OLTL Transcript Monday 2/5/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/5/07


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Cristian: Whatís wrong?

Evangeline: I just got in a huge fight with Nora.

Cristian: Nora? About what?

Evangeline: You.

Cristian: What about me?

Evangeline: She thinks I should distance myself from you in public.

Cristian: Because I'm still a suspect in the arson investigation.

Evangeline: She thinks that our relationship compromises the integrity of the District Attorneyís office.

Cristian: What did you tell her?

Evangeline: I told her that I'm not deserting you.

Cristian: I wish you hadnít, because I think sheís right.

Nash: You're not real. Nash banged his head. Ow! What are you doing?

Tess: Is that real enough for you? I'm reminding you that I still exist, which means you just donít go falling for Jessica thinking that I'm out of the way. Uh-uh -- no lame excuses. What the hellís the matter with you, Nash?

Antonio: What happened? Is it Bree?

Jessica: No. Sheís fine.

Antonio: Whatís going on?

Jessica: You know, I'm sorry. You're working, I shouldnít --

Antonio: Itís ok. Talk to me, Jess.

Jessica: I've -- made some bad decisions and I need your help.

Natalie: John, donít do this.

John: Sheís lying for me, Bo.

Bo: You -- you werenít home when Truman was killed?

Natalie: Please --

Bo: Why do you think he needs an alibi? Did you kill Truman?

Blair: You going to answer my question, Marty? What are you doing with my daughter?

Marty: I'm not doing anything with her, ok, so if you'd just calm down for five seconds --

Blair: Donít patronize me.

Marty: And donít jump all over me. I just found her here with Cole.

Blair: Right.

Starr: No, Mom, itís true.

Blair: No, Starr --

Starr: Dr. Saybrooke was --

Blair: Stay out of this. This is your fault, Marty.

Marty: You know what? I donít want them together any more than you do.

Cole: Now, wait a minute!

Blair: Watch after my kids. Itís your fault that I canít be with Todd. Itís your fault that I lost my baby. You're not going to take anything else away from me -- you got it? And you're not going to hurt my daughter.

Starr: Ok, Mom, stop.

Blair: Starr? I need you to stay out of this.

Starr: But Coleís mom didnít do anything. I mean, you're completely overreacting.

Blair: No, I'm not. She needs to know what she did.

Cole: Hey, shut up about my mom, all right?

Blair: Oh. Well, what are you going to do, steroid boy?

Starr: Mom! Donít --

Blair: You going to attack me like you did my daughter?

Starr: Ok, Mom, stop it, please.

Blair: Starr? I want you to go to Dorianís right now and I'll meet you there later after I deal with this.

Starr: Aunt Dorianís? But --

Blair: Yes. We'll talk about it later.

Starr: What is going on, Mom?

Blair: Starr, we will talk about this later.

Starr: No, now or else I'm calling dad and telling him to come and get you.

Blair: No, no, you're not. Your fatherís not in my life anymore.

Starr: But I thought that you and him were --

Blair: Starr, please. We will talk about this at home, all right?

Starr: But la boulaie isnít home -- dad is home.

Blair: No. Not anymore, all right? Just please.

Starr: I thought that you guys were going to get together, that you were going to get married.

Blair: We're not.

Starr: I hate you.

Blair: Donít hate me. Hate her. Sheís the reason your father and I canít get married, Starr.

John: I didnít kill him.

Bo: Why is Natalie covering for you?

John: I wasnít home when Truman was killed.

Natalie: John --

Bo: Well, and -- and you're wondering where he was, right? Where were you? John, look, if you want to lead this Spencer Truman murder investigation, you better start talking right now.

Natalie: He was at home in bed, like I said.

John: Donít. I was at the hospital when Truman was murdered.

Bo: You think he killed him?

John: Doesnít matter what she thinks, Bo. I didnít kill him. My word should be enough for you.

Antonio: You donít make bad decisions.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Donít do this to yourself. My fault,  look, I've been distracted with the Truman case, the arson case. And I thought that hiring Nash to run cricorn was a good idea.

Jessica: And I wish you hadnít.

Antonio: I know. I know -- you've made that perfectly clear. But I needed the help. And heís good at it.

Jessica: So are a hundred other people.

Antonio: Well, maybe, maybe, but at least this way, it stays in the family.

Jessica: Heís not our family.

Antonio: Heís Breeís dad.

Jessica: Heís not related to us. I donít know why you feel this need to take care of him.

Antonio: Well, I thought thatís what you wanted.

Jessica: Yeah, to an extent. But having him be in our wedding, giving him a job, treating him like heís your friend? I -- how far is it going to go? Are you going to ask him to move in with us so he can be closer to Bree?

Antonio: Whatís going on, Jess? Something happen between you and Nash that you should be telling me?

Nash: You're not real -- real.

Tess: Oh, well, I was real when we made love.

Nash: No.

Tess: I was real when we made our daughter, and I was real when we were doing everything that we could to make our --

Nash: Well, you're not real anymore, are you?

Tess: Why? Why? Because Jessica batted her eyes at you and you're like --

Nash: No, itís not like that.

Tess: "Oh, Tess who?"

Nash: Itís not like that.

Tess: You're falling for her.

Nash: I'm not falling for her. I love you.

Tess: Oh, ok -- you love me. So you love the part of her that is me. Nash?

Nash: There -- there was an incident in the steam room. She took off her towel and she kissed me.

Tess: You kissed her back?

Nash: I'm not made of stone.

Tess: What do you see in her?

Nash: I see you.

Tess: Huh.

Nash: I love you, but you are her. So until you can figure out how to get you out of my head and out of her body, I love Jessica.

Tess: What did you just say?

Nash: I'm in love with both of you.

Evangeline: Cristian, talk to me.

Cristian: I am talking to you.

Evangeline: Can you just stop working for one second?

Cristian: I can do this, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Look, I canít help how I feel about this. Nora is wrong, I'm not changing my mind. I cannot agree with her on this one.

Cristian: I think sheís right. Now, I think we should stay away from each other till this whole thing blows over.

Evangeline: Thatís crazy.

Cristian: Evangeline, Nora runs the D.A.ís office. You work for her.

Evangeline: So?

Cristian: So Vincent and his lawyer are trying to connect me to these warehouse fires. Sheís got to protect her credibility.

Evangeline: What? By trashing our relationship?

Cristian: Sheís not telling us to break up.

Evangeline: Good, because if she did, I would resign.

Cristian: You know why you really hate this?

Evangeline: Because I have to defend you and you're not guilty?

Cristian: No -- because you hate being bossed around.

Evangeline: Thatís ridiculous, Cristian.

Cristian: Working in the D.A.ís office means you have to answer to other people, which is something you're not used to doing as a defense attorney.

Evangeline: What, you think this is funny?

Cristian: No, I'm not laughing.

Evangeline: But you're not taking this seriously. This is not about my ego -- this is about my integrity. So, are you with me or not?

Starr: No, Mom, you and dad have to get married. You've waited for so long.

Blair: Go to Dorianís.

Starr: Cole --

Cole: Starr --

Blair: You stay away from my daughter.

Starr: Stop yelling at him!

Cole: Letís go, Mom.

Marty: Look, I want you to go to the car.

Cole: Mom --

Marty: I'll be all right, ok? Just let me handle this. Ok, sweetie?

Blair: Starr, go to Dorianís right now and donít even think about getting in the car with that boy.

Tess: You're in love with Jessica?

Nash: No, I -- I -- I'm in love with you, all right? This is -- it didnít come out right. Jessica confuses me, ok?

Tess: "Confused" as in you want to sleep with her?

Nash: If I knew, I wouldnít be confused.

Tess: Yeah, that makes me feel so much better, thank you.

Nash: Well, itís not my job to make you feel better anymore.

Tess: Thanks.

Nash: You left.

Tess: Oh, according to you, I'm in Jessica.

Nash: This is crazy.

Tess: No, itís not crazy. You are Nash and I am Tess. We belong together. Jessica isnít even in the equation.

Nash: Fine, we'll be together. But you know what that means -- that means that I'll be alone for the rest of my life.

Tess: I'll be with you.

Nash: No, you wonít.

Tess: Tell me the truth, Nash. Do you love Jessica more than you loved me?

Jessica: Donít you think itís weird how much time he spends with us?

Antonio: Because of Bree.

Jessica: Itís more than that.

Antonio: Look, donít dance around this, please. All right? If you've got something to say, say it. What -- what?

Jessica: Something happened.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: So, you and Nash were at the gym the other day, I showed up with Natalie.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: The woman at the desk mentioned that you were in the steam room.

Antonio: Go on.

Jessica: I wanted to go in to surprise you.

Antonio: Against the rules, but I'm liking it. Is -- is that what happened? You got caught?

Nash: Go on, if you want to hate me for that, thatís fine. If you want me to pretend to hate you, I can play that game, too. We never got to talk about it again, but admit it -- you have feelings for me.

Jessica: I've said all I can say.

Talia: Um, sorry for interrupting, but --

Antonio: What is it?

Talia: We have an emergency.

Bo: John, your word is always good enough for me, all right? But I'm still wondering -- why'd you lie for him?

John: She saw me at the hospital that night. I was supposed to stay at the hotel until I got better. Thought maybe they were being overly cautious. I think maybe that they were right.

Bo: Why'd you go?

John: I think maybe I wanted to stop Truman from being sent to Wingdale.

Bo: What was your plan?

John: Thought I could talk to his doctors, convince them they were making a mistake.

Bo: Did you?

John: Well, like I said, I wasnít in the best shape, but I didnít kill Truman, either. I wasnít out for revenge -- thatís all in your head.

Natalie: Is it?

Evangeline: I donít care about being bossed around. Thatís not what this is about -- this is about you and me, and I'm not going to risk our relationship to keep anybody hay.

Cristian: We're not risking our relationship, Evangeline, but you -- you are risking your job.

Evangeline: You're more important to me than my job. And I was very successful as a defense attorney. I will happily go back to doing that.

Cristian: And work for scum like Spencer Truman?

Evangeline: I never worked for Spencer Truman, Cristian.

Cristian: You know what I mean, babe. Look, you've made enough sacrifices for me already. And if keeping our distance in public will make Nora happy, then letís do it.

Evangeline: No.

Cristian: Why not?

Evangeline: Because it will look like I think you're guilty.

Cristian: Who cares what it looks like? You and I know what itís about.

Evangeline: Cristian, people need to know that I believe you're innocent. People need to know that I love you.

Cristian: Yeah, but isnít it enough that I know?

Evangeline: I'm not deserting you.

Cristian: I know you're not deserting me. But I'm telling you if -- if you donít do this, itís going to hurt us.

Evangeline: How?

Cristian: You're -- you're going to start resenting me.

Evangeline: No --

Cristian: Yeah, you --

Evangeline: Never.

Cristian: Easy for you to say now that you have a paycheck coming in and you're happy doing something you love.

Evangeline: You really believe that Noraís right here?

Cristian: Look, I'm sorry. I know itís not what you want to hear --

Talia: Thereís been another fire.

Antonio: Vincent Jones' property?

Talia: Yeah. The fire department just went over there.

Antonio: Does he know?

Talia: I havenít heard, but we should really check it out.

Antonio: All right. I'm sorry.

Jessica: Just be careful.

Antonio: I will.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: Talk later?

Jessica: Of course.

Antonio: All right.

John: Wanting Truman dead and making him dead are two different things.

Bo: Is there something going on here I should know about?

Natalie: No, no, you know what? Forget it. Sorry to bother you.

Bo: Nat-- Natalie?

John: She'll get over it or not.

Bo: John? Ahem. Do you want this case so that you could deflect suspicion away from yourself?

Jessica: Hey, Nash, itís Jessica. I -- if you get this, I'm going to come over, because we need to talk.

Nash: It -- itís not about loving Tess less or Jessica more.

Tess: Then what is it about?

Nash: Itís about me having a conversation with somebody who doesnít even exist, all right?

Tess: Thatís a chicken way, Nash.

Nash: No, itís not a chicken --

Tess: Then what is the matter with you?

Nash: Whatís the matter is that I'm having a conversation with somebody who doesnít exist.

Tess: Well, you brought me back. You brought me back because you feel guilty that you have feelings for Jessica, so what do you want, Nash? Do you want my permission? Do you want my forgiveness?

Nash: Like I'd get it.

Tess: Damn straight you wouldnít get it. You want to be in love, fine. You be in love, with anyone, anyone but Jessica.

Nash: Oh. Those are brave, brave -- ow! -- Brave words, but you're lying. You're lying to yourself and you're lying to me, because the truth is you donít want me with anyone.

Tess: I donít want you to be alone.

Nash: Yeah, you do.

Tess: I love you. I want you to be happy.

Nash: I was happy when I was with you. But the closer I get to Jessica, the closer I am to you.

Tess: Oh, thatís sweet, Nash. But I donít buy it.

Nash: For the first time since you've been gone, I actually felt good when Jessica kissed me.

Tess: You got to let her go. And itís not for me -- itís for you.

Langston: I dropped everything as soon as I got your text. The least you could do is talk to me.

Starr: My mom is -- insane.

Langston: So is mine. What else is new?

Starr: No, Langston, you donít understand. My mom is still so sick that she should be in the hospital, but instead sheís in the park screaming at Coleís mom.

Langston: What did Cole do now?

Starr: Cole didnít do anything. We were taking a walk in the park, and then we got caught by both of our moms.

Langston: How random is that? Man, you have the lousiest luck.

Starr: No kidding. My momís head is going to, like, blow off.

Langston: For catching you with Cole?

Starr: No, because her and my dad arenít getting back together and sheís blaming it on Dr. Saybrooke.

Langston: Why would she think itís her fault?

Starr: Who knows whatís going on with her right now. But the important thing is, is that my dad proposed to her and -- and she said no.

Langston: But I thought she wanted to be back with your dad.

Starr: She did.

Langston: Maybe her neurons got all messed up when she got sick.

Starr: You know what? I would believe anything at this point because itís the exact opposite of what she wanted before the accident.

Langston: You think she'll get over it?

Starr: Not until sheís done screaming at me for hanging out with Cole.

Langston: Did she catch you doing anything?

Starr: No, but they treated us like we were complete criminals. They expect us never to see each other, which is completely impossible.

Langston: Parents never get that we do the opposite of whatever they want.

Starr: You know what? My mom can wreck her life, but she canít wreck mine.

Marty: Look, Blair, listen --

Blair: Donít defend yourself, Marty. Donít even try.

Marty: Do you really think I want my son hanging out with your daughter?

Blair: I think you want to do anything that upsets me.

Marty: Oh, oh, really? Well, hereís a news flash -- my life doesnít revolve around you, ok, so I actually told them to stay away from each other.

Blair: Donít talk to my daughter.

Marty: Oh.

Blair: Donít you even come near her -- you got that?

Marty: You know what? Believe it or not, I actually feel awful about what happened to you and your family the past few weeks.

Blair: And none of that would've happened if you hadnít have bought the Spencer Truman act.

Marty: You know what? Fine, go ahead. Blame me, I can take it, but donít you dare attack my family.

Blair: They deserve it.

Marty: For Godís sakes, why?

Blair: Todd. God, I wish he'd never met you.

Marty: You know what -- so do I.

Blair: Ever since you've been in his life, every time your paths cross, something bad happens, starting with him going to prison for rape, ending with me losing my child.

Langston: Starr, you have got to chill. Your momís just going through a post-she-almost-died thing. I mean, in a few days, she'll be all lovey-dovey with your dad again.

Starr: Yeah, well, until then, I'm stuck here with my psycho aunt and her 57 servants.

Langston: Send a few over to my house. I'll put them to good use.

Starr: Focus, Langston.

Langston: I am. I'm focusing on this gorgeously huge house. I mean, isnít there a swimming pool in the back or something?

Starr: Itís winter.

Langston: So turn it into a skating rink.

Starr: Ok -- this is not my home, Langston. This is the dumping ground for my mom whenever she and my dad get in a fight.

Langston: I thought you said this was Coleís momís fault.

Starr: Thatís what my mom thinks, but itís not. Itís hers. I wish my mom would just tell me what she wants so that I can move on with my life.

Langston: Ok, is this really about your mom not being back with your dad? Or her not wanting you with Cole?

[Phone chimes]

Starr: Itís Cole.

Langston: I guess that answers my question.

Blair: You keep your son away from my daughter, you got that? Because every time that they're together, thereís a chance that he could attack her.

Marty: Look, you know that was drug-induced.

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry. You know, I'm so glad you cleared that up. Yeah, yeah. Maybe they could date now. That'd be great.

Marty: God, why are you such a bitch, Blair?

Blair: Because your sonís on steroids, Marty. And you canít control him!

Marty: Donít you dare judge me about my parenting.

Blair: Oh, wait a minute. I donít think I'm making any judgment calls here. No, itís not me. See, I'm not the one that told a court that Spencer was unfit to stand trial.

Marty: What does that have to do with our children?

Blair: It has everything to do with them! Are you kidding me? Spencer should have been in prison, but he was freed! Because of you, I lost my son.

Marty: I am so sorry that you lost your baby --

Blair: Oh, you're sorry, Marty? You're sorry? I lost my baby, a little boy, and my last chance of happiness with Todd. So are you happy now?

Marty: You know, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Blair, but I didnít have some diabolical scheme to keep you and Todd apart. You know what? As a matter of fact, oh, you two deserve each other.

Blair: When you looked into Spencerís eyes, did you see yourself? Did you see that you never forgave Todd for what happened all those years ago when he was practically a kid?

Marty: No, he knew exactly what he was doing back then. But that doesnít mean that I wanted to hurt him now.

Blair: Itís what you saw, isnít it? You saw that you were just as evil as Spencer was.

Natalie: Ugh! Damn you, John.

John: For the last time, I did not kill Truman.

Bo: Natalie thinks you did.

John: Well, thatís Natalieís problem, Bo. It has nothing to do with reality.

Bo: Well, sheís worried about you.

John: I didnít come here to talk about Natalie, I came here to get my job back, and I need to know, Bo -- am I in?

Bo: Well, you're right about one thing. There is nobody better qualified to be on the team than you are. Now, are you up to it? Physically? Mentally?

 John: No question.

Bo: Good. Then I'm looking forward to having your input on this case.

John: "Input."

Bo: Mm-hmm.

John: Then I'm not taking the lead?

Bo: No. I'll be supervising it for now. And I donít want any arguments, ok? Because thatís as good as itís going to be.

John: Thank you.

Bo: Good. Itís great to have you back.

John: Itís good to be back.

Bo: All right. Now, what I want you to do -- I want you to go home, get some rest, because you're going to put some long, hard hours in on this investigation, and thatís an order.

John: I'll see you tomorrow.

Bo: Ok. Hey, John? Ahem. Talk to Natalie, will you? Just see if you can find out why she thought that you needed an alibi when you really didnít, all right? Off the record.

John: Thanks.

Bo: Ok.

Nash: I want to let her go.

Tess: So whatís stopping you? Do you know how many people you're going to hurt if you donít?

Nash: Yeah, I do.

Tess: And what does that say about your love for me?

Nash: My love for you never changed. Not for a single second.

Jessica: Do you mean that?

Nash: Uh -- of course I --

Jessica: You love me, like you love Tess?

Nash: Jessica?

Jessica: Are you ok? Because you donít look so hot.

Nash: I am losing my mind.

Jessica: Well, obviously. You just told me that you love me.

Nash: I shouldnít have said that. I'm sorry.

Jessica: Whatís wrong?

Nash: Ah. You wouldnít understand.

Jessica: No, no, try me.

Nash: I was talking to Clint. He came to visit a little while ago.

Jessica: Well, he must have said something to really mess your head up.

Nash: No, no, actually, it was really good. It was great. And then I -- I climbed up the ladder, and I fell, and I banged my head.

Jessica: Oh, my God. Do you want me to take you to --

Nash: No, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Jessica: Are you sure?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Then why did you just tell me that you love me?

Nash: I wasnít talking to you.

Jessica: Thereís no one else here.

Nash: Yeah. Why are you here?

Jessica: Well, why didnít you answer your cell phone?

Nash: I was falling off the ladder.

Jessica: Right.

Nash: Huh.

Jessica: Sorry.

Nash: So whatís up?

Jessica: The steam room the other day? Yeah. I was going to tell Antonio what happened, about the kiss.

Nash: Did you tell him?

Jessica: No -- I didnít tell him. I -- I didnít get to tell him.

Nash: Well, are you asking for my permission?

Jessica: No.

Nash: Because I'm pretty sure he'd fire me.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. Well, we were interrupted when I was going to tell him, and I just thought that was a sign for me to keep my mouth shut.

Nash: So why are you telling me?

Jessica: Because I donít want you to tell him, either.

Nash: Ah, it was at the top of my to-do list -- tell Antonio I kissed his naked wife.

Jessica: Ok, well -- enough. We'd just -- we'd have to explain to him how it happened, what it meant, and I --

Nash: What did it mean to you?

Jessica: What'd it mean to you?

Bo: Come in.

Evangeline: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

Evangeline: Is this a bad time?

Bo: No, no. Come on in.

Evangeline: I'm sure you're busy. I'm not going to keep you long.

Bo: Itís all right. Whatís up?

Evangeline: I was just curious about how the arson investigation is going.

Bo: Itís an open investigation.

Evangeline: Uh-huh. And is Cristian one of the prime suspects?

Bo: Come on, Evangeline. What do you want from me?

Evangeline: I just want to know if Cristian is going to get a fair shake.

Bo: Evangeline, have you ever known this department to do anything but handle our investigations in a fair manner?

Evangeline: I'm sorry.

Bo: Itís ok. You're worried about him.

Evangeline: Yeah. And Nora just ascot t seen with Cristian in public until this investigation is over.

Bo: Well, that makes sense, because the D.A.ís office canít -- canít afford to give the appearance of favoritism.

Evangeline: All I know is that I hate it. And I canít wait till this case is solved.

Bo: You and me both. [Phone rings] Excuse me. Buchanan. Yeah. Where are you, Antonio? What'd you find?

Starr: I canít believe that Cole is still in the car waiting for his mom, whoís getting reamed by mine.

Langston: Well, that beats waiting around this dump.

Starr: You're so clueless, Langston. For the last time, this is not my home.

Langston: You donít like it here? Well, then fine, you can take my room, and I'll move in with your aunt Dorian.

Starr: I would take your room. I would take the town dump, as long as my dad was with us. Thatís all I care about.

Langston: Yeah -- until he puts the freeze on your little exchange of love notes with Cole.

Starr: Thatís not going to happen, because what Cole and I do is our business. And they canít stop us.

Langston: I hope you're right, for your sake.

Marty: Hmm. You know, think what you want, Blair. You always do. And I will do my best to keep our kids apart.

Blair: Itís not enough, Marty.

Marty: Well, what do you want from me?

Blair: I want my son back. I want the last two years of my life back. And I want to be happy.

Marty: Well, believe it or not, I know what that feels like.

Blair: Oh, yeah? You ever lost a child?

Marty: No --

Blair: Well, then you donít know what I feel, do you?

Marty: You know, you can -- if that makes you feel happy to think that, thatís fine. Itís not true.

Blair: Go to hell. You go straight to hell.

Cole: I saw Starrís mom leaving.

Marty: Yeah.

Cole: You ok?

Marty: Yeah, I'm fine -- as long as we stay away from that family. And I mean everyone. Understood?

Cole: Oh. I really hate the way Starrís mom treats you.

Marty: Yeah, well, so do I. But I donít see it changing anytime soon, so I think you need to listen to what I said to you, and stay away from the Manning family.

Cole: Starrís not like that, though.

Marty: Sheís trouble, Cole. See -- sas b the envelope since she was a kid.

Cole: Pushing the envelope? Oh, wow, you're too much.

Marty: Cole, she -- sheís practically a juvenile delinquent, ok?

Cole: Well, according to the school board, so am I. I mean, you had to fight to keep me in the school. Forget about my football career.

Marty: You see, and that is what I am talking about, sweetheart. One bad decision can have ramifications for the rest of your life. You know, if I hadnít gotten drunk one night in college, I might not have been raped.

Cole: But that was not your fault. God, Mom, do you hear yourself? I mean, is this what you tell your patients?

Marty: No. And I know itís not my fault. It took me a while to believe that, though. Because back then, the go-to defense was "blame the victim." You know what? And it still is if they can get away with it.

Cole: Well, thatís horrible.

Marty: You're right, it is. So what -- look, what I need for you to understand is that I had to own part of what happened to me, ok? Look, I made myself vulnerable, and not for the first time. If -- if I had just stayed sober, my whole life would be different.

Cole: And I might not have been born.

Marty: Cole, sweetie, you know thatís not what I'm talking about.

Cole: Listen, this Starr thing -- I can take care of myself, all right?

Marty: You donít know what you are up against.

Cole: You know, why did we even move here if we canít live our lives?

Marty: What, you donít like the life we have here? You want to move back to California?

Cole: No. No, because it was too hard there after dad died. And you were crying all the time.

Marty: I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

Cole: Whatever. I mean, itís not like you could hide it. I mean, I was sad, too. But I'm getting better, and I want you to be happy.

Marty: I want us both to be happy. But you're going to have to listen to me, sweetie, please. Starr Manning is not going to make you happy. If anything, she could ruin your life.

Langston: If you donít get your head out of your phone, I am out of here.

Starr: Maybe Coleís with his mom right now. Thatís why he canít text me.

Blair: Oh, good, you're here. Hi, Langston.

Langston: Hi, ms. Cramer. I'm glad you're all right.

Blair: Thank you. So, did you girls finish your homework?

Starr: We donít have any homework.

Blair: You two are bad liars.

Starr: No, you know what? You are the liar -- for saying that you wanted us to a family again, and then throwing me back here!

Blair: Ok, Starr, thatís enough.

Starr: No. What is wrong with you, Mom? You love dad!

Blair: Starr, not now, all right?

Starr: You never tell me anything. You just order me around like I'm a child.

Blair: Thatís because you're acting like one.

Starr: You can't go anywhere or hang out with anyone!

Blair: Is this about Cole, Starr?

Starr: Why canít I just hang out with --

Blair: Because I told you, you canít! I'm sorry. I'm going to go upstairs before I say something I'll regret. [Blair sighs]

[Phone chimes]

Langston: You'd better turn that thing on vibrate.

Starr: Itís Cole.

Langston: Oh, shocker.

[Phone chimes]

Marty: I hear that phone beep one more time, itís going out the window. You got it?

Bo: That was Antonio. Thereís been another fire.

Evangeline: On one of Vincent's properties?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: I canít believe that. Someone is really out to get that guy.

Bo: Oh, it sure looks that way.

Evangeline: Well, at least Cristian is in the clear. I mean, he was at his art studio.

Bo: Uh -- Antonio and Officer Sahid made an arrest.

Evangeline: Thatís great.

Bo: Yeah. They've got the guy downstairs right now. They called from there.

Evangeline: Ok. All right. Well, I'm going to call Cristian right now and let him know the good news.

Bo: No, Evan-- Evangeline -- come with me.

Evangeline: Cris?

Nash: The kiss was just a kiss.

Jessica: Yeah. Normal when you think about it, really.

Nash: Absolutely normal.

Jessica: We still shouldnít tell anybody about it, though.

Nash: No has to know

Jessica: Ok. Ever.

Nash: Ever. Ever.

Jessica: Well, I should go.

Nash: Yeah. Doorís over there.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: I'll walk you out.  Jessica --

Tess: "No one has to know." Yeah, right.

Natalie: So, did Bo give you the case?

John: Yeah, I'll be working on the task force.

Natalie: So he believes that you didnít kill Spencer?

John: Thatís right.

Natalie: Unlike me.

John: You're the one who lied about my alibi.

Natalie: Thatís because you need one because you donít have one.

John: Bo accepted my explanation. Why canít you?

Natalie: Did you tell Bo that you tried to kill Spencer a few weeks ago?

John: That was different.

Natalie: How?

John: I was medicated.

Natalie: Right. And Marty saved you, and she kept your secret. I do the same and I'm the bad guy.

John: I thought we said we werenít going to do this to each other anymore.

Natalie: Fine. Consider it stopped.

John: Whatís going on?

Natalie: You want to break up with me, John? Hereís your chance.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: So what am I looking at?

Clint: Itís a d

Nora: What part of "you're off the case" didnít you understand?

Evangeline: I quit.

Antonio: So do I.

John: You think I killed Truman?

Natalie: You tried to once before.

Rex: I know who killed Spencer Truman.

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