OLTL Transcript Thursday 2/15/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/15/07


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Nash: Ok. Hi.

Jessica: Hi. Hi, sweetie.

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: Come here. I thought you were bringing her by this afternoon.

Nash: This morning. I thought you said this morning. I got confused. I canít imagine why.

Jessica: Antonioís here.

Nash: I'll be good.

Jessica: Well, we werenít the other night. Listen, itís fine. You know, Antonioís here, and I have to go to work.

Nash: Work?

Jessica: Yes. Um -- I thought it'd be good for me to -- to keep busy, and I used to be a decent reporter --

Antonio: Hey, good morning, man.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Good morning, little girl. Hi. You not feeling well? Whatís the matter?

Nash: Putting Jessica to work, huh?

Antonio: Oh -- well, I had nothing to do with it. That was all Todd manning.

Jessica: I got to go.

Antonio: Did you -- did you hear about her -- her first interview?

Jessica: Itís -- itís nothing.

Antonio: Sheís -- sheís interviewing the guy who inherited all of Spencer Trumanís estate.

Nash: Hmm.

Antonio: You sure you donít want me to go with you?

Jessica: Yeah. That would be a great idea. Itís the first thing they teach you in reporter school. Bring your handsome cop husband to your first interview. No, I'll be fine.

Antonio: All right. All right.

Jessica: Do you want to walk out with me?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: No, Nash -- hey, why donít you stick around? I -- I have to ask you a few things.

Marty: Look, I doubt you will have any of the side effects that we discussed. But if you do, just call me and I will adjust the dosage.

Woman: I didnít even know medication could help. Thanks for looking out for me.

Marty: Sure, no problem, but look out for yourself.

Nora: Hey.

Marty: Nora.

Nora: Got room for one more patient?

Talia: Ah!†

Natalie: Oh, sorry. I'm --

Talia: No, it was me. I -- I was somewhere else. Sorry.

Natalie: Yeah -- yeah, me, too.

Talia: You didnít come in with John?

Natalie: No. He was gone before I woke up this morning.

Talia: Truman case? Yeah?

Natalie: Yeah. Somethingís bugging him about it. Something major.

John: Fibers here -- no fibers here. Somebody cleaned it up. Somebody who knew what they were doing.

John: Yeah, let me talk to Lieutenant Johnson. Itís McBain. Yeah, Donna, look, I -- I need blowups of two of the photos you took of Spencer Truman.

Talia: You know, Johnís doorís been closed all morning. I'm pretty sure heís alone.

Natalie: I think I'll hold off on that. Whatís wrong?

Talia: What does he want?

Talia: If you're looking for news on the arson investigation, there isnít any.

Vincent: Oh. Thatís funny, because I heard that there was almost another fire last night. Sounds like news to me.

Talia: We -- we lost the suspect. So if you're here to complain --

Vincent: No. I'm here to see Natalie.

Talia: Oh. Well, why didnít you say so? Excuse me.

Vincent: Hey. Hello? Hot chocolate, for you.

Natalie: Is this a bribe?

Vincent: No, itís hot chocolate. Itís the good stuff from down the street.

Natalie: Oh. I'm sorry. That was very nice of you.

Vincent: Yeah.

Natalie: Oh, God!

Vincent: Oh -- damn. Natalie I am such a klutz!

Natalie: How could I do this? Ugh!

Vincent: Whatís wrong with you? Your hands are shaking. Whatís going on?

Natalie: No, they're not.

Vincent: Natalie, whatís wrong with you?

Natalie: Itís the same thing we talked about last night. I did something terrible. And if John finds out about it, I'm going to lose him.

Adriana: You hardly slept last night again.

Rex: Every time I close my eyes, I see Truman with all those stab wounds and the blood.

Adriana: Maybe you would sleep better if you had something else to think about.

Rex: Like what?

Adriana: Baseball.

Rex: Excuse me?

Adriana: Well, you love it, right?

Rex: I'm counting the days till the pitchers and catchers report.

Adriana: Well, have you ever heard of Tate Harmon?

Rex: The hottest pitching prospect in the majors until he got injured? That Tate Harmon?

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: I've heard of him, why?

Adriana: Because heís standing right over there.

Tate: Hey, how are you?

Adriana: Hi.

Antonio: I booked Nelly Furtado at the club.

Nash: Who?

Antonio: Grammy award-winning artist, Nelly Furtado. Sheís a friend. Look --

Nash: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait -- right, sure.

Antonio: I wanted this done right, so I told her manager to deal with you.

Nash: Great. Ok.

Antonio: Give her whatever she wants, all right? Special lighting, stuff in her dressing room -- just make her happy.

Nash: You sure you donít want to handle her yourself?

Antonio: No, I canít. I'm up to here in the Spencer Truman case.

Nash: Ok. Should be a big night. What night is it?

Antonio: Itís February 23 -- Friday night.

Nash: Oh, itís going to be a big party. Thatís two nights before the Oscar party.

Antonio: Yeah, you can handle it. You going to bring a date?

Nash: I'll -- be working.

Antonio: Well, so will Layla, most likely.

Nash: Laylaís a great girl. But sheís not the one -- not for me.

[Bree cries]

Antonio: Oh, she must've lost her pacifier.

Nash: Absolutely. I'll get her. I want to, really.

Jessica: Moron! Sorry, not you.

Bellboy: Something wrong?

Jessica: Yeah. My boyfriend. "Go out for coffee," he says. "Room service is too expensive," he says. Yeah, so I say "give me the key. I'll go get coffee." And the idiot canít find it. And he told me he'd be here when I got back, and heís not.

Bellboy: Go down to the desk. They'll give you another key.

Jessica: Yeah -- um -- you know, they're going to ask me for ID, and I'm sort of not supposed to be here. You see, I'm married, so --

Bellboy: I guess you'll have to find your boyfriend, then.

Jessica: I will, yeah. But the problem is he probably thought that I was taking too long and he went out for his run, and heís not going to be back for an hour, and I got to level with you -- if I donít get in there and get my stuff, I'm in really, really big trouble. So I was wondering if you could figure out some way to get me in there.

Bellboy: We're really not supposed to do that.

Jessica: I -- I know. You're totally not supposed to do that, but nobodyís going to know. Itís just going to be between you and me and Andrew Jackson.

Bellboy: Just make it fast.

Jessica: Bless you. Ok. Ok. No personal items on the desk. Just room service menus and hotel stationery. Nothing in the drawers. Oh. The garment bags on the rack are all bought from the hotel boutique. Miles travels light. Hi. You must be Miles. Um -- I'm Jessica, and I -- I brought coffee. Um -- I was wondering if you'd like to speak on the record about whatís ahead for you now.

Antonio: Is she ok?

Nash: Yeah. It was the pacifier thing.

Antonio: I'm writing everything down I told Nellyís manager. You want to go over it?

Nash: No, I donít want to keep you. Itís good.

Antonio: No, I'm here till Jessica gets back.

Nash: You know, I -- I could stay here and watch her till she gets back.

Antonio: Itís fine. Have a seat.

Nash: So -- Nelly Furtado -- sheís great, awesome. It'll be a big night. Thank you for trusting me with this.

Antonio: Well, I know you can handle it, and I know you'll take good care of her.

Nash: Yeah.

Antonio: Um -- hereís the managerís number at the top.

Nash: Ok.

Antonio: Itís weird, isnít it?

Nash: What?

Antonio: How you, me, and Jessica are handling this whole situation, making it work? You know, for Breeís sake?

Nash: Yeah. As complicated as it is, sheís worth it.

Antonio: Itís still complicated for you? Why?

Miles: I'm sorry, I donít know who you are or what you're doing here.

Jessica: Well, I sort of talked my way in here. You see, I knocked and you didnít answer, and -- well, we had an appointment.

Miles: We did?

Jessica: Yeah, and my office set it up for me. I'm Jessica Vega, from "The Sun."

Miles: You're the reporter?

Jessica: Yes.

Miles: I told your office I didnít know what they wanted to talk to me about.

Jessica: Well, Spencer Truman did a lot of terrible things to people in this town. And now that heís murdered, he states you as sole heir in his will. I figured this place would be crawling with reporters.

Miles: Nope.

Jessica: You mean, I'm the only person that you've spoken to?

Miles: Yeah. And the only reason I'm talking to you is because you broke in.

Jessica: Well, you're not going to throw me out?

Miles: I'm thinking about it.

Jessica: Oh, please donít, ok? I -- you see, I've been out of the loop for a little while, and this story could be a really, really big break for me.

Miles: Why should I care about that?

Jessica: No reason.

Miles: Well, we canít talk now. I got somewhere -- somewhere to go.

Jessica: Well, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions while you finished getting dressed? Ok. Um -- so looks like you went shopping, huh?

Miles: Yeah.

Jessica: Did you get all this stuff from the hotel?

Miles: Yeah.

Jessica: So where are you off to? You donít talk much, do you?

Miles: Not unless I have something to say.

Jessica: What was your relationship with Spencer Truman?

Miles: I owe him a lot. You want to see what he did for me?

Jessica: Very much. Oh, my God -- is -- is that you?

Miles: No matter what people say about Spencer, heís the most important person in my life. Thatís why.

Rex: You know Tate Harmon?

Adriana: Mm-hmm. Well, I saw him in here a couple days ago, and I bumped into him, literally. And I didnít know who he was, and everybody else did. Is -- is he really that good?

Rex: He fanned Big Papi four times in one night -- at Fenway!

Adriana: Are you speaking English?

Rex: Just introduce me.

Adriana: All right. Um -- Tate? Hey.

Tate: Ah. We meet again. Maybe this time, I'll get your name.

Adriana: Itís Adriana. And this is my boyfriend, Rex Balsom.

Rex: Hey.

Tate: Hey.

Rex: Itís a real honor to meet you, man.

Tate: Oh, donít worry about the "being honored" part. Just being a fanís good enough.

Rex: Sit down with us. I'll start groveling.

Tate: That sounds good. I hate eating alone.

Marty: Well, it sounds like you need a medical doctor, not a psychiatrist.

Nora: I have that bad cold going around. I just hope Matthew doesnít get it. I'm putting a serious dent in the tissue population now.

Marty: That is what they are there for.

Nora: Hmm. Does anyone ever really lie down on that couch?

Marty: Well, many of my patients prefer it. They can lie there and not look at me.

Nora: They donít like to look at you?

Marty: No, you know, they donít want to see my crazy reactions.

Nora: Oh, but isnít that half the fun -- is making your shrink react?

Marty: Well, you know, it depends on your psychosis.

Nora: Ah --

Marty: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Touchť, touchť.

Marty: Well, is there something you wanted to talk about?

Nora: Yeah. Who killed Spencer Truman?

Vincent: Terrible, huh? Itís over. You've been cheating?

Natalie: You are such a man. A woman is worried, and you automatically assume that sheís been sleeping around?

Vincent: I'm sorry, you said you did something terrible. Excuse me. So, what did you do that was so bad?

Natalie: Itís just ever since I got John back, you know, I've been afraid of losing him again. And I've been really worried about him, and I've been trying to do things to help make him better.

Vincent: He doesnít like that?

Natalie: No, he hates it. You know, and heís just been so frustrated about everything else, and, you know, heís not completely recovered from his accident, and -- and some other things happened, and heís just -- he was going crazy.

Vincent: So what did you do when he was acting crazy?

Natalie: I canít -- I canít talk about this. Not here, Vincent.

Vincent: Why, because this is police headquarters?

Natalie: No, because I'm really -- I'm really busy, and this isnít helping.

Vincent: Ok. Have it your way. You know, keeping things locked inside, Nat -- itís not good for a person.

Natalie: Yeah, and you're just so open and honest yourself.

Vincent: Hey, look at me. I lost Layla because I wasnít completely honest.

Natalie: No, you lost Layla because you did a crummy and dishonest thing to her sisterís boyfriend and she found out about it. If anyone ever found out what I did --

Nash: I just meant itís been hard, for everyone.

Antonio: Yeah, you're right, you know? Sheís not the same woman I fell in love with, either.

Nash: Hmm.

Antonio: She does things sometimes that I just donít understand.

Nash: Like the job.

Antonio: Yeah. It just came out of the blue. All of the sudden, she needed more to do.

Nash: Hmm. She was woozy yesterday. Was she all right today?

Antonio: Yeah, she seemed ok. She wouldnít have gone out if she wasnít feeling well.

Nash: Good. All right. I just hope the job isnít too much pressure for her.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I think she knows how much she can handle.

[Phone rings]

Nash: See you later.

Antonio: Yeah. Hello? Yes, this is Detective Vega.

Jessica: Look, I'm sorry. I didnít mean to react like that. Itís just --

Miles: The pictureís shocking. You were shocked. I keep this in my wallet to remind myself how lucky I am.

Jessica: Because of Spencer Truman?

Miles: The man saved my life.

Jessica: Well, was your condition terminal?

Miles: No. Just would've been a living death.

Jessica: Have you read about any of the things that Spencer did after he came to Llanview?

Miles: The man who did those things -- that wasnít the man I knew.

Jessica: You want to talk about the man that you knew?

Miles: I'd rather not.

Jessica: Off the record?

Miles: No.

Jessica: Ok, ok. Ok. Thanks for not calling the cops on me, though.

Miles: For what?

Jessica: Well, technically speaking, I did break into your room.

Miles: You didnít steal anything.

Jessica: No. Um -- how about this? How about I give you my cell phone number in case you change your mind and want to answer a couple questions?

Miles: Well, you're the one who wants to talk. You'll have to find me. I got to get to a meeting.

Jessica: Whoa, not like that.

Miles: What?

Jessica: Your collar. Yeah. Itís all messed up. You know, collar stays will help it stay down.

Miles: Collar stays?

Jessica: Yeah. They probably sell them in the boutique downstairs -- along with cufflinks in case any of your new shirts have French cuffs.

Jessica: You look nice. Here. Very well put together.

Miles: Good. Well, I'm going to be going.

Jessica: Um -- would you mind if I walked down with you?

Miles: I know you think I'm hiding something, but I'm not. "Clear and sweet is my soul, and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul."

Rex: What was it like facing Manny?

Tate: Oh, that guy -- he just stood there, tugging on his uniform shirt. I didnít know what he was thinking, or if he was even paying attention to me, or what.

Rex: Yeah, yeah?

Tate: So I throw him my best breaking ball. Next think you know, that thing is headed for South Boston.

Rex: Yeah, but you fanned Big Papi four times in one night -- at Fenway!

Tate: Yeah, Terrell Hobbs did the same thing to Babe Ruth.

Adriana: Terrell who?

Tate: Thatís exactly my point. The only guy people remember is the Babe.

Rex: It killed me when you blew out your arm.

Tate: It killed you? I'm still getting over it. But, you know, it could have been a lot worse. I have a bad arm, not cancer.

Rex: Donít you ever sit around wondering what might have been?

Tate: Whatís the point in that, you know? I have endorsements, I have a speaking career. I'm a lucky guy.

Rex: Can I ask you a favor?

Tate: Depends on what it is.

Rex: I -- I have my camera phone. Can I take your picture with Adriana?

Adriana: Rex --

Tate: Now, that, I would not mind at all.

Adriana: Oh. Ahem.

Rex: Say "cheese."

[Adriana and Tate chuckle]

Marty: Did you come by for my help as a profiler, or my personal opinion? Because, Nora, I have no idea who killed Spencer.

Nora: Eh -- it was a shot in the dark.

Marty: You getting a lot of pressure?

Nora: Eh, you would not believe. Boís let John be on the task force assigned to this case.

Marty: Really?

Nora: Uh-huh.

Marty: But -- I mean, do you think thatís wise?

Nora: No, I donít, but thatís Bo's call, not mine, you know? I donít think itís particularly healthy for John to be so close to this investigation at all. But you know what? I got my own people to worry about.

Marty: I know what you're talking about there.

Nora: Uh-oh. Whatís wrong?

Marty: Oh, nothing. Itís Ė Blair Cramer just laid into me again the other day.

Nora: Oh, you know, Blair -- she was all wrapped up with Spencer and Todd for well over a year. Sheís just not herself.

Marty: No, well, thatís quite the understatement. Itís just -- you know, she was just particularly vicious this time.

Nora: Well, I'm sure that she looks at you and she has to face who Todd is.

Marty: Yeah, and itís not just that, but she thinks I unleashed Spencer just to get back at Todd.

Nora: Oh, well, now, thatís ridiculous.

Marty: Yeah -- wouldnít mind telling her that, you know? And Natalie Buchanan, for that matter. You know, Nora, I just -- I wanted to come back here to make a home for Cole and me. I donít think I have a prayer.

Natalie: I was going to knock on your door, but I figured you were busy.

John: Right, yeah. You were probably just talking about the arson case, right?

Natalie: Yeah. So, were you looking for something?

John: Have you seen Donna Johnson?

Natalie: No, I havenít seen her. Why?

John: Never mind. I see her

Donna: Hereís your pictures.

John: Ah.

Donna: I got to haul ass to a murder/suicide over on the West Side.

John: Hey, you got five minutes for me?

Donna: Ok.

John: Come on.

Vincent: Hey, who was that? What the hellís going on?

Donna: Natalie, what are you doing here?

Natalie: Lieutenant Donna Johnson, head of CSU she could be the end of everything for me.

John: Have a seat.

Donna: So what do you want, John?

John: Oh, just the name of all police personnel who were in the room with Trumanís body on the night he was murdered.

Marty: I bet Matthew is thrilled to have you home.

Nora: He is, but, you know, poor little guy. He spent so many months at the hospital, reading to me and watching over me, and -- even though I'm sure he didnít think I was ever going to wake up.

Marty: You know, I bet he didnít believe that for a minute.

Nora: Heís a tough little guy. I think he willed me awake. I do. I think I woke up because of him.

Marty: Stranger things have happened.

Nora: I got a second chance, and I donít want anything to blow it.

Marty: You want some advice?

Nora: Sure.

Marty: Be, you know, happy and grateful. But keep your guard up.

Vincent: Why does Lieutenant Johnson have you so worried?

Natalie: Because if I ever get into forensics full-time, she'll be my boss.

Vincent: Come on, what do you mean, "if"?

Natalie: Well, she thinks that I'm pulling strings because of my Uncle Bo.

Vincent: Did she say that?

Natalie: No, itís just a -- a feeling that I'm getting.

Vincent: Do a good job. She'll forget all about it.

Natalie: You know what, Vincent? I'm really not worried about my job right now.

Vincent: You know, Nat, things are starting to become real clear around here. She has something on you, doesnít she? Something that she might be telling John right this second. Nat, why donít you quit messing around and tell me what this something is?

John: So thatís everybody, right?

Donna: No, there was a trainee. Natalie Buchanan.

John: Tell me she was just there observing, right?

Donna: Right. But --

John: But what?

Donna: Look, John, I know sheís your girlfriend --

John: Drop the "girlfriend" talk, all right? Just tell me whatís on your mind.

Donna: No one called Natalie in to observe. She just showed up. Probably found out about it from the Commissioner. She saw the body, and the blood, and said she felt sick. Not a great sign for a future forensics tech.

John: She leave the room at any time?

Donna: No. She was bent over Trumanís body. I thought "great. Sheís going to toss lunch on my victim." Does that answer your question?

John: Yeah, it does. Who the hell let Natalie get close to the body?

Donna: No one. She was just there.

[Pager beeps]

Donna: Oh. All right. I really got to get going -- before your guys trample my crime scene.

John: Oh, yeah. They're doing a crack job. Thanks for your help.

Donna: Sure.

John: You donít got a weak stomach. It was you. [Knock on door] †Yeah, can I help you?

Miles: I want to know if you're any closer to finding Spencer Trumanís murderer.

John: Yeah, well, what you want and what you get in this life are usually two very different things. Would you mind closing the door on your way out?

Miles: Forgive my directness, Detective. I'm just anxious to see justice served.

John: Yeah, well, itís going to take a while. The list of suspects with motive is as long as my arm.

Miles: Including you, right? I mean, you hated Spencer most of all.

John: The list of people I hate is growing by the minute.

Miles: I just hope you donít use your position to protect yourself, or one of your friends.

John: Oh, you -- you keep hoping. Hey, by the way, where were you the night Truman was killed?

Miles: Why would I kill the man who gave me a new life?

John: Well, that wasnít really my question.

Miles: I was still at the hospital. Released the next day. Look, Detective, I can see you're an honest man and a loyal one, but loyalties can cloud your perspective.

John: Yeah, well, you donít know me very well. Donít forget to close that door on the way out.

Natalie: You canít help me with this, Vincent, and I canít risk talking to anyone about it right now. I'm sorry. You know, Donna didnít even look at me when she left, and Johnís been locked up in there for so long.

Vincent: So why donít you stop sitting there and go in there and talk to your man?

Natalie: You're right.

Vincent: You know, thatís the smartest thing you've said since I got here.

Natalie: Thanks for the hot chocolate.

Vincent: Yeah. Looks good on you.

Natalie: And thanks for listening.

Nora: Ok, "keep my guard up"? Are you telling me that a shrink or my friend?

Marty: Oh, I donít mean to be so cynical. Itís just that, you know, Cole was telling me that I've shut down and, you know, it was just -- when I lost Patrick suddenly like that --

Nora: Oh, it was hideous, I'm sure.

Marty: Yeah. Huh, I cried every day for I donít know how long, and, you know, about a month after he died, I was at the supermarket, and I saw this couple picking out a cantaloupe, and I just burst into tears. I just -- oh, I just wanted to come back to Llanview and come home, but --

Nora: Right away, you picked up the Truman case.

Marty: Huh, yeah, and Cole gets in trouble and gets involved in -- with Toddís daughter.

Nora: Oh, God. Well, you know, life ainít fair.

Marty: Huh.

Nora: But itís better than the alternative. [Phone rings] †Oh. Excuse me. Uh-oh. Thatís Matthewís school. Nora Hanen. Yes, hi. Uh-huh. Oh, god, the poor guy. No, I'm afraid he caught it from me. Ok, well -- all right, tell him -- tell him to hang in there and I will be right there, come get him. Thank you. [Nora coughs] †Ahem. Matthewís running a fever, so I have to go pick him up.

Marty: Really?

Nora: And since itís Marianneís day off, I think that I will probably stay at home with him and work out of the house.

Marty: Well, you know, you sound like you need to take something and get some rest.

Nora: Yeah, are those doctorís orders?

Marty: I could write you a note for your boss.

Nora: Oh, good.

I'd hug you, but I donít want to infect you.

Marty: Ok. Kiss.

Nora: I'm glad you're here in Llanview.

Marty: Thanks.

Adriana: I cannot believe that you made him throw make-believe pitches with you in the parking lot.

Rex: Yeah -- I'm going to be in the same room as an all-star pitcher and not see what made him famous.

Adriana: Look at you.

Rex: What?

Adriana: You're like a little kid! Heís just a guy.

Rex: A guy who throws a no-hitter in the majors. Meeting him really made my month. And you made it happen.

Nora: Ok, honey, why donít you go take those things upstairs, all right? And get in your PJs, crawl into bed, and I'll be up in a little bit with some lemon and honey and hot water.

Matthew: Is Marianne coming?

Nora: No. I called in sick today, so you're stuck with me. Scoot. "May cause drowsiness." Oh, God, I hope so.

John: Come on in.

Natalie: John, I need to talk to you about something, and itís -- itís really important. And I know that I should've come to you sooner. In fact, I tried to a few days ago, but --

John: You tampered with evidence at the Truman crime scene.

Natalie: Oh. You know.

John: Yeah, I know. So how about you give me one good reason why I shouldnít have you locked up right now?

Nash: Hi.

Jessica: Uh -- what are you doing here?

Nash: Dinner. I came for dinner.

Jessica: I'm working, so --

Nash: Right. Eating.

Jessica: I -- I actually -- I canít come up with a lead sentence.

Nash: Really?

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Ah, the -- Miles -- Miles interview?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. He said something before he left the interview today. He said --

Nash: What did he say?

Jessica: "Clear and sweet is my soul, clear and sweet is all that is not my soul."

Nash: That was his pickup line?

Jessica: Huh. I donít know. I canít figure him out. [Jessica sighs]† Ok. "His name is Miles. And he wonít say if itís his first or his last name. Heís handsome and heís wealthy, and he will say that he owes it all to Dr. Spencer Truman, who was murdered last week in Llanview. When I met him, he quoted Walt Whitman in answer to one of my questions. It was as if he enjoyed being an enigma." Itís rough, but what do you think?

Nash: Well, I think that with you on the case, he wonít be an enigma for long.

[Fire alarm]

Nora: Matthew! Matthew!

Matthew: Mom? [Matthew pants] Mom! Mom!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Starr?

John: You put this entire case, not to mention your career, at risk.

Natalie: Are you going to arrest me or not?

Bo: My son is in there!

Nora: Matthew!

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