OLTL Transcript Monday 3/19/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/19/07


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Tate: Good morning.

Rex: How'd you sleep?

Adriana: Um -- great, actually. I had the best dream.

Tate: Well, so did I. Tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine.

Blair: Good morning.

Cristian: Good morning.

Blair: mm-hmm.

Cristian: How are you doing?

Blair: How are you doing?

Cristian: What?

Blair: What?

Cristian: So -- now.

Blair: Oh, if I didn't have this little hangover, I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Cristian: Any regrets about last night?

Blair: No, none, what about you?

Todd: Hey.

Evangeline: Morning.

Todd: A very good morning. It's a beautiful morning. I -- I ordered breakfast. It should be here soon.

Evangeline: Thanks. I'm glad we talked last night.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, me, too. Things seem a whole lot clearer now.

Starr: Hi.

Cole: Hey. Sleep ok?

Starr: Yeah, you?

Cole: Never better.

Starr: It's true what they always say. The first time is really the best.

Cole: Definitely.

Starr: Hmm.

Marty: Oh. Morning.

Miles: Hey, good morning.

Marty: Mmm, that coffee smells good.

Miles: Oh, I can get you some, if you'd like.

Marty: Oh, that'd be great

Miles: Ok. Hi.

Nancy: Hi.

Miles: So is there any news on the storm?

Nancy: It stopped about 4:00 this morning. The roads are clear now.

Miles: Oh. So we can leave anytime we want, then?

 Nancy: Mm-hmm.

Miles: Ok. Thanks. I didn't know how you take it, so --

Marty: Oh.

Miles: I got you all these sweeteners.

Marty: Oh, thanks, but I take it black.

Miles: Oh.

Marty: So is there any news on the weather?

Miles: Uh -- actually, the -- the roads are open again.

Marty: Oh, thank God. We can finally go home.

Miles: Yeah.

Marty: Miles, what's wrong?

Miles: Oh, just -- I wish we could stay here forever.

Starr: I'll never forget last night.

Cole: Me, neither.

Starr: You don't regret it, do you? Not doing anything?

Cole: No. Do you?

Starr: No. I don't. I mean, I -- I do, but --

Cole: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Starr: It was just so incredible, to be able to sleep in the same bed with you. I never did that with another boy before.

Starr: Hmm, you're nice and warm.

Cole: You're nice and -- hot.

Marty: You really like it up here that much?

Miles: Yeah. I've never had so much fun in my life -- or been with better company.

Marty: Oh. But you didn't even get a chance to, you know, ski or ice-skate or snowboard.

Miles: Yeah. I did have one new experience. I broke up a fight -- or tried to.

Marty: Well, you saved Cristian and Todd from killing each other.

Miles: Yeah, or they were going to kill me.

Marty: Well, you know, getting stranded in an ice storm -- not everybody has that pleasure.

Miles: Well, it has been for me. Hey, what do you say we hit the slopes finally? Let's take one of those sleigh rides they've been advertising.

Marty: You know, I would. I would love to. It's just, you know, some of us have to work --

Miles: Yeah. Well, I've never had a job, and now I don't need one. Advantage of the rich, I guess.

Marty: Well, consider yourself fortunate.

Miles: Well, you don't like what you do?

Marty: Oh, no, no, no, it's -- it's not that. It's just -- you know, I just wish I had more time to spend with my son. And if I don't get ready, I won't be seeing him soon, so I am going to go get that shower.

Miles: Ok.

Marty: Or not.

Miles: Why not?

Marty: Hmm, because Blair is still up there, and -- you know, nobody needs that grief this early in the morning. Oh.

Cristian: I'm not sorry we slept together last night.

Blair: Good. Cause it was great.

Cristian: Yeah, great it was.

Blair: Yeah. You know why? Because neither one of us really give a damn about the other person.

Cristian: Well, I don't -- I -- I don't know if I'd put it that way.

Blair: No, what -- what I mean is that we don't "love" each other.

Cristian: No, we don't "love" each other, no.

Blair: Yeah, and we probably never will.

Cristian: Probably not.

Blair: So, it's a good thing, you know?

Cristian: Right.

Blair: Yeah. We got back at Todd and Evangeline for making love.

Cristian: Yeah. I can't believe she did that.

Blair: Well, that's because you still love her.

Cristian: What, you don't still love Todd?

Blair: I dumped him.

Cristian: And I dumped Evangeline. Doesn't mean I don't love her.

Blair: Well, it's different for Todd and me.

Cristian: Oh, really?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: Then why does it bother you if he slept with someone else?

Evangeline: I'm glad I didn't have to sleep alone last night.

Todd: Oh, come on. It hasn't been that long since you and Cristian split up.

Evangeline: It feels like it. I guess it's because I miss him.

Todd: I hope he had to sleep in his car last night.

Evangeline: Stop it. You don't mean that. Yes, you do. You do mean that. Well, I have to admit, the way he's been treating me, I kind of hope he had a rough night.

Todd: There's my girl.

Evangeline: "Your girl"?

Todd: Well, my -- "my platonic friend" doesn't quite have a ring to it, I don't think.

Evangeline: I think it sounds good.

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: There is one thing.

Todd: What's that?

Evangeline: I still love Cristian, and -- stop it. Listen, if by some miracle, we end up finding our way back together, I don't want you bitching and moaning about it.

Todd: That's not going to happen.

Evangeline: Good.

Todd: No, no, no, no. I mean, you guys aren't getting back together.

Evangeline: You don't know that.

Todd: Oh, really? Ok. His last name's Vega, isn't it?

Evangeline: Yes.

Todd: Well, that means he's macho to a fault. So how do you think he's going to react when he finds out you and I slept together?

Adriana: Sorry, but my dream's kind of personal.

Tate: Hmm. I hear you. Mine, too.

Rex: Me -- I had a nightmare. I was in angel square and a -- a bus drove by with a picture of me on it -- in my boxers.

Adriana: You just want me to tell you how hot you looked.

Rex: Did I?

Adriana: Smokin'.

Tate: So, hey, why don't we go get some food and see what's happening with the storm?

Rex: Yeah, you -- go ahead. We'll stay here and straighten up, maybe get a new fire started.

Tate: Ok. Then I'll bring you something back.

Rex: Oh, does that guy not have a clue, or what?

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: Come on, let's get this fire started before he comes back.

Adriana: Rex, what if someone walks in on us?

Rex: Oh, like Mr. Baseball? Who cares? It's our anniversary.

Adriana: I know. Hmm.

Rex: Look, if the -- if the door opens, we'll pretend we're asleep and start to snore.

Adriana: Ok.

Cole: Whew.

Starr: Well, I could get used to this.

Cole: Yeah.

Starr: Not having to worry about getting caught.

Cole: You really think Britney's not going to say anything?

Starr: I doubt that. She wanted you. I got you. I have a hard time thinking that she would just let something like that go.

Britney: Not only are both Starr's parents and Cole's mom here, but Cole and Starr spent the night together in a room. No, Amber, how would I know besides, it doesn't matter if they actually did it or not. Their parents are going to freak when they find out. And I'm going to make sure they do.

Layla: You and exposed are a match made in heaven. With our shorts, your body, we can't miss.

Tate: Um -- how long have you Adriana for?

Layla: Hmm -- not that long, really. She needed an apartment and so did I, and we became roommates.

Tate: Well, you might need a new one soon. Well, it's just that the guy is head over heels.

Marty: You know what? I'm going to call my son and let him know I will be home this afternoon.

Starr: Alright. Well, thanks for the information. All right. Oh, I hate playing with this. Anyway, so he said the roads are all clear now.

Cole: Yeah, I know. It means we have to go home. Oh, it's my mom. Ahem. Hey, mom.

Marty: So how's everything in Llanview?

Cole: Uh -- it's fine here.

Marty: No, I just wanted to let you know that I am able to come home, and -- well, it's not fast

Cole: Did something happen? Blair Cramer, but I won't bore you with the details. Anyway, I will be seeing you later.

Cole: Ok, mom. See you then.

Starr: That's my phone. It's my mom. Hey, mom.

Blair: Hey, baby, I just wanted to make sure you got my message about the snowstorm up here

Starr: Yeah, I -- I know.

Blair: We got stuck here, but it hasn't been bad. I've kept myself busy but I know that you' re okay at Dorian's. Is everything ok?

Starr: Yeah. Um --

Blair: How's Jack?

Starr: He's fine.

Blair: Ok, can you put Aunt Dorian on for me?

Starr: Aunt Dorian's not here right now.

Blair: She went out in an ice storm?

Starr: Yeah, I guess she went go visit David at the police station.

Blair: Well, you and jack stay in and I'll be home soon, all right?

Starr: Wait. Mom, someone's in on the other line, ok? Hold on one second. Hello?

Todd: Hey, what are you up to?

Starr: Dad?

Todd: Expecting somebody else?

Starr: No -- um -- I just -- no, I'm sorry, I was on the other line with mom. She was telling me what's going on.

Todd: What exactly did she tell you?

Starr: That you were stuck up on Llantano Mountain, and that you weren't going to be home till later.

Todd: You keeping out of trouble?

Starr: Yes. Uh -- well, I -- I got to go. I'll talk to you later, ok? Bye. Hey, sorry about that. That was dad.

Blair: Listen, sweetie, you watch after your little brother, all right? Actually, maybe you should go outside and help him build a snowman, and I'll be home soon.

Starr: Talk to you later, bye. Whew. Cole, we need to get back to Llanview before our parents do.

Cole: Yeah, we -- we can try, but the guy at the desk said that the bus is not going out for another two hours.

Cole: Listen, it'll be ok. We'll just lay low up here until it's time, and then we'll have Langston run interference for us so that our parents don't see us.

Starr: Yeah, and hope that Britney doesn't rat us out.

Cole: Listen, Britney had a chance to bust us and she didn't.

Starr: It doesn't mean that she won't, Cole. We have to watch our backs and our fronts. My mom told me not to go out. What if she gets home before us?

Cole: We'll make some excuse. It'll be ok. Because they're parents.

Starr: You know, my pare are completely paranoid.

Cole: Let's not spend the last two hours talking about our parents.

Starr: Yeah, and last night was even better, even though we didn't do anything.

Cole: That's ok. We will when we're ready.

Starr: I love you.

Cole: I love you, too.

Langston: I heard what you said no way I'm letting you get Starr and Cole in trouble for this.

Britney: Yeah? What are you going to do about it? Oh! Get off me! Oh! Get off! Langston: Leave them alone!

Britney: Who do you think you are? Langston: Oh! Get off of me! No!

Miles: Hi. Everything all right with your son?

Marty: Yeah. Yeah, I told him I'd be home this afternoon, and -- well, not a minute too soon.

Miles: Hey, I'm sorry.

Marty: Oh, no, miles I'm not mad at you. It's just -- you know, Blair and I have history.

Miles: Hmm. I should have thought of that. I --

Marty: Well, you know what? I think you are really sweet.

Miles: Thank you.

Marty: Mm-hmm. Well, this girl is going to go freshen up a little. Hmm.

Miles: I'll take care of these.

Marty: Thanks.

Rex: I told you nobody was going to walk in on us.

Adriana: I love you.

Rex: I love you, too. You know, I'd say we should get a room, but they don't have any.

Adriana: Hmm. Yeah. I'm going to go find a shower. Oh -- um -- which rooms are which?

Rex: Uh -- I think the girls are in 423, the guys are in 432. I'm going to grab the gear from the shoot, grab a shower myself, and then I will meet you back down here.

Adriana: See you then.

Rex: Oh.

Miles: Thanks. Hey -- excuse me. I didn't -- I don't think I've met you be-- before.

Rex: No. But I know who you are. Miles Laurence, right?

Miles: Yeah, that's me.

Rex: Rex Balsom. Natalie Buchanan's my sister.

Miles: Hmm.

Rex: Um -- don't worry, I'm not going to lay it into you. I know what it's like to try to outrun a bad reputation.

Miles: Yeah. Well, it's good to meet you.

Rex: Nice to meet you, Miles.

Miles: Hey, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but your girlfriend's really beautiful.

Rex: Yeah, and don't even think about hitting on her.

Miles: No, I -- I wouldn't. I wouldn't. That's -- that's not what I'm saying. I -- I think you two seem like you're really in love.

Rex: That's right.

Miles: How do you do that? How do you make somebody fall in love with you?

Rex: Got somebody in mind?

Miles: Well, no, I was just wondering. Um -- I'm not that experienced.

Rex: Well, you ever hear the expression "chemistry"?

Miles: Yeah, sure.

Rex: Well, that's what it is. If there's no chemistry between the two of you, it's never going to happen. You can't just get a girl to fall in love with you. They just do.

Miles: Oh, so it's out of my control?

Rex: Well, not entirely. You can let her see the best side of you -- assuming there is one. You can go the traditional route -- flowers, candy, midnight serenades.

Miles: Oh, but I don't -- I don't sing.

Rex: It doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.

Miles: Not with me. ---

Miles: Lighten up -- ok.

Rex: Step into my office.

Miles: Yeah. All right.

Blair: My little girl's not a little girl anymore, and she's really hung up on Marty Saybrooke's son.

Cristian: But you know, maybe if you and Todd were still together...

Blair: What do I have to do to prove that I am not in love with Todd anymore? Do I have to-- to sleep with everybody in this town to prove it? I am sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

Cristian: It actually is an honor to be the first guy you sleep with to get over Todd.

Blair: Oh --

Cristian: It's a real good honor.

Blair: Oh, thank you. I really --

Cristian: I'm really honored.

Blair: So much better --

Langston: I'm never going to let you hurt them, you bitch!

Britney: If the shoe fits -- oh! Get off!  Damn, that hurt. Just a precaution, Linus. Can't have you ruining my surprise.

Miles: Thank you so much for your advice. It r really helped, believe me.

Rex: See, now would be a good time for sarcasm. It's a man thing.

Miles: I'm going to get back to you on that.

Rex: Good one.

Miles: Huh?

Rex: Yeah.

Miles: All right. Ahem. You look beautiful.

Marty: Oh -- thanks. It must be that hotel shampoo.

Miles: Hmm.

Marty: Hmm.

Miles: You want a cup of coffee?

Marty: Actually, not only is that necessary, it's imperative.

Miles: All right, I'll be back.

Marty: Ok.

Britney: Yeah, you'll never guess what happened. No, I just found out that Cole Thornhart and Starr Manning are here and they spent the night together.

Marty: Wait -- what did you just say?

Britney: Oh, my gosh. Dr. Saybrooke, I didn't -- I'll call you right back. I didn't know you were here.

Miles: What's going on?

Marty: Um -- my son lied to me and he is here with someone he's not even supposed to be seeing. Where is he?

Britney: No, they -- they'd hate me if I told you.

Marty: Oh, I'm going to find out anyway so, you better tell me.

Britney: They're in room 316.

Blair: I will -- ahem -- just grab my things and -- oh.

Cristian: Oh --

Blair: Cristian, I'm --

Cristian: Sorry.

Blair: I'm going to take a shower.

Layla: I'm -- I'm so sorry, Cristian. I didn't think you and Blair would be here, together.

Cristian: Yeah, you know what? It just kind of happened and it's not like I'm apologizing -- lave to explain -- not to me, anyway.

Cristian: So you're not going to get on me about it?

Layla: Listen, we're friends, right? It's not like I want Vange with Todd, either, but you know how she feels about Blair. Cristian, you have to tell Vange what you did.

Cristian: Look, I -- ok, yeah. Thanks. You're my buddy.

Evangeline: I knew it. Damn it, Layla. How could you do this to me?

Adriana: Hey, girls --

Cristian: Look, Evangeline, you don't understand.

Evangeline: I understand perfectly. You slept with my boyfriend. You slept with my sister, knowing ho hurt me?

Cristian: It's not --

Evangeline: Don't even try! Don't even try!

Cristian: It's not what it looks like --

Evangeline: No! I get that you're upset about what happened, what you think is going on between Todd and me, but to do something like this to me, and, Layla -- I thought you had changed.

Cristian: It's not what it looks like!

Layla: Forget it, Cristian. If she wants to believe the worst of us, let her.

Evangeline: What am I supposed to think, Layla?

Cristian: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You have no right to judge after you slept with Todd!

Evangeline: What? What are you talking about?

Cristian: What am I talking about?

Evangeline: I didn't have sex with Todd, Cristian. What makes you think that?

Cristian: Tate.

Evangeline: Tate? I didn't have sex with Todd -- that's why you did this? That's why you did this? Well, what's your excuse?

Layla: Think what you want -- you will anyway. God. If you get hurt, it's your own damn fault.

Cristian: Why didn't you tell her the truth?

Layla: Like she'd believe me. If my sister distrusts me that much, then let her believe what she wants. I really don't care!

Cole: We better get dressed.

Starr: I wish we didn't have to.

Marty: Cole? Cole, open the door this second -- do you hear me?

Cole: It's my mom.

Starr: Oh, my God, Cole, what do we do?

Cole: Hold on a second.

Marty: Cole --

Cole: I'm coming, hold on.

Marty: Don't make this any worse. I'll get the manager!

Cole: Who?

Marty:. I know she is in here. How could y do this? Look, I trusted you --Who knows what your parents are going to do when they find out

Starr: No, please don't tell them. I'm so -- nothing happened.

Marty: Oh, my God.

Cole: Mom, it's not -- I want both of you to get dressed and come with me.

Tate: Do you mind closing the door? It's a little breezy in here. All right, come on in. I'm decent.

Adriana: I -- I am -- I'm so sorry.

Tate: That's ok. Just don't get any ideas -- I don't do nudity.

Adriana: Huh.

Tate: But I love being in your underwear. That didn't come out the way I meant it.

Adriana: I just came up here to take a shower. Rex told me this was the girls' room. He obviously got it wrong, so I will just be going.

Tate: Oh, no, no, no, that's ok. I mean, you can take a shower first or we can take a shower

Adriana: Excuse me?

Tate: I mean, you've already seen me naked.

Rex: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Who -- what, what, why, what? Pi square, what?

Adriana: You told me the wrong room number and I walked in on him!

Rex: Oops. My bad -- ahem. Well, I need a shower, too. Should we flip a coin?

Tate: Well, I don't know. Since we've already slept together, is there room in that shower for three?

Cristian: So -- you're really going to let your sister go on thinking that -- that we -- that we slept together?

Layla: After the way she's been treating me? You bet I am. Hurry up. The car's waiting.

Blair: I hear some yelling out here?

Cristian: Yeah.

Blair: Oh -- ho. Are you kidding me?

Cristian: She -- she said she didn't sleep with Todd.

Blair: Right.

Cristian: She seemed surprised that I -- thought it.

Blair: And you believe her?

Cristian: Yeah, I do.

Blair: Oops -- hmm. Guess we kind of screwed up, huh? But it was fun, wasn't it? Come on.

Cristian: Whew. Langston: Cole and Starr. Britney took my phone.

Todd: Evangeline, wait a minute -- hey! Hold up. Hey! What's going on? What's wrong?

Evangeline: Cristian slept with my sister.

Todd: What? Oh, jeez. I'm sorry. I really am sorry.

Adriana: Ok, look, nobody is showering with anybody, and we - didn't sleep together.

Tate: Not in the biblical sense.

Rex: It's a joke, honey.

Tate: Absolutely.

Adriana: Hmm. No. I'll wait till I get home to have a shower. I'll get the car to wait for you.

Rex: Cold?

Evangeline: I just -- I want to get out of here.

Todd: Ok, yes.

Evangeline: Can we just get out of here?

Cole: Mom, you can't do this!

Marty: Oh, I can and I will.

Starr: No, please don't do this, dr. Saybrooke!

Blair: Hey, hey! And you told me both me you were at Dorian's house.

Starr: Mom, please don't start.

Blair: I'm not talking to you, Marty.

Marty: Look, ok, they lied to us. They spent the night together.

Starr: No! No, no, mom, it's not what it looks like at all!

Blair: You know what --

Nancy: Hey, hey, this has to stop or I'm calling the police.

Todd: It's a good idea. I want his ass busted!

Evangeline: Calm down, Todd. You' going to get anywhere with them.

Langston: You're going to get in trouble.

Britney: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. But Starr and Cole are.

Blair: You lied to us, Starr.

Evangeline: Just stay calm. You're only going to make things worse, ok? Trust me. Do you trust me?

Marty: This is it, Cole. I have warned you over and over, but you blew it. The first thing Monday morning, I am taking you out of Llanview high and I am enrolling you in boarding school.

Starr: No, you can't do that!

Todd: Shut up! He should be in prison.

Starr: Dad?

Todd: I can't believe you did this.

Blair: I can't, either, Todd.

Todd: Do you see what kind of influence you're having on her? Sex and lies are the answer for everything?

Starr: Dad, please, nothing --

Todd: I said shut up! You sit down!

Starr: No!

Todd: Sit down! Not another word, not one more word. Your life as you know it is now over -- you got it?

Marty: We're going home.

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Natalie: What, avoiding each other?

John: That, the fighting, all of it.

Nash: I think that the first step is for us to bring all of it out in the open -- what do you think about that, Mrs. Vega?

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