OLTL Transcript Friday 2/2/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/2/07


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[Missing the 'next on' section due to a news break.]

Nash: Come on, now. Oh!

Clint: Hey, you know what? Pounding things, I've always had good luck using a hammer. Son?

Nash: Yeah?

Clint: What is it thatís got you so frustrated?

Marty: Jess?

Jessica: Oh, Marty.

Marty: Hi.

Jessica: How are

Marty: I'm sorry. I didnít mean to stop your run.

Jessica: No, I could use the break. Thank you.

Marty: Wow, so how many miles do you do?

Jessica: Um -- not that many lately.

Marty: Oh, well, it is a great way to work out tension.

Jessica: What are you doing here?

Marty: Hmm. I'm actually working through some stuff myself, about Spencer Truman.

Jessica: You're not mourning him, are you?

Marty: Yeah, I -- I'm probably the only one.

Jessica: Yeah.

Marty: I just -- you know, he was a cruel man and a murderer, but I just canít help but think what if he got help -- you know, early on? What if -- you know, so many tragedies could've been avoided.

Jessica: Yeah, well, that may be true, but the real tragedy would be somebody going to prison for killing him.

Antonio: Ms. Cramer, do you remember Todd being here last night?

Addie: Am I in trouble again?

Todd: No, no, no. Just tell him what he wants to know.

Antonio: Todd, shut up, all right? She canít answer for herself. Ms. Cramer, can you confirm that Todd was here last night?

Addie: I'm sorry. I canít do that.

Natalie: What are you doing here, John?

John: I want to come back to work, Bo. And I want the Truman case.

Natalie: John, you're not ready to come back to work.

John: Look, I know I'm not much to look at, but believe me, I'm up for it.

Bo: Well, if thatís true, I'd love to have you back on limited duty.

John: No. Bo, I donít want some desk job. I want the Truman case, and if itís opened, I'd like to be the lead investigator.

Bo: Why, John? Why does it have to be you?

John: Bo, I've been on this case since day one. I donít think anybodyís more qualified to handle it than me.

Bo: If you're healthy enough.

Natalie: Heís not.

John: Stay out of this, Natalie.

Natalie: Itís too soon, John. Your first priority is getting better.

John: Hey, look -- sitting around my room all day having people tell me what I can and canít do is not making me any better. All right? I -- Bo, I want to work. I need to work, all right? If you need a note from my doctor, I can get it.

Bo: Oh, no. I understand exactly what you're saying and I agree with you. I think work can help people recover, but the Truman case has already been assigned.

John: Can it be reassigned?

Bo: You're too close to it, John.

John: That -- thatís exactly why I need in on it, Bo. I mean, this case has consumed -- [John sighs] †Itís consumed most of my life. I'm not ready to give up on it right now.

Bo: The case that you needed to solve was your fatherís murder, and you did it. As far as this department is concerned, you proved that Spencer Truman murdered Thomas McBain

John: Bo, I didnít go through all this just so he could get away with it.

Bo: He didnít -- heís dead. And itís ironic that your fatherís murderer was a murder victim himself.

John: I donít care too much about the irony, Bo.

Bo: Look, I've got a task force working on this. They're going to solve the Truman case -- itís just a matter of time.

Natalie: Well, what difference does it make who murdered Spencer? Heís dead. John got what he wanted.

Bo: What do you mean?

Librarian: Do you need help?

Starr: No, I know exactly who -- what I'm looking for. Thank you. †Oh.

Cole: Hey. Did you get my note?

Starr: No, it was just a big coincidence. Of course I got your note.

Cole: This is kind of lame, huh?

Starr: Lame? Are you kidding me? Itís genius. Itís a perfect way for the teachers and the principal not to find us talking to each other and have a cow and threaten to call our parents.

Cole: Howís your mom?

Starr: Sheís going to be fine.

Cole: Good.

Starr: Thank God.

Cole: Hey, listen, I'm sorry I dragged you into all that last night.

Starr: No, I -- I completely understand. You wanted to tell Spencer to leave your mom alone.

Cole: Yeah, but if I knew that you were going to have to see what you saw --

Starr: As pretty creepy, the two dead bodies.

Cole: Then, you know, having to deal with your dad.

Starr: I can handle my dad, especially now. I think the reason why everybody was so freaked out about you and me w because of all the stuff that Spencer was doing. And now that heís gone, I think it'll calm down.

Cole: Well, I hope you're right.

Starr: I know I am. My familyís problems are finally over. I know it.

Todd: What the hellís the matter with you, Addie? I was here last night, we were discussing things!

Blair: You asked my mother to lie for you, Todd.

Addie: Blair, donít be angry. Todd doesnít want me to lie.

Todd: Thatís right. You tell them, Addie, please.

Addie: The reason I canít say Todd was here last night is because he promised -- he made me promise not to tell Blair. Oh, oh -- I -- I -- I broke my word to you.

Todd: No, no, no.

Addie: I'm so sorry, Todd.

Todd: Donít worry about it. You're doing the right thing.

Addie: I am?

Todd: Yes. These people need to know the truth.

Antonio: So, what, Todd, you came here to visit Blairís mom, to shoot the breeze?

Todd: Oh, donít be an idiot.

Addie: Todd, thatís not nice.

Antonio: What did you come here for, Todd? And why last night?

Addie: He wanted me to talk some sense into Blair.

Antonio: Really?

Todd: Yes, really. I wanted her to convince Blair that by refusing to marry me, Blair is making the biggest mistake of her life. Are you satisfied? I was here last night -- Addie just confirmed it.

Talia: I donít want to state the obvious, but ms. Cramer is a mental patient. She could be confusing what happened and when.

Antonio: Itís possible. But for as long as I've known Addie, sheís been known to tell the truth too much. Still, it would be nice if we could get someone to corroborate this story.

Talia: Right.

Antonio: But for now, we're just going to have to accept it the way it is.

Talia: Well, then Toddís off the hook. I mean, he has an alibi for last night and thereís no evidence at the crime scene to link him to the murder.

Antonio: To come back to the station with us, but donít go far. I may have some other questions for you.

Todd: Are you kidding me? I'm sticking around, see how this thing plays out.

Antonio: Ms. Cramer, thank you for your patience and thank you for your help. Blair, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Blair: Thank you.

Antonio: Sister, thank you very much.

Blair: Mama, I am so sorry they bothered you, and Todd had no right to get you involved in all of this -- mama, no.

Addie: Todd was no bother. We had a very nice visit, but my heart was breaking when I heard about the sad story.

Blair: What sad story, mama?

Addie: That Todd asked you to marry him again and you said no. Todd wants you to say yes very badly.

Blair: I -- I know he does, mama.

Addie: And I think you should say yes, too. Please say yes -- yes, too.

Jessica: You should see the look on your face. Canít believe that sweet little Jessica would side with a murderer, huh?

Marty: No, I donít know why I'm surprised. Your opinions are the majority. I just never expected to hear that from you.

Jessica: Ah, well, I have changed a lot. Actually, I am still changing.

Marty: Did something happen -- I mean, recently?

Jessica: Why do you ask?

Marty: Well, you know, just the last time we talked, you were concerned about your, you know, feelings of familiarity with Nash and I was just wondering if those had passed.

Jessica: Yep, sure have.

Marty: Well, thatís -- thatís great. You know, that should be a relief, right? I mean, it is, isnít it?

Jessica: No. No, itís not, because I'm a big, fat liar. The feelings havenít gone away. If anything, they've gotten worse.

Marty: Oh, sweetie, well, have you been staying away from him like we talked about?

Jessica: Well, yeah, I've been -- heís working a lot at Capricorn.

Marty: Ok, but you donít work there.

Jessica: I know I donít and I've been trying to stay away from the club, but we keep on running into each other anyway and -- oh --

Marty: Oh, Jess, what happened?

Jessica: I was at the gym and the spa attendant told me that Antonio was in the steam room, so I went in because I wanted to surprise Antonio.

Marty: Surprise him -- naked?

Jessica: Yes.

Marty: Oh.

Jessica: Surprise him naked, which I know is a Tess thing to do, but I thought it would be fun. Anyway, Antonio wasnít in there, but Nash sure was.

Marty: Oh, my God. That must have been so awkward.

Jessica: Yeah, to say the least. It got even more awkward when I dropped my towel. Itís not funny -- itís not funny at all. It was humiliating and then it got weird and intense.

Marty: Wait -- how so?

Jessica: He told me that he had feelings for me and then he kissed me.

Marty: And how did you respond to that?

Jessica: I kissed him back.

Marty: Ooh.

Jessica: I cheated on my husband.

Nash: You know, itís -- itís just frustrating how much there still is to get done here, you know?

Clint: Yeah, well, I thought Antonio had hired a contractor.

Nash: Yeah, yeah, he did -- for all the other buildings, but not the cottage.

Clint: Ah.

Nash: Thereís all these little things, you know?

Clint: Little things --

Nash: I got to have it done by the spring planting. Itís just like you said, itís -- itís frustrating.

Clint: Well, itís a damn shame that everything is just so frustrating.

Nash: Huh. Yeah. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Clint: I thought you and I should have a little talk.

Nash: Uh-oh.

Clint: I havenít seen much of you since Antonio and Jessicaís wedding. And you are, after all, the father of my granddaughter, not to mention the fact that I thought we had developed this friendship.

Nash: Yeah, we had.

Clint: Oh.

Nash: We have, we are. We're -- you've been very gracious to me. You're the only person who's actually welcomed me. I -- I appreciate that.

Clint: Well, I enjoy your company, Nash. So, if you want to take a break, why donít we go over to the local watering hole? I'll buy you a drink, we can catch up.

Nash: You know what? I'd -- I'd love that, but I -- I'd never get this place finished, but I'll tell you what. If you donít mind slumming it, I opened up a fantastic, bone-dry bottle of fume blanc.

Clint: All right. Sounds good.

Nash: All right. Whew.

Clint: Oh -- want to thank you for, you know, taking care of Bree the other night to allow Jessie and Antonio to come to Pa and Reneeís party.

Nash: Oh, come on. You donít have to thank me for taking care of my own daughter.

Clint: Sheís a wonderful little girl -- thank you.

Nash: Yeah. How was the party?

Clint: Well, it was great actually. You know, itís no big affair, just the usual suspects were there. I mean, Bo was with Paige, and Antonio and Jessica, of course, and Viki and I were there.

Nash: "Viki and I"?

Clint: Yeah.

Nash: "Viki and I" like Viki and I? None of my business?

Clint: No, itís all right. I donít mind talking about. It -- Vikiís not only the mother of my children, itís just that I -- well, I care about her quite a bit.

Nash: Yeah, itís just maybe why you get that little cowboy glint and smile on your face every time you mention her name?

Clint: That obvious, is it?

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: Yeah.

Nash: Just that I -- I thought that -- well, I thought that you were with Dorian.

Clint: I donít know where I stand with Dorian.

Nash: Ah.

Clint: I donít know where I stand with Viki, as a matter of fact. Itís -- the truth is I care about both of them for totally different reasons. I mean, Viki is patient and steady and sheís honest, and Dorian, on the other hand -- sheís, you know, a little wild and a lot unpredictable and she has only this passing know truth and thatís something about her I donít care for.

Nash: By "patient, steady, and honest," you do mean judgmental, bullheaded and --

Clint: I wouldnít go there, son.

Nash: Huh. You know, it almost sounds like you could've been talking about Jessica and Tess.

Clint: Tess and Jessica are the same woman, Nash.

Nash: Same amazing woman. More wine.

Clint: Nash? Are you developing feelings for Jessica?

Nash: Jessica is the mother of my child.

Clint: Thatís not what I asked. The question is, do you have feelings for her?

Nash: I suspect that I have the same feelings for her as you have for Viki. I mean, after all, we both have children with the woman in question.

Clint: Oh, Nash, come on. What are you talking about? Thatís a nonargument because there is one monumental difference -- Viki is single and sheís free to see anybody that she wants. Jessica, on the other hand, is married to Antonio, who considers you a friend.

Nash: And I consider him a friend.

Clint: You know, Jessica was in love with Antonio long before she met you. And she has pledged to love him for the rest of he

Nash: Yeah, I was at that wedding.

Clint: Nash, consider this a friendly warning. If you allow yourself to give in to your feelings for Jessie, you fall in love with her, you and several other people are going to be hurt and I'd hate to see that happen.

Nash: You know, lots of people lose the person they love. But some people get lucky. Some people wake up and find they've fallen in love again.

Clint: That does happen, of course. And if you've accepted the fact that Tess is gone, sheís not coming back, maybe itís time for you to move on and find happiness with somebody else, but what it is you canít do, Nash, is transfer your feelings for Tess onto Jessica.

Nash: I would never do that. I am appreciating Jessica for the woman she is.

Clint: You're appreciating this woman as Jessica?

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: Are you going to act on your feelings, Nash?

Marty: Well, have there been any other incidences where you've been alone with Nash -- I mean, besides the one in the steam room?

Jessica: Isnít that enough?

Marty: So you havenít seen him since?

Jessica: We were together at my apartment the other night.

Marty: What happened?

Jessica: He told me that he wanted to kiss me again.

Marty: And what did you say?

Jessica: I reminded him that I'm a married woman.

Marty: Ok.

Jessica: And we agreed that we probably shouldnít be alone together.

Marty: That makes sense.

Jessica: Yes, and we're going to stick to it -- even though I just --I feel guilty. I feel horribly, horribly guilty.

Marty: No, look, you -- †Ok. You kissed a man that wasnít your husband in an unusual circumstance at a vulnerable moment and y have vowed never to do it again. Have I got that right?

Jessica: Yes, yes.

Marty: Ok. So, you need to ask yourself what it is that you are feeling guilty about. I mean, is it just about the incident or is it because you felt something then and -- and you still have feelings for Nash?

Starr: I canít believe we have to keep sneaking around like this.

Cole: Shh. †Wow, that was close.

Starr: Wouldnít it be amazing if we could go to the movies or go ice-skating?

Cole: You skate?

Starr: No. Actually, I -- I rollerblade. I was just saying that because thatís what people usually do on dates in the movies.

Cole: Yeah, I skate. Actually, I played on my -- my hockey team at my last high school right after football season ended.

Starr: Ice hockey in san Diego?

Cole: Indoor rinks.

Starr: Oh, right. †I for--

Cole: Yeah. I guess thereís a lot of stuff that we donít know about each other, huh?

Starr: I wonder if we'll ever be able to learn.

Cole: Yeah, we will, someday -- definitely. You know, we'll go see a bunch of movies and we'll -- I'll teach you how to ice-skate and we'll -- we'll hold hands, you know, if you're lucky, that is.

Starr: Oh. Someday.

John: I wanted Truman dead. No secret there.

Natalie: John, you need to rethink this. You're still on medication. There might be side effects still.

John: Donít do this, Natalie.

Natalie: I'm trying to help you.

John: Letís not do this here.

Natalie: John, this isnít good. You need to get home.

John: And you need to leave so Bo and I can talk business.

Natalie: Bo, please, say something. Donít let him do this.

Bo: Oh, Natalie, I'm sorry, but John and I do have some things that we need to discuss alone, so I think maybe you should honor his request and wait in the squad room.

Bo: What was that she was talking about, some side effects?

John: No. None, Bo. I'm no longer on those meds. Thereís nothing that I can see that would stop me from handling this case.

Bo: And you want this case so badly because --

John: I got to prove something to myself, Bo. And, for the old manís sake, I got to do it right.

Bo: I know you're loyal to your dadís memory. And that loyalty took you all the way to Thailand, and a couple of times it almost got you killed. Thatís what concerns me.

John: Whatís that, Bo?

Bo: The field of suspects in this case is wide open. Preliminary lists of names, some on there are well-known to you.

John: So what?

Bo: Are you anxious to run the Truman case because you're afraid that someone that you care about is the killer?

John: A lot of people I know wanted Truman dead.

Bo: Manningís one. You thought he got a raw deal when Truman set him up.

John: Who doesnít think that?

Bo: Then thereís your brother.

John: Michaelís no killer.

Bo: Yeah, but his father was murdered, too.

John: Bo, are you suggesting that I want this job because I might want to be burying evidence or something?

Bo: I have to ask tough questions.

John: I know. I know you do. So hereís a tough one for you. What about Paige? Hmm? She hated Truman as much as anyone. Itís his fault she didnít even know her own son.

Bo: I know.

John: So she could be a suspect. Is anyone accusing you of using your position to manipulate the investigation or bury evidence? Come on, Bo, you know me when it comes to being a cop. I never covered for anyone on anything, all right? And I donít think I could, how much I cared about them.

John: I just want to find the killer, whoever it is.

Bo: I'm sorry. You're just too close to this case, John. †You're too connected to the victim and to the suspects. So for your own good, I'm not going to let you near it.

Cole: Well, I have to get to geometry.

Starr: Can we do this again tomorrow?

Cole: What about today? But I mean, not here, though.

Starr: Where?

Cole: Um -- can you meet me after school? Maybe we could take a walk or something.

Starr: Where could we go that no one would be able to see us?

Cole: Um -- I can leave ahead of you and take the back route through town. And you take the main road, and then we'll meet near the park.

Starr: You know, how about we meet on gentry? Thatís two blocks away from the park, and itís a cul-de-sac not many people will be around.

Cole: Excellent. Just call my cell when you're on the way.

Librarian: You sure you donít need some help?

Starr: Uh -- no, I found exactly what I was looking for. Oh.

Talia: So much for finding our man.

Antonio: Yeah, I got a feeling this whole thingís going to become a media circus when itís done. Manningís so strange. I feel like he'd almost rather lose his freedom than lose Blair Cramer in his life.

Antonio: Well, sheís better off without him.

Talia: Somebodyís got a history with the guy.

Antonio: Well, who doesnít? Well, you havenít been here long enough to know, but you will. Heís a user, a manipulator. Anyone around him always gets hurt.

Talia: Well, then why was Blair with him? And they have two kids together, right?

Antonio: Two great kids. Thatís the real tragedy.

Talia: Yeah, I guess it always is.

Antonio: Yeah. I mean, you know, he lied to her a million times, but she kept taking him back.

Talia: Is she forgiving?

Antonio: To a fault. You know, I think if my wife lied to me, even once, it would be a deal breaker.

Jessica: I love Antonio. I feel guilty because I did something wrong, not because I'm afraid I'm going to do it again.

Marty: Ok. Thatís good. But, Jess, people handle guilt any different ways. I mean -- you know, some people -- they -- they think, you know, what they did -- it wasnít so bad. And, you know, if nobody was hurt by their actions, well, then, you know, they c live with it, and the memory just fades away. But for some people, the secret -- it doesnít just fade, and it -- and it just stays there in the forefront of their mind, and it dictates their behaviors and their actions and -- and it just takes on a life of its own. And the only way to get rid of it is to talk about it.

Jessica: Are -- are you saying that I should tell Antonio everything?

Marty: I'm saying you need to do whatís right for you. I have no idea what to tell you. I'm sorry. Itís just -- look, I do know this. You know, marriages -- they -- huh -- they have so many different bumps in the road. Thereís big ones and little ones, and, you know, some marriages make it and some donít. But I do believe that, you know, a marriage that has a solid foundation based in love and respect -- that it'll survive.

Addie: Todd loves you so much. You two belong together. And I still have my beautiful dress from the last time you tried to get married.

Blair: I know, mama, but, you know, itís just not that simple, ok?

Addie: Yes, it is that simple. Just follow your heart.

Blair: I will, ok? I promise you, I'll -- I'll think about it.

Addie: Oh, I am so glad. Isnít it wonderful, Todd?

Nun: Itís time for your medication, Addie. Come, dear.

Addie: I'll be right back.

Blair: Ok.

Addie: Donít go anywhere. This way?

Blair: Look, I was appeasing mama when I told her I would think about it. Because thatís all I do, is think about it. I thought and I thought and I thought until it felt like my head is going to explode.

Todd: All right. Now that you're better, letís take some time together. Spencerís out of the picture now, so what do you --

Blair: This has nothing to do with Spencer, Todd. We cannot be together. I think itís just time we accept that and move on.

Todd: I wonít accept it. Letís go home. Letís discuss this.

Blair: We donít live together anymore.

Todd: What, are you moving out? And you're not including me in this decision?

Blair I hired movers to move the kids and me back to Dorianís.

Todd: How am I supposed to live without you?

Nashís voice: You have feelings for me -- admit it.

Jessica: I canít have feelings for you. I love my husband.

Nash: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but admit it, you . Go ahead, you want to hate me for that? Thatís fine. If you want me to pretend to hate you, I can play that game, too. We never got to talk about it again, but admit it. You have feelings for me.

Blair: The futureís not going to be easy for me, either.

Todd: Then why face it this way, apart?

Blair: Because together, itís deadly, Todd, and you know that. You know, itís like an addiction. We know we -- we come together and it feels really good, and we get on this high, and then reality sets in, and we come down, and itís the same old stuff over and over again. We hurt each other, we manipulate, we lie. And itís never, ever quite as good as we remember it to be.

Todd: Well, I donít see it that way.

Blair: Thatís because you're still on the high, Todd. But believe me, you'll come down. And you will remember the bad times.

Todd: No, I wonít, ever again.

Blair: Thereís so many bad times, Todd. And our kids -- they've got to be -- they've got to be our number one priority. I canít -- I canít survive you anymore. I -- I canít.

Todd: Ok. So we'll change. We'll just make it work this time.

Blair: Well, what makes you think that this time is going to be any different than it was the last time?

Todd: Because we've changed.

Blair: What?

Todd: We're not so selfish anymore, are we? We know exactly whatís best for Starr and Jack.

Blair: What is best for Starr and jack is that we are happy. Not that we're together, Todd. No they might not see that now, but they ll. Whatís important is that they're happy. And I want -- I want you to be happy, Todd. And you will find that happiness without me.

Todd: I donít think thatís possible.

Blair: Yes, it is. Now, I donít want to talk about it anymore.

Todd: No, no, no -- hey.

Blair: What? †Goodbye.

Talia: You know, it must have been rough to have been married to a guy like Todd Manning. Rough to be married to anyone, from what I hear.

Antonio: Yeah, you know, marriage is a lot of work. But itís a partnership. And you got to be willing to go the distance, you know? Create an environment where both people can grow and prosper. You know, itís not easy. And sometimes you just want to --

Talia: Cut loose?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, cut loose. Or be alone, or have some downtime. But itís worth it. Definitely worth it. And then you learn how to -- you know, kind of work -- work through the rough patches, together.

Talia: Jessicaís very lucky.

Antonio: No. We both are. I mean, not only do we love each other, but we trust each other -- which, without a doubt, is the most important thing in a marriage. Trust.

Nash: Antonioís my friend, They are both taking care of my baby. I want them to be very, very happy.

Clint: Nash, you're a man of honor. I do believe that. But even men of honor sometimes fall. Son, there are other people involved now. And if you give in to your feelings for Jessica, these people are going to get hurt.

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: Let it go. Whatever was that started happening, let it go. You will be better for it. †Thank you for the wine.

Nash: Oh. [Nash begins drilling] †Oh -- oh!

John: You want this case closed, Bo? You need me to head it up.

Bo: I made my decision.

John: As far as me being too connected to Truman, hell, a lot of people in this town were.

Bo: Itís not going to happen, John.

John: Why is that?

Bo: Think about this. I could have a major problem with you in charge of the Truman investigation.

John: Which is?

Bo: How do I know you're not covering your own ass? How do I know you didnít kill Truman?

Nash: Nash fell. Oh -- oh. Jessica?

Tess: No, itís me, Tess. And I have a bone to pick with you, you big jerk.

Talia: All right. I'm going to file the report from our visit to St. Annís.

Antonio: Thanks. Hey.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: What are you doing? How are you? Hon, you remember Officer Sahid, right? We're working on the Truman case together.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. Nice to see you again, Talia.

Talia: Nice to see you.

Antonio: So, what brings you to the station?

Jessica: I wanted to talk to you. Something happened.

Addie: Whereís Blair?

Todd: Sheís gone. Didnít work, Addie. She left me.

Addie: I'm going to tell you something, Todd. Something the sisters once told me. If you love something, let it go free. If it doesn't come back to you, it was never yours to begin with. But if it does come back, you get to keep it forever.

Cole: Hey.

Starr: Hi. We made pretty good timing, huh?

Cole: Perfect.

Starr: Oh. Itís so cold out.

Cole: I know.

Marty: Cole? Uh -- what are the two of you doing here together?

Blair: Marty? What are you doing with Starr? What the hell are you doing with my kid?

John: You think I killed Truman?

Bo: I didnít say that.

Natalie: John couldnít have killed Truman, because he was at home in bed the entire night. So John had nothing to do with Spencerís murder.

John: Donít listen to her, Bo. Sheís lying.

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