OLTL Transcript Friday 3/30/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/30/07


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Antonio: Bree.

Nash: Sorry we're late. We got caught up in a scintillating game of peek-a-boo and lost track of time.

Antonio: It's ok, I just got home. Come on in.

Nash: Jessica here?

Antonio: No, she's out.

Nash: Ah. Good.

Miles: Come in.

Jessica: Miles, I can't. The door's locked.

Miles: Jessica. Hmm, you came.

Jessica: Miles?

Miles: Hmm?

Jessica: What happened? What -- were you robbed?

Miles: No one's going to love you. You're an animal -- a monster!

Talia: Damn it. Can I help you?

Evangeline: Hey. I was just wondering if there's anything new on the arson case.

Talia: DA Hanen sent you to check up on me, didn't she?

Vincent: What's a beautiful woman like you doing alone on a night like this?

Natalie: Hey.

Vincent: You're crying, Nat. What's wrong?

Marty: I can't even think about it. If they make it out of town, you know, I could lose him forever.

John: You know, they weren't at the train station. You said they probably don't have the money to -- to get a plane ticket.

Marty: No. No, but they -- but they could hitchhike. You know, there's all these sick and depraved people out there. One of them could pick them up --

John: Stop it, stop it, all right? We're going to find them, end of story.

Starr: Dad, stop it! Dad, stop it! Please, I'm so sorry, dad!

Todd: Kidnap my daughter?

Starr: Dad, stop! Let go!

Natalie: Thank you for coming here, Vincent.

Vincent: Hey, you called me, I came. What's going on, Nat?

Natalie: I just needed someone to help me clear my head.

Vincent: I'm here. I'm all yours.

Natalie: You know that I'm beginning to trust you, right? Even with all that gangster cool thing you try to lay on.

Vincent: "Gangster cool" -- dig that.

Natalie: I'm serious. I know you're a good guy.

Vincent: Yeah. Well, I know you know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone toe-to-toe with Officer Sahid on my behalf.

Natalie: You didn't do it, right?

Vincent: No. Mom's always telling me not to play with matches.

Natalie: All right. Well, the department's going to find the real arsonist.

Vincent: Well, I hope they do, because they keep sweating me about it, trying to pin that new evidence on me. Offer Sahid, she found a medal at the crime scene.

Natalie: What?

Vincent: You know, I -- I don't get it. I think she has some big subconscious thing for me, you know? She keeps blowing up my PDA, looking for me and stuff.

Natalie: That's what I'm talking about. See, underneath all that, you're still a good guy.

Vincent: Yeah. And that's the first time a smile has graced your face in a very long time, Nat. Hey, look. I didn't come down here to bring you down. Now, I can tell there's something going on with you now. What is it? Huh? Is it Mc Bain?

Evangeline: Actually, Todd Manning called me. It seems his daughter and her boyfriend ran away together. Do you know anything about that?

Talia: Nobody reported anything to me.

Evangeline: I see.

Talia: Is there anything else I can do for you?

Evangeline: No, actually. I'll just wait to hear back from Todd first.

Talia: Great. You looking for something to do? Here.

Evangeline: "555-0175, extension 11. " What is this?

Talia: Tell your boss if she wants an update on the arson case, that's my direct line.

Evangeline: Ok. Ok, Officer Sahid, yes -- Nora did ask me to come down here and check your progress on the arson case.

Talia: She thinks I'm incompetent.

Evangeline: No, that's not true.

Talia: Yeah, right. That's why she tore me and Antonio a new one.

Evangeline: Look, Nora is under a tremendous amount of stress. Her house was burned to the ground and she and her son could've been killed.

Talia: This pyro freak sent Antonio to the hospital and then came after me at two separate crime scenes. And you know what? Matthew's the boss' kid, too. This case is personal for all of us and we want this guy just as much as DA Hanen does.

Antonio: You know, that was blunt.

Nash: Yeah. Well, uh, you know -- sure, I seem like a jerk in all of this, but Jessica and I, we're just --

Antonio: No, you and Jessica need boundaries badly.

Nash: Excuse me?

Antonio: I get it. Look, you've been doing a hell of a job putting this little girl first, but all this contact takes its toll.

Nash: Yeah.

Antonio: I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet you and Bree at the diner like we had planned.

Nash: That's all right. She told me all about it -- big case, cold out. Arsonist I'm assuming, huh?

Antonio: Yeah.

Nash: Yeah. Well, do me a favor -- when you find him, punch him for me.

Antonio: Ok, you got it.

Nash: Great. All right. Daddy's got to go, but I will be back before you know it, ok? Oh.

Antonio: Jess said she might be coming down with something, but she looks healthy to me.

Nash: Oh, yeah, she's fine. Aren't you?

Antonio: Well, it's her bedtime. You want to put her down?

Nash: Yeah, I'd love to.

Antonio: Ok.

Nash: I will sing her a song and then I will get out of your hair.

Antonio: Well, or you could join me for a beer -- I could use the company. Besides, what else have you got to do now that you're not working at Capricorn?

Nash: Ha-ha. Are we having another one of our little senior moments, Antonio, huh? Didn't we just finish talking about Jessica and I not --

Antonio: Oh.

Nash: Yeah.

Antonio: Oh -- right. She's -- she's visiting her Uncle Miles, I forgot to mention that. She'll be back in a while.

Nash: Oh, all right. Great. A cold one it is. Say good night to Antonio.

Antonio: Good night, Bree.

Nash: Hmm. Let's go. Ooh.

Antonio: Oh.

Miles: I wasn't robbed.

Jessica: Ok, Miles, then what happened? Because you sounded so upset on the phone, and from the looks of things, it -- oh.

Miles: You're the only living relative that I have, and you are the closest person in --

Jessica: Ok, ok. Miles, we haven't gotten to know each other that well yet, ok?

Miles: But you're family, and I know you're a good person and you're never going to judge me and you're never going to turn your back on me. I know that.

Jessica: Have you done something bad?

Miles: No. No. I don't think so. I'm glad you're family, Jessica, because at the rate I'm going, I'm never going to have any friends. And women, don't even -- don't even get me started.

Jessica: Enough's enough. Focus. I came running over here, left my husband and my two little girls at home because you sounded like you were in trouble. Now, are you going to tell me what happened to this room, because right now, I'm kind of at the end of my rope here and I'm ready to leave, so --

Miles: I did it. I did it.

Jessica: You trashed your own room? Why, Miles?

Miles: Because I was angry. I was really angry.

Starr: Stop! Please stop! You're going to kill him!

Todd: He's dead.

Starr: Dad, he can't breathe! Oh, my God! Ah! Cole! Are you ok?

Marty: Cole, are you ok? Cole, are you ok?

Starr: Cole, I'm so sorry!

Marty: You are going to pay for this!

Starr: I'm so sorry.

Todd: Your little bastard's going to pay for this.

Marty: Oh, my God, sweetie. Come on, I'm going to get you checked out, ok? We need an ambulance.

Cole: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Marty: No, no -- I am going to get you checked out.

Cole: No doctor, nothing. I'm fine. All right? He's not that tough.

Todd: Why don't you come over here and say that?

John: Shut up, Manning.

Marty: Ok, fine, fine, no ambulance.

Starr: Cole, please --

Todd: Get away from him!

Starr: Please don't hate me! I'm so sorry!

Cole: I don't hate you. I don't hate you, ok? I could never hate you. All right? I love you.

Starr: I love you, too. Are you ok?

John: That's enough, Starr. Move away from him -- now. We'll get this figured out, I promise.

Talia: Please, please, faith, I can't handle hearing how I ruined someone else's life today. Re-examine the scene, and out of nowhere the guy jumped me, hit me in the head. I almost had him.

Evangeline: My God. You could've been hurt. Thank God the suspect wasn't armed.

Talia: I think fire seems to be his weapon of choice.

Evangeline: For now. Be careful, ok? You're on the frontlines, and this suspect has no compunction about attacking cops.

Talia: You know what, there is something you can tell your boss. I -- I don't think Vincent Jones is setting the fires himself -- maybe could be hiring the person that did, but --

Evangeline: Do you have any physical evidence that Vincent isn't setting the fires?

Talia: No, I -- nothing rock solid. I just -- I got a vague look at the guy when I was in Nora's basement and his shape didn't seem to match Vincent's and -- I don't know. I don't think that this guy is African-American.

Evangeline: Well, if Vincent hired the guy and we catch him, then maybe we could flip him and he could give us Jones.

Talia: Facing murder one on top of arson charges, he'd sing like a blue jay -- with a little incentive from the DA 's office.

Evangeline: Well, we do what we can. Look, we want this guy off the streets -- fast.

Talia: Me, too. I just wish I could crack this new piece of evidence. I -- I don't know -- my gut tells me this could lead us right to the firebug's door.

Jessica: Miles, what did you get so mad about?

Miles: Something happened with Marty Saybrooke. You know, I'm going to have a martini -- you want one?

Jessica: No, Miles -- Miles, look at me, look at me. Do I look like I'm in the mood for a martini right now?

Miles: See, that's what I don't get -- I -- I just don't get women. Shaken or -- or stirred?

Jessica: Um -- ok, I'm here to help you. So why don't you do me a favor and drop the super-secret 007 act that you got going on here, because it's getting a bit annoying. You got it? Now, please, just tell me what happened with Marty.

Miles: It's a long story.

Jessica: Well, then give me the grocery-list version.

Miles: The what?

Jessica: The short version, Miles.

Miles: Oh. All right, all right, um, I asked Marty out to dinner and she accepted.

Jessica: Well, was this dinner invitation as friends or was it --

Miles: No, it was a date, it was a date.

Jessica: So, are you interested in Marty?

Miles: Extremely. But she insisted that the dinner was only as friends. So we went to the restaurant downstairs, and I don't know if you know this, but they were robbed earlier.

Jessica: Yes, my sister told me. That's why when I saw your room, I freaked out a little bit.

Miles: I'm -- I'm sorry I worried you.

Jessica: No, it's ok. Please go on.

Miles: Well, uh, two armed robbers came in and -- and they demanded our valuables, and Marty didn't want to give them her wallet because she had some important pictures. The robbers didn't care.

Jessica: Mm-hmm?

Miles: And one of them was going to hurt her, so I hit him.

Jessica: Miles, that -- that was really brave of you.

Miles: I thought so. And they arrested the criminals, and then Marty and I came up here and -- and that's when I told her I was attracted to her.

Jessica: Really?

Miles: But, uh, when I went to kiss her to show her how I feel, she pushed me away, slapped me in the face.

John: Yeah, it's McBain, I'm down here at the bus station. You need to send a squad car here as soon as possible.

Todd: Listen, John, a couple months ago this little punk tried to rape my daughter. Tonight he tried to kidnap her.

Starr: Dad, none of that is true.

Marty: Are you insane? You tried to strangle a child!

Todd: You gave birth to him. I'm going to kill him.

Marty: Arrest him -- assault and battery and attempted murder.

John: That's enough. We're all heading down to the station, we'll sort this thing out.

Marty: There's nothing to sort out!

Starr: Why -- we didn't do anything wrong!

Todd: You didn't do anything wrong, Starr but this speed freak did -- he's going away.

Starr: Dad, no -- running away was just as much my idea as it was Cole's!

John: You're underage, Starr. In my book, your father has every right to intervene to stop you.

Marty: That give him the right to attack my son. Look, how many times have I told you about this? I warned you.

Cole: And I heard you -- that's why we had to run away.

Marty: Oh, so now this is my fault?

Cole: That is not what I'm saying and you know it.

John: All right, that's it -- anyone yelling after this besides me is going to get tossed in the can. Do we understand each other?

Starr: How did you know where I was?

Todd: I planted a GPS track in your purse at Dorian's.

Starr: Are you serious?

Todd: Mm-hmm. It's a damn good thing I did, too.

Cole: So Starr's dad called you?

Marty: No. No, I found the letter. You dropped it, before you left, and thank God I did it.

Starr: I can't believe this. I told you that letter was a bad idea.

Jessica: Ok. Miles, do you think that Marty wanted you to kiss her?

Miles: I just wanted to show her how I feel.

Jessica: Why do you think she slapped you?

Miles: Isn't it obvious?

Jessica: Well, I wouldn't ask if it were.

Miles: Because I'm ugly, I'm revolting, I'm hideous.

Jessica: Miles, that is not true.

Miles: Marty saw me -- she saw a monster -- she rejected me.

Jessica: Ok, so you threw a temper tantrum.

Miles: Excuse me?

Jessica: Well, Antonio's daughter -- sometimes when she get her way, she breaks one of her toys.

Miles: Are you saying that I'm behaving like a child?

Jessica: Yes, I am. But what you did before then is a lot more serious.

Miles: What did I do?

Jessica: You kissed Marty after she expressly told you that she was not interested.

Miles: I was trying to show her how I feel.

Jessica: Well, what about how she feels, Miles? Look, her rejection of you had nothing to do with how you look and had everything to do with how you acted.

Miles: But --

Jessica: You forced yourself on her, Miles.

Miles: Jessica, it was one kiss.

Jessica: Ok. Well, what about the bank robbers? They hit the restaurant, and they wanted to take something from Marty, right?

Miles: Her wallet.

Jessica: Ok. And she didn't want to give them her wallet. So instead of respecting her wishes, they forced her to give it to them.

Miles: So I was once an infant, and now I'm a criminal? Is that what --

Jessica: Ok, ok. Miles -- Miles?

Miles: What, what?

Jessica: You always need a woman's consent. Always. And with Marty, that's very much the case because of what she's been through.

Miles: What has she been through? What? Jessica, please tell me. What has she been through? I know she's been through something bad, but she'll never tell me.

Jessica: Well, then I have to respect that, Miles.

Miles: Ok. Well, then I'll research it online. Because I'm going to make this up to Marty with or without you.

Jessica: Ok, ok, ok -- ok, I'll tell you. But only because it's a matter of public record.

Miles: Thank you.

Jessica: Well, don't thank me. Why don't you instead make a really strong pot of coffee, because I want you to have a clear head when you hear this story.

Nash: So, uh, you taking a shot at me before about quitting Capricorn?

Antonio: Well, maybe a little. I realize that you're just trying to create some distance between you and Jess.

Nash: Yeah. Well, I left you in the lurch.

Antonio: Hmm -- worked out for the best, actually.

Nash: Really? Was I that bad?

Antonio: What are you fishing for, Brennan? You were a great manager and you know it. It's just that when you left, you left me in a jam. And so I asked Cristian to help me out, and it coincided with his breakup with Evangeline, so --

Nash: So it was a good distraction.

Antonio: I think so.

Nash: To good distractions.

Antonio: Yes, yes, may all those that need them find them.

Nash: I heard the arsonist hit -- hit the DA 's house.

Antonio: Yeah, it -- Nora and -- and her son, Matthew, could've been killed.

Nash: You, me, and Jessica could've been killed in the club.

Antonio: Yes, yes, we could have.

Nash: It's got to be tough to "stick with the facts, ma'am" when it cuts so close to home, huh?

Antonio: Well, you can't let it get personal -- that's when you start making mistakes -- and then the people that you are trying to help the most end up getting hurt the worst.

Nash: It's weird, huh? First he hits Vincent Jones, a businessman, then he -- then he hits you, a cop, and now the DA -- it seems so random.

Antonio: No, there's a connection. I actually think we're getting close to finding it.

Evangeline: You got a new clue? When did this happen?

Talia: Last night. My being in Nora's basement wasn't a total bust.

Evangeline: Well, don't keep me in suspense here. Tell me, tell me what you got.

Talia: I found this unique-looking medallion. It was caught in the grate of a drain, and I only got a quick look at it before the guy jumped me, grabbed it, and took off.

Evangeline: That's why he returned to the crime scene.

Talia: And it's clearly important to him.

Evangeline: Important enough to risk getting caught. Do you remember what it looked like?

Talia: I didn't at first, but Antonio arranged for me to get hypnotized, and strangely enough, it worked. I remembered an image of a bird and the Latin word for "pure. "

Evangeline: You know what? We need to call in a sketch artist.

Talia: No, it's done. It's already scanned into the system.

Evangeline: Can I see it? Oh, my God. I know what that is.

Cole: I wrote that letter to my mom because I didn't want her to worry. You said you understood.

Starr: I did understand!

Todd: Starr, that's enough!

Starr: I just didn't --

Todd: You are grounded until your teeth fall out. And your boyfriend's going to prison.

Marty: You threaten my son one more time and even a jail cell won't save you.

Todd: Ooh -- did you hear that? She's threatening to have me killed.

Starr: Do you see what I have to deal with? Officer: What do you want us to do, Lieutenant?

John: Take Dr. Saybrooke and her son down to the station, and I'll follow behind with these two.

Starr: I want to be with Cole.

Todd: Over my dead body.

Marty: That can be arranged.

Todd: Do you hear that? That's the second count of threatening to kill me.

John: Yeah, it's too bad I don't need the cash. Come on, let's move out.

Todd: Mind losing the cuffs?

John: Actually, I think I forgot the keys.

Starr: Can I ride in front with you? I don't want to have anything to do with him.

John: Yeah, let's go.

Vincent: What's going on, Natalie, huh? I know you told John something that he didn't like, but he was supposed to move on past that by now, right? He did, didn't he? So what is it? Is it something else? Huh? Now, Nat, I haven't seen you in this way since we both thought that John was hurt. John's not hurt, is he? He's ok? Look, Nat, if something's wrong with you, you can tell me --

Natalie: It's over. John and I are done.

John: You know, when I was in the hospital, I had a lot of time to think about things -- you know, how things could be different. I wanted to explain to you who I am, and for better or worse, who I will always be.

Nash: Well, you got something on the arsonist? What, a new lead or something new about the investigation? You can tell me, but then you'd have to kill me, right? Corny? What? Sorry, I've never -- never had a cop friend before.

Antonio: Something happened earlier tonight.

Nash: I have no idea. What?

Antonio: Jamie asked Jessica if she could call her mommy. Isn't it amazing? No, it's huge and Jessica is going to adopt her, make it formal.

Nash: Really?

Talia: You recognize this symbol?

Evangeline: It's a sign or a symbol.

Talia: Where?

Evangeline: On my house. This guy was the neighborhood version of the burning cross on the front lawn.

Talia: It's the Klan.

Evangeline: No, it's another white supremacist group. They painted that on my house �Trying to force the Williamson family out of the house. No, no, my family -- my family won't back down at stuff like this. All right. All right, we need a new search based on what we now know about this medallion. You're going to hate this, but we're going to have to get the feds involved. They have an extensive database. We might even get a membership list.

Talia: There it is.

Jessica: Ok.

Miles: What?

Jessica: It happened to her and they all went to prison.

Jessica: Actually, they're all out now.

Miles: What? Why? People can change. I happen to know for a fact.He ruined Marty.

Jessica: Miles. Marty is grieving her dead husband. This is between Marty and Todd you have nothing to do with it. Ok?

Miles: Hmm. You are a great niece. May I kiss you on the cheek?

Jessica: Yes, Miles.

Vincent: He took you to dinner, and he didn't intend to propose?

Natalie: I mean, come on, he comes back from the dead, and he's going to let a few petty fights pull us apart?

Vincent: I don't know what to tell you, Nat.

Natalie: Oh, we're talking and we're going to sort things out, Marty Saybrooke blows in, with her damsel-in-distress mode and leaves with her.

Vincent: Nat, don't you think that's kind of harsh?

Natalie: I don't care!

Nash: Yeah, I get it. Thanks for the beer.

Antonio: Sure. Jessica would use her key.

Talia: ADA Williamson came nosing around the station for DA Hanen. Anyway, she recognized the symbol from the sketch. And based on her information, I was able to run it down on a web search. Apparently, that symbol's been adopted by a white supremacist group. Look at the full inscription -- "unus potus populus. "

Antonio: "One pure people. "

John: Come on, Manning, you know the drill.

Starr: Stop.

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey. John, why is Todd in handcuffs?

Marty: Oh, because he tried to strangle my son!

Todd: After your son tried to kidnap my daughter.

Starr: Dad --

John: It's complicated.

Evangeline: I can see that.

John: Hmm.

Evangeline: Todd, I'm glad you found Starr. I just wish you would've waited for the police.

John: Wait a minute, how did you know Starr was missing?

Evangeline: Well, Todd called me as soon as Natalie told him.

John: Natalie told you?

Todd: Yeah, she heard Marty tell you.

Marty: You know what? I don't mean to be rude, but we're wasting time here. I want him charged with assault and battery.

Todd: That's good -- charge him, and put me in the same cell with him.

Evangeline: You're not helping. Officer: What do you want us to do?

John: All right, that's enough, all of you. I need to check on something. Come here. Keep an eye on them till I get back.

Evangeline: Ok. What happened?

Todd: This punk's out of control over there.

Starr: Dad, please --

Cole: We just want to be left alone!

Marty: He tried to kill my son!

Starr: Can you just stop all of this? He would not do that! Dad, stop!

Natalie: I'm -- I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Vincent: Nat, let me -- let me take you somewhere warm, get you dried up, get you some coffee.

Natalie: I think I just want to be alone, if that's ok.

Vincent: No, no, no, let me take you -- let me walk you to your car.

Natalie: I'm going to stay here for a while.

Vincent: Nat, I'm not going to leave you down here on the docks by yourself.

Natalie: Vincent --

Vincent: I don't care --

Natalie: Please. I'm fine.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: We can't see each other anymore, Cole. This is really goodbye.

John: Are you saying you think we -- we should break up?

Nash: Just take you in my arms and hold you and never let you go.

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