OLTL Transcript Monday 4/23/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/23/07


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Joy: All I know is, you couldnít pay me enough to put on three pairs of spandex just to fit into a borrowed outfit for four hours. No way.


Elisabeth: Come on look, everyone needs a little smoothing and rearranging now and then.

Joy: You know what? Life is too short for that much smoothing and arranging. We'll be right back after this commercial.


["The View" theme plays]

Woman: Mr. Harmon.

Tate: Yes?

Woman: You're up next. Ready?

Tate: I'm all set, thanks.

Adriana: Nervous?

Tate: No.

Adriana: Not even a tiny bit?

Tate: Itís a nationally televised show. I would be lying if I said not at all.

Adriana: You're going to do great. I know it.

Tate: Well, thanks. Still, I feel like I can use a little something for luck, you know?

Adriana: Sorry, I didnít know I was supposed to bring a rabbitís foot or four-leaf clover.

Tate: Yeah. No, I was thinking something more along these lines.

Rex: Yo, Adriana, update, since you havenít called me back. I'm heading down to the front desk to make sure that Blair and Todd checked out and havenít found out anything. Creek, no paddle for life as we know it if they find out that Toddís son is Tommy McBain. Hopefully, they're halfway back to Llanview by now. Call me.

Todd: I tell you, I'm not leaving here empty-handed.

Blair: Well, I donít think we have a choice here. The adoption agency -- they're not going to let you look at the records.

Todd: I'm not just going to roll over because the legal system doesnít want to help me.

Blair: What are you planning?

Todd: I donít know yet. But I've never let the law stop me before. And this time, itís my son we're talking about.

Layla: When you say "late," you mean, like, for an appointment, right?

Evangeline: You know exactly what I mean, Layla. I'm late. I think I might be pregnant.

Layla: If you -- who? Todd? Oh -- God -- or -- or Cristian?

Cristian: I asked you a question. What are you doing here?

Nash: I'm standing here staring at your ugly mug. What are you doing here?

Cristian: Very funny, smart-ass.

Nash: Hmm.

Cristian: I thought you were leaving town and not coming back.

Nash: Yeah, I was, but hit a bump in the road. Plans changed.

Cristian: Oh, yeah?

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: What plans are those?

Nash: Well, I might leave town. I might. But letís put it this way -- if I do, it wonít be alone.

Jessica: Sweetie, do you mind going and playing in your room for a second while me and your daddy, talk? Ok?

Antonio: No. Jamie, stay. You said that you -- that Jessica said she was sorry for leaving the courtroom? Yeah? And that she said she was sorry about kissing somebody? What did you mean by that, honey? Who was she kissing?

Marcie: Cole Thornhart, you are up next. But give me a minute, because I need to make sure that the karaoke machine is cued up, ok?

Cole: You sure about this?

Starr: Cole -- itís not like we're going to fall in love again.

Cole: Ok --

Starr: It would be like we're in the same class.

Cole: Ok, ok, letís just say hypothetically that we both happen to land the lead part and had to fall in love.

Starr: Whatever -- you know what? Anyway, it -- it wouldnít matter.

Langston: Britney, leave them alone.

Britney: Or what, Leonard? You going to scratch my eyes out?

Langston: No, I'm going to tell Ms. McBain how you bought your last two essays off the internet.

Britney: Fine. Let them talk. Itís as close as they're going to get anyway.

Cole: Starr, you're totally going to get the lead part. I mean, you have a killer voice.

Starr: Are you kidding me? I sucked at the audition. I'd be lucky to get in the chorus. But you're going to get a great part.

Cole: How do you know that? You've never heard me sing.

Starr: Yes, I have.

Cole: When?

Starr: After school, before we were going out -- um -- you were sitting on the wall near the field, and you were listening to your mp3.

Cole: And I -- and I was singing? Like, out loud?

Starr: Yeah, kind of really loud.

Cole: Oh.

Starr: No, it was -- it was really good. You were awesome, and good luck.

Marcie: Starr Manning, you donít need to stick around, ok? I -- I have seen everything from you that I need to see.

Starr: Was I really that bad?

Marcie: No, you werenít bad. You were amazing. Are you kidding? Starr, you sent chills up my spine. You really can sing. Now come on, get out of here.

Starr: Thank you.

Marcie: You're welcome. Are you ready, Cole?

Cole: Yes, ma'am.

Langston: What?

Starr: You did all this to get me and Cole back together.

Langston: So?

Starr: Langston, you know that we're not supposed to be together.

Langston: One day, you'll bow down and thank me.

Blair: Did you enjoy your night in jail so much you asked for an extended stay?

Todd: No, thatís not going to happen.

Blair: We're getting kicked out of Chicago, Todd. I mean, this town is huge, and we are getting kicked out.

Todd: Then I'll have someone else get the files.

Blair: Oh, now, thatís -- thatís a great idea. Have somebody else do it, they'll get arrested. They'll turn you in for doing it. That -- thatís brilliant.

Todd: No oneís going to get caught here.

Blair: Really? You sound sure of yourself, Todd. You know, something could go wrong, and you will be the one that gets arrested, and not only will you lose your chance to look for the son that you lost, you are going to lose jack and Starr because you'll be off at Rikerís Island.

Todd: Hmm. Joliet.

Blair: The point I am making is that the adoption agency has closed the records. The adoptive parents have rights, Todd, and those rights donít include anyone, including the biological father, to know who they are.

Todd: Thatís why they invented lawyers.

Layla: Vange, you have to tell me. Whoís the dad?

Evangeline: What?

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Hello?

Todd: Hey, Evangeline, I'm glad I caught you.

Evangeline: Yeah, hey. Howís everything going in Chicago?

Todd: Ah, it sucks. I found an adoption agency, but they wonít let me see their records. They gave me some lame reason about adoptive parents' rights.

Evangeline: Well, the lawís fairly nebulous about that. It depends on the particular state.

Todd: You know, it doesnít seem to me that it should matter how nebulous it is or what state you're in. My -- my son was kidnapped. And as far as I know, thatís -- thatís a crime in every state. Thereís got to be some way to get those records opened.

Evangeline: I'll look into it for you.

Todd: Ok, good. Hey, I really want to -- I really want to talk to you when I get back.

Evangeline: Yeah. I have some important things to talk to you about, too. What?

Layla: Todd -- itís Toddís baby.

Evangeline: Layla, will you stop jumping to conclusions? My God -- the important thing I want to talk to Todd about is why he didnít just tell me heís going to Chicago with Blair. I mean, he should have been honest with me about that.

Layla: So the baby -- itís --

Evangeline: If I am pregnant, the baby would be Cristianís.

Cristian: I'm guessing you mean you're not leaving without your daughter, which means we're stuck with you here in Llanview.

Nash: Hmm.

Cristian: But hear me when I say this, man. If you stay here, your lifeís going to be a living hell, because Antonioís on to you. I told him whatís going on.

Nash: Did you, now?

Cristian: Yes, I did. I told him you had the hots for Jessica, and I got this close to telling him how far you've gone.

Nash: How fait go?

Cristian: Come on, Nash. I heard you telling Layla how you feel about Jessica.

Nash: Is that a crime?

Cristian: Well, maybe not a crime, but when you're talking about another guyís wife, you could be facing something like the death penalty.

Nash: Oh, I -- yea no. I donít think Antonio will kill me.

Cristian: Donít forget, Nash, I know what you and Jessica were doing in that storage room the night of the fire. And if Antonio and I hadnít been interrupted, I would have told him everything.

Nash: Well, arenít you just a know-it-all?

Jamie: I know you love me, and Jessica loves Bree.

Antonio: Right. So you think because Jessica kisses and hugs Bree and treats her differently, that she loves her more than she loves you?

Jamie: I donít know.

Jessica: Jamie -- you love your dad, and you love your grandpa and your grandma, and you love Bree, right? You can love more than one person at the same time. Ok?

Antonio: Honey? Come here, sit down. Look, I -- I know itís been a rough couple of days. Well, you know, you can ask me anything, anything at all, and -- and I will give you an honest answer, all right? I mean, you can talk to me about your feelings, and -- you can just -- you can ask me anything, all right? I'm your man. [Phone rings] Itís Bo, and I have to talk to him, ok? I'm going to step outside for a second, all right? And then I'm going to come back in and you and I are going to finish this conversation. All right? Ok.


Jessica: Are you ok, Jamie?

Jamie: Jessica, do you love Nash more than you love Papi?

Adriana: I think you should've went for the rabbitís foot.

Tate: Oh, no. We all have different good-luck charms, and that was mine. This is a big deal for me, Adriana.

Woman: Stand by, Mr. Harmon, you're almost up.

["The View" theme plays]

Joy: Our next guest is a former major league pitcher.

Elisabeth: He probably had a great career ahead of him if it hadnít have been for a shoulder injury.

Joy: He might still have a great career ahead of him. Have you seen him in his underwear?

Elisabeth: No -- obviously, you have.

Joy: Oh, my God. You mean to tell me they do nothing for -- [Cheers] Look at this. That does nothing?

Elisabeth: I'll leave that up to the audience -- ladies?

Joy: Ok. [Cheers and applause] Well, the audience sure likes it.

Elisabeth: Well, guess what -- itís your lucky day, ladies, because he is here in the flesh.

Joy: Ok, then! Bring out the flesh.

Elisabeth: Here he is. Please welcome Tate Harmon.

Adriana: Tate, I really --

Woman: You're on.

Tate: Thank you. Well, I guess thereís only time one last good-luck kiss, huh?

Adriana: Go. Go!

[Cheers and applause]

Joy: Maybe -- maybe heís back there stripping.

Elisabeth: Joy? I'm sure thatís not the case.

Cole: Um -- I donít know any show tunes, so is it ok if I just sing a song I like?

Marc: Yeah, of course.

Cole: And I donít really know the lyrics too well, so --

Marcie: Itís fine. Whenever you're ready.

Cole: Thank you.

Marcie: Ok.

[Music plays]

Cole: The time has come and itís just right we know how we feel inside letís accept our jaded house believe love is here to set us free and sometimes you just need to say yeah no matter how the rest portray, yeah but fields donít feed me rivers, no, man and a promise made that canít be broken we'll make 'em stare at us with envy make 'em sink with jealousy make 'em swear they canít be true make 'em want to be me and you we'll make 'em want to be me and you is that enough?

Marcie: Yes, itís plenty.

Jessica: It is possible to love more than one person at the same time, right? Well, I love your daddy. I really do. I really do. He is a wonderful man. You know what? You're really, really lucky to have a daddy like him. Heís wonderful. And you know what, sweetie? Heís really, really lucky to have an amazing daughter like you. And I love you so much. Do you want to go in your room and play for a little bit? Ok. Bye, sweetie.

Antonio: Whereís Jamie?

Jessica: Um -- I just asked her to go into her room and play for a little bit. Antonio, I was just letting her know how special she was.

Antonio: Oh. All right. How special do you think she felt when you told her you couldnít adopt her?

Jessica: You know, sooner or later, you're going to have to listen to what I have to say, because itís really important.

Antonio: Oh. Oh, you have an explanation for breaking her heart? Huh. Well, I'd love to hear it. Go ahead. Go ahead, the floor is all yours.

Jessica: Jamie already lost one mother, and I couldnít bear to put her through that again. So I couldnít adopt her now only to leave her later.

Todd: I'm not giving up.

Blair: Todd, what if itís Spencer, you know -- playing another one of his sick games with you?

Todd: Oh, heís getting to me from the grave, is that it?

Blair: Yeah. What if he is? I mean, what if he sent you on this wild-goose chase to Chicago to an adoption agency thatís not going to give you the information that you need? You're not going to find anything out, knowing that it would make you crazy, and it has. It has made you completely --

Todd: I donít think you want me to find him.

Blair: What?

Todd: I think you're still pissed at me. I think you still blame me for losing the son we were supposed to have together.

Blair: How can you say that to me? I came here to help you, Todd. And no matter what has happened between us, I never thought that you deserved to lose your son.

Todd: Thatís what it seemed like to me.

Blair: Well, you know what? You're wrong. I got on that plane to be with you, to help you, because I wanted to see this through to the end, and if you think that I came to Chicago to knock your knees out from under you, then you can go straight to hell.

Todd: So can you. I'm going downstairs to wait for the car.

Blair: Fine.

Rex: Adriana, me again. Todd paid his bill and has a car coming for him, so obviously, he hasnít found out anything yet.

Todd: Hey. What the hell are you doing here?

[Cheers and applause]

Tate: Hi.

Elisabeth: How are you?

Joy: Tate -- Tate! I donít know -- you know, I have to tell you, you donít know how many women you've disappointed coming out here fully dressed like that.


Tate: Oh! Sorry, ladies, but I'm saving myself up for the next shoot.

Joy: Yeah. Audience: Oh.

Joy: Oh.

Elisabeth: Oh.

Joy: But you know what? We go right for the jugular on this show, so -- are you seeing anybody?

Tate: That depends on what you mean by "seeing."

Joy: Well --

Elisabeth: Is there someone special in your life?

Joy: Yeah.

Elisabeth: Someone specific?

Tate: Oh -- yes, there is.

Blair: You forgot your phone.

Todd: Look what I found.

Blair: What are you doing here, Rex?

Rex: Uh -- I -- I'm here to find Toddís son.

Todd: I told you I didnít want you here.

Rex: Yeah, you sure did.

Todd: And you said you were so convinced that my son was dead.

Rex: Thatís what I said because thatís what I believe. The death certificate is real.

Blair: Ok, Rex, I'm going to ask you again -- what are you doing here?

Rex: Look, I came here to help Todd.

Blair: Oh, none of this makes any sense.

Todd: Not making sense is Rexís forte.

Rex: Just listen. If there is even the tiniest chance that your son is still alive, I would not be able to live with myself knowing that I screwed things up. I came to Chicago out for myself. Maybe miles was telling the truth. Maybe he wasnít. Maybe he just thought he was telling the truth. I'm here to find out.

Todd: And what did you find out?

Rex: Nothing. I -- I just got here. Have you found out anything?

Layla: How can you be so sure itís not Toddís?

Evangeline: You figure it out.

Layla: You didnít do it with him?

Evangeline: Give the girl a prize.

Layla: Oh, thank you. Girl, come here. Come here. That is such a relief, because you know how I feel about you and Todd together. It just would not be right. So itís Cristianís?

Evangeline: Yes.

Layla: You havenít been with him in a long time. How long has it been since you had your period?

Evangeline: I mean, you know, I'm really irregular. So I havenít really though about it until now, and I'm -- I'm starting to get worried.

Layla: I know my sister, and my sister is always careful.

Evangeline: Yeah, I am always careful. But there was this one time --

Layla: Girl, all it takes is one time.

Evangeline: I know. And afterwards -- I mean, Cristian and I were so in love that we werenít even scared. We were, like, laying there dreaming about what it would be like to have a baby together. But we werenít ready then, and we sure as hell arenít ready now.

Layla: So? What are you going to do about it?

Evangeline: I donít know.

Layla: Come here. I do. Why donít you let your little sister give you some advice, for on? Vange, you have to tell him.

Cristian: I may not know it all, but I do know that you and Jess have been sneaking around behind my brotherís back.

Nash: Yeah. Now we're done with the sneaking around. We're not going to do that anymore.

Cristian: Go because if I ever find o that the two of you are hiding anything from my brother, I'm going to go straight to him and tell him.

Nash: You donít got to do that.

Cristian: Donít mess with me, Nash.

Nash: You donít have to do that, because Jessica is telling him now.

Cristian: What is Jessica telling him?

Jessica: I ran out of the adoption hearing so I -- I wouldnít hurt her even more down the road.

Antonio: Oh. You know, I -- I keep hearing that, but itís -- itís just not making any sense. So you said you abandoned Jamie for her own sake? You know, I -- I -- I donít think she understands that, and frankly, I donít, either.

Jessica: Ok, then please listen, and I will explain.

Antonio: Sure. Sure -- go ahead and explain to me how you're so sure that you're going to leave my daughter.

Jessica: Antonio, I --

Antonio: What -- what is it, honey? Is -- I mean, is it Tess? Are you afraid that sheís going to come back out, you're going to run away, and you're going to leave Jamie without a mother?

Jessica: No, she has nothing to do with this. Well, maybe -- I guess she does, but I --

Antonio: Damn it, Jessica, I am -- you know what? It has been a long couple of days, and I have been as patient as I can possibly be. But right now, I need you to look me in the eye and tell me what the hell is going on.

Jessica: There is something going on and itís been going on for a while. Itís -- itís been going on inside of me and I canít ignore it anymore and I -- it doesnít mean that I donít love you because I do. I really, really do and I --

Antonio: Oh, thatís fantastic. You're just bursting with love -- love for me, love for Jamie. And you have such a -- such a tender and -- and terrible way of showing it!

Jessica: Can you please not do this? You're making things harder.

Antonio: Oh, forgive me, forgive me for making it difficult on you. Did I force you to adopt my daughter?

Jessica: No, you didnít.

Antonio: Thatís right.

Jessica: You have been wonderful. Every time something bad happens, you're there waiting for me on the other end and thatís amazing and thatís why itís really hard for me to tell you this, but you're making it harder by yelling at me! So will you please, calm down for two minutes so I can tell you what I need to tell you?

Antonio: Fine.

Britney: Where do I go to show you the way? Is all you're about exactly the same? You're all that I want and all that I am just when I know you I donít understand just when I know you I donít I donít hmm

Henry: Whoo! Whoo!

Marcie: That was very nice, Britney.

Britney: Thank you, Mrs. McBain.

Amber: You nailed it, babe. The lead is yours for sure.

Britney: Well, obviously. This is warm.

Marcie: Well, let me just say that I cannot thank you enough for coming out and auditioning today. I really appreciate it. I had no idea that you guys -- you are amazing. You have such an amazing amount of talent, you know? You were great, which, well, unfortunately, makes my decision really hard of who does what, but I will be posting e list of those who made the show outside of the gym, ok? So, break a leg! [Marcie chuckles]

Henry: That was absolutely magnificent.

Britney: Oh, thanks.

Henry: And -- and it looks like we'll be spending a lot more time together.

Britney: What do you mean?

Henry: You know, the play -- rehearsals and such?

Britney: Oh. Right. Wonít it be a hoot, Henry?

Henry: And we can go to heatherís Sweet-16 party together.

Britney: Of course. Oh -- shoot.

Henry: What is it?

Britney: Well, I'll be spending all my free time on the play. I'll never have enough time to finish my history paper. Unless --

Henry: Yes? Unless what?

Britney: Unless we donít go to Heatherís party.

Henry: But itís going to be a really big deal -- you know that itís at the country club.

Britney: Well, I know, but, you know, maybe we could just stay in and you could help me with my paper. If you do, I'll give you a give you a very special thank-you.

Henry: I'll go to the library and get the books you need.

Britney: You're so sweet.

Amber: Are you insane? You're missing Heatherís party to study with that dweeb?

Britney: Are you that lame, Amber? No, do you know how much money her parents are spending on that party? And I have an awesome new outfit. I wouldnít miss it for anything.

Amber: Then why would you tell that to Henry?

Britney: Well, call it intuition, but I think I might just come down with something that night. Ahem. "Henry -- yeah. Look, itís really -- I'm -- I'm really sick and I donít think I'm going to be able to go. Do you think you could do my paper for me?" And, of course he'll do it because obviously heís in love with me.

Amber: And you'll go to the Sweet 16.

Britney: And spend the night dancing with my co-star, Cole -- well, maybe we'll spend the first half of the night dancing.

Elisabeth: Ok, the audience is wanting details, as are we. So, Tate -- come on, come on. Whatís her name?


Tate: Um -- Mabel Ferguson.

Elisabeth: Ok -- Mabel. We're getting somewhere. Elaborate a bit.

Adriana: "Mabel"?

Tate: Mabel was my second-grade teacher.

Audience: Aw!

Joy: Aw!

Tate: And she told me that I could do anything I wanted to if I just set my mind to it. And that meant a lot to me, especially since I didnít have a mother, so --

Audience: Aw.

Tate: Mabel used to come to my little league games and encourage me to work my tail off --

Joy: Really?

Tate: And when I hit the big leagues, she was at every home game I ever pitched.

Joy: Thatís nice.

Elisabeth: Oh.

Tate: Sheís my greatest supporter and today is her 70th birthday.

Elisabeth: Oh! Thatís sweet.

Tate: Happy birthday, Mabel.

Elisabeth: Oh, thatís sweet.

Adriana: "Thatís so sweet."

Joy: Happy birthday.

Elisabeth: But are you seeing anyone maybe closer to your age?

Joy: Yeah -- like under 70, perhaps?


Tate: Well, have you seen the new line of exposed underwear? I mean --

Joy: Honey, we see it and we love it.  

Elisabeth: What do you think, ladies?

Joy: Hello!

Elisabeth: But -- in all seriousness, this is a big career change for you.

Tate: Well, it is all due to an awesome girl who came up with the whole exposed idea.

Elisabeth: The designer?

Tate: You know, I'm going to plead the fifth on that one.

Joy: Ok, let me rephrase -- allegedly the designer?

Elisabeth: Uh-oh, here it comes.

Joy: Well, who would you like to model your exposed lingerie for women? Who would you like to do that?

Tate: Well, you know, I've -- I've dated a few models in my day. They were all gorgeous.

Joy: Thatís shocking.

Elisabeth: Ok, now -- now we're getting somewhere, go on.

Tate: But I was never really in love with any of them.

Joy: That is really a surprise to us.

Elisabeth: Come on, Tate. Seriously, though -- who is she? You can trust us.

[Tate sighs]

Tate: Uh -- ok, you win. Your powers are too strong.

Joy: We're witches.


Tate: I am smitten.

Joy: Oh.

Tate: Sheís an amazing girl.

Elisabeth: Ooh!

Joy: Tell us.

Elisabeth: Do tell.

Tate: Oh.

Joy: Whatís her name? Come on.

Tate: Adriana Cramer.

Joy: Oh.

Elisabeth: Wow.

Marcie: All right, everybody, I need you all to gather around. I -- I have some really bad news. I just spoke with the principal and it seems that the money that we were supposed to use to produce the show has somehow been diverted.

Langston: "Diverted"? What does that mean?

Marcie: Well, look, the bottom line is that there isnít any money.

Starr: Well, what about the show?

Marcie: I'm sorry. There -- there just isnít going to be a show.

Britney: What? There has to be a show.

Marcie: Itís out of my hands.

Evangeline: Thereís no way I can go to Cristian with this now.

Layla: Why not if heís the father?

Evangeline: I donít even know if I'm pregnant, Layla. But if I tell him and I find out that I'm not pregnant, then heís going to think I just told him to manipulate him into coming back to me.

Layla: Oh, Cristian knows you're not like that.

Evangeline: And if I am pregnant, then heís just going to feel like he has to do the right thing.

Layla: And he has to get back together with you?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Layla: And thatís bad -- why?

Todd: I found an agency that deals with Llanview adoptions, but they wonít let us see the files.

Rex: Then leave it to me.

Blair: What can you do that we couldnít?

Rex: Well, I do my best flying under the radar. Trust me.

Todd: I guess it canít hurt. I'm not paying you squat until you find something, though.

Rex: I wouldnít have it any other way. Now, why donít you two head back home and --

Todd: Get out of here.

Rex: I'll handle it, all right?

Todd: Talk to you later.

Rex: Take it easy, boss. [Rex sighs]

Blair: I certainly hope he gets farther than we did.

Todd: Hey, listen, about what I said before --

Blair: Itís all right. Itís all right. I know that we can never get back what we lost -- our relationship, our child. And even if we canít go back, Todd, I -- I forgive you. I just hope that you can forgive yourself.

Rex: Me again! Whatís the deal -- did you drop your phone in the toilet or something? Anyway, think our problem solved. Toddís going to let me look into the adoption for him, which means I've got things under control again. I'm going to be hanging in -- The hotel until itís time to leave for the airport. Call me, ok?

Joy: Adriana -- isnít that the girl who snitched on Tony on "The Sopranos"?


Tate: Yes, but my Adriana is nothing like her.

Joy: Oh, oh, but what is your Adriana like? Tell us.

Tate: Well, sheís beautiful and talented and brilliant. Sheís the genius behind exposed.

Joy: Oh.

Elisabeth: And -- and we love the underwear line, but what we really want to know is more about this girl, right?

Joy: Yeah!

Elisabeth: So tell us!

Joy: Tell us.


Joy: Come on.

Tate: Oh! God, sheís incredible.

Joy: Uh-huh.

Tate: She took this idea and ran with it. She inspires me to be all I can be. Did I tell you how beautiful she is?

Joy: Yeah.

Tate: No, she -- she really is. She is gorgeous. Sheís a knockout!

Elisabeth: "Knockout," got it.

Joy: We got it, alt.

Tate: She is smart and funny Ė

Audience: Whoo!

Tate: And sheís opened my eyes, and my words canít do her justice.

Elisabeth: Wow.

Joy and audience: Aw.

Elisabeth: Wow.

Tate: Adriana Cramer is the most incredible woman the Tate has ever known!


Tate: Whoo! Yeah! Whoo!

Elisabeth: Whoo!

Tate: Yeah!

Elisabeth: All right!  

Tate: Whoo! Adriana, what a beautiful smile, what beautiful eyes. Adriana -- God, I love saying that name.

Elisabeth: Well, calm down, Tate.

Joy: No, donít, donít, donít, donít, donít calm down, Tate. This is great TV, keep going. You love her, right?

Elisabeth: How about a picture? Do you have a picture instead?

Joy: Yeah.

Tate: Better than that -- sheís backstage.


Adriana: No.

Tate: Want me to go get her?

Joy: Yeah!

Tate: Yeah! Whoo!


Adriana: Oh, God, no.

Tate: Adriana? Adriana?

Adriana: No! No, Tate! No way!

Tate: Come on.

Adriana: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Tate: It'll be fun. Come on, letís go.

Adriana: No -- abso-- I'm not going out there. Have you lost your mind?

Tate: Got to go -- quick, quick.

Adriana: Absolutely not!

Tate: They're waiting.

Adriana: Why are you --

Tate: They're waiting.

Adriana: Are you ser-- Tate, no!  

Elisabeth: Whoa!

Joy: Hi. Hi, hi, hi. Hello. Nice to meet you. Lovely.

Tate: Ladies and gentlemen, this is my Adriana. Audience: Aw.

[Cheers and applause]

Tate: You got any confetti around here?

[Burst] Audience: Whoo!

Tate: All right.


Tate: Whoo!


[Tate laughs]

Blair: I'm really sorry the way things worked out, Todd.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Letís go. What?

Woman: You remember me, donít you?

Todd: No.

Blair: No -- yes, you do. Sheís the woman from the adoption agency with Mr. Gray.

Woman: Yes. The director of the adoption agency -- I'm his secretary. I may have information about the baby you're looking for.

Evangeline: Truth is, no matter how much I love him, I broke his heart. And he broke mine.

Layla: Vange? Donít give up on Cristian.

Evangeline: Uh-uh. Thereís no way I'm telling him till I know for sure.

Layla: Then thereís only one thing to do.

Evangeline: Buy a pregnancy test.

Nash: The issues between Antonio and Jessica -- I think they should stay between Antonio and Jessica.

Cristian: I couldnít agree more.

Nash: Hmm.

Cristian: But maybe you should tattoo that somewhere on your body so you wonít forget.

Nash: Itís not that simple.

Cristian: Right, because the two of you share a little girl, and I get that, man. But that doesnít give you the freedom to be screwing around with my brotherís wife.

Nash: Itís not that simple, either.

Cristian: Are you in love with Jessica?

Nash: Yes.

Cristian: Jessica and Antonio are married, Nash --married.

Nash: Maybe they still are.

Cristian: Jamie? Whoa -- Jamie, not the street! Jamie!

[Car tires skid]

Antonio: Well, you wanted my attention -- now you got it.

Jessica: Ok, um -- the necklace -- huh -- that -- that you found.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Ok. Well, the reason that you found it by the quarry, it --


Jessica: Thereís something going on out there.

Antonio: You know, you've been begging to tell me something and now you're stalling. Tell it to me, and for once, tell me the truth.

Jessica: Ok, you're right, you're right. You deserve that. Ok, well, the truth is that I --

Nash: Antonio, get downstairs. Itís Jamie -- sheís been hit by a car.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: You want to see your son?

Rex: Adriana, did you just dump me on "the view"?

Jessica: Jamieís all that matters now. If you want to blame someone, blame me.

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