OLTL Transcript Friday 4/13/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/13/07


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Todd: I thought I was supposed to have Wi-Fi service the minute I walked into the room. [Knock on door] Just get it hooked up. Oh, God, this is getting really old.

Blair: Oh, gee, Todd, I'm so sorry. I didnít know opening the door would exhaust you.

Todd: Oh, we should've gotten adjoining rooms.

Blair: Are you out of your mind? Itís bad enough to be in the same city as you. I couldnít stand being next to you.

Tate: A little seafood Maki, California Roll -- you like Yellowtail, right?

Adriana: I like it all. If I donít have sushi at least once a week, serious withdrawals.

Tate: Well, maybe I'll make it for you sometime.

Adriana: You'll what?

Tate: Sushi -- I can roll my own.

Adriana: I'm sure you can.

Tate: I'm serious. I spent a season in Japan when I was starting out. I learned it there.

Adriana: I would think that that would take a delicate touch.

Tate: Oh, you canít picture me finding my way around sticky rice and seaweed because I'm a jock, right?

Adriana: It does seem a little out of character.

Tate: Thatís why I learned it -- so I can surprise people, keep them guessing.

Rex: Mind telling me what the hellís going on?

Marty: Whew! It is really coming down out there.

John: Yeah, no sign of it stopping, either.

Marty: Thanks for the ride.

John: Yeah, sure. I wasnít going to leave you to sleep in a dead car in the parking lot. When was the last time you got that wreck tuned up anyway?

Marty: I donít remember.

John: Yeah, I didnít think so.

Marty: You know, I'll call a -- a tow truck first thing in the morning and have them come get it. Oh.

John: Well, you know, you might want to try it again before you do that, you know, see if it turns over or -- you know, maybe I could stop by Rodiís and try it for you.

Marty: I mean, it didnít start tonight. Why -- why do you think it would start in the morning?

John: Well, you know, tomorrowís a new day. You know, things change. You never know what might happen.

Natalie: Hey, Billy? Um, I saw Mac earlier, and he said that John left out through the back. I went out there and no one was there. Have you seen him?

Billy: Yeah, he was with some woman.

Natalie: Really? Do you know who?

Billy: No, just someone he was shooting darts with.

Lindsay: You want to talk about it?

Bo: Hi, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hey.

Bo: I didnít even see you. Sorry.

Lindsay: Is there something wrong?

Bo: Actually, yeah, there is. Paige is going to take a job with doctors without borders in Bhutan. So sheís leaving Llanview.

Nora: Mind if I join you?

Paige: If I didnít know better, I would say you followed me here.

Nora: Actually, I did.

Cristian: You want to get some coffee?

Antonio: No. I donít trust myself with a cup of scalding coffee right now.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, I know you're pissed --

Antonio: That doesnít even describe it, Cristian. I want to know what you know about Jessica and I want to know right now!

Cristian: First of all, I didnít say I knew anything, all right, you did. Now, look, I get it, man -- you want to beat on something. Believe me, I understand, itís been a bad day. But getting all crazy is not going to help Jamie.

Antonio: Then maybe you can suggest what will. Because the look on her face --

Cristian: Sheís a big kid, Antonio, sheís going to be fine.

Antonio: This whole thing meant so much to her. And we all made such a big deal about it -- especially Jessica, and then for her to cancel last-minute, I -- I just donít understand how Jessica could hurt Jamie like that. You know, and then for her to run out of the hearing in the rain, in the state sheís in? I mean, what the hell is going on with her, Cristian? What do you know?

Nash: Jessica, are you all right?

Jessica: No, I'm not all right!

Nash: What are you doing here?

Jessica: I had to get out of -- I couldnít breathe, I was suffocating, I couldnít --

Nash: Out of where? Whatís wrong? What happened?

Jessica: The adoption hearing! I couldnít go through with it! I couldnít get the words out of my mouth, it was awful! What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were leaving.

Nash: Oh, I am leaving. I saw you get out of your truck. Come on, let me get you out of here.

Jessica: No! I canít go back. Donít you understand? Everything you said was right. My whole life is a lie.

John: Thanks for the towel, but I -- I should get going.

Marty: No, you shouldnít. You're soaking wet, John. Here, let me take your coat and I'll hang it up. It'll dry faster.

John: You donít have to do that.

Marty: Give me your coat.

John: No, forget it.

Marty: Now.

John: Ok.

Marty: Thank you.

John: Yeah. Everyoneís bossy in this town. I've been to other towns before, they donít boss you around like this. People are -- oh.

Marty: Did you say something?

John: Me? No.

Marty: Hmm. Hmm. You're the kind of guy who doesnít like to be fussed over, arenít you?

John: Nope.

Marty: Hmm. Let me see your hands.

John: Why?

Marty: Because I want to buy you some Christmas gloves. Let me see your hands. Never had a manicure, have you?

John: No, never.

Marty: You're the kind of guy who can take care of himself.

John: Yeah, thatís probably true.

Marty: Or you think you are.

John: What the hellís that supposed to mean?

Marty: How about I make us some coffee while we wait?

John: You donít have to go to any trouble, honestly.

Marty: No, no, I know -- oh, it is no trouble at all, really. I'll be right back.

John: Ok.

[Marty imitates John]

John: I heard that.

Natalie: Hey, Uncle Bo, Lindsay.

Bo: Hi.

Natalie: Have you seen my sister?

Lindsay: Jessica? No. Why?

Bo: Whatís going on?

Natalie: Um -- ok. You know, she was going to adopt Jamie, we were all at the hearing, and then all of the sudden she changed her mind and left the courtroom.

Bo: Where'd she go?

Natalie: Who knows? She took off in her car.

Lindsay: Well, this isnít a good night to be driving around in this weather.

Bo: Yeah, Antonioís probably looking for her.

Natalie: No, yeah, he -- he probably is. You know, she probably just wants to be alone, but I know itís a long shot. If you hear from her --

Bo: I'll let you know right away.

Natalie: Thank you.

Bo: But, Nat, try not to worry, ok? Because Jess, Jess is a mom now. Sheís not going to take any unnecessary chances.

Natalie: Yeah. Maybe the old Jessica. The new and improved, I'm not so sure.

Bo: Well, I -- I donít think sheís changed that much.

Natalie: Yeah. You know what? I think I'm just going to hang out here and maybe have a drink, wait till this storm blows over.

Lindsay: Oh, I think thatís a better idea.

Natalie: Uncle Bo, have you -- have you seen John?

Bo: No. No, I havenít.

Natalie: Ok. Ok, see you guys.

Lindsay: Ok, see you later. God, I hope that Jessicaís all right.

Bo: I think maybe I should call Antonio.

Lindsay: Bo, wait a minute. Wouldnít he call if things werenít ok?

Bo: You're probably right.

Lindsay: All right, so, what can I do to lighten your mood?

Bo: Oh, Lindsay. I'm not even sure thatís possible.

Lindsay: Bo, if you want to vent about Paige, itís ok.

Bo: No, no, thatís all right. I donít really want to talk about her.

Lindsay: Well, then, why donít I just keep you company?

Bo: That I would like.

Paige: Thank you.

Nora: You're welcome.

Paige: So you want to tell me why you followed me here?

Nora: Sure. I wanted to convince you not to leave Llanview. I think itís a mistake and I think you're incredibly selfish to even consider it.

Antonio: Answer me. If you know anything -- look, Cris, I donít care how you found out or how long you've known. But thereís a lot at stake here. Just tell me the truth. Is there something I need to know about my wife?

Cristian: Just that I'm worried about her, Antonio, but, you know, right now, I'm more worried about you.

Antonio: Look, donít be. I should be home right now, with Jessica and my family celebrating this adoption. Instead, I'm sitting here with you worried sick about my daughter while Jessicaís out driving in the rain!

Cristian: Relax. Relax, ok? Jamieís with Mami, sheís fine, and you've told the patrols to keep an eye out for Jessica, so what more can you do for Jessica? And besides, sheís a grown woman. Sheís probably holed up somewhere trying to sort things out.

Antonio: Try her again on her cell phone.

Cristian: You've called her a dozen times, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, and a dozen times I've gotten her voicemail.

Cristian: She doesnít want to talk to you, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, obviously not. And if she does, when she does, she will call. Even her mother told me to leave her alone, not to pressure her.

Cristian: I guess itís not going to do any good. Sheís made up her mind. She doesnít want to adopt Jamie.

Antonio: No, she just needs a little time to think about it.

Cristian: Nothingís going to change it, Antonio.

Antonio: You know, you say that with such -- conviction.

Cristian: Because itís true.

Antonio: Tell me what you know, Cristian -- now.

Nash: Come on, you're acting crazy.

Jessica: I have been acting crazy! I've been denying the truth, and the truth is my marriage isnít working! It never has been working! I've been trying to convince myself that itís fine, and itís not fine! I even thought it was until I realized I was driving you away! And you were right about the adoption. Adopting Jamie is just me taking one step farther away from you, and I couldnít do it. I couldnít do it. I -- I canít lose you. I donít want to be without you.

Adriana: What is your problem, Rex?

Rex: Finding the two of you on the floor together doesnít warm my heart. What can I say?

Adriana: We're having a bite to eat. That is all.

Rex: I thought you were taking Layla and Adriana out to dinner.

Adriana: Layla wanted to have a break from work and catch a movie.

Tate: And with the rain coming down the way it is, we decided to order in. Have a tuna roll, dude.

Rex: No, thanks. Not really into sushi. Actually, I just came by to get an extra battery for my computer and then I am going.

Tate: You know what? I got to go, too. Itís getting late. I have my first sports report at 11:00.

Adriana: Oh, you didnít tell me that you're starting tonight.

Tate: Yeah, itís my big debut, and the Tate is never late. But, first, however, I have to read my tea bag fortune.

Rex: Your what?

Tate: This restaurant has fortunes on the tea bag labels. "Embrace the challenge and you will win the prize."

Rex: Deep.

Tate: Do you believe in fortunes?

Rex: Ahem, excuse me, but didnít the Tate say he had to get going?

Todd: If you donít want to be here, why the hell did you sneak on a plane just to be with me?

Blair: I'm not here just to be with you, Todd. I'm here to help you find your son.

Todd: Hmm, sorry. Slip of the tongue.

Blair: And there will be no slipping of the tongue or anything else for that matter.

Todd: Oh, God, donít worry about that. Just the mere thought of it --

Blair: What? Finish the sentence.

Todd: I just have absolutely no desire to have you in bed, if thatís what you're worried about.

Blair: You think I'm worried? Like I canít handle myself with you? Oh, God, donít flatter yourself, please.

Todd: God, you know, if this is the way itís going to be --

Blair: You know, I'm here, Todd.

Todd: Get on a plane --

Blair: To help you find your son -- thatís it, and to protect you, because I donít want to see you get hurt -- unless I'm the one doing the hurting -- shut up!

Todd: I've a question for you. If you had snuck on the plane and found Evangeline there, what would you have done then? Or did you somehow know that she wouldnít be there?

John: Good coffee.

Marty: Yeah, itís actually one of my indulgences. I grind the beans myself, fresh.

John: Yeah, I understand the brewing process.

Marty: Hmm.

John: Personally, I like instant.

Marty: That is a tragedy.

John: Well, itís better than the stuff we get at the station. You think my jacketís dry yet?

Marty: No, uh-uh.

John: How much longer do you think it'll be?

Marty: Well, itís leather. I mean, it could take hours to dry. You might have to spend the night here.

John: Hey, look, my jacket, it doesnít have to be completely dry.

Marty: Hmm. Gotcha.

John: Yeah, I didnít know you had a sense of humor.

Marty: I didnít know you had one, either.

John: Yeah, itís kind of dry.

Marty: Hmm, unlike your clothing.

John: Hmm.

Marty: Hmm. That was bad.

John: Hmm. Look, I think I'll just take my jacket and then go on home and change.

Marty: Ok. I will get it for you.

John: Thank you. Look -- thanks for the coffee.

Marty: You're welcome. I had fun tonight.

John: Yeah. Especially the -- the dart lesson was good.

Marty: Yeah, and the fact that you didnít have to arrest me for involuntary manslaughter. The bartenderís backside.

John: Right. Huh.

Marty: John, um, thanks for your help with Cole and for, you know, letting me put things in perspective.

John: Good night.

Marty: Night.

Tate: No, Rex is right. I got to get going, but I want Adriana to answer the question first.

Adriana: That was a serious question? I mean, how can anyone believe that tea bags can predict the future?

Rex: Actually, I happen to depend solely on fortune cookies to guide me through life. How else would I know not to kiss an elephant on the lips? Got that in a fortune once. Swear on my life.

Tate: Yeah, well, you can be cynical about it, but I like what I just read.

Adriana: Oh. Well, good luck tonight.

Tate: Well, thanks, but the Tate makes his own luck. Donít forget -- news at 11:00.

Adriana: I'll be watching. I'm sure you're going to do great.

Tate: Yeah. This is the beginning of a whole new career for me.

Rex: Look out, Bob Costas.

Tate: Good one.

Adriana: Rex, you have got to relax around him.

Rex: I'm relaxed! I just hate the guy, thatís all.

Adriana: Well, itís no fun for me because I have to work with the guy.

Rex: Yeah, ok, ok, well, I'll try to see the good in him.

Adriana: How about -- how about just not freak out every time you see us together. Howís that? Is that ok?

Rex: Well, guess what -- I wonít even know that you and Tate are together for a while since I'm out of town for a few days.

Adriana: What? Why? Is this about Toddís baby?

Rex: Yeah. Heís in Chicago. I booked the next flight out.

Adriana: Tonight? In this storm?

Rex: Have to. I talked to miles, tried to get him to tell me something about the clue he gave Todd, but he didnít spill.

Adriana: None of this makes sense. I mean, Spencer practically bent over backwards to convince Todd that his baby was dead.

Rex: Yeah -- thatís not what happened.

Adriana: What do you mean?

Rex: I'm convinced Spencer never wanted Todd to find his kid.

Adriana: Then why would he tell Miles anything about it?

Blair: I didnít know whether Evangeline would be on the plane with you or not, Todd. But I knew you would try to talk her out of it.

Todd: Thatís right, because this might be dangerous, and I want her safe.

Blair: Hmm. That may have been what you told her.

Todd: Oh, but that couldnít be the real reason, could it, Blair?

Blair: You donít want anyone here thatís going to make you go by the book, because I know you, Todd. You find your son, you're going to take him right then and there, nothing and no oneís going to stop you.

Todd: Well, that partís true, yeah.

Blair: So why are we wasting time here? Why donít we go out looking for your son?

Todd: All right, letís do it. You're on.

[Knock on door]

Miles: Hi.

Marty: Miles. Uh -- hi.

Miles: Yeah, I hope itís not too late. I should've called.

Marty: No, no, itís ok. Um -- what did you want?

Miles: I'd like to come in if I may.

Lindsay: I know you said you donít want to talk about Paige, but can I just say that I think sheís a damn fool to leave a wonderful man like you and a terrific kid like Matthew.

Bo: Well, thereís just no stopping her.

Lindsay: You know what I keep forgetting is that, well, she lost a son. Maybe she just needs to get away from the memories.

Bo: Yeah, but I think that there are other reasons, too.

Lindsay: Well, see, thatís the part that I just -- I just donít get that, ok? I -- I think if you love someone, you donít run away. It doesnít matter. I mean, whatever you're going through, you let them -- you let them help you. You let them comfort you. It seems to me that you would need that person even more, no?

Bo: Well, maybe she thinks she just doesnít need my help.

Lindsay: Well, thatís just plain crazy, because thereís nobody else thatís more generous and more giving than you are. I canít think of another person that I'd want around me if I was going through a hard time -- no better friend.

Bo: Look at us, Lindsay. After everything we've been through, here we are.

Lindsay: I know. Look at us -- we're bonding. [Lindsay chuckles]

Paige: You have no right to judge me, Nora.

Nora: Oh -- no -- yes, I do. This affects my son. Matthew loves you, Paige, and he assumes because heís young and innocent and naive that you're in this for the long haul with him and his dad. And now, for no reason other than some selfish need to go and -- and save the world rather than stay here and face reality, you're ready to pack them both in.

Paige: That is so unfair. I am facing reality -- I'm not selfish!

Nora: Oh, really? What would you call it? Taking off will have a profound effect on my son who has lost so much already and I deeply resent the fact that you havenít even considered him.

Paige: Of course I have considered him. I feel terrible about it -- it is breaking my heart!

Nora: Paige, I'm not asking you to give up your life for my son. Ok? And I know part of the reason why you're leaving has to do with the loss of your son. I -- I donít mean to be callous to that or any other reason that you'd want to leave. But I think itís time you started being honest with yourself about what it is that you really want, and realizing that maybe itís all right here in Llanview.

Cristian: I know that the last thing that Jessica wants to do is hurt you, or Jamie.

Antonio: Then why did she? Why did she break Jamieís heart? Why did she decide not to adopt my little girl?

Cristian: Well, look, Antonio, she obviously has a lot to sort out.

Antonio: When? And why didnít she sort it out before? This is about a childís life. This is about our marriage!

Cristian: I know, I know. Sit down, Antonio -- relax. Sit down, come on. Sit. Look, I'm sorry, ok? You know, maybe -- maybe things will change now that Nash is leaving.

Antonio: What? Why didnít I know anything about this?

Cristian: Well, I just found out about this myself.

Antonio: My God. Wait, did she run -- did she run out of there looking for Nash? I mean, is -- is that where she is right now --

Cristian: No.

Antonio: Trying to find him?

Cristian: No.

Antonio: Well, how do you know, Cristian? And how can you be so sure?

Cristian: Because she told me that she was the one that pushed Nash out of her life.

Nash: I left because you said we couldnít be together.

Jessica: I know, I know, and I was wrong! I was wrong about everything and you were right! You were right about the adoption! It was just a desperate attempt to save our marriage and you were right -- you were right that I shouldnít bring an innocent child into my messed-up life and you were right that I shouldnít tell Antonio that he was the only man that I loved because -- because I love you, too! And I know, I know, I know I've said it before. I know, but -- but itís different this time because -- because I want to be with you. I need to be with you. And when you left, I didnít know what to do.

Nash: I'm here. I'm right here.

Jessica: Please donít ever leave me again.

Nash: I'll never leave. I promise.

Jessica: I love you. I -- God help me, I love you so much!

Nash: I love you, too.

Bo: Lindsay, if you were about to suggest --

Lindsay: Which I wasnít.

Bo: What? Then how did you know what I was going to say?

Lindsay: Because if you think that I meant -- oh, no, no, no. Been there, done that.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Lindsay: Right?

Bo: Definitely.

Lindsay: Um -- I just really wanted you to know I'm glad we're friends again, and that if you need me, I'm here for you in whatever way, even if itís just to have a couple of beers and some small talk.

Bo: You know what? I just might take you up on that.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Paige. How'd you find me?

Paige: Well, I happen to know that this is where you come after a -- an especially stressful day. Hi, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hi.

Bo: What'd you want?

Paige: I just want to tell you that I have decided not to leave Llanview after all.

Rex: Look, I donít have all the answers -- hell, I donít have any of the answers. All I know is that miles gave Todd some info on his kid thatís taken him to Chicago and thatís where the adoption agency is.

Adriana: The one where Tommyís adoptive parents got him from.

Rex: And, as you know, I promised Michael that I would never let Todd find out he and Marcie have Toddís kid. I'm off to Chicago to keep that promise.

Adriana: But what can you do?

Rex: No idea. I'm hoping something will come to me.

Adriana: Well, what are you going to tell Todd while you're there?

Rex: That I do know -- I'm going to tell him that I want to help him.

Adriana: Oh, but you'll be doing exactly the opposite.

Rex: Want to come with me?

Adriana: I wish I could, but I have a lot of work to do.

Rex: I understand.

Adriana: But you're going to call me 10 times a day, right, at least and let me know whatís going on?

Rex: Of course.

Adriana: And you're going to be careful?

Rex: Am I ever not?

Adriana: Wait. Do you have to leave right now?

Rex: Well -- I mean, the flight got delayed because of the storm, but -- I should be at the airport in an hour -- oh, an hour or so.

Adriana: But it only takes 20 minutes to get to the airport, right? Maybe a half-hour in the storm, and if you leave here at 10:30, then you'll make your flight with plenty of time to spare and -- and that gives us practically a whole hour.

Rex: I love it when you talk math.

Adriana: Hmm.

Marty: Come on in. Itís just -- you know, itís getting late and I was getting ready to go to bed.

Miles: Oh, I wonít stay long. I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement to do the right thing. Todd, the -- the clue from Spencer?

Marty: Oh, yeah. But you already thanked me, so I think maybe you're using this as an excuse? Did you just want to come by and see me?

Miles: Well -- you must've dropped this.

Marty: Oh. It must be Johnís.

Miles: What was he doing here? Are -- are you two dating now or --

Marty: No. No, Miles. Um -- like I said, I'm -- I'm not ready to date anyone. Itís just -- we're friends.

Miles: Like you and I -- we're still friends, arenít we?

Marty: We are.

Miles: Good, I'm glad. And like I was saying, your advice -- telling me to help Todd out -- just, it made me feel so good about myself. I honestly hope he finds his kid.

Todd: Ok, we're online -- good. So we got that, we've got the phone book, we got guide books.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: We got a map.

Blair: Even if your son is here in Chicago --

Todd: I know itís a needle in a haystack, but we have to start somewhere, so I think we should look up hospitals --

Blair: Come on, itís --

Todd: Welfare agencies --

Blair: It could take forever.

Todd: I donít have forever, do I?

Blair: Well, what if itís a setup? What if Spencer used Miles to send you on this wild-goose chase?

Todd: Well, then somebodyís going to pay, and itís going to be Miles.

Bo: What changed your mind?

Paige: You and Matthew, and a very convincing argument by Nora. She made me realize that I -- I canít possibly leave the two most important people in my whole life.

Bo: This is great news. This is the best -- come on, we're going to celebrate.

Paige: Wait, wait, wait.

Bo: What?

Paige: I have a better idea. Why donít you just take me home?

Bo: Yeah.

Billy: Hey. What can I get you?

Miles: I want a Rodiís burger with the works, fries to go. Please.

Natalie: You know that'll cause you some heartburn, donít you?

Miles: Hi, Natalie.

Natalie: Hello. Well, of course, itís worth it. A good old-fashioned Rodiís burger to cheer a person up.

Miles: Ah, not that I need cheering up.

Natalie: No?

Miles: Uh-uh. No, I did something for somebody and I'm feeling pretty great about it.

Natalie: Well, good for you.

Miles: Yeah. Itís difficult, you know, sometimes -- knowing what to do, making the right choices.

Natalie: Hmm. Tell me about it.

Miles: Yeah. But in this case, I have no doubt I did the noble thing -- no doubt at all.

Blair: Ok, here is a list of all the doctors, hospitals, lawyers in the 60651 zip code. But there is only one adoption agency.

Todd: Well, that must be the one, then.

Blair: Well, not necessarily.

Todd: Yeah, itís a logical place to start, isnít it?

Blair: What are you doing?

Todd: I'm going to call them, see if we can get an appointment for an application for an adoption.

Todd: Oh, man -- they're closed till Monday.

Blair: Well, maybe thatís a good thing.

Todd: Why would you say that?

Antonio: Did Jessica tell you why she wanted Nash to leave?

Cristian: Because Nash was playing with her emotions, messing with her head.

Antonio: Maybe Nash just hates seeing Jessica happy because she looks so much like Tess. I -- and may-- you know, help me out here, Cris, please.

Cristian: I think we already know the real reason, Antonio. You just donít want to know it. Nash is in love with Jess, not Tess. And heís been doing everything he can to get Jess to love him back.

Adriana: Oh, so late. [Adriana sighs] Oh.

Tate: Hi, this is Tate Harmon, looking forward to being with you every night, giving you the scores, the highlights, and of course, the Tateís opinion on all the plays and the players. You know, folks, in sports as in life, you've got to give it all you've got or, as a wise man once told me, "embrace the challenge and you'll win the prize." Thatís pretty good advice in my book, and all I can really add to that is this -- once you have your eyes on that prize, never give up until itís yours, in sports and in life. Back to you, Jeff.

Marty: I'll just give it to him the next time I see him.

Natalie: So what was this nice thing that you did?

Miles: I told Todd Manning his son might still be alive.

Natalie: Is that true?

Miles: I'm not sure. Spencer gave me a clue in a letter and I passed it on to Todd.

Natalie: Oh. Well, if it came from Spencer, itís probably a lie.

Miles: Could be, but Marty told me I did the right thing anyway by giving it to Todd.

Natalie: Yeah. I agree with Marty -- you did.

Miles: It didnít take long for John to move on, did it?

Natalie: What do you mean?

Miles: He was at Martyís tonight.

Natalie: Oh. You saw him there?

Miles: No, he was gone before I arrived.

Natalie: Really?

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: Did Marty say that they were dating?

Miles: She claimed they were just friends.

Natalie: Right. Well, it was nice seeing you, Miles. Enjoy the burger.

Miles: I will. It was nice to see you, too, Natalie.

Lindsay: So, you convinced Paige to stay in Llanview?

Nora: Is that a problem for you?

Lindsay: I just canít figure out what your motivation could be. I mean, I know how possessive you are of Matthew.

Nora: What?

Lindsay: And I can only imagine how threatened you must be by Paigeís relationship with your son.

Nora: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. See, I only care about Matthewís happiness, and Boís, and if Boís happy, then thatís good for my son -- get it? But if my convincing Paige to stay in Llanview screwed up your plans, well, thatís only an added bonus.

Lindsay: You donít know what the hell you're talking about.

John: Hello, ladies. Nora and Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hello, John.

John: Yeah. Hey, Billy, did anyone ever turn in a small notebook? I thought I might've dropped it in the alley, but it wasnít there.

Billy: No, sorry. I havenít found anything.

John: Nothing? Hey.

Natalie: How was your date with Marty?

John: It wasnít a date, all right?

Natalie: Well, I'll say one thing for her -- the bitch certainly doesnít waste any time putting the moves on you, does she?

Blair: So what do you think -- we're just going to walk into an adoption agency and say, "you know, we'd like to adopt a child, and by the way, have you seen his son?" I mean, come on -- thatís not going to work. And no court in this country is going to give us access to their records without proof. We're better off coming up with a better plan here.

Todd: Fine -- do you have one?

Blair: Yeah -- bribery.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: I'm sure thereís some poor sap out there that makes minimum wage that would take a couple of thousand bucks and give us access to the records.

Todd: No, thatís the hard way.

Blair: Oh. And whatís the easy way, Todd?

Todd: The place is closed, so we break in -- tonight.

Antonio: Did you actually see Nash coming on to Jessica?

Cristian: I heard him talk about his feelings for her.

Antonio: Damn it. I actually thought he was a friend. Thank God. Thank God that Jessica finally had the guts to tell him to leave us alone.

Cristian: Well --

Antonio: But him leaving should've been a relief. So then why did she -- why did she still run out of the hearing?

Cristian: Well, thatís because --

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Yeah. Thanks. They found Jessicaís car on the side of a road.

Cristian: Is she ok?

Antonio: The car was empty. I got to get out there.

Cristian: All right, well, call me when you know more.


On the next "One Life to Live" Ė

Starr: I donít think I can get over Cole.

Langston: Are you changing your mind about breaking up with him?

Natalie: I'm jealous of how much attention you're paying to Marty. Should I be?

Antonio: Jessica?

Jessica: I love you.

Nash: I love you, too.

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