OLTL Transcript Thursday 3/1/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/1/07


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Antonio: Jessica --

Nash: Jessica?

Jessica: Keep your oxygen thing in. It's doctor's orders.

Nash: How's Antonio?

Jessica: Collapsed lung, broken ribs, smoke inhalation. But he's going to pull through.

Nash: Good. You know we can never tell him.

Jessica: Never tell him what?

Nash: What we were doing when the fire broke out. Or that we love each other.

Todd: Well, you'd better sit down, Blair. You don't want to let these people see what you're like before your first cup of coffee.

Blair: Oh, a good morning to you, too, Todd. Surprised to see you here alone. Congratulations.

Todd: On what?

Blair: On moving on so quickly.

Todd: Have I?

Blair: Well, I heard that you swapped spit with Evangeline.

Todd: Huh.

Evangeline: Hey. Oh, you're still not talking to me. I understand. I understand why you're not returning any of my calls. Me and Todd in my apartment -- I know how it looked, Cristian.

Cristian: Look, I've already said all I needed to say. It's over between us.

Marty: Oh, what are you doing in here?

Rex: Our burnt toast is running late this morning.

Michael: How can you even think of food? John's going to figure this thing out soon.

Rex: Michael, I know you're scared, but he isn't going to figure out anything if we don't tell him. Which is why I wouldn't let you confess last night.

Michael: Yeah, well, maybe confessing is the only way to keep Marcie from losing Tommy.

Bo: I don't like surprises, John.

John: I'm sorry, Boss, I'm not following.

Bo: Well, I came in this morning, and the first thing I learned was that there had been a fire at Antonio's club. And then the next thing I learned is that you brought Michael and Balsom in here for questioning and held them overnight.

John: Yeah, that's right.

Bo: Why are we holding Balsom and your brother? All right, John, you know I was concerned about assigning you to the Truman investigation. Now, what you should have done is come to me and tell me what you wanted to do and why you wanted to do it -- before you brought your brother and Balsom down here. Now, fill me in so that I'm not forced to reassign you and then let your brother and Rex go.

John: Just -- wait. Wait a second, Bo.

Bo: No, can't -- no, can't do it.

John: Look, I didn't want it to come to this, all right? There is some evidence that suggests that Michael may have killed Truman, and for some reason, Balsom is covering for him.

Bo: You think Michael killed Truman?

John: No. I don't know. He and Balsom are definitely hiding something.

Bo: All right, what's the evidence?

John: I'm working on it now. I'll get it to you. I mean, fortunately, there's nothing that directly connects Michael to the murder, but I thought these two spending a night in a cell -- maybe they'd stop playing games and realize this is serious.

Bo: Huh. You know, I can't get Balsom to talk, but your brother, John -- you -- do you think that Michael could have done it? I mean, do you believe that he murdered Truman?

John: I don't want to believe it.

Bo: Well, see? You have your doubts. And you should know him.

John: I know when he's hiding something. I know his guilty look.

Bo: Go on.

John: Well, he -- he begged me to drop the case. He said whatever I found, I wouldn't like it.

Bo: What -- like what?

John: Hopefully, not that he was a murderer.

Bo: All right, what would be his motive, other than Truman killing your father?

John: Maybe he thought he was protecting me from myself.

Bo: So he's going to beat you to the punch, so to speak? See, that seems like a stretch.

John: I wish it were.

Bo: I've had a feeling that -- that Balsom is hiding something.

John: Hmm.

Bo: But what? Why would he want to protect Michael?

John: What about Tommy?

Bo: What does Tommy have to do with any of this?

Marty: What are you doing here?

Miles: Waiting.

Marty: Does John know you're in here?

Miles: No, he's in a meeting. He said I'd have to wait for him, so I figured this would be a good spot.

Marty: Oh. Um -- yeah, I disagree. Not alone in his office, and especially not in his chair.

Miles: Well, this one's much more comfortable than that one.

Marty: You know, I really think it would be to your advantage not to be in here when John gets back.

Miles: Really?

Marty: Yeah.

Marty: Were you looking for something?

Miles: I resent that.

Marty: Well, you never told me why you were in here.

Miles: Word has it his brother's being held for Spencer's murder.

Marty: Yeah, I heard that.

Miles: So why are you here?

Marty: I -- I had some police business with John, so I'm consulting, and I just came by to see how he was doing.

Miles: Huh. Psychiatrist making house calls.

Marty: Huh.

Miles: I haven't seen that one on TV.

Marty: No, I'm not here as a doctor.

Miles: You must be here as a friend.

Marty: I wouldn't say that, either. I don't think John and I will ever be friends.

Rex: You're out of your gourd. Confession is a bad idea. Very bad.

Michael: Whew -- I've been thinking about it all night.

Rex: Don't think about it anymore.

Michael: I'll say that I did it for revenge. I mean, that'll take the heat off of you. Otherwise, John finds out -- and he will find out what you did to keep everybody from finding out that Tommy is really Todd Manning's son. And that's what this is about, right? Protecting Tommy?

Rex: Couldn't agree with you more, compadre. That is why we are both in this stinky jail cell. But confession -- uh-uh.

Michael: I don't know -- tell me one reason why it's a bad idea.

Rex: Ahem -- how about Marcie loses her husband. You go to jail. McBain figures out the whole Tommy factor, plucks Tommy from Marcie's arms, and drops him into Todd's? That is why you have to zip it. Got it?

Todd: And so what makes you think that Evangeline and I were -- were -- what -- whatever it was you -- you say we were doing?

Blair: Hmm. Well, I heard Cristian tell Antonio that you and Evangeline were kissing.

Todd: I bet Cristian was pissed off, right?

Blair: You blame him?

Todd: No. No, I don't. But why are you pissed off?

Blair: Me?

Todd: Uh-huh.

Blair: You think I care what you do, Todd?

Todd: Yeah, actually, I do. I think that's why you're standing here.

Blair: Oh! You are so wrong. We're over. I'm through with you.

Todd: Well, that's fine. Maybe I'm not through with you, though.

Nash: Where's Bree?

Jessica: Antonio's mother has her. She wanted to see if I wanted to bring the baby here, and I said "it's not really the place for babies, unless they're being born," and I --

Nash: You know… you can keep on talking without ever taking a breath, and maybe we could avoid it.

Jessica: Avoid what?

Nash: Talking about it.

Jessica: What's there to talk about?

Nash: We can't just pretend it didn't happen, Jessica.

Jessica: Nash, we said those things, that we loved each other, while Antonio was risking his life to save us.

Nash: Yeah. And now I do feel guilty. Especially now that I know that you love me.

Nurse: Mrs. Vega, your husband is asking to see you.

Antonio: Great, now that you're here.

Evangeline: It's not over. I don't accept that, Cristian.

Cristian: You don't have that luxury.

Evangeline: I -- we kissed. Todd and I kissed. I came to you and I told you about it. I didn't try to hide it from you.

Cristian: What -- what do you want, a medal for honesty?

Evangeline: No, I want to talk about it. I need for you to understand what really happened.

Cristian: I just don't see the point.

Evangeline: I don't care about him that way.

Cristian: Come on, that's such bull, Evangeline.

Evangeline: No, it's not. How -- what a great comeback! Great comeback, Cristian!

Cristian: Well, I'm -- oh, excuse me, I'm really sorry.

Evangeline: Do you know what it is to be like to be me every single day, to be that person's only hope. Every single day, to be the only one who cares for that person? I think you do. And there's nothing between Todd and me. It is not romantic. Cristian, he was in pain. He was filled with pain. He was, like -- I love you.

Cristian: And I love you. Sometimes love isn't enough, and this is one of those times.

Evangeline: No, no, no, no, wait. So we're over?

Cristian: Yes, we're over.

Blair: If you think your little affair with Evangeline bothers me, Todd, it doesn't.

Todd: Well, at least you have the class not to get outwardly pissed off, to explode like Cristian the ape-man.

Blair: He has a right to be mad. She cheated on him.

Todd: But you're not -- you're not even a little bit pissed off?

Blair: No, I'm not. But I am surprised that your new little best friend, Evangeline -- her desperation. She didn't waste any time. She found out you were unattached and she was crawling all over you.

Todd: She was just comforting me.

Blair: Aw. And why was she comforting you, Todd?

Todd: Because I just found out my son died.

 Blair: Your son with Margaret is -- is dead? What happened? Are -- are they sure it was your son?

Todd: Rex found the death certificate. Some hospital in Cleveland where -- where the baby died.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I'm so sorry.

Todd: Two sons dead. Dead.

Blair: One of them was ours.

Waitress: Excuse me, are you folks ready to order?

Todd: Uh -- yeah, where -- where's Carlotta? I wanted one of those –

Waitress: Oh.

Todd: Frittatas.

Waitress: She's at home with Antonio's girls. There was a fire last night at his club. Antonio's in the hospital.

Todd: Right -- well, what about Jessica? Is she all right?

Waitress: Um -- I guess so. She's in the hospital, too.

Todd: Nothing for me, thanks. I'm going to go to the hospital and make sure Jessica's ok.

Blair: I'll go with you.

Todd: No. I don't want you with me.

Cristian: You let Todd kiss you. And it doesn't matter why. Because you cheated on me.

Evangeline: I'm sorry.

Cristian: It's a little late.

Evangeline: No, you don't mean that. You're upset right now. I understand.

Cristian: You're damn straight I'm upset. I'm upset because I was a fool --

Evangeline: No.

Cristian: To think that we had any kind of future together.

Evangeline: Cristian, I was the fool, I was wrong.

Cristian: I don't want to be with you anymore. Ok? I've wasted enough of my wife already. Hello? Why didn't you tell me about this last night? Yes I should know when my brother's in the hospital! You can't listen to Je-- no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Evangeline: What's wrong?

Cristian: That was my mom. There was an accident at my brother's club. He's hurt, so I'm going to go to the hospital to see him.

Evangeline: Wait, wait, wait. I want to go with you.

Cristian: You're not invited.

Evangeline: Antonio is my friend. I'm going with you.

Cristian: Suit yourself.

Antonio: You're ok?

Jessica: Yes, I'm fine. Fine.

Antonio: I don't know what I would have done if I lost you.

Jessica: Honey, shh. I think that you should relax and not talk so much, ok, chatty?

Antonio: I'm ok. How's Nash?

Jessica: He's better than you and worse than me. He'll be fine.

Antonio: Hmm. The girls?

Jessica: With your mom.

Jessica: See? That's what I meant. No talking. Here's some water. Nash, are you still with me?

Nash: Yeah. Jessica, I would die before I let something happen to you.

Antonio: Are you sure that you and Nash are all right?

Jessica: We are fine. Ok? Nash is going to be fine. You saved his life, you know.

Antonio: He would have done the same for me.

Jessica: Some more water?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: There you go.

Antonio: How did you and Nash get trapped inside the storage room, anyway?

Miles: Detective McBain doesn't like you?

Marty: In a word, no.

Miles: Why? I mean, you seem very nice to me.

Marty: Uh --- yeah. Well, Spencer was on trial for killing his father, and I testified that he was unfit. So John didn't really care for that.

Miles: Well, I can see why. But, I mean, you had to be in the right. After all, Spencer was a doctor.

Marty: And why -- why would that make a difference?

Miles: Well, he took the Hippocratic oath. He swore to save lives, not end them. Spencer was my friend. He was a good man.

Marty: Yeah, well, sometimes good people do bad things. And look, I wasn't testifying about his character, I was testifying about his state of mind. And in my professional opinion, he was a very sick man.

Miles: Well, I don't doubt that. I mean, nothing else makes sense. I'm sure you were impartial.

Marty: Oh. Huh. I try to be with all my patients.

Miles: Including me?

Marty: You have my word.

Miles: You know, I've seen a lot of doctors over the years. But none were nearly as beautiful as you.

Marty: Oh -- uh -- thank you.

Miles: Well, I guess Detective McBain isn't coming back, so I'll talk to him another time. Bye.

Marty: Bye. Hmm.

John: Well, Tommy is Rex 's godson.

Bo: All right, give me a scenario.

John: Well, maybe Balsom sees Michael leaving the scene. He finds Truman dead and does his best to clean up any of the evidence. Gives Michael plenty of time to get away before he makes a call.

Bo: Ok, let's say you're right. Oh, god, I hope you're not right.

John: Hey, I don't want to be right on this one, Bo, but what do you always say to me? You say you look at the evidence and then you go with your instinct.

Bo: All right. Let's say he did it. Between you and me, I just don't see that he should have to spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing a guy like Truman. And I think if we give it some thought, we can -- you know, we can make a case for him saving Blair's life. And then I think that Nora would be -- she'd be open to offering a pretty good plea bargain.

John: I was hoping you'd say something like that.

Bo: I'm sorry, John. You know, I know how close you and Mike are.

John: Well, I'm still holding out hope that we're going to find something that clears Michael and Balsom. I just -- I wish they'd realize that we were trying to help them, and just give us something.

Bo: Yeah. All right, you -- you do what you got to do, ok? And then make sure you keep me in the loop.

John: Right.

Bo: Ahem -- you know, that wasn't a request.

John: Right.

Rex: Hey, yo!

Officer Wiley: My name ain't "yo," Balsom.

Rex: Relax, Wiley. I'm the one who's locked up.

Officer Wiley: Again.

Rex: Stop being my mother and tell me -- have we had any visitors yet? Shouldn't we have had some lawyers delivered to us?

Officer Wiley: Lieutenant McBain said no visitors and no lawyers.

Rex: Ok -- I know my rights. We have the right to an attorney.

Officer Wiley: Only if you've been arrested. You're just being held.

Rex: How about some breakfast? Glass of water?

Rex: Hmm, your brother's trying to turn up the burner on us.

Michael: Yeah, in hopes of what?

Rex: In ho-- shh. You're a prince among the guards.

Officer. Wiley: Hmm.

Rex: Why would he do that to us? He's hoping he can get us to rat on each other. Which is why we need to hang tough, and completely lose any thought of confessing to anything.

Michael: Yeah. And I guess we're in this together, right? We got to take it as far as it goes.

Marty: I was just leaving you a note.

John: Why'd you want to see me? 

Marty: Do you know who was waiting here when I stopped by?

John: The suspense is killing me.

Marty: Miles Laurence.

John: Who? Oh. Yeah, I really got to get locks for these doors. What did he want?

Marty: Well, he heard that your brother was brought in for questioning, and he wanted to see how you were taking it.

John: Oh, I'll bet. Why do you think he was really here?

Marty: Well, I think he wants to see Spencer's murderer brought to justice, and he's just a little curious.

John: Hmm.

Marty: Is your brother really a suspect?

John: Well, maybe, maybe not.

Marty: That must be hard for you.

John: Is that why you came by?

Marty: You want to talk about it?

John: I do not.

Marty: Well, if you do, you can talk to me.

Marty: Well, what about the case? Can you talk about that?

John: You have to read it in the papers like everyone else.

Marty: Well, you know, what kind of evidence do you have against your brother?

John: You want coffee?

Marty: No.

John: Let's get one thing straight -- Michael's in here to answer some questions, that's it.

Marty: Well, has he given you any answers?

John: Same as everyone else -- "I didn't do it."

Marty: What about the officer who brought him in? Did you question him about what made him suspicious?

John: Nope. I brought him in.

Miles: Ahem. Do you mind?

Blair: Oh, no. Go right ahead.

Miles: Thanks. Did you hear about Michael Mc Bain?

Blair: Uh-uh.

Miles: They took him down to the police station for questioning.

Blair: What did he do?

Miles: They're asking him about Spencer's murder.

Blair: Oh. Well, I don't know about that, but there's no way that Michael McBain is involved in Spencer's murder.

Miles: They say Spencer killed his father.

Blair: Well, I don't care. A lot of more -- people that are more brutal than Michael McBain that wanted to see Spencer dead.

Miles: You see, that's what gets me. The two closest men in my life are the two most hated people in Llanview.

Blair: Yeah? Who was the other guy?

Miles: Mitch Laurence was my brother.

Talia: Here's the report from last night's fire.

Bo: I didn't -- didn't expect to see you at work today, Talia. How are you feeling?

Talia: Hey, that was just a little bump on the head.

Bo: Yeah? Well, you know, you could have a concussion, so I think you ought to get yourself checked out.

Talia: I'm fine. I had a C. T. scan at the hospital. The doctor cleared me. And I just want to get back to work -- find the arsonist, you know? He nearly killed three people last night.

Bo: Four -- if he'd have hit you any harder.

Talia: Yeah, well, he didn't, so --

Bo: Hey, Talia? Don't make this personal.

Talia: I think it's too late for that, sir. This case has been personal for a while now.

Nash: Oh.  I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Antonio: Come on.

Nash: Oh! Oh, oh.

Jessica: Nash was getting glasses out of the storage room closet. He shut the door behind him, he didn't realize it would stick.

Antonio: Why were you there?

Cristian: Excuse me. I'm Antonio Vega's brother -- do you know where he is?

Nurse: Right over there, but there's already someone in there. There's only two visitors allowed at a time.

Cristian: Oh, good.

Jessica: I just -- I had to get away from the crowd for a second. I -- it kind of got to me.

Antonio: So you went to the storage room?

Jessica: Yeah.

Cristian: Hey. Mami told me what happened.

Antonio: I'm fine.

Jessica: Yeah, thanks to Antonio. He saved both of us.

Antonio: Nash and -- and Jessica were trapped in the storage room.

Todd: Is Jess in there?

Evangeline: Yeah, she's in with Antonio. Todd -- don't go in there.

Todd: It's going to be ok.

Evangeline: Please don't go in there.

Cristian: Get out, Todd.

Jessica: Guys, Antonio cannot have this many visitors, ok?

Todd: Well, I don't care about Antonio. I care about you.

Jessica: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Cristian: Yeah, you sure are a find -- almost got my brother killed. Let me ask you something -- what were you doing in the storage room with Nash? Huh?

Antonio: It's ok.

Jessica: Antonio?

Antonio: All right? The only thing that matters is that we're all ok.

Cristian: So, how did this fire get started?

Antonio: Not sure -- probably the arsonist.

Todd: Maybe somebody got pissed off about being charged 50 bucks for a crappy Bottle of wine or 10 bucks for a --

Jessica: Ok.

Todd: Watered-down drink or --

Jessica: Ok.

Todd: Stale beer.

Cristian: Leave, Todd! Leave!

Jessica: Both of you -- Antonio doesn't need this right now, ok, so both of you just get out.

Nash: Jessica's right. Besides -- wow, a lot of people. I -- I really need to talk to Antonio and Jessica alone.

Cristian: Jessica and you are the last person my brother needs to see right now.

Antonio: Cris? Nash can stay. Get him out of here.

Cristian: Oh, my pleasure. Let's go, Todd.

Antonio: What is it, Nash?

Nash: There's something I need to tell you, Antonio.

Evangeline: Cristian!

Cristian: Ah!

Evangeline: Cristian, please! Please.

Todd: Ow.

Evangeline: Don't do this, please. Please.

Blair: Uh -- well, you certainly have one hell of a connection to Llanview. I don't know who's worse -- Mitch or Spencer. Tell you this -- they were both crazy, psychotic men wh o screwed over people they said that they loved.

Miles: See, I -- I thought it was you who screwed over Spencer after you told him you loved him.

Rex: John doesn't have any proof we did anything.

Michael: Well, he has to have something. I know that John usually plays it pretty close to the vest, but he didn't make it any secret about the fact that he thinks that I killed Spencer Truman, you covered it up for me.

Rex: If he had anything, he would've charged us.

Michael: Yeah. Then why would he bring us in here?

Rex: Because basically, we asked him to.

Marty: You arrested your own brother?

John: He hasn't been arrested.

Marty: Then why did you bring him in?

John: This is my office, isn't it? Look, I asked mike a few questions and he gave me the wrong answers.

Marty: Maybe he's protecting someone -- hmm.

John: I'll get what I need eventually.

Marty: Even if it means arresting the only family you have?

Jessica: Antonio is still weak. Whatever you have to tell him, it can wait.

Nash: No, it can't.

Antonio: What is it, Nash?

Nash: You saved my life. I owe you.

Antonio: It was purely for selfish reasons. And I didn't want to spend time looking for another restaurant manager.

Nash: Oh.

Antonio: Hmm. You know, when something like this happens, it makes you realize how important family and friends are, huh?

Nash: Yeah.

Cristian: Come on, Todd, get up. We're going outside.

Todd: Cristian, the kiss meant nothing. You're the one she loves, man.

Evangeline: Please.

Todd: But you're such a thickheaded, stupid son --

Evangeline: Cristian, please. Stop it!

Nurse: Do you have any clue where you are? If you don't leave this hospital this instant, I'll call security. I want you out right now.

Todd: Evangeline, are you all right?

Evangeline: Yes. Todd was right about one thing. You are thickheaded!

Blair: You don't have any idea what you're even talking about.

Miles: Well, I kept up on my current events. You and Spencer were engaged, so obviously you told him you loved him. Didn't you?

Blair: You didn't know Spencer.

Miles: Yeah. You didn't answer my question. I mean, really, I'm curious. You and Spencer were all over the society pages back then. I kept up online. You never loved him?

Blair: Oh. I was tricked into thinking that I did, yeah. Miles:

But then you tricked him, right?

Blair: Yes, I did trick him. But if you were keeping up online like you said, then you would know that my ex-husband was set up by Spencer for a murder that he didn't commit. You read that, right?

Miles: Well, yeah, I -- I know he was accused of it.

Blair: Oh, come on. It wasn't an accusation. It's the truth, and yeah, ok, I told Spencer that I loved him -- so the police could get information to arrest him. Look, the night that Spencer died, I thought he was going to kill me. So whoever saved my life took Spencer's, and if it was Michael McBain, then I'll never be able to repay him.

Miles: See, I -- I just -- I can't believe that we're talking about the same man.

Blair: Well, I'm telling you we are. Spencer -- would, would -- he was really complex. He would talk one way to one person and then turn around and talk completely different to another -- I saw it firsthand.

Miles: I loved him like a brother.

Blair: Well, the more you learn about Spencer, I think the more you're going to learn to hate him.

Michael: Are you insane? I did not ask to be put in this jail cell -- did you?

Rex: How did you ever make it through med school? What did you tell him?

Michael: I told him he should back off.

Rex: There you go. We both told him "back off, you might not like what you're going to find. "

Michael: Oh, no, I didn't -- I didn't say that.

Rex: Then what did you say?

Michael: Well, I said that he should probably stop looking because he wouldn't like what he found. We said the same thing, didn't we?

Rex: We both put up a big neon sign and the sign didn't say "rib tips. "

Michael: I was just trying to be honest, you know? I mean, as honest as I could be without spilling the whole pot of beans.

Rex: Yeah. Me, too. We both told him that we knew something and we weren't going to tell him what it was. Then, Detective Mc Gruff decides --

Michael: Hey -- McBain is my last name, too.

Rex: Sorry. Your brother smelled blood and couldn't or wouldn't keep himself from going into full-on cop mode.

Michael: Oh. Man, I am so sorry that I got you into this.

Rex: You didn't.

Michael: Whew.

Rex: It was the only way I could think of to keep you from losing Tommy.

Michael: Yeah, but what you did -- I mean, I don't know anybody who would stick their neck out like that. You know? I mean, I -- I will never forget what you have done for me.

Rex: Yeah, well, it's nothing compared to what you've done.

Michael: "Nothing"? Rex , are you kidding me?

Rex: The main thing is that we keep our mouth shut, zipped. Nothing comes out except "good morning, Sunshine. Nice day for a walk. " Ok?

Michael: Ok. Yeah, but what about you? I mean, how are you going to live the rest of your life knowing that you killed a man?

Rex: What?

Michael: Shh!

Rex: You think I killed Spencer?

John: Truman's life ended up as I expected.

Marty: So are you saying he deserved to die?

John: Me and everyone else in Llanview.

Marty: Huh, I won't argue with that.

John: However, even though he deserved to die, that doesn't mean someone can just become judge and jury and kill him.

Marty: No, no, it doesn't.

John: Well, so part of my job becomes finding that person and make sure they don't get away with murder.

Marty: Even if it's your own brother?

John: My only answer to that is I love my brother.

Marty: So you would have him pay for something you probably would've done yourself given the chance if I hadn't stopped you?

John: Yeah, your timing stinks, and yes, I would have. My mind was telling me one thing, my hands wrapped around his throat choking him were telling me something else.

Marty: I can understand that.

John: Hmm. Well, congratulations, doc. You got me to talk about it after all.

Marty: No, I don't think anybody can get you to do anything you don't want to do.

John: Look -- I actually have quite a bit of work to get to.

Marty: Can I give you some advice before I go?

John: Will the fact that I carry a gun stop you?

Marty: Huh. No. Look, you're a good man, John. And you're a good cop, and if you believe your brother is hiding something from you, you owe it to yourself and to him to follow that instinct. And if you ever don't want to talk about anything, you know, give me a call.

John: More night classes, I could've been a dentist. See what we got, what we got. There you are. Who the hell are you?

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