OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/10/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/10/07


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Marty: Natalie? Hi.

Natalie: Marty. Good workout?

Marty: So-so. You know, just getting back in the swing of things.

Natalie: Right. Good luck with that.

Marty: Actually, look, I'm glad I ran into you, ok? I wanted to say I was sorry, you know, about what happened with John.

Natalie: Well, Marty, chit-chatting about a workout that you donít need, fine and dandy -- huh -- but talking about my breakup with John -- not going to happen.

Marty: You broke up with John?

John: Shouldnít you be in school, kid?

Cole: I got a free period. You have a minute?

John: Just as long as you're not here to talk about Manning, because I'm about to put that one to bed.

Cole: Huh. Weird -- two police reports with my name on it.

John: Donít make it a third. What can I do for you?

Cole: I was wondering if you were serious about writing me that letter of recommendation so that I could play sports again.

John: Yeah, I guess I was.

Cole: Cool.

John: Before I write any letter, thereís something you got to do for me.

Langston: No sign of Cole. You're safe.

Starr: Ok. Four down, one more to go.

Langston: Want to hit the girls' bathroom?

Starr: Langston --

Langston: Hide out till the bell rings?

Starr: I feel freak-out coming on.

Langston: Ok, ok, ok. 10 seconds -- go.

Starr: Ok, I love him, I love him, I love him, I love him! I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this! Give me -- [Starr screams]

Langston: Ok. Ok, time.

Starr: Why do I keep freaking out over this?

Langston: Donít be such an overachiever. You and Cole, like, just broke up.

Britney: Excuse me? Starr and Cole broke up?

Starr: Yeah, and I bet that just makes your life, doesnít it?

Marcie: Whatís wrong? Something wrong?

Rex: Itís -- Adriana -- we had a fight earlier.

Marcie: Oh. I'm sorry. Was it serious?

[Phone rings]

Rex: It --

Marcie: Oh, excuse me. I have to get this.

Michael: No, thatís fine. Thatís fine, honey.

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: Itís Tommy, isnít it? Somebodyís connected him to Todd Manning.

Flight attendant: Sir, thereís another passenger a few rows back whoís willing to switch with you.

Man: Perfect. Thanks.

Todd: Jeez. What the hell?

Blair: Hi, Todd.

Todd: What the hell are you doing here?

Blair: The same thing you are. I'm going to help you find your baby.

Nash: Admit it, Jessica, you chose duty over desire when you chose Antonio over me.

Jessica: You sure of that?

Nash: Yeah, I'm sure of that, and you chose wrong.

Jessica: Well, then if you're really convinced of it, then why are we even having this conversation?

Nash: Because I want to hear you admit it.

Jessica: Well --

Nash: I want to hear you admit that you wish to God that you'd chosen me over him.

Jessica: Well, what if I said that? What would it change?

Nash: You saying itís true?

Jessica: Who cares what I wish, or what you wish happened, or what anybody wishes? You know, I -- I made a choice, and my choice was Antonio, so --

Nash: Admit you made a mistake, and we can fix it.

Jessica: Really?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: "Yeah."

Nash: We'll go to Antonio. We'll tell him that we love each other, because we do, that we want to raise our daughter together.

Jessica: No.

Nash: Yes. Jessica, think about what our life would be like together. It would be beautiful. You could keep on writing, I'd run the vineyard, and Bree -- I'd build you a studio to do your work in. It would be beautiful.

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: Jessica, if you canít do it here in Llanview, we'll go somewhere else. All right? We could go to -- we could go to California. Mexico, Canada.

Jessica: Canada?

Nash: Yes, Canada. We could go to the moon, as long as we're together.

Jessica: I canít.

Nash: You can. All you have to do is admit that you chose wrong, and you can stop living a lie.

Jessica: Itís not a lie.

Nash: Itís not a lie? Being married to one man, and being in love with another one is living a lie. Every second that you are married to him, you are living a lie, and you're not just lying to Antonio. You're lying to me, you're lying to your family, you're lying to everybody, and you canít do that.

Jessica: Nash, you're making things worse for me.

Nash: How could things be any worse? I mean, this isnít a life. Denying your own feelings. Dying piece by piece every day. You want to know what would change if you admitted you chose wrong? Everything. And not just for you, but for everybody.

Marty: Natalie, John didnít run to me with the news of your breakup. You need to know that. And I'm truly sorry.

Natalie: Anyway, so what were you saying that you were sorry about before?

Marty: Oh, because the other day, I could tell I interrupted a serious conversation between the two of you. I know it was bad timing, but my son was missing and I was desperate.

Natalie: Right. Right, and John would help. Of course he would help. I'm glad your sonís doing better, by the way.

Marty: Thank God we got to him in time.

Natalie: Good. Well, I guess I'd better go start my workout.

Miles: Marty? Why didnít you tell me what Todd did to your son?

Marty: Why would I?

Miles: You're right. We donít have that kind of relationship. But I have another reason to hate Todd Manning.

Marty: No, please, just donít. My history with Todd is long and complex. You donít have a relationship with him yet.

Miles: I care about you.

Marty: I donít need you to fight my battles.

Miles: There is that letter I told you about from Spencer.

Marty: What about it?

Miles: Part of it was about Todd. I just -- I hope I did the right thing by telling him.

Todd: Did I ask you to come to Chicago with me?

Blair: Whereís your new girlfriend, Evangeline? Did you put her back in coach?

Todd: No, she understood that I wanted to do this on my own. Sheís got class.

Blair: Huh. Good for her. She can keep it. I got kids.

Todd: What the hell does that have to do with you playing hooker -- or hooky or whatever you call it?

Blair: Your son is Jack and Starrís half brother.

Todd: Fine, so when I find him, they'll meet him.

Blair: Todd, what if itís a trap set by Spencer?

Todd: What if it is?

Blair: Well, you're going to need backup.

Todd: What are you going to do, sleep with anyone who looks suspicious? Huh.

Blair: I'm not joking.

Todd: You know, you donít even know Chicago. Evangeline did know Chicago, and I turned her down.

Blair: Oh, Evangeline -- who cares? Big deal. So what?

Todd: So I donít want or need you here. Get off the plane.

Blair: I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it for me.

Michael: Tell me, Rex. I need to know. Is somebody close to finding out Toddís connection to my son?

Marcie: That was Principal Wexler. I told her that I would definitely direct the musical, and she wants me to go and meet with her and talk about things, you know. And then I have the study hall.

Michael: Oh, thatís great, honey.

Marcie: Yeah. Are you ok, heading home with Tommy?

Michael: Yeah, not a problem.

Marcie: You sure? Oh, good. Look, Rex, donít worry about the fight, you know? I'm sure it'll just -- it'll all blow over.

Rex: The fight?

Marcie: The one between you and Adriana. We were just --

Rex: Oh, that -- growing pains. Just need to ride it out.

Marcie: Yeah. Bye-bye. Bye.

Michael: Bye, mama.

Marcie: Bye.

Michael: Tell me everything that happened, Rex.

Rex: Ok, something came up.

Michael: Yeah, what?

Rex: Calm down. Itís not a big deal.

Michael: Well, what is it? Spit it out, Rex.

Rex: Miles Laurence.

Michael: Spencerís heir? He knows?

Rex: Not quite.

Michael: Well, then, what?

Rex: Miles delivered a message from Truman to Todd, something about a clue about Toddís kid.

Michael: Oh. My God. I canít believe this is happening.

Rex: No, no -- relax. The clueís obviously bogus.

Michael: What?

Rex: For one, it sent Todd flying to Chicago.

Michael: Chicago?

Rex: Hundreds of Miles away from you.

Michael: Todd isnít going to find anything about you. Heís going to find nothing -- nothing about you in Chicago. Right?

Cole: What do you want me to do?

John: Well, for starters, donít ever challenge a guy twice your size again.

Cole: Huh. Got it.

John: Good.

Cole: I guess being benched from team sports has gotten me a little stir crazy.

John: Well --

Cole: Yeah, I know. I know, it was my fault for taking the steroids. But I'm clean now, you know. And I donít know what it is -- if I'm not running or -- or catching something, or hitting something really hard, itís like I canít think straight.

John: Got to have those endorphins.

Cole: Excuse me?

John: Endorphins -- the chemicals your brain produces when you push yourself physically, you know? It makes you feel good. Runnerís high, that kind of thing.

Cole: Oh, but, see, itís more than that, you know, because when I'm on that field, I know exactly who I am. I donít have to think or talk --

John: You donít have to explain yourself.

Cole: Yeah, itís win or lose, period.

John: You only have to worry about you.

Cole: Yeah, and, you know, if you get hurt, who cares? You figure out whatís wrong, and then you fix it.

John: Itís kind of like being a cop, you know? The rules are pretty clear. The line gets blurred once in a while, but thereís a pretty strong sense of whatís right and whatís wrong. Every question has an answer.

Cole: Yeah.

John: So, this recommendation -- is there anything specific that your principal wants?

Cole: Um -- yeah. Itís -- itís more like a -- "Coleís a saint and will never screw up again" kind of thing.

John: Uh-huh.

Cole: No, I'm kidding. I was kidding. I mean, I donít expect you to lay it on that thick. You donít really even know me that well.

John: Yeah, I donít really see sainthood, not yet, anyway.

Cole: You know what I mean, you know? The school just wants to see that I get whatís important.

John: So whatís important?

Cole: You know, not cheating, sportsmanship.

John: Come on, now.

Cole: All right, you know what? The only thing important to me right now is Starr Manning. I mean, how am I supposed to get over her?

Britney: Anything that knocks you down makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So Cole dumping you definitely makes my day.

Langston: F.Y.I., Starrís the one that ditched Cole, not the other way around.

Britney: Oh, in your dreams.

Starr: You know what, Britney? I donít care what you think. Because whatever happened between me and Cole is none of your business.

Britney: Um -- wrong. Cole Thornhart is always my business.

Langston: Go ahead. Keep trying. Watching Cole give you the smack downís become a real spectator sport.

Britney: Ooh, so much pent-up passion. Starr, you should really help your little girlfriend and give her what she needs, and maybe I'll give Cole what he needs.

Starr: You bitch!

Britney: Excuse me.

Marcie: All right, all right, ladies. What is going on here?

Langston: Nothing, we're just practicing the great debate of 1860. History project.

Marcie: Hmm, fancy that.

Britney: Yeah, things really got heated up back in the olden days.

Marcie: By all means, carry on.

Starr: No, the debate is over.

Britney: Well, anytime you want to practice, Starr, just call me.

Marcie: Are you sure you're all right?

Langston: We're cool.

Marcie: Ok.

Girl: What did I miss?

Britney: Well, Cole is finally free, and I'm going to get him.

Rex: Truman just wanted to send Todd on a wild-goose chase. Todd isnít going to find anything about his kid in Chicago, because heís right here with you.

Michael: Tommy is not Toddís son, ok? Heís my son. Heís mine and Marcieís.

Rex: Keep your voice down.

Michael: What is Todd going to find out about my son in Chicago, Rex?

Rex: All right, the couple who originally adopted Tommy --

Michael: The ones who died in the tornado?

Rex: The adoption agency they used was in Chicago.

Michael: Wait a second, Rex. You told me that the lawyer -- the adoption lawyer -- was from Llanview.

Rex: The lawyer, not the agency.

[Michael sighs]

Rex: But I'm sure Spencer just wanted to muddy the trail so that Todd and Margaret would never have a prayer of finding their kid.

Michael: Well, you know, out-of-state adoptions are very common. Parents do it all the time. So -- I mean, if heís on the right track, how hard can it be for him to find the records?

Rex: Ok, yeah, ok -- if any records still exist, they're sealed by law. Todd canít touch them.

Michael: Why not? You did.

Todd: If you donít mind, I'm going to go look for my kid -- my kid, not yours.

Blair: The one that I said that I would promise to help raise.

Todd: No, no, no, you're off the hook. You've been off the hook since you destroyed the relationship.

Blair: Heís not just your son, Todd.

Todd: Yes, heís Starr and Jackís brother. We went over that already.

Blair: Our children lost another brother. Our son. For some reason, I just feel connected to your child with Margaret.

Todd: Get over it.

Blair: Itís living proof that -- that everything that we suffered wasnít for nothing.

Todd: This is why I didnít want anyone to come with me. I donít need you filling me full of hope like this.

Pilot: Flight crew, we are clear for takeoff.

Todd: Oh, man --

Blair: Here. Todd, hold my hand. Todd, hold my hand.

Todd: Empty seats?

Blair: You know, I donít like to fly like -- please hold my hand.

Todd: Oh, thatís too bad, Blair.

Blair: Come on, Todd, I canít help this. Please?

Todd: Get off the plane, then.

Blair: Just come on.

Todd: No, you should have popped one of your little pink pills, I guess.

Blair: Oh -- I canít breathe. Oh --

Flight attendant: Ma'am?

Blair: What?

Flight attendant: I'm going to have to ask you to sit up straight during takeoff.

Blair: Oh. Really? Come on! Hold my hand!

Todd: Jeez.

Miles: The reason I was so conflicted about the letter was I didnít know if I should help someone as awful as Todd Manning.

Marty: I see.

Miles: But it contained information about a child.

Marty: Toddís child? The one that Spencer said he killed?

Miles: I canít believe he did something so horrible but the child could be alive.

Marty: Wait -- is that what the letter said?

Miles: Yeah, among other things.

Marty: If thatís true, it -- thatís incredible.

Miles: Yeah. I didnít want to betray Spencerís confidence, but a child is so innocent.

Marty: Children need their parents.

Miles: Even if the parents are as evil as Todd?

Marty: You canít play God, Miles.

Miles: I know. What you said the other day really helped me. It was the fact that you had the faith that I would do the right thing.

Marty: Well, it sounds like you did, despite your feelings for Todd. I'm impressed. I got to go, so I'll see you around.

Miles: I hope so. Mile

Natalie: Hey, Miles, howís it going with Marty?

Miles: Itís not.

Natalie: Well, I'm sorry. Hmm. I guess sometimes no matter how hard we want something, itís just not meant to be.

John: I'm going to let you in on a little secret, kid. You love someone, you donít ever get over them. You try to move on, and thatís the difference.

Cole: Yeah? Howís that moving-on thing going with Natalie?

John: How about none of your damn business?

Cole: Sorry, that was a really crappy thing to say.

John: Forget about it, all right? You came for a letter of recommendation, not Dr. Phil.

Cole: No, I'm the one that brought up Starr. You see, the thing is, it seemed like we were doing everything together. You know, we were hanging out between classes, visiting her mom at the hospital. She was even helping me with biology. Homework.

John: Ok.

Cole: But even when we werenít together, you know, we'd be talking on the phone, or -- or texting. And when we werenít doing that, I'd be thinking about her.

John: And now, you feel like you've been cutoff.

Cole: How do I get her out of my head?

John: You went from 60 to zero in two seconds flat.

[Phone rings]

Cole: Huh.

[Phone stops ringing]

Cole: Everyone calls me but her. Let me ask you something. How do you move on from someone that you -- you canít get over? You know, I donít know how to be that guy.

John: Nobodyís that guy. You do it because you have to.

Cole: Ok, but how?

John: Be one of the boys. You be a man, you know? You stand up, you do your job, you do your school, you do your sports, all right? You immerse yourself in anything you can.

Cole: Been there, done that.

John: Do it again, and do more.

Girl: Thatís not funny.

Britney: Yeah, itís not funny.

Marcie: Ok, everybody, settle down. I'm sorry to interrupt your study period, but I have a very exciting announcement to make. Actually, donít settle down, because I want you guys to get excited about this now, as your faculty advisor for this yearís spring musical, I am beyond thrilled to announce that this year, we will be mounting a full-sized production of "Oklahoma"! Isnít that great? Well, I will be posting the audition sheets later today, but I wanted to give you guys a head start. So here you go, Amy. Just pass it around. Now, as you know -- and maybe some of you donít know -- the school musical is an opportunity to uncover your thespian talents. Yes? Yes, Britney?

Britney: Well, I hear that Starr has a lot of lesbian talents, so I'm sure she'd love to sign up.

Langston: You know what? Sheís such a little --

Marcie: The word is "thespian," not lesbian, and that was pretty lame. Now, what I was trying to say, before I was rudely interrupted, is that working in the theater is just -- itís fantastic. You know? You get to learn songs, and you get to learn dances! Oh, and the opening-night jitters -- thereís nothing like it. Thereís the highs and the lows. Thereís nothing in the world like theater. Itís just -- itís just an amazing opportunity. So, come on, how about it? Letís see who signed -- up.

Jessica: I am about to adopt Antonioís daughter.

Nash: I know. Thatís why itís now or never. Tomorrow will be too late, because tomorrow you're not just going to be Antonioís wife, but you're going to be his daughterís mother.

Jessica: I love that little girl.

Nash: I know you do.

Jessica: I am her mother in every way but name only.

Nash: I know you are.

Jessica: She called me "mommy."

Nash: I know.

Jessica: How can you ask me to do this?

Nash: Because I'm not noble. It is taking everything I got not to go lock that door, pull you to me, make love to you over and over again until none of us can breathe. Look at me. Look at me.

Jessica: I canít leave him.

Nash: You canít look at me and say that, can you?

Jessica: We've been through this a million times, and the outcome is always the same.

Nash: Come with me.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I made my decision.

Nash: You made your decision. Well, now I got to make mine.  Now, I -- I've tried this your way. I've tried staying away from you. I -- I quit a job that I liked so that I wouldnít have to see you around. I -- I made arrangements so that I could drop off and pick up our daughter without you having to see me.

Jessica: We both --

Nash: I take the long road into town from my cottage so that I wonít have to risk the chance of me driving by you on the street. You're everywhere. You're in my daughterís face, you're in my dreams, and when I see you, I want you.

Jessica: Donít say these things. Nash: Huh. I am no gentleman. Thatís -- I'm a pretty awful friend. Letís face it, when it comes to you, I have no shame. Hey, this feeling, it -- it'll pass.

Nash: No. No, it wonít, not as long as there is any chance of me bumping into you at a restaurant or in a park or you bumping me with your elbow or breathing on my neck. It wonít pass. This is not something that time will help. The only thing thatís going to make this better is if I put as much distance between us as possible.

Jessica: No, no, we'll be better. It'll get better.

Nash: The only way this will get better is if I leave Llanview for good.

Marcie: Uh, well -- you know, I think we might've missed a couple of rows, somehow. Well, how about whoever wants to audition, you just raise your hand, you know, and I'll sign you up? Nobody? Well, what about you, Langston, or you, Britney? I mean, you two really seem to enjoy acting. You were re-enacting the great debate of 1860 with enormous passion earlier.

Langston: Ok, sorry. Well, I canít sing, so --

Britney: Yeah. Me, neither.

Marcie: Well, maybe you can dance.

Britney: No offense, Mrs. McBain, but the spring musical is kind of for thespians.

Marcie: Ok, thatís enough.

Langston: You have a sweet voice. You should go for it.

Starr: Langston, itís not my thing. Oh -- ahem. Just tell me something -- could my day get any worse?

Langston: Huh -- you could've run into Cole, with Britney molesting him.

Starr: Vomit.

Langston: We need to find a way for you to get your mind off him.

Starr: Hmm, maybe I should get a lobotomy. I heard they work.

John: Will this do?

Cole: Wow. You wrote this just now, like while I was running my mouth?

John: Do your work, all right? I'm promising you, it will -- it'll get you through this. Now, get off my desk.

Cole: Hey, thanks. This will totally help.

John: Well, you made a mistake, but you took responsibility. I respect that.

Cole: Not like I had a choice.

John: You could've lied.

Cole: Have you met my mom?

John: Look, you did something, but you -- you worked it out. In a way, that kind of makes up for what you did in the first place.

Cole: Yeah, I just wish I hadnít screwed up so royally.

John: Hey, everybody screws up, man.

Cole: Nah, you donít.

John: How so?

Cole: Come on, you're like this supercop. I mean, you tracked down me and Starr with no clues, on just pure instinct. My mom told me.

John: Well, I'm pretty sure she didnít use the word "supercop."

Cole: Huh. Listen, you saved my life. You know, guys like you donít mess up.

John: You want to lay money on that? Yeah, I didnít think so. You know, I -- I mess up in life. I messed up on the job, you know? I nearly lost my badge more than once.

Cole: Yeah, but I bet you didnít have to do community service or see a shrink for it.

John: Never go to Vegas, kid -- you canít bet for crap.

Cole: You had to see a shrink, too?

John: Hey, look, what you're doing right now -- it ainít that much different from what I had to do to get my job back.

Cole: But you did it?

John: Yeah, and you can, too. All right? Now all you got to do is you got to sit down with this principal of yours and you just got to explain to her why you deserve to have sports back.

Cole: So thatís it, huh?

John: Thatís it -- if you're a fighter.

Cole: Ok. Then tell me -- how do I fight for Starr?

John: I'm not going to go there. Get out of here, come on. I'll tell you what -- you know, you make the baseball team, you go yard for me one time, all right?

Cole: All right.

Marty: Oh, my God, Cole.

Marty: Not again, Cole. Ok, what did you do?

John: Easy, doc. I asked --

Marty: You know, itís not enough that -- that I have to come down here, you know, when heís arrested for doing drugs, and then again when you ran away with Starr.

John: Look, thatís not what this is.

Marty: No, do you really want to destroy your future, and for what?

Cole: What is wrong with you?

Marty: What is wrong with me is that I'm your mother and every time you pull one of these stunts, I'm the one who has to come here and bail you out. So what did he do?

John: Easy, just -- show her the letter.

Marty: Itís a letter of recommendation.

Cole: Yeah, so I can get back to destroying my crappy life -- without football and without Starr.

Marty: Cole, I am so sorry.

Cole: You know, I make one stupid mistake and all of a sudden, I'm public enemy number one? Hey, whatever happened to trusting me?

Marty: No, no -- you know what happened to my trust. That doesnít give me the right to jump to the wrong conclusion, and I'm sorry.

Cole: Whatever. You donít even know me.

Marty: Cole? Look, Cole, wait!

Todd: God, would you knock it off? Driving me crazy. When the hell is this thing going to land anyway?

Blair: We should've landed already.

Pilot: Attention, passengers, because of the dense fog, our landing will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Blair: Hey, hey, calm down or they'll throw you off the plane.

Todd: Donít tell me to calm down. My sonís down there somewhere.

Blair: Well, Todd, you know what? Unless you have a parachute, you might as well just sit back and relax. But we could do something thatís fun.

Todd: Oh, yeah? I know whatís on your mind. I'm not going to join the mile-high club with you, though.

Blair: I was thinking we could play that mind game, that guessing game -- you know, that Jack and Starr always play when they travel?

Todd: It doesnít take a psychic to know how your mind works.

Blair: Ok. I'm going to write down a number between one and 10. See if you can guess it.

Todd: Forget it.

Blair: Oh, you think you know me that well? Come on.

Todd: Uh -- eight.

Blair: Not even close. My turn. I want to play -- come on. Write a number down.

Todd: God.

Blair: four?

Todd: Yes. Well, thatís pretty close, but no cigar.

Blair: Hmm.

Todd: I guess we donít know each other as well as you thought.

Michael: I canít lose my kid, Rex.

Rex: You wonít.

Michael: Todd Manning is this close to finding out who Tommy really is.

Rex: I ate, drank, and slept this case for months when I was working on it for Todd. Thereís nothing more to find -- not in Chicago, not anywhere else.

Michael: I'd feel a lot better if I knew what clue Todd was chasing down.

Rex: Whatever Miles told him, I can guarantee itís a dead end, so donít work yourself up over nothing.

Michael: Thatís easy for you to say.

Rex: Not exactly. But I've taken care of it. You just focus on keeping my godson happy. I got your back.

Jessica: So thatís your solution -- you're just going to pick up and leave?

Nash: I'm out of options.

Jessica: Ooh, what about our daughter?

Nash: Our daughter? This tension between us -- this tension is terrible for our daughter. I mean, I know sheís just a baby, but she notices stuff.

Jessica: Well, you donít think sheís going to notice if her father just picks up and goes?

Nash: I left her before to keep her safe. I'll do it again in a heartbeat. You and Antonio will do a great job of raising her. I know that. Just donít let her forget me.

Jessica: Ok, this is crazy. Itís crazy --

Nash: You think I like this?

Jessica: Then donít do it!

Nash: You're asking me to stay?

Jessica: Yes!

Nash: You're asking me to stay, wanting you but never able to have you, and heaven forbid that we slip up and your husband catches us together.

Jessica: Well, then stay for Bree.

Nash: No. The only reason I stay is for us.

Marty: Maybe I should go after him.

John: Maybe give him some time to cool off.

Marty: Yeah -- huh. I treated my own son like a criminal.

John: It was a misunderstanding.

Marty: Hmm. You know, we -- we used to be really close. Now, heís just furious with me all the time.

John: Look, heís a teenager. He'll come around.

Marty: No, itís more than that. Heís slipping away from me -- I can feel it. You know, I lost his father and I'm losing him, too, now.

Langston: You are going to love my beautiful mind when you hear this ok, all you have to do is -- what? Ok, make it around the corner and I'll give you an extra 10-second freak-out.

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Langston: Ahem.

Marcie: All right, thanks. Bye. Oh, hey. Can I help you, Cole?

Cole: Never mind, forget it.

Marcie: No, no, no. No, you're already here. Might as well ask.

Cole: Well, the school is giving me another shot at playing team sports -- baseball, this time.

Marcie: Thatís great.

Cole: Yeah, but I need letters of recommendation.

Marcie: And?

Cole: And everybody still sees me as that jerk who took steroids and then threw away the season.

Marcie: I donít. I see you as a student who took responsibility for his actions, and that is why they're giving you another chance. You know, your peers just need to see that, too.

Cole: So I'm a role model now?

Marcie: Like it or not, yes. You love sports, so come on -- get out there and prove the haters wrong, right?

Cole: Ok, I will. So, will you write me a letter?

Marcie: Absolutely, I definitely will. Let me just -- actually, um -- I will do it for you, but under one condition. I want you to audition for the school musical.

Michael: Hey, buddy. Well, you seem like you're about to conk out. Donít you want to see how the story ends? Huh? Well, mommyís the dramatic one. I bet you never fall asleep when sheís telling a story. Or maybe you do. Maybe because you already know how this story ends. Happily ever after.

[Phone rings]

Miles: Hello?

Rex: Miles?

Miles: Yeah. Whoís this?

Rex: Rex Balsom. How you doing?

Miles: Hey, Rex, I'm fine.

Rex: Listen, I'm interested. I understand you gave Todd Manning some new information about his kid.

Miles: Thatís private.

Rex: Well, not to me. I'm the private investigator Toddís working with on this case.

Miles: Well, if Todd wanted you to have the information, he would've given it to you.

Rex: We've been playing phone tag, then his phone died, my phone died, uh --

Miles: Your phone seems to be working fine now. Why donít you just give him another try?

Rex: Whew. [Rex sighs]

Blair: What --

Todd: Hey, get off me.

Blair: Ok, I'm sorry.

Todd: Jeez, you're drooling.

Blair: I'm sorry. Are we -- did we land?

Pilot: We will land in approximately 15 minutes.

Todd: Hallelujah.

Blair: Hope you find what you're looking for.

Todd: Me, too.

Nash: So whatís it going to be?

Jessica: I want some peace.

Nash: I'd like that, too.

Jessica: Fine. But if the only way that we can have that is by you leaving Llanview, then fine. Get out of here, leave!

Nash: Itís done.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Marty: Canít you tell me what to do next?

Rex: So what does it feel like to lose everything?

Judge: All thatís left is for Jessica to declare her intention. Is it your desire to adopt Jamie Vega?

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