OLTL Transcript Monday 4/2/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/2/07


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Nash: We simply must stop bumping into each other like this.

Jessica: Unbelievable.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: I do everything in my power to stay away from you, and yet --

Nash: And yet, vineyard.

Jessica: Why is this happening? Why do I keep on running into you when you're the last person in the world that I want to see?

Nash: Yeah. Maybe like the universe is trying to tell you something.

Talia: So the medallion the arsonist came back to Nora's house for --

Antonio: Was their symbol.

Talia: Right.

Antonio: And these people were targeted because they're not white, or Christian.

Talia: I need to get a profile of the kind of person who can belong to a group like this.

Antonio: How about any kind? Anybody can be taught how to hate, even little kids.

Talia: Well, from my encounters with the guy, he's a Caucasian male. At least we know that.

Antonio: And we've got motive. Right? So this guy could look like any Joe blow on the street. He could even be someone we already know.

Spencer's Voice: "Dear Miles, I've asked my lawyer to deliver this if, and only if, you decided to remain in Llanview. I hope my actions have proven that I'm your friend and that you can believe what I say. Your trust is imperative, especially now, because I have something of utmost importance to confide in you. It's about a man named Todd Manning. "

Starr: I know the answer. I'll break up with Cole. If you leave him alone, I promise I won't have anything to do with him ever again.

Cole: Starr, what are you saying?

Starr: Cole, this is the only way. My father nearly killed you!

Todd: And I don't like to leave things unfinished.

Evangeline: Shut up, Todd.

Starr: Do you see what I mean?

Marty: He should be locked up for good this time.

Cole: Mom.

Starr: Look, Dad, I'll do this. I'll swear to have nothing to do with Cole ever again, but only if you promise to leave him alone. And if you promise not to send him away.

Natalie: Um -- did you find Cole?

John: With Manning's hands wrapped around his neck.

Natalie: Is he all right?

John: Yeah. Another few seconds, who knows? You know, if I would have found those kids first, this whole situation could have been avoided. What were you thinking, telling Todd?

Natalie: I didn't know he was going to react like that.

John: Sure you did.

Natalie: It was stupid, but I was angry, John. And then, my God, we were in the middle of a very important conversation, deciding our future, and you blow me off to go help Marty?

John: No one was blowing you off. I was doing my job. It's a good thing I did, or else that kid could have ended up dead, and it would have been on you!

Natalie: Hmm -- well, I guess I was under this crazy notion that you're supposed to know what's going on with the person you love, instead of being kept in the dark.

John: I never intended to keep you in the dark.

Natalie: You made me think that you were going to ask me to marry you, that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, but instead, you were planning on dumping me! I mean, what, did you just want to build me up and -- so you can just tear me apart?

John: It was a misunderstanding. Think about it. That whole night was chaos.

Natalie: You know how to express yourself when you want to.

John: Getting married is not going to solve any of our problems! It's not going to solve any of our problems!

Natalie: Believe me, I know that. Is there a solution, John? Or is this relationship dead in the water?

Jessica: Give me a break, Nash. It's not the universe, ok? It's a coincidence. We live in a small town.

Nash: Yeah, I don't believe in coincidences.

Jessica: Bad luck -- do you believe in that?

Nash: Yeah, but I -- I think this is good luck.

Jessica: Oh. Just don't do this, ok? Nothing good is going to come of it.

Nash: But I love you. How could you make something bad out of that?

Jessica: Don't! Stop it! You promised.

Nash: Yes, I did. But then, I'm human, and I just got some bad news.

Jessica: What bad news? Is everything ok?

Nash: Well -- well, don't worry about it. I can tell you got something going on by the way you're stomping along. What's wrong?

Jessica: I should go.

Nash: Why? We're in a public place. What could possibly happen between the two of us?

Miles: Oh. Spencer?

Spencer: Hello, Miles.

Miles: What do you want from me?

Starr: Do I have your word that you won't hurt Cole?

Todd: It's not that simple. This wasn't the first time you lied about not seeing Cole.

Marty: Look, Todd's right. You can't sit here and tell us that you're not going to see each other, and go back to running around and sneaking off.

Cole: No, mom, I'm sick of sneaking around and lying to you all the time. But if you send me off to military school, I'll find a way to get back here to be with Starr. All right, I'm not going to let you keep us apart.

Todd: Well, if she , I will.

Evangeline: Todd --

Starr: Cole, can't -- can't you see? We can't do this. We can't be together, because the same things are going to keep on happening. Somebody's going to get -- end up in jail, or get hurt, and I'll end up losing you and my dad, both. This is the only thing we have left to do. We have to let each other go for everyone's sake.

Cole: Not for us. If we let them win, then we lose, and I'm not going to lose you, Starr.

Starr: You have to. This is the only way.

Cole: Can you just walk away from me? Huh? Can you really just tell me goodbye?

John: What we're doing -- it isn't working.

Natalie: Right. Well, I need -- I need a partner who's actually going to be there by my side, and I guess you need someone who's going to understand your need to be alone.

John: And you get that. Sometimes.

Natalie: It isn't easy. And you know, sometimes I try to blame it on your moods, but it still hurts.

John: Yeah, well, you know, this new thing you do, where you -- you always know what's best for me all the time -- I don't like that.

Natalie: Well, that's great, because I don't like watching you self-destruct. You know, we have been at cross-purposes ever since you got out of the hospital. You definitely don't respect me anymore.

John: Huh. Yeah? Well, I think that goes both ways.

Natalie: I am so humiliated. And I guess I have been completely in denial, and now everybody is. Everybody knows, and they're all -- they're all going to feel sorry for me. And I really hate it when people feel sorry for me.

John: It's not your fault. That's nothing you did. If anything, I let -- I let you go on thinking that we were headed somewhere where we weren't. I just wasn't sure. What do you want me to say, Natalie? What do you need? Just -- tell me.

Natalie: The same thing as you do -- space.

Spencer: You're a mess, huh?

Miles: Well, I have you to thank for that. You gave me this face. You made me think that a woman like Marty Saybrooke could fall for me.

Spencer: No, Miles, you're not really starting to fall for Dr. Saybrooke, are you?

Miles: Look, I've already fallen. And I've ruined everything. She want anything to do with me.

Spencer: Well, I can't blame her. She is beautiful. You know, Dr. Saybrooke always did possess a certain propensity for sending mixed signals. But how can you blame her? I mean, look at you -- you are a devilishly handsome young man. I did try to re-create you in my image -- my own image. I did, Miles. Not an easy task, I might add. But you always had such a damn good fighting spirit.

Miles: So what?

Spencer: "So what? " What are you going to do, just accept Dr. Saybrooke -- Marty's rejection? Or are you going to do something about it?

Miles: You can't force somebody to care about you. Even I know that.

Spencer: No one in this life is going to hand you anything, Miles. Enough, you have to reach out and take it.

Starr: Cole, please don't make this harder than it already is.

Cole: Answer me. Can you turn off your feelings for me just like that?

Marty: Look, Starr, if you're sincere, you're doing the right thing, and a smart thing.

Cole: What are you talking about?

Marty: I just keeping you safe, ok? And the only way that is possible is if you are not involved with his daughter.

Starr: I want you to know that if you will promise to leave him alone, I won't ever be alone with him again.

Todd: And how do I know you'll keep up your end of the bargain?

Starr: God, what do I have to do?

Evangeline: You have to trust her, Todd. That's the only way.

Todd: No phone calls, - no instant messaging. Got it?

Starr: I promise.

Cole: Please, Starr, don't do it. There's got to be another way.

Marty: You will have nothing to do with each other, and I won't have to send you away.

Starr: Then it's settled.

Todd: No, not quite.

Talia: Like there's anything pure about burning people alive. So, I'm -- what do we do? How do we find these people?

Antonio: Sounds like you have dealt with this type of perp before. Have you been a victim of a hate crime, Talia?

Jessica: I have to get going.

Nash: To your family. I hear that you were gonna adopt Antonio's little girl.

Jessica: Who told you that?

Nash: Antonio.

Jessica: I've been Jamie's mother all along.

Nash: Yeah, I suppose.

Jessica: What?

Nash: It's going to be much harder, isn't it?

Jessica: Nash, I -- I know that it's difficult for our relationship. . .

Nash: No, harder for you. You know, I can see you leaving Antonio, but abandoning your own daughter -- that's just --

Jessica: I'm not going to leave Antonio, ok?

Nash: And the feelings you have for me -- you're just going to sweep them aside?

Jessica: This is what I have to do, I know what I have to feel, I know what I need.

Nash: You're hot

Talia: My family has had some problems, yeah. After 9/11, just having a last name like Sahid was enough to make a lot of people suspicious.

Antonio: All right, I want -- I want you to be especially careful now that we know what the arsonist is really about.

Talia: I'm always careful.

Antonio: Do you live alone?

Talia: Um -- the guy had two chances to kill me and passed, so -- no, but you're right. I -- I don't exactly qualify as pure by this guy's definition.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Talia: Killing Ted must have been a mistake.

Antonio: Well, it didn't slow the guy down any.

Talia: No, he -- he nearly killed Jessica and Nash at Capricorn, and there were a lot of other people there, too. I don't get it. What's wrong?

Antonio: I could have lost Jessica in that fire.

Jessica: You have got to stop saying things like that. Damn it, Nash, you've got to stop thinking things like that.

Nash: I'm sorry, but I can't turn my feelings on and off the way you can.

Jessica: Well, I can, and I have. It's a choice that I made, and I'm sticking with it.

Nash: I never wanted to complicate your life. I'm sorry, I want you to be happy, I do, but you're not. You can't be.

Jessica: You don't know, Nash.

Nash: I'm the only one who knows, because I'm the only one who knows you -- all of you. Now, you made your choice. Fine, but you're still conflicted about it. You know, one day you're going to wake up and realize that you have made a terrible mistake.

Jessica: Don't!

Nash: But by that time, you're going to be too mired in Antonio's little family to do anything about it.

Jessica: Antonio's family is my family!

Nash: You sure about that?

Jessica: Yes, I am sure! I'm sure that the only mistake that I've made throughout this entire thing is letting myself feel anything for you!

Nash: Hmm.

Talia: Arson cases -- Llanview -- prior to Jones' fire. Damn. Nothing matches the M.O. specifically.

Antonio: You know, the arsons we've been tracking are practically clones.

Talia: Well, then I guess we can assume that he's started his spree with Jones' warehouse, yeah?

Antonio: Hmm, the perp probably moved to Llanview right before that fire.

Talia: That's what I'm thinking, too. All right. I'm going to check the city database to see all new home purchases and new leases made around the time of the first fire.

Antonio: That's going to bring up a lot of names.

Talia: I know, but I have to start somewhere. I can't just wait around for the guy to strike a match. Come here and look at this. Antonio?

Jessica: I have to go.

Nash: All right. Look, you're trying to be a good wife to Antonio, I get that.

Jessica: Oh -- I don't want to hear it, Nash!

Nash: What about you? Don't you count at all?

Jessica: No Matter what, I am going to honor the choice that I have made. And if you want me to be happy, you will, too.

Spencer: I mean, so what? Who says you cannot have every single thing in this life you've always wanted, Miles.

Miles: Nobody gets everything they want, Spencer. Nobody.

Spencer: Well, who -- who's this talking? I mean, what -- what am I hearing from you here? Are you becoming a cynic, Miles?

Miles: A realist.

Spencer: Realist? I'll tell you what. Screw reality. I have taught you how to live an extraordinary life and how to defy reality. You're not going to let me down, are you, Miles? Do you not remember all of our little talks?

Miles: I do.

Spencer: You had to overcome such tremendous obstacles. So much pain caused by all the surgeries. And what did I always say?

Miles: You said that there were many challenges that I was going to face in my new life, but none of them as great a challenge as I've already faced.

Spencer: That being cast off by your very own father. Being hideously disfigured from birth. That's right.

Miles: If I could conquer that, I could conquer anything.

Spencer: Yes, Miles, and I believe that, and you must believe that, or your life will be nothing short of ordinary, my friend, meaningless. Now, do you believe that you can conquer anything?

Miles: I'll try.

Spencer: You have to do more than just try, Miles. You have to believe. You have to believe it. Otherwise, everything that you and I have accomplished will be for nothing. I'm your only friend, Miles. Don't you ever forget that.

Miles: You are my only friend. Everything that you've done for me.

Spencer: Well, it may not be too late.

John: Hey. Are -- are you saying you think we -- we should break up?

Natalie: I love you. And I believe that you love me.

John: You know I love you.

Natalie: I used to think that that was enough, hearing you say it, because I knew how hard it was for you, but -- but it isn't. I don't know. Maybe we're just too much alike. You know, we're always acting out, wanting to call the shots. You know? And we really -- we didn't have time to figure that out before the accident, and I guess now, we've had time, and all we do is we walk on eggshells. And I don't want to live like that. Do you want to live like that?

John: No, I don't.

Natalie: Yeah, me, neither.

John: It sounds to me like -- like we're giving up. And I'm not good at that.

Natalie: What should we do? Go to couples' counseling?

John: Yeah, I can't see us doing that, either.

Natalie: You know I'm right.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: I'm going to miss you so much.

Cole: It's not like I have a choice, right?

Marty: You're doing the right thing

Todd: Hey, I'-- -

Starr: Yeah, well, someone had to be the grownup around here.

Cole: If I'm not going to be around her again, I want a few minutes with her alone so I can say goodbye.

Todd: Like hell.

Evangeline: Todd, we're in a police station. No harm will come from them talking.

Todd: I'll be back in a few minutes.

Evangeline: Maloney, can we get these handcuffs off, please?

Maloney: All right. You even had me going there for a minute.

Starr: Cole --

Cole: But this time around, we're going to be a lot more careful about when and where --

Starr: No, Cole, shh, stop. It wasn't some brilliant plan. I meant what I said. This is the only way.

Cole: You what? Well, what are you -- what --

Starr: We can't see each other anymore, Cole. This is really goodbye.

Antonio: I'm sorry -- what were you saying?

Talia: There is a guy in Wisconsin doing time for battery. The victim was black, and the criminal in his trial defended himself with only three words -- "unus putus populus. "

Antonio: "One pure people. "

Talia: Yep.

Antonio: Sounds like the guy is part of our group.

Talia: I'm going to call the Wisconsin authorities. Maybe this guy crossed paths with our guy, or maybe he could name names.

Antonio: Good work, Talia.

Nash: Of course I want you to be happy. How could I not want you to be happy? I love you.

Jessica: Oh, you don't love me! Stop saying that, leave me alone.

Nash: So we're back to where we were.

Jessica: Ah! Nash, nothing has changed. You promised me that you'd stay away from me, and I --

Nash: Oh, I kept my promise. I haven't tried to get in touch with you.

Jessica: I know. Thank you.

Nash: But there's just nothing I can do if fate keeps bringing us together.

John: Hey, you know, we were friends before. That should mean something, you know, the way that we were always there for one another.

Natalie: You weren't just my friend. You were my -- my best friend.

John: I hope there's some way we can hang on to that.

Natalie: We'll -- we'll see each other a lot.

John: Right. At the office and around.

Natalie: Yeah. I'm going to get my things.

John: Right away?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, it has to be. I -- I need to do it now.

John: Come on, I'll take you home.

Natalie: "Home. "

Miles: But you're dead. How can I possibly do anything for you?

Spencer: Finish the letter, Miles.

Miles: If you want me to hurt someone, I --

Spencer: Now, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait -- wait a minute. What are you talking about? Why would you say something like that, huh?

Miles: Spencer, you were nothing but kind and generous to me. But the people here -- they say you were a monster.

Spencer: Hmm. So, are you going to judge me based on what other people say or what you know from experience?

Miles: It's just that these people are good people, they're good.

Spencer: Todd Manning?

Miles: No, not Todd. But everyone else -- they've been very kind of me.

Spencer: Only because they want something from you, Miles. Need I remind you that you are a very, very wealthy man? This is the way the world works. And if you want to get along in the world, then you will listen to your old, dear, dead friend.

Miles: What do you want me to do?

Spencer: Read the letter, Miles.

Evangeline: I wish this situation hadn't gone this far with you totally out of control and Marty demanding your arrest.

Todd: It's not my fault. Starr's got a mind of her own these days.

Evangeline: She always has. Look, when I was a kid, my parents begrudgingly allowed me to go on this date with this kid that had just gotten his driver's license, as long as he promised to have me home by 11:00. So when we pulled up in my driveway at 11:05, my father was already standing outside, like one second away from calling the police.

Todd: Did you get in big trouble?

Evangeline: Actually, he blamed my date more than he blamed me. And if that -- if that kid hadn't pulled away from the driveway so fast, there's no telling what my father would've done, so -- so if some boy had tried to run off with me or Layla, what you did to Cole would seem like child's play.

Todd: Yeah? Yeah, I was protecting my kid.

Evangeline: Well, let's look at it from Starr's perspective. I was furious with my father for a very long time. I was embarrassed and I was resentful and I couldn't believe he made me feel so terrible for five stupid minutes.

Todd: How long before you guys made up?

Evangeline: Months. Oh, but then this -- this kid I knew in school, he got killed in a car accident. And I finally understood what my father was so afraid of.

Todd: Yeah, no kidding.

Evangeline: And my father realized that he had overreacted.

Todd: You guys had a good relationship?

Evangeline: The best. Just like you and Starr. So, I guess what I'm saying here is be patient.

Todd: Hmm. That's not my strong suit.

Evangeline: Well, you'd better work on it. Because if you don't learn to have some empathy for what she's going through, you're you're going to lose her forever.

Cole: You can't be serious.

Starr: Cole, I can't risk you getting hurt.

Cole: If you're doing this for me, then --

Starr: I am doing it for you! And I'm doing it for me, and I'm doing it for Langston, who is probably getting in a lot of trouble for this. I'm doing it for my brother, who deserve to see his dad in jail again.

Cole: Starr, please.

Starr: Cole, I'm doing this because anything else is impossible. Don't you get it? Cole, please don't make this any harder for me! Please tell me that -- that you see that this is the only way.

Cole: Yeah, I guess I see. But we can still text each other, and I --

Starr: No. No, Cole. Because we'll get caught and your mom will send you away to military school, and if it's like this, I -- I know where you are and I know that you're safe.

Cole: How am I supposed to see you at school and -- and not talk to you?

Starr: I don't know! I haven't thought about that part yet! Cole? I will never forget anything -- not one minute, ok? D I t regret any moment of us ever being together.

Cole: I love you.

Starr: I know.

Antonio: Yeah, thanks. Right. Just spoke to the Warden at Jackson correctional in Wisconsin. Our guy, he's not going to be telling us anything.

Talia: Why not?

Antonio: Well, he -- he went after another inmate and the other inmate knew he was coming.

Jessica: Hi. Um -- you guys are still working.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. Um, actually, we're -- we're getting ready to stop.

Talia: I'm actually going to go down to the station and keep searching.

Antonio: I'll talk to you later.

Talia: Take care, Jess.

Jessica: You, too. So, you guys get a break in the arson case?

Antonio: Well, we -- we got a motive.

Jessica: That should narrow things down a bit. It's great.

Antonio: Yeah, I -- I don't want to talk about the case. How is -- how is your Uncle Miles?

Jessica: Um -- I got there, he was in a bad way. He had been drinking and -- whew. You know, I -- I tried to talk some sense into him. I have no idea whether it helped or not.

Antonio: Oh, I'm sure it did. You're -- you're good at comforting people.

Jessica: Hmm, I'm not sure about that, but --

Antonio: Well, especially the men in your life.

Jessica: "The men in my life"?

Antonio: Me, Nash -- you always find a way to lift our spirits just by being you.

Jessica: Oh, well, that's really sweet, Antonio, but I don't --

Antonio: How's he doing, by the way? Nash -- how's he doing? He ok?

Miles: I'm not sure I want to get involved with anything that has to do with Todd Manning -- or you.

Spencer: I see. Well, I created you, miles.

Miles: No.

Spencer: You and I are one and the same. We are a part of each other.

Miles: No.

Spencer: Read the letter, Miles.

Evangeline: Todd, stop it. Let them say goodbye.

Starr: We better go.

Marty: John's not back yet.

Evangeline: Well, I need to review a case, so I'll give you a call, tomorrow.

Todd: Hey. Thanks.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Todd: Oh, I think we've given them enough time.

Marty: I'm sure they don't think so.

Todd: Let's go.

Marty: Let's go home, Cole.

Jessica: Why are you asking me about Nash?

Antonio: I looked out the window and saw you two talking.

Jessica: Well, I ran into him, literally. I ran into him while I was coming home from seeing miles.

Antonio: It -- it looked like a pretty intense conversation.

Jessica: Well, it was. He had a big reaction to the news that you gave him.

Antonio: What news?

Jessica: About me adopting Jamie.

Antonio: He was upset about that?

Jessica: He's worried about what it's going to mean for Bree.

Antonio: I don't follow.

Jessica: He's just worried that he's not going to get to see Bree as much.

Antonio: That doesn't make sense.

Jessica: Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense. It's completely irrational and you know how Nash is, all hotheaded and stuff, and that's one of the biggest reasons that we don't get along, why I don't want to be anywhere near him. He makes problems where there are none.

Antonio: I'm going to go check on the girls.

Natalie: I think I got everything.

John: I find anything of yours, I'll bring it to the station.

Natalie: Thanks. This is it, huh?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

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Natalie: We'll still be friends.

John: You think we can?

Rex: Who's acting jealous now?

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