OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/1/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/1/07


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Adriana: Hey, Mom, thanks for getting here so fast.

Dorian: Oh, my goodness -- I dropped everything. I was so excited. Oh, but I did pick this up for you.

Adriana: Oh.

Dorian: Yes, what a lovely surprise, hearing from my daughter.

Adriana: Huh. Do you want some tea or some coffee?

Dorian: Whatís bothering you?

Adriana: Tate Harmon.

Dorian: The spokesmodel for your lingerie company.

Adriana: He was on "the view" this morning.

Dorian: I know.

Adriana: You saw it?

Dorian: Darling, everybody watches "The View." Besides, I wanted to hear what he had to say about exposed.

Adriana: Yeah, well, he talked more about me than the company. I could kill Tate right now.

Dorian: Oh, I see. So I take it you havenít dumped Rex for Tate?

Adriana: Sorry to disappoint you.

Dorian: Oh -- he seemed very convincing. Or should I say, delusional?

Adriana: Yes, delusional. I tried telling Rex that.

Dorian: But he didnít understand?

Adriana: He said he did.

Dorian: And you donít believe him?

Adriana: I -- I donít know. I havenít seen him since I got back from New York. And heís not returning any of my phone calls. Where could he be?

Rex: "Tate Harmon, drug use." "Criminal history." Nada. "Tate Harmon" --

Michael: When did you get back from Chicago?

Rex: I just got in.

Michael: Lose your phone? Batteryís dead?

Rex: I meant to call --

Michael: You promised me you would keep me up-to-date on this thing. Does he know? Does Todd know that Tommy is his son?

Rex: Relax. The adoption records at the agency are sealed. Todd didnít find out anything.

Michael: We're talking about Todd manning here. Heís not going to stop looking for his kid. Not unless something stops him.

Rex: Not something, someone. And itís already been done.

Blair: Todd? Todd, are you there? Todd!

Vincent: Got to be a woman.

Nash: What?

Vincent: The smile.

Nash: Aha. Not just a woman, the woman.

Vincent: I thought she wasnít available.

Nash: Yeah. No, things changed.

Vincent: What changed?

Nash: Oh, a lot. I'm meeting her he midnight.

Vincent: And?

Nash: And we're going to be together.

Vincent: Why midnight?

Nash: Because I got a flair for the dramatic. Sheís telling her husband now. Midnight canít come fast enough.

Antonio: So the night of Jamieís hearing, you ran off. You said you drove around.

Jessica: Ended up at the quarry.

Antonio: So, what, you werenít alone?

Jessica: Well, I was when I left the adoption hearing, and I was alone in my car.

Antonio: So you met someone at the quarry?

Jessica: He found me.

Antonio: Who?

Jessica: Nash. 

Antonio: So Nash found you at the quarry?

Jessica: Oh --

Antonio: Whatís wrong?

Jessica: I -- I donít know. I just got a little dizzy, and I feel a little nauseous.

Antonio: All right, I'll get a nurse.

Jessica: No, no. I'm ok. Just give me a minute.

Antonio: You sure?

Jessica: Yes. Um -- as -- as I was saying -- sorry, I- I was at the quarry and Nash showed up.

Antonio: So you, what? You plan meet him there?

Jessica: No, I didnít plan to meet him there, Antonio. He was the last person that I expected to see.

Antonio: All right, so what the hell was he doing there?

Jessica: I -- it was fate.

Nash: Whatís that look for?

Vincent: You know, I'm just surprised because, the last time we talked, you said your lady would never leave her husband.

Nash: Well, I guess we both realized that we just need to be together.

Vincent: Takes a lot of guts leaving a marriage and kids.

Nash: Actually, sheís coming back to the father of her child -- me. What are you doing? You're busting my bubble? You trying to make me feel bad, huh?

Vincent: Should you?

Nash: No. How about you? Last time I heard, you were chasing after an unavailable lady, right?

Vincent: Well, her situation has changed.

Nash: Well, thatís good for you, I guess, huh?

Viki: Hey.

Natalie: Hi. Does Valentineís Day come twice a year now?

Viki: Not for me.

Natalie: Arenít those from dad?

Viki: Why would you think that?

Natalie: I donít know. I thought maybe he dumped Dorian and was begging you to come back to him.

Viki: No, no. Actually, these are for you, darling. Um -- I opened the box -- you know, just to see if they were real.

Natalie: Who would be sending me roses?

Viki: Well, I think the best way to find that out is to read the card.

Natalie: "Itís never too late to be what you might have been. Vincent."

Viki: Vincent Jones?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, he helped me figure something out.

Viki: Did he? Something important?

Natalie: Mm-hmm. I quit my job today.

Viki: Oh, honey -- because of John.

Natalie: I was spinning my wheels in that job

Viki: So, what are you going to do?

Natalie: Actually, Grandpa hired me.

Viki: You're going to work for Buchanan Enterprises?

Natalie: I'm -- I'm not coming to work for you at "The Banner."

Viki: No, no, no -- honey, itís not that at all. Are you really sure you want to do this?

Natalie: I need a change.

Viki: And Vincent supported you?

Natalie: He gave me the courage to try something different.

Viki: Yeah, well, that certainly benefits him, doesnít it?

Natalie: What do you mean?

Viki: Honey, the old Natalie was with John. But is the new Natalie really ready to get involved with Vincent?

[Phone rings]

Viki: Hello?

Blair: Hi, Viki, itís Blair. Um -- have you heard from Todd?

Viki: No, was I supposed to?

Blair: Well, I'm still in Chicago, and -- well, we got separated.

Viki: And now you canít find him?

Blair: Well, you know Todd. And he probably doesnít want me to find him, but you know me. You can run, but you canít hide, right?

Viki: Did you find out anything about his son?

Blair: Not yet. But will you have him call me, please, if you hear from him?

Viki: Well, of course I will. Blair, you let me know if thereís a problem, will you?

Blair: Donít worry. Itís under control. Itís not under control.

Blair: Yes, Ms. Bromley, please. Bromley. No, I'm sure that thatís her name. Well, she was handling a private matter for Todd manning. No, thank you, I donít want to talk to anybody else. Oh, God, Todd. Come on, what happen here, you know? What happened here? I was -- I was asleep -- you said you were going to wake me. I was asleep. Did you get a call? Did -- did -- did you get a call from Mrs. Bromley? Something about -- about your -- your kid? Why didnít you wake me up? You didnít wake me up because you wanted to handle this by yourself. Thatís what you did. You wanted to handle this. But then you called me for help. And now I canít call the cops. We're not even supposed to be in this town. Damn it! Ok, ok, ok, ok. Yeah. 1-7-5 -- is that a 3 or an 8? Who cares? I'll just figure it out when I get there. Come on, just hang in there, Todd.

Rex: The Chicago P.D. shut Todd down.

Michael: Yeah, but Todd and Blair were released from jail.

Rex: And thrown out of the city. They wonít be looking into any more adoption records.

Michael: How do you know?

Rex: I ran into them at their hotel.

Michael: You -- Todd caught you snooping?

Rex: Look, donít worry. I convinced him to hire me.

Michael: To find Tommy?

Rex: And all roads will lead back to that phony death certificate I gave him, telling him his son died.

Michael: Well, what are you doing here? Go tell him.

Rex: No, itís too soon. Let Todd think I'm doing some legwork.

Michael: How long?

Rex: A week, maybe two.

Michael: This needs to be over. Like now, Rex.

Rex: Patience, Michael. It will be.

Michael: I got to get back to the hospital. Answer your phone.

Rex: "Tate Harmon, stealing a stick of gum." What a surprise. Heís innocent. "Tate Harmon" --

Roxy: Try Mytube.

Rex: Stay out of this.

Roxy: Well, I think itís a little too late. I already saw Tate-iana on "The View."

Rex: Tate-iana?

Roxy: Yeah, thatís what all the rags are calling Tate and Adriana. How come I didnít know you guys were splitsville?

Rex: We're not! Rexana keeps ticking.

Roxy: Hmm. Then Adrianaís a double-dipper.

Rex: Tate has a very active fantasy life. No way is Adriana interested in him.

Roxy: Oh, really? Then how come you still need to know if he stole a stick of gum?

Rex: I'm looking for the magic words that'll make Tate disappear. Rex you're worried that Tateís fantasy life is going to turn into reality TV.

Dorian: You know, perhaps Rex is just too occupied with his private investigator business.

Adriana: No, he would tell me.

Dorian: Hmm. And you're worried that heís angry because he doesnít believe that Tateís declaration of love was all just a big misunderstanding.

Adriana: Yeah. I've been to his loft. I've been to Ultra Violet. I left him a million messages.

Dorian: Ah. Now, that is your first mistake.

Adriana: What? Why?

Dorian: Because you're working too hard to convince him that you're innocent. Darling, he could take that as a -- well, a case of "the lady doth protest too much."

Adriana: Well, out of guilt.

Dorian: Exactly.

Adriana: Whatís my second mistake?

Dorian: Rex adores you. Honey, you donít have to go chasing after him, begging him for forgiveness -- when there isnít anything to forgive. Or is there?

Adriana: Mom!

Dorian: I'm just asking.

Adriana: Tate did this all on his own.

Dorian: Hmm. He was very exuberant.

Adriana: Oh, yeah, tell me about it. He wonít stop kissing me.

Dorian: Heís kissed you?

Adriana: In the green room, for luck.

Dorian: You said he wonít stop kissing you. That would imply that it happened more than just once.

Adriana: Twice.

Dorian: Aha. And is there going to be a third time? Huh?

Antonio: So how is running into Nash at the quarry fate?

Jessica: I know it sounds crazy --

Antonio: No, it sounds beyond crazy.

Jessica: Ok, ok. I was driving and I was upset.

Antonio: I know this.

Jessica: I was -- it was raining and I was driving around, and I was hating myself that I didnít adopt Jamie, and I -- I couldnít see it, but I couldnít sit still. And -- and I just pulled over the car.

Antonio: And then got out of it?

Jessica: Yeah, and I ended up in the quarry.

Antonio: How did Nash get there?

Jessica: Well, he was leaving town.

Antonio: I know.

Jessica: Ok --

Antonio: I know, Cris told me.

Jessica: Ok. And he saw my car was out on the road and he got worried.

Antonio: So what, he got out and, what, looked for you?

Jessica: I was upset that he was leaving town.

Antonio: Why, because he was leaving his daughter? I -- is that what happened? You guys got in a fight? Is that how your necklace came out?

Jessica: No, no, no, no --

Antonio: Did he hurt you?

Jessica: No, no, no. No. We didnít have a fight.

Antonio: Then what did happen at the quarry, Jessica?

Natalie: Is everything ok with Blair?

Viki: I donít know. She canít find Todd.

Natalie: Well, because he doesnít want to be found.

Viki: Well, I donít know about that, either. She sounded worried.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you know how they are, mom. When one pushes, the other pulls away.

Viki: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Natalie: Itís kind of like John and me. Except for we snapped.

Viki: Honey, that does not mean you have to change your whole life, you know?

Natalie: Itís a good change.

Viki: Well, I hope so. I have to tell you that I think that working at Buchanan Enterprises is going to be very exciting. Kevin adores it, doesnít he?

Natalie: Yes, and I canít wait.

Viki: So what exactly are you going to be doing? Do you know?

Natalie: Hmm -- not really sure. Grandpa said he was going to teach me the ropes, so we'll see.

Viki: Ok -- a word to the wise. Asa is a very smart man. Please donít let him manipulate you.

Natalie: Ok. Donít worry. I'm not going to let him suck me into his evil web.

Viki: And Vincent?

Natalie: You think Vincentís evil?

Viki: I donít know him, sweetheart. But you never trusted him completely, and I guess I'm just wondering what changed.

Natalie: I donít know. I guess I got to know him better.

Viki: Is Vincent going to be a very big part of your new life?

Nash: So, did you make a play for the lady yet? No, wait. No, no, no -- donít tell me Vincent Jones has suddenly got scruples.

Vincent: It surprised the hell out of me.

Nash: Oh, wait. Wait. Does the woman suddenly seem less attractive to you and desirable now that sheís available?

Vincent: Hell, no.

Nash: So, what?

Vincent: Well, I really donít like discussing my business, but between me and you --

Nash: Mm-hmm?

Vincent: Sheís in lot of pain right now, and the last thing she needs is for me to be hitting on her.

Nash: Ok. You're not going to go for the "just friends" thing, are you?

Vincent: I mean, whatís it to you, man? I mean, if thatís what she needs.

Nash: Yeah -- I'm not drunk enough for this. [Nash whistles]

Vincent: All right, the truth is, man, I donít think we're compatible for the long term thing, you know?

Nash: Right.

Vincent: Nash, you keep looking over there every three seconds. It ainít even midnight yet.

Nash: She could come early.

Vincent: And what if she doesnít come at all?

Nash: Well, then it means sheís changed her mind. But thatís not going to happen. Not this time.

Jessica: Do you remember how hard it was raining that night?

Antonio: Jess, you ok?

Jessica: God -- oh --

Antonio: Oh.

Jessica: Itís nothing. I just got dizzy again.

Antonio: Ok, all right. Let me get you some water.

Jessica: No. No, I have to tell you this. Just let me finish. Just give me a second.

Antonio: Jess Ė

Jessica: Nash was really upset.

Antonio: Well, because of your decision to adopt Jamie. Look, did he force you to walk away from us?

Jessica: No, he didnít. But he wasnít happy.

Antonio: Why, because he -- he thought that you were going to be spending more time with Jamie than with Bree?

Jessica: No, that -- that wouldnít happen.

Antonio: Well, you and I both know that, but thatís how he was feeling, right?

Jessica: Ok, well, maybe he was worried that, but I assured him that wasnít the case.

Antonio: Well, honey, he has feelings for you, yes?

Jessica: I know. I --

Antonio: And heís going to do whatever it takes to get what he wants -- anything he can.

Jessica: No, it wasnít like that.

Antonio: Then what was it like?

Jessica: I was at the quarry, and he showed up. And I -- I realized that --

Antonio: Honey? Oh. I need a doctor! I need a doctor now!

Blair: Todd? Todd? Are you here? Hello? Todd, are you in here?

Man: Get up slowly. 

Antonio: I need a doctor now!

Michael: What happened?

Antonio: She collapsed.

Michael: Has this happened before?

Antonio: No.

Michael: How was she feeling?

Antonio: Dizzy, nauseous.

Michael: All right. Did she hit her head?

Antonio: No.

Michael: Ok. Letís get her into a room. One, two, three -- up! We got her, we got her. I need a full metabolic panel and B.P. stat. This woman just collapsed. Oh. Has Jessica been nauseous, dizzy before this?

Antonio: No! No, she -- she was just -- sheís been under a lot of stress.

Michael: And has she been ill -- fever, flu?

Antonio: Uh, she thought she was sick a few weeks ago, but --

Michael: Uh -- achy, fever?

Antonio: Yeah, some aches and pains, but they went away!

Michael: All right. How about her appetite?

Antonio: Not -- not good, but sheís been under a l of pressure. Look, just tell me sheís going to be ok!

Michael: Oh --

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Sweetheart.

Jessica: What happened?

Antonio: You -- you collapsed.

Jessica: Why?

Michael: We're going to run some tests and find out. Donít get up. I'll be right back.

Antonio: Ok.

Jessica: Antonio, I'm so sorry.

Antonio: No. No. Donít -- donít you worry, ok? Everything is going to be ok.

Nash: Ooh!

Vincent: Hey. Do me a favor -- if you see the Commissioner walk in --

Nash: Uh-huh?

Vincent: Let me know, ok?

Nash: Why?

Vincent: Well, I'm hoping he has news on the guy whoís been setting flames to my properties, you know?

Nash: Yeah. Hey, I caught the -- the tail end of that news conference. Pretty -- pretty impressive getting all the victims of the arsonist to speak out against him.

Vincent: Yeah, this guy -- heís an -- heís an equal opportunity racist. Itís not just about the color of your skin. Itís about who your God is, where you're coming from, and where you're going.

Nash: Well, from what I've heard, the Commissioner is pretty good at his job. I'm sure he'll find your guy.

Vincent: He better, because if I find him before the boys in blue do --

Nash: You'll what?

Rex: Adriana is not into Tate.

Roxy: Yeah, but you still want him to be gone.

Rex: You heard what he said on "The View." Heís not going to go away on his own.

Roxy: Not without a really big push.

Rex: Yeah, right off a cliff.

Roxy: Listen, sonny boy, I could have someone whack him for a beer and a burger.

Rex: Thanks, but I got it covered.

Roxy: Smith and Wesson or "Magnum, P.I."?

Rex: Heís not a hit man. I called in some favors, have some people looking into Tateís finances.

Roxy: So, how rich is he?

Rex: Very -- and itís all legal.

Roxy: Hey, listen, if you're digging up dirt on a stud like Tate Harmon, you're looking in all the wrong places.

Adriana: Twice, mom -- Tate only kissed me twice.

Dorian: I'm not so sure in this case that "only" and "kissed" should appropriately be used in the same sentence.

Adriana: The first time was just to get rid of an annoying fan.

Dorian: So he says. What about the second kiss?

Adriana: Give him confidence, said he was nervous about appearing on "The View."

Dorian: Oh, it sure worked. No, he looked very comfortable in front of the camera.

Adriana: Yeah. Thing is, since his appearance, interest in our designs has skyrocketed. "Fashionista" magazine wants to do a feature on me and the lingerie line.

Dorian: Honey, thatís marvelous!

Adriana: I know, and Layla says that orders have been through the roof.

Dorian: So you canít fire him.

Adriana: It would kill business.

Dorian: Can you handle his exuberance?

Adriana: What choice do I have?

Dorian: But if you keep seeing him --

Adriana: It might hurt my relationship with Rex.

Dorian: Oh, darling. You really do have your hands full.

Adriana: Oh. Oh, God, I already hate myself for asking this -- ok. If you were me, what would you do?

Blair: Hey, hey! Hey, you can lower your gun -- I'm not armed. Lower it.

Officer: Sheís in here.

Blair: Uh -- Detective Morris.

Det. Morris: Holster your weapon, Officer. Ms. Cramer isnít going anywhere.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Det. Morris: Well, Officer Wade saw you break in. He recognized you and called it in. You know, I suspected that you and Mr. Manning wouldnít leave town, so your mug shots went out to all patrol officers in this city.

Blair: The adoption agency didnít press any charges, so those mug shots should've been destroyed.

Det. Morris: Well, sue me. Where is Mr. Manning?

Blair: Heís missing.

Det. Morris: Maybe he left town without you.

Blair: Maybe he called and told me he needed help, and maybe we were disconnected before he could tell me what kind of help!

Det. Morris: Well, if you were disconnected, how did you end up here?

Blair: Look, I got an address, all right? He was here, and you got to help me find him before he gets hurt! I mean, heís going to --

Det. Morris: You've been watching too many cop shows, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: Thereís blood right there, ok? You see the blood? It could be Toddís! Now, you either help me find him or that blood' going to be on your hands!

Adriana: What should I do?

Dorian: Be honest.

Adriana: No offense, mom, but the last time you were honest was -- never.

Dorian: Wait a minute -- that has all changed.

Adriana: Ok, all right. But I am honest -- very honest -- with Rex.

Dorian: And what about with Tate? Have you made it very clear to him that your relationship is to be strictly professional?

Adriana: Yes, I thought I made it very clear.

Dorian: You're going to have to make it clearer! Keep reminding him that you have a boyfriend, tell him to stop making advances and, most definitely, tell him to stop making these misleading declarations to the media!

Adriana: Yeah. Well, what about Rex?

Dorian: Rex just needs to understand that he has nothing to be jealous of.

Adriana: I've been doing that, all of that, with both of them.

Dorian: Ok, you say you've been honest with both of them, but, darling, have you really been honest with yourself? Hmm?

Rex: What makes you an expert on Tate Harmon?

Roxy: Back in the day, I dated a minor leaguer -- Lefty Lambert. Great swing, except he couldnít hit a home run.

Rex: Your point?

Roxy: I was bad. I spent so much time in the locker room -- those players were worse than girls.

Rex: In not picking up their towels off the floor?

Roxy: No, they were always yakking about the love lives, and some of them kept scorecards. And by the way, I scored very high.

Rex: Yeah, but moving on!

Roxy: And they were always just bragging about their sexual composts. Now, listen, if Tateís got a story to tell, believe m he told his teammates.

Rex: Ok, but how do I get some guy to spill Tateís secrets?

Roxy: What, you think Adrianaís the first girl that he made a play for?

Rex: Well, if he went after someone elseís squeeze --

Roxy: Then the squeezed-out will spill. What are you looking for?

Rex: Team rosters.

Vincent: You know, see, I talked to the commissioner and I told him that I have resources that the police just do not have, that I could be helpful, you know?

Nash: Like -- like breakin' bones!

Vincent: See, thatís why I donít talk to you. Anyway -- Giving advice -- remember that lady I was telling you about?

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Vincent: She took my advice on a very important matter.

Nash: Thatís good, isnít it?

Vincent: I just hope I didnít lead her off in the wrong direction.

Natalie: Vincentís just a friend, mom. He help me realize that my job at the P.D. was a dead end.

Viki: Honey, I think you're just running away from John.

Natalie: Wasnít there a survey that said you're supposed to change your job, what, every couple of years? I'm just trying to agree with the survey, mom!

Viki: Ok, well, I hope the new job agrees with you.

Natalie: Itís a win-win! How much you want to bet I may be working with dad?

Viki: Well, if you are, he'll be delighted.

Natalie: I could slip him secret notes, tell him to dump Dorian.

Viki: Donít waste your time.

Natalie: Oh, come on, Mom. Donít tell me you' over him.

Viki: Honey, itís over. Itís over and I've made my peace with that, ok?

Natalie: Ok. Maybe itís time for a change in your life.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Hmm --- excuse me. Hello? Antonio, hi. Whatís wrong? How bad is she? I'll be right there.

Natalie: Mom?

Viki: Somethingís wrong with Jessie.

Michael: Whew.

Antonio: Howís Jess?

Michael: Uh -- I took some blood, I sent it off to the lab.

Antonio: Ok, when -- when will we know something?

Michael: Soon, I hope. I ought to take her down to radiology. I think that an M.R.I. ought tell us a little more.

Antonio: Ok. R.J.ís going to take Jamie home, so is if I stay with Jess?

Michael: Absolutely.

Antonio: Thanks, man.

Antonio: Donít leave me. I need you.

Blair: So the secretary at the adoption agency --

Det. Morris: Bromley?

Blair: Yeah. She stopped by the hotel and said that she wanted to help Todd find his son.

Det. Morris: She was breaking the law.

Blair: She felt sorry for Todd.

Det. Morris: So what did she do?

Blair: She promised that she was going to bring the file by and show Todd the adoption file.

Det. Morris: And did she?

Blair: Well, I donít know. I -- I fell asleep, and when I woke up, Todd was gone.

Det. Morris: Did you call Mrs. Bromley?

Blair: Well, I tried -- of course I tried to reach her, but I couldnít -- look, Todd was here, all right? He was here, and you've got to help me find him.

Det. Morris: Thereís no sign that anyone was here.

Blair: What are you talking about? Do you see the blood here -- what do you think this is?

Det. Morris: Take this to the lab. They'll analyze the blood. Run it against Mr. Manningís D.N.A.

Blair: Well, how long will that take?

Det. Morris: A while! I have your address in Llanview --

Blair: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not leaving here without Todd.

Det. Morris: Look, go back to your hotel. This is a dangerous part of town. I canít be responsible if something happens to you!

Blair: What if Todd comes back here?

Det. Morris: Look, if heís hurt, his first instinct will be to find you at your hotel! Officer Wade, take Ms. Cramer back to the hotel.

Blair: No, no, thatís not necessary. You find him, Detective.

Det. Morris: Whew.

Ofc. Wade: What do you think?

Det. Morris: This is a hellhole used by junkies. Search every room, you'll find blood.

Ofc. Wade: You still want me to take this to the lab?

Det. Morris: Yeah. We'll get a sample of Mr. Manningís hair from his comb at his hotel. Chances are itís someone elseís blood.

Ofc. Wade: What about Ms. Cramer?

Det. Morris: She'll have no choice but to go home.

Blair: Were you here, Todd? What happened?

Rex: Well, between the minors and majors, Tate played with about 300 different guys.

Roxy: Thatís all? I got a better score than that.

Rex: No -- too much information! So who is this guy thatís going to spill?

Roxy: Ok, letís see. Millbrook Mules -- thatís where Tate started his career.

Rex: So?

Roxy: So, you just think about it -- he gets drafted into the minors, heís got his groupies all over the place, and I'm sure he talked to his teammates about his sexcapades.

Rex: Well, itís as good a place to start as any.

Roxy: Hey, baby, if I were a horse, you could bet on me.

[Rex sighs]

Roxy: I'm just as sure as it gets.

Rex: You know, I'm not even going to touch that one. Whoa!

Roxy: What'd you get?

Rex: Batting averages, earned-run averages -- their heights, weights, birthdays.

Roxy: Marital status.

Rex: Look what it says.

Roxy: "Tate Harmon -- married."

Rex: Itís time to have a talk with the Missis.

Adriana: I am in love with Rex, and Tate knows that. He just doesnít seem to care! Thereís no stopping him.

Dorian: Oh, oh, there is a way to stop him, and only one way.

Adriana: Well, do you mind sharing it with me?

Dorian: If you donít let him get under your skin, thereís no conceivable way that he can get between you and Rex.

Adriana: But he wonít give up!

Dorian: And heís never going to as long as you, my darling, keep giving him mixed signals.

Adriana: Ok -- who stole my mother and replaced her with Oprah?

Dorian: Itís Clint. I -- I donít need to pretend with him.

Adriana: Are you in love with him?

Dorian: I'm not ready to have that discussion yet.

Adriana: Because you're not sure of his feelings for you?

Dorian: Oh, I know his feelings for me -- itís Viki. Yeah, Viki keeps trying to get between us, break us up, but when two people are meant to be together, nothing can stop them.

Adriana: I hope Rex believes that, too.

Vincent: Nash, good luck to you. I hope your lady shows up.

Nash: She'll be here.

Vincent: Good luck with that.

Nash: She'll be here. Nothing would stop her from being here.

Michael: We're waiting for the M.R.I. results.

Viki: Well, now, is that going to give you the answer?

Michael: I hope so, but I have to run some more tests.

Viki: Michael, what do you think is wrong with her?

Michael: Too early to say.

Antonio: Well, how soon before those other test results?

Michael: Soon, I hope. You know, I -- I'll let you know as soon as I get the results back, ok?

Viki: Thank you.

Michael: All right.

Antonio: Thanks, buddy.

Natalie: You know what? Mom, itís -- itís after midnight. I'm going to try dad again. He should be home by now.

Viki: Ok.

Jessica: Itís after midnight? I --

Antonio: Rest, baby.

Jessica: No, I have to -- I have to go.

Blair: What if the Detective was right? What if you were never here, Todd? And if you were? Oh, God, Todd, you called and you wanted my help. What did you need? Did you need me to help you with Bromley? To help you find your son? Why'd you hang up on me? Why did you -- because you found what you needed. You didnít want my help. Probably back at the hotel having a big laugh on me. Oh, my God, Todd. You were here. And thatís your blood. Oh, my God, Todd. Where are you?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cole: She thinks sheís protecting me by staying away.

John: Maybe sheís right.

Langston: You still love him,

Rex: How come Tate never mentions he was married?

Tate: I did all of this for you.

Dorian: I've come to take you home.

Blair: Well, I'm not leaving here without Todd.

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