OLTL Transcript Thursday 3/22/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/22/07


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Layla: Hey, Nash. Sorry I'm late. One of the sitters got sick and I had to take over. What do you need help with? Nash! Brennan!

Cristian: Ow! Ow, ow. Ow.

Layla: You're not Nash.

Cristian: Really? What was your first clue?

Layla: Where is he?

Cristian: He quit.

Layla: No way. What happened?

Cristian: I don't know. Maybe he felt guilty for almost sleeping with Jessica.

Jessica: Nash -- I'm sorry.

Nash: Me, too. I just don't know how to do this anymore.

Jessica: Neither do I. But I can't stand the thought of not seeing you.

Nash: I can't. I just can't. And the only way I know how to get over you -- at least not think of you every single moment of every waking day -- is to have nothing to do with you. The only reason I'm here is for Bree. So, I will pick her up and I will drop her off when you're not around. And then maybe, just maybe I can stop myself from going insane because I can't have you.

Jessica: If -- ahem -- if I could change this, I would.

Nash: You wouldn't! Because you could. You could change this, but you chose not to, and now I got to live with your choice.

Antonio: This damn arsonist is, like, always one step ahead of us.

Talia: Ok, well, I'm out of ideas. What's the next step?

Antonio: Have you done a search of your own, at Nora's?

Talia: No, the LFD. Have their internal people over there until today. I mean, we have clearance, so we can go in there and poke around if you want to. What are you thinking?

Antonio: I'm thinking we need to do another comb over.

Talia: I'll go right now. It's fine.

Antonio: I'll go with you.

Talia: No, no. You Can't. You just get out of the hospital. Besides, your wife left you with two kids. What are you going to do, get a babysitter? Follow me on your hands and knees to the scene? You Can't.

Antonio: You through?

Talia: You can't come with me. It's too soon. Besides, you're not supposed to leave that couch.

Antonio: I don't have to.

Todd: Viki? Viki? Hey, Lois, you here? All right, what the hell.

Blair: Oh, very nice, Todd. Let somebody else clean up your messes.

Man: Oh, sorry.

Marty: Oh, sorry. Excuse me. Ahem.

Man: Look what I got. Second

Man: This ain't show and tell, man. What if she discovers it's missing? First

Man: Well, at least we can pay for our drinks.

Second Man: After today, we can pay for our drinks for the rest of our lives.

Miles: Thanks for coming.

Marty: Oh, yes.

Miles: So is everything ok with your son?

Marty: Uh -- not really.

Miles: Oh? You still sending him to boarding school?

Marty: Well, let's just say I'm keeping my options open. You know what? Thanks for asking me out, you know, for dinner tonight. I -- I appreciate it. It's nice not to be sitting across from some sulking teenager.

Miles: Well, I'll take that as a compliment.

Marty: Oh -- it's nice, you know, having dinner with you, too.

Miles: Oh, well, that can happen anytime you want.

Viki: Clint, this can't end well. You know that. Dorian is trouble.

Dorian: How dare you.

Clint: Viki, this is not the time or the place.

Viki: Well, I did ask to speak with you privately, and you refused, so you've left me no choice.

Dorian: Wait, Clint, I know what's going on here. Niki is back.

Viki: No. Actually, for once in her life, Viki is going after what she wants. Carl?

Carl: Yeah?

Viki: Would you bring me a chair, please? I'm going to be joining them for a while. Thank you.

John: Hey, I'm -- I'm starving. What do you say we order first?

Natalie: Before you give me the bad news, you mean?

John: Natalie --

Natalie: Ok, you're right. You're hungry, so -- what do you think is good? The chicken, the pasta --

John: Sorry -- hey. You don't have to decide right now. We're not in a rush.

Natalie: Right, until PD beeps you and you get out of here like a shot.

John: I'm not walking out on you.

Natalie: You mean tonight, or you mean in the uber sense?

John: Hey, look, I'm not sure what "uber" means, but I think we need to have the uber talk.

Natalie: Or not. I mean, I know how you hate relationship talk. I know that better than anyone.

John: Sometimes it can't be avoided.

Natalie: So, what do you want to talk about?

John: Us. We need to figure out what's next.

Layla: Nash almost slept with Jessica? No way. How do you know that?

Cristian: I heard you and Nash talking about it the night of the fire.

Layla: Ok, you did hear us.

Cristian: Yes, I did hear you.

Layla: Ok. Just sit. Um -- I'm really sorry you heard that. I tried to convince Nash to back off. But he's in really deep with her.

Cristian: Yeah, I know.

Layla: Feel better?

Cristian: No, it doesn't.

Layla: Well, keep it there for a while. You've gotten hit in the head enough times to know how it works.

Cristian: Yeah, just try not to change the subject here.

Layla: Almost sleeping with someone is not the same as actually doing it.

Cristian: So you're defending them?

Layla: Of course not. Cheating sucks.

Cristian: Yeah, tell me about it.

Layla: Hey, you're not totally innocent.

Cristian: Well, wait a minute. If you're talking about me sleeping with Blair, I wasn't with your sister.

Layla: Hello? She thinks you slept with me. And even if you guys weren't together, she's still hurt.

Cristian: Yeah, now she knows how, feels.

Layla: Are you a grownup?

Cristian: Ow!

Layla: Gosh. She's still crazy in love with you.

Cristian: Ow. That's a funny way of showing it, spending the night with manning, don't you think?

Layla: You know what? We were all stuck at that lodge trying to find a place to sleep. She said nothing happened. Don't you believe her? Don't be so quick to think the worst of her, Cristian.

Cristian: Why not? She was pretty damn quick to think the worst of you.

Layla: Listen, I get what she's going through. It doesn't mean I like how she chooses to vent.

Cristian: So did you tell her? About that we didn't sleep together?

Layla: No.

Cristian: Why not?

Layla: I haven't seen her.

Cristian: You don't have a phone?

Layla: Here -- still hurts?

Cristian: Ow. Yeah. You're -- you're not a great nurse, you know that?

Layla: You know, I'm not doing this for you, buster. I just don't want you suing the club.

Cristian: All right.

Layla: Besides, my sister still cares about you, not that you deserve any sympathy from anyone. You big baby.

Cristian: Ow! Ow. Now I got two bumps.

Blair: You know, Viki could walk in here, trip and break her leg.

Todd: You think she'd sue me?

Blair: God, I hope so.

Todd: Well, I wouldn't worry about this stuff. She's got servants somewhere around here to clean up this crud.

Blair: Oh, yeah. You know, she's just your sister. Why treat her any differently than you would anybody else, Todd?

Todd: Oh, ouch.

Blair: Uh-huh.

Todd: So whose is that?

Blair: It's Joey's. Starr tricked Viki into letting her use it so she could go be with Cole. She'll be grounded till she's 80.

Todd: And none of that would have happened if you'd kept a better eye on her.

Blair: Well, the last I looked, she had two parents. Where were you when she was sneaking off with Cole?

Todd: Oh, what difference does it make? If she wants something, she can't be stopped.

Blair: Sounds like two other people we know. We'd better do something to stop her. Otherwise, Marty Saybrooke is going to end up being Starr's monster-in-law.

Miles: You look very pretty tonight. I -- I mean, you're pretty -- not just tonight.

Marty: Thank you.

Miles: May I suggest the rabbit?

Marty: Oh, have you had it?

Miles: No, no. I -- I heard it's excellent. I read a review.

Marty: Well, I will keep it in mind.

Miles: Yeah. If -- if I ask you something, would you be honest with me?

Marty: Yeah, of course.

Miles: How bad am I at this?

Natalie: That's interesting. I'm usually the one who likes to talk about us.

John: Call it progress.

Natalie: At least we're not yelling at each other.

John: We've had a lot to yell about.

Natalie: John, did you bring me here to break up with me?

Dorian: Viki, why don't you take my chair?

Clint: Oh --

Dorian: Clint, let's get another table, shall we?

Clint: No, no, no --

Viki: Good idea, Dorian. You go ahead. I need Clint to listen to what I have to say.

Clint: Viki, this is not an appropriate time.

Dorian: Oh, it's always an appropriate time when Viki wants to ruin my evening.

Viki: This is not about you, Dorian. This is about Clint and me.

Dorian: No, it's not about you and Clint, it's about Clint and me. We happen to be out on a date, and we don't need a third wheel.

Clint: Ok, would you just take it easy? Viki, believe me when I say I don't need this.

Viki: Well, I 'm sorry. I realize it's not normally my style.

Clint: It's never your style.

Viki: No, but neither is giving up when things get complicated. And I realized after you left that I was not honest with you. And so I've come here to tell you the truth.

Talia: How's it look?

Antonio: Good.

Talia: Well, what's the plan?

Antonio: The plan is that camera will transmit anything you see to this laptop.

Talia: I had no idea you were such a tech head.

Antonio: Well, I'm not. I must have used this equipment on an undercover op a couple years back. It -- it made our case.

Talia: Well, hopefully, it'll help us find something at Nora's. I'm going to go over there and sift through all the rubble before the insurance guys go and muck it up tomorrow. With all this surveillance stuff, I'm glad big brother will be watching every step I take.

Antonio: Well, two sets of eyes are better than one.

Talia: Definitely. Are you sure you're going to be ok here by yourself?

Antonio: The hospital said to take it easy, but I'm not bedridden.

Talia: What if your daughters need you?

Antonio: Then I'll take care of them. I have use of my legs, you know.

Talia: What if something happens?

Antonio: Nothing's going to happen. Besides, Jess should be back any minute. She just went to work to take care of some stuff.

Jessica: You know that I can't do anything differently.

Nash: Well, neither can I. So, hey, here's an idea. You know what? From now on, Antonio will pick up Brennan and drop her off, and maybe that way, you and I can never see each other again!

Jessica: That seems so final.

Nash: It's what you wanted.

Jessica: I know. It just seems real.

Nash: I told you to make a choice, and you did.

Jessica: I know, I just --

Nash: Unless you changed your mind.

Todd: Starr marries that homicidal, steroid-popping punk over my dead body. Actually, make that his dead body.

Blair: That's great, Todd. Just great. Threaten to kill your little girl's boyfriend. That'll win you some brownie points with her.

Todd: Didn't Marty say she was shipping him off to some boarding school or something?

Blair: How about Marty here. She's going to hold his hand, give him a big kiss, and say "come on, son, you can continue to use condoms. It's fine."

Todd: No, not with my kid.

Blair: He's already doing it with your kid, Todd! She's been lying about her relationship with Cole for months!

Todd: No, she didn't have sex with him.

Blair: You don't know that. They were in that big bed up at the lodge, all snowed in, snow falling -- really romantic.

Todd: You're enjoying this, huh?

Blair: I just think you need to face reality. Starr is not your little girl anymore.

Todd: God help her if she's yours.

Blair: And what's that supposed to mean?

Todd: Well, what if she inherited your ideas about sex?

Blair: My ideas?

Todd: Yeah, that you can use your ass for a weapon, if you need it, or use your ass for anything that you want in life.

Blair: Man, those are mighty big words for a so-called rapist. Starr's a teenager, Todd, and I'm not responsible for her hormones gone wild.

Todd: Oh, god. "Starr" and "hormones" in the same sentence -- please, spare me.

Blair: You better start dealing with it, Todd. Our little girl is confused, and what she needs for us to do is to sit her down and talk to her about it.

Todd: It's not going to happen.

Blair: Why not?

Todd: Because she's going to get the wrong idea if we do that.

Blair: Which is?

Todd: Which is that we're back together.

Blair: All right, fine. We'll get Viki to do it.

Todd: Oh, yeah, like Starr's going to listen to Aunt Viki, who I'm sure is -- is up to the minute on the -- the dos and don'ts of teenage sexuality.

Blair: Ok, Todd, you have any other suggestions?

Todd: Evangeline.

Blair: Over my dead body.

Cristian: I'm a big baby? I don't get it. What did I do?

Layla: "Oh, my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore. I feel so sorry for myself."

Cristian: I never said that.

Layla: Uh -- yes. Only, like, 1,000 times.

Cristian: 1,000 times? What --

Evangeline: You guys, you guys are too busy flirting with each other to pay attention to the customers?

Layla: I'm sorry. How many are in your party?

Evangeline: I'm alone.

Layla: I'll get you a table.

Evangeline: No, no, wait. Just wait. Just tell me -- were you guys a one-night stand, or is this some kind of a relationship? Because if it is, I'd like to know, because I have to figure out how to wrap my head it.

Cristian: All right, that's enough.

Evangeline: No, no, you broke a world's record getting over a breakup when you slept with my sister. Don't tell me what's enough.

Cristian: Why did I break up with you, Evangeline?

Evangeline: You dumped me, Cristian.

Cristian: Why did I dump you? Because you were with someone else, right?

Evangeline: I was not with Todd.

Layla: Which I tried to explain to Cristian.

Evangeline: Where, Layla, in bed?

Cristian: Hey, come on!

Evangeline: No, no, if you want to sleep with somebody else to get even with me, fine. But why did you have to do it with my sister?

Antonio: Is that everything?

Talia: Yes.� Are you sure you're ok with me doing this alone?

Antonio: I have complete confidence in you, Talia. It's your case. Besides, we don't want other people traipsing around the scene.

Talia: No.

Antonio: And you did great at Capricorn -- you got us our best lead.

Talia: Well, that wasn't a burnt-out building.

Antonio: Well, that's what the camera is for. All right?

Antonio: You don't see something, I might catch it. The perp's been leaving clues at every arson.

Talia: On purpose. He shifts targets at random, pointing the finger from one suspect to another. He's got us chasing our tails. It makes me crazy.

Antonio: We're wasting time talking about it.

Talia: Ok.

Antonio: All right? We already have one dead victim.

Jessica: It -- it wouldn't be fair to change my mind now.

Nash: "Fair" -- fair? Jessica, what of any of this is fair?

Jessica: Nothing! Do you not think that I know that? No matter who I choose, somebody gets hurt. No matter what happens, I get hurt.

Nash: It's easier to hurt me!

Jessica: Easier?

Nash: Easier!

Jessica: Are you kidding me?

Nash: Why are you even here, huh? What do you want from me?

Jessica: We didn't finish talking earlier.

Nash: You know, did you like knowing that I'm hurting? Does it make you feel good to know that I still love you?

Jessica: No, no, Nash.

Nash: No, because you know what? If you don't want to hurt me, then get out of here! You know how much it kills me to see you, so why twist the knife?

Jessica: No

Nash: Why?

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: Answer the question!

Jessica: Because I don't want you throwing your life away.

Nash: What life?

Jessica: Don't --

Nash: Look at --

Jessica: Quit Capricorn, Nash.

Nash: Capricorn? Oh! Now, there's a life. Tending bar, and calling your husband "boss"? I --

Jessica: Well, it's a hell of a lot better than holing up here and -- what are you going to do then? Are you going to grow a beard so all the neighbors --

Nash: Do you know why you're really here? I do. You're here because you can't stand the thought of living your life without me. You want to keep tabs on me. You want to make sure that I still worship you in case anything happens. Well, you lost the right to take an interest in me the day you chose Antonio!

Jessica: Well, I can't stop caring about you.

Nash: Do it somewhere else! Antonio might be willing to take a half of you, but I'm not!

Evangeline: Did I do something to hurt you, Layla, that I don't know about?

Layla: No.

Evangeline: Were you secretly in love with him? Were you secretly in love with my boyfriend? You should have told me that.

Layla: Vange, don't do this.

Cristian: Layla, tell her the truth.

Evangeline: How long?

Cristian: Would you --

Evangeline: How long has this been going on between --

Cristian: Would you just listen for a minute?

Layla: How long do you think it's been going on, Vange, huh? Tell worst-case scenario. Days, weeks, months?

Cristian: Layla, come on.

Layla: No, no, no, I want to know. Tell me how evil you think I am. Tell me how much you hate me for sleeping with your boyfriend.

Evangeline: He thinks you really hate me.

Layla: No, no, no, it's the other way around.

Cristian: All right, all right, look, that's enough, ok? Look, Evangeline, Layla had nothing to do with what happened between --

Evangeline: No, no, I'm done. I'm so done. I'm done with your excuses, ok?

Cristian: It's not an excuse. It's the truth. Layla's not your problem here.

Evangeline: You're wrong.

Cristian: Didn't sleep with her, ok? I slept with Blair.

Blair: If Evangeline Williamson comes anywhere near either one of my children, I will kill her.

Todd: That's a little over-dramatic, don't you think?

Blair: How stupid do you think I am, Todd? Introducing Evangeline into Starr's life is like introducing her to your new girlfriend.

Todd: Uh-huh. Do you think Starr would fall for that?

Blair: Oh, well, if Evangeline distracts you long enough for Starr to sneak off again with Cole, you bet.

Todd: Boy, you really have a vivid imagination.

Blair: All you've done for months is chase Evangeline around.

Todd: Actually, no, I haven't. But I don't know why you care. I -- I asked you to marry me and you turned me down, so technically, I'm a free agent, aren't I?

Blair: Yeah, you are, and you made that clear at the lodge.

Todd: Oh, and by the way, how did your date go with Marty and miles?

Blair: Don't change the subject.

Todd: No, I'm really curious. I mean, especially about the sleeping arrangements. And how -- how should we tell Starr about that? I don't think she speaks French. Is there a video we can rent her? "And mommy makes three"?

Blair: Todd, you are so disgusting.

Todd: And you're a hypocrite. Tell me I can't be with another woman while you go sniffing around the circus boy. I bet that was an exciting night, though.

Blair: Maybe you would like to know just how exciting it was.

Marty: Wait, what are you bad at, Miles?

Miles: This. Dating. You know, they didn't offer boyfriend lessons at the sanitarium.

Marty: Look, you are fine. You know. You don't need lessons when you're out with friends.

Miles: Thank you. I -- I need lessons on everything.

Marty: Give yourself a break, ok? You know, people who -- people who don't spend their life sheltered, like you have -- they still, you know, need time for dinner and to entertain.

Miles: Now you sound like a psychiatrist.

Marty: Ah. I am one.

Miles: Not tonight. Tonight, you're a beautiful, fascinating woman.

Clint: The truth can wait until tomorrow.

Viki: No, it Can't.

Dorian: When did this become all about you?

Viki: Clint, we can talk now, in front of Dorian, or we can talk in private, but either way, we -- we are going to have this conversation.

John: I don't even know how to answer that.

Natalie: Well, it's a yes-or-no question, John. Did you bring me here to dump me?

John: No.

Natalie: Ok. Then, what's next?

John: Hey, I don't want to lose you.

Natalie: Me, either. I mean, I don't -- I don't want to lose you, either. But I don't like the way things have been. I don't -- I don't think that's a good relationship.

John: It's the PD

Natalie: Right on cue.

John: Just give me one minute. McBain. She's sure about that? Ok. Go to the DA, get a warrant. Keep me posted. Roxy thinks she identified the perps who knocked over her store.

Natalie: Really? That -- that's great. Do you need to go?

Man: Ah. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Don't panic. We're just here for your cash and your jewelry. Get your hands in the air, do as you're told, and no one gets hurt. Don't try and be a hero.

Nash: You got to choose. You can't have Antonio and me.

Jessica: That's not what I'm doing here.

Nash: Then what -- what do you want? You want us to be friends?

Jessica: No --

Nash: How is that going to work?

Jessica: Well, we could try something --

Nash: In what universe could we try? You chose. You chose Antonio and now I'm making my choice and I choose not to be anywhere near you!

Jessica: Well, what about Bree?

Nash: Bree. New rules -- rule number one, her name is Brennan! Because every time you call her "Bree," you two slap me in the face! Two, you are Brennan's mother, I am Brennan's father.

Jessica: You can't be serious.

Nash: I can't be serious? What were you thinking? You decide not to love me anymore and all of a sudden, I just morph into best friend, next-door neighbor, best pal Nash. I am not happy for you -- stop your blubbering.

Jessica: Yeah --

Nash: You can't expect me to be!

Jessica: Shut up!

Nash: No!

Jessica: First of all, I didn't choose to stop loving you, ok? Fine, fine -- I choose you! Do you think that Antonio is going to hurt any less, and what about Jamie? I love her just as much as I love Bree.

Nash: I'm not going to argue with you anymore. I'm telling you finally what I want.

Jessica: You want revenge.

Nash: I want to survive! Because I can't look at you, I can't touch you, and I can't hear you without losing a little piece of myself, and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose myself, and then -- damn it! What kind of father will I be to Brennan?

Jessica: So you're doing this -- you're doing this for Brennan?

Nash: I'm doing this for me.

Jessica: Nash, just tell me what you want from me.

Nash: I want somebody to stop this -- oh!

Jessica: Stop it, stop it!

Nash: Every time I look at you, I lose a piece of myself and I can't take it anymore!

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: Please, go. Please, go!

Talia: It's really dark back here. Are you still getting this?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'm getting it. Uh -- what a mess.

Talia: Oh. It smells as bad as it looks. This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Antonio: Stay positive. Sometimes needles are found in the strangest places.

Talia: This reminds me of stuff I saw in New York.

Antonio: Well, anything that can help us now?

Talia: We'll see. Oh. Oh, boss, I'm sorry. There's -- there's nothing here.

Antonio: Yeah, ok. Go home, get cleaned up.

Talia: Something's dripping.

Antonio: Probably still damp from the fire hoses.

Talia: No, it looks like nobody turned off the water. I -- there's a couple of cracked pipes, still. They're leaking.

Antonio: Any puddles?

Talia: Puddles, no. The floor is wet. There's no puddles.

Antonio: Where's the water going, then?

Talia: What do you think, like a drain or something?

Antonio: Yeah, check it out.

Talia: All right, I'm on it. Hold on.

Antonio: There you go.

Talia: Looks like you just earned your paycheck.

Antonio: That's exactly what I'm talking about. Did you find something?

Talia: I'm not sure -- hold on.

Antonio: Talk to me, officer Sahid.

Talia: I got something.

Todd: Come on, Blair, spill it. I want to hear the gory details. You don't think I can handle it? You getting down and dirty with -- huh -- with the circus boy? Is he -- is he -- what, does he have scales down his back or fur or --

Blair: Forget it.

Todd: Oh. Nothing happened?

Blair: I'm not competing with you, Todd.

Todd: Come on, Blair -- no guts, no glory.

Blair: Goodbye.

Todd: Hey, give my best to Marty and Miles.

Man: Put the goodies in the bag! Second Everything!

Natalie: Did you bring your gun?

John: No, no gun.

Natalie: Call PD

John: These guys will be long gone before backup gets here.

Natalie: Ok, so what are we going to do?

John: Look for an opening.

Man: Move it!

Dorian: I'm sorry, but this particular vault is empty. I went minimalist tonight because you robbed me earlier today.

Man: Yeah, at the hair place.

Dorian: Oh, you're brighter than you look, or perhaps not.

Man: And I thought classy ladies like you had more than one cheap bracelet on them. Maybe you ain't that classy after all, huh?

Dorian: Or maybe I am, you moron!

Clint: All right, Dorian, that's enough.

Viki: Dorian --

Clint: You already robbed her once. Just let her go.

Man: All right, come on, man. Tick-tock, let's go. Second stay out of my face, all of you. Now, what's this over here? Come on, don't be shy.

Natalie: And what if that doesn't happen?

John: Don't you go get any stupid ideas, all right? They bashed Michael in the head, they won't hesitate to do it again.

Man: Hi. Wallets and jewelry, now. Yeah.

John: Get out of here.

Man: What's in your pockets?

John: Pockets are empty.

Man: Let me know when you change your mind. Oh, ho, ho, ho. I didn't know you cared.

Evangeline: But I saw you. I saw you in that hotel room with -- with Layla.

Cristian: Layla was trying to convince me to tell you the truth.

Evangeline: You slept with Blair?

Cristian: Yes, I slept with Blair, and your sister here was looking out for you. And how do you pay her back? By thinking the worst of her.

Evangeline: Why didn't you tell me?

Layla: I tried, but you wanted to believe it so bad.

Evangeline: Oh, I'm sorry.

Layla: Vange, Cris loves you. And I love you, too. But for some reason, you just don't want to believe it. Cristian, um, I'm going to --

Cristian: Go ahead, go ahead. I'll -- I'll call someone to cover for you.

Layla: Hey, thank you.

Evangeline: Layla, I'm sorry.

Layla: Nope. Don't.

Nash: Leave it.

Jessica: Could I just get you some ice?

Nash: No. I can take care of myself.

Jessica: Please, you don't want things to be this way.

Nash: You've made your choice. Now I've made mine, and I choose to be without you. Please go.

Man: That's a pretty ring, huh, little lady? It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Man: Your purse, watch, jewelry on the table now!

Man: Great. I love a comedian.

Miles: No, I'm serious.

Man: So here take it. Seriously, it's yours. Take it, please.

Man: Pick it up, wise guy.

Miles: All right, all right. I'll get it, ok.

Evangeline: So it's true, then. You slept with Blair? Why am I not surprised? I mean, you thought I slept with Todd -- it's perfect. Really, it's perfect -- the perfect revenge against me.

Cristian: Wait a minute -- you have no right to judge me, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Why are you so quick to think the worst of me, Cristian?

Cristian: Hey, if you must know, every time Todd called, you went running. What was I supposed to think?

Evangeline: That I was his friend, but that at the end of every evening, I came home to you.

Cristian: Not up at the ski lodge.

Evangeline: Nothing happened at the ski lodge with me and Todd, Cristian, but you can't say the same thing about you and Blair. I can't even say her name without getting sick!

Cristian: Yeah, well, now you know how I feel.

Evangeline: I only wanted you. I only wanted you.

Cristian: And I wanted you.

Evangeline: And now we have no one.

Cristian: You made your choice.

Evangeline: No. You did.

Cristian: You know, if it makes you feel better blaming me than copping to your feelings for Manning, go ahead.

Todd: Hey, what's going on?

Evangeline: You want to tell him? Or should I?

Jessica: I'm sorry that I made this so hard for you. I want you to know that you're not going to see me again and -- but if you change your mind or anything...

Nash: Goodbye, Jessica. What are we looking at?

Jessica: There -- there it is. Look.

Nash: Well, I'll be damned.

Jessica: Yeah -- it's Andromeda, the only galaxy visible by the naked eye.

Nash: Yeah, I remember showing it to Tess.

Jessica: So do I. You can see it here when it gets dark out and there's no moon. There it is.

Nash: Someday we'll show it to our daughter.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Yeah. Jess?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Nash: I like this a lot better than when you're lobbing glasses at me.

Jessica: Me, too.

Antonio: What is it?

Talia: I'm not sure. It looks like some sort of military medal. You think it's Matthew's, Bo's?

Antonio: I don't know, describe it. I -- I can't see it very well from here.

Talia: I don't -- there's some sort of inscription on it.

Antonio: Ok, what does it say?

Talia: Oh, I'm not sure. Ugh! What's going on?

Antonio: Talia! Talia, what's going on in there? Talk to me! What's going on?

Clint: Get down! Get down!

John: Whoa! I got him!

Marty: Oh, Miles!

Natalie: John -- John!

Clint: No! Get out the door!

John: Is everybody ok?

Clint: Yeah, I got his gun, John.

Viki: Yes, I think we're fine.

Dorian: Speak for yourself. Blair?

Blair: I'm fine -- really.

Dorian: Blair!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: Officer Sahid, report. Are you ok?

Talia: Antonio, I got the perp!

Dorian: You've got to come to the hospital right now. It's Blair.

Evangeline: If you tell him that you slept with Blair, he'll kill you.

Natalie: Were you going to ask me to marry you?

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