OLTL Transcript Monday 4/30/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/30/07


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Evangeline: What are you looking for, Cris?

Cristian: This. It was right where I left it the last time we -- the last time we cooked. All right.

Evangeline: Great. No pressure at all.

Cristian: Well, I'm sorry, I didnít mean to --

Evangeline: Donít apologize.

Cristian: I just thought you wanted to know the second --

Evangeline: You're right.

Cristian: Well, we can get rid of it. We donít need to --

Evangeline: Donít.

Jessica: I have to go.

Nash: No, not yet.

Jessica: No, the longer I lie here, the more I feel like a liar and a cheat.

Nash: Oh, you are neither.

Jessica: I am both until I tell Antonio whatís going on, and it canít wait.

Nash: I canít wait.

Jessica: Huh. Then let me go.

Nash: Uh-uh, uh-uh. I'm not ready. I want more. I want more. I want more now.

Singer: Damaged by the fall got the wind knocked out of me to be standing here at all I must be invincible

Langston: Last warning, Britney. Leave them alone.

Cole: There are no parents or teachers around to cause interference, so may I have this dance?

Singer: Something strong and beautiful

Blair: Mmm. Hey.

Todd: Hey yourself.

Blair: Todd? Your -- your back.

Todd: What? Itís only blood.

Blair: I -- oh. Todd!

[Phone rings] Man: Itís for you.

Blair: Hey, you know, I thought you were going to, you know, wake me up if you heard something. Where are you? Just call me, or are you downstairs in -- in the lobby or something? Just let me know where you are because I'm -- I'm kind of worried.

Talia: I hope you like this stuff.

Antonio: Sahid?

Talia: Antonio. I didnít see you out there.

Antonio: I just took Jamie in for some final tests.

Talia: Yeah?

Antonio: Is that from you?

Talia: Oh, no, no, no. Thatís from the sugar plum fairy. Sheís been sighted in the vicinity.

Antonio: Oh.

Talia: Yeah.

Antonio: Oh, so you better open up a case file.

Talia: I know, I'm on it.

Antonio: Well, sheís going to love it. Thank you.

Talia: I wasnít sure if she was into dolls and that sort of thing. I never was.

Antonio: Oh? Seriously a tomboy.

Talia: You have no idea.

Antonio: I see. Well, Jamie -- Jamie is a bit of a mashup.

Talia: Mashup?

Antonio: Itís kind of like, you know, salsa meets jazz.

Talia: Oh. Ok.

Antonio: A little bit of me, a little bit of her mother. She amazes me.

Talia: Well, if you can be talking about music and mashups, then clearly your daughter is on the mend.

Antonio: Yes. Yes, she is. And Jessica and I will be taking her home tomorrow.

Jessica: Will you stop looking at me?

Nash: Well, will you stop being beautiful?

Jessica: Ok, Nash, I'm serious, please.

Nash: Oh, come on, whatís wrong?

Jessica: Oh -- nothing.

Nash: See? Thatís what I thought. I thought we were pretty darn good -- twice. What? If thatís not enough, I can continue --

Jessica: I smell like you.

Nash: Hmm, I smell bad.

Jessica: No, no. We shouldnít have done this. We should have waited.

Nash: Waited? We have been waiting for weeks. You know what? If we had waited any longer, I would have been out of town and you would have been back with that --

Jessica: With my husband and my two kids. Trying to heal the family that I hurt instead of ruining it forever.

Evangeline: Want something to drink or something to eat or anything?

Cristian: No, no, thanks, I'm good.

Evangeline: God. I donít know how to do this. Do you?

Cristian: Not a clue.

Evangeline: Three minutes. You know, thatís the quickest I ever argued a motion.

Cristian: No kidding? Why so fast?

Evangeline: Well I was arguing for a continuance, and judges hate giving those out because they think they drag out the case, so -- so I figured if I talked really fast, I'd give the impression that I'd keep things moving along, you know?

Cristian: Did it work?

Evangeline: I got the continuance, and I got the acquittal.

Cristian: Thatís you -- go for it and get what you want.

Evangeline: Not always.

Evangeline: What are you drawing?

Cristian: Oh, itís Ė

Evangeline: Can I see?

Cristian: Sure.

Evangeline: Wow.

Cristian: Hmm.

Evangeline: Look what you can do in three minutes. Less.

Cristian: Well, itís easy to do when itís something you love.

Britney: Get off me! Donít you have someone that'll grope under your G.S.A.?

Langston: Oh, I'm sorry, I donít speak lame-O. Whereís amber to translate?

Britney: Ha, ha. I'm peeing myself.

Langston: I know the feeling. Watching you chase after a guy who would rather be devoured by feral dogs than be anywhere near you -- itís a laugh riot.

Britney: Is that some of your geeky sci-fi? Because I havenít met a guy like that on the planet.

Langston: Oh, really? Because thereís one right over there.

Singer: If I had known that then

Cole: Please.

Singer: My eyes were wide open I still believe I would've missed it

Starr: Ok, but only for one dance.

Cole: Thatís all I'm asking for.

Singer: I was damaged by the fall got the wind knocked out of me

Starr: I'm sorry, but this isnít going to work. We have to dance like this. Thatís much better.

Singer: I have come to see something strong and beautiful inside of me I must be invincible

[Alarm rings]

Evangeline: Itís time.

Cristian: Well, do you want to do it together?

Evangeline: Not yet. If itís positive, my life will never be the same.

Cristian: I want kids.

Evangeline: I want kids, too. But not like this. I mean, I wanted to be married. And I wanted to be ready, you know?

Cristian: We'll work it out. Go ahead.

Cristian: Ok, so -- are we having a baby?

Talia: I'm so glad your kidís going to be ok.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, we dodged a bullet.

Talia: Well, everybody needs a run of good luck sometimes, especially when your life gets crazy.

Antonio: My lifeís getting crazy?

Talia: I mean in general.

Antonio: Really?

Talia: Ok, you've been in a mood.

Antonio: How so?

Talia: Antonio, I work with you, ok? I -- itís obvious thereís been stuff on your mind.

Antonio: And itís obvious to me that you're dancing around something that you want to tell me.

Talia: Ok, is everything all right with Jessica?

Antonio: What kind of question is that?

Talia: Well, what happened at the adoption hearing -- itís kind of an open secret at the station. Oh. Look, I'm not trying to pry. I -- I suck at ignoring the elephant in

Antonio: There is no elephant in the room. I mean, itís just that Jessica and I have a few things we need to work out, thatís all.

Talia: Ok, did you?

Antonio: Excuse me?

Talia: Look, I have zero tact when it comes to this stuff. I just -- I want you to know where I stand.

Antonio: And where is that?

Talia: If you need to do any unloading, you can unload on me.

Antonio: Well, I appreciate your concern, Talia. But Jessica and I -- we're fine. And Jessicaís not the problem.

Nash: All right, would you try to relax?

Jessica: Huh. Well, that is kind of hard when I'm just picturing this really prime spot that I have worked out for myself -- in hell.

Nash: All right, well, you know what? Then you better slide over, sister. Because you know what? I'm planning on toasting my buns right along beside you.

Jessica: Ok, I really donít understand how you can be so blasť about all of this.

Nash: I'm not being blasť about this.

Jessica: Really?

Nash: All right, look, the last thing I want to do is to even put, like, a sad face on the face of that little girl, Jamie. But if I'm coming across as overconfident, thatís my job. Ok? Thatís what I'm here for. To be confident. You know that I love you, that you're doing the right thing. Yes, this way, people are going to get hurt.

Jessica: Antonio most.

Nash: But this way, everybodyís going to get hurt the least.

Jessica: Mostly us.

Nash: No. Just think about it. Imagine you actually do go back to Antonio, all right? And letís imagine that he knows how much you love me, because he does. You think that heís going to be happy being married to a woman whoís in love with another man? No, heís not. This is the best thing to do. I want you to remember that when you're doing the hard part -- leaving him. Leaving him.

Jessica: I canít believe this. I canít believe I'm really going to do this.

Nash: Ok. You ever jumped out of an airplane, you know, skydive?

Jessica: Nash, shut up.

Nash: No, no, no, I'm not being glib. Go with me on this.

Jessica: No, Nash, I've never been skydiving before.

Nash: Ok. All right, well, the first time, it totally blows your freaking mind. No, no, I'm serious. I mean, you know you got this chute, and itís supposed to work, but somehow you just canít get your head around the fact that you are 10,000 feet up in the air and you are dropping like a bag of bananas. You look down, you see the ground rushing up at you. Itís like "holy crap, man, I'm going to die!" But you know what? You donít. You got your chute. Itís above your head. I promise, I'm not going to let you fall. All right? I got you, babe.

Cristian: So what does it say?

Evangeline: Itís negative. Well -- that was a big deal for nothing.

Cristian: Yeah. Well -- I mean, if it had gone the other way --

Evangeline: Yeah, I know. My mind was going like a million miles an hour thinking of every different scenario, you know? Like -- what I was going to do about work.

Cristian: Yeah, I was thinking about that, too. I mean, for once, I'd have to hold a 9-to-5, I'm sure.

Evangeline: Yeah. I mean, I'd have to move. I couldnít raise a child in -- in this apartment.

Cristian: Oh, for sure. I want my kids to live in a house.

Evangeline: With a patio.

Cristian: With a backyard. And a fire pit. So we could camp out, you know, roast marshmallows.

Evangeline: Whoa, camping? Camping?

Cristian: Well, wait, donít worry. Donít worry. We'd be close enough to civilization where you could use your blow-dryer -- all your other electronics.

Evangeline: What electronics?

Cristian: We got carried away, didnít we?

Evangeline: Yeah, for two people who never planned on being pregnant, we put a lot of thought into it.

Cristian: Well, the way I pictured it, there was a lot of "we" going on.

Evangeline: Yeah, for me, too. I mean, I couldnít do it alone, Cristian, and I wouldnít want to. And -- and for two parents that arenít, you know -- but still we still want -- I mean, I'm -- I'm just saying that we would have had to really work together, you know?

Cristian: Do you think we would have gotten back together?

Talia: Ok, so if Jessicaís not the problem, what is?

Antonio: You know, all this kind of curiosity is a little strange coming from a woman who likes to keep her business under lock and key.

Talia: Uh-huh. Hey, itís not curiosity.

Antonio: No?

Talia: Antonio, I think of you as a friend. Look, you can only work with someone for so long before you start to think of them either as a friend or as an enemy. And I sure donít want you as an enemy.

Antonio: Well, you donít have to worry about that.

Talia: You can call it personal interest if you want. I just think itís important to check in with my boss/friend --

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Talia: Every once in a while --

Antonio: I see.

Talia: And make sure you're ok.

Antonio: Ok. Look, there is a situation, itís affecting my marriage, but I will deal with it. The first thing I got to focus on is getting Jamie home safely.

Talia: Awesome. Ok. And then what?

Antonio: And then I fix things with Jessica. But the first thing I got to do is get rid of Nash Brennan.

Jessica: You know, I like this airplane analogy. Because right now I would rather jump out of a plane than go and tell Antonio -- what? What? That -- that I -- I love him, but I love you more, and I've cheated on him, and now I want to spend the rest of my life with you?

Nash: Yeah. No, that is a little bit blunt. But you know, letís not -- letís go with the best case scenario. I really think that once heís had time to process the whole thing, and he incorporates the whole integration thing, you know, I -- I think he'll be cool with it --

Jessica: "Cool with it"? Are you crazy?

Nash: What choice has the gut?

Jessica: And -- Nash -- hmm -- this is the worst possible betrayal that I could ever do to the life Antonio and I built together. And no matter how I spin it to him, thatís how heís going to see it.

Nash: Yeah, we were pretty awful.

Jessica: Yeah, uh-huh. We were. I -- I can ride out him being mad at me. Ok? I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about what happens after heís finished being mad with me.

Nash: You donít think he'd hurt himself?

Jessica: No, I donít. But I think he'd hurt you.

Langston: Karmaís a bitch, ainít it?

Britney: Sorry, donít speak hippy. Whereís your unwashed family to translate?

Langston: Oh, I'm happy to. Starr out there with Cole while you're benched on the sidelines. Thatís several kinds of payback. Clear enough for you, brat-ney?

Britney: You get that from your seventh grade joke book?

Langston: At least I can read it. Now Henry can rest easy knowing that his competitionís found someone better. Oh -- oh, no wait, thatís right -- he canít rest because heís going to be up all night doing your homework while you're here getting dissed. Do you think heís going to be upset when he finds out he exists only to serve you?

Britney: That insect needs to learn his place. I want what I want. And what I want is for Henry to be my school slave, for Cole to be my sex slave, and for you to jump off a cliff.

Langston: Well, then you'd better be nice to your school slave because you're never getting Cole.

Britney: Watch how jealousy works.

Cole: What is Britney doing?

Starr: Oh, sheís being the slut that she usually is. I canít even stand to look at her.

Cole: Better?

Starr: Yes, much. Thank you.

Cole: I feel like such a dork dancing with you like some random girl.

Starr: Well, this is the way it has to be.

Cole: Yeah, because of our parents. I mean, you're not the "go along to get along" type, Starr. I think, you know, they really have done a number on you.

Starr: Look, Cole, you know that the only reason why I'm even acting like this is because my dad almost tried to kill you.

Cole: I can protect myself.

Starr: God, the situation is so impossible. I love my parents, but --

Cole: You what?

Starr: I want to kiss you so badly right now.

Cole: Ok, then do it.

[Phone rings]

Starr: Mom? Mom, why are you calling me again?

Blair: Um, howís the party, baby?

Starr: You s? I knew it. I knew you would change your mind about me being here.

Blair: No. No, no. I just wondered if your dad tried to contact you at all.

Starr: No, he hasnít. Isnít he with you?

Blair: Um -- you know, our wires got crossed somehow and -- donít worry about it. You just have a good time, ok?

Starr: Ok. Bye.

Cole: Is everything all right?

Starr: Yeah, it was -- it was just my mom. Sheís acting really crazed. And I'm over it.

Cole: Cool. Look, so, obviously our one dance is over now. But you can still have that kiss, if you want it.

[Baby cries]

[Todd groans]

Talia: Did I just hear you threaten a civilian?

Antonio: No, come on.

Talia: What? You got to get rid of Nash Brennan.

Antonio: You know what I meant by that.

Talia: Well, what happened to just making things work with Jessica?

Antonio: Still putting my family first.

Talia: Oh, you're putting them first -- by going after that clown?

Antonio: Look, I canít get into details, all right? But some of the issues that my family is dealing with only exist because of Nash. All right? Jessicaís problems Jamieís accident -- all of it.

Talia: Jamie was hit by a car.

Antonio: The bottom line, Talia, I have to protect my girls.

Talia: And I get that -- I do. I respect that. But the way you're talking, it makes -- it makes it sound like itís going to end up in sirens and lights.

Antonio: I'm going to send a message.

Talia: Oh -- spoken like a true ex-con. I donít have a family, and I have no place telling you what to do with yours.

Antonio: You're damn right.

Talia: Ok, but this situation -- itís got "domestic disturbance" written all over it. And whoís going to explain to your little girl why daddyís being led off in cuffs for decking daddy Nash? Or worse.

Nash: All right, look. You know, I -- I -- I just think that everybody blows this whole "Antonioís bad temper" thing way out of proportion. Heís not a maniac, you know?

Jessica: Ok, first of all, I'm not everybody. Second of all, I never said he was a maniac, but he is protective. Heís protective over the people that he calls family.

Nash: Ok, well, even if things do end up being like, what you call, a beat-down or whatever, you donít got to worry -- I'm going to be fine.

Jessica: Donít brush this off.

Nash: I'm not brushing this off. It is just that you and Bree seem to have this amazing, rejuvenating power over me -- I mean, look at me. Look at me like I'm looking you. Yesterday, I was leaving town, I was out of here, I had nothing to live for. Now, I got a beautiful girl and a beautiful little girl. And a purpose -- you know what that purpose is? Do you know what that purpose is?

Jessica: What?

Nash: What? That purpose is to make the two of you as happy as you make me.

Jessica: Ok. When I'm done telling Antonio, I will --

Nash: Mm-hmm. Jessica I'll meet you at the cottage.

Nash: Too far, too late. Rodiís, halfway, midnight. We'll do this right. We'll start with a toast at midnight to you and I, the first moment of the first day of the first forever of -- mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Whew. I love you.

Jessica: I know.

Nash: No, you donít. You donít because words cannot describe the profundity of how I feel about you.

Jessica: I donít need your words, Nash -- I got you.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: And if you donít stop kissing me, I'm not going to leave. And I have to do this, so --

Nash: Mmm. Midnight.

Jessica: Rodiís.

Nash: Rodiís.

Jessica: And then we'll go home.

Nash: Ok -- home, our home, our home! Now, thatís what I'm talking about!

Evangeline: Would you have wanted to get back together?

Cristian: Well, thatís what I asked you.

Evangeline: No. No, no, you asked me if I thought we would get back together.

Cristian: Well, wait a minute. And the difference is?

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Go ahead. Get it.


Evangeline: Hello?

Blair: Evangeline, itís Blair.

Evangeline: Blair? Uh -- hi. Whatís going on?

Blair: I was just wondering if -- if you've heard from Todd within the last hour or so.

Evangeline: Todd? Uh -- I thought you guys were together, right? I thought you'd be on your way back from Chicago.

Blair: Yeah, well, we were, but then he got a lead on his son, so we decided to stay and check it out.

Evangeline: Oh, well, thatís -- thatís wonderful news. Did anything pan out?

Blair: Well, uh -- we were waiting for a call, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, he -- heís gone.

Evangeline: How long ago was that?

Blair: Well, I was asleep for about, I'd say, an hour, and he could've left at any time.

Evangeline: Did he leave a note or anything?

Blair: Todd doesnít do notes, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Ok, Blair, I wish I could be of more help, but I have not been in touch with Todd, and if he calls me, I will definitely call you.

Blair: All right, well, I appreciate it.

Cristian: Todd in trouble again?

Evangeline: I donít know. Maybe.

Cristian: Perfect timing.

[Baby cries]

[Crying continues]

Starr: Coming here was a big mistake.

Cole: Why?

Starr: Because, Cole, you might be used to getting pounded on the football field, but I'm not, ok?

Cole: What are you talking about?

Starr: This -- what we're doing!

Cole: Talking?

Starr: No! Me being with you and then not being with you? Me trying to stay away from you, but then running into you at unexpected places. And me trying not to think about you, but then thinking about you for 10 seconds while Langston times me. I feel like some type of evil punching bag or something.

Cole: Yeah? Whoís doing the punching?

Starr: Me. You, I donít know -- everybody. I just -- I want to kiss you so badly that it hurts, Cole.

Cole: Oh.

Starr: "Oh" -- thatís all you can say?

Cole: How about this?

Starr: No. Cole, because -- because then both of my parents will kill you and I already broke my promise to them by dancing with you.

Cole: Well, then I'm already dead and this is the afterlife and we're in love, so whatís the problem?

Starr: This is not funny!

Cole: I'm not laughing! What do you want from me?

Starr: I want you to let go of me. I have to get over you.

[Phone rings]

Amber: Must be Henry -- Britneyís other boy-toy.

Britney: Are you Ė

Amber: Hey, Brit, why donít you put it on speakerphone? Then you can all talk dirty.

Britney: Oh, shut up! I have to take this. Bye. Hey, Hen. Howís -- howís my paper coming?

Henry: Itís done. I can come see you now.

Britney: Oh -- uh, no. No, itís like Avian Flu or something really bad. [Britney coughs]

Henry: Garrett must have a really strong immune system then.

Britney: What?

Henry: Someone sent me a picture of you and Garrett. You're at the party. You lied to me.

Britney: Um, well, no -- [Britney coughs] I just felt a little better, so I came to support heather. Itís really not a big deal.

Henry: Are you using me to write your paper?

Britney: Oh -- no, Henry, of course not.

Henry: Then you wonít mind if I delete it. There.

Britney: No, donít!

Henry: All gone. Looks like you're going to have to work with me if you want to pass.

Cristian: Maybe I should never talk about the guy again.

Evangeline: Hey, you want to rule out the subject of Todd? Itís your call.

Cristian: Because I'm the one with the problem, right?

Evangeline: No, no. I have a problem, too, Cristian. But if you and I are ever going to even be friends again, we got to talk about it. We -- we've got to deal with this -- I mean, from the big stuff down to the little pet peeves.

Cristian: Oh, Todd isnít a "pet peeve."

Evangeline: Ok. Sorry -- bad choice of words. The point is thereís -- thereís baggage between us thatís keeping us from even being friends, and we should clear it out.

Cristian: Yeah, well, believe me, I'd love to clear manning out of the way.

Evangeline: Yeah, well, I'd love to clear Blair out of the way. So talking about them -- it canít be taboo. I mean, what if I'd been pregnant?

Cristian: But you're not, are you? So why does any of this matter?

Evangeline: So thatís it? I mean, now that I'm not carrying your child, what -- you have no use for me?

Antonio: My friends have a little more faith in me than thinking I'm going to lines here.

Talia: All right, they donít do the job that we do. They donít see what we see -- how otherwise good people go wrong by taking things too far.

Antonio: I could send a message to Nash without "taking things too far."

Talia: Well, from what I hear, heís pretty thickheaded, especially when it comes to Jessica.

Antonio: Look, what do you want to hear, Sahid? That if I canít reason with Nash, I'm not going to get physical with him?

Talia: I want to hear you say that you know your family needs all of your attention and all of your focus to make things right. God only knows what my life would've been like if my parents had realized that. I didnít mean to speak out of turn.

Antonio: No, say -- please, please, say what you got to say.

Talia: You love Jessica. That'll be enough to fix it. Forget about the other guy. Heís not you. Heís just some wannabe.

Antonio: Heís the father of Jessicaís child.

[Talia sighs]

Talia: You know, I'm sure some people look at you and they think they've got you all figured out -- son of Santi, hothead, whoís just as likely to throw a punch as he is to say hello. Donít prove them right. And donít -- donít vindicate Nash.

Antonio: Thanks for -- thanks for the advice.

Talia: You're welcome. Give my best to Jamie and to Jessica.

Antonio: Yeah. Hey, Sahid? Uh -- thanks.

Talia: You dropped something. Here.

Jessica: Thank you.

Talia: Itís really beautiful.

Jessica: Thank you. Excuse me.

Antonio: Hey. How are things at the office?

Jessica: Better. Howís Jamie?

Antonio: Sheís good.

Jessica: Yeah?

Antonio: Here, turn around. I'll put this --

Jessica: Actually, I -- I canít wear that. I have to give it back to you.

[Phone rings]

[Baby crying on tape]

Blair: Come on, come on. Pick up the phone because I'm not leaving you another message.


Blair: Come on, Todd. Where the hell is he?


Blair: Todd? Are -- are you there?

Todd: Blair? Help.

Blair: Todd?

Cristian: Forget I said that.-- I didnít mean it.

Evangeline: Ok, then why would you say it, Cristian?

Cristian: Because I'm all screwed up, Evangeline, I'm all screwed up. I just went from this fantasy life of being a dad to just -- to just being me again.

Evangeline: Well, obviously we're both more disappointed than we're letting on here.

Cristian: I donít know. Itís just -- itís not easy.

Evangeline: God, itís so hard for me, too, Cristian. I still want you in my life.

Cristian: I just donít think I could do that and not be with you.

Evangeline: Yeah, me, neither.

Cristian: I'm going to go. Thanks for letting me in on this.

[Music plays]

Cole: So whatís the plan, Starr, huh? You go "eternal sunshine" on me and wipe me from your brain?

Starr: Would you just please shut up?

Cole: Or are you just going to keep lying and tell everyone you donít give a crap about me until you actually believe it?

Starr: If you really think that, then you donít know me at all!

Cole: You know, I never thought you would say you loved me and then not want anything to do with me.

Starr: Cole, I'm sorry, but it has to be this way.

Britney: You didnít just delete that paper, Henry.

Henry: It would be better this way. You know, if we write it together, the paper will sound more like you.

Britney: Are you brain-dead on top being a loser? Why do you think I even let you be seen with me -- so you'd write this stupid thing for me!

Henry: But, Britney -- you just said --

Britney: Oh -- I lied. And anyone who said they like you is just using you for something -- get used to I

Henry: But I care about you.

Britney: Oh. You're a skid mark, Henry. Donít call me again.

[Henry sighs]

Britney: You are so dead.

Langston: Oh, really, Britney? What are you going to do about it?

Britney: Just watch me, all right?

Langston: Oh, really?

Starr: Bye, Heather. Come on, Langston -- we got to go.

Langston: All right. Bye, Brit.

Starr: What are you doing?

Antonio: What do you mean you donít -- you want to give it back to me?

Jessica: I --

Antonio: Itís a -- itís a gift.

Jessica: I canít keep it.

Antonio: Uh -- ok. Well, you're obviously upset and I know itís not about a piece of jewelry --

Jessica: You're wrong.

Antonio: So what is it?

Jessica: It is -- itís about that necklace and itís about everything else that you gave me that I have to give back. And if you had gotten to the quarry sooner last night, I would have given it to you then, but we wouldnít be doing this and you'd already know.

Antonio: Know what?

Jessica: When I left Jamieís hearing and I went to the quarry, I wasnít alone.

Nash: Rodiís at midnight. Oh, manning, yes -- if this was my desk, wouldnít be room for a paper clip -- oh, no! It would be edge-to-edge- to-edge-to-edge corners, pictures of my pretty girls -- my pretty girls.

Blair: Todd? Todd, where are you?

[Baby crying on tape]

Todd: I need help.

Blair: Look, just tell me where you are and I'll -- I'll come find you. Where are you?

[Crying continues]

Blair: Todd, I -- I canít hear you!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Todd, are you in here?

Vincent: What if she doesnít come at all?

Nash: Well, then it means sheís changed her mind.

Antonio: I need a doctor! I need a doctor now!

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