OLTL Transcript Thursday 4/5/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/5/07


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Blair: One, two, three -- uno, dos, tres. How does it sound?

Cristian: I think that was great.

Blair: I'm not talking about my dress here. I donít want to scare people away.

Cristian: Are you kidding me? You're bringing them in. You donít believe me, you can look itís all there.

Blair: Well, itís nice of you to say, but Nash hired me, and I just donít want my new manager to think it was a mistake.

Cristian: Yeah, well, hiring you was one good thing the guy did right.

Blair: Heís here, you know? I guess he misses this place.

Cristian: I donít think itís this place heís missing.

Jessica: Dad?

Clint: Yeah?

Jessica: Hey --

Clint: Oh, sweetheart. How are you?

Jessica: I'm great.

Clint: Oh, you look terrific.

Jessica: Thank you. Antonio and I got a babysitter. We wanted to have a night just for us.

Clint: Good idea, good for you. Uh -- is he here, too?

Jessica: No, heís not. I'm actually heading up to pick him up at the station. I wanted to stop by here first and talk to you.

Clint: Something wrong?

Jessica: I -- I canít believe what you did to mom, and I want to know what you're going to do to make it right.

Marty: You can probably drink all of that and not gain an ounce.

Starr: Donít do this.

Marty: What?

Starr: If you wanted to chat with me, you should've done it when I was with Cole.

Marty: Look, Starr, I just --

Starr: No.

Marty: Want you to understand --

Starr: You got what you wanted. Cole and I are never going to see each other again, so just leave me alone.

Man: Had enough?

Cole: Yeah, whatever -- I wasnít ready.

Man: Ready now?

[Pounding on door] [Knocking]

Miles: Whatís with you?

Todd: Letís make this short and sweet. I have a dinner date.

Miles: I didnít tell you, you had to come right over.

Todd: Then donít mention my sonís name again.

Miles: Do you want to waste time going off on me or do you want to know what I know?

Clint: So how is your mother doing?

Jessica: Well, you know how she does that thing where she pretends that everythingís fine even though itís not?

Clint: Yes.

Jessica: Sheís not doing that.

Clint: Oh.

Jessica: Yeah. Lois told me that sheís, you know, picking up these projects like cleaning out a closet or rearranging a cabinet and then not finishing them. Itís almost like she doesnít have the heart to finish them and she spends the day staring out the window.

Clint: And I did this?

Jessica: Didnít you?

Clint: Jessica, I was trying to protect your mother, to keep her from making a mistake.

Jessica: What mistake?

Clint: Starting over with me.

Jessica: She said that she wanted you.

Clint: Yeah, she -- and thatís the kind of thing that you say in private, isnít it? But your mother said it in public at a restaurant in front of Dorian, while I was at a dinner date with Dorian. Now, this made me think that she was mostly interested in keeping me away from Dorian.

Jessica: Well, you asked her if it was ok if you went out with her, so it must've meant something.

Clint: Sweetheart, I really love you, I do, I do, but this is my private life and I just donít like discussing it with my daughter, ok?

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Clint: Itís all right.

Jessica: What you and mom had when we were growing up -- itís what I always wanted.

Clint: So you and Antonio are going to have to do us one better and make things last.

Jessica: Well, marriage is complicated.

Clint: It sure is, especially at the beginning, but you're handling all of the problems and you're not making the -- the mistakes that your mother and I made.

Jessica: Yeah. The mistakes I'm making are all my own.

Jessicaís voice: Why are you asking me about Nash?

Antonioís voice: I looked out the window and saw you two talking. It looked like a pretty intense conversation.

Jessicaís voice: Well, it was. He had a big reaction to the news that you gave him -- about me adopting Jamie.

Antonioís voice: He was upset about that?

Talia: Yo, Vega? Hi there.

Antonio: Hey, whatís up?

Talia: I knocked, but you were in your own world.

Antonio: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Talia: Is everything ok?

Antonio: Sure. Whatís that? Here.

Talia: Enhanced pictures of the arsonistís medallion. The techs just dropped it off. We can start just as soon as Jones gets here.

Antonio: What?

Talia: Jones?

Antonio: Oh, right. I forgot we set that up.

Talia: You forgot something about a case?

Antonio: Hmm -- ahem.

Talia: Ok. Whatís wrong?

Antonio: All right, I admit I'm a little distracted. All right, I asked my wife to adopt my little girl.

Talia: Whereís her birth mother?

Antonio: She passed away.

Talia: Well, so, now your daughter will officially have a family with two parents. Why do you look like thatís not good news?

Todd: When Spencer fixed your face, I guess he forgot to fix your ears.

Miles: I know you donít like me. I also know you've had a lot of problems.

Todd: Can you fix them for me?

Miles: Not all of them, but I think I can help you with one.

Todd: What are you talking about?

Miles: What if I give you your son back?

Todd: Hmm.

Marty: Starr, I'm not happy that you and Cole are miserable. Look, I mean, he wonít even talk to me unless itís in the language of slamming doors.

Starr: I'm supposed to feel sorry for you now?

Marty: No, no, this is my problem.

Starr: I'm sure Cole would love to know that you think of him as the problem.

Marty: What I meant is his unhappiness is my problem. Look, Starr, I'm not going to pretend that I'm not relieved that the two of you arenít seeing each other anymore, but I am sorry it had to turn out this way. You know, Cole was in a lot of pain when he lost his father and we first moved here and I could see a difference in him, and thatís because of you. He -- he just kind of came to life. And I'll always be thankful for that, and for you putting him first now -- although I could've done without all the lying and the sneaking around, but I'm grateful that when he needed a friend, you were there for him.

Starr: So now, heís alone and miserable again and thatís better how?

Marty: Look, Starr, there was never a future for the two of you.

Starr: You know what? You can take your gratitude and shove it. What you and my dad cat seem to understand is that Cole and I are nothing like the two of you and the whole world doesnít revolve around the two of you. Good luck with Cole, because if I were him, I would have my jaw wired shut.

Natalie: Not so fast. Sit down, donít move.

Marty: Maybe you can get through to her because I couldnít.

Natalie: Well, sheís not your problem anymore, Marty. So why donít you back off and pick on someone else?

Man: Give it up, kid. You ainít a fighter.

Cole: Go to hell.

Man: All right, have it your way.

John: Thatís enough, all right? Leave the kid alone, leave him alone.

Antonio: I'm happy that Jamieís going to have a mother like Jessica.

Talia: Good. Great.

Antonio: You donít sound convinced.

Talia: You tell me everythingís good, I'll believe it. I'm just looking out for my boss.

Antonio: You know, this whole adoption thing, it -- it could be like a double-edged sword. I mean, I'm happy, but at the same time, you know, I wish that Jamieís first couple of years had been a little more stable. And then, not to mention we're going to be, you know, one of these blended families. Oh -- that is what you call them, right?

Talia: Yes.

Antonio: Right? Well, and our blended family is going to be a little more complicated than most.

Talia: Yeah, and when there are kids involved, you just -- you want to do everything right.

Antonio: Yeah. Ow, no matter how much we want it, this adoption -- it has the potential of being kind of like a curveball.

Talia: Sure. I hope you donít think I was prying.

Antonio: No. No, if you were, I would've changed the subject.

Talia: I just know I can be kind of pushy.

Antonio: Well, had you crossed that line, I would've told you -- just like you did with me.

Talia: Oh. Ouch.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Hey.

Vincent: Whatever you dragged me in here for better be worth it.

Talia: It is. I promise you.

Cristian: Nash.

Nash: Hmm -- Cristian. Howís the new job?

Cristian: Beats not having one.

Nash: Hmm. Howís Howie -- liquor distributor? Still act like heís doing you a favor selling you his liquor?

Cristian: I've done this before, so I can handle Howie.

Nash: Good, good. Small talk.

Cristian: Is that why you're here -- you want to talk?

Nash: No. I came here to have a drink and --

Cristian: Sheís not here, you know?

Nash: Oh -- who?

Cristian: Jessica -- Jessicaís not here, so how about you take your business someplace else?

Nash: I see. Well, I'm not here for Jessica. You owe me a paycheck.

Cristian: Money? Ok, I'll get you your money and then you can go -- stay gone.

[Blair hums]

Man: That sounds nice.

Blair: Thank you.

Man: So, one of these is for you.

Blair: Oh. No, thank you. I donít drink when I'm working.

Man: Well, do you take requests?

Blair: That depends.

Man: Well, I have a request for you. Why donít you come back with me to where I'm staying and you can -- you can sing for me?

Blair: Huh. I donít sing for sex, either.

Man: Hey, now that was rude. Little songbird, I think you need to apologize.

Blair: Oh.

John: Next time you need a sparring partner, you pick on someone your own size.

Man: His idea.

John: You always do what kids say? Get out of here. Hey. What, do you got some sort of death wish?

Cole: Hey, just stay out of it. Go play the hero for somebody else.

John: One minute I'm pulling Manning off you, now this guy? Are you in that big of a rush to see the inside of a body bag?

Marty: I wasnít picking on Starr.

Natalie: Todd is my motherís brother, and we all know in our family that he is definitely not perfect. But Starr just fell in love. She didnít even know he was your son.

Marty: I'm aware of that.

Natalie: All right, then. Sheís trying to do the right thing and itís killing her, so why donít you back off, especially in public?

Marty: You know what? You came in at the end of the conversation, ok, so you -- you know what -- you're right. You are right, I am sorry. And would you -- would you please tell star and the next time you see John, could you thank him for what he did for Cole?

Natalie: Bye, Marty.

Evangeline: Hey.

Marty: Hi.

Evangeline: Are you ok?

Marty: Oh, yeah. Natalieís just looking out for Starr.

Evangeline: Howís your son?

Marty: Oh, well, he has a nice set of Toddís fingerprints all over his neck, nice and black and blue. But you know, hey, heís still breathing.

Evangeline: My God- what Todd did is awful. He really regrets it.

Marty: No, the only thing Todd regrets is getting caught.

Evangeline: No, thatís not true. Heís a changed man, Marty, but, look, I'm going to do what I can to make sure he stays away from your son.

Marty: Ok, so you're going to be responsible for his actions? Huh -- that'll keep him in line.

Evangeline: Um -- you're acting like Toddís the only one responsible for what happened between Cole and Starr. But you're just as responsible as he is.

Todd: My son is dead.

Miles: Are you sure?

Todd: I'm not talking about this with you.

Miles: Would you talk about it with Spencer Truman?

Todd: What does that mean?

Miles: This is a message from Spencer -- probably the last thing he wrote before he died. He had a lot to say about your son, and where heís hidden.

Clint: Sweetheart, if something is wrong, you should know that I'm a good listener and I know how to keep my mouth shut.

Jessica: I know. I'm fine.

Clint: Good. I'm glad.

Jessica: Actually, I have some good news for a change.

Clint: Well, donít keep me in suspense.

Jessica: Antonio has asked me to adopt Jamie. Hmm.

Clint: Thatís terrific. You're a wonderful mother and I'm sure that Jamie already thinks of you that way.

Jessica: Yeah. Antonio says that this is the first real stable family life sheís ever known.

Clint: Feels good, doesnít it, to be able to help a kid whoís suffered such a loss?

Jessica: Is that how you felt with Kevin and Joey?

Clint: You know, I knew that I could never replace Joe Riley in their lives, so I just never really tried, and eventually everything just fell into -- into place for us. Let me tell you something -- if you're the one whoís putting the kid on the bus, sending him off to school, listening to them when they come home, tucking them in at night, you're the parent, and all that paper does is make things legal.

Jessica: Well, were you ever afraid that you would let them down?

Clint: Oh -- you probably -- this has never occurred to you, perfect. And I kept thinking they'll -- they'll forgive most anything if they know that you really want to be their dad. Honey, is something wrong?

Jessica: I -- oh. If this is so right, then why am I fighting it so hard?

Antonio: You have officially been removed from the suspect list.

Shaun: Thatís good, right, boss?

Vincent: Yeah, but knowing that a bunch of racists are responsible kind of puts a damper on the whole party.

Talia: Until we'd I.D.'d the medallion, we didnít see the pattern.

Antonio: Have there been any more incidents?

Vincent: You mean, did someone burn a cross in my front lawn? I wish.

Talia: These people are a lot more subtle than that.

Antonio: They've gone deep underground. Look, we've got nothing to go on -- no names, no organizational structure, not even a functioning website.

Talia: No, all we have is the image of that medallion and whatever we can learn from its victims.

Vincent: Well, I'm not the only victim. Ok? They killed my friend Ted. You know, they only went after the D.A. because the woman was a jew with a daughter whose daddy was a black American. Now, what about you, Detective Antonio Vega? They torched your property and your club and they almost burned up your white wife in the process.

Antonio: And they tried to make my brother look like he was responsible. Yes, Vincent, I am aware that we are on the same side.

Vincent: Well, I'm sorry. I've never heard of "one pure people."

Shaun: I have. What do you want to know?

John: Put this on your head.

Cole: I'm ok.

John: Yeah, you look ok. Take it.

Cole: You know, if you hadnít have gotten in the middle of things, I might have taken him.

John: Sure. He might have tired himself out beating your face.

Cole: I can take care of myself no matter what happened yesterday.

John: Manning sure hates your guts.

Cole: The guyís a maniac.

John: Thatís true.

Cole: Everyoneís afraid of him -- my mom -- and Starr broke up with me because sheís afraid that he'll go postal and come after me.

John: Well, after yesterday, she may have a point.

Cole: Well, thatís why I'm here, you know -- to prove to Starr that I can handle her dad, to make her see that she doesnít have to worry, you know?

John: Sheís that important to you?

Cole: Hey, what am I supposed to do, you know? Give up on her because of something her dad did to my mom? I'm not going to let this happen. I'm going to do whatever it takes.

John: Just remember one thing -- sometimes "whatever it takes" ainít enough.

Natalie: So, Marty and I had a chat and I told her to back off. Except she was very calm and logical, which was kind of disappointing.

Starr: Wait, I'm sorry. What are you talking about?

Natalie: I just -- I needed someone to unload on and she seemed like the perfect fit except for she had the nerve to actually listen to what I was saying.

Starr: Why did you need someone to unload on?

Natalie: John and I broke up.

Starr: Really? Are you ok?

Natalie: Yeah -- no, I'm great, great. Except every two minutes when, you know, I'm not distracted, and then -- reminds me and I'm hurting all over again.

Starr: Well, what happened?

Natalie: You know? The best way I can explain it -- is John has things in him and I have things in me and those things just are getting in our way.

Starr: I thought love was supposed to conquer all.

Natalie: Hmm, please. The jerk who said that has never lived in the real world.

Starr: So you're saying that sometimes problems are too big?

Natalie: Thatís exactly what I'm saying.

Marty: Todd almost kills my son and itís my fault?

Evangeline: No. No, Todd lost it and thatís because heís too protective of his children and thatís because heís had them taken away from him too many times.

Marty: Itís because of the life he leads.

Evangeline: Marty, Cole was wrong. He shouldnít have convinced Starr to leave town.

Marty: Do you think anybody can convince that girl to do anything she doesnít want to do?

Evangeline: You donít know Todd now --

Marty: No, you donít know Todd. You werenít there when he shoved a used sweat band down my throat and used me with his friends.

Evangeline: Oh, my God. Thatís terrible.

Marty: Oh, you think itís terrible to think about? Well, try living with it every day of your life. Try having Blair act like you're weak because you just canít get over it. You know, and then thereís all these people -- what do they do? They come to poor, misunderstood Toddís defense.

Evangeline: No, no. Marty, I donít excuse Todd for anything heís done, especially not that. All I'm saying is that Cole is not blameless.

Marty: Right. Cole was asking for it? You know, where have I heard that before?

Todd: You've been holding out on me, Miles?

Miles: Well, I just got this. Spencerís lawyer is handling his estate and just found this in his personal papers.

Todd: Oh, I see. So, of all the people in the world, Spencer decided to confide in you about my son? I donít think so.

Miles: You donít believe me?

Todd: Oh, well, I donít know about you, but Spencer didnít even have a casual relationship.

Miles: So you donít want to discuss the possibility that you might be able to find your son?

Todd: I just got a death certificate, proved he was dead. I had to accept that fact. I'd rather not have to go through that again.

Miles: I'm sorry.

Todd: Save it.

Miles: I've had to go through some things, too -- like the fact that Spencerís not the man I thought he was.

Todd: No kidding.

Miles: We were friends. And we did trust each other. And this letter is addressed to me, not to you.

Todd: And you donít think he'd ever lie to you?

Miles: I donít know why he was good to me, but he was. And according to this letter, he didnít want t an innocent child get hurt.

Todd: Well -- "innocent" has got nothing to do with it. They buried him, so if he was ok before, heís hurting now.

Miles: Well, if thatís what you've heard. Documents can be forged.

Todd: Hmm -- so can letters. Trust me -- I wouldnít believe everything you read.

Miles: Do you distrust me so much that you would pass up an opportunity to find your son?

Todd: Ok, give it to me.

Miles: Oh, no. No. We're going to do this my way.

Jessica: How could anyone have doubts about adopting a sweet, beautiful, wonderful child like Jamie? What is wrong with me?

Clint: Would you give yourself a break? This is a major decision. In fact, it would be irresponsible of you not to look at it from every angle.

Jessica: Yeah, I -- I guess I'm just scared that I'm going to screw her up.

Clint: You know, to some degree, everybody screws up their kids and we call it parenting.

Jessica: Oh.

Clint: But, you know, you -- you got to remember that you're also protecting them, teaching them, loving them.

Jessica: And I love Jamie and i love Antonio and I want to do this for them, but if I let them down, if I fail them and I --

Clint: Honey, you -- you wonít.

Jessica: Jamie called me "mommy" the other day, and I freaked out, I couldnít handle it. I -- I didnít know what to do.

Clint: When I found out that you were not my biological child, it didnít make one damn bit of difference. You will be thinking of Jamie as your daughter in no time.

Jessica: I have a lot of problems.

Clint: Your D.I.D. is under control.

Jessica: Yeah, I hope so. It hasnít even been a year since I've been integrated. And thatís not the only thing.

Clint: Then itís Nash.

Jessica: Heís Breeís father. Heís going to be in my life.

Clint: Yeah, well, he canít possibly disagree with you adopting -- besides, itís none of his business anyway. Have you talked to Antonio about this?

Jessica: A little.

Clint: Well, you should. You should tell him how you're feeling. He loves you, you love him. He'll listen.

Jessica: You're right. Thanks. Um -- heís probably waiting for me, so --

Clint: Oh, yeah.

Jessica: I should get going.

Clint: Yeah. Oh, oh, and about your mother --

Jessica: I was wrong. You told her something, she couldnít handle it. You were honest with her, you were honest with yourself. Have a good night.

Clint: Yeah.

Cristian: So itís all there, right?

Nash: Yeah.

Cristian: Ok, you got your money. Guess now you can leave.

Nash: Is it going to be like this every time I come in here?

Cristian: You keep sniffing around my sister-in-law, it'll be worse than this.

Nash: Hmm. Havenít you heard? She married your brother.

Cristian: So what are you doing -- hanging out, waiting for them to have a problem? Is that --

Nash: I canít just avoid Jessica. Sheís the mother of my child.

Cristian: You better watch your step, Nash, because I'll be watching you.

Blair: Let go of me! Let go of me! And if you touch me again, it'll be the last thing that you do!

Man: Well, how about I teach you a lesson?

Blair: Hey, let go -- Cristian! Oh, Cristian! Oh!

Man: You are not a nice person.

Blair: Cristian! Cristian, come on. Oh, God -- Cristian!

Todd: If you think you can blackmail me, you're wasting your time.

Miles: This isnít about money. Itís about privacy. This letter stays with me.

Todd: I see -- so your scheme was to tell me you could find my son, but not tell me how you could find him.

Miles: I said I wouldnít let you read the entire letter, but I did copy the information about your child and I'll give that to you -- once I'm sure you deserve to have it.

Shaun: One pure people isnít a new group.

Antonio: You've heard of them?

Shaun: I used to hear my granddaddy cursing them back in the day in Chicago, Chi-town. He used to call them "those O.P.P. Bastards."

Antonio: Why? What did they do to him?

Shaun: He said they made it really hard for him to stay in business.

Antonio: Your grandfather -- is he still alive?

Shaun: Alive and kicking.

Antonio: Uh -- get the ball rolling, ok? I'll be back in just a minute.

Talia: Sure.

Shaun: Hereís all my numbers. I'll get back to you after I speak to the old man.

Antonio: Hi -- sorry.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: Time got away from me.

Jessica: Oh, no, itís ok. Is something wrong?

Antonio: No. Actually, I think we might have a break in the arson case.

Jessica: Does that mean yore going to be here all night?

Antonio: Uh-uh, uh-uh. No, I donít think so.

Jessica: Ah, good. Well, then I'll meet you at Capricorn?

Antonio: Great. In the meantime, why donít you sign these and I'll -- I'll file them on my way out.

Jessica: I -- I canít.

Antonio: You donít want to adopt Jamie?

Jessica: You know I love Jamie more than anything and I'd do anything to make sure that sheís taken care of.

Antonio: Ok, then whatís the problem?

Jessica: There isnít one, there isnít one. I -- I just meant that I didnít want to sign it here in the police station. I mean, this is a big event for our family and we should, you know, do it up right and we should celebrate.

Antonio: Ok, ok, I get that.

Jessica: Good.

Antonio: Uh, well, tonight was our -- our night out anyway, so we can cap it off by signing these papers.

Jessica: Great. Then I'll bring them with me to Capricorn.

Antonio: Ok. I'll see you soon.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: All right.

Talia: Thank you.

Shaun: You're welcome.

Vincent: Ahem. Nothing better happen to Shaun or his granddaddy.

Antonio: Donít worry about it, Vincent. We're going to try to keep this quiet, all right? The last thing we want is this guy finding out that this department has any leads.

Vincent: Hey, Detective Vega? You find this white trash, or I will. Letís go, Shaun.

Talia: Well, itís a start. Boss, you still with me?

Antonio: Sure. Where else would I be?

John: You got a headache, any double vision?

Cole: No.

John: You're not saying much. You having trouble finding the words?

Cole: I canít have a concussion. My momís already freaking out.

John: She doesnít have to know about today.

Cole: So the guy that has it all together is telling me that I can lie to my mom?

John: How do I have it all together?

Cole: Well, I mean, more than me, I guess. I'm sure you donít have to go to the doctor to get a drug test once a week.

John: Yeah, I donít pee for no man. Howís that going for you?

Cole: Well, I'm off the anti-depressants.

John: Good.

Cole: Although, I still have to go back for therapy.

John: My condolences.

Cole: Hey, you know, I wouldnít mind it so much if I could still see Starr. And -- and even though I'm clean, they wonít let me play sports until I get three letters of recommendation from adults that arenít related to me. So that leaves talking about school and my feelings.

John: School and feelings, thatís a -- thatís a tough life.

Cole: Huh. Yeah. Tell me about it.

John: So you -- you play anything besides football?

Cole: Uh -- yeah, actually, footballís my second sport. Now, baseball -- now, thatís where I'm good.

John: Yeah, what position? 

Cole: Second.

John: Oh, yeah? Whatís your average?

Cole: Um -- well, I hit at .320 at my last school.

John: .320 batting average? Well, the Llions could use a good hitter. Ok, listen. You know, one of these letters of recommendation that you need -- would it help if it came from someone like me?

Starr: The thing about Cole and me is that we get along really well together. The only problem that we have is my dad. I really thought that he was going to kill Cole. And I would've been known as the girl who got her boyfriend whacked instead of the one who cost the Llanview Llions their precious title.

Natalie: Hmm. I never had that problem. Roxy didnít really care who I dated as long as it got me out of the trailer. For what itís worth, I think you did the right thing.

Starr: I wish it felt better.

Marty: Donít you dare put this on Cole.

Evangeline: I'm not putting all the blame on anyone -- thatís my point. What happened with Cole is not all Coleís fault and itís not all your fault and itís not all Toddís fault. Marty, the man that hurt Cole is not the same man that attacked you. Todd lives with guilt every single day of his life.

Marty: Oh.

Evangeline: And he would do anything to protect his daughter.

Marty: Wow, thatís interesting, because, I mean, you see a changed man and I just see a man who is always hurting the people who care about him. Well, you just stick around -- you'll find out soon enough.

Todd: What do I got to do -- prove myself?

Miles: I want to make sure that if this baby is alive, that heís better off if you found him.

Todd: I love my children.

Miles: Doesnít make you a good father.

Todd: Who you been talking to?

Miles: Marty.

Todd: Ah. Your triple date at the lodge. Fancy her, do you? [Todd chuckles]

Miles: No.

Todd: No. No, no, of course not. A word of advice, though -- every man who has ever touched Marty Saybrooke has ended up in jail, paralyzed, or dead.

Miles: Yeah. What about the women you've touched? Howís that working out for them?

Todd: Well, as far as I know, they're still alive.

Miles: Does Margaret Cochran not count?

Todd: Hmm. No, I'm not a perfect man, but I am a good father, and I would be a good father to Margaretís kid.

Miles: I pray to God you're telling the truth.

Talia: Are you clocking out?

Antonio: I -- yeah. I'm supposed to be meeting Jessica. You -- you got everything covered here?

Talia: Well, it seems to be.

Antonio: Ok, good, uh -- I wouldnít be leaving, but -- but Jessica and I are kind of celebrating. Sheís going to sign the adoption papers tonight.

Talia: You go. I'm glad everythingís working out for you.

Antonio: Yeah, me, too.

Blair: Come on, Cristian. Are -- you're going to have a big old goose egg and I'm so sorry.

Cristian: I'm fine, I'm fi.

Nash: Let me get you some ice.

Blair: No.

Cristian: I donít need ice, I'm fine.

Blair: Get him some ice because your face has been cut. You must've cut it on the glass. Donít touch it. We'll get it cleaned out. I'm so sorry. You know, why didnít you let me handle this? I was trying to do it quietly.

Cristian: You looked like you were in trouble. I was ready to --

Blair: No, no, no, itís not trouble, just life as a singer in a bar. I'm so sorry.

Cristian: Ow, ow.

Nash: Hey! I didnít see you coming in.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I didnít think that you worked here anymore.

Nash: No, I donít. I came in here to pick up a paycheck, there was a little drama over there. Could you pass me the bar towel?

Jessica: Oh, shoot.

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Can I have those, please?

Nash: "Petition to adopt," huh?

Jessica: Yes. Give them to me.

Nash: You're going through with it? Or not.

Jessica: Of course I am.

Nash: Really? So, why has he signed here but you havenít?

Vincent: Natalie.

Natalie: Vincent!

Vincent: Hey.

Natalie: Hey. Shaun, hey. This is my cousin Starr.

Vincent: Ah, itís nice to meet you. Right. So how you doing?

Natalie: Great.

Vincent: Yeah? Howís John doing?

Starr: Donít ask. I'm going to go.

Natalie: Um -- just donít forget to call me, ok?

Starr: Ok. Bye.

Shaun: Thatís your cousin? She doesnít look anything like you.

Natalie: Hmm.

Vincent: Hey, Shaun? Why donít you do yourself a favor and grab yourself a cup of coffee?

Shaun: My man.

Natalie: Ahem.

Vincent: You know, Natalie, I'm really sorry about you and John.

Natalie: So am I.

Cole: Why would you write me a letter of recommendation?

John: You know, I donít know, but stop by the station sometime, we'll talk.

Cole: Ok.

John: You think you're going to remember this conversation?

Cole: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine -- one good thing about having a thick skull.

John: Yeah. I'll see you around.

Cole: Hey.

John: Huh?

Cole: Thanks for the ice.

John: Yeah, itís free.

Evangeline: Todd? I canít believe this.

Martyís voice: Wow, thatís interesting because, um, you see a changed man, and I just see a man who is always hurting the people who care about him. You know -- you know, you donít believe me? Well, you just stick around. You'll find out soon enough.

Evangeline: Maybe I should've listened.

Todd: You brought me over here for this?

Miles: I didnít say it was all spelled out.

Todd: What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

Miles: Thatís up to you.

Todd: You know, I donít even know that Spencer wrote this. I donít know you're not just messing with me like he did.

Miles: True. But can you ignore something that might make a difference to your son?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: Are you dining alone?

Shaun: So what happened between you and John?

Todd: I have evidence that my son is alive, and information about where he might be.

Nash: I want you to admit you love me as much as I love you.

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