OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/6/07

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/6/07


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Evangeline: What's going on?

Cristian: Nothing. I didn't do anything wrong.

Bo: You found Cristian at the scene of the fire?

Talia: Actually, we did.

Bo: You were there, too?

Antonio: Not officially. Officer Sahid made the arrest. But don't worry, it was by the book.

Bo: Well, in that case, book him.

Cristian: What?

Evangeline: Bo, no, you can't do this. There's got to be a mistake.

Bo: No, no. You know what? I don't have a choice, Evangeline. And if you were thinking like an ADA right now, you would know that, and the same thing goes for you, Antonio. And, Cristian, I'm sorry. You know what -- I hope this is a mistake, because I've already got one guy down in holding who shouldn't be there.

Rex: Just keep it together a little while longer.

Adriana: Damn it.

Layla: Um -- everything all right out here?

Adriana: No, it's not all right.

Layla: What's wrong?

Adriana: What isn't? Rex is in jail with no lawyer for hacking someone to death when he didn't do it.

Layla: Ok -- you know what? No we must figure out how to help Rex.

Adriana: You don't think that's what I've been trying to do? Oh. This just keeps getting worse.

Natalie: You want to break up with me, John, go for it. I am as tired of fighting as you are, so say the word, I'm out of here.

John: I didn't say anything about splitting up? I don't remember saying anything about splitting up.

Natalie: You've been acting like I ---like all I do is irritate you. You ask me to leave. I get the hint. You want me to go, here's your chance. John: You don't know the first thing about what I want.

Viki: Ow. Oh, great. This is -- oh, wonderful! What a date. Clint!

Clint: I'm in here, Viki. Well, here you are. I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up on our first official date.

Viki: Oh, that's very funny. I was beginning to think we didn't have a date at all.

Clint: Where would you get an idea like that?

Viki: Well, I don't know. I kind of thought maybe you would pick me up. Isn't that normally how it's done on a date?

Clint: Oh, man. It has been a while for you, hasn't it?

Viki: Not that long! Besides, until tonight, I never had to pick up the man who had actually asked me out on a date.

Clint: Oh. Well, you could have said no.

Viki: Oh, please. It's not like it's our first date. Then I get to your house and Nigel sends me traipsing down here in the middle of the night looking for you and I broke my heel.

Clint: Oh. Well, I'm sorry about that, but you're not going to be needing dress shoes.

Viki: Really? Ha, ha, ha. I mean, is -- is this the fun we're going to be having? Is

Clint: Yeah. Why don't you come over here, say hello to sugar.

Viki: Hello, sugar. Oh, God, you are so beautiful. Sweet.

Clint: Because, you know, it's no fun to go riding without a good horse and a good pair of boots.

Dorian: Hello, darling. And Layla -- oh, my goodness. You girls really did a fantastic job with this apartment.

Layla: Thank you, Dr. Lord. We hit up a couple of yard sales and thrift shops and it was --

Adriana: What do you want, mom?

Dorian: Oh, please, Layla. You're not going to call me "Dr. Lord" -- "Dorian," please. It is so good to see you.

Layla: You, too. You know what? I'm just going to go grab us all some coffee. Yeah.

Dorian: Thanks.

Adriana: Ok, mom, spill.

Dorian: I heard that Rex has been arrested for Spencer's murder.

Adriana: He has not been arrested. He is just being held for questioning.

Dorian: He's nevertheless in jail.

Adriana: And you're here to what -- to gloat? Well, save it, because Rex is innocent.

Dorian: He did, however, have Spencer's blood on his hands.

Adriana: Look, if you're going to tell me how horrible Rex is and --

Dorian: "Horrible?" No -- in fact, I could kiss him.

Rex: Oh. Hey. Decide to keep me company? Cards?

Bo: How long are we going to do this, Balsom?

Rex: Do what?

Bo: "Do what?" You know, I thought we were through playing games. I've got Spencer Truman's Body down there in the morgue right now with multiple stab wounds in it. And there are people in this department that know that we found you standing over that Body with bloody scissors in your hands.

They'd like to see this case closed, right on top of you.

Rex: You one of them?

Bo: You know, I wouldn't mind seeing it wrapped up, but I really can't see you sticking a pair of scissors into someone, even Truman.

Rex: So, if you don't think I killed him, what am I still doing here?

Bo: Well, it doesn't mean that you're not guilty of something. Now, I -- I know when I'm being played.

Rex: I'm not playing anybody.

Bo: Yeah, but there's something that you're not saying. Now, I've tried everything with you, Balsom. I've tried talking to you man to man, cop to perp, friend to friend. Now I'm running out of options. I've only got about one option left.

Rex: Rubber hose?

Bo: Father to son.

Evangeline: Cris, what's going on?

Cristian: I know this looks bad, but I'm being set up here. I swear it.

Evangeline: I believe you. Just tell me what happened.

Cristian: Well, I got a call about a photography job. They told me to come down to this townhouse. I get there, smoke's pouring out the windows.

Antonio: What were you doing inside?

Cristian: I was making sure that nobody was inside.

Evangeline: Oh, babe.

Cristian: Then I -- as soon as I got out, you and Sahid were there and half the fire department.

Evangeline: Why?

Cristian: I don't know. The person didn't sound familiar on the phone.

Antonio: All right.

Cristian: A man.

Antonio: Ok. Did they give you any details about the job?

Cristian: No, no, just the address, like I said.

Antonio: All right, look, just tell us everything you know and between that and the cell phone records, hopefully we'll be able to track this guy down.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Nora: No, I don't think so. What part of "you're off the case" didn't you understand?

Evangeline: Nora, we're just asking a few questions here.

Nora: No. You agreed to back off, and if you can't do that, then you should get out.

Natalie: You're right -- I have no clue what it is you want, and you haven't exactly been filling me in.

John: Not for lack of trying.

Natalie: Well, you're very clear on what you don't want and that's everything I do.

John: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry, ok?

Natalie: Could you maybe say it like you mean it?

John: How about taking me at my word, ok?

Natalie: Oh.

John: I've been hell to live with. I know that.

Natalie: Only because you won't do what it takes to get better.

John: I am better.

Natalie: Right -- better than I thought, because that was another thing you failed to fill me in on.

John: You haven't exactly been an open book yourself.

Natalie: For good reason.

John: No. Natalie, there is no good reason for you lying to me.

Natalie: You wouldn't become a liar if you weren't so good at it yourself.

Layla: Oh, great. Who's calling and why now?

Vincent: Don't make me explain -- whoa.

Shaun: It was good.

Vincent: Oh, oh, hey. I got you.

Layla: Are you stalking me?

Vincent: No. Aren't you going to answer your phone?

Layla: Shaun, what's going on?

Shaun: I'm ok. How you doing?

Layla: I'm good. Better than good. I'm great. Huh.

Vincent: So, is there somebody else you ain't talking to?

Layla: I'll call them back.

Vincent: Here, let me help --

Layla: No -- thank you.

Vincent: I'm just trying to help, Layla.

Layla: You know what? Then back off my sister and Cristian.

Cristian: Wait a minute. Nora, you can't fire Evangeline and Antonio.

Nora: That's not what I said, Cristian.

Evangeline: No, no. Then maybe we should quit?

Nora: Ok, now you' splitting hairs. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Antonio: No, we got it, we get that we're off the case, we don't need reminding.

Nora: Well, apparently you do.

Antonio: What's wrong with us trying to help Cris? Even as a brother and a --d a friend.

Evangeline: That's exactly what Nora is saying.

Nora: All right. The mayor is breathing down my neck right now, and Jones' lawyer is there.

Evangeline: And since when did you ever bend to that?

Nora: When one of my cases could be compromised. Look, I'm just trying to help you out here whether you believe it or not.

Antonio: Yeah? So then what is wrong with us trying to prove that Cristian wasn't responsible for setting those fires?

Nora: Nothing, as long as you don't do it on the city's dime. So why don't you --

Talia: I have -- I have all of his paperwork in order.

Nora: Thank you. Ok -- well, I don't really care what you think about me. I'm just trying to look out for the three of you, ok?

Antonio: Yeah, and the DA's office.

Cristian: Antonio, come on. Nora's right.

Nora: Thank you, Cristian. I'm glad someone around here gets it. One step out of line and Jones' attorney is all over us.

Evangeline: Then let me make this easier for you. I quit.

Antonio: So do I.

Rex: I'm not sure I heard you. You -- want to talk to me as a son?

Bo: That's what I said.

Rex: Is that how you think of me?

Bo: Must be. You know, after a while, I started feeling like I was responsible for you. Hmm. You know, you remind me of my son drew. I told you that before. Neither one of you had a dad growing up. Both had problems finding your way and you Both worked hard to turn your lives around. Drew had -- he'd just started to make something out of himself but he -- he never got the chance to see it through. And I don't want the same thing to happen to you, Balsom.

Rex: Well, for what it's worth, neither do I.

Bo: Then what are you doing?

Rex: You know, a -- a while ago, somewhere down the line, I started thinking of you as kind of a dad, too. When I found myself in a jam, I would think, "What would Bo do? How would Bo handle this?"

Bo: Do you think that I'd do what you're doing?

Rex: I think you would be telling the truth.

Bo: Have you been telling me the truth?

Rex: I went to Blair's room, I found Spencer --

Rex: And picked up the scissors. That is the truth.

Bo: Well, I hope that's all of it. And you should know that John's feeling a lot better, so John McBain will be working on this case now. Rex's something

to find, he will find it.

Bo: You can go now.

Rex: Really?

Bo: Really.

Rex: Bo, I'm very --

Bo: Go home, Balsom.

Natalie: You want to talk about lies, John? How about the ones you've been telling me?

John: I haven't been lying to you.

Natalie: Marty Saybrooke! You didn't tell me about any of that -- how she stopped you from killing Spencer or about the pills that you didn't take or the physical therapy that was working better than I thought? If you don't call those lies, John, what would you like to call them?

John: That's not what I wanted.

Natalie: Right. Right, you had to because I'm such a bitch to live with.

John: I never said that. I never thought that.

Natalie: Another lie -- just keep racking them up.

John: I told you, but you wouldn't listen to me.

Natalie: Because you wouldn't listen to me -- how I was devastated when I thought I lost you and I couldn't lose you again.

John: You think I want that?

Natalie: Well, sometimes I wonder.

John: This is my recovery. We're going to do it my way.

Natalie: Right, and I'm not any part of that.

John: You are, but you can't do my thinking for me.

Natalie: So you head down a path of self-destruction, and I'm not supposed to do anything to stop you? Well, tell me that when you're arrested for murdering Spencer Truman.

Viki: Hey. How did you know that this stuff was going to fit?

Clint: I explained the situation. Oh, by the way, she said that she approved.

Viki: She gave me the funniest look when I left the house all dressed up in heels.

Clint: I'll bet. Well, you've said no. Besides, a little spontaneity is good for a person, you know, so now you're all dressed up, so here --

Viki: Clint, um -- whatever happened to, like, you know, dinner and a movie?

Clint: After all the trouble I went through to get you a horse and this gorgeous outfit, we're going to go through with this.

Viki: I don't think it's good for the horse to be out in the cold.

Clint: Ah, now, come on. Sugar has a nice -- nice thick coat, and so does rabble.

Viki: Rabble?

Clint: Rabble, who, I believe, is itching to air it out.

Viki: It's the middle of the night!

Clint: Well, horses see better in the dark than humans because they eat all these carrots. So, what do you say? What are you afraid of?

Viki: I'm not afraid.

Clint: Not of the horse.

Viki: Well, I'm not certainly not afraid of you.

Clint: Well, then what is the problem? We used to go riding all the time, remember?

Viki: Yeah, in the daylight. And I -- I really haven't been on a horse since then.

Clint: I agree. Oh to be back in the saddle again.

Vincent: Come on, please, please. Layla, please. Hey, Shaun, do me a favor -- give me a second.

Shaun: Gotcha.

Vincent: Come on, for a second. Look, I want you to know that I have no beef with your sister.

Layla: Then cut her some slack.

Vincent: I wish I could.

Layla: My sister and Antonio don't deserve to have their names dragged through the mud for sticking by Cristian.

Vincent: And I don't blame them for that.

Layla: But you blame Cristian.

Vincent: Facts are facts.

Layla: And you never had anyone accuse you of something that you didn't do? Oh, wait a minute -- maybe because you always did it.

Vincent: Oh -- that hurts, you know? Ok, I'm the one that's being targeted here, all right? Somebody's burning down my buildings, another one tonight, and Cristian was here. What am I supposed to think?

Layla: "Innocent until proven guilty"?

Vincent: I mean, how do I do that, huh? Tell me how. How do I do that when all the evidence points to Cristian?

Layla: Instincts. And if they're not screaming at you that Cristian didn't do it, then maybe you've got the wrong ones, or none at all.

Adriana: You have a problem with Rex being my boyfriend but not of him being accused of stabbing someone to death?

Dorian: No, not when he's being accused of -- [Dorian chuckles] Stabbing someone like Spencer Truman. In fact, killing Spencer kind of raises Rex's standing with me.

Adriana: He didn't kill Spencer.

Dorian: Right. But even if he did, it's just fine with me, because Spencer deserved it and not only that, my darling, it proves what you always said about Rex's character -- you know, being so good?

Adriana: You are unbelievable.

Dorian: Why?

Adriana: It takes murder for you to change your mind about someone?

Dorian: Well, you know, as a matter of fact, sometimes it does take something extreme like Blair almost dying. I think Rex killing Spencer Truman it's great -- absolutely. And you know, it really is working in Rex's favor that this time he isn't trying to pin it on me. I thought you would be pleased that I'm trying to put the past behind me.

Adriana: It's just not like you to get over things.

Dorian: Yes, but in this case, I have. Now, the question is, can you?

Cristian: The two of you are not quitting your jobs for me. Come on, let's go with Nora on this.

Evangeline: And how do we do that without compromising our integrity?

Nora: Just take a step back and maybe look at your reaction and think it was a little over the top?

Antonio: Nora, if it's a choice between my job and my brother, it's no contest.

Evangeline: Same goes for me you're more important to me, Cristian.

Cristian: But it doesn't have be.

Evangeline: Nora is telling us we can't have anything to do with you

Cristian: Publicly, publicly, but it's only temporary.

Antonio: You know, we're already off the case, ok? That should be enough.

Cristian: Not for Jones and that lawyer of his. You can't fuel his fire. Nora's right -- you're going to make things worse.

Aaron: What do we have here? Conspiracy?

Nora: Oh. Well, counsel, what can I do for you?

Aaron: I'm glad the prime suspect was finally arrested. Too bad my client had to lose two properties before it happened. But that's a matter of Mr. Jones' suit against the city of Llanview.

Nora: Still haven't heard what you want.

Aaron: I want to see that justice is done.

Cristian: So do we all.

Nora: Ok.

Cristian: And I'm innocent.

Aaron: Hmm.

Nora: Right, ok. Well, we're -- we're all set here, counselor, really. We got it. We're on it.

Aaron: Now, how can that be when the man arrested is standing in the relative comfort of the squad room, surrounded by the warm camaraderie of corrupt authorities?

Evangeline: Actually, Antonio and I are no longer "authorities."

Vincent: What, have you been fired?

Antonio: We quit. Better to find who really set those fires.

Aaron: Interesting timing. The prime suspect is finally arrested at the same moment his protectors resign their posts. Can anybody here say "Internal Affairs"? But it wouldn't be a first for you, detective Vega, now, would it?

Antonio: Oh. You know --

Aaron: But it would most definitely be your last.

Nora: Ok, then. Officer Sahid, please take Vega down to booking right now.

Talia: Come on.

Cristian: What's the matter, Jones? Wondering how you'll explain this one to Natalie?

John: You think I killed Truman?

Natalie: Because of the hospital?

John: I can tell you don't believe that.

Natalie: I don't know what to believe right now, John.

John: Then you've just got to trust me.

Natalie: You've got rust me.

John: And neither one of us trusts each other.

Natalie: What do we do to fix this?

John: I don't know. But I know I can take care of myself.

Natalie: If you saw me do something and you knew that it could hurt me, you'd stop me. In fact, you have. Yet you're asking me not to be able to do the same thing for you, which is like asking me not to love you. Is that what you want, John? So, I guess that means that you don't want to love me.

Adriana: You're out. Are you all right?

Dorian: Please let me.

Adriana: Oh --

Rex: Yeah, I'm fine.

Adriana: What happened?

Rex: Bo let me go.

Adriana: Oh, I knew he would get his head straight and clear you.

Rex: "Cleared" isn't exactly the operative term.

Adriana: What do you mean?

Rex: They didn't have enough evidence to hold me any longer. But he put me on notice. Told me not to leave town.

Dorian: Well, I wouldn't worry too much about that. You have beaten charges in the past, deserved and undeserved. And just remember, if you need anything at all, get in touch with me.

Adriana: And what do you think you can do, mother? Wave a magic wand to make it all disappear?

Dorian: How about getting him a lawyer? Some money?

Adriana: Thank you, but we're good to go, and so are you.

Dorian: Just don't be too proud to ask. I'm going to leave you two to your -- Reunion.

Adriana: Oh --

Rex: Who was that masked woman?

Dorian: If this makes Adriana forgive me, it is all going to be worth it.

Nora: Lieutenant Vega and ADA Williamson are not resigning, because I won't let her, and commissioner Buchanan won't let him.

Aaron: Think that wise come election day?

Nora: Are you planning on running against me? Because that could be a conversation we could really have -- really sink our teeth into.

Bo: Mr. Jones, if you and your attorney would like to discuss the case, let's take it in my office.

Nora: That's an excellent idea.

Vincent: You know, I'm real sorry things had to go down this way.

Evangeline: You know what? I'm going to go clean out my office.

Nora: Not if I have anything to do with it.

Evangeline: You don't, actually, because you're not my Boss.

Nora: No, but I'm your friend. And I am asking you -- Both of you -- go, walk around the block. Kick something, yell at something. Go fire a clip at the firing range -- anything. Just think about this before you act on it.

Evangeline: I'm not changing my mind.

Antonio: Me, neither.

Nora: Well, that makes three of us, then.

Antonio: Ow, why are you giving us such a hard time about this?

Nora: I may not be your Bo that's something that you're going to have to deal with Bo about. But let me tell you one thing. He is not going to like the idea of you using this job as a revolving door. You both need to think long and hard about this -- make sure this is about Cristian Vega and not about your bruised egos.

Clint: Oh, Viki, would you look at those stars out?

Viki: It's an absolutely gorgeous night. I love nights like this.

Clint: So you're enjoying yourself a little bit, huh?

Viki: Yeah, yeah.

Clint: Am I tiring you out?

Viki: Why, you want a race?

Clint: You up for it?

Viki: Oh, please, I would so win.

Clint: Well, if you did, it's because I taught you everything you know.

Viki: Now, that's rubbish, ok? Because I've known how to ride since I was a child. You taught Jessica everything she knows.

Clint: Are you implying I was a bad influence?

Viki: You know what? All those nights you worked late at "The Banner," I would just be getting her into bed. And you'd come breaking in screaming, "Oh, yes, to horse, to stable, and away!" Whatever all that meant.

Clint: Yeah, and she'd come marching downstairs. She'd put on her little cowgirl Boots and off we'd go.

Viki: Yeah, and you kept her out riding well past her bedtime.

Clint: Yeah. She loved every minute of it.

Viki: Yeah, not so much in the morning when she had to get up early for school.

Clint: Well, sometimes, Viki, you just got to live a little.

Viki: Name the time.

Clint: Next week.

Viki: You're on.

Clint: Oh. So I guess our date wasn't so bad, after all, huh?

Viki: No, it wasn't bad.

Clint: Viki --

Viki: What?

Clint: Would it kill you just to admit that you had some fun?

Viki: I had a nice time, ok?

Clint: I think it was a little better than that. In spite of the dark, I could see the smile on your face when we broke into a gallop.

Viki: Who knew you could see so well in the dark?

John: You want to ask me again how I feel about you?

Natalie: Is that your answer?

John: If I made you feel otherwise, I'm sorry.

Natalie: What are we going to do about this?

John: I don't know.

Natalie: Can we fix it?

John: We have try.

Natalie: Oh. I missed this. I missed being close to you. I missed you.

John: I missed you, too. And we shouldn't have to miss each other anymore.

Adriana: God, your back is like a minefield of knots.

Rex: Yeah, the masseuse at the jail sucked. Ow! And he wasn't as hot as you, either. Ow, ok. Now, that was on purpose.

Adriana: Feeling better?

Rex: Yeah, actually.

Adriana: I was so worried about you.

Rex: Didn't I tell you it would all work out?

Adriana: But how? How did you get out?

Rex: Basically, I found the dad I never got to have. And then I screwed it all up.

Adriana: How?

Rex: Doing what I do best. I lied.

Antonio: How's my brother doing?

Talia: Oh, he's pretty angry.

Antonio: Well, he should be. He's getting locked up for something he didn't do.

Talia: That doesn't seem to be why he's most ticked off.

Antonio: Yeah, what else?

Talia: You and Evangeline quitting your jobs.

Antonio: What?

Talia: Well, especially you, being a hothead again. Those are his words, you know, not mine.

Antonio: He's one to talk.

Talia: He's not the only one who thinks that.

Antonio: You, too?

Talia: Well, I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you as long as everyone else has.

Antonio: What are you saying, that other people are thinking that, also?

Talia: You know, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even said anything.

Antonio: No, no, no. It's a little late for that. Come on, let's hear it.

Talia: Well, it's just that you've come and gone from the department a couple of times now. And you jumped ahead of a bunch of career guys who were up for your job as head of vice. And you don't even need the money.

Antonio: That's what people are thinking?

Talia: Not to mention the die-hards who are just trying to do some good, and they think you're insulting the badge every time you slam it down because you don't like a call. So what do you want me to do with that? on to it. And thanks.

Talia: I'm sorry -- for what?

Antonio: For the kick in the butt. Ahem.

Talia: Happy to oblige.

Antonio: Vega. Where?

Evangeline: Told you I'd do it.

Cristian: I never said I didn't think you'd quit. But I asked you not to.

Evangeline: Well, it's too late now, Cristian. What, are you mad?

Cristian: That's not the word for it.

Evangeline: Well, what is the word for it?

Cristian: I love you. I love you more than anything or anyone I've ever loved in my life.

Evangeline: That's not what I was expecting you to say.

Cristian: Well, you're giving up a lot for me. How can I hold that against you?

Evangeline: I would do anything for you.

Cristian: Prove it. Go back to Nora and tell her you want your job back.

Dorian: Ah, ha, ha! How-dee-doo. Fancy running into the two of you here, together.

Clint: Hello, Dorian.

Viki: Dorian. It's just remarkable that you would happen to be here, at this hour, just where we are.

Dorian: Yes, isn't it? I was visiting my daughter. So what am I looking at? Is -- is this some kind of roundup, or -- oh-oh-oh! -- Are you getting together a posse and going to track down whoever killed Spencer Truman and string him up?

Clint: Dorian -- Not a posse. It's a date.

Bo: Alright let's try this by the numbers, Balsom. Number one, what were you doing in the hospital? And don't tell me you were there to find Manning.

Rex: I like the Jell-O. Next question? We have several runners up. Two from Todd - loved the nurse's reaction in the second clip, and then Dorian fussing over Blair and Blair's hilarious response to it.

Dorian: A date on horseback -- how "once upon a time."

Clint: Dorian, if that's all, you have a good evening.

Dorian: Far be it from me to interrupt your fun. Have a great time, Clint. Viki has always been much more horsy than I am.

Clint: All right, that's enough.

Viki: No, it's ok, it's ok. I know exactly what she means. You see, Dorian is not an animal lover. And animals can sense that, like children. They know perfectly well when somebody doesn't like them.

Dorian: Perhaps some animals are intimidated by a strong female presence. I have always shot straight from the hip, and I hit whatever I aim for. Pow! Pow, pow!

Clint: Viki --

Evangeline: I quit for you, Cristian. Now you want me to ask for my job back?

Cristian: Well, did I ask you to quit? I don't think so.

Evangeline: How can you want me to stay?

Cristian: Because that would mean that you're sure of me, that you're sure of us, and that you're willing to stick through this together. If you quit, it's like you're rolling over, and I know that's not the woman I fell in love with. The woman I fell for didn't let me give up when I was in Statesville. She told me to keep fighting when I was getting my ass kicked in the ring. And she helped me get my good name back. Both times. I don't want that woman to throw hers away, for no reason. So you got to get back there and keep fighting, babe. Not just for me, but, come on, for us.

Evangeline: All right. For us.

Cristian: Ok.

Antonio: We can cut Cristian loose.

Aaron: Why, because he's your brother?

Antonio: Because he didn't set those fires, and I can prove it.

Aaron: How?

Antonio: I just got off a call with the fire department. There's another arson, same MO -- while Cristian was in custody.

Vincent: One of my properties?

Antonio: No, one of mine.

Rex: Bo kept coming at me, asking me what I saw, who I was covering for.

Adriana: Yeah, so what did you tell him?

Rex: What I've been telling him.

Adriana: Right, that you didn't see anything, and you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Adriana: And that is the truth, isn't it?

Rex: Just -- not all of it.

Adriana: Ok. All right. So -- um -- what's all of it?

Rex: I know who killed Spencer Truman.

\Natalie: I don't want to hurt you.

John: You won't. Nobody's going to hurt anyone tonight. Iíll get back to power as soon as possible.

On the next "One Life to LiveĒ --

Viki: I am not going to let Dorian get away with this.

Cristian: We still have to find out who set me up.

Evangeline: It was Vincent. You still believe that, don't you?

Adriana: So who is it? Who murdered Spencer Truman?

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