to tell Nash.

Nash: I mean it. If thatís what itís going to take, I will give her up. You --

Paige: I donít think it works that way.

Nash: You heard that?

Paige: Yeah, most of it.

Nash: Yeah? You going to tell Bo?

Paige: No. Itís between you and -- and God.

Nash: I donít know what to do. I donít want to lose her.

Paige: Well, I donít really know how God handles these things, but as a doctor, I can tell you that offering to leave Jessica wonít make her well.

Nash: I just love her that much.

Paige: I understand that. More than you know. I gave up the person I loved most in the world in order to save him. But ultimately, it wasnít up to me. So now, I -- I come here to pray for his soul. I try not to think about the life we could have had together if I had been selfish.

Paige: But I'm so filled with regret. Are you willing to live that way? To make that sacrifice?

John: You hanging in there?

Blair: I just donít know whatís happening. Todd goes looking for his son and heís missing, and -- and now Starr.

Dorian: Starrís going to be all right, I just know it.

Blair: We love that little girl so much, Dorian. So much. Todd loves her like crazy. We canít lose her. We just canít.

[Henry pants]

Britney: You're not ok, Henry.

Starr: Sheís right. Listen. Look, Coleís right. You're sick. You shouldnít be driving like this.

Cole: Look, you're supposed to be so damn smart. Donít you know what the side effects of those pills can be? I mean, your heart can explode.

Henry: Leave me alone, I'm fine.

Britney: Henry, I think you should listen to them, really. You donít look so good. You're sweating, and you're really pale.

Henry: And what? And I repulse you, and -- and you hate me.

Britney: No, thatís not it at all.

Henry: Yes, it is. You think that -- that you can just flirt with me and I'll help pass you in English?

Britney: No --

Henry: Forget it. Forget it, ok? This is it. I'm done, I know what I'm doing. I'm going to drive this car to the end of the world. I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to do!

Cole: Henry, you're not acting normal.

Henry: How would you know?

Cole: You're out of control. Itís the pills -- they make you see things that arenít really there.

Henry: Oh, like friends?

Starr: No, like you havenít slept for two weeks, and you shouldnít be driving right now.

Henry: Look, I've been monitoring my intake of the pills, I know the side effects, I'm fine. I can handle this.

Britney: Henry, I really think you should pull --

Henry: I should stop listening to people.

Cole: No, you should start listening to the right people.

Henry: Oh -- like who, you?

Cole: You know, I may -- I may be the only person that understands what you're going through right now. Henry, you think you're maxed out because you're stressed, but you're not. Itís the pills, they change you. All right? Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Henry: Huh.

Cole: Henry, come on, listen to me. Just turn the car around. All right? Letís go back to school before we all end up splattered all over the road.

Blair: Still no word on Starr.

Dorian: That could be good news, right, Detective?

John: Mm-hmm.

Blair: John, I thought, you know, that tape was going to be worthless.

John: You know, the guys in the lab respliced this tape. Maybe we can get something off it.

Blair: I had a really bad dream right before I woke up and found out Todd was gone. I just knew something -- something was wrong. Itís crazy to be so connected to someone, whether you want to be or not.

Dorian: That happens with some people.

Blair: You know, itís even -- you know, with your kids, you spend your whole life trying to protect them, do whatever you can, and then --

Dorian: Poor Starr.

Blair: Sheís scared, Dorian. I -- I can feel it. I can feel it.

Henry: My God, it hurts.

Britney: Henry, pull over.

Henry: No, no, I'm not stupid. If I pull over now, they'll catch me, and itís going to go on my permanent record, and I need a perfect record -- 5.0, 2400 SATs. But when I pull over, itís all ruined -- all because of you!

Britney: No --

Cole: Henry, listen, itís not over, all right? We -- we can fix this. All right? Look at me. I got kicked off the football team. Yeah. So? I'm playing baseball now. And next year, if I stay clean they'll let me play football again. The school gave me a second chance.

Starr: We'll help you, ok, Henry? We'll tell the school that it was our fault. Just please, give us another chance.

Britney: Henry, I'm sorry I made you do this. And I'm sorry you're in pain, but you have to go back. You could die. We could all die. And I never meant to make you stay up all those nights.

Henry: I think "sorry" is a little late.

Cole: Come on, Henry. You donít mean that. Listen, just turn around and go back to the school. I'll be your friend, I'll help you through this.

Henry: I almost believe you.

Cole: You can believe me. I've already been through this.

Britney: Oh, God, Henry --

Henry: My God, it hurts.

Starr: Henry --

Cole: You want me to drive?

Henry: No!

Britney: Please.

Cole: All right. But you know, just get --

Henry: No --

Cole: Get us back to the school.

Henry: I'm going to do this myself. Ok.

Cole: All right.

Henry: We're going to do it my way or no way at all.

Britney: Ok.

Cole: All right, fine. Just -- just get us back to the school.

Henry: Ok.

Nash: I donít know whatís wrong with her. I donít know how sheís doing, because nobody will tell me a thing.

Paige: Well, I'll see what I can find out.

Nash: Thank you. And thank you for not judging.

Paige: Oh, gosh. I'd be the last person to do that.

Nash: Well, you are also the only one not to.

Paige: You know, I can tell you one thing. I have learned not to make promises to God that -- well, that you canít keep.

Nash: Huh. Yeah. I could never leave her. I couldnít even stop loving her, no matter how hard I tried.

Natalie: I'm going to go call Nash and have him bring the baby up here.

Viki: Michael? Is -- is she going to recover from this?

Michael: No one can tell you that, Viki. I'm sorry. We'll know more after the biopsy. If you would like to see her --

Viki: Uh, you know what? I'm going to call Clint. Uh -- heís on his way back, but I promised to keep him informed.

Jessica: Antonio, I'm so sorry.

Antonio: Stop. Stop it. Sorry? You donít have anything to be sorry about.

Jessica: No, itís -- it never ends. I -- I put you through so much.

Antonio: Hey, all I care about is you getting well.

Nurse: Excuse me, but we need to remove Mrs. Vegaís jewelry before the surgery. You might want to hold on to this yourself, Mr. Vega.

Viki: Did you reach Nash?

Natalie: No, he wasnít home. Breeís with a sitter.

Viki: Well, we canít wait. I'll -- I'll go get the baby and bring her back here.

Natalie: Hey. Howís she doing?

Antonio: Sheís tired.

Natalie: Nash wasnít home, so momís going to go pick up Bree from the sitter and just bring her back up here.

Antonio: I guess I should probably check on Jamie, see how sheís doing.

Natalie: Ok. I'll stay here with Jess.

Antonio: Ok. All right. Thanks.

Natalie: How could this happen to you? You, of all people? I mean, to do what you would have had to do to get this -- I canít believe it. Not even if you werenít Jessica.

Jessica: Believe it, Natalie. Because I did it.

Nash: All right, itís a bad idea, I know -- trying to make deals with you, especially when I'm lying, and -- well, you and I both know I could never leave Jessica. I love her too much. But just do me a little favor, huh? Donít punish Jessica for loving me.

Talia: Need help?

Miles: No, I'm on my way out. "I have something to confide in you, Miles. Itís about a man named Todd Manning."

Officer: Think we're going to find this Manning guy?

Det. Morris: You know the stats. The longer heís missing, the more likely heís dead.

John: Come on, come on.

Blair: John, you got to find that car. I mean, I -- are the police doing anything?

John: Yeah, any word yet on that missing student-driver car? Ok, look, I'm back in town. Keep me posted.

Blair: Anything?

John: No, not yet, all right?

Blair: Oh, man.

John: But listen to me. We dispatched two units to the high school. We got an APB out on the car. State police have been notified, all right? We're going to find them.

Blair: All right, well, Starr called, and you know, the phone call, she -- she just sounded like she was in danger. I know that she is and --

Marty: John, whatís going on? I heard thereís a missing driverís-ed car, and I canít get in touch with Cole. Is there something going on at the high school?

Blair: Yeah, thereís something going on at the high school, you bitch! Your son has gotten my daughter into danger for the last time, you hear me?

Marty: Oh, my God.

Blair: And if somethingís happened to her -- if -- if a hair on her head is --

Marty: Is it Cole, John? Whatís happening?

John: Yeah?

Officer: Lieutenant, we've got reports of a car driving erratically up in the heights. A traffic camera clocked him at 80.

John: Ok.

Blair: I'll kill you. I swear to God, if sheís hurt, I'll kill the both of you.

Britney: Henry, why donít you let me steer?

Henry: No! I said no! I should have said no to you a long time ago, instead of being treated like a puppy by you, doing whatever you told me to do, following you all over the place. And now, my chest feels like itís about to explode and my arm is on fire, and for what? So you can continue to be some stupid, selfish bitch and get straight as?

Britney: Henry, I'm sorry.

Henry: Listen, if you say "sorry" one more time, I'm going drive this into a tree!

Starr: Ok, look, Britneyís not going to say anything from now on, is she, Britney?

Britney: No.

Cole: Henry, look, thereís the school. All right? Just pull in the parking lot. We'll switch places before anybody sees us.

Henry: What are those police cars doing there? Huh. They're there for me, arenít they?

Starr: No, I donít think Henry.

Cole: Henry, let me take the wheel, all right? I'll say I stole the car and took it for a joyride. Trust me, they'll expect that out of me. Nobody will know.

Henry: You would do that?

Cole: Yeah, I told you, I'm here for you. I'll help you through this.

Starr: Yeah, and I'm friends with Commissioner Buchanan. I can talk to him. You wonít be in any trouble at all.

Henry: No. No. Now that the police are here, everybody knows. My plan, everything that I dreamt of -- my entire future has gone down the toilet, and all because of you.

Britney: Henry, I told you, I'm sorry.

Henry: I told you not to say that anymore!

Starr: Britney --

Henry: Ugh!

Cole: Starr!

On the next "One Life to live" --

Rex: What do you say, Tate? Come on out and join us!

Antonio: Hep C can be passed from a pregnant mother to her baby.

Nash: Bree.

Jessica: How am I going to live with myself if I gave this to her?

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