OLTL Transcript Friday 5/4/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/4/07


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Jessicaís voice: I love you, Nash. I'll come to you at Rodi's, then we'll go home together.

Jessica: Nash.

Antonio: I'll call you as soon as I know something. Tell Jamie I love her and I'll be home as soon as I can. Ok. I will.

Viki: I canít stand this.

Antonio: Neither can I. If they at least knew what was causing this --

Viki: Look, on the upside, sheís young and strong, so whatever it is, sheís going to beat it.

Antonio: Right.

Viki: I fully expected to find Nash hovering around here. I wonder why he isnít.

Antonio: I donít know, and I donít care.

Bo: Take a number, Brennan.

Nash: "Take a number"? I'm the only one.

Bo: Look, I've got cases to go over, havenít even had my coffee yet. I donít entertain civilians until after 8:00 -- thatís for their safety.

Nash: I'll take my chances.

Bo: What?

Nash: I want to press charges against Antonio.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Nash: Throwing the book at him.

Bo: Oh, God.

[Langston yawns]

Starr: Langston, could you please stop yawning? Itís driving me crazy.

Langston: I was up all night writing a lead role for you.

Starr: Hmm, right. With how mad Mrs. McBain is at me, I'm lucky if I get the role of sorority girl number two.

Langston: Maybe you havenít noticed, but this school happens to be knee-deep in naturals for the bitch roles.

Starr: Yeah.

Langston: Whatís up with this?

Starr: What?

Langston: Look. This is Henryís locker.

Starr: Whoever did this is so evil. Langston, we should take it down or do something.

Langston: Too late.

Blair: So you donít have any more leads on Todd?

Det. Morris: Ms. Cramer, I told you to go back to your hotel.

Blair: You know what? The last trace that I saw of my childrenís father was a pool of blood at a crack den. Excuse me if I donít feel like taking a nap!

Dorian: Trust me, Detective. When my niece gets into a mood like this, thereís no talking her out of it. So, why donít you just give us a job to do?

Blair: Yeah.

Det. Morris: How about staying out of my way and let me do my job? When thereís something to tell you, I will tell you.

Blair: Fine! You know what? I'll find Todd myself! Hear me?

Dorian: Blair --

Blair: Come on, Dorian.

Dorian: No, no, we're not going --

Blair: We are not. Come on!

Dorian: Iím here for you, honey. Itís just we're not going to go chasing --

Blair: John, thank God. Are you here to help me find Todd?

John: Assuming he wants to be found.

Tate: Now, she is smart and -- and funny. Sheís inspired me to be all I can be.


Tate: Adriana Cramer is the most incredible woman the Tate has ever known!


Tate: Whoo! Whoo! Sheís perfect!

Rex: That shot cracks me up. Look at joy -- itís like she canít believe it.

Adriana: Sorry. You upset?

Rex: No. You want to watch the guy making an ass out of himself on national TV? Knock yourself out.

Adriana: Ok, you're starting to freak me out.

Rex: Why? I thought you wanted me to blow it off.

Adriana: I do. Uh --

Rex: Hey, Tate went on "The View" and told the world he was in love with you. So what? Itís not like you're going to fall for a guy who calls himself "The Tate." Right, Tater-tot?

[Marcie moans]

Marcie: Oh, my God.

Michael: Good morning.

Marcie: Oh, no, itís not a good morning. I -- schoolís already started, Michael, I got to get up.

Marcie: No, itís not ok, ok, because I -- I was up until 4:00 A.M. I was up until 4:00 A.M. grading papers, schoolís already started. I -- I have to feed Tommy, I overslept.

Michael: I got it covered, sweetie.

Marcie: How?

Michael: Well, before I fed Tommy and took him to daycare, I called you in sick.

Marcie: I have to go to work, Michael. I have to post the cast list. There are things --

Michael: I know that. I told them that you'd be in later when you felt better.

Marcie: Why? Why did you do that for?

Michael: Because I wanted you all to myself today.

Marcie: Is that champagne?

Michael: It is.

Marcie: Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?

Michael: Happy first anniversary, Mrs. McBain.

Starr: Henry, are -- are you ok?

Henry: I'm fine.

Langston: Whoever did this deserves to have their butt kicked.

Starr: Yeah.

Henry: Itís not a big deal.

Langston: Are you kidding me? Britneyís such a bitch.

Henry: Britney wouldnít do something like this.

Starr: Are you kidding me? You're still standing up for her?

Henry: It wasnít her. Every jock in this school hates me.

Cole: Whatís going on?

Langston: Somebody put this stuff on Henryís locker.

Henry: Huh -- like you care? Like we're friends? Just leave me alone.

Starr: Sure.

Langston: Henry may be book smart, but heís totally life dumb.

Starr: Yeah.

Langston: How could he be so hung up on someone who treats him like garbage?

Cole: Happens all the time. You disagree?

Starr: Excuse me -- I have to make a phone call.

Langston: If that was you being Romeo, you suck at it.

Amber: Hey, Henry?

Henry: Whereís Britney? I thought you guys traveled in pairs Ė

Amber: Um -- sheís around. She told me to come talk to you.

Starr: Britney, why did you shut the door?

Britney: This roomís going to be empty all day. Mrs. McBain is sick and they havenít found a substitute yet, so that'll give us time to have ourselves a nice, little chat.

Antonio: How is she?

Natalie: Sheís restless but sheís still sleeping. Where is her doctor? Canít they do something for her?

Viki: No, honey. Apparently, they can only treat her symptomatically until they get the blood work back. At least she doesnít seem to be getting any worse. Ok?

Antonio: Well --

Viki: Look, I -- I really think we have to let Nash know whatís going on.

Antonio: He knows.

Viki: How does he know?

Antonio: He was here last night. I kicked him o

Viki: Are you sure you should've done that?

Natalie: Mom?

Viki: What?

Natalie: Why are you being so fair with that jerk? I donít want Nash anywhere near my sister. But we said -- he is the reason sheís in here.

Bo: What has Antonio ever done to you? Now, as far as I know, he invested in your winery, he gave you a job.

Nash: Yeah -- yeah. Jessicaís sick and he wonít let me see her.

Bo: Well, thatís because maybe heís worried about her.

Nash: So am I. Look, he kicked me out of the hospital last night, and then when I called for information, they said that they could only release information to immediate family members.

Bo: Thereís nothing illegal about what Antonio did.

Nash: Come on.

Bo: Heís Jessicaís husband.

Nash: This isnít right and you know it.

Bo: You know what? I think that what you believe is right, what I believe is right and wrong -- I think they're two different things. Now, if I hear from Antonio or hospital security that you're causing any trouble, you're going to wish you hadnít.

Nash: Yeah, I get it -- you're lining up with your buddy Antonio.

Bo: Jessica is his wife. Sheís my niece.

Nash: And sheís the mother of my child. She means everything to me. Now, the only way to keep me away from her is to lock me up.

Bo: If Jessica means everything to you, I think you've got a real problem.

Nash: Look, Jessica is my daughterís mother -- Bree. Antonio doesnít give a damn about Bree. My daughter keeps crying out, asking me where her mom is, and I donít know where to begin explaining to her because I donít know. How would you feel if you were me?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Talia: I'm sorry to interrupt, Commissioner, but I have something you need to see.

Bo: All right, thank you.

[Door closes]

Bo: I understand what you're saying. But thereís nothing that I can do about it, so I suggest you get a lawyer.

Nash: Oh. Come on -- how long would that take?

Bo: Then I suggest you settle this with Antonio, man to man. But donít do anything that'll make it harder on Jessica.

Nash: Just do me a favor and say the same thing to Antonio, all right?

Viki: I know what I said, darling, but I donít think that Nash is the only reason that sheís sick.

Antonio: Jess has been under stress for weeks because of him. I mean, she hasnít slept, he pressured her into not adopting Jamie.

Natalie: He did that?

Antonio: I'm sure of it.

Viki: But he also is the father of her child, and we canít just keep him in the dark.

Antonio: Well, itís one thing keeping him in the dark. Itís another thing to keep him away from here so he doesnít make a scene.

Viki: Antonio, heís not going to come here and plead his case with Jessica now.

Antonio: Well, look, I -- I donít care what he does. Jess canít speak for herself, and legally I'm the next of kin, so as long as she is the way she is, I could keep him barred from this room.

Viki: But is that what Jessie wants?

Antonio: Everything thatís happened to Jessica -- the adoption hearing, her running away -- is because of Nash, all of it, because heís in love with her. And now it might kill her.

Blair: You think this is another one of Toddís schemes, John?

John: Well, considering who we're talking about, you donít think itís possible?

Blair: Look, I -- I helped you with Spencer. Are you here to help me with Todd, or what?

John: Thatís why I flew all the way out here.

Dorian: And we want to thank you for that, detective.

John: You're welcome.

Blair: Yeah, thank you. Whatís your plan?

John: The first thing I'd like to do is see the detective in charge of the case.

Blair: Heís right over there, Mr. Personality himself.

Dorian: Heís not on Blairís top 10 list, sheís not on his.

John: So, why donít I do the talking? Whatís the Detectiveís name?

Blair: More ass.

Dorian: Stop it!

Blair: Morris.

John: Thank you.

Blair: So what?

Dorian: Knock it off.

John: Detective Morris?

Det. Morris: Who are you?

John: I'm John McBain with the Llanview Police Department.

Det. Morris: Well, you have no jurisdiction here.

John: I'm not here to cause any trouble. If anything, I'm here to clear a few things up. I'm assuming you have background on Todd Manning?

Det. Morris: I have.

John: Then you also know heís a possible suspect in the murder of Spencer Truman, and the authorities in Pennsylvania have a vested interest in finding him.

Det. Morris: Do you anything about Manningís claim that his son was kidnapped?

John: I know some.

Det. Morris: Itís a mess.

John: And that mess is about to cross state lines, and the feds are going to be all over this office, so I thought I'd come down here, maybe I could help and we could avoid that from happening.

Det. Morris: Ok, thatís a good point.

John: So where do we stand, Detective?

Det. Morris: Well, apparently Manning was told where to find his son, but turned out to be a crack den. We found his blood there, family photograph -- nothing else.

Blair: Oh, no, wait a minute. What about the woman from the adoption agency? Sheís the one that sent him there.

John: Excuse me. By any chance did you happen to talk to this lady, Detective?

Det. Morris: Yes, but she denies meeting Manning outside the station.

Blair: Well, then sheís lying! I saw her myself! She came --

John: Excuse me.

Blair: She came to the hotel, John. She gave Todd a picture of his son, and you know it.

John: With all due respect, Detective, you think maybe I could take a crack at her?

Marcie: Mmm. Did you make these chocolate-covered strawberries?

Michael: No. But -- but I did pay for them, and the scones and the fancy and this.

Marcie: Michael, we're supposed to be saving money.

Michael: Shh. Itís our first wedding anniversary. Itís never going to happen again, and besides, itís from both me and Tommy. Itís kind of an early motherís day gift. You know Tommy canít keep a secret, so he asked me to give it to you early.

Marcie: Motherís day? That sounds so good. Huh.

Michael: You going to open it?

Marcie: Yeah. [Marcie gasps] Oh, my -- Michael, that is beautiful.

Michael: Yeah, it is -- just like you.

Cole: All right, so tell me -- what am I doing thatís so wrong?

Langston: You act like Starr wants things the way they are.

Cole: Well, yesterday we were talking, today she wonít even look at me.

Langston: Maybe sheís just trying to get over you because she knows thereís no hope.

Cole: Whew. I just miss her so much, and I canít get to her. I mean, you're her best friend, right? Donít you want her to be happy?

Langston: You know I do.

Cole: And is she?

Langston: No.

Cole: Ok, then you have to help me.

Langston: Huh. That whole mess with auditions -- that was me helping, and look what happened.

Cole: Yeah?

Langston: Yeah. And somewhere in there, you know that, bonehead.

Cole: Ahem. Ok. So then, what should I do?

Langston: Well, sheís stubborn. Maybe you should just try laying off.

Cole: Why does her dad have to be Todd Manning? I mean, how worse can it get?

Langston: Huh. Well, you could be hung up on Britney.

Henry: Britney wanted you to talk to me? Ok. About what?

Amber: Oh -- I think thatís kind of obvious.

Henry: You mean sheís furious about this, too?

Amber: Oh, no, she totally doesnít care about that.

Henry: Oh.

Amber: She wanted me to ask you for something.

Henry: What?

Amber: She gave you her last school picture, when you were writing her history paper for her.

Henry: Right.

Amber: Yeah, she really needs that back. She wants to give it to Garrett.

Henry: Oh. Sure.

Starr: Britney, I donít want to talk to you, ok? I have to make a phone call.

Britney: Do it later.

Starr: I have nothing to talk to you about. Me and Cole are done and you're with that kid Garrett.

Britney: No, we're hooking up, but itís not a big deal.

Starr: Ok -- ew, please. Spare me the details of your sex life.

Britney: But thatís what friends do, Starr -- they share all of their dirty little secrets.

Starr: I'm sorry -- ew, donít touch me, and did you just call us "friends"

Britney: Thatís what I'm here about -- how about a truce?

Rex: Ahem -- did you know this rag is calling you "Tatiana"?

Adriana: What?

Rex: The two of you -- just listen. "Sources rate Tatianaís" -- hmm, thatís you -- "shelf life slightly better than a glass of warm milk. Vegas oddmakers are taking bets as to what will come between them." Wonder if those same oddmakers are making book on Rexiana. I could clean up.

Adriana: Rex, shut up and go put some clothes on.

Rex: Have you guys thought of an exit strategy for this stunt relationship?

Tate: Well, I guess we were hoping it would die down.

Rex: Well, I guess thatís one way to go.

Adriana: What do you think, Rex?

Rex: Well, that the longer you two do nothing to deny it, the longer the gossip columns will have to look into it. They might find something you donít want them to find out.

Tate: Hmm, like what?

Rex: Well, Adrianaís father is connected, for one thing.

Adriana: Oh.

Rex: You want to see a headline that reads "underworld underwear"? Then thereís you.

Tate: What about me?

Rex: Come on, dude -- everybodyís got secrets. I can think of one a real ladyís man like you would really like to keep under wraps.

Bo: Heís got a real flair for language.

Talia: Your statement to the press worked -- you got your response from "one pure people."

Bo: What did forensics say about the original?

Talia: Their initial run didnít yield any prints.

Bo: All right, I want to know everything about this. I want to know what kind of paper the original was written on, everything that will help us learn about the guy that wrote this letter.

Talia: Right.

Bo: Now, you know the drill.

Talia: I'll get a copy to a profiler and I'll have him look at it.

Bo: Ok. Yeah, I'm going to call Antonio.

Talia: Ok.

Viki: So you really think that this is solely Nashís fault?

Natalie: Yeah, definitely. I just wish Jess would've made it clear with him that he is just her friend.

Antonio: She tried, but she canít keep him out of Breeís life.

Natalie: So now, he thinks heís got a shot?

Antonio: Look, I'm not keeping Nash away because I'm threatened by him. I'm keeping him away because I want Jess to concentrate on getting well.

Viki: All right. I'm going to see how she is.

Natalie: You know, I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you want to come?

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Oh -- Bo.

Natalie: Great, I'll catch up with you later.

Antonio: Yeah. Hey, Bo, whatís up?

Bo: Hey, howís Jessica doing?

Antonio: Oh, well, they havenít got a diagnosis yet, but they tell me sheís stable.

Bo: All right. Give her a kiss for me, will you?

Antonio: I'll do that.

Bo: We just had some correspondence from one of the "one pure people."

Antonio: Oh, yeah? Did they have a change of heart and realize how wrong they were?

Bo: No, not exactly. Listen, I'd like to read some of this to you if you have the time. I want your input.

Antonio: Sure.

Nash: Oh, hi.

Viki: No, Nash. Turn around, walk away.

Marcie: I canít believe this. You know, I totally thought you were going to forget what today was. You've just been so preoccupied lately.

Michael: I have been, and I'm sorry. You deserve a lot better.

Marcie: Donít say that.

Michael: Listen, I know that I'm not the writer of the duo, but I -- I gave it my best shot. Um -- please donít laugh at me.

Michael: "There are two periods in my life -- before you and after you. And before you, I was a doctor and thatís about it. Then, you know, I was a mechanic who fixed people but couldnít fix his own life. Then you came into my life, and I found what I'd been needing all along. You're not only the fun in my life and you can say 'hello' and make an instant connection with someone. I learned from being with you. And now, I'm a doctor and a brother and a son and a friend and a husband and a father and a man who is completely and totally in love with you."

Marcie: Michael.

Michael: I -- I thought of some more after I printed it out. You think it'd be ok if I just winged it? Um -- you've been putting up with a lot of nonsense from me lately, and you're right -- I have been really distracted. But thatís over now. I have my focus back and I know what I want. And what I want is another year as wonderful as the one that just passed, and 100 after that and I know that I can have that -- if I'm with you.

Marcie: Well, if thatís all it takes, you're pretty much golden.

Ms. Bromley: Ms. Cramer and Mr. Manning ransacked the office of the agency where I work. Under the circumstances, we did not press charges. They were told to leave Chicago, we thought they had.

Blair: Oh. She is so lying.

John: Ms. Cramer, I'm sure, would be in Llanview by now, but Mr. Manning has went missing.

Blair: Yeah, thatís because she came to the hotel and set him up! Ms. Bromley: I have met Mr. Manning only once in my life and it was right here in this office.

John: Ok.

Blair: "Ok"? "Ok" what?

John: Ok, ok. Ms. Bromley, if you'd do me a favor -- would you leave me a number so I can contact you in the future if I have any other questions?

Blair: But, John, are you just going to let her Ė

Ms. Bromley: I suppose I could.

Blair: Go like this? Come on!

Ms. Bromley: Here.

John: Thank you.

Det. Morris: Ms. Bromley, I'll walk you out.

Ms. Bromley: I hope you find what you're looking for.

Blair: What --

Dorian: Ok, did she say anything that you can use? Air: She was lying through her teeth is what she was --

John: I know she was lying.

Blair: You know?

John: One of the numbers you gave me was the Excelsior Hotel, right?

Blair: Uh-huh.

John: Detective Morris, you got a minute?

Blair: John, you smart cookie.

Bo: Ok, I got you on speaker. Taliaís here. Can you hear me?

Antonio: Still here.

Bo: "And finally, to our race traitor brothers in the Llanview Police Department -- your disloyal ways do not escape our notice. Cease your investigation, or be lumped in with the rest of our enemies, who are threatening the future of a pure, white America."

Antonio: Whoa.

Bo: Kind of makes you want to take a -- a shower, doesnít it?

Antonio: Yeah, with steel wool.

Bo: Ok, anything here jump out at either one of you?

Talia: The language. This person is educated.

Antonio: Yeah, I caught that, too. You might want to cross-reference the content with the rhetoric stored in the hate crime database.

Bo: Right.

Antonio: Our friends donít like being called out. It seems that last threat was directed at you, Commissioner.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I know that. Let them come.

Nash: You, too, huh?

Viki: Nash, look at her. Donít make this into a battle, please.

Nash: Oh, Antonio is the one who did that.

Viki: He is trying to take care of his wife.

Nash: Well, no one but his wife is going to tell me I canít be here, ok?

Viki: No, I'm telling you.

Nash: Well, then you and I have a problem.

Langston: I saw you talking to Amber.

Henry: So?

Langston: Britney giving you trouble by proxy now?

Henry: I really wish you'd stop pretending to care.

Langston: Look, Starr and I -- we've been through this.

Henry: You never lifted a finger to help me before.

Langston: I didnít know.

Henry: Look, I just want to be invisible.

Langston: I donít think thatís going to be so easy anymore. Donít take her crap. Do something that letís her know that she didnít get to you.

Henry: Huh. Maybe you're right.

Langston: I know I am.

Britney: So say we can be friends.

Starr: No, thank you. I've seen how you treat your friends.

Britney: Oh, you're talking about Henry?

Starr: Henry is at the top of a very long list, Britney.

Britney: Ok, I know you think I'm a bitch, but have you taken a good luck at yourself recently?

Starr: I am nothing like you.

Britney: How is what I did to Henry any different from what you're doing to Cole?

Mrs. Bromley: I have a pen from that hotel. It doesnít mean I've been there.

Det. Morris: Thatís right.

John: Of course. I was just curious how you got the pen.

Blair: Well, I can tell you how she got it. She got it when she came to the hotel when she remembered Toddís sonís adoption. Mm-hmm.

John: Is that true?

Mrs. Bromley: No. Even if we had handled the adoption, I wouldnít remember a particular baby. We see hundreds of children every year.

Blair: You promised that you'd show us the records.

Mrs. Bromley: I couldnít make a promise like that. Those records are sealed once an adoption is closed. I'd lose my job.

Blair: Oh, my goodness, and that would just be awful for the adoption industry, wouldnít it?

John: By chance, do you have an alibi for the time you were supposedly at the excelsior?

Blair: Oh, come on, John, sheís just going to lie about it just like sheís lying about everything else. And I swear to you, Ms. Bromley, if Todd is hurt Ė

Mrs. Bromley: It would be his own fault!

Blair: I'll kill you!

Britney: I let Henry think I was his friend so he'd write my paper. Itís like economics -- the exchange of goods for services.

Starr: Ooh, wow, thatís a heavy concept. Did Henry teach you that?

Britney: You're doing the same thing.

Starr: I am not.

Britney: You let Cole think you'd put out so you could go from being the weird girl nobody knew to everyoneís favorite little emo queen.

Starr: No, everything that I have ever told Cole has been the truth. I never lead him on.

Britney: Hello? You're still doing it. Everyone knows you dumped Cole at Heatherís party, and thatís way harsh, Starr. Right, Cole?

Michael: How long are you going to be at the high school?

Marcie: Oh, just long enough to post the cast list and then listen to the flak that I get.

Michael: Ok. Well, I was thinking, after I pick Tommy up -- um -- we could come home, pack up a picnic, and cruise over to serenity springs.

Marcie: Oh, Michael, I would love that.

Michael: I also wanted to tell you that -- be prepared, because there are more surprises in store.

Marcie: Really?

Michael: So, Mrs. McBain, you ready to head out?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: All right.

Marcie: Michael?

Michael: Yeah, honey?

Marcie: You know all those nice things that you said about me?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Do you have any idea how special you make me feel?

Michael: Well, I hope I do. Because you are.

Marcie: Itís just that I thought would have to go through my life watching other people be as happy as we are, you know? Look, whatever I have done for you, Michael, it doesnít compare to what you --

Michael: Are you going to argue with me about this on our wedding anniversary?

Marcie: No. So come here. [Marcie giggles]

Tate: So what is it you think that I'm hiding, Rex?

Adriana: Oh, can this conversation be over?

Tate: No, no, no, I want to hear what he has to say.

Rex: All those pictures of you in your underwear --

Tate: Yeah?

Rex: They just seem so --

Tate: So -- what?

Rex: Augmented.

Adriana: Rex!

Tate: Whoa.

Rex: I just -- I think itís a little over the top. You might want to go with one sock instead of two.

Adriana: I canít believe this.

Tate: Trust me, dude, I donít have to stuff.

Adriana: Ok, this is over. What is the matter with you, Rex?

Rex: I'm just looking out for you and your company. Letting the world think the two of you are together when you're not. You know, it could be bad.

Adriana: How?

Rex: If people find out you're faking it, they -- they could think thereís a reason for it.

Tate: What reason?

Rex: Well, does the term "beard" have a familiar ring?

Adriana: Oh, come on, Rex, nobodyís going to think that.

Rex: Thatís what Nora Hanen said, too. That would be our townís DA. She married a guy she didnít know everything about. He turned out to be a closeted gay man who killed anyone who found out his little secret. Good people died. People I loved. The DA suffered a stroke from all the stress she was under. I donít want to see a secret like that do something to the two of you.

Viki: Nash, we donít even know whatís wrong with Jessica. A big scene between you and Antonio is not going to help. I'm begging you, please do this his way.

Nash: Even if Jessie wants me here?

Viki: If she asks for you, I will send for you, I promise you that, and I will not allow Antonio to stop me.

Antonio: You guys going to get the letter to a profiler?

Bo: Taliaís on it.

Antonio: Sorry I canít be there to work on it with you.

Bo: Itís ok. You just take care of Jessica, and then we'll call you if we need you.

Antonio: Thanks.

Natalie: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Natalie: I just paged Michael. Heís on his way down to go over the test results from Jess.

Antonio: Oh, finally.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: I'll tell your mother.

Natalie: Great.

Dorian: Blair, stop this. I do not want to go back home and have to explain --

Blair: Ok.

Dorian: To your children that you're in a Chicago jail for attempted assault.

Det. Morris: Ms. Bromley, are you all right?

Mrs. Bromley: I wasnít hurt, if thatís what you're asking. Do those tactics ever get you what you want?

Blair: As a matter of fact --

Dorian: My niece is very overwrought. You see, her ex-husband has disappeared, and his child means a great deal to her. I'm sure that you can understand that.

Det. Morris: Why donít I get you some water? A cup of tea?

John: Nice work, Cramer.

Blair: I couldnít listen to that womanís lies one more minute.

Dorian: It was pretty hard to take.

Blair: Yeah.

John: She was our only witness! Now we have nothing!

Dorian: Ok, I've got an idea. Why donít you get a search warrant, and then search the adoption agency?

John: I donít have any jurisdiction here. And even if I did, we donít have any evidence. The judge would laugh us right out of Chicago. And you know what? Given the circumstances, I'm not even sure there is a record of this kidís adoption.

Blair: There is! There is, and sheís lying! Otherwise, why would she lie? Thereís got to be something to find.

John: Yeah, given what I've just seen, I agree.

Blair: Thank you.

John: I think Toddís kidís out there somewhere.

Blair: And Todd may have paid the price for looking for him.

Cole: Starr, wait. I need to talk to you, just for a second, all right?

Starr: Cole, it is not a good idea for me to talk to you, ok?

Cole: Britneyís clearly messing with your mind, and it must be about me.

Starr: What she said was a bunch of bull crap.

Cole: Yeah, I'm sure it was. So tell me, what did she say that got you so upset?

Britney: Hi, guys.

Heather: Oh, my God, you guys, word is that Mrs. McBain is throwing a pop quiz at us tomorrow about "Hamlet."

Britney: Oh, this close to finals? Are you kidding?

Heather: I know. Apparently, itís counting for half our final grade.

Starr: A test tomorrow? I'm not even ready for that.

Cole: Starr, I need to talk to you.

Britney: Ok, this is a disaster. If I donít get a decent grade in that class, I'm going to be kicked out of cheerleading. I mean, I need to do something drastic.

Starr: What are you going to do, study for once?

Britney: Oh, donít be stupid.

Starr: Is it the whole play or just the first two acts?

Heather: Everything. Short answer and essay test.

Starr: Oh, itís not even multiple choice? I'm going to be up all night --

Britney: I just had a flash of brilliance. Are we going for a joyride, Henry?

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. You canít sit there. My instructorís going to be here any minute. I have to take my behind-the-wheel class -- like I have time to learn how to drive. I should be studying.

Britney: Yeah -- you know, speaking of studying, thereís something I need to talk to you about. We have a test in English tomorrow.

Henry: Forget it. After the way you treated me, I'm not doing anything for you anymore.

Britney: Oh. Ok, look, I can understand why you feel that way --

Henry: No, no, you donít understand. You donít understand anything.

Starr: This is enough. Britney, get out of the car, now!

Adriana: Nothing is going to happen to me, Rex. This is just business.

Tate: Speaking of which -- why donít we head to that mall appearance?

Adriana: Right. Maybe when I get home, the real Rex will be here.

Tate: Oh, and thanks for the compliment, dude.

Rex: This is Rex Balsom. Let me speak to sandy. Hi. Just wanted to make sure you were still sending a camera crew to cover the AIDS benefit at U.V. Hell, yes, I think it'll be worth it. News-wise, this is -- itís going to be more than a fundraiser. Tell your boss I even have the lead-in. "Tate Harmon -- pitcher or catcher?"

John: Do me just one tiny little favor, all right? Donít yell at any more witnesses, ok?

Blair: Fine. Whatís -- whatís our next move?

John: Our next move? No, thereís no "our" next move. My next move is I'm going to go check out the apartment that Bromley sent Todd to.

Blair: Well, I'll take you there. I know how to get there. I'll show you.

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're coming home with me.

Blair: I'm not leaving. I'm not going home to tell my children that their fatherís missing. I'm going to find Todd! I'm coming with you.

John: There is nothing more for you to do here.

Dorian: There, you heard what he said.

Blair: I'm not leaving here without Todd, you got it?

Starr: Britney, get out of the car, I mean it.

Britney: God.

Cole: Henry is not the answer to all your problems, Britney.

Henry: Why are you talking about me like I'm not even here?

Starr: Because we're just trying to help you, Henry.

Britney: Ok, Cole, Starr, butt out.

Starr: No, we're not going to!

Henry: Shut up. Just shut up, all of you. I canít take this anymore. I got to get out of here.

Britney: You're right, Henry. We should go someplace where we can be alone and talk.

Starr: Like hell you will. I am not letting you go anywhere!

Cole: Whoa -- Starr, wait.

Henry: Look, I donít care what you guys do -- I just got to get the hell out of here.

[Car starts]

Starr: What?

Heather: Oh, my God.

[Tires screech]

Heather: Henry -- Henry, what are you doing? Henry!

Antonio: You donít listen very well, do you?

Viki: Antonio, heís leaving.

Nash: I'm going to hold you to our deal. Yeah.

Antonio: What deal was he talking about?

Viki: Michael? Any news?

Michael: As you know, I ran a series of tests, including the Elisa II.

Viki: Thatís the HIV test, right?

Antonio: You got the test results back, yes?

Michael: Yes, and I'm afraid the news isnít good.

On the next ďOne Life to LiveĒ --

Miles: I know what happened to Todd Manning.

John: What do you got there, Detective?

Det. Morris: The trash from the building where Manningís blood was IDd.

Viki: Whatís wrong with her?

Antonio: Is she going to be all right?

Nash: Make her well, and I'll give her up, for good.

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