OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/25/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/25/07


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Rex: Bo?

Bo: Knock!

Rex: Arrest me.

Bo: For what -- not knocking?

Rex: No, because if I get my hands on Tate Harmon, "Oh," I'm going to kill him!

Adriana: Excuse me -- why havenít we left yet?

[Door opens]

Tate: Hey, Boris, thanks for holding -- excuse me -- the car. Letís head for Llanview.

Adriana: Boris, could you drop me at the nearest train station on the way?

Tate: What are you talking about?

Adriana: Boris, could you also tell Mr. Harmon that I'm not sharing a car with him after what he pulled this afternoon?

Tate: Adriana, donít you think you're kind of overreacting a little bit?

Adriana: Overreacting? You want to see a reaction? What do you think you're doing?

Boris: Car is booked in name of Mr. Harmon. I listen to him only.

Clint: Good evening, Viki.

Viki: Oh, Clint.

Clint: Is there any news from Jessica?

Viki: No. No, she and Antonio have a great deal to work out.

Clint: Oh.

Dorian: Oh. Clint, I am so sorry I'm late.

Clint: Thatís all right.

Dorian: There is terrible, terrible traffic. Hello, Viki.

Viki: Hello, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, dear. Oh, no, please donít tell me that you're having dinner with that "date" from the other night.

Viki: No. No, I'm having dinner with Nora and Marty Saybrooke. They're friends. Interesting wardrobe for a woman your age.

Dorian: I like to dress up when I have a date -- unlike you, who didnít and donít.

Viki: Right. Well, I think I'll go and join my friends -- unlike you, who doesnít have any.

Dorian: Huh.

R.J.: Nash, right? Can I ask you something?

Nash: Yeah, I guess.

R.J.: Yeah, I understand that you were a witness? I mean, you saw what happened to Jamie?

Nash: Cristian and I both did.

R.J.: Yeah, well, I'm not going to ask him to testify.

Nash: Testify about what?

R.J.: Well, you see, my 5-year-old granddaughter is in the emergency room, again -- this time because she walked out of her fatherís apartment and nobody was paying attention. And it seems to me the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania might find that thatís negligent.

Nash: Look, uh -- huh -- stuff happens, itís nobodyís fault. You and I both know that Antonio is a fantastic father.

R.J.: Listen, I understand that heís backing your winery. But does that really mean that you wonít help me?

Nash: Donít do this. Donít make him lose Jamie, too. All right?

Viki: I'm sorry. I was unavoidably detained.

Nora: Clint and Dorian?

Viki: What are you, psychic?

Nora: I saw them heading to the bar.

Viki: Oh -- please. One of us is going to have to find a new restaurant. How you doing, Marty?

Marty: I'm good.

Viki: Good.

Marty: I'm glad to see you.

Viki: Good, thank you.

Nora: I'm sorry things didnít work out for you and Clint.

Viki: I think I'm over it.

Nora: Good.

Viki: Besides, I still donít know if I really wanted Clint or I was just bloody lonely. You're a therapist -- whatís your take on that?

Marty: Uh -- my take is I clocked out with my first sip.

Viki: Oh, ok.

[Marty laughs]

Viki: There you go.

Nora: Listen, if you're wanting someone in your life, when you're ready for someone in life, you will have someone in your life, because you are beautiful and you're smart and you're sexy.

Viki: Nora, so are you!

Nora: We know we are!

Viki: So are you!

Nora: We're fabulous!

Viki: Why are the three of us having dinner together?

Marty: Because thereís nothing wrong with three fabulous --

Nora: Whatís wrong with that?

Marty: Gorgeous women wanting to eat together?

Viki: You know what bothers me? If a man wanted to go out with a woman, he would just go out and find one, right? Why canít we do that?

Woman: This is Jordan. Hmm -- you fly in tomorrow? I think we can work something out. Are you at the palace? No worries -- I'll get your room number. Hmm -- bye.

Dorian: Thank heavens Jessicaís all right.

Clint: Well, all right as she can be given the circumstances. I want to thank you for helping look for her and not getting into it with Viki.

Dorian: Since I am the one you've chosen, itís just simply a matter of noblesse oblige.

[Clint chuckles]

Dorian: However, I do understand Vikiís need to see a psychiatrist.

Clint: Excuse me?

Dorian: You heard her say sheís having dinner with Nora and Marty Saybrooke.

Clint: Oh, thatís --

Dorian: But -- hey -- do you really think thatís simply a social occasion?

Nora: If we wanted to go out and find a man, we could. I just donít need to -- I've got Matthew in my life, and frankly, that is all the man I need right now.

Marty: Amen. Cole is more than a handful. I -- I donít know, raising him by myself, you know, he -- he really needs a father right now.

Nora: Well, thatís where I'm lucky, because Matthewís got Bo. And I donít have to be bothered dealing with a man.

Viki: I've said that, too.

Nora: I mean it, I mean it -- itís true.

Viki: Ok, I have a question for you.

Nora: All right.

Viki: What do you do at night in bed when your feet are cold?

Nora: Wear socks.

[Marty chuckles]

Viki: I think I'd take my socks off if the right guy came along.

Nora: If the right guy came along, I hope you'd take off more than just your socks.

Viki: Ah -- Nora!

[Nora laughs]

Marty: Well, I tell you what. These socks -- staying on my feet. I just -- you know, what I had with Patrick, I -- I donít think I'll find it anywhere else.

Viki: Honey, thatís not necessarily true. It is possible to love more than one man in your life, you know?

Marty: I wish I could believe that. I just --

Viki: Love is terrific, especially the second time around.

Miles: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Viki: Oh.

Miles: Hello.

Viki: Hello, Miles.

Miles: Hello. Wow, Marty, you look beautiful tonight.

John: You know, I'm sorry. I -- I still havenít got used to this whole co-ed locker policy -- stupid.

Natalie: Yeah. Itís nothing I havenít seen before. Itís just different now.

John: Well, look, I'll try to get a locker on the other side, all right?

Natalie: No, itís cool. Donít.

John: Well, you know, if -- if you're uncomfortable, I donít want that.

Natalie: We talked about it. And we knew we were going to be seeing each other around and we said it would be weird.

John: Right.

Natalie: I just didnít expect to find you without your pants on.

John: Well --

Natalie: But itís -- you know, itís -- who am I kidding? This -- this is making me uncomfortable. This is weird. And you know what? Thereís only one way to deal with that.

R.J.: So what does that mean -- "donít make him lose Jamie, too"?

Nash: Oh --

R.J.: What else has he lost?

Nash: Uh -- it was, um -- huh -- an arsonist. There was an arsonist running around burning buildings, burned down a building he owned, burned down his club. Itís -- heís been -- heís been through a lot.

R.J.: Huh, not to mention his problems with Jessica.

Nash: Hmm. Whatever do you mean by that?

R.J.: Well, first, she wants to adopt Jamie and then she doesnít, so she runs away and, well, today I heard her saying that she'd been causing problems that were distracting Antonio, and thatís why he didnít know Jamie had left the house. Are you one of these distractions?

Nash: Jessica and I have a kid together. Sometimes it gets complicated. Hmm.

[R.J. Sighs]

R.J.: Why havenít we heard more about whatís going on with Jamie? Where is a doctor anyway?

Nash: I donít know.

R.J.: Yeah, I know you donít know, but somebody around here is going to answer my questions.

Jessica: I was going to wait till Jamie was 100%, but I think that I should call my parents and let them know what happened.

Antonio: Please -- stay with me, please. Look, I -- I know we have a lot to talk about, um --

Jessica: It can wait.

Antonio: After Jamie, you know --

Jessica: It can wait.

Antonio: That night -- I know.

Jessica: Sheís all that matters now.

Antonio: I know -- itís just that I think you should know that I know about Nash.

Bo: Tate Harmon was jumping up and down on a couch?

Rex: Yeah, on national TV talking about how gorgeous and brilliant his special lady is.

Bo: I'm having a deja vu moment.

Rex: Then, the ladies on "the view" ask him a question about his Adriana -- "his Adriana," thatís how they put it. Then, Harmon hauls Adriana up on stage because guess what -- sheís with him!

Bo: Oh, jeez.

Rex: This isnít funny!

Bo: No, I know that. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know you're very upset.

Rex: What do I do?

Bo: Well, you donít kill Harmon -- thereís no percentage in that.

Rex: Ok!

Bo: Ok, you came and you asked for my advice after the winter festival -- you thought that Harmon was after Adriana then.

Rex: I talked to her like you said.

Bo: And?

Rex: She basically told me to -- to stop being stupid because there was no reason to be jealous.

Bo: Well, it sounds like she was wrong. Now, have you talked to her since she and Harmon were on "the view"?

Rex: Yeah. She said she was at the show with Harmon because he promised that he would promote the company she and Layla are starting.

Bo: The underwear company?

Rex: She said she had no idea Harmon was going to do what he did.

Bo: You believe her?

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Well, then, whatís the problem?

Rex: Adrianaís wrong. This isnít in my head. Harmon wants her and he'll do anything to get her. What do I do?

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: You let me out of here.

Tate: Boris, I donít think you're helping matters out here. You want to unlock the doors, please?

Boris: She can go?

Tate: I donít know how you do it at home, but we donít hold people against their will, especially not this woman.

[Doors unlock]

Tate: Spasiba.

Boris: Pozhaluista.

Tate: I had nothing to do with that. Are you ok?

Adriana: Are you aware, Tate, that last summer I had a really bad situation with a stalker? And so when somebody tells me that I canít leave, I donít really handle it very well!

Tate: I'm sorry -- I didnít know that. Uh -- if you want to go on to Llanview alone, I'll make it happen. I just -- I want to say that I'm really sorry you're so upset.

Adriana: I'll be fine -- letís just go.

[Doors lock]

[Car drives]

Adriana: I'm still really mad at you. I cannot believe what you said on the show today.

Tate: I know. It was stupid and you've made it very clear that you're furious with me, so if you donít want to talk to me all the way back to Llanview, I'll be a sphinx.

Adriana: I'm just happy that Rex believed me when I said I had nothing to do with it.

Tate: You really think you didnít?

Adriana: Uh -- I know I didnít.

Tate: Because, you know, a pitcher learns how to read signals and I got to tell you, I swear I had yours nailed.

Adriana: What signals?

Tate: Oh, you know, like you going out of your way to spend time with me.

Adriana: Ah you donít know what you're talking about.

Tate: All those fittings you did personally -- you could've had Layla or an assistant handle that.

Adriana: Uh -- excuse me, but me doing all of your fittings was your idea. And besides, this company is my life and I want everything to look right.

Tate: So it was just business, huh?

Adriana: Yeah, it was just business.

Tate: Like going all the way to Manhattan with me was just business?

Adriana: You're the one that talked me into this! I didnít come so that I could be alone with you. I wanted Layla to come, but she was tied up.

Tate: I asked you to come with me, but I didnít force you.

Adriana: Oh!

Tate: And you're the one who turned the conversation around to my love life.

Adriana: Because I was trying to help you.

Tate: And you didnít seem to mind when I kissed you.

Adriana: And I told you never to do that again.

Tate: Afterwards!

Adriana: Oh, God.

Tate: But while it was happening, you really seemed to be enjoying yourself. In fact, you really seem to be enjoying all the attention I've been giving you, so why donít you own that?

Jessica: Um -- did you talk to Nash?

Antonio: No. No, Cristian told me.

Jessica: Of course.

Antonio: I guess I should've figured it out myself.

Jessica: I really donít know what to say.

Antonio: Well, what is there to say? You didnít do anything wrong.

Jessica: How can you say that?

Antonio: Well, um --

Paige: Hey. I've got the results of Jamieís latest tests. Should we talk in the hall?

R.J.: So, how -- you know, does Jamie have brain damage?

John: So you have a way to make this easier for us?

Natalie: Um -- well, I've got a way to make it easier for me. You're on your own.

John: Hmm. All right, I'm all ears.

Natalie: Well, one of the reasons we're not together anymore is because you felt that I was making decisions for you, running your life.

John: Yeah, that was part of it.

Natalie: Right, so I have to start thinking in a whole new way, and not "how is this going to make John feel?" And "is this going to be ok with John?" I have to think about me, and my future and it -- itís just that seeing you all the time makes it really hard.

John: So whatís your plan?

Natalie: Well, no time like the present to stop living in the past. So thatís what I'm going to do.

Clint: You know, Dorian, you are very, very, very good.

Dorian: Thank you. Good at what?

Clint: At using a non-derogatory statement about Viki to make a derogatory statement about Viki.

Dorian: I had no intention of doing any such thing. No, no, no -- as far as I'm concerned, I would rather not say anything about Viki ever again and just talk about us.

Clint: Ah. And what would you say about us?

Dorian: I would say -- "Clint, what is it that you would say we are doing?"

Clint: What?

Dorian: We've been seeing each other for a long time now.

Clint: Yeah?

Dorian: We've never spent the night together.

Clint: Yeah -- well, technically, I suppose you're right, but there was that very spontaneous evening a while back and then the other afternoon when you herded me into the shower when -- well, you know, that was afternoon. We couldnít very well turn in, could we?

Dorian: Impetuous, reckless and very, very exciting.

Clint: So whereís the problem?

Dorian: We've had glorious sex, but have we actually made love?

Miles: Well, it was nice to see all of you. Mrs. Davidson, please tell Jessica I said hello.

Viki: Yes, I will.

Miles: I had sort of a personal crisis recently and she was very helpful.

Viki: Oh, was she? Are you all right now?

Miles: I'm fine, thank you.

Viki: Good.

Miles: And I hope to see you again sometime soon, Marty. Enjoy your dinner.

Viki: Bye.

Nora: What am I, chopped liver? I mean, what was that about?

Marty: What was what about?

Nora: [As miles] "Marty, you look beautiful tonight." "Marty, I hope I see you again." "Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty."

Marty: No. I am just the first woman he has ever spent any time with outside of the hospital and I -- he just has a little crush on me.

Viki: Well, you're not too pleased about that, are you?

Marty: Yeah. Itís just -- look, he got a little physical with me the other night and I had to make it perfectly clear to him that we can be nothing more than friends.

Nora: [Normal voice] I donít think he bought it.

Marty: Well, he should have, you know? I told him exactly what I'm telling you -- there could never be anyone else for me. I mean, no one can compare to Patrick.

Viki: Why does anyone else have to compare?

Marty: Ok, Viki, let me ask you for some advice.

Viki: Yeah?

Marty: How do I stop comparing?

Viki: Honey, you have to see each person for his own merits. Ben and I were terribly, terribly in love. But before he died, he told me he didnít want me to be alone.

Marty: Well, didnít that break your heart to hear him say that?

Viki: No, it did not. He said it out of love. And as a result, if I do find love again, I'm not betraying his memory.

Marty: But I just -- you know, I lost Patrick so suddenly. I donít know -- maybe if I had had a chance to talk to him like that, maybe --

Viki: Yeah.

Marty: I donít know -- hmm.

Nora: Donít you ever go to bed at night and look at the other side of the bed and wish there was someone there to say "good night" to?

Marty: Yes, all the time, but itís not about wanting something new. Itís about wanting what I lost. I mean, there is nothing in the world like loving someone with all your heart, just loving them completely.

Paige: I'm -- I'm looking at her most recent scans. Her CT scan and her MRI show no signs of swelling. Her ICP -- thatís her intercranial pressure -- is normal. And her neuro checks are all within the normal range, so -- [Paige sighs] You can relax. I -- I think we've done it.

Antonio: You're sure?

Paige: I have every hope that Jamie will make a full recovery.

Jessica: Thank God.

Paige: Now, we've given her a drug to put her under. I've discontinued that.

Antonio: When will she wake up?

Paige: It'll probably be a few hours. We're weaning her off the ventilator and in an hour or so, we'll discontinue the ventilator and the feeding tube, so --

R.J.: So many tubes in one little girl. Will she remember this?

Paige: Probably not. Head injuries are often accompanied by a retrograde amnesia, so sheís probably not going to remember the accident or anything that happened the hour before. Now, she may have some very bad dreams and sheís definitely going to have a sore throat, but I think sheís going to be fine.

R.J.: Well, I want to see her.

Paige: Well I'm going to run one more set of neuro checks and then you can sit with her, ok?

Antonio: Right. Oh.

Jessica: Oh, my --

Nash: I heard what the doctor said -- that is great news. I'm very happy for you.

Antonio: Donít pretend to be my good friend right now. I know what you're doing behind my back and I want it to stop.

Nash: I'm sorry, Antonio, I still think of you as a friend.

Antonio: You shut your mouth.

Jessica: Antonio, please donít do this.

Antonio: A friend doesnít act out on a friendís feelings for his wife. A decent father doesnít use his baby to get closer to the mother.

Nash: I didnít do that.

Antonio: No, thatís exactly what you did. You pressured Jessica into choosing between my daughter and yours, didnít you?

Nash: What?

Antonio: You convinced her that she couldnít be the mother that Bree deserved and also be Jamieís mother.

Jessica: Antonio, he didnít do that.

Antonio: Donít defend him.

Nash: I know --

Antonio: You're the reason sheís tied up in knots. You're the reason she ran out of that courtroom. You're the reason we were yelling at each other, and the reason my daughter ran away!

Jessica: Antonio, donít blame him for that.

Nash: I donít think --

Antonio: Get out!

Nash: You know --

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: Hmm?

Jessica: I think that you should leave right now.

Nash: Oh --

Antonio: We're going to talk to a lawyer. We're going to do whatever we have to do. Now, I know he needs to see Bree, but I am going to make sure that he never bothers you again.

Adriana: You know something? You have some nerve. Without even talking to me, you just assumed that I was coming on to you? And thatís why you dragged me out on national TV as your whatever?

Tate: I also said that you were an incredible designer --

Adriana: Oh --

Tate: And the audience should run out and buy your bras and briefs.

Adriana: Oh, I see. So you embarrassed me and upset Rex because it was good for business?

Tate: I guess you donít see it the same way.

Adriana: You used me.

Tate: You used me, too. You used my name and my body to sell your product.

Adriana: You had a choice.

Tate: And I made it. I let you treat me like a slab of meat, like some dumb former jock so you could sell your underwear.

Adriana: Well, I never thought of it like that.

Tate: And now you're all bent out of shape because I honestly believe you're as incredible as I said you were on "the view."

Adriana: Oh. I really donít get you.

Tate: Why?

Adriana: Because you're like two people. One is this, like, cartoon character who believes his own P.R. And talks about himself in the third person.

Tate: Mm-hmm.

Adriana: "The Tate" thinks heís Godís gift because heís so incredibly good looking, and he threw a hard ball for a few years.

Tate: And what about the other guy?

Adriana: The other guy is sincere, and treats me with respect. The other guy gives inspirational talks to high school kids about how to fight back when life sticks it to you. Heís able to talk about his feelings when his mother died, and he still keeps in touch with his second-grade teacher who encouraged him to follow his dream.

Tate: You really like that wuss better, huh?

Adriana: What I'm starting to wonder is if the second guy is just there so that the Tate can get what he wants.

Tate: Do you really think I'm incredibly good looking?

Adriana: Oh, my God.

Bo: I just had the room painted. Itís dry. Balsom, I didnít want to weigh in on your girl problems last time, and I donít want to do it now.

Rex: You'll have to do it for Matthew someday.

Bo: Now, that -- that'll be different.

Rex: Why?

Bo: Because I'll just take the girl aside and I'll tell her "you better be good to my boy because I am the commissioner of police, and I do know where you live."

Rex: Yeah, that'll work. Come on, Bo.

Bo: All right, all right. I think itís obvious that Harmon is after Adriana.

Rex: Yeah. And he plays dirty.

Bo: Ok, but she knows he throws spit balls, isnít that right?

Rex: Well, thatís what she says.

Bo: Ok. You trust her?

Rex: Yeah.

Bo: Then maybe itís a good idea to just let this whole thing blow over.

Rex: I -- I was doing that. And then Adriana and Tate have made "The View," and every other internet site on the planet. What would you do if some dude was moving in on Paige and making it clear that he wasnít about to back off?

Bo: Well, then I would fight fire with fire.

John: I remember when that photo was taken.

Natalie: Yep, the day I made it into the forensics program.

John: I was real proud of you.

Natalie: Please donít.

John: I'm sorry.

Natalie: No, I'm -- I'm the one whoís sorry. I'm sorry that you're not proud of me anymore.

John: Donít do that.

Natalie: And I'm sorry that --

John: Donít.

Natalie: I blew it with you and the program.

John: Hey, all right? I know now why you did the things you did. You -- you did them for me.

Natalie: Itís just too bad that thatís not what you wanted. I'm going to have to stop kicking myself. You know, I've got to figure out what my next move is going to be, and I probably shouldnít be talking about it with you. Huh.

John: Hey, look at me. You want to talk, I'll listen.

Natalie: Like you'd do any soul baring with me. Ok, this officially sucks. It -- itís just that I always had this thought about us. That underneath all the love and sex that we were friends. You know, and I just keep thinking that maybe if we can get through this time, that maybe we can be friends again. Maybe -- um -- maybe I'll be able to look at this picture without wanting to cry, and -- I donít know -- remember it as a day that I was really happy. I'll see you around. And watch it next time you get out of the shower.

John: I'll see you.

Marty: And while the nights are the hardest -- oh, yeah -- because Patrick, he changed everything for me.

Viki: Yeah, I know.

Marty: I still dream about him.

Nora: I've been dreaming about Sam.

Viki: Because of the fire?

Nora: Hot.

[Viki laughs]

Viki: All right, you guys, listen to me. Stop it. I had completely made peace with the fact that there was going to be no more passion, no more excitement in my life, ok?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Viki: And who walks in but Ben Davidson. Oh, my dears, the last person that I ever expected, and he changed everything for me. So thereís hope.

Nora: Listen to us.

[Viki laughs]

Nora: We're pathetic. Last good sex we had was with dead guys.

Viki: Oh, stop it.

Marty: Well, at least they knew what they were doing when they were alive.

Viki: Yeah.

Nora: Oh!

Viki: Oh, yeah. I will drink to that.

Marty: Amen. Mmm.

[Viki and Nora laugh]

Clint: Well, now, maybe you're right. Maybe we havenít actually made love, but maybe thereís a reason for that.

Dorian: Oh. Ok, go ahead. Blame me. I've been too aggressive?

Clint: No, that is not what I was going to say.

Dorian: Well, what were you about to say?

Clint: Maybe I want to do it the right way this time. Maybe I want to get to know you and your likes, your dislikes, your tastes. Dorian, I respect you, and maybe I just want to do it this way.

Dorian: Would you still respect me if I told you I find you irresistibly sexy right now? What are you doing?

Clint: I'm going to get us a check, all right?

Paige: Jamie is doing beautifully.

Antonio: Oh.

Paige: I've already taken her off the vent.

Antonio: When can I take her home?

Paige: Maybe as early as tomorrow. Now, you're going to have to keep her home from school for a couple weeks, and the visiting nurse is going to come a few times to check her neuro responses.

Antonio: Well, what-- whatever I have to do. Jamie can come home tomorrow.

Jessica: Oh, thatís wonderful.

Paige: Now, I'm -- I'm not anticipating any problem, but you've got to try to keep her quiet, ok? No running around. And try to see if she can sleep as much as possible.

Antonio: Ok. I -- I canít thank you enough for everything you've done.

Paige: I'm just glad it worked. Take care.

Antonio: Ok. Did you call your mom?

Jessica: I left a message, but I'd like to call my dad, too.

Antonio: Yeah, well, go ahead. I mean, sheís -- sheís going to make it.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: We all are.

Viki: Clint -- look, I'm glad I caught you. I just got a message from Jessica. Jamieís in the hospital. She was hit by a car.

Clint: Oh, my God. How did that happen?

Viki: I donít know, I donít know.

Dorian: What is her condition?

Viki: I donít know. Jessica said that she thinks sheís going to be all right, but Jamie has a head injury and they're keeping her overnight.

Clint: Oh, that poor kid.

Viki: Yes, well, I'm terribly sorry to interrupt your date, but I thought you might like to know. I'm going to the hospital.

Clint: Well, hey, I'm -- I'm going -- I'm going there, too.

Dorian: Clint, let me drive you. You're too upset.

Clint: Listen -- I'm sure Jessicaís under a lot of strain, so I think this should just be family, ok?

Dorian: Ok.

Clint: But I promise you, when we're together again, we're going to pick up where we left off, all right?

Dorian: I'm going to hold you to that.

Clint: You betcha. You take care.

Dorian: Whew.

Miles: Hi, Denny.

Denny: Mr. Laurence, what'll you have?

Miles: Um -- I'm under the impression that if someone is looking for female companionship, that you're the go-to guy.

Denny: I donít know what you're talking about.

Miles: Oh -- well, here. Does that make it a little clearer? Now, money is not an object. I want the best.

Denny: I think I know a lady who might be looking for a date. I'll make a call.

Miles: Great, thank you. Oh.

Tate: You know the real me. Even if nobody else does, I think you do.

Adriana: I see what you let me see.

Tate: Well, I'm a lot of different things. Everybody is. But you get to know me a little better, I think you'll like me. All of me.

Adriana: You're pretty damn sure of yourself, arenít you?

Tate: I'm pretty damn sure I can do good things for you and your company.

Adriana: Like what?

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Oh. I thought your phone was dead.

Tate: Well, I guess it was just low. Tate Harmon. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, she is right here. Hold on. Are you interested in talking to the editor of "fashionista"?

Adriana: Huh. Give me that. Hello? No, this is not Adriana Cramer -- Tate Harmonís Adriana Cramer. Are you kidding me? What kind of story? A cover? Actually, this is that Adriana Cramer.

Bo: If it were me, I'd get in Harmonís face, and I'd make sure that he knows that I'm on to him, and I'd also make sure that he knows that heís not going to get away with that crap.

Rex: Thatís fighting fire with fire?

Bo: Yeah, what did you think I meant?

Rex: Well, I thought you meant doing the kinds of things Harmon does.

Bo: What, an end-run, get him out of the picture?

Rex: Now you're talking.

Bo: Oh, wait --

Natalie: Have a minute?

Bo: Uh --

Natalie: Oh. Hi, Rex.

Bo: Yeah?

Rex: You ok? You donít look so good.

Natalie: Uh, yeah -- letís not talk about me. I saw Adriana on "the view" with that baseball guy. Whatís going on?

Rex: Donít worry about it. I've got it under control. Right, Bo? Call me.

Bo: No, wait, Balsom, just -- wait.

Rex: Everythingís chill. Thanks.

Bo: Hmm-hmm. Well, you have something on your mind. Whatís up?

Natalie: Whatís up is I quit.

Marty: John? Hi, how are you?

John: I'm glad I ran into you.

Jessica: We canít do this here.

Nash: Oh, I'm sorry, I was just reassuring myself that you didnít just send me packing.

Jessica: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Antonioís furious, and he doesnít even know whatís going on.

Nash: Tell him.

Jessica: Jamie almost died today. I canít tell him until I know thatís sheís 100%.

Nash: I heard what the doctor said, sheís going to be fine. Tell him.

Jessica: Look -- canít I just wait till she gets home before I tell him? Can you understand?

Nash: Sure. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too. Remember that, ok? Hey.

Antonio: Hey. Kind of nice not to hear the sound of the ventilator, isnít it?

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: We did it. We brought her back.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marty: Have you seen Natalie lately?

John: Why would you say that?

Natalie: I've decided to quit my job at the police station. And I want to come work for you at B.E.

Todd: If we do find this son, will you help me raise it?

Cristian: Well, is it true? Are you pregnant?

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