OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/13/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/13/07


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Natalie: Are you're ready for this? Ok, I know -- "Back off, Natalie." But I'm not going to stop worrying about you.

Jack: Hey, Lieutenant, welcome back.

John: Thanks, Jack. Itís good to be back. Anything change while I was gone?

Jack: Uh, not much.

John: All right.

Antonio: I want them all sent to my office right away.

Nash: Ooh. Sorry. Daddyís been acting a little weird lately, hasnít he? Hmm? Because it of a conundrum -- big word for a little girl, right? Big word for m too. You know why? Because it means I'm falling for your mama.

Jessica: Mom.

Viki: Hey. Hi.

Jessica: Oh, my God, are you ok?

Viki: Oh, yeah, itís just a sprain, honey.

Jessica: Well -- well, what happened?

Viki: Itís a long, boring story and I'll tell you later. Sweetheart, um, I'm kind of worried about you. Antonio called, told me what happened last night.

Jessica: What did he say?

Viki: That you werenít feeling well. Are you ok?

Jessica: Yeah, I -- I'm fine. It -- it was nothing.

Viki: Well, thatís good. What -- what did you think I was talking about?

Carlotta: Thank you so much for agreeing to the be the photographer for Jamieís party. Itís not art, I know.

Cristian: Mami, sheís my niece. I'm more than happy to do it.

Carlotta: You know, this is more than a birthday. This is like a family celebration. Antonio and Jessica are finally happy, and now you're not under suspicion for those fires any longer. Now you can focus on your career and your future with Evangeline. What? I'm not allowed to hope for your happiness?

Cristian: Well, we're not planning a wedding anytime soon, if thatís what you're hoping for.

Carlotta: Why not? Is something standing in your way?

Evangeline: Breakfast -- itís a brioche. Take it.

Todd: "Brioche"?

Evangeline: Double latte in here

Todd: Oh. I figured you as more of a huevos rancheros chick.

Evangeline: I am. How are you?

Todd: Oh, I'm great. Itís --

Evangeline: No, you're not.

Todd: Ahem. Well, itís the first day of the rest of my life without Blair. What do you want from me? Throw a party?

Evangeline: I'm leaving.

Todd: Thanks for breakfast.† Good morning. Oh, yes, thatís Spencer sticking it to me from the grave. How about that?

Blair: I'm really sorry, Todd. I'm sorry the secret about your son went with Spencer to his grave.

Todd: So what did you think about Spencer leaving his piggy bank to that freak Miles?

Blair: I didnít come here to talk about Spencer or the reading of his will.

Todd: Ok. Why are you here?

Blair: To give you this.

Todd: Whatís this?

Blair: Itís my resignation from "The Sun."

Clint: Howís my little beauty doing today? Oh. She looks more like her mother every day.

Nash: Yeah. Jessica -- looks just like her.

Clint: "Jessica"?

Nash: Yeah. What?

Clint: Thatís the first time I heard you acknowledge Jessica as her mother and not Tess.

Nash: Tess always was Jessica, right? And Jessica is just the best parts of Tess.

Clint: I'm glad you understand that. Because if you didnít, it might get a little confusing for Bree. We donít want confusion.

Nash: No, we wouldnít want that, sir. Letís go.

Clint: Morning.

Dorian: Morning. Please, sit down.

Clint: Thanks.

Dorian: Hmm. Howís Vikiís arm?

Clint: You really care?

Dorian: Of course I do. Though, I donít think she would if the shoe were on the other foot, or the sling were on the other arm -- namely mine.

Clint: Probably -- if she were the kind of person that would spook the horse that you're trying to mount, but sheís not that kind of person.

Dorian: Hmm. Really?

Clint: You know, judging from your smile, that front-page article was not what you were looking at, right?

Dorian: Oh, you mean "Balsomís Innocent"? No, actually, it was.

Clint: I thought you hated Rex.

Dorian: I have had to reconsider my position.

Clint: Really? Why?

Dorian: Because my daughter Adriana loves him, and her happiness is the most important thing in the world to me. What? [Dorian laughs]

Clint: I'm just trying to figure you out.

Dorian: Oh, please donít. You know, a little mystery is a good thing. Besides which, I'm not really that complicated. I'm intelligent and charming and tasteful, passionate.

Clint: Donít forget beautiful.

Bo: Come in.

Rex: Got a minute?

Bo: You have something to tell me about the Spencer Truman murder?

Rex: Uh -- sorry.

Bo: "Sorry." You -- what is it, Balsom?

Rex: I just wanted to say thanks.

Bo: For what? [Bo sighs] †I never said that.

Adriana: Todd just made it up?

Bo: No, I mean itís not a quote.

Rex: Then I'm still a suspect?

Bo: Do I think that you're guilty of murdering Spencer Truman? No. But that doesnít necessarily mean that I think you're totally innocent, either, because you know something about what happened to Spencer Truman that night, but you're not saying. My guess -- you covered for someone.

Rex: I didnít lie to you, Bo. Honest. And I wonít.

Bo: I know that. But, see, in order to not tell me the truth, you've decided you're going to take the fifth and you're not going to say anything at all, especially to me. So I guess that means I'll just have to ask Adriana. Whoís Balsom covering for?

Antonio: Welcome back, John.

John: Hey. I'm sorry to come barging in like that. I -- I didnít know this was your office now.

Antonio: No, no, no. I just ordered some boxes to have my stuff taken up to my new office, but you got here so damn fast. Itís good to have you back.

John: Hey, look, I'm not working a -- a full load, so if you need the space here --

Antonio: Forget it.

John: Things look pretty much the way I left them.

Antonio: Everything except this.

John: Thanks.

Antonio: Listen, I left you a little present there in the in box.

John: , You shouldnít have.

Natalie: What is it?

Antonio: Itís Trumanís autopsy report. Bo tells me you'll be working the case.

John: My only case right now.

Antonio: Well, the suspect list is there with it.

John: Yeah? I'll let you add a new name to the list.

Antonio: Anybody we know?

John: I donít know. A guy named Miles, one of Trumanís former patients. Apparently, Truman left everything to him.

Antonio: Oh. Well, that could be millions.

John: Yeah.

Antonio: You didnít know anything about that?

John: Not until today.

Antonio: All right, well, good luck with that, and if you need anything, just let me know, all right? I'll be back after Jamieís birthday.

John: Thanks.

Natalie: Wish her happy birthday for me.

Antonio: I will. Thanks.

John: Hey, Jack, can you get me the forensics report on Truman?

Jack: Yes, sir.

John: Thank you. [John sighs] Oh. Something wrong?

Natalie: Ahem. Remember how we were talking before, before you got the call to -- about Spencerís will?

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: I was going to tell you something --

John: Natalie, are you sure this canít wait?

Natalie: No, John, it canít. You need to hear this now.

Viki: Sweetheart, did something happen last night? Thank you.

Jessica: Only that I -- Nash thought that Tess came out, and she didnít. Um -- I just wasnít feeling well.

Viki: And you didnít tell Antonio that?

Jessica: Well, whatís the point?

Viki: Probably no point at all. But it seems to be bothering you a great deal.

Jessica: I just need other things to focus on -- like a job.

Viki: A job? What kind of a job?

Jessica: Um, you know, something part-time, like freelance work, something that I can do from home, while Jamieís at school, while Nash has Bree. I've had a couple ideas.

Viki: As long as you're not using this to run away from a problem.

Jessica: What problems? I -- I just need a creative outlet -- like you did. Animal cracker?

Viki: Yeah, you got any elephants?

Jessica: Well, I hope so. Um -- you were able to raise us and still work.

Viki: Ooh, yay. Mm-hmm.

Jessica: And I just donít see that thereís -- thereís no reason why I canít do the same thing.

Viki: No, of course not.

Jessica: Yeah.

Viki: I think itís probably a very good idea. Want to come back to "The Banner"? You could always come back.

Jessica: Thanks, but I donít think so.

Viki: Oh. Well, ok actually, I want to take my cookie an run.

Jessica: Oh.

Viki: But, honey, I will see you -- ooh, excuse me -- I will see you later at Jamieís birthday party, ok?

Jessica: Ok.

Viki: Thanks for the tea. I love you, sweetheart.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Viki: Good cookie. Thank you. Bye.

Nash: Guess you're feeling better.

Jessica: Yeah, I -- I am. What are you doing here? I thought that you were going to take Bree and --

Nash: Yeah. Well, uh, we forgot her rabby. You know how cranky she gets when --

Jessica: Ok, why are you here?

Nash: I had to see you.

Carlotta: Oh!

Antonio: Look whoís there.

Jamie: Abuela!

Carlotta: Oh! Feliz cumpleanos! Happy birthday, mija! [Carlotta gasps] Are you excited about your family party?

Cristian: Thanks for showing up. You saved me.

Antonio: From what?

Cristian: Mami -- sheís starting to lean on me about my future with Evangeline.

Antonio: Well, you know Mami -- sheís got a one-track mind when it comes to her boys being married.

Cristian: Yeah. Well, I though you marrying Jess would take the heat off me.

Antonio: Oh, no chance. Why, is she putting pressure on you for a wedding date?

Cristian: Almost. Sheís saying that -- well, sheís afraid that somethingís stopping us.

Antonio: Is there?

Cristian: Not that I know of.

Antonio: Hmm. You sure?

Cristian: Well, nothing except Manning.

Carlotta: Evangeline!

Evangeline: Hey!

Cristian: Hey.

Evangeline: I hope I'm not late. Hi, babe. And this is for Jamie. Feliz cumpleanos.

Jamie: Thank you.

Antonio: Why donít you put that over on the table, ok?

Carlotta: Yes! What is that? Wow.

Cristian: So, what did we get her?

Evangeline: We got her one of those learning pads. You know, sheís been wanting one.

Cristian: Hmm. I didnít know that.

Evangeline: You didnít?

Cristian: Uh-uh.

Evangeline: Hmm. Well, your niece is a very brig little girl.

Cristian: She is smart, isnít she? Who knows -- maybe she'll grow up to be a lawyer just like her --

Evangeline: Like her uncleís girlfriend, the luckiest woman in the world?

Carlotta: Evangeline, I was so glad you could make it to Jamieís party.

Evangeline: Oh, I wouldnít have missed it.

Carlotta: You know, if you're hungry, I made some huevos rancheros this morning.

Evangeline: Huevos rancheros -- yeah, I wish I would've known you were cooking. I already had breakfast.

Cristian: You had breakfast by yourself?

Evangeline: No, with Todd.

Cristian: And thatís why you're late?

Evangeline: Are you mad at me?

Todd: I need you.

Blair: No, you donít, Todd.

Todd: Hey, look, we can find a way to at least work together. Can we not?

Blair: No. Itís got to be like this. Itís reak. Otherwise, we get back into the same self-destructive patterns.

Todd: And what about the kids?

Blair: A lot of kids' parents split up, Todd.

Todd: Yes, and it screws the kids up.

Blair: Not if -- if the parents make sure that that doesnít happen.

Todd: Yeah, like we've done so many times in the past. Those times went real well.

Blair: Well, itís not going to be like that this time because I'm not going to cut you out of their life, ok?

Todd: Only out of yours? No.

Blair: "No" what?

Todd: No, I'm not accepting your resignation.

Adriana: You're right, Bo. Rex tells me everything. And if he had any secrets, he would tell me, because thatís what broke us up before. And we promised each other that we wouldnít keep things from each other ever again.

Bo: So Balsom didnít tell you anything?

Rex: No.

Bo: I am not talking to you.

Adriana: Rex told me everything about the night that Spencer died.

Bo: And what was that?

Adriana: Rex went to Blairís room to find Todd, and when he got there, he found Spencer dead on the floor, and Blair was out cold.

Bo: So Balsom didnít see anyone leave Blairís room?

Adriana: No.

Bo: You're sure?

Adriana: 100%.

Bo: Ok, then. Thank you very much, Adriana. That'll be all. Unless, of course, you would like to say something to me.

Rex: I've got nothing to say. No.

Bo: Get out of here, Balsom.

Rex: I almost believed you myself in there.

Adriana: I'm good, arenít I?

Rex: Scary good.

Adriana: No. What is scary is if Michael gets caught for killing Spencer, then Marcie finds out that the son that she loves so much is Toddís. And whatís even scarier than that is what Todd would do to you when he finds out that you knew everything all the while and didnít say anything. So considering whatís at stake, lying with a straight face wasnít that hard.

Rex: I love that straight face. I'll see you later.

Adriana: Where are you going?

Rex: To find out exactly where McBainís at in the investigation.

Natalie: What we were talking about was what we would do for our loved ones, and you said you wouldnít cover up evidence for anybody no matter who it was.

Officer: Glad you're back on the job, lieutenant.

John: Hey, itís good to be back. Thanks. I'm -- I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Natalie: What I'm trying to say is --

[Phone rings]

John: Hang on. Just hold your thought. McBain. Yeah, go ahead. Ok, enhance those photos and get the data to me as soon as possible. Thanks. I'm sorry.

Rex: John, hey, how does it feel to be back?

John: Good. What is it?

Natalie: Rex, if thereís something you need to talk to me about, please, can it wait?

Rex: I need to talk to John about something.

John: About Truman?

Rex: Yeah.

John: Hey, Natalie, can we -- can we finish this later, ok?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

John: Thanks.

Rex: I hear you're on the Truman case.

John: Why, you got something?

Rex: Yeah -- drop it.

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: Just hear me out, Jessica. What I said last night about how I would miss you if Tess came back --

Jessica: You didnít mean it.

Nash: Yes, I did.

Jessica: You love her.

Nash: Yes.

Jessica: You need her.

Nash: Yes, I do. And I probably always will. But I donít ache for her. Oh -- not the way I used to, and not the way I would if Tess was back and you were gone. Because if I had to choose between the two of you, I'd choose --

Jessica: Donít say it. Donít say it.

Nash: Fine, I wonít. But it doesnít mean I wonít feel it, because I canít help it. Just like I couldnít help it when we kissed last night, and I know you felt the same way. I know

Jessica: It never should've happened.

Nash: But it did. And if Antonio hadnít come when he did --

Jessica: He didnít interrupt us. We stopped ourselves. We stopped ourselves because I love Antonio, and heís your friend, and neither of us want to hurt him.

Nash: Yeah.

Todd: This is funny because, you know, a couple of months ago, you're the one saying we were better together.

Blair: Well, you know what? I was wrong, ok, because we're toxic when we're together. Maybe when we're apart we can be whole.

Todd: You're kidding yourself.

Blair: Got to try, Todd. If you care about me at all --

Todd: Oh, please. You know I care about you.

Blair: Then let me go, ok?

Adriana: Hey, Blair.

Blair: Um, I'm leaving. I'll -- I'll send for my things.

Todd: What?

Adriana: Uh -- just came to say thank you.

Todd: For what?

Adriana: For this, for the article about Rex.

Todd: Oh, yeah. Well, tell your boyfriend he owes me one. Tell him to find my kid.

John: Drop a murder investigation? Not one of your better jokes.

Rex: The freak deserved what he got.

John: No argument.

Rex: And the killerís probably long gone.

John: Doubtful.

Rex: Well, then blame me.

John: Why, you confessing?

Rex: I let him die. I could've called for help when I found him, but I didnít.

John: In your statement, you said he was dead when you got there. Did you lie to Bo?

Rex: No.

John: Then you were too late. The autopsy said it was the second wound that got him, so whoever killed him knew what the hell they were doing.

Rex: Or they just really lost it when they saw Blair in the wedding dress and what Truman was about to do to her.

John: Anybody who reads the paper knows that. So whatís this really about?

Natalie: So, whatís up?

Bo: I was just going over Lieutenant Johnsonís forensics report about Spencer Trumanís murder, and it doesnít say so here in the report, but she told me that you were there when the room was being swept.

Natalie: Yeah. I just thought it was a -- a good opportunity to get some on-the-job training.

Bo: Hmm. How long were you there?

Natalie: A few minutes.

Bo: Ah. Anything jump out at you? I mean, did you see anything that might just constitute evidence? †Nat? Did you see anything?

Adriana: Look, with all due respect, Rex is really good at what he does, and if he could've found your baby, he would have. So if thatís the reason why you wrote this article --

Todd: No, it isnít. I did it for Dorian.

Adriana: My mother, Dorian? Why?

Todd: Because I asked her to help me with something.

Jessica: Oh -- I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Adriana: No. No, we're done. Ok, well, whatever reason you wrote this, thanks again. And thank you, because that picture of you in "mania" really jump-started Layla and my company, so you have to let me buy you lunch sometime.

Jessica: You're on are you going to come to Jamieís birthday party?

Adriana: Of course.

Jessica: Ok.

Adriana: I'll see you there. Jessica bye.

Todd: Hey, sweetheart. Whatís up?

Jessica: I'm sorry to hear about you and Blair.

Todd: Yeah -- no, donít -- donít tell me you came here to feel sorry for me?

Jessica: I didnít, actually. I came here to ask you for a job. I was hoping you could use another stringer.

Todd: You'd rather work for me than your mom?

Jessica: "The Bannerís" not really me anymore.

Todd: You're not really you anymore, are you?

Jessica: Well, I still like you.

Todd: Keep talking.

Jessica: Well, I saw your online edition of "The Sun" and I think that I could do a lot with it. What do you say?

Todd: Why not? You're hired. Are you ready for your first assignment?

Dorian: I just got these from Kelly.

Clint: Zane gets bigger every time I see him.

Dorian: Oh, yes. I think in this one, he looks like you. †You know, Kevin and Kelly have been through an awful lot to get where they are today. A lot of damage was done, and they found a way to forgive each other, and I think thereís a lesson that we could learn from them.

Clint: Point taken, Dorian.

Dorian: Good. Because I was thinking --

[Phone rings]

Dorian: If we could --

Clint: Oh -- sorry. Excuse me. Hello?

Viki: Clint?

Clint: Viki.

Viki: Oh, listen, itís Jamieís birthday party. I hope you didnít forget.

Clint: Itís that time already, huh? Oh, yeah, I'll -- I'll be right there. Yeah. Bye. Um -- I'm sorry. I got to run, ok?

Dorian: Oh, of course -- Viki calls, you jump.

Clint: Itís Jamieís birthday and they're having this little party for her over at the diner.

Dorian: Oh. Oh, I see. Well, take a couple of these?

Clint: Yeah, I sure would. Thanks, Dorian.

Dorian: You're most welcome. Have fun. Oh. Damn you, Viki.

Natalie: Am I in trouble?

Bo: No. No. Why would you be in any trouble? You havenít done anything wrong -- have you?

Natalie: I -- well, I talked my way into Spencerís crime scene. I wasnít even on duty. Technically, I'm still on leave of absence.

Bo: Yeah, but nobody could bust you for that. Natalie, I'm talking to everybody right now. I'm just trying to see if thereís anybody out there that saw something, you know, anything that could generate a lead.

Natalie: You still donít have anything?

Bo: Nothing. And, you know, I know you're not certified yet, but I think that you do some pretty great work out there in the field, so I thought that it was a possibility that you might've seen some little detail that ed in this.

Natalie: No. No. I mean, I canít think of any -- any lead that I could give you to bring you closer to your killer. I'm sorry.

Bo: Oh, itís all right. It was a long shot anyway. I just thought that -- you know, I -- I'd like to give John a little something more to go on, something that might help him crack this case.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm all about helping John.

John: You covering for somebody? That why you want me to drop the investigation? You know, you're not doing the person any favors by keeping quiet about it.

Rex: If thatís what I'm doing.

John: Tell whoever it is to come see me. We'll talk, thereís a deal waiting for them.

Rex: Thereís nobody to talk to.

John: Then understand this -- nobodyís backing off. No one in this department cares that it was Truman that got killed. A murder happened, and we're going to find out who did it.

Rex: Well, you might not like what you find.

John: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Rex: Just that -- uh -- you'll find you wasted your time and taxpayers' money. You're never going to catch the guy.

John: So now itís a guy, not a woman?

Jessica: So, Spencer Truman gave all of his money to this Miles guy nobodyís heard of?

Todd: Yeah, heís a former patient of his, apparently. , Find out who is, who he is, what he does -- all that kind of stuff. Make something up.

Jessica: Ok, boss.

Todd: Do a good job, I'll keep you busy.

Jessica: Thatís the idea.

Blair: Oh.

Dorian: Bad day?

Blair: Nope. Actually, it was a good day. I just resigned from "The Sun."

Dorian: You seem absolutely thrilled by that.

Blair: Ok, ok, I'm upset. You know what? I thought I was going to waver when I looked into Toddís eyes and just -- you know, he hypnotizes me, and I know I donít want to be sucked back into his life, and then we'll get back to the life that we had -- lying to each other, making each other miserable. Just -- what?

Dorian: I didnít say anything.

Blair: Now, you know that me leaving Todd is the best thing. You know that. I -- I just donít know what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, thatís all.

Dorian: Yeah, well, thatís a pretty global concept for you know, maybe take care of that tomorrow. Or how about right now? Yes, come to think of it, you know, if you donít handle things right away, they can get out of control, and suddenly -- suddenly, well, two people are going out horseback riding in the moonlight.

Blair: What the hell are you talking about?

Dorian: I am talking about you need a plan the same way that I need a plan. Yeah, I've got to come up with a reason why I have to go to little Julie Vegaís birthday party.

Blair: Dorian, I think itís, uh, Jamie Vega.

Dorian: Oh, whatever. I'll -- I'll call ahead to Logan's toy department, have them wrap up some of the most expensive toys that they've got. I mean, they wonít be able to refuse my going to that party. Besides which, why wouldnít I be there? Didnít I practically raise Antonio and Cristian? Please! Oh, bye, darling. I love you so much.

Blair: I love you, too.

Dorian: Excuse me.

Blair: Andale. Andale.

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Hello?

Todd: Hey, itís me.

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Where are you?

Evangeline: I'm at Jamieís birthday party. What do you want?

Todd: Uh -- no, no, no, no, no, no. Never mind, never mind. I'm sorry.

Evangeline: Are you ok? Did something happen with Blair when I left?

Todd: No, itís -- itís ok. Forget it. I mean, it doesnít really matter, does it? Anyway, I'll --

Cristian: Whatís going on?

Evangeline: It was Todd. He sounded like somethingís really wrong. I think I should go check on him, make sure itís ok.

Cristian: What, now?

Evangeline: Ds away. I'll be back here before they sing "Happy Birthday."

Cristian: Ok.

Evangeline: Ok. Be right back. Hi.

Clint: Hi.

Viki: Oh, good. I'm glad you got here in time.

Clint: Yeah, yeah, sorry about that.

Viki: Itís ok.

Clint: Howís your arm today?

Viki: Well, itís better. You know, I donít think I'm up to riding horses quite yet, but -- no thanks to Dorian.

Clint: But it really was an accident, you know.

Viki: I cannot believe that you would defend her. I canít believe that!

Carlotta: Oh!

Viki: Hey, darling! Hi!

Clint: Oh, could I --

Jessica: Yes, please. My arm is killing me.

Clint: Oh.

Jessica: Hi, sweet girl! Happy birthday!

Antonio: Hi.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: How you feeling?

Jessica: Great.

Antonio: Yeah?

Carlotta: Hereís the cake!

Viki: Look at that gorgeous --

Carlotta: You like it? You like it?

Viki: Itís beautiful.

[Knock on door]

John: Hey. Come on in.

Bo: I thought I'd deliver this personally.

John: Oh, great. What is it?

Bo: Forensics report on Truman. What are your ideas on this so far?

John: Lots of suspects, lots of motive. You know what I find interesting? If it was premeditated, the killer couldnít have predicted that Truman would get out of his cuffs and escape from his room.

Bo: Unless the killer helped him escape and then later turned on him.

John: Thatís possible, but I donít think so.

Bo: What do you think?

John: Killer came up on Truman in Blairís room and he went for it. You know, thereís evidence in here, Bo, and I think when we get these enhanced photos from the forensics lab, itís going to show us something.

Bo: Yeah. All right, well, stay on it.

John: Ok.

Bo: Did I tell you I'm glad to have you back at work?

John: Yeah, you did.

Bo: Because I'm glad to have you back at work.

John: Thanks, boss. [John sighs] Ok, ok, what do we got? †Talk to me. Who killed Truman?

[Music plays]

Antonio: Whoa!

Cristian: Yes, yes, yeah!


Carlotta: All right.

Viki: Oh. That cake looks sensational.

Clint: Oh.

Singer: Take these hands and lift them up for I have not the strength to praise you near enough see, I have nothing I have nothing without you and take my voice and pour it out let it sing the songs of mercy I have found for I have nothing I have nothing without you all my soul needs is all your love to cover me so all the world will see will see singer: That I have nothing without you take my body and build it up may it be broken as an offering of love for I have nothing I have nothing without you all my soul needs is all your love to cover me so all the world will see will see that I have nothing but I love you with all my heart with all my soul, with all my mind and all the strength I can find take my time here on this earth and let it glorify

John: Son of a bitch, someone tampered with the evidence.

†On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessicaís voice: "It was a dark and gloomy night."

Nash: I'll go and I wonít come back.

Jessica: No.

John: Which one of you woke me up?

Starr: I want to see how it ends.

Todd: Everybody kiss.

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