OLTL Transcript Thursday 4/19/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/19/07


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Adriana: Hey, partner. Howís the meeting going? Oh -- are you kidding me? Well, did you tell them that we're building panties and bras, not SUVs? Too small? Well, tell them we'll be a big company if they donít stick it to us now. All right, look, there are other manufacturers out there.

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Rex, where are you?

Rex: I'm in Chicago.

Adriana: I know you're in Chicago. Where in Chicago?

Rex: Just listen -- I canít talk very loudly. I'm in a police station.

Adriana: Are you in trouble?

Rex: No. Todd and Blair are. They broke into an adoption agency last nit.

Adriana: Did they find out that Michael and Marcie have Toddís son?

Rex: They didnít have time. I called the cops on them.

Adriana: You did what -- what happened?

Rex: They spent last night as guests of the city.

Todd: Hey. No reason to keep us here overnight.

Officer: We couldnít get you arraigned until this morning.

Todd: Hmm. These cuffs, though -- I think itís police brutality, donít you?

Officer: Call your lawyer.

Todd: Um, I donít think we're going to need a lawyer. I donít think these charges are going to stick.

Officer: Look, the officers found you in the adoption agency in the middle of the night. The lock on the door had been jimmied and you were carrying lock-picking tools. I donít know what they call that where you come from, but in the windy city, itís breaking and entering.

Todd: Arenít you going to ask me why I did it?

Officer: Yeah, thereís a good reason for that -- I donít care.

Todd: He didnít surprise me.

Blair: Ok, ok, Todd -- um -- excuse me, sir. You look like a really busy, busy man with a lot of important crimes to solve and I think, you know, if we put our heads together, we could figure out a way to make all this just go away.

Officer: Are you trying to bribe me, lady?

Blair: Well, I prefer to think of it as doing each other a favor. We go home and you never have to see us again.

Boy: Well, look at that. Looks like Thornhart wants to be a musical comedy star.

Second boy: Mm-hmm.

Third boy: Guess all those 'roids made his voice higher.

Second boy: He must be looking for something to do. He canít play sports anymore, and Starr Manning dumped him. First

Boy: Can you imagine what a guy would get dumped by her?

Cole: Whatís so funny?

Boy: Uh, you, bro -- singing and dancing.

Cole: Knock it off.

Boy: Maybe you can try out for cheerleading next year.

Second boy: Ooh! First

Boy: See -- oh!

Second boy: Llanview high school -- first

Boy: Letís go Cole, Cole!

Second boy: Llanview high school! Yeah! Whoo!

Starr: Cole, what did those jerks say to you?

Cole: What do you care what they said? You said you didnít want anything to do with me.

Carlotta: You both can stay with me as long as you need.

Antonio: You want to stay home from school today?

Jamie: I want to see mommy, even if sheís sick.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Nash, please stop calling.

Nash: Jessica, itís Nash. Please pick up the phone. I got to know what happened with you and Antonio last night. Whatever it was, please just -- call me, please. I love you. Bye. Hi. Yes, itís Nash. Um -- is there any way you could come by here to look after my daughter -- now.

Adriana: Oh. God, I hope that Todd never finds out that you are the one that called the cops on him and Blair.

Rex: I had no choice. They were getting too close. The adoption agency they broke into -- itís the one Spencerís crooked lawyer used.

Adriana: Well, whatís going to happen to them?

Rex: I'm trying to find out, but I have to do it without them seeing me.

Adriana: Could they go to jail for this?

Rex: Yeah! I'll call you later when I know whatís going on.

Adriana: Bye. [Knock on door] [Adriana sighs]

Tate: I just got the best news.

Adriana: Is not a good time right now, Tate.

Tate: Oh, ok. Well, what did Rex do now?

Man: I got to go in there.

Rex: Why?

Man: To report a crime.

Rex: What -- what happened?

Man: Some junky stole my radio and my bedroll.

Rex: Well, the cops wonít do anything about that. What you need is some money and a new jacket.

Man: Thatís a fact.

Rex: Maybe we can work something out. Come here.

Todd: Well, why donít they just slap us with a fine and let us go home?

Officer: Well, they might, if you two were normal people.

Blair: Now, what do you mean by that?

Officer: Between the two of you, you've got rap sheets as long as my arm. Huh -- Bonnie and Clyde did not get off with a slap on the wrist.

Todd: Bonnie and Clyde.

Antonio: Look, sweetie, when Papa told you that Jessica was sick, he did a bad thing. I lied. I lied -- it was a white lie because I didnít want you to be hurt. But it was wrong, ok? Because Papas shouldnít ever lie, and I'm sorry.

Jamie: Did you lie because Jessica doesnít want me?

Antonio: No. No, of course not. Ok, look, Jessicaís just a little confused right now. Ok, but she loves you -- she loves you very, very much.

Carlotta: We all love you, sweetheart.

Antonio: You know, I -- I know that you were a little hurt when Jessica ran out of the hearing room, and you were probably a little mad, too, right? Yeah. Yeah, well, me, too. Me, too. We were all a little surprised by that, ok? But none of it, absolutely none of it, is your fault, ok? Jessica has a few things she needs to work though and papa is going to help her do that. All right?

Jamie: Papa?

Antonio: What?

Jamie: Does Jessica still want you?

Jessica: Whereís Bree?

Nash: Sitter. Whereís Antonio?

Jessica: He and Jamie spent the night at his momís.

Nash: Why didnít you call me? I've been going crazy! Jessica, what did he say when you told him? Oh, my God, you couldnít do it -- you didnít tell him.

Nash: You felt too guilty, didnít you?

Jessica: Yes, Nash, that is one thing that I do feel is guilty. I feel very, very guilty for breaking the heart of a beautiful little girl in the middle of a courtroom in front of all of our family and friends. Yes, I feel guilty as hell.

Nash: So you'll punish yourself by staying with Antonio. You're going to go back to can make this work, lying to yourself that this is what you want.

Jessica: I tried to tell him and he wouldnít let me. He was so furious about what happened with Jamie that --

Nash: Heís the one who put this little girl in the middle.

Jessica: No, he didnít. I am his wife, it is completely natural that he would want me to be the mother of his daughter.

Nash: Heís trying to obligate --

Jessica: Nash, I am married! I'm already obligated!

Nash: You're backing out on us, arenít you?

Jessica: No, I'm not. I've tried. God knows I have tried, but I -- I love you. I love you so much that I betrayed Antonio, a man that stood by me and loved me when a hundred other men would've walked away.

Nash: I'm here. So what'd you talk about?

Jessica: Jamie. It was awful. Everything I said, I was just making things worse, and he just got angrier and angrier until finally he just -- stormed out.

Nash: Sorry.

Jessica: We canít go back now. No, whatís done is done.

Nash: If you could go back, what would you change?

Adriana: I'm not upset with Rex. I'm upset that I'm behind in my designing, I'm upset that every time we talk to a manufacturing company, they jack up our prices because we're small and unknown, but if we raise our prices, then we're not going to be competitive and the whole thing can blow up in our faces.

Tate: Uh -can I talk now?

Adriana: Yes. I'm sorry. What is your good news?

Tate: No, itís not just good news -- itís great news, and itís not just great news for me -- itís great news for you.

Adriana: Ok. Tell me.

Tate: You know the TV show "The View"?

Adriana: Yeah. What about it?

Tate: I'm going to be on it.

Adriana: Are you kidding me? When?

Tate: Today.

Starr: Cole, you know the only reason why I broke up with you is so that my dad wouldnít kill you.

Cole: I guess.

Starr: Ok, so what did this guy say?

Cole: A bunch of crap. They were looking at the sign-up sheet.

Langston: You guys, you're just asking for trouble. Come on, Starr.

Starr: But --

Langston: No, no, come on.

Britney: Hi, Cole.

Cole: What do you want?

Britney: I donít know. I hope we get to read scenes together.

Cole: Ok, listen, letís get one thing straight -- the only reason why I'm auditioning is because Mrs. McBain held a gun to my head.

Britney: But you'd be so great for curly, and I know I'm perfect for Laurey.

Henry: Totally -- you're perfect.

Britney: Oh, thanks, Henry. Thatís really sweet.

Cole: Well, I'm not right for curly, and I donít expect to get cast. I mean, I'm not a singer and dancing -- I mean, please.

Britney: Oh, but, you're really athletic. and, you know, I could work with you if you want.

Cole: Work with this -- I donít want any part of you.

Henry: Thatís rude, Cole.

Cole: Oh, ok -- if you want to "act" with her, why donít you try out?

Henry: You think I should?

Britney: Why not? They need more men.

Henry: Maybe I will.

Britney: You know how to dance?

[Cole chuckles]

Cole: Wow. Not bad, Mackler.

Britney: See? Anyone can have hidden potential.

Marcie: Hi, girls. I hope you donít mind singing with the karaoke machine, but the piano player got food poisoning, so --

Starr: But, um --

Langston: Come on, Starr. Um -- I'm sure Mrs. McBainís really busy.

Starr: Langston, she thinks that I'm auditioning. What did you do?

Marcie: How very, very strange. There are so many of you hanging around out here in the hallway, and yet there are so few names on the sign-up sheet. I mean, could it possibly, possibly be true that you all used the auditions as an excuse to get out of class and then you didnít really intend to try out?

Boy: Huh.

Marcie: Freeze. Every one of you will sign that sheet -- now.

Boy: Or what?

Marcie: How does detention sound?

Boy: Thatís not fair.

Second boy: Yeah.

Marcie: I'm waiting.

[Boy sighs]

Langston: Have you seen the sign-up sheet for auditions?

Starr: Yeah, when Mrs. McBain passed it around and nobody signed it.

Langston: Well, there are names on it now -- one that you might be particularly interested in.

Starr: Langston, what are you talking about?

Langston: I put your name on the list.

Starr: Why did you do that?

Langston: Because I thought it'd be better for you to keep busy. I mean, all you do is study or talk about Cole.

Starr: Langston, what I do with my time is my business.

Langston: I was worried about you.

Starr: Ok, well, did you sign up?

Langston: Huh -- are you kidding me?

Starr: Ok, so something that you wouldnít touch with a 10-foot pole is supposed to be my therapy?

Langston: Why are you getting so pissed off?

Starr: Because, Langston! God, every morning, I -- I wake up and the first thing I think about is when I'm going to see Cole that day. And then I remember that I canít talk to him, I canít touch him, I canít even be around him, and I get this feeling like -- like I canít breathe, like thereís this hole in my heart, and I donít think thatís going away by singing about cowboys and farmers.

Marcie: Hey.

Starr: Mrs. McBain?

Marcie: Yeah?

Starr: I didnít put my name on that sign-up sheet, and I want to take it off there right now.

[Marcie sighs]

Officer: This is Detective Morris. Yeah, they're right here. Yeah, go ahead.

Blair: What do you think that phone callís about?

Todd: That was real smooth, trying to bribe him like that.

Blair: Oh, well, I'm sorry. Maybe I should've insulted him like you did. That was just a real moment of genius.

Todd: Yeah, this is all going to get cleared up.

Blair: What are you talking about? We're in handcuffs, Todd, and I canít believe that all I wanted to do was bribe somebody for information, but, no, that wasnít good enough. No, you had to break in the building!

Todd: You know, if I had it my way, I'd be sitting here alone.

Blair: Well, you know what? You're not.

Officer: Can I help you?

Rex: Yeah. Some junky ripped off my stuff while I was sleeping, and I want to file a report.

Officer: Come on, kid. Donít waste my time.

Rex: Oh -- I donít have rights? Maybe I'll tell that to a reporter.

[Officer sighs]

Officer: All right. Sit right here. Sit down. Fill that out.

Det. Morris: I think the best thing would be for the two of you to come down to the police station, or else we let the perps walk. Itís your choice.

Todd: Who was that?

Det. Morris: The director of the adoption agency that you broke into. He and his assistant spent the night going through their records to see if anything was stolen. Once the inventory is finished, we'll know exactly what charges to file.

Todd: And they're coming down here now?

Det. Morris: Yes.

Todd: Thatís good work, Detective. Thatís just who I want to talk to.

Antonio: Love between grownups is a little complicated. Itís a little different than -- than parents and their children. Ok? All right, but I love you with all my heart, and so does Jessica. And we're going to work this out because we're a family.

Carlotta: And families stick together, no matter what.

Antonio: Yeah, thatís right. Ok? Now, want to eat? No? Ok. Y donít you go get your coat, ok? I'm going to take you home.

Carlotta: Do you think bringing her over to Jessica is a good idea?

Antonio: I called -- she didnít answer. She probably went in to work.

Carlotta: But you donít know if sheís going to be coming --

Antonio: Mami? I donít want Jamie thinking that she canít go home because of what Jessica did.

Carlotta: Yeah.

Antonio: Yeah.

Nash: You're not saying very much.

Jessica: I'm thinking about how to answer you. Yes. There would be a lot of things that I would change, but I canít, so why bother talking about it?

Nash: Because I'm kind of interested. I mean, what do you regret?

Jessica: Nash, please donít do this.

Nash: No, if you could change something, what would you change? Marrying Antonio or falling in love with me?

Britney: Hey, Cole? I've got a copy of the script. Do you want to read some scenes with me?

Cole: Britney, I already told you I'm not serious about this.

Britney: Oh, but you'd look so hot in a cowboy hat.

Cole: Well, listen, the only reason why I'm auditioning for this thing is so that Mrs. McBain will write me a letter of recommendation so I can play baseball.

Henry: I'm surprised she'd do that, after you were on drugs and all.

Cole: It wasnít drugs.

Henry: It was, Cole -- performance-enhancing drugs.

Britney: Oh --

Henry: If I were Mrs. McBain, I wouldnít want you in the play with your attitude.

Britney: Oh, Henry, are you listening to yourself? You sound like an old man.

Cole: No, no, Henryís right, yeah. Why would she want me in the play if I donít want to be there?

Henry: I donít need you to defend me.

Cole: Dude --

Henry: If you donít want to be here, leave.

Britney: Oh, now whoís rude?

Cole: Great idea, Henry. I'm out of here.

Henry: Oh --

Britney: Henry, you know what I'd really like?

Henry: Name it.

Britney: A mochaccino from hallowed grounds?

Henry: I canít leave school grounds in the middle of the day.

Britney: I'm not worth the risk?

Henry: Itís not that --

Britney: Well, I stayed up all night studying. I mean, I'll never get the part if I fall asleep in the middle of auditions. Donít you want us to be in the play together?

Henry: Right.

Amber: Henry? I'll have a French vanilla latte.

Britney: Oh, and if you get caught --

Henry: I know, I know -- you didnít have anything to do with it.

Amber: Treating Henry like crap is fun.

Britney: Oh, itís fun for him, too.

Amber: It is?

Britney: Oh, he has such a crush on me. I mean, can you imagine how bad he'd feel if I was mean to him?

Amber: And if you werenít nice to him, he might not finish your history project.

Britney: Ok, he wanted to do it. He volunteered. Why does everyone always think I'm working some kind of angle?

Amber: I guess itís because you always are?

Marcie: Whatís the harm in auditioning? I --

Starr: Mrs. McBain, you donít understand. I didnít sign that sheet, Langston did, and this is not my thing -- at all.

Marcie: You know, I'm getting a little tired of everyone acting like auditioning for a music makes you the ultimate geek.

Langston: Doesnít it?

Marcie: No. It -- itís fun, you know, to put something together that you can be proud of. I mean, you see that, donít you?

Langston: I guess it could be a certain kind of fun.

Marcie: Great. Then I will sign you up, too.

Langston: Hey, wait, wait --

Marcie: Look, Starr, I -- this is really your decision, as far as I'm concerned with you, ok, but I really do hope that you'll audition.

Starr: Do you have a pen so that I can cross off my name?

Langston: You should do it, Starr. Trust me, you'll be very glad you did.

Adriana: I canít believe you're going on "the view" on such short notice!

Tate: Yeah, well, their scheduled guest had to cancel, and they called my manager to see if I was available.

Adriana: And you were their second choice?

Tate: Well, either that, or everyone else on the list ahead of me checked into rehab.

Adriana: Oh, my God, are you going to be able to talk about modeling for us?

Tate: I'm pretty sure one of the reasons they called me is because the wire services picked up those photographs of me in your underwear.

Adriana: So you get to hype the company on the air?

Tate: Whatís good for you is good for the Tate.

Adriana: Oh, my God, I canít believe this! I canít believe exposed is going to get all this fantastic, free publicity!

Tate: Hey, I have an idea.

Adriana: What?

Tate: Come with me.

Officer: Are you done yet?

Rex: [Hoarse voice] No -- I'm trying to remember everything that got ripped off.

Det. Morris: Listen, let me give you a hint -- do yourself a favor, call a lawyer.

Todd: Oh, I will -- when I sue you for false arrest.

Det. Morris: This guy is a joy.

Blair: Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

Det. Morris: No, thanks.

Man: Detective Morris?

Det. Morris: That would be me.

Man: These the people who broke into our agencyís file room last night?

Todd: Thatís right, and I had every right to do so.

Det. Morris: How do you figure that?

Todd: I'm going to tell you a story, and when I finish, you're going to make this guy give me everything I want.

Det. Morris: So, letís hear it.

Todd: All right, sir. Now, every word of this is the truth --

Blair: Even though you're going to think itís unbelievable. 

Adriana: I canít go to New York. I have a ton of work to do.

Tate: You were just complaining that you're getting lousy bids from manufacturing firms because your companyís not well-known.

Adriana: Right.

Tate: Right. So help me make you we-known. Come with me to New York.

Adriana: Ohh.

Tate: The limoís on its way.

Adriana: I donít know what to do.

Tate: Adriana, itís a no-brainer. The limo rolls us into New York, I do the show, you charm everyone in the greenroom. Afterwards we'll grab a little lunch at a fancy restaurant --

Adriana: Ok! All right, I'm in. Oh, my God, Laylaís going to love this!

Tate: Layla?

Adriana: Yeah -- she has to be there, too.

Tate: I thought she had meetings.

Adriana: To hell with the meetings, Tate. I'm going to call her and tell her to get right over here.

Tate: Yeah, you know, I donít know. I mean we have to --

Adriana: Tate, sheís my partner. Itís not like there isnít enough room in the limo.

Tate: All right, call her, call her.

Adriana: Excellent.

Britney: I think we should go inside now -- auditions are going to start soon.

Cole: Yeah, and the sooner they start, the sooner they'll be over.

Britney: Well, I was reading the script. I mean, itís corny, but itís kind of sweet.

Cole: Yeah, my mom saw it. She -- um -- that -- that movie was just weird.

Amber: I hope I get to be one of Laureyís friends.

Cole: Oh, one of those girls in the background singing, with no life? Yeah, you're a natural.

Amber: Thank you.

Britney: Anyway, are you sure you donít want to read any scenes with me? I think we'd have amazing chemistry.

Henry: I guess I'm here just in time.

Britney: Oh, goody.

Henry: I was thinking, I wonder how Mrs. McBain is going to stage the dream ballet.

Cole: Oh, God, I forgot about the whole ballet-dance thing.

Boy: You're going to love those tights, Thornhart.

Amber: I think Cole would look buff in tights.

Starr: Langston, you donít get it -- I've had enough of the spotlight. I donít want to be standing up on stage drawing attention to myself.

Langston: Britneyís auditioning.

Starr: So?

Langston: So you want her going around saying you didnít have the guts to audition?

Starr: Yeah -- because my dadís the rapist who hates my ex-boyfriend whoís a steroid freak.

Langston: Exactly. So get up there and sing your little heart out.

Starr: I donít want to.

Langston: Fine -- walk away and let Britney win again.

Todd: But if heís alive, heís a little over a year old now. But I've never seen him because this convicted murderer named Spencer Truman got a hold of him when he was a baby. And he hired a lawyer who colluded with this piece of garbage here --

Man: Excuse me --

Todd: No, this is true. I know this to be true. Someone at your agency arranged an illegal adoption for my son -- who Spencer Truman said was dead.

Woman: You poor man.

Todd: Thatís right.

Man: You -- you really believe this adoption was handled through our agency?

Todd: Absolutely, and all I wanted to do was look at your records -- because I got to know where my son is.

Blair: You know, maybe we did use bad judgment breaking in the agency, but we've hit so many dead ends that we figured no one was going to help us. Look, Todd and I have two children, and I can tell you this -- he is a fantastic father, and he did not give permission for this adoption. And itís killing him not to know where his son is.

Man: You say this child was kidnapped? Well, then of course the subsequent adoption is illegal.

Det. Morris: Did you go to the police?

Blair: Well, we were told that the baby was dead, so there was no reason to go to the police.

Det. Morris: Well, I'm sorry. Without any evidence that a crime was committed, no judge will issue an order to release the records.

Todd: I know the two of you have the information I need. I can give you names, I can give you dates. Please, just open your records and tell me who has my son.

Blair: Itís the right thing to do and you know it. Please, just help us.

Antonio: Vega. No, I canít. I'm taking a personal day today. Itís family business. Ok. But if I leave my daughter to come in, and this is something that could've been handled without me, I'm -- I'll be there soon. I -- I have to go into the station.

Carlotta: Uh-huh.

Antonio: Can you take her back home and stay with her?

Carlotta: Of course.

Antonio: Ok.

Carlotta: Um -- Jamie told me while we were in the back that sheís afraid Jessica will be there.

Antonio: Well -- ahem -- I think Jessica at work, ok? But when she does come home, we're going to sit down, have some dinner as a family. And we're going to work this out, ok? You are the best thing thatís ever happened to me, and I love you.

Jessica: Oh!

Nash: All right.

Jessica: The answer to your question is both. I wish that I never married Antonio because I'm in love with you, and I wish that I -- I had never fallen in love with you because I am married to Antonio. And I feel bad about hurting him, and it hasnít even happened yet.

Nash: Jessica, I know how much you love --

Jessica: But if I was to change one thing, Nash, it would be that this wasnít so hard. It would be that we didnít drag an innocent child into it. It would be that I didnít have to pack up all my stuff and file for divorce. Thatís going to hurt Antonio. Actually, no -- heís going to be humiliated. And furious, rightly so.

Nash: You're getting cold feet. All right, the only way to protect Antonio is for you to give up on this idea of the two of you being together. It wouldnít help anyone.

Jessica: I know. I know. Itís not fair that Antonioís married to somebody who wants someone else. And I canít give you up.

Man: I'm very sympathetic to your plight, Mr. Manning. Unfortunately, without a court order, my hands are tied.

Todd: Oh, thatís self-righteous, bureaucratic crap, and you know that. Even Chicagoís not-so-finest can tell you that.

Det. Morris: Hey, easy, Manning.

Woman: Isnít there something we can do for these people? You know nothing was stolen. They didnít do anything malicious -- and you're always saying that compassion is an essential part of what we do.

Man: Have they been formally charged?

Det. Morris: No.

Man: If itís possible -- ahem -- we'd like to have the charges dropped so they can go free -- uh, two conditions.

Todd: Oh, I knew there'd be a catch.

Man: Well, they'd have to pay for any damages they incurred.

Blair: Oh, done. Done.

Man: They have to leave Chicago -- immediately.

Todd: No, you canít do that.

Det. Morris: But I can. So whatís it going to be? Booking or the airport?

Adriana: No, you're right -- stay at the meeting. No, just make sure you watch, ok? Tateís going to talk about us and exposed and everything. I know! Ha! Ok! I will! Bye.

Tate: Hmm, she canít go, huh? Oh, thatís too bad.

Adriana: Yeah. Well, let me call Rex, let him know whatís going on.

Tate: The limoís downstairs.

Adriana: Oh. Uh -- I can call Rex from the car.

Tate: Great.

Adriana: I am going to grab the quickest shower in history.

Tate: Ok. Chop-chop.

Adriana: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Rex: I'm sorry you're not there because I have good news -- at least I think I do. Todd didnít find out a thing, and the charges against him and Blair were dropped -- on the condition that they leave Chicago immediately. But we're talking Todd here, so I'm going to stick around and make sure they do what they're told. I love you.

Marcie: Ixnay on the coffees, ladies -- you know the rules.

Britney: Yeah, but I donít understand --

Marcie: Dump it.

Henry: These cost me $9.

Amber: Is this what sheís going to be like at rehearsal?

Britney: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Langston: I sit beside you in chorus -- you have a good voice.

Starr: Yeah, but I've never sang by myself in front of a large amount of people.

Langston: So what? Go for it. I mean, cut Britney off at the knees. Make her sorry for anything sheís ever done to you.

Marcie: Ok, uh, here we go. Would anyone like to go first? Starr Manning, come on down.

Starr: You're going to pay for this.

Langston: Ok.

Starr: Um -- I donít really have music or a song.

Marcie: Well, if thereís something contemporary that you want to sing, I probably have it, so --

Starr: Um -- what about the song "Together"?

Marcie: "Together." Ok, I actually have that -- yeah. You're in luck.

Starr: Yeah, right.

Marcie: Ok, everybody, settle down. Ok, we're going to get going here. Take a seat.

Marcie: Knock 'em dead.

[Music plays]

Starr: Ooh, yeah oh um, I'm sorry. Could we -- could we start from the top?

Marcie: No, no, no, just keep going. You're going to be great.

Starr: Please?

Marcie: Keep going.

Starr: Sometimes this life can seem too much yeah sometimes I feel like giving up and when I donít know how to find my strength you're right there taking hold of me saying "together we can take on the world" oh, yeah together we can do anything if we just believe together you and me I'll be the one to take your hand whenever you are down I'll always be your biggest fan and donít you ever doubt that in times of laughter and times of tears you just reach out and I'll be here saying "together we can take on the world" oh, yeah together we can do anything if we just believe together you and me

Carlotta: Oh, dear.

Jessica: You have to go, and I have to go find Antonio and tell him the truth.

Nash: I want to come with you.

Jessica: No. I ha to do this alone.

Nash: Ok. But after that, you are never going to be alone again. I love you.

Jessica: And I love you, too.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cole: I canít audition because of you -- or can I?

Evangeline: I had plans to go out of town and -- and they fell through.

Cristian: Blair called me to tell me she was going with him.

Jamie: I saw Jessica and Nash.

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