OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07


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Antonio: Come on. Let's go.

Nash: Hey, Jessica.

Jessica: Antonio! Nash!

Adriana: Can I get you anything?

Marcie: No. No, I'll be ok. I'll be ok. What about you, huh? You know, you're in this with me.

Adriana: I'm fine. I just don't get why John has Rex back in there for questioning.

Marcie: No, I don't, either. He must think that Rex knows something.

Adriana: Well, he doesn't.

Marcie: I feel so out of the loop, you know? And I didn't even know there was a loop.

Natalie: Marcie?

Marcie: Natalie.

Natalie: Hi. Hi, I just heard that --

Marcie: Yeah.

Natalie: That John brought Michael in for questioning.

Marcie: Yeah, he's got them in there in the interrogation room.

Natalie: "Them"?

Adriana: Rex is in there, too, being questioned.

Natalie: What? Why?

Adriana: He thinks they know something about Spencer's murder.

Marcie: Not just know -- he thinks Michael did it.

John: You are both in way over your heads. And I'm trying to do you a favor here, but let me tell you something -- it's the only favor you're going to get.

Rex: So, like, you're going to let us go? I'm down with that.

John: Shut up, Balsom. And just tell me everything, everything that happened on the night Truman was murdered up to and including your own personal involvement, whatever that may be, and then, if I'm satisfied, you both walk out of here and I do everything in my power to help you.

Rex: Dude, have you ever been satisfied in your entire life?

John: Dude, do you have any idea how bad this is?

Michael: We get it, John. A man has been murdered, but neither of us did it.

John: Then stop wasting my time. Tell me something that makes this whole mess go away. If you don't, from this moment on, you're on your own.

 Talia: This is officer Sahid. There's a fire at Capricorn. Send F. D. , P. D. , and a bus. There still may be people inside.

Jessica: Antonio! Nash, Antonio, please answer me! Are you all right?

 Talia: Get back! What happened?

Jessica: No, Antonio and Nash are in there! The ceiling caved in!

Talia: What?

Jessica: I got to go get them!

Talia: No -- you're not going anywhere. You've got to stay back here.

Jessica: Let me go!

Talia: No, let the fire department handle this.

Jessica: Where are they, Talia?

Talia: They're on their way, ok? We've got to get out of here!

Jessica: I am not leaving! So you can come and help me get them or you can leave, but I'll die before I let them go!

Nora: I'm trying to pay my bill, but my house burned down, so I don't have my statement, which is why I'm calling you, you moron! Ugh! Oh, I don't believe I just did that.

Renee: Stress always brings out the worst in us, doesn't it?

Nora: Oh.

Renee: Wouldn't you like to have a drink, darling?

Nora: Oh. Isn't that Asa's good stuff?

Renee: Well, it's not doing him any good. Why let it go to waste? Come on, kiddo -- it will help.

Nora: Oh, it certainly will.

Natalie: Ok, Marcie, what exactly did John say?

Marcie: Well, he came over earlier wanting to talk to Michael, right? And then the next thing I know, he's got him here in the police station, questioning him about Spencer's murder like he's some killer.

Adriana: I'm sure there's nothing to it.

Marcie: Then why would he haul his own brother in for questioning?

Natalie: Who knows for sure? But, I don't understand -- why is he questioning Rex ? I thought uncle Bo cleared him.

Adriana: He did, you know? Rex and I just came to be with Marcie, and then all of a sudden, John was all over him, too.

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, I hate to say it, but I think John has finally reached his breaking point. Michael is his brother. He should know in his heart that he would never, ever kill someone, not for any reason.

Natalie: Maybe -- um -- but you never know what a person's capable of when they're pushed to the edge.

Marcie: I do. I know my husband and I can say without a doubt that Michael did not kill Spencer Truman.

John: Don't both jump at the same time.

Rex: Ahem. Actually, let's get hypothetical here. Let's say somebody's out there -- maybe me, maybe Michael, maybe -- Paris Hilton, somebody who knows what happened to Spencer that night.

John: So which one of you is it?

Rex: I didn't say it was either of us, exactly.

John: Just cut the crap, Balsom. This clown was stabbed multiple times.

Rex: I'm not arguing details. What I want to know is, say somebody of interest -- like Paris -- came forward with the information you needed.

Nash: Yeah?

Antonio: Yeah. Oh. You with me, buddy?

Nash: Oh, yeah.

Antonio: Oh. Oh.

Nash: Tonio?

Antonio: Oh, yeah. You got it, man. Come on. Come on, we're going to get I can't move.

Antonio: Oh. Come on, you can do it.

Nash: I can't move! Go!

Antonio: No! No way.

Nash: Go! Go to Jessica! Go!

Antonio: We either go together or we don't at all!

Antonio: Now, come on.

Nash: Ow!

Antonio: Give it everything you've got! How?

Michael: John?  Rex had nothing to do with this, ok? He didn't kill Spencer Truman.

John: Yet, he was found at the scene with the Body, the murder weapon in his hand.

Michael: It doesn't mean that he killed him, John.

John: You know that for a fact?

Michael: Oh, will you stop talking to me like I'm a perp and start talking to me like I'm your brother? Give me one little thing that helps! You don't want to help -- you never have.

John: It's not about me, mike. This is about you and Balsom and lying through your teeth.

Michael: You have really lost it, John.

John: I just want the truth.

Michael: And at what cost?

John: Obviously, it's costing me a lot.                                               

Michael: Yeah, and you just don't give a damn, do you? Honest to a fault and it doesn't matter who gets hurt -- that has always been your problem.

John: That's not true, Mike. That's not true -- this is tearing me apart. But at the end of the day, somebody got murdered.

Michael: Yes, John -- a murderer who killed our father!

John: I know that, mike! I know that! It still doesn't make it right.

Michael: But you wanted to kill him. Is that what's going on here? Are you -- you pissed off because you didn't get to do it? Is that why you're throwing around stupid, unfounded accusations?

John: You're absolutely right. All right? Circumstances being different, I could be sitting in that chair getting grilled by a cop myself, or worse, maybe off to death row. Is that what you want to hear, because that's what I call coming clean, and instead, what you keep doing is giving me the run-around. You know what, Mike? It doesn't take a genius to figure this out!

Michael: Why can't you just trust me on this?

John: At least tell me why you're acting so damn guilty!

Michael: You don't know what you're talking about.

John: I know you, Michael.

Michael: Then you know that I would never kill Spencer Truman. Or maybe you don't know me. You never did before. Why -- why should things change now?

John: I warned you not to say something like that again and you pushed it. Wilson, get in here!

Officer Wilson: Yeah, Lieutenant?

John: Do me a favor -- take my brother down to lockup.

Michael: What are you talking about? You're not serious?

John: Why don't you go cool yourself off in a cell for a while and think of what a real prison might be like?

Officer. Wilson: Let's go.

Rex: So, if we're done here --

John: Sit your ass down.

Rex: Hmm.

John: We're nowhere close to being done.

Nora: Oh.

Renee: Nora, don't --

Nora: Oh, Renée, I'm so sorry.

Renee: I have plenty of Bourbon, darling, no, no, no, no, no.

Nora: I'm so sorry.

Renee: No, you only have one cell phone.

Nora: Oh, God. Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no, no, no! This is how he was going to text me with it -- how much I owe on the bill! Oh, why?

Renee: Oh, if it's your bills that you're worried about --

Nora: Oh, no -- you and Asa have done enough already, just putting Matthew and I up.

Renee: Come on, you are family. Of course we could do that.

Nora: Oh, please, my house burned down -- we're not destitute, we're fully insured.

Renee: Well, that's something to drink to -- here.

Nora: Oh, god. Oh, my goodness. Well, I was planning on remodeling the house anyway. You know, that kitchen really could use a face-lift.

Renee: Ha! How would you know?

Nora: Marianne mentioned it.

 Renee: So, now you can build brand-new from the ground up.

Nora: Oh, yeah, just like my life, you know? Fresh start, clean slate. Right out of the ashes.

Renee: Nora, come on. You can stay here for as long as it takes.

Nora: Oh, I don't want to impose -- you know, wear out my welcome?

Renee: No, I mean, you've got to be kidding me. Asa is thrilled to have Matthew here. He's learning all about video games. He's taught Asa how to I. M. I can't get him off that darn computer.

Nora: Yeah -- kids these days, you know? Yeah, Matthew loves spending time with his grandfather, too, but you know -- he misses his stuff, you know, all the things that make him -- him.

Renee: Ah, yes.

Nora: Yeah.

Renee: And -- what about you, darling?

Nora: Huh -- me? I'd settle for my W-4s.

Renee: What? You're kidding me. What -- your tax forms?

Nora: You think I'm kidding?

Renee: Oh, yes, I think you are. I would be -- you have to be worried about your photo albums, I mean, your keepsakes, your --

Nora: No, no.

Renee: Your antiques, all the things that --

Nora: My birth certificates, my -- the deed to my house, insurance.

Renee: No, no, no, no, no, no, Nora, all of those things are replaceable.

Nora: They're replaceable after spending hours on the telephone with banks and credit card companies and insurance companies, trying to take care of that when I should spend those hours at home taking care of my son.

Marcie: Michael. Oh, my god, I was so worried. I'm so glad John finally came to his senses.

Michael: Where's Tommy?

Marcie: Oh, he's with Roxy.

Michael: With Roxy?

Marcie: Yeah, no -- honey, he's fine. I just called her, he's -- he's sound asleep. He's totally fine, ok? Let's just go home and tuck him in.

Officer. Wilson: Sorry, Marcie.

Marcie: What? Why not?

Michael: Marcie, I --

Marcie: Michael, please just tell me that this is all going to be over. Please just tell me.

Michael: It will be, Marcie. It will be, but I -- I have to stay the night.

Marcie: What? What -- why do you have to stay?

Michael: My brother is putting me in jail.

Antonio: Let's go. All right. Oh. All right, this -- this is going to hurt.

Nash: Oh, of course it is.

Antonio: Oh! All right. All right, ready?

Nash: Yeah, on three.

Antonio: One --

Nash: Ah!

Antonio: Two -- three.  Oh!

Nash: Oh, God! God -- ah! Ah! \ Ah! Thanks, bud.

Antonio: Yeah, don't mention it. Come on.

Jessica: Antonio, Nash, thank God!

Talia: Come on!

Jessica: Oh, my God! No! A chance to drop a hand on your shoulder and tell you what's wrong with your serve.

Renee: I -- I'm going to tell you something. Suck it up.

Nora: I beg your pardon?

Renee: You heard me.

Nora: Ok. The expiration date of my pity party is about to --

Renee: No, no, no, no, no. That's not what I'm talking about.

Nora: Then what the hell am I supposed to be sucking?

Renee: You are supposed to sit down, have this drink, shut up and listen.

Nora: Yes, ma'am.

Renee: Now, first of all, Matthew knows that you are mom of the year and don't you ever forget that.

Nora: If you say so.

Renee: You are!

Nora: Yes, ma'am.

Renee: Thank you.

Nora: I mean, I --  I know I'm not a bad mom, but I just -- I -- I don't -- I wish I could handle this better. I mean, the poor boy is a wreck.

Renee: Nora, he is a normal kid. He has been through a terrible ordeal. He is probably -- fine, since he is growing into a remarkable young man.

Nora: He is amazing, isn't he, if I do say so myself.

Renee: Because of you.

Nora: Ok, but then how do I help him get through this when I'm spending all my time on the phone with banks and credit card companies and insurance companies and government agencies, which you'd think would be the easiest thing for me to do since I work for the government, but no. Now I have to get a hold of some sort of paperwork to prove that it's okay to let your family and your friends help you.

Renee: Oh. I don't believe you. Stop being a control freak.

Nora: Oh -- well, first you tell me to suck things, now you're calling me a control freak, Renée? - ok- . All right, I am a little bit of a control freak, but, God, I have to be a -- do you realize I haven't had control of my life for the last two years?

Renee: You are now back in the driver's seat by sheer force of will. You are not flying solo. Nora? You and Matthew are family, and we're going to help you whether you like it or not. Do I make myself clear?

Nora: I'll have another.

Marcie: Natalie, come on. You got to do something, all right? You have to talk to John and tell him what an a he's being.

Natalie: I've been there, done that.

Michael: Yeah, you know, I -- I don't think you're going to get any further than I did.

Marcie: Well, why is he doing this?

Michael: Because he thinks he's doing the right thing.

Marcie: Well, he's wrong! And everybody knows that he's wrong, right? I mean, I'm right.

Natalie: All right, all right, Marcie. It's not going to do us any good to stand around here arguing about this. We just need to focus on getting Michael an attorney right now.

Marcie: Ok, I'm sorry. We will, ok? We're going to get you out of this, I promise. It's just -- it's all alright to be ok. Everything's going to be ok.

Michael: I know that, Marcie. If I don't know anything else, I know that.

Marcie: Yeah. Ok.

Adriana: Do you know what's going on with Rex?

Michael: Yeah, he's still being questioned by John.

Adriana: Why?

Michael: I don't know. I guess John thinks that he can get something out of him.

Natalie: You know what? I'm going to go find out something about that, too.

Marcie: I'm going to go with her, and I'm going to give John a piece of my mind.

Officer. Wilson: Why don't you stay here while I do some paperwork, ok?

Michael: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

Adriana: So John's questioning Rex ?

Michael: So far as I know.

Adriana: He won't say anything.

Michael: Doesn't matter. John's already got it figured out.

Adriana: About Tommy?

Michael: Well, not exactly, but he knows that there's something going on between me and Rex. It's only a matter of time before he gets to the Bottom of it.

Adriana: What do you think he'll do if he finds out that Tommy is Todd's son?

Michael: What do you think?

Adriana: Oh, God.

Michael: Yeah. We're all screwed -- Tommy, most of all.

Adriana: How is John going to figure it out if we don't tell him? We're the only ones who know.

Michael: No. You don't know my brother so well, do you? Once he latches on to something, he just won't let go.

Adriana: How?

Michael: Well, he's working it right now, you know, separating me and Rex , trying to get us to turn on each other. It's one of the oldest cop tricks in the back of the Book.

Adriana: Well, Rex won't give it up. He wants Tommy to be safe and he knows that Tommy is safest with you and Marcie. Rex will take that secret to the grave. I'm sure of it.

John: You really don't want to do this, kid?

Rex: I have a right not talk to a cop -- isn't that part of the Miranda?

John: You remember when you told me to stop digging -- I may not like what I found? You really think that was a possibility?

Rex: I hoped you would've listened to what everyone else was saying. I'm not the only one who told you to leave it alone.

John: Hmm. So did Michael, and then I came across the evidence that linked him to the crime, and yet you were found at the scene. You know what that looks like to me?

Rex: I'm sure you'll tell me.

John: Looks like you're covering for my brother.

Rex: What makes you so sure he needs somebody to cover for him?

John: You tell me. You know, a prosecutor -- he might say you walked in on him and then you took the scissors and you wiped his prints clean from them.

Rex: No. I didn't take --

John: My question is, why would you do that, because I'm not really getting the strong connection between you and mike. Why would you risk everything for my brother? What am I missing here?

Rex: You're the detective -- figure it out.

Jessica: Antonio, are you all right?

Antonio: Nash -- he needs help.

Jessica: I'm coming.

Talia: I'm ting you out of here. Let's go!

Jessica: Nash, you're going to be ok.

Talia: Come on, come on. Come on.

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Come on, honey. Come on. Come on, let's go. No! Antonio, no! Wake up! Wake up! My God! Antonio, please wake up! Wake up! Please, answer me and wake up! You -- no, no, no, no, no! Antonio, please! Please, wake up! Antonio! Hi there.

Rex: Since I haven't been charged with anything, I'll take my chances.

John: You know, we're done here. But no, you wouldn't be here in the first place if we didn't have something on you. Think about what I said.

Rex: Well, thanks for the insight, detective, but I'll take my chances.

John: It's still open to mike, then, but know that all deals are officially off the table for you. Let's go.

Adriana: Look, Michael, just keep it together. Everything is going to end up ok.

Michael: No, we don't know that for sure.

Adriana: John has suspicions. That's all it is at this point.

Michael: Yeah, we hope.

Adriana: He would have told Todd by now if he knew Tommy was Todd's son.

Michael: But how far off can he be? What else connects me and Rex ?

Adriana: Well, that's for John to figure out.

Michael: And he will.

Adriana: Not if we don't give him the pieces to the puzzle.

Michael: If.

Adriana: I won't, Rex won't, and you can't, either. We all have too much to lose.

Michael: Yeah. You're right. We've all broken some pretty serious laws.

Adriana: And you would lose Tommy.

Michael: Not just me. Marcie, too.

Adriana: And Tommy would lose two parents who love him more than anything and just want to give him the best life possible.

Michael: What happens later?

Adriana: What do you mean?

Michael: Well, even if John let's this thing go, he'll still have his doubts. Well, he'll have his suspicions for the rest of his life. And -- and I'm going to have to lie to Marcie every day. To my son. How does a person do that for their whole life?

Adriana: You just do it. My mother did it because she knew it was the best thing for me, and I didn't see that at first. But now, seeing what you're going through -- sometimes lies really are better than the truth.

Michael: I just hope I can do it.

Adriana: You can. You have to -- for Tommy and Marcie. And any time that you have doubts, you just think of them.

Michael: They're all I think about.

Adriana: Oh, my God. Are you ok?

Rex: Yeah, are you?

Adriana: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm not so sure about Michael.

John: It's ok, fellas. Let's go, both of you.

Adriana: What -- you're putting Rex in jail, too? Is that even legal?

John: Well, you should be thanking me for taking him off your hands for a little while. But if you're really upset about it, I suggest you call your attorney. Until then, these two are mine. Come on. I'll get that back.

E. M. T. : Smoke inhalation, maybe first-degree burns to the hands.

Second E. M. T. : He's got head and chest trauma, sub L. O. C. , and a traumatic pneumothorax.

Doctor: Let's start at the beginning. Get x-ray down here for a trauma series.

Jessica: I love you, Antonio! Please don't leave me! Don't leave me!

Nurse: We need to make sure that you didn't get too much smoke.

Jessica: I'm fine. I just need to be with my husband. Nurse: You can see him as soon as he's been stabilized. Doctor: Any other injuries besides smoke inhalation?

E. M. T. : None that we can see.

Jessica: Nash, are you ok? Doctor: We need an A. B. G., keep him on oxygen. Do you know what happened?

Jessica: Yeah, we -- we were trapped together in a room. My husband got me out first.

Nash: Jessica, are you ok?

Jessica: I'm fine, but you and Antonio --

Nash: Where is he?

Jessica: They brought him in there. He's really, really bad.

Nash: All right, go. Go. I'm fine. Go to him. He needs you. Go to Antonio.

Jessica: Ok, I'll be right over here.

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry, Renée. But this just feels too good. Hi, sweetie. Matthew: Hi.  What are you doing way over there? Come over here.

Matthew: You looked so relaxed, I didn't want to bother you.

Nora: Oh, yeah, well, I got to tell you a secret.

Matthew: Ok.

Nora: I can't really relax in someone else's house. You know what I mean? I mean, even in a house like this where everyone here loves us, I just -- I feel like a houseguest. I feel like I have to mind my Ps and Qs.

Matthew: Some days, I just want to, like, make a mess and just leave it there.

Nora: I can't even leave my shoes by the bed because Nigel comes and puts shoe tress in them and lines them up in the closet. I mean, I know he means well, but it's like –

Matthew: But it's just annoying.

Nora: I know. It's driving me totally insane!

Matthew: I mean, you can probably ask him to stop. I mean, Nigel's pretty cool.

Nora: No, I don't want to do that. I just -- I don't want to hurt his feelings. I know he's trying to make us feel better. He feels bad for us. Matthew: I hate that.

Nora: What? What is it that you hate? Matthew: People feeling bad for us. I just want to be normal again.

Nurse: Blood pressure is 70/40.

Doctor: Alert the blood bank. We might need some more. And set up a thoracotomy tray.

Nurse: B. P.'s still not rising.

Doctor: What's the pulse?

Nurse: 130.

Doctor: Hang in there.

Jessica: Excuse me, excuse me –

Doctor: You need to leave.

Jessica: He's my husband. Please -- Antonio, hey. Hey, it's me. Listen, honey -- listen -- remember on our wedding day when I told you that you had been saving my life ever since the day we met? Remember? Now you have to save your own, ok? Because we need you. Bree and Jamie and me, we all need you. Please, Antonio -- ok.

Nurse: We're doing all we can to get your husband stable. You're just making it harder --

Jessica: I know -- if I can –

Nurse: Please -- please, just leave now.

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Talia: How's Antonio?

Jessica: They don't know. Um, sorry, I didn't know you were hurt, too.

Talia: Oh, no, it's ok. It's not like I never took a header before. They're going to give me a C. T. scan, but I got a pretty hard head. I'll be ok. So will Antonio.

Jessica: God, I hope so.

Talia: Just -- you know better than I do, he's as tough as they come. He didn't go in there and get you and Nash just to buy it himself, you know? I know this may not be the best time for questions, but the guy who started the fire tonight -- he may be the arsonist that Antonio and I are tracking. If you remember anything -- something unusual, anything --

Jessica: No, no -- um -- Nash and I were trapped in the storage room before the fire started.

Talia: You and Nash were stuck in the storage room together?

Jessica: Yeah -- look, you know what, Talia? This is not a good time, ok? I can't do this right now. Nash is hurt, Antonio's hurt, so can we just do this later?

Talia: Sure. If you need anything --

Nash: I'm fine, all right? I don't need your help! I'm fine! I got –

Nurse: You -- you cannot leave until the doctors clear you.

Nash: Ahem -- how's Antonio?

Jessica: Well, there's no news. But he would be really pissed off if he found out that he put his life on the line just so you could refuse help.

Nurse: Thank you. I'll be back with the doctor.

Jessica: I'm glad that you're ok.

Nash: I am not ok.

Jessica: But you just said --

Nash: I can walk, I can talk, I can breathe, but I'm not ok. How could I be with what we almost -- how could we do that to Antonio, huh?

Rex: I see my old cot's still here. I didn't even have reservations.

Michael: So, what, is this some sort of a wish fulfillment for you, John? Locking up your little brother?

John: It's that kind of attitude that got you tossed in here in the first place. Mike, I want nothing more than to see you walk out of here a free man.

Michael: Then what is stopping you?

John: You, Mike. Why are you playing these games with just -- the minute you tell me the truth, it'll be better for everyone.

Michael: You want me to tell you that I killed Spencer Truman? I -- I don't see how that's going to make it better for anybody.

John: Mike, I want you to tell me if you did. If you didn't, tell me that, let's get the hell out of here.

Michael: We would like nothing better than to get out of here, John. But if that's going to happen, you're going to have to look the other way on a couple of things.

John: Is that supposed to be some kind of confession?

Michael: I'm not confessing to anything.

John: Don't you get it, Mike? There's evidence linking you to a murder. I'm the cop working that case.

Michael: You're also a brother.

John: You, too.

Michael: Yeah. And I let you down, again, right? Just like I always do.

John: Never. Mike, you're my brother and I love you. This has nothing to do with when we were kids, and everything to do with the entire department coming down on you for murder one. Work with me and we can work this out. But if you don't, there's nothing I can do for you. Mike!

Natalie: Roxy, I -- I don't know. I've got to go. If you don't know a lullaby for Tommy, just make one up. I got to go. You don't look too good.

John: Oh, thanks.

Natalie: Did you happen to run into Marcie and Adriana? Because I left them at the desk sergeant. They were arguing about releasing Rex and Michael.

John: Well, thanks for the warning.

Natalie: So anything from Michael?

John: Nothing.

Natalie: Oh. So why did you have Rex in there?

John: Well, he knows something.

Natalie: Ok. So now what?

John: Well, the ball is in their court, so to speak.

Natalie: John, I know what this must be doing to you.

John: No, no, the difference is, when you thought it was me, you covered it up.

Natalie: Yes, well, I know that that's not the right thing to do, either.

John: I'm not so sure. Maybe it was. I don't -- I don't even know what right is anymore.

Natalie: Well, if you need anything from me at all, just let me know.

John: I might take you up on that. Thanks.

Natalie: Watch your back.

John: Oh, boy.

Marcie: Lieutenant McBain, I would like you to tell me when my husband is going home.

Nash: You're bleeding.

Jessica: I know.

Nash: Antonio's in there fighting for his life because he saved mine.

Jessica: Mine, too.

Nash: So why are we doing this? Why are we hurting him? How can we be in love with each other behind his back?

Matthew: I don't want you to think I feel bad for myself. I don't think any of this is your fault. I just -- I just want you to feel good again.

Nora: Matthew, sweetie, you don't have to worry about me.

Matthew: That's not true. You almost died.

Nora: But I didn't, did I? Which I think proves that I am indestructible.

Matthew: Don't treat me like I'm a kid.

Nora: Hey, you are a kid. You know what? And there's a part of me that's a kid, who wants just to put her feet on the furniture and leave her dishes in the sink. Matthew: Yeah, and Nigel won't even let me near the kitchen.

Nora: Bingo, I love that. Ok, if you could do one thing -- one thing tonight that would really make you feel completely comfortable, what would it be?

Matthew: A pizza with everything, buffalo wings, and big sodas out of plastic cups.

Nora: Pizza, buffalo wings, disposable dinnerware -- that's doable.

Matthew: Now, I don't want anything homemade, and I want the delivery guy to laugh at our order, just like he used to.

Nora: Like, I will make a special request. Only one thing.

Matthew: What?

Nora: I think we might have to sneak upstairs to my room and eat it in bed.

Matthew: Yeah, but that'll make crumbs.

Nora: I know. Come on. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

John: Marcie, I understand that you're upset.

Marcie: Yeah. You're damn right I'm upset, John. What about you? Are you ok with locking your brother up in a cage? You're ok with that?

John: It's the last thing in the world I wanted to do. But we can't ignore the evidence.

Marcie: Yeah, well, I hate to break it to you, but that is exactly what you're doing. You are ignoring a lifetime of evidence with your brother. Can you really tell me that you can see your brother as a murderer? Would you ever think him capable of doing something so completely psycho? Look, John, I know how hard this is for you to let go of this Spencer thing, ok? I get it. I realize that it has been driving you for most of your life, but he is dead. And it is time to just move on. Isn't it enough that he took your father from you? Are you really ok with him taking your brother from you, too?

Adriana: Marcie, let's go get working on lawyers for Michael and Rex .

Marcie: You make this right. Do you hear me? You make this right, before it costs you everyone you love, and you lose the rest of your family. John McBain, you make this right.

Natalie: She's just upset.

John: She has every right to be.

Rex: We're ok, Michael. We kept our mouths shut, stuck to our story. We don't know anything. Neither does John.

Michael: Yeah, well, I got to tell you, he's not going to stop. He is going to keep going until he finds the truth.

Rex: The truth is whatever we tell him. It doesn't have to be anything else.

Michael: Look, you don't understand, ok? And -- and it's ok. I wouldn't expect you to. But at this point, the most important thing is protecting Tommy, that Tommy is safe, and he is, he is safe. He's safe with Marcie, which is why I have to make sure that she never loses him.

Rex: She won't.

Michael: Not if I have anything to do with it. Which is why maybe -- maybe they're better off, you know, without me. Maybe they're better off if I'm just out of the picture.

Rex: What are you talking about?

Michael: Maybe it's time I confessed.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Michael: John's going to figure this thing out soon.

John: I'll get what I need eventually.

Marty: Even if it means arresting the only family you have?

Blair: I heard that you swapped spit with Evangeline.

Evangeline: So we're over?

Nash: There's something I need to tell you.

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