OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/2/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/2/07


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Proofread by Brandi

Layla: Hi.

Rex: Thanks -- I couldnít reach my key.

Layla: Where have you been, Rex? Adrianaís going nuts trying to reach you.

Rex: Research project. Is she here?

Layla: Sheís in the shower. Uh -- whatís wrong?

Rex: Huh?

Layla: You're too calm.

Rex: Oh, you mean about Tateís performance on "The View"?

Layla: Yeah. How come you're not totally freaked out?

Rex: Adriana explained it, I'm cool.

Layla: You're cool? Mm-hmm.

Announcer: This clip of former baseball star Tate Harmon declaring his feelings for his new lady love, lingerie designer Adriana Cramer, has logged over 100,000 hits on Mytube since it first aired yesterday morning.

Tate: Ladies and gentlemen, this is my Adriana.

Audience: Oh. [Applause]

Layla: Do we really need to see this again?

[Layla turns TV off]

Rex: Apparently, the gossip columns donít agree.

Layla: Rex, are you sure you're ok?

Rex: Yeah -- yeah. Tate made his pitch. Now itís time for me to make mine.

Layla: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Adriana: Rex, God. Where have you been?

Langston: I shouldnít have even gone to the party last night. I hate those things -- to have to hear Britney did to Henry --

Starr: Oh, I know -- it sucked.

Langston: At least you got to see Cole.

Starr: Yeah, but every time I see him, it gets weirder and weirder. I hate it.

Langston: I saw you two dancing together. You still love him, Starr.

Starr: I know, but thatís why I canít have anything to do with him ever again.

Officer: Detective?

John: Yeah?

Officer: You have a visitor.

John: Ok.

Cole: Hey.

John: Hey.

Cole: Is this a bad time?

John: No, itís fine. Whatís up?

Cole: No, I wanted to thank you for writing me that letter of recommendation. I made the baseball team.

John: Congratulations, but you already thanked me for that.

Cole: Yeah, but --

John: Hey, look, Cole, I'd tell you if you werenít welcome. So what really brought you down here?

Miles: Hi. Uh, itís -- itís Miles Laurence.

Jordan: Did you sleep well?

Miles: Huhy. Did you?

Jordan: Yes. I slept extremely well.

Miles: Really?

Jordan: You sound surprised.

Miles: Uh -- I am, a little. I mean, you do that kind of thing all the time, I'm assuming.

Jordan: Hardly. You're one of a kind, Miles. I had a very good time last night, and I mean that sincerely.

Miles: Uh, was there -- I -- this might seem like a strange question, but was there anything in particular that made it more enjoyable?

Jordan: Well, you were charming, you were present, in the moment. Maybe itís because this is all so new to you, but you are a very quick learner.

Miles: Well, you're an incredible teacher.

Jordan: Thank you. Are you calling to schedule another lesson?

Miles: Oh.

Blair: Todd was here. He was here, that picture proves it.

Det. Morris: The picture proves that someone was here, and that they had access to your ex-husbandís belongings.

Blair: Oh, come on. Were they carrying a cup of Toddís blood around, too? Huh? What about the phone call, the one when he called and said he needed my help?

Det. Morris: Please calm down.

Blair: I will calm down when you find Todd!

Det. Morris: Nothing here tells me that Mr. Manning was taken against his will. This photograph could've fallen out of his wallet. And until we get the labs back on those blood stains and compare them to Mr. Manningís medical records --

Blair: He could be dead by then!

Det. Morris: Well, I'm sorry, Ms. Cramer -- this is a big city.

Blair: Donít you treat me like I'm an idiot.

Det. Morris: Look, I'm trying to make you understand that my hands are tied. Look, you've been here all night, you're overwrought. Why donít you go back to your hotel room --

Blair: No.

Det. Morris: Get some rest.

Blair: No! I'm not leaving here until I hear from Todd, and if you try to force me out, it'll be the last thing you do. 

Layla: I'm going to get dressed.

Adriana: I was worried, Rex.

Rex: I was calling -- it kept going straight to voicemail.

Adriana: I lost my phone. I thought it was in my purse on the way to New York, and it wasnít. I've torn this entire place apart looking for it. I'm going to go buy a new one first thing today.

Rex: Yeah, good.

Adriana: But thatís all I have to do today, so we can spend the whole day together.

Rex: Wish I could.

Adriana: It'd be good for us, Rex, so I can explain what happened.

Rex: You donít have to do that.

Adriana: Look, I know that you are more upset than you are letting on. I just want to tell you everything so we can get past it.

Rex: No, I already know everything. Itís all over TV -- you even made ESPN. Itís ridiculous.

Adriana: I donít even want the publicity for exposed if itís going to be like this. Itís not fair to you or us.

Rex: You know, I'm over what Tate did. What still bugs me is what you didnít do.

Cole: Yeah, you were a big help to my mom the other night when we were celebrating my dadís birthday, so I wanted to thank you for that, too.

John: Thereís no need. It was an all right time, you know, and you talking about your dad reminded me of my dad and, well, seems like they were both good Irishmen.

Cole: Yeah. Sometimes he was a little goofy with all the poems and stories, and I thought it was just him, but hearing what you were saying --

John: Part of the package -- the love of the words.

Cole: "The gift of gab," he called it.

John: Yeah, I think that -- that gene kind of passed me by.

Cole: Yeah, you're not a big talker.

John: Figure that out on your own?

Cole: Huh. Yeah, neither am I. So, you come down here a lot?

John: When I want to blow off steam.

Cole: Thatís a nice gun.

John: This? Itís my dadís service revolver. You know anything about guns?

Cole: No, and no offense -- I really donít want to. My dad hated guns. He thought they should be illegal here. I guess thatís because of all the violence in Ireland.

John: Itís usually not the gun thatís the problem.

Cole: Yeah, I know -- itís the person firing it, but still, I'd rather just steer clear.

John: You should. So, Cole, you said your "thank youís." Is there anything else?

Cole: Actually, there is.

Miles: No, I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not calling to make another date.

Jordan: You think you've learned everything you need to know, then?

Miles: No, I -- itís just that the woman I'm in love with -- I feel like if I spent more time with you, I'd be cheating.

Jordan: Oh. You really are one of a kind, arenít you? I mean that in a good way.

Miles: Huh. I -- I may not have a lot of experience, but I've always believed in true love.

Jordan: Oh -- I envy that. You donít meet a lot of old-fashioned guys in my line of work.

Miles: I'm really grateful for what you've given me, Jordan. I -- I just hope that I can put it to good use.

Jordan: Hmm. Oh, honey. You just be yourself, ok? And if you ever need me, all you have to do is call.

Miles: Thanks. I donít think I'll be seeing you again, but I'm never going to forget you.

Jordan: Good luck.

Marty: Miles.

Miles: Hello, Marty. Uh -- I know I donít have an appointment, but if you have a minute, I'd -- I'd like to tell you something.

Marty: Um -- yeah, sure, I've got some time. Come on in.

Miles: Ok.

Det. Morris: This is a crack house. I canít leave you here alone.

Blair: I was here last night all by my lonesome. If you're that worried about me, let him stay

Det. Morris: I donít have officers to spare, lady.

Blair: Well, I'm not leaving here until I hear from Todd -- you got that?

Det. Morris: I will take you in if I have to.

Blair: You go right ahead!

Officer: Detective?

Det. Morris: Donít move.

Dorian: I am not going to wait -- Blair! Oh, honey, what on earth?

Blair: What are you doing here?

Dorian: What am I doing here? I've come to take you home.

Blair: Well, I'm not leaving here without Todd. 

Cole: I wanted to ask you something, but if you're busy, it can wait.

John: I got time. What is it?

Cole: Starr Manning.

John: Hey, werenít you supposed to stay away from her?

Cole: Yeah, but I canít stop thinking about her. I mean, we see each other every day at school and, I mean, itís driving me crazy.

John: Transfer out.

Cole: No way.

John: Thatís what I thought.

Cole: You know, seeing her is driving me crazy, but I donít want to not see her. And the more I see her --

John: You just want to see her more?

Cole: I canít stop thinking about her. Itís all I think about. This is not funny.

John: Yeah, I'm not laughing, all right? If anything, I -- I empathize. But, look, Todd Manning nearly killed you last time he saw you with his daughter, and there may not be someone there to pull him off next time.

Cole: Yeah, I'm not scared of him. And Starr -- she thinks sheís protecting me by staying away.

John: Maybe sheís right.

Cole: Well, I donít need her protection.

John: Yeah, but thatís what women do when they love you.

Cole: You think Starrís still in love with me -- I mean, even though sheís telling me to stay away?

Langston: What do you think is going to happen? You're just going to keep saying you donít want Cole so many times, it'll magically become true?

Starr: Well, I hope so.

Langston: Total waste of time.

Starr: Langston, I need to get over him.

Langston: Well, itís not going to happen. So whatís plan B?

Starr: Ok, will you just shut up about it, ok? I donít want to talk about Cole -- I donít even want to think about Cole right now.

Langston: Then stop saying his name every two seconds. Checking for texts from Cole?

Starr: No, Langston -- I deleted Cole from my phone.

Langston: Did you delete him from your brain?

Blair: Starr. Hey, sweetie, how was the party last night?

Starr: It was really lame. How are you, though? Any news on the baby?

Blair: No, not yet. We're -- we're waiting to hear from some people.

Starr: Can I talk to dad?

Blair: Um -- sweetie, you just missed your daddy. He went out for some coffee, but I'll -- I'll tell him -- I'll tell him that you called, ok?

Starr: Yeah, um -- ok. Call me later if you hear anything else.

Blair: I will, sweetie. You be good now, all right? Bye.

Dorian: Blair, you've got to come home. Your children need you.

Blair: Maybe so. But right now, Todd needs me more.

Adriana: Are you mad at me about something?

Rex: Tate went on national television and told the world that you were the woman in his life and you just stood there. How come you didnít deny it?

Adriana: Rex --

Rex: You were live. You had the perfect opportunity to end this right then and there.

Adriana: I was in shock. All of a sudden, I was on stage with lights and cameras and an audience and Joy and Elisabeth were staring at me. Everybody was staring at me and I froze -- I'm sorry. I wish more than anything that I could go back and change it, but I canít. I'm just as upset about this as you are.

Rex: I'm not sure thatís possible.

Adriana: Well, it is and I am, Rex. I read him the riot act the entire way home. I told him it has got to stop.

Rex: Do you think it will? [Knock on door] Perfect timing.

Adriana: I'll get rid of him.

Rex: No, allow me.

Tate: Rex. Please donít hit me. I come bearing gifts.

Rex: Well, I'm way ahead of you.

Adriana: Ok -- no, no. There will be no hitting.

Tate: Good, because I'm going to be on camera tonight and I got to watch the face.

Rex: Well, donít tempt me.

Adriana: What do you want, Tate?

Tate: I came over here to make sure everything was ok between the two of you. Actually, I am relieved that you two are still together. I never meant to cause any trouble.

Layla: This canít be good.

Adriana: Itís fine. Tate was just leaving, and Rex and I -- we're going to spend the day together.

Rex: Uh -- actually, I have a meeting to get to.

Adriana: Now? With who?

Rex: No one you know.

Adriana: Is it about Chicago?

Rex: No, but I canít be late. Love you.

Adriana: Hmm. I love you, too.

Dorian: Blair, maybe -- maybe Todd got some piece of information and just took off without bothering to tell you.

Blair: Maybe. But I know he left that photo for me to see, and that is his blood.

Dorian: Oh.

Blair: What is taking your damn lab so long?

Dorian: Blair?

Det. Morris: I'll -- I'll give them a call --

Blair: Thank you.

Det. Morris: See if they've come up with anything new.

Blair: Thank you.

Dorian: You'll get more bees with honey, honey.

Blair: Something bad happened in this room, Dorian. I can feel it.

Dorian: Ok, letís say that something did. What -- how in the world did Todd end up here?

Blair: I donít know. All I know is I was asleep and he must have gotten a phone call, a -- a lead about his son. And there was this woman from the adoption agency that was -- came over to the hotel and she was going to show us some information, you know, about the adoption file and -- but I -- maybe she was going to meet here, but I donít -- I -- I canít imagine that she would want to meet in this awful building.

Dorian: Call her up -- maybe she knows something.

Blair: No, I did call her. Wait -- detective? Listen, have you -- have you called the Bromley lady at the adoption agency? Maybe she knows something new that could lead us to Todd.

Starr: Uh-oh.

Henry: Have you seen Britney?

Langston: No. Why?

Henry: I told her to meet me here.

Starr: Did you actually talk to her?

Henry: I'll wait.

Gabe: Hank, dude, we missed you at heatherís party last night.

Henry: I had a lot of work to do.

Gabe: Oh, yeah? Your work or Britneyís? Nah -- I'm just kidding. Hey, you still totally rock, dude.

Henry: Does everybody know that I did her history paper?

Langston: Everybody heard you two talking about it.

Henry: Yeah, well, if I get caught --

Starr: Look, Britney has a huge mouth.

Langston: Yeah, and sheís also a huge liar.

Henry: No, sheís not.

Langston: I canít believe you still like her after the way she dissed you last night.

Henry: It was a misunderstanding -- we just need to talk.

Starr: No, I wouldnít do that if I were you.

Henry: You're enemies.

Starr: Thatís because sheís a bitch.

Henry: Oh!

Langston: Look, I'm sorry that I sent you the picture of her kissing Garrett, but you're just so nice to her, and Starrís right -- sheís just a two-faced bitch whoís taking advantage of you.

Henry: Whatever.

Starr: Henry, do yourself a favor and just forget about her.

Henry: Hmm. I canít do that.

Starr: Incoming.

Henry: I knew she'd show up.

Starr: Henry, please, you're making a big mistake. Why donít you just come with us, get breakfast or something?

Henry: Just go, wonít you? Please?

Langston: We'll be over there if you need backup.

Britney: This had better be worth my time.

Henry: I've got something for you.

John: Well, you know, I donít really know Starr. What do you think?

Cole: I donít know. Where do I start? We were at a party last night -- not together, we just both happened to be there -- but we did dance, and I swear we were just about to kiss and then all of a sudden, she went off again about how we're not supposed to see each other. Itís like sheís saying one thing but she means the exact opposite. Tell me, why do girls do that?

John: You figure that one out, you let me know, ok?

Cole: Ok.

Marty: You said you had something to tell me. You have news?

Miles: I was with a woman last night.

Adriana: Ok, I'm dressed and we finished our conference call, so --

Tate: Sorry I dropped by unannounced.

Layla: Thatís what you do, Tate. Hmm.

Adriana: Donít look at me. Sheís right. What do you want?

Tate: Um -- I already told you, I feel horrible about what happened. I got up on that stage and I basically lost my mind.

Adriana: They call it lying, actually.

Tate: Well, it was unintentional, ok? It was like this heat-of-the-moment kind of thing, and I'm sorry that I brought you into it.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Tate: And I wanted to make sure that everything was still ok between you and Rex.

Layla: You wish it wasnít?

Tate: What? No, what -- I guess you're mad at me, too, now, right?

Layla: You dragged Adriana to New York, and then you blindsided her. It was a lousy thing to do.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Tate: And your phone has been ringing off the hook every since, right?

Layla: Not everythingís about publicity. You're such a dog.

Tate: I apologized. What else can I do here?

Adriana: You did get us a lot of attention.

Layla: Um -- I'm not saying thatís a bad thing.

Tate: So, business-wise, it was a coup. Is that what you are saying?

Layla: Yeah, but your methods were really gross, and you canít convince me that this was all about exposed. Your whole life is the Tate show. This isnít any different.

Tate: Well, thank you, Layla. That really hurt.

Adriana: All right -- ok, look. Whatís done is done, right? And it wasnít exactly bad for the company. It may have put us on the map.

Layla: Thatís what we're paying him for, donít forget.

Adriana: I havenít. But the publicity wasnít all bad.

Tate: Thank you.

Adriana: But I want to make one thing very clear. Nothing like this is to ever happen again, or you're fired. I donít want any more surprises, Tate.

Rex: Mrs. Harmon?

Mrs. Harmon: I'm the ex-Mrs. Harmon. You can call me Paula.

Rex: Rex Balsom. I appreciate you meeting me.

Paula: I figured someone would get in touch with me after Tate made a fool of himself on TV yesterday.

Rex: Yeah, he certainly knows how to make himself the center of attention.

Paula: Heís "the Tate."

Rex: Does that annoy you at all?

Paula: Look, can we cut to the chase?

Rex: Sure. I have a few questions about your marriage.

Paula: Donít waste your breath, Mr. Balsom. I've got nothing for you.

Henry: This is for you.

Starr: No, he didnít.

Langston: You have got to be kidding.

Britney: Is that my history paper?

Henry: Uh-huh.

Britney: I thought you said you deleted it.

Henry: I did. This is the backup copy. I worked too hard on it just to trash it.

Britney: So you're going to give it to me, after all?

Henry: I overreacted when I saw the picture of you kissing Garrett.

Britney: Yeah, totally. I mean, thatís why I was such a bitch to you on the phone.

Henry: I figured. Anyways, we both messed up, so here. I'm sorry. Are we ok?

Britney: My God, could you be any more of a loser? Get a clue, Henry. No one likes you. You're a dork with a research fetish. You're useful, but the idea that I would even consider going out with you? Oh -- do you have mental problems? Girls like me donít slum around with dweebs like you. Itís a law of nature. God, next time, I'll just write the paper myself. Itís way too much trouble pretending to like you.

Langston: Oh, man, she really tore into him. What do we do?

Starr: Henry, look, wait. Donít listen to that witch, ok? Sheís a jerk.

Henry: Are you saying sheís wrong?

Langston: Sheís always wrong.

Henry: Some people do like me? Gabe thinks that I totally rock, but do you think that heís going to want to hang out with me after he hears how Britney just blew me off?

Starr: Oh, come on, who cares?

Henry: I do. You guys donít know what it was like the past few weeks. People actually said hi to me in the hallways. I got to go to the coffee shop with you guys.

Langston: You can still come with us.

Henry: Britney made me somebody. And now that she got what she wanted, I'm back to being invisible.

Starr: No. Henry, thatís not true.

Henry: Stop trying to make me feel better. I know whatís going on. Britneyís going to get an A in History, and I'm going to go back to being a complete and total loser.

Starr: No, Henry, thatís not true!

Cole: Whew. Do you ever pretend to target somebody real?

John: Sometimes.

Cole: Is that so you'll be able to do it when you're facing real criminals?

John: You know, the only reason to fire a gun is someoneís going to fire at you or someone else. And when you're staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, and itís you or him, itís a totally different animal. All practice does is make it as automatic as possible. You canít do anything about the variables.

Cole: Yeah, you're really good. See, just the outline of a body just creeps me out.

John: Thatís good. Thatís good. You know, a lot of people -- they think guns are toys. You know, kids -- I speak to them at these high schools, and I tell them once the bullet leaves the barrel, you canít ever take it back. It seems so obvious, but apparently not.

Cole: Yeah, when I got kicked off the team, I got so angry inside, so violent, you know, and I couldnít stop it. And part of me knew it was wrong, but I couldnít help myself. You know, it scared the hell out of me. I'm telling you, I never want to feel like that again.

John: Yeah, I think I know what you mean.

Cole: Listen, I got to get to practice, so thanks for the talk.

John: No problem. Anytime.

Marty: So you came here to tell me that you were with a woman.

Miles: With a woman, yeah.

Marty: Ok.

Miles: I met her last night at the hotel. We had champagne, caviar. We danced. It was -- it was wonderful.

Marty: Well, thatís great. Thatís great, Miles. Do you think it could be serious?

Miles: Uh -- no. No, itís probably just a one-time thing. Um -- but I had a great time. I learned something very important.

Marty: What did you learn?

Miles: That I can meet new people -- women.

Marty: Of course you can.

Miles: Yes -- no, but this -- this woman in particular was very beautiful and desirable, and worldly. And she told me I was attractive and charming. I think I'm getting used to the fact that -- that that might be me.

Marty: Well, Miles, thatís great. I'm very proud of you.

Miles: Thank you. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Officer: No one from the adoption agency has talked to Mr. Manning since they saw you at the police station.

Blair: Oh, well, she is lying. She came to the hotel. She gave Todd a photo of his kid, said she was going to show us the adoption file. She is involved in this. Why else would she lie about it?

Dorian: Sheís done something illegal, right, and --

Blair: Ok --

Dorian: And she may be protecting herself.

Blair: All right, I donít care. I want to talk to her. Let me talk to her.

Officer: You need to leave this to the police, Ms. Cramer.

Dorian: Heís right. Blair, thereís -- thereís nothing that you can do that the police canít do.

Blair: Oh, really?

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Blair: You want to bet?

Dorian: Uh -- Blair, thereís no sense of you getting yourself worked up like this. This is Toddís business, and the two of you are not together anymore.

Blair: Are you trying to help me here or not?

Dorian: Yes -- thatís why I came here, isnít it -- to help you.

Blair: Well, you know what? You're upsetting me, so go home!

Dorian: No! That is not an option! As long as you're staying, I'm staying!

Marty: Well, it sounds like last night was a big step for you.

Miles: It -- it was eye-opening.

Marty: You know, I would call this woman again. You know, if she makes you feel that good.

Miles: Itís complicated. It -- I didnít want to just come here and discuss my love life. Um -- I want to apologize -- for coming on so strong with you. I never wanted you to feel uncomfortable.

Marty: Thank you. Apology accepted.

Miles: Good.

Marty: And look, miles, if I was ever unclear, or if I sent you mixed signals --

Miles: No, you -- you werenít. You never did. Thatís -- I --'m learning how to read people, and itís much more difficult than I thought it would be.

Marty: Yeah. Sometimes, itís impossible.

Miles: Anyway -- I donít want to spend my time pursuing someone I canít have. I mean, so much of my life has -- has been out of my control for so many years, and you know, I donít want to do that to myself. Thereís just so much to see, thereís so much to do.

Marty: Miles, that sounds great. It does. I -- I really think you should call her.

Miles: You really think I should?

Marty: Yes, absolutely. By the look on your face?

Miles: Would you have dinner with me tonight?

Marty: Oh -- um -- Miles, I'm sorry. Actually, I have plans with my son.

Miles: Yeah, well, another time, then.

Jordan: [Phone rings] Hello?

Miles: Hi, itís me again.

Jordan: So did you talk to your lady friend?

Miles: Just

Jordan: And -- how'd it go?

Miles: Hmm.

Layla: Come on. I'll walk you out.

Tate: Actually, I'd really love to finish my coffee, you know, if Adriana doesnít mind.

Adriana: I'm fine. Go. Really. Go be tough, because we need that work, fast. Really fast.

Layla: I'll check in later.

Tate: Whoa, what is that buzzing on my --

Adriana: Oh, my God! I canít believe it. I've been looking everywhere. What was it doing there?

Tate: You're asking me?

Adriana: Ah, thank you. God, I probably have, like, a hundred million messages.

Tate: Well, go ahead and check them. Donít pay any attention to me. I ruined your morning.

Adriana: Actually, you know, whoever it is, they can wait until weíve cleared the air.

Tate: I thought everything was ok between us.

Adriana: You never actually told me why you called me out on national TV like that. You knew you were lying.

Tate: Well, technically, I wasnít. Um -- you know, those women just kept badgering me about "who is this special someone in your life?" And you know, all of a sudden, I realized there was someone. There is. So I said it. It was impulsive. Maybe a little stupid.

Adriana: You could have really messed things up for me.

Tate: I never meant to cause a rift between you and Rex.

Adriana: Huh -- you didnít.

Tate: Whatever you say. But I got to be honest with you, Adriana. The more I think about what I did, the more I'm not sorry that I did it. In fact, if I had to do it all over again, I probably would.

Rex: Why did you agree to meet with me if you werenít going to give me anything on Tate?

Paula: You're not a reporter. I was curious.

Rex: I'm not going to take you to the public or anything like that. This is personal.

Paula: What is it you want to know?

Rex: First of all, how come Tate never mentions he was married?

Paula: It was a long time ago. Why do you care?

Rex: I'm a friend of Adrianaís.

Paula: Tateís Adriana?

Rex: Yeah -- the designer, yes. Although sheís not Tateís.

Paula: Of course.

Rex: Because --

Paula: You want to know the thumbnail sketch? Tate and I met when we were really young. He was just getting scouted. We got stupid, went to Vegas, and got married on the fly. Then he was signed. Which means he was on the road more than he was at home. I wanted a husband. He wanted a big-league career, so we split. End of story. We both like to pretend it never happened.

Rex: Who divorced who?

Paula: I filed the papers, not that that matters.

Rex: And you havenít kept in touch?

Paula: We had very little in common then, and we have less in common now.

Rex: Any kids?

Paula: No, thank God. No kids were caught in the middle of that. I heard the rumors before we were married. I just -- I thought I knew better. So naive.

Rex: What rumors? What were people saying about Tate?

Blair: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I appreciate that you dropped everything and flew all the way to Chicago, because I could -- I could use your help.

Dorian: To find Todd?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Hmm.

Blair: Why donít you think about jack and Starr here for a minute?

Dorian: You can fight so dirty when you want to.

Blair: Admit it. Admit it -- you know that something is wrong here. Itís his blood. Thatís his blood, Dorian. And if you Chicago cops donít want to help me -- [Phone rings] And donít believe me, well, I'll find somebody who will! You hear me?

Dorian: Saved by the bell.

Blair: You hear me?

Det. Morris: Morris. Ok. Yeah. I got it. Thanks.

Blair: What?

Det. Morris: We got the DNA back on those blood stains.

Paula: Maybe "rumor" is the wrong word. My friends warned me that he wasnít the kind of guy who should be getting married, and they were right. Look, if your friend Adriana is involved with Tate, sheís asking for a world of heartache.

Rex: They're not together. He was just using her for publicity.

Paula: Huh. No surprise there. Look, I've got to get going. I hope I've given you everything you need.

Rex: Yeah -- one more thing. What were your grounds for divorce? I'm a P.I. I can get it on my own. But you'll be saving me a lot of time. Was it irreconcilable differences?

Paula: No. It was fraud.

Rex: Damn. I should have known. Tate Harmon is gay.

Adriana: You would do this all over again, knowing how mad it made me? What is wrong with you?

Tate: I'm into you. I canít help it. Besides, I donít know why you're pissed.

Adriana: Oh --

Tate: I look like a fool while you get all this publicity. Thereís no such thing as bad P.R.

Adriana: Tell that to Rex.

Tate: Forget about Rex. You hired me to make your company a success, and I'm doing that, arenít I?

Adriana: Yes.

Tate: The orders are pouring in, arenít they?

Adriana: Yes.

Tate: And you wanted your mother to view you as a success. Is she?

Adriana: Yes.

Tate: So besides a little misunderstanding on Rexís part, itís all good. And he blames me, not you.

Adriana: Yes, I guess all of that is true, but --

Tate: So thereís really no downside to this, is there?

Adriana: No, I guess not, but --

Tate: "But" nothing. But just remember -- I did all of this for you.

Britney: That was so easy.

Langston: Somebody has got to give that bitch what she deserves.

Miles: I told her what a wonderful time we had last night.

Jordan: Are you sure that was wise?

Miles: I didnít get into specifics. I just -- I wanted her to realize that I was desirable to other women. Then I asked her out to dinner.

Jordan: Did she say yes?

Miles: Uh -- she had other plans. It'll happen, though. And when it does, I'm going to sweep her off her feet, just the way you showed me.

John: McBain.

Miles: I got to go.

John: Ok. Well, do me a favor and keep me posted, all right? Thanks. Hey.

Marty: John, hi. What a nice surprise.

John: Really?

Marty: No.

John: You got a minute?

Marty: Yeah. Come on in.

John: Ok.

Dorian: Detective, well, was the blood Toddís, or wasnít it?

Det. Morris: It was.

Blair: I told you.

On the next "One Life to Live" Ė

Evangeline: I'm not pregnant.

Layla: The test was negative?

Blair: Hey, John, I need your help. Something bad has happened.

Marty: You're responsible for what happened to Todd Manning?

Nash: I have a right to see her.

Antonio: You have no rights, Nash -- you are no one to her.

Jessica: Nash?

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