OLTL Transcript Monday 3/12/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/12/07


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Dorian: How can you not want to get out of this? Poor Blair is alive and well because of you. You can't let them charge you with murder.

David: It's fine. I don't need any help. It doesn't matter if people think that I killed Spencer.

Dorian: Why not?

David: Because I didn't do it.

Dorian: Huh. That's not funny.

David: I'm not laughing. Think about it. I had it made. I was living at a beach resort, under-tipping the staff in a country with no extradition treaty. So why would I volunteer for KP duty in prison stripes?

Dorian: Because John McBain pressured you.

David: Do you really think I could stab my own brother?

Dorian: Spencer? Absolutely.

David: Maybe in the back, but not for real. And if I did go in for fratricide, I would choose a much cleaner method, like rat poison.

Dorian: Well, if you didn't kill Spencer, then why are you saying you did?

Michael: Natalie here?

John: She went out. What's on your mind?

Michael: Um -- I just wanted to say that I was sorry.

Layla: Come on, one more rep, don't be a wimp.

Cristian: Yeah, right -- wimp. You try doing this.

Layla: I bet you Todd could do it.

Cristian: Don't bring his name up.

Layla: You know what? I'm going to use whatever works -- not that I have any use for that jerk, either. Here.

Cristian: You going to bat for your sister?

Layla: No. If she wants you back in her life, she'll pick up the phone and call you.

Cristian: It wouldn't make a difference because we're not getting back together -- and not because of manning. Evangeline destroyed what we had all by herself.

Evangeline: You're enjoying this. You're enjoying this.

Todd: It's -- you -- it looks really good.

Evangeline: Diamonds look good on everyone -- like pearls -- and don't get any ideas.

Todd: You don't like it?

Evangeline: Of course I like it, Todd. It looks like you pillaged a small country or -- or ---I mean, I've never seen anything more beautiful.

Todd: But you're not going to keep it, right?

Jessica: Why does Antonio -- sorry. Why does Antonio think that we're having an affair?

Nash: Because he's not completely stupid. He has picked up on what's going on between us.

Jessica: Ok, what did you tell him?

Nash: That we hate each other.

Jessica: So you lied?

Nash: Did I? What was I supposed to tell him -- that his wife is in love with me?

Jessica: Well, we can't keep lying to him.

Nash: Yeah, well, what do you suggest we do? I mean, come on, I'm not exactly a fan of lying to him, either.

Jessica: So what do you want to do?

Nash: What are you going to do? Jessica, you have to choose -- Antonio or me.

Jessica: I already did.

Evangeline: I can't accept this necklace, Todd. It's -- it's too much.

Todd: Why can't I thank you for saving my life?

Evangeline: You have -- like, when you got me my eyesight back. That -- that was a thank-you right there. Stop it.

Todd: Stop what?

Evangeline: Stop staring at me. Can you help me? Help me get this off, please.

Todd: All right. You know who would've accepted it -- Blair.

Evangeline: I -- I know -- Blair.

Adriana: Hey, Tate. Thanks for coming.

Tate: Thanks for asking. It's nice to get away from signings and mall openings for a while. I mean, it's better than the alternative, but my agent just doesn't stop.

Adriana: Sounds like retirement's not that much fun.

Tate: Oh, sometimes it is, but I guess I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life after baseball.

Adriana: Well, you endorse products -- I see you in magazines.

Tate: Yeah, it pays the rent.

Adriana: But it doesn't keep you entertained? It's boring as hell. Huh. Well, I've been thinking of something ever since I met you, but it'll only work if you take your pants off for me.

Rex: Ugh -- this has to be the worst coffee in the world, yet I'm strangely addicted to it.

Bo: Natalie isn't here.

Rex: I -- I came to see you, actually.

Bo: So you recovered from your latest visit to holding?

Rex: I'm getting so used to that place it feels like a second home. Maybe next time I'll put posters on the bars.

Bo: So you're already planning your next visit?

 Rex: Well, there's bound to be another murder you and John lock me up for.

Bo: Well, if we find you standing over the murder victim with a bloody murder weapon in your hand, oh, yeah -- you can count on it.

 Rex: Ok, you're still mad at me. I -- I was kind of hoping you wouldn't be.

Bo: Well, you know something, Balsom? I thought that we had a deal. I thought that you trusted me enough to come to me for help. Now, what changed?

Rex: Nothing.

Bo: Then why did you take the rap for a murder that Vickers committed?

Rex: I didn't take the rap, and I didn't know Vickers killed Truman.

Bo: But you're protecting someone. Right?

David: Be me for a minute. Come here. What would make taking the fall for my brother's murder worthwhile?

Dorian: David -- stop this -- no riddles. This is serious! Why can't you just tell me the truth?

David: Because the truth will set me free -- literally.

Dorian: Oh, silly me. I thought freedom was more desirable than a life behind bars with a tattooed roommate who could bench-press a thousand pounds.

David: So I'll ask for my own cell.

Dorian: Yeah, you'll get it -- on death row. You -- you are confessing to a capital crime.

David: I didn't do it.

Dorian: You just said that you did! David, I understand why. Amongst the horrible things that Spencer did, he destroyed our wedding --

David: Hey --

Dorian: He killed our chance for happiness.

David: Shh, shh, shh.

Dorian: It's --

David: Wait a second. Easy. Where's that devious mind, that devious woman that I grew to love?

Dorian: Where's your devious mind? David, someone is paying you to confess.

David: There she is.

Dorian: Oh.

Jessica: I didn't want this. I thought that I could stop feeling these feelings for you, and I could finally love Antonio the way that he deserves to be loved.

Nash: It's not exactly how but --

Jessica: And what you told Antonio -- that we hated each other -- that's not exactly a lie, because I hate this. I hate how I feel right now, and I hate you for making me feel this way.

Nash: Yeah, well, you know -- hey, the good, the bad -- it's what happens when you fall in love -- you get them both whether you like it or not.

Jessica: Well, I don't want it, I don't want it. I can't walk away from it, either.

Nash: Let me help you.

Jessica: How?

Nash: Well, I -- I may need a gun, but I'll go talk to Antonio.

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: You know, I'll explain that this isn't, you know, how we expected it to happen, but -- look, you know, I -- I came in here, I stuck around, I made a mess of everything, and I hung out for Brennan --

Jessica: It's not going to work.

Nash: We -- ok, we'll go together, all right? We'll go together. You know, we'll -- we'll just -- we'll just make Antonio understand that Jessica, Nash, and Brennan are a family now.

Jessica: No, Nash, no.

Nash: You're not going alone -- that's not fair to you, ok? I'm here for you. It's not fair to Antonio, either. I mean, you know, he's -- he's really trying to be a friend --

Jessica: Nash, Nash, stop, ok, stop. We're not going to tell Antonio anything --

Nash: We can't just --

Jessica: Because I choose him.

Nash: Was everything you said in that storage room a lie?

Jessica: No, it wasn't a lie, Nash. I -- I love you, I do love you. It's just -- this is really hard --

Nash: "Hard"?

Jessica: Yes.

Nash: So, what, you chose the easy way, huh? I mean, you're already married to Antonio, right? No divorce, no messy custody hearing --

Jessica: It's not like that.

Nash: Then what is it? Because I'm losing my grip here! Was it pity? You feel bad for the guy. He's laying there in the hospital bed all toasty roasted, so you figured, you know --

Jessica: No.

Nash: Did you feel sad for me? Did you feel pity for me because I just had my heart broken? Just lost the woman I loved, and you figured, "you know what? I'll make him feel better. I'll make him think --"

Jessica: don't.

Nash: "That I'm in love with him, almost have sex with him twice, and then when it gets going too hard, I'll turn tail and run. "

Jessica: Don't! Nash, stop it!

Nash: What about your feelings for me? How hard those feelings are for me, how you feel when I kiss you?

Jessica: Well, those feelings make me believe more that I belong with Antonio.

Nash: What? I -- unbelievable. How can two people share exactly the same experience and come out with completely different feelings?

Jessica: Because we're different people.

Nash: We're different people? I know you. I know you -- I know how you think, I know how you feel. You love me. You love me. You can't lie to me about that.

Jessica: I'm not lying to you. But what I feel for you and what I feel for my husband -- it just makes me believe that I should spend the rest of my life with him.

Nash: That would really hurt if I believed you.

Jessica: It's true.

Nash: Convince me. Convince me that you and Antonio belong together.

Cristian: You and Evangeline doing something for her birthday tonight?

Layla: I invited her out to dinner, but she said she'd rather stay home with takeout and the remote.

Cristian: Oh, right. Knowing her, it's probably just an excuse to catch up on work.

Layla: Probably. It's sweet you remembered her birthday.

Cristian: Oh, well, kind of hard to forget -- it's a pretty big circle on my calendar.

Layla: My sister's an idiot. What was she thinking ditching you for Todd?

Cristian: I guess women don't think a whole lot when they're around manning.

Layla: Evangeline's always thinking. She doesn't have an off switch, you know? This is so out of her character. She's smarter than that. I know she loves you, but she has a blind spot when it comes to Todd.

Cristian: I don't think she loves me as much as you say she did.

Layla: Uh, she stuck by you while you were in prison.

Cristian: Yeah -- that was work.

Layla: And when everyone thought you threw the fight, and even during this crazy arson investigation. She didn't do it because she had nothing better to do.

Cristian: Well, so she has a thing for lost causes, I guess -- she went out with McBain, she even dated RJ

Layla: She likes fighting for people she loves.

Cristian: I guess when she's done fighting -- because she was with me -- now she's with Todd.

Layla: That's not true. You're a great guy, Cristian.

Cristian: Yeah, whatever. We're not together anymore, she's with Todd now.

Todd: Are you sure you don't want to spend a few more minutes enjoying the feel of a million-dollar piece of jewelry around you?

Evangeline: "A million-dollar piece of --" get it off me, Todd. What were you -- get it off me, get it off me right now!

Todd: Jeez!

Evangeline: A million dollars? Jeez!

Todd: God, you're the only woman in the world who thinks that wearing a diamond necklace is like getting the bird flu. You know what? Look, if you hated it so much, why'd you wear it?

Evangeline: I don't hate it. I -- I love it. I guess that's -- that's why I wanted to see what it felt like to wear it.

Todd: Please -- please take it.

Evangeline: No, no, no way. No -- I'd have to staple it to my neck to stop muggers from stealing it. I could -- I could never relax, no.

Todd: Yeah, I noticed. Ok, no diamonds for your birthday. What would you like?

Evangeline: Something more appropriate to our relationship. We're friends.

John: Sorry for what, mike?

Michael: I -- uh -- I said some things to you, you know, while you were interrogating me and Rex about Spencer's murder.

John: You don't owe me an apology for anything. You had every right -- you were innocent.

Michael: Yeah, well, my attitude didn't make things any easier.

John: Hey, look, as long as you and I don't have to face each other in an interrogation room again, we'll be just fine.

Michael: Thanks.

John: Just do me a favor -- don't tell mom I took you in.

Michael: Fine by me, but I can't vouch for Marcie.

John: She -- she still ticked at me?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Oh, well -- I didn't marry her. Just as long as you're not.

Michael: No, Johnny, I'm over it. But my wife won't be if she doesn't see my face in about five minutes, so I'll see you around.

John: Yeah, of course.

Michael: All right.

John: Hey, look, I -- uh -- I'm sorry, too.

Michael: I think my hearing's going, because I could've swore you just said that you were --

John: Just shut up or I won't say this.

Michael: Are you about to get all mushy on me, John?

John: Probably. Now, look, you're a -- you're a good man, mike, you know, and you're good to your wife and you're a good father, and I'm lucky to have you as a brother. And even though I was trying to protect you, I shouldn't have thought for even one minute that you might've killed Truman.

Michael: The evidence pointed straight to me, John. What else were you supposed to think?

John: That there -- there might've been more pointing to someone else.

Michael: Well, obviously, you were right, because you let me go.

John: Yeah. I know you're not guilty of murder, but you're guilty of something else.

Dorian: So you didn't come back on some noble mission to save me from wrongful incarceration.

David: Not exclusively. I did come back to make a buck -- actually, lots of them.

Dorian: How much?

David: 10.5.

Dorian: Million?

David: I was going for 20, but it was hard enough getting the old coot up from five.

Dorian: Asa. He paid you to kill Spencer.

David: Sorry, I don't kill and tell.

Dorian: But you said you didn't kill him.

David: I agreed to -- I even went looking for Spencer in the hospital.

Dorian: What stopped you?

David: Somebody beat me to it.

Dorian: So you just slunk out of town and no one's the wiser?

David: I don't slunk -- I flew first class, baby.

Dorian: Letting Asa think that you had killed Spencer so you could collect the money.

David: What Asa doesn't know won't hurt him.

Evangeline: I'm so glad you're -- I --

Todd: Hmm -- friend? Oh, yes. I'm glad. I'm glad, you're glad. The -- I'm sure that the patrons and the wait staff of the palace restaurant are glad -- everybody's glad.

Evangeline: So?

Todd: So let's eat.

Evangeline: And you're cool about taking my necklace back?

Todd: Oh, I'm cool, baby. I'm nothing if not cool.

Tate: Well, I never thought I'd have a career as a --

Adriana: Celebrity spokesperson?

Tate: No, that I'm familiar with. I was going to say "underwear model. "

Adriana: Hey, exposed is not just underwear. Layla and I design top-of-the-line stuff, and our team would make sure that you look very good.

Tate: Well, you'd have your work cut out for you.

Adriana: Shut up -- you don't really think that.

Tate: Yeah, you're right.

Adriana: Look, we'll pay you really well, and it'd be really good for our company. An endorsement like this would make all the difference in the world for us.

Tate: Ok. But there's one condition.

Adriana: Name it.

Tate: You have to handle all of my fittings personally.

Rex: Maybe picking up those bloody scissors wasn't the smartest thing I ever did.

Bo: You think?

Rex: But Vickers confessed, so why does it matter?

Bo: I don't know. Why don't you tell me, because you seem to be the one with the guilty conscience.

Rex: You're starting to sound like a priest.

Bo: Oh, man, you want to keep lying to me, go ahead. Just keep on lying, but sooner or later, you are going to trip yourself up, and you're going to end up right back in a holding cell.

 Rex: I had a good reason.

Bo: Is it something illegal?

Rex: It's not as simple as that.

Bo: Yeah, well, it never is. Is it something you think you can live with? Yeah, but not easily.

Rex: I did the right thing. But it would go down a lot easier if you were cool with it.

Bo: Tell me what you did.

Rex: I can't.

Bo: All right, Balsom, you have a change of heart, you know where I live.

Rex: Thanks. Oh, hey -- I almost forgot. Phillies season opener.

Bo: Is this some kind of a bribe?

Rex: Yeah, it is -- for Matthew. He's a had a rough time -- getting caught in that fire, losing everything he owns. I thought those might cheer him up. Well, I'll see you.

Bo: Balsom? Thanks. You did good.

Michael: What is it you think I did, John?

John: Don't know. But you and Balsom are hiding something.

Michael: In your imagination, John.

John: Hey, mike, you -- you remember when we were kids, and you broke my baseball bat and you tried to hide it under your bed thinking I wouldn't find it?

Michael: You did -- in three seconds.

John: You know why that is? You're a lousy liar, Mike.

Michael: Well, I promise you, John, if I broke your bat today, I would tell you.

John: You don't understand. You'd rather go to prison than tell me the truth -- same as Balsom. So whatever you're hiding, it's big.

Michael: Well, you know that we didn't kill Spencer Truman, which is all you should care about.

John: Really? I care about you, and I still have questions.

Michael: Just leave it alone! First it was dad, then it was Spencer, now it's me. What do you --do you do? Do you run around inventing cases so that -- so that you can make yourself feel useful?

John: I'm not inventing anything, and I know this secret is eating you up.

Michael: And you just want to help.

John: Why else would you come see me?

Michael: To apologize. Don't read anything into it, John.

John: Stop it, mike! Just tell me the truth!

Michael: Lay off, John!

John: Not going to happen! Not going to happen.

Michael: Then Spencer Truman gets the last laugh.

John: How so?

Michael: You, John. Just back off.

Dorian: David, why come back? Why not stay in your lovely little, non-extradition hideaway forever?

David: That was the plan till John McBain showed up.

Dorian: But why didn't you tell him you were innocent?

David: Because my New Year's resolution is to think before I speak, which is even harder than it sounds. And I knew that John would continue to look for evidence against me until he found the real killer, and when he did, I'd be out $10. 5 million, and Asa would not give that money to an innocent man.

Dorian: I'm not even sure Asa would give it to a guilty man. How do you know you can trust him?

Nash: What made you decide that you belong with Antonio?

Jessica: Don't push this, Nash.

Nash: Then tell me you're wrong. Choose me.

Jessica: I can't.

Nash: You can. And whatever misguided, puritanical loyalty you feel for that guy, it is --

Jessica: "Misguided"? I love him, I married him -- I didn't take those decisions lightly.

Nash: Yes, you did. You did. And I told you that this would happen.

Jessica: No. You thought and you hoped that I'd turn into Tess, and I didn't.

Nash: No, I thought and I hoped that you'd fall in love with me, and you did --

Jessica: No --

Nash: And we almost made love.

Jessica: But we didn't, because I don't feel for you what I feel for my husband, ok, Nash? I love you, I do, but it's just -- it's not going to work between us, ok?

Nash: Try.

Jessica: I don't have to try. I have a history with Antonio. And you and I were an accident. If there had never been Tess, then there never would've been a you and me.

Nash: Liar.

Nash: Good lie.

Jessica: Goodbye, Nash.

Nash: I'm not going anywhere.

Jessica: I don't expect you to, because you're always going to be a part of Bree's life.

Nash: So what's the "goodbye" for?

Jessica: For us having a life together.

Nash: Don't do this.

Jessica: We can't -- we can't do this.

Nash: What is your heart saying?

Jessica: I choose Antonio. You act like you can change my mind, but you cant. I made it up a long time ago. We're through.

Cristian: All right, I'm going to hit the showers.

Layla: Uh -- I'm meeting Rex and Adriana at the palace for dinner tonight. Come with me. My treat.

Cristian: Since when can you afford The Palace?

Layla: Adriana and I will talk business for two minutes and then write it off.

Cristian: "Business"? You mean women's underwear?

Layla: You mean "will we be discussing it?" That depends. What answer will make you come with me?

Cristian: All right, I'll go -- but I pay for myself.

Layla: Yes, macho man. But hit the showers first -- you stink.

John: This a good time?

Bo: I was just reading over your report on Vickers' arrest. It sounds like you had a productive trip.

John: Yeah. Natalie told you what she did at Truman's crime scene?

Bo: She said that she found fibers on Truman's body and she removed them before forensics saw them. Is that true?

John: Afraid so.

Bo: Then why did I hear that from her and not you?

John: I have no excuse, Boss.

Bo: Ah. That's too bad because I was hoping you could convince me not to hire a new chief of detectives.

Rex: Looks like I'm missing all the fun!

Adriana: Oh, can I tell him the good news?

Tate: It's your show.

Adriana: You're fired.

Rex: Excuse me?

Adriana: Superstar baseball player Tate Harmon has agreed to be the spokesperson and model for exposed.

Tate: Well, that's providing my agents and managers give their ok, which I'll make sure they do.

Adriana: Isn't that great?

Rex: Uh, well -- uh, uh -- I'm flattered you had to go as far as major league baseball to find someone good enough to replace me. Congratulations, man. You couldn't ask for a better boss.

Tate: I know. Oh, but still, I'm not used to standing around in my underwear -- not for money, anyway.

Rex: Well, don't worry. You're in good hands with Adriana.

Cristian: Looks like Evangeline decided not to stay home on her birthday after all.

Todd: What's Layla doing with your ex?

Evangeline: They're friends, like us.

Todd: You know, that should make you feel better.

Layla: I guess we have to go over and say hi.

Cristian: Make it quick.

Layla: Ok. Hey.

Todd: Hey.

Evangeline: Hi.

Layla: Happy birthday.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Cristian: Yeah, happy birthday. Nice necklace.

Todd: Yes, that's from me. I'll tell you how much I paid for it?

Cristian: I'm out of here.

Layla: Hey, Cristian? I -- I know you can't do this.

Cristian: Another time.

Layla: Whatever. Don't worry about it.

Cristian: Thanks.

Todd: No, no, no.

Evangeline: I'm going home.

Todd: What about dinner?

Dorian: No! What's wrong with you standing in prison one day, let alone two years!

David: Oh, yeah? I stood my whole life with Spencer.

Dorian: This is a capital crime we're talking about -- life in prison, or death.

David: Death? Death is waiting on me in a lousy a greasy spoon restaurant, which is where I'll be if you get me out of here.

Dorian: David, who says you have to wait tables?

David: Oh, I would never doubt it. See how the little people do it. But what's my column B -- mooching off of you? I've been there, I've done that.

Dorian: Come on. Was it so terrible?

David: No, Dorian, it wasn't. It was some of the best times of my life, but you don't get it. There's something better than that. I want to be rich enough that people want to mooch off of me.

Dorian: But, David, look at the price.

David: I am looking. I like what I see, Dorian. Why can't you?

Dorian: Because what I see is life in a place like this for a crime you didn't commit.

David: As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I killed my brother. Who am I to say otherwise?

Bo: We've got Vickers' confession, we know that he was in the hospital at the time of Truman's death. What's left to dig up?

John: It doesn't feel right.

Bo: Why not?

John: If Vickers kills Truman to protect Blair, why does he leave the hospital without getting a doctor to help her?

Bo: Because the doctor could've identified him. And it's what Vickers does anyway -- he cuts and runs.

John: Truman was stabbed repeatedly, violently. Doesn't seem like Vickers' style.

Bo: Truman had set him up, he'd framed him for your father's murder, so Vickers had 25 years of pent-up rage that he had to let go.

John: Maybe. But how did the fibers from my scarf transfer to him?

Bo: Wasn't necessarily your scarf. Maybe Vickers brushed up against somebody who was wearing one just like it.

John: Too much coincidence, Bo.

Bo: You really think he's innocent?

John: It's a definite possibility.

Bo: John, you spent most of your life looking for your father's killer, and you found him. Finally, you found him, so now it's time to accept that.

Nash: I guess I'll just call to make arrangements to pick up Brennan, huh?

Jessica: Um -- well, she has a pediatrician's --

Nash: Oh, whatever. We were not an accident. Tess led me to you, and my love for her was never even close to how much I love you now. And I am lucky, because at least I was happy for a few months, and how many people can say that, huh?

Marty: I want you to write down, without thinking, on this piece of paper, without weighing Both sides, the name of the man you want to be with -- not the man you think you should be with, but the man that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: No matter what you say, Blair, you're still in love with him.

Antonio: He said he can't stand you, and that you felt the same way about him.

Natalie: You got to ask Marty Saybrooke out to the winter festival.

Miles: You really think I should?

Natalie: Oh, I didnít say that.

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