OLTL Transcript Monday 4/16/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/16/07


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Natalie: So, how was your date with Marty Saybrooke?

John: It wasnít a date, all right?

Natalie: Huh. Well, I'll say one thing for her -- the bitch certainly doesnít waste any time putting the moves on you, does she?

John: You're too good for this, Natalie.

Natalie: Too good for what?

John: For any kind of petty jealousy.

Natalie: Me? Jealous of Marty? Is that what you think?

Lindsay: Boy, have you got a wrong number.

Nora: Really? Then why donít you enlighten me.

Lindsay: I happen to be really glad that Paige is staying in Llanview because she seems to make Bo very, very happy.

Nora: Oh, so it warms the cockles of your heart that heís found happiness with another woman?

Lindsay: Oh, I get it. You think that I'm still interested in Bo. How amusing.

Nora: Well, I donít know. You dress to the nines and flirt your ass off every time heís around. Are you telling me that you're not trying to worm your way back into his life?

Lindsay: Being in a coma hasnít done much for your attitude.

Nora: And you're not answering the question.

Lindsay:  I'm not one bit interested in Bo except as a friend.

 [Key turns in lock]

Marty: Cole. Look, I've been trying your cell phone. You're not answering. I'm glad you're home.

Cole: Why, so you can falsely accuse me of something else?

Langston: Oh, this bites.

Starr: What?

Langston: Algebra. What'd you get for number three? Oh -- look. Smart. I'm sure it'll be way easier to get over Cole if you keep looking at his pictures on Myface all day.

Starr: Langston, thatís the problem. I donít think I can get over Cole.

Langston: What are you talking about, Starr? Are you changing your mind about breaking up with him?

Officer: The car didnít hit anything, wasnít run out of gas. My guess is that she stopped here because she didnít want to drive in the rain.

Antonio: The thought of her out here alone in this storm -- [Thunder] Doesnít she realize how dangerous it is? Damn it, Jessica, where the hell are you?

Nora: Why am I skeptical about -- why? Why? Why? Hmm. Oh, I know. Maybe itís because 90% of everything you say isnít true. Thatís what it is.

Lindsay: In the past, an insult like that might've really set me off. But I've mellowed, and I have far too much self-esteem now to feel like I have to defend myself against your mean-spiritedness.

Nora: My God, wow. You've mellowed, self-esteem? You're no longer the conniving, manipulative woman you used to be? Stop the presses.

Lindsay: People do change, Nora. You have. Why, I barely recognize the woman thatís in front of me. And if you donít know what I'm talking about, maybe you should go take a look in the mirror.

John: The words may not be coming out the way I want, because I'm not sure how to be around you right now.

Natalie: How awkward of you.

John: Hey, look, we started out friends, and I know it might be hard getting back to that after everything thatís happened.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Despite all the fighting, there was a lot that was really right between us. And for me, those feelings donít just go away because we split up.

Natalie: No, they donít. I guess thatís why I'm having these feelings of jealousy. I'm jealous of how much attention you're paying to Marty. Should I be?

Marty: I am sorry. I suspected you were in trouble when I saw you down at the police station, ok? Itís just -- I should've known you better. But Ė

Cole: But what? Go on.

Marty: Look, Cole, the truth is, ever since we've moved back to Llanview it just -- it feels like you're slipping away from me and that terrifies me. I remember the first time you turned your cheek so I wouldnít kiss you in front of all of your friends. God, you just grew up so fast. And so, you know, I backed off and I let your dad handle all the guy stuff. And I was ok that I wasnít a part of that male club, but now that heís not here anymore -- no. Listen, when it comes to raising a boy -- a man -- you know, I donít have all the answers, and I'm going to make mistakes. I'm going to make a lot more. But there is not a second s by that I donít love you with all my heart. And I need you to know that. And I hope you can forgive me.

Antonio: Can you get me a map?

Officer: Look, my men have combed every road within five miles of here.

Antonio: Then you missed something.

Officer: Thereís a map in my trunk.

Antonio: Where are you, Jess?

Nash: You must be freezing.

Jessica: No, not when you hold me.

Nash: It stopped raining, we should go.

Jessica: No, no, no, I donít want to go. I want to stay here. I just want -- I just want to hang on to this moment for a little while.

Nash: I have dreamed of being with you for a long time.

Jessica: I love you.

Nash: I love you, too. We can be together. Tell me you want to and be with me as much as I want to be with you.

Jessica: I do. I want to be with you.

Starr: Langston, why would you even ask that? Of course, I'm not rethinking my decision. I had to break up with Cole.

Langston: What does that mean, "had to"?

Starr: What, you suddenly donít get it? Cole and I canít be together, thatís what it means. Besides, I already promised my parents.

Langston: Like that matters.

Starr: Of course it matters, especially since my dad is trying to find his son.

Langston: What does that got to do with you?

Starr: Everything. I donít want to add to my dadís misery. My God, all those months he -- he thought that his son had died and now he has hope again. And what if he doesnít find him? Then heís going to lose it all again and thatís when heís going to need me most, and I just -- I need to be here for him, just in case.

Langston: If you put it that way, I guess I understand.

Starr: Finally.

Langston: Not to mention what your dad might do to Cole if he found out you two had started things up again.

Starr: Yeah. And if my dad wouldnít kill him, then he'd be sent off to military school.

Langston: Oh, so unbelievably unfair. I mean, you and Cole are so perfect for each other. You make each other laugh, you see things the same way. I mean, I know I was against him at first, but now that I know him better, you guys are so right for each other.

Starr: Yeah. Now Britneyís jumping all over him.

Langston: Like that surprises you?

Starr: Yeah, but itís driving me nuts.

Langston: I know. Me, too. And thatís why I --

Starr: Thatís why you what? Langston, what did you do?

Cole: I forgive you, mom. I'm not totally clueless.

Marty: Thank you.

Cole: Ok. Listen, I'm sorry, too. I get why you made that assumption. I really blew with the whole steroid thing.

Marty: I was so worried when you ran off with Starr.

Cole: Ok, I donít want to talk about that.

Marty: Fine. I understand. I have something in the oven. I'm just going to go check on it.

Marty: Ahem. Well, nothingís burned.

Cole: Whatís this?

Marty: Oh, itís John McBainís. It fell out of his pocket when he was here.

Cole: What?

Marty: Huh, well, after I made a complete fool out of myself down at the police station, we got to talking and got caught in the rain. The engine flooded and wouldnít start, so he just gave me a ride home.

Cole: Nice of him.

Marty: He told me about what happened at the gym.

Cole: What? That was --

Marty: Go ahead, say it.

Cole: Never mind.

Marty: No, Cole, tell me.

Cole: That was supposed to stay between and him.

Marty: Look, I am not angry with you.

Cole: But you're disappointed, right, that I picked a fight with a guy thatís bigger than me so that --

Marty: So that you could prove that you could stand up to Todd? So you could see Starr?

Cole: Is that what he told you?

Marty: No, no, no, I figured that one out for myself. Look, Cole, all he said was that you were fighting out of your league.

Cole: Well, talk about not being able to trust anyone.

Marty: Cole, believe me, I understand your need to talk to someone other than me, especially a man, especially now.

Cole: I havenít brought it up, but it doesnít mean I forgot. I still know what tomorrow is.

John: You got nothing to be jealous of, so donít do this to yourself.

Natalie: I guess whatever goes on between you and Marty is none of my business anymore anyway.

John: Yeah, you brought me up pretty good. And I'm not ready to jump into anything with anybody. You of all people should know how long it takes me to get over things.

Asa: Well, look whoís here!

Natalie: Grandpa.

Asa: Come here, gorgeous! Give me a hug.

Natalie: Hi.

Asa: Your father told me to meet him here. Like we're going to celebrate a new addition to our family. Itís him, isnít it?

John: What?

Asa: You two are finally going to get hitched. Thatís just great, sweetheart. Come here.

Natalie: Uh, no, um --

Asa: Wouldnít hurt to have another cop in the family, huh?

Natalie: Grandpa, no. No, no, we're -- we're not getting married.

Asa: Well, who the hell is?

Natalie: No one. Um -- it was Jamie, Antonioís daughter. Jessica was going to adopt her. But she didnít and I'm really sorry that no one called you. Itís just been a very chaotic day.

Asa: Whew. Huh. There may not be a celebration, but thereís sure as hell going to be some fireworks. Excuse me.

John: Is -- is Jamie ok?

Natalie: Sheís crushed. I mean, how could she not be? Kids take things so personally.

John: Yeah. Itís got to be tough on Antonio, too.

Natalie: Well, itís no walk in the park for my sister.

John: Yeah -- no, I know I get that. I meant that Ė

Natalie: I know. I'm sorry, I know what you meant. I just -- itís really complicated. But I guess itís going to work out. Jessica and Antonio, they're married and they're committed to each other.

John: Yeah, if you say so.

Natalie: I guess itís a good thing that, you know, with you and I -- we figured it out before it got that far.

Jessica: I've made such a mess of things.

Nash: Are you saying that you regret that we made love?

Jessica: No, no, no. God, thatís not what I'm saying at all. I'm just -- I'm still Antonioís wife and I was this close to adopting Jamie.

Nash: But you didnít go through with it. You are too good of a person to break a promise.

Jessica: I did break a promise -- to Antonio.

Nash: Thatís different. Antonio is not a child. You've gone a little too far tonight to keep living this lie, all right?

Jessica: You're right, but I just -- I -- I donít know what Ė

Nash: Yeah, you do. We have to tell Antonio.

Marty: You remembered.

Cole: Itís dadís birthday. Of course I remembered. How could I forget? You ok?

Marty: Yeah, you know. And dates are the hardest -- our wedding anniversary, Christmas. My birthday and your birthday. And now, his. You know, they say -- hmm. They say it gets easier with time, you know, the people in the books, but -- when I wake up, for a split second, I still think heís right there beside me. Oh, I'm sorry. [Marty chuckles] You did not need to know all that.

Cole: No -- hey, listen, whenever we talk about dad, we always talk about the good times, you know, all the fun we had. You know, we never talk about his not being here or -- or how weird it is or, you know, how much it sucks that he died.

Marty: Huh -- yeah. It does suck, especially for you.

Cole: No, for both of us, mom.

Marty: No, I miss him every single minute, but he was your father and I know how much you relied on him.

Cole: Sometimes, I get so angry at him. Isnít that crazy? Like -- like he meant to leave us, like it was his choice or something.

Marty: No. You're not crazy, itís perfectly natural. Believe me, I get angry, too, sometimes.

Cole: Yeah, like when I mess up and give you a hard time?

Marty: Oh, sweetie, not just then.

Cole: You're doing good, mom.

Marty: Oh. Oh, itís almost midnight. Itís time we celebrate Patrickís birthday officially. Should we celebrate together?

Cole: Absolutely.

John: I wonít ever lie to you, Natalie.

Natalie: I'm sure thereís going to be a time where I wish you would. You know, this isnít going to be easy, seeing you at work and possibly running into you out on a date with another woman.

John: Yeah, well, I -- I probably wouldnít want to see you with some -- some guy, either. But I guess I'll have to accept that. If not me, I just want you to be happy.

Natalie: Yeah, I want -- I want you to be happy, too. Just not too soon.

Nora: Letís not make this about me.

Lindsay: I was just remarking about how much you've changed. You used to be the levelheaded, rational one that could make anything work no matter what it was, but, boy, when things donít go your way -- Nora: You donít have a clue who I am, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Fine -- then we'll keep it about me.

Nora: Oh, do we have to?

Lindsay: Yeah, I was a competitive person -- Nora: You know, I'm not really interested in this conversation.

Lindsay: When Jen died, I lost everything. Thatís when I realized whatís really important in this life, like family and friends like Bo.

Asa: Lady? You are no friend of Boís.

Lindsay: Well, thatís funny. Just this morning, he was telling me how much it means to him that we're getting close again.

Asa: Close? I donít believe you, unless heís lost his mind. And donít you even think of getting your hooks into him again.

Nora: Oh, sheís so beyond thinking. Sheís into hooking.

Lindsay: Well, you're still trying to control your sonís lives. It would be amusing if it wasnít so pathetic.

Asa: Pathetic? You blond-headed witch, I -- Lindsay: And you -- maybe you should stop worrying about everybodyís love life and get one of your own.

Jessica: How do we tell Antonio?

Nash: I'll take you back there and we tell him together.

Jessica: What -- now, tonight?

Nash: Yes.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: Yeah. Antonio would not want you staying with him out of pity.

Jessica: I donít pity him.

Nash: Well, thatís how heís going to see it. Jessica, you and I have waited a long time to be together, and the sooner we tell him, the sooner we can get on with our lives.

Jessica: I -- I want to be with you, I do, but --

Nash: What?

Jessica: We canít do this.

Nash: No, no, no, no, no, no. After tonight, you are not telling me that you're going back to Antonio.

Antonio: Ok, we're real near the quarry. I didnít realize it was so damn dark out here. Thereís a path out here somewhere. What are we doing out here in the middle of the night?

Jessica: Oh. I just wanted to show you how peaceful it was here.

Antonio: Oh.

Jessica: Itís where I come to think.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: I need to find that path.

Nash: Jessica, you are not backing out now.

Jessica: No, no. I am not backing out. I just -- I want to be with you, I do. I just -- I donít think that -- that we should tell him, the both of us together.

Nash: You want to wait?

Jessica: No, I donít want to wait. I -- I think that you're right -- we should do it tonight, but I just -- I think that I should do it alone.

Nash: Are you sure?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm sure. Antonio is going to be devastated, and I know that heís not going to hurt me, but what heís going to want to do to you is a different story.

Langston: All I did was be your friend.

Starr: Langston?

Langston: Yeah?

Starr: You're the best. You're the only one who I can tell the truth to and you're the only one who donít make me do things that other people want me to do. Thank you.

Langston: Oh.

Starr: And thank you for standing up for me against Britney.

Langston: Britney. Is there anyone more deeply annoying in the world? I mean, she totally thinks sheís all that. Can you believe sheís actually going to audition for the lead in "Oklahoma!"?

Starr: Are you kidding me? Sheís such a hypocrite! Didnít she say that plays were for losers?

Langston: Well, yeah, but --

Starr: But now, sheís going to walk around school like sheís all that if she gets the lead and sheís going to be even more obnoxious than she was before.

Langston: I -- I know, and thatís why I did what I did.

Starr: Langston, thatís the second time you said that. What did you do?

Cole: Is that what I think it is? Maoda bread. Oh-ho.

Marty: I always made it for your dad on his birthday.

Cole: Oh, thatís what you thought was burning earlier.

Marty: Yeah, although, I think I might have undercooked it this time. You know, I never did get it right, but your father was always too much of a gentleman to let me know if it -- if it tasted bad.

Cole: Well, itís officially his birthday now.

Marty: And that is what tonight is about -- his life, and all the wonderful times we had with him, and all the love he gave us.

Cole: Mmm.

Marty: As Patrick Thornhart used to say, "Is fearr rith maith na drochsheasamh."

Cole: I remember that. It sounded better when he said it, though. Itís about, um, living life by what you believe?

Marty: It means "a good run is better than a bad stand." To Patrick Thornhart -- he sure had a good run.

Natalie: So, this new relationship of ours -- how is it going to work?

John: I havenít got a clue.

Nora: Oh, donít worry your bottle-blond head about me. My life is very full.

Asa: It sure as hell is. I hardly ever see this lady. Sheís up at the crack of dawn. Doesnít come home until 8: 00, 9: 00 at night.

Lindsay: Oh, thatís right. I forgot -- you're living at your ex-father-in-lawís.

Asa: What the hell do you expect? And I have plenty of room. Her damn house burned to the ground.

Nora: Asa and Renee have been very generous.

Asa: Matthew and Nora can stay at my place forever as far as I'm concerned.

Nora: Oh, thank you.

Lindsay: So sheís staying under your roof, and living as a part of Bo's extended family? Well -- Nora: "Well" what?

Lindsay: You think that I'm still hung up on Bo? Hmm. You know what I think?

Nora: No, I donít want to know what you think.

Lindsay: I think that you're still hung up on your ex.

Asa: Amen to that.

Nora: Stop -- stop, Asa.

Antonio: Jessica? Jessica! What are you thinking about now?

Jessica: Thinking about how much I love you.

Antonio: I'm thinking the same thing about you.

Jessica: Hmm Antonio: But I want to show you how much.

Jessica: Really?

Antonio: Yes.

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Are you sure you want to do this by yourself?

Jessica: I'm positive. .

Jessica: When I married Antonio, I was conflicted. I -- I was trying to suppress my feelings for you and now that I canít do that anymore, I have to tell him. He deserves to hear it from me.

Nash: I understand.

Jessica: I do love him. Itís just not the way I love you.

Nash: You two have been through a lot together.

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, I owe him a lot.

Nash: But he wouldnít want to feel like an obligation -- the guy is a very proud man. I'll get Bree, we'll wait for you at my place. No matter how long it takes, it'll seem like forever.

Jessica: I'm going to do this. I'm going to tell him, even though itís the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Nora: My only interest in Bo is as Matthewís father, because Matthewís well-being is my only concern.

Lindsay: Well, then you must have tremendous peace of mind knowing that Paige is staying in Llanview. But sheís wonderful with Matthew.

Nora: Yes, she is.

Lindsay: You can see it whenever they're together. If you'll excuse me.

Nora: She just spreads sunshine everywhere she goes, doesnít she?

Asa: I have no more use for Lindsay than you do. But sheís right about one thing.

Nora: I'm not so sure I want to know what that one thing is.

Asa: Your love life Ė

Nora: Oh.

Asa: It stinks.

[Nora sighs]

Asa: What are you going to do about it?

John: So you think maybe you want to have a beer or shoot a game of pool?

Natalie: No, I -- I donít think thatís a good idea -- bring back too many good memories, you know?

John: Yeah.

Natalie: So Ė

John: See you around, Natalie.

Natalie: See you.

Cole: Thereís me at my piano recital.

Marty: Mm-hmm.

Cole: Now, that was scary.

Marty: Try listening to it.

Cole: Was it -- seriously?

Marty: Oh, yeah. We -- oh -- were terrified you were going to have a meltdown right there.

Cole: Yeah, the girl before me, she ran off the stage in tears.

Marty: Yes, but not you. Your father and I were very proud.

Cole: Yeah, I'm sure he wouldnít be too proud of me now.

Marty: Donít say that.

Cole: Oh, I mean, the way I screwed up with the football team.

Marty: Yeah, but, Cole, you have changed all that. Look, the way you have taken responsibility for your actions, he will be very proud of that. And -- and look at you. You're getting these recommendations now so that you can play baseball.

Cole: Yeah, I got one from Mrs. McBain. But I have to pay her back by auditioning for "Oklahoma!"

Marty: Really? Thatís great!

Cole: Yeah, for who?

Marty: Oh, come on, Cole. I think you will have fun and Ė

Cole: Hmm.

Marty: It'll give you a chance to make some new friends.

Cole: Friends who arenít Starr Manning?

Marty: Not

Cole: Yeah, but thatís what you were thinking. And you're right, because Starr is way too cool to have anything to do with some school musical.

Langston: Itís about the musical. Remember when I tried to get you to audition?

Starr: Yeah. All I have to do is sing in front of everybody and set myself up for even more humiliation.

Langston: Why would you be humiliated? You have an awesome voice.

Starr: Langston, this is stupid. Why do you keep talking about it?

Langston: Ok, fine, I'll shut up. Do you have lip-gloss?

Starr: Yeah, I think so. I'm sure itís someplace in here.

Langston: What is that?

Starr: Here -- Cole gave it to me.

Langston: Itís so sweet.

Starr: Yeah, it is.

Langston: You look like you're about to cry.

Starr: Yeah, well, thank you for pointing that out, Langston.

Langston: Itís ok if you want to have a freak-out.

Starr: Things will get better, right?

Langston: I donít know. All I know is itís wrong and stupid. You and Cole should be together.

Starr: Yeah, well, thereís no way.

Langston: What if there were?

Starr: No -- Langston, whatever you're thinking, no. I donít want to get my hopes up about seeing Cole, and then Ė

Langston: But if there were a way, an innocent way?

Starr: How about we  have some ice cream? Do you want ice cream? Hereís your lip-gloss.

Langston: Starr?

Starr: You know, if Britney does get the lead in "Oklahoma!," It might be funny to see the look on her face -- when she has to kiss a total drama nerd.

Marty: You know, you would make a fantastic curly. Yeah, I can just see you up there on stage, singing about your surrey.

Cole: Mom --

Marty: "Oklahoma!" Is one of the best musicals of all time.

Cole: Ok, fine -- then I'll rent the DVD, but I donít want to be part of some pathetic high school production.

Marty: Ok. Yeah, itís your choice.

Cole: You're disappointed?

Marty: No. No, I just -- you know, I think you might have fun. And your father -- he loved to sing.

Cole: Yeah, thatís because he could sing. He was a good singer.

Marty: So are you.

Cole: Thatís -- and you're totally objective?

Marty: Yes, I am. Oh, you used to love it when he would sing to you.

Cole: No, mom, please -- no singing.

Marty: Are you saying that I canít carry a tune?

Cole: In a bucket.

[Marty chuckles]

Cole: Hey, what was that -- that poem that dad used to tell us? Uh -- what, "Brown Penny"?

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, it was his favorite. He actually said it to me on our first date.

Cole: Did you think he was a total dork?

Marty: No. No, I thought I'd better snatch him up before somebody else does.

Cole: Ahem.

Marty: "Go and love, go and love, young man. The lady, she be young and fair. A penny, brown penny, brown penny."

Cole: "And looped in the loops of her hair."

Marty: Sometimes I forget heís gone. You know, I hear someone at the door and think, "Oh, Patrickís home."

[Knock on door]

Lindsay: How about a toast?

Natalie: To what?

Lindsay: Me.

Natalie: You're kidding.

Lindsay: Nope. I'm feeling really good about myself, how far I've come. And believe me, it hasnít been easy.

Natalie: Ok. Itís totally random, but I guess it sounds like something I can get behind -- hmm.

Nora: Asa? My love life is exactly where I want it to be.

Asa: Right -- nowhere.

Nora: I'm just going to take a break for a while, ok? Oh, and by the way, you should know that I was the one that convinced Paige to stay in Llanview for Bo and Matthew. So that ought to tell you that I'm not interested in Bo for myself.

Asa: Well, itís your loss, sweetheart. Let Asa give you some advice.

Nora: Ok.

Asa: Keep your eye on Lindsay. The way the Buchanan men are acting lately, she could become Matthewís stepmama.

Nash: I am taking you home, baby girl. Finally, you are going to live with your mommy and your daddy and the three of us are going to be a family, a happy family -- finally a family, the way it was always meant to be.

[Jessica sighs as Antonio walks in]

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