OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/3/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/3/07


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Blair: It is possible that itís not Toddís blood?

Det. Morris: The test is a definitive DNA match. I'm sorry.

Dorian: I think what my niece is trying to establish --

Blair: He knows what I'm trying to establish, Dorian. Toddís hurt -- or worse.

Det. Morris: We'll open an official investigation. Suspicion of foul play. But I have to be honest with you, Ms. Cramer. There really isnít anything to go on except that blood stain, and that could make it difficult.

Blair: What have they done to you, Todd?

Evangeline: Hey. Layla, finally. Sorry I'm late. It was traffic. How you doing?

Layla: How am I doing? I'm going crazy wondering how you're doing. Thatís how I'm doing.

Evangeline: Letís -- letís get some menus, ok?

Layla: No, never mind the menus. Did you take the test? Are you pregnant?

Evangeline: Shh.

Nash: Layla -- have either of you guys seen Jessica? I've been looking everywhere for her.

Antonio: Why the hell wonít they tell us anything? They ran an MRI, did all sorts of tests. Where the hell are the results?

Viki: You have to take it easy, Antonio. It may very well turn out that itís nothing serious.

Antonio: Well, it must have been something for her to collapse like that. What happened, Jess? Whatís wrong, honey?

Natalie: Dad, donít worry yourself too much, ok? Look, we're -- we're all here with her. Yes, and you -- you're going to be here as soon as you can. I promise. As soon as we know something. I love you.

Miles: Natalie -- what are you doing at the hospital?

Natalie: Itís my sister. Sheís sick.

Miles: Jessica? Well, whatís wrong with her?

Natalie: We still donít know.

Marty: So, what brings you by? Nothing serious, I hope.

John: Actually, it is serious. Itís about Cole.

Langston: Ugh.

Starr: How could Britney be such a bitch to Henry like that?

Langston: Sheís like a ditzy robot.

Starr: Yeah, she has no heart.

Langston: And no brain. Thatís why she needed Henry to write her paper.

Starr: Did she have to leave tread marks on Henry like that? God, I hate her!

Langston: Imagine how Henry must feel -- if heís not still drooling over her.

Starr: How pathetic would that be?

Langston: Right -- because itís so easy to get over somebody.

Britney: So I told Henry I'd repay him if he wrote my paper. What should I let him do? Kiss my -- Henryís voice: "Britney will come to understand that we are meant to be together. She clearly doesnít know whatís best for her. She needs someone to take care of her, someone who can think ahead for her. I have a plan. A plan for our lives."

Marty: Is Cole in trouble again?

John: No, no, heís not.

Marty: Well -- ok, then what?

John: Off the record, he -- he came to see me and he and I talked for a good while.

Marty: Well, did he say anything that worries you? Well, yeah -- of course he did. Otherwise, you wouldnít have come to see me.

John: Look, itís -- itís not about what he said, itís -- itís more about where he came to see me, and I felt obligated to come tell you about that.

Marty: Well, where was it?

John: The firing range during target practice. Itís maybe not the best place for a kid to be.

Det. Morris: I'm available 24/7, Ms. Cramer, if you need my help.

Dorian: Um -- if we need you, we will call.

Det. Morris: All right. Well, letís go, then.

Blair: Go without us.

Det. Morris: I wouldnít stay here alone if I were you.

Dorian: I -- I think we'll be able to take care of ourselves.

Det. Morris: Well, good luck, then.

Dorian: Blair --

Blair: Stop, Dorian. If the next words out of your mouth are "we're going to get on a plane and head back to Llanview," you can forget it.

Dorian: No. Actually, what I was going to say is, what do you want to do now?

Blair: What I want to do? I want to roll the clock back so I can figure out why Todd came here. But since I canít do that, I'm going to try to figure out what -- what he was looking to find here.

[Dorian sighs]

Blair: And who -- who would set him up like this? Who hates Toddís --

Dorian: What is it? Blair, what are you thinking?

Blair: I know who did this to him. I know who did this, Dorian.

Layla: I havenít seen Jessica in a while, sorry.

Evangeline: Neither have I. Have you called Antonio or her family?

Nash: Yes, I've called everyone. Nobodyís calling me back. I mean -- jeez, I mean, I know Jamieís out of the hospital, so she canít be there.

Evangeline: Did you check the loft?

Nash: Yes, I checked the loft. They're not there -- not that Antonio would let me in even if they were.

Layla: Is it possible that Jessica and Antonio went away for a few days?

Nash: No. No, no, no. No, no, itís not. I was supposed to meet her here last night. She didnít turn up. She -- I havenít heard from her, and thatís not like her, itís -- [Nash sighs] I'm sorry I bothered you.

Evangeline: Donít worry about it. Strange. I canít believe Jessica would be meeting Nash here.

Layla: Never mind his problems. Not that being pregnant would necessarily be a problem. I just --

Evangeline: It isnít anything. I mean, itís not -- itís not anything.

Layla: Oh, then you're --

Evangeline: I'm not -- I'm not pregnant.

Layla: The test was negative? Ok, dumb question. I guess thatís good, isnít it? I know, I was kind of hoping for it when you first told me that you might be. Just because I thought you and Cristian may get back together. But if you really donít want to have a baby, then -- should we have a drink to celebrate your relief?

Evangeline: I donít know how relieved I am.

Nash: You sure you havenít seen her?

Bartender: She hasnít been here on my shift. I always remember Jessica.

Nash: Jessica, where are you? Whatís wrong with you?

Viki: I wish she could tell us whatís wrong with her.

Miles: What happened? I mean, what could've caused her to collapse?

Natalie: I donít know -- I mean, they've tested her for all the obvious things. You know, pregnancy, a virus. But you know, every time they keep ruling out something simple, it makes us more nervous.

Miles: Can I see her?

Natalie: Well, mom and Antonio are in there with her right now, and she really needs her rest. I'll -- I'll give her your wishes.

Miles: No, that -- thank you. You call me if I can do anything. Bye.

Natalie: Hey. Did she wake up at all?

Viki: No, darling, but you know, they sedated her for the tests, so she probably wonít come around for a while.

Natalie: God, itís just so weird. I mean, seeing Jessica like this, you know, itís just -- itís not right not having Jessica around being Jessica. But, hey, you know, sheís going to be up and out of here bossing us around soon.

Viki: Jessie?

Jessica: Is he here?

Antonio: I'm right here, baby.

Jessica: Yeah, I was looking for you. Of course, I was looking for you.

Antonio: How are you doing?

Jessica: I'm -- fine. I'm a little tired, though, and I'm achy. What time is it?

Viki: Itís 1:00 in the afternoon, sweetheart.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: Why?

Jessica: Oh, no reason. Um -- whereís Jamie and Bree?

Antonio: Well, Breeís fine. Jamieís home now. You need to rest.

Jessica: Oh. Guys, what, did somebody die? I said I was fine.

Viki: Good. You're actually getting some color back into your face.

Jessica: Ok.

Natalie: I spoke with dad. I mean, heís chartering planes all over the place just to get home so he can see you.

Jessica: Thereís no reason to do that. I just have a bug or something.

Viki: Well, then maybe you'll be all better by the time he gets back.

Natalie: Hmm.

Jessica: Um -- no, I -- I canít help but worry about the girls. I -- I mean -- Bree -- doesnít Nash want to be with Bree? Isnít it his day or something?

Antonio: No, actually, heís not scheduled to be with her till tomorrow.

Jessica: Oh.

[Phone vibrates]

Antonio: Hold on. Itís R.J. heís calling about Jamie.

Jessica: Thatís ok, go get it. Give her my love.

Antonio: All right, I'll be right back, ok?

Viki: See if the test results are in, ok?

Natalie: You go, mom. I'll stay here with her.

Viki: I'll be right back.

Natalie: So -- feeling better?

Jessica: Yeah, Natalie, I'm fine. I'm just a little restless, thatís all.

Natalie: You're going to be out of here soon.

Jessica: Uh -- does Nash know I'm in the hospital?

Natalie: I'm guessing not, or I'm sure he'd be fighting with Antonio to come in here and see you. Whatís going on, Jess? Are you starting to feel for Nash what he feels for you?

Nash: Yes, Jessica, itís me, Nash, for the gazillionth time. Please, look, I'm getting really worried about you. When you -- when you get this, please call me back. Let me know that you're ok.

Layla: Are you saying you wish you were pregnant?

Evangeline: For the time I thought I was pregnant, I went through every conceivable thought and permutation of what that would -- might mean to me, you know? I was terrified and I was confused. But I was also kind of excited. Thinking about the fact that Cristian and I might have created a life together.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Thinking about what an adventure it would be to raise a child.

Layla: So it actually was a letdown when the test was negative?

Evangeline: I went back and forth. Sometimes I was scared to death, and then the next minute, I would be thrilled. And if I was that conflicted about a pregnancy that wasnít real, imagine how I would have felt if I was actually carrying a child.

Layla: You'd have dealt with it, the way you deal with everything. You'd have risen to the occasion. And I think that -- no, I know you'll be an amazing mother one day.

Evangeline: I donít know. Maybe m too selfish,. I mean, you know how I am about my work and -- and my freedom.

Layla: No, I do. Thatís why itís probably better that itís not happening right now. Isnít it? Better?

Evangeline: I donít know. I just -- I canít help feeling let down.

Layla: Vange, itís me here.

Evangeline: Maybe -- maybe I'm more ready to have a child than I ever thought I could be, you know? Cristianís child.

Miles: Hey.

Bartender: What can I get you?

Miles: Whatever you have on tap.

Nash: Look, is there any way that you can check with the other people here, if they've seen Jessica?

Bartender: She stood you up, man. Deal with it.

Miles: You mean Jessica Vega?

Dorian: Who was it, Blair? Who do you know did this to Todd?

Blair: I told Todd about it. I told him. Why wouldnít he listen to -- why didnít I make him listen to me?

Dorian: Who was it, honey? Who hurt Todd?

Blair: Spencer Truman.

Dorian: Blair, listen to me. I -- you know, you're upset. You havenít slept for several days.

Blair: I'm thinking clearly, ok?

Dorian: But how could you? The -- Spencer Truman is dead and gone. Thereís no way that he has hurt Todd

Blair: Did you see the body?

Dorian: No, I didnít have that personal pleasure. Blair, please. I do -- I do remember, though, that -- that he was attacking you, someone burst into the room, killed him. And the police have conducted an investigation into a murder.

Blair: What if he faked his death, huh? What if it was an elaborate ploy to make everybody believe that he was dead, huh? And then he had this perfect alibi and the means to go after Todd? It works.

Dorian: Ok, fine, thatís a wonderful conspiracy theory. But it has no foundation. Spencer Truman is dead and gone, ok? Thereís no way that he hurt Todd.

Blair: Well, somebody did, Dorian. Are you telling me that I'm -- I'm imagining all of this?

Dorian: No. No, you're not imagining it.

Blair: Thank you.

Dorian: I think -- something probably did happen to Todd. But, honey, I -- I wish there was some way that I could help you find him.

Blair: I do, too. But it looks like I'm going to have to call the one person that could possibly have heard from Todd.

Evangeline: Donít look so shocked.

Layla: I'm not. At first when you told me that you might be pregnant, I actually thought it could be a great thing. But now that you're not, itís just that --

Evangeline: What? What, you think itís a bad thing? What, you think I'm not mom material?

Layla: Donít be so defensive. Didnít I just say two minutes ago that you'd be an amazing mother? And I was just thinking, now that we know itís not happening, it could be best for you to put your biological clock on hold for now.

Evangeline: Can I just have a conversation with my sister without this turning into a lecture?

Layla: Oh, like you never lecture me?

Evangeline: Yeah, but I'm your older sister, and thatís what we do.

Layla: I forgot -- younger sisters are just supposed to shut up and obey.

Evangeline: Exactly.

Layla: Fine. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. I wonít say a word. Not one.

Evangeline: Good.

Layla: Vange, I'm sorry. You're amazing, nurturing, and mature. And if you want to have a child, then you should do it.

Evangeline: Thank you. Oh, you know what I was just thinking?

Layla: Wt?

Evangeline: What it would do to Mom.

Layla: Oh, my God.

Evangeline: You know what she would hate?

Layla: No more lying about her age.

Evangeline: And you know, that whole name thing.

Layla: "Grandma" is definitely out.

Evangeline: And any derivative thereof.

[Phone vibrates]

Evangeline: Hmm.

Layla: Who is it?

Evangeline: I donít recognize the number. Hello?

Blair: Hey, Evangeline, itís Blair.

Evangeline: Hey. Howís it going in Chicago? Did you get any lead on Toddís son?

Nash: Yes, I mean Jessica Vega.

Miles: Well, I can see that you're worried, and you obviously havenít heard.

Nash: Heard what?

Miles: Well, I was visiting someone last night a hospital and I ran into Natalie, and she said her sister was in the hospital.

Nash: Why?

Miles: Jessica collapsed. I mean, they're running tests. They're not sure whatís wrong with her yet.

Jessica: I am close with Nash, Natalie. We share a child.

Natalie: Ok. Is that it, though? Is that all you share?

Jessica: Look, I know you got into it with Nash when Jamie was in the hospital, but --

Natalie: Yes, because he was so fired up to see you. I was protecting you.

Jessica: I can take care of myself, Natalie.

Natalie: Yes, I know -- usually. But this -- look, Jess, itís starting to look like Nash is a big presence in your life.

Jessica: How can he not be a presence? Heís Breeís father.

Natalie: I understand that. You are Antonioís wife. And you have a wonderful marriage. And I'd hate to see this guy messing things up for you.

Jessica: Hey, is everything ok?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: Jamieís fine. R.J.ís trying to get her to rest. Have I told you how important you are to me?

John: Look, I only bring this up because -- you know, Cole -- he told me his dad was sort of a pacifist, and he -- he was always preaching to him about nonviolent ways and stuff.

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, and thatís why, you know, he was so upset by his own violent reaction to the steroids. It goes against everything heís learned, everything he is.

John: Yeah, he -- he said that to me, not in so many words, but --

Marty: Huh. He really opened up to you.

John: Oh, I donít know. I -- I'm just glad if I can help.

Marty: Yeah. You know, when he was a little boy, he was -- was curious about everything. And when his dad died, he -- he didnít want to go out, he didnít want to talk to anybody, not even his friends. He just -- stayed home with me.

John: Heís come a long way.

Marty: Yes, he has. You know, before we moved back to Llanview, he never got into any trouble. I just -- but I think, you know, that is all behind us now. I hope it is.

Cole: So I hear something really bad went down before between Britney and Henry?

Starr: Oh, no, no, no. It was worse than bad. You should have heard the stuff that Britney was saying to him.

Langston: Henry made her a backup copy of the paper he wrote for her.

Starr: Yeah, and then she grabbed it and started telling him what a loser he was.

Langston: That nobody likes him. That heís like road kill or something.

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: God, why does she do that? All Henry tried to do was help her.

Starr: You could try to save that girl, and she would still treat you like crap. Maybe not you.

Langston: And speak of the devil.

Britney: You two need to be to be kept away from each other.

Cole: Yeah, and your mouth needs to be wired shut. What the hell is wrong with you, saying that stuff to Henry? I mean, do you get off on torturing people or something?

Langston: She needs her daily blood fix.

Britney: Oh -- so Mrs. Mc-Pain-In-The-Ass is announcing the cast list for the musical tomorrow. I wonder if you and I will get the leads.

Langston: I'm writing the lead, and I would rather see my dog play the part than you. Heís got more talent in his tail -- and better hair.

Henry: I have something for you.

 Britney: Are you like, proposing to me?

Henry: Itís not a ring. Remember these? When we were at the mall, you said you really liked them.

Britney: Huh, you idiot. I was kidding. I said I liked them because I hated them. And why are they going to hurt me, because they're so ugly?

Henry: No. When I told the saleswoman that I wasnít sure whether or not your ears were pierced, she gave me these clip-ons. And she said that some people donít like them because they hurt.

Britney: People donít like them because they're lame. Clip-ons? Do I look like your grandmother? Are you for real?

Starr: Henry, they're really pretty. Britney doesnít deserve them.

Cole: Yeah, come on, we'll take them back to the jewelry store. You -- you kept the receipt, right?

Langston: What is up with you, Henry? Why do you bother? Sheís worthless.

Henry: I thought she was special.

Starr: No, sheís a bitch, ok? You donít deserve to be treated like that. Nobody does.

Cole: Yeah, I donít get why you deal with it.

Henry: Me, neither.

Starr: Ok, Henry, letís just forget about her, ok? You donít need her.

Henry: You guys donít. You have each other.

Starr: Henry, Britney is wrong about you, ok? We like you.

Henry: You really donít have to say that.

Langston: Itís true, Henry.

Starr: Yeah, itís Britney that nobody likes. Donít you get that?

Henry: Huh. Itís always the same. People not liking me, and never saying why. After a while, you get used to it.

Cole: Henry, come on, man. You canít let her get to you like this. All right, sheís one girl that has a bunch of other dumb girls who follow her because of her clothes, period.

Henry: You know, these really are ugly. Hmm. Maybe I wanted her to not like them.

Starr: What?

Henry: Maybe I wanted her to see what a big loser I am so that when all this goes to crap, we'll all remember it.

Starr: When all what goes to crap, Henry?

Britney: He tried to give me clip-on earrings.

Henry: Only a loser would have thought that a girl like Britney would like someone like me -- see that I was worth something.

Langston: Donít say that.

Henry: Only an idiot would have believed her when she said she liked me.

Starr: No, Henry --

John: You know, Cole had made a couple bad choices, but underneath it all, heís a good kid.

Marty: Thank you. I think so, too. You know, he really -- he does. He has a kind, generous heart. You know, Patrick and I were -- oh, we were always so proud of him. He -- heís actually a very good mimic. He can do this impersonation of Patrick -- oh, my God, the accent and everything was -- it was great.

John: Hmm. Heís obviously grown up with a lot of love and support.

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, but heís had a lot of pain, too, for someone so young. And itís probably why heís so drawn to you. You know, he senses that you went through the same thing, and -- I mean, hey, look how well you turned out.

John: Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm -- I'm a real role model, you know? No issues. Real open-minded. I mean, this guyís a laugh a minute.

Marty: See? You got me to laugh.

John: Nice, thatís a new concept for me. Normally, I'm just pissing people off.

Evangeline: Uh -- yeah -- hold on a second, Blair. I canít really hear you. I'll try to move to a -- hello? Yeah, ok, what now? Whatís going on with Todd?

Blair: Look, somethingís happened. Can you hear me now?

Evangeline: Yeah, yeah, much better.

Blair: Well, as I was saying, something has happened, and I really donít know what, but Toddís still missing. I canít get into it right now. But would you just do me a favor and -- and call me if you hear from Todd, or have him call me, please?

Evangeline: Of course. But I --

Blair: Look, I canít talk. I got to go. Thanks.

Layla: Everything ok? Whatís going on?

Evangeline: Todd is missing.

Layla: What?

Evangeline: I donít know.

Viki: Hi. How you feeling?

Jessica: I'm ok. I just want to go home.

Viki: Well, you canít quite yet. The doctors are still waiting on the test results, so you have to hang in there, but I'm sure after that, you can come home. Be with your beautiful family and all the people who love you.

Marty: It means a lot to me, John, your reaching out to Cole the way you have.

John: Well, heís the one who did the reaching, you know? But in a way, I'm glad he did. Maybe it'll be good for both of us. [Phone rings] Excuse me. McBain.

Blair: Hey, John, I need your help. I'm -- I'm in Chicago with Todd. Or at least I was.

John: Slow down, Blair. What?

Blair: Well, heís missing. He came here to look for his son, and -- well, something bad has happened.

John: What happened?

Blair: Well, I'm -- I'm not sure. He -- he came to this run-down apartment building, I guess on a tip. But when I got here, there was blood all over the floor.

John: They found Manningís blood, but no sign of him?

Blair: Look, I canít get into all the details right now.

John: I understand. All right, what do you want me to do?

Blair: Look, the police say that they're on it here, but I -- I just donít know what I'm going to do next.

John: I -- I guess I could come to Chicago.

Blair: Oh, would you? I hate to ask you to drop everything.

John: You donít have to ask me, all right? You put yourself on the line once for me with Truman. Yeah, look -- l right, look, I -- I got to even see if I can get a flight out of here today, all right? You know, let me see what I can do, and I'll call you when I know when I'll be there.

Blair: Ok, well, I'll be waiting. Itís at the 37th precinct on 15th street.

John: 37th precinct, got it.

Blair: Look, man, I donít know how to thank you.

John: Yeah, well, look, just take care of yourself. I'll -- I'll call you when I get there.

Blair: Johnís coming to Chicago. Heís going to help me.

Dorian: Oh.

John: Manningís gone missing.

Marty: So I gathered. And now you're off to Chicago to help find him?

John: Well, I'll do what I can. You know, I -- I should get going. I got to see if I can get a -- a flight out of here today --

[Knock on door]

Marty: Oh. I donít have any appointments.

Miles: I need to talk to you.

Marty: Miles? Um -- look, right now, I'm --

Miles: No, I wouldnít be here if it wasnít urgent. I'm sorry to interrupt.

John: Itís ok, I was just leaving.

Marty: Thanks for everything.

John: Take care.

Miles: Thank you.

Miles: Todd Manning is missing.

Marty: Yeah, I know, I just heard. Is that what you came here to tell me?

Miles: Yes, it is.

Marty: Well, why? Whatís it to you?

Miles: I'm responsible.

Nash: Is there a nurse here?

Antonio: What the hell are you doing here?

Nash: I'm here to see Jessica.

Layla: Look at you, Vange. Two minutes ago, we were talking about the possibility of you having a baby by Cristian. And then the phone rings, and you're back on the subject of Todd Manning.

Evangeline: Heís missing. You think Blair would have called me if she didnít think it was serious?

Layla: I donít care about Todd. But as long as you do, you're definitely not ready to have a baby with Cristian, and were you two even speaking before the pregnancy scare?

Evangeline: Temporarily, we were not speaking, no.

Layla: Prospective parents should at least be talking.

Evangeline: Cristian and I would have made it work.

Layla: You know, Cristianís a great guy. But the two of you together -- you fought a lot over money, and -- and Todd.

Evangeline: No, no, we never really fought until Cristian became jealous of Todd. And now, itís like we donít really trust each other anymore.

Layla: You know, then itís a good thing you're not going to be parents.

Langston: Look at Britney and her little hollabacks.

Starr: I am so sick of her reigning supreme. Somebodyís got to do something. Cole, did you talk to Henry?

Cole: No, I couldnít find him. I'll Myface him.

Langston: I hope he doesnít do something extreme.

Starr: Extreme how?

Langston: I donít know -- like get wasted or something. Nobodyís worth that, especially not Britney.

Starr: You really think he would do something like that?

Langston: She annihilated him.

Starr: Yeah, well, someone needs to annihilate her. You know what? I'm going to call Henry.

Langston: You have his number?

Starr: Yeah, he called me once about a math question.

Langston: Oh.

Starr: Itís his voicemail.

Langston: Leave a message.

Starr: Hey, Henry, itís -- itís me, Starr.

Viki: Did she talk about anything?

Natalie: No. I mean, you know Jess. Mostly worried about everyone else but herself.

Viki: Poor baby. Honestly, sheís been through so much recently.

Natalie: Well, just so much stress.

Viki: You know, honey, this -- this whole situation with Nash -- this is just not good. Obviously, she canít stay away from him completely because they share a child, but it must be so uncomfortable for her, always having him around.

Natalie: Definitely, yeah.

Viki: I'm quite convinced that the pressure he has put on her is -- has somewhat contributed to whatever made her collapse.

Nash: Whereís her file?

Antonio: You listen to me.

Nash: Hmm.

Antonio: Jessica is asleep, so you shut the hell up, and you get out of here.

Nash: I have a right to see her.

Antonio: You have no rights, Nash. You are no one to her, you understand me? No one.

Officer: Whatís going on here?

Antonio: Heís harassing my wife whoís a patient.

Officer: Come on, letís go. You're leaving this hospital right now.

Nash: Jessica!

Jessica: Nash?

Starr: Henry still isnít picking up.

Langston: I know.

Starr: I donít know what to do.

Langston: Well, whatever.

Britney: Hi, Cole. So we should look at that now.

Langston: Oh -- nobody gets away with that kind of crap forever.

Cole: Thatís right. What goes around comes around.

Starr: The question is, is how is it going to come back around to her? Henryís voice: "Why does Britney think I work so hard? Does she really think I'm getting a 4.7 G.P.A. to impress my parents? No. I'm going to get into the best ivy league school in the world. I'll be pulling in six figures my first year out of grad school. Britneyís the kind of woman who needs to be kept in style. And she really thinks sheís going to get that from the jocks she keeps drooling over? I'm going to buy the world and lay it at her feet. Yeah, I got pissed off at the way she treated me, but I'm calmer now, and I realize I just have to stick to the plan."

Evangeline: Wow. That was blunt.

Layla: Be real with yourself, please. I love you more than anybody in the world. And even if you were pregnant, I'd be there. I'd hold your hand and be your birth buddy or whatever. But I wouldnít be a good sister if I just told you what you wanted to hear.

Evangeline: Thatís the problem, honey. I just -- I donít even know what I want to hear.

Layla: Then how about the truth?

Evangeline: Hit me.

Layla: You're a winner, Vange. Everything you've set your mind to, you've gotten. Every man you ever wanted -- you've gotten that, too.

Evangeline: Not true.

Layla: I didnít say you kept them. So Cristianís not the one for you. Move on. Mr. Rightís out there somewhere.

Evangeline: I donít know. Maybe itís too late for me.

Layla: No. The fact that you're not pregnant tells me that somebody upstairs is looking out for you. You've got time, girl. And now, you know this is something that you want.

Evangeline: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I just thought it was something that would come later in my life, you know?

Layla: One more piece of sisterly advice?

Evangeline: Do I have a choice?

Layla: A kid is not a court case. And neither is a relationship. Take care of Vange for a while. And I have a feeling that the big life stuff -- it'll fall into place.

Evangeline: Thanks.

Layla: I love you.

Evangeline: I love you.

Marty: You're responsible for what happened to Todd Manning? That -- that doesnít make any sense.

Miles: No, wait. What I mean is I feel responsible.

Marty: Why? How?

Miles: Oh -- I'm the one that gave Todd the clue from Spencer. Thatís the reason why he went to Chicago, and now heís missing.

Marty: Oh. Miles, that isnít your fault. Look, trouble finds Todd without help from anybody else.

Miles: Yes, but still, itís --

Marty: No, no, no, thereís no "still." Miles, whatever happened, you did not cause it.

Miles: But if I hadnít been so naive, it wouldnít have been --

Marty: No, Miles, just listen, ok? Just stop beating yourself up. Miles, you have to understand, whatever happened, it is not your fault. None of it is.

Dorian: Blair, thereís nothing more that we can do here tonight. Come on. Let me buy you something to eat.

Blair: I'm not hungry.

Dorian: Then can we at least go someplace nice and clean, sit down, and talk?

Blair: Then you'll head back to Llanview?

Dorian: No. I've already told you, I am "not" going to leave you alone.

Blair: Well, I'm not going to be alone, because I already told you that Johnís coming to help me. Who did this to you, Todd? Who did this, and why?

On the next ďOne Life to Live" --

Blair: Are you here to help me find Todd?

John: Assuming he wants to be found.

Nash: I want to press charges against Antonio.

Antonio: I kicked him out.

Viki: Are you sure you should have done that?

Jessica: Nash --

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