OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/25/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/25/07


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Marty: Yeah, well, we're just going to have to agree to disagree.

John: For what purpose?

Marty: Are you still angry with me because I didn't tell you who I was when we first met?

John: I'm angry at you for telling the judge Truman was insane.

Marty: Ok, fine. You know what? You could be angry with me but would you let a felon walk the streets if you --

John: Hey, you know something, lady? As a cop, I don' the luxury of playing hypothetical games with people's lives. This is about justice for all.

Marty: Mm-hmm, right. Whose justice? Huh. You know, you don't have much respect for me, do you?

John: As a shrink? No. But I do owe you, you know. You stopped me from killing Truman and you kept your mouth shut. For that, I'll always be grateful.

Marty: Well, like I told you, it was because of the drugs. The medication you were taking and then the heavy doses, taking yourself off cold turkey -- you were just as mentally unstable as Spencer was.

John: Oh, no, I wanted him dead. I still do.

Marty: Hmm. Well, then I think you're going to have to get in line. Did you tell Natalie?

John: Uh -- about the incident with Truman, yeah. But your involvement? No.

Marty: Why not?

John: When it comes to this, I'm not so sure I can trust her anymore.

Marty: Well, do you think that she would be angry enough with you that she would go tell on you?

John: I don't know, but I do know that if you didn't get me out of there when you did, who knows where I'd be right now so, like it or not, I owe you.

Nash: Jessica? Jessica, it's Nash. I got to talk to you.

Antonio: No, Jessica isn't here, man. What do you want to talk to her about?

Jessica: Hi, Mom.

Viki: Hi, baby. Oh, you look fantastic! I knew you would as soon as I saw that dress.

Jessica: So do you. Look at you.

Viki: Oh --

Jessica: Wow. It was really fun shopping together, wasn't it?

Viki: Yeah. It was nice to have something good to shop for, too.

Jessica: Yeah. What anniversary is this of grandpa and Renée's? The first, the second, the third --

Viki: Who's counting? It's a good excuse to get the family together, that's all.

Jessica: Yeah.

Viki: Hey, what'd you do today?

Jessica: Oh, I went to the spa with Natalie.

Viki: Oh, that's right. You were getting a massage, right?

Jessica: Uh-huh.

Viki: That bad?

Jessica: No. No, it was fine.

Viki: "It was fine." What's wrong?

Jessica: It's nothing.

Viki: Ok, you're "nothing" is awfully full of something. What happened?

Jessica: Nash kissed me.

Viki: Yeah?

Jessica: And I kissed him back.

Marcie: I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, my -- who's that? Oh, hey, Rex. Something wrong?

Rex: Uh -- no.

Marcie: Well, then why were you beating down my door?

Rex: Knew I shouldn't have had that last espresso. Mike here?

Marcie: No something you want to tell me, though?

Bartender: Another one?

Todd: Hit me. Thank you.

Michael: I'll have what he's having.

Todd: I never imagined you a whiskey guy.

Starr: Cole?

Cole: Starr, what are you doing here?

Starr: I came to see my mom. Why are you here?

Blair: Oh. Hey, get away!

Spencer: No, no, no, no, no.

Blair: Get away! Oh! Oh!

Spencer: I can't help it. I can't help being straight with you, you understand?

Nash: Hello, sweetheart. How are you? Wait till you see what I got you. You know that little talking teddy bear you love so much from the TV?

Antonio: Yeah, well --

Nash: I got it for you.

Antonio: Well, Jess isn't here. What'd you want to ask her?

Nash: Oh, um -- I -- I came by. I needed to talk to her about my schedule with Bree for next week.

Antonio: Oh, ok. Well, uh -- we're going to Asa and Renée's anniversary, so she should be here any second if you'd like to wait.

Viki: So you and Nash kissed.

Jessica: How could I have done that? I mean, I married Antonio. I love him.

Viki: Do you think that Tess is coming back?

Jessica: Yeah -- I don't know, maybe. That's why I wanted to talked to you about it, because you've been integrated longer than I have and Niki's still a part of you as Tess is with me and they are both a lot alike.

Viki: Ah. You mean promiscuous?

Jessica: Yeah. Do -- do you think that could be it? No, of course it couldn't have because Tess never cheated on Nash after they were together and -- oh. I -- this can't happen again. I can't let this happen.

Viki: So you're worried that this is going to go further?

Jessica: What, sleep with Nash? Yeah, I am, and it scares the you know what out of me. What? Why -- why are you looking at me like that?

Viki: Well, honey, I'm wondering. Are you afraid that Tess is coming back or are you concerned that the person who wants to sleep with Nash is you, Jessica?

Rex: What would I have to tell you?

Marcie: Whatever it is you were going to tell Michael. You know, you can tell me. It's not like we keep secrets. You know, I can leave him a message if you want.

Rex: That -- that's ok. I'll -- I'll catch him later.

Marcie: Are you sure? I mean, you know, I can just -- I can call him on the cell phone. He's probably just on his way home. You can wait here.

Rex: I can't stay anyway.

Marcie: But you came here to see him, so aren't you going to plan on staying?

Rex: Well, yeah, but I -- I kind of --

Marcie: You are a bad, bad liar. You do know that, right? So what's going on? And you better tell me the truth or I will get it out of Michael.

Rex: Ok, but you're not going to like it.

Todd: The only thing I can think of that we have in common is our hatred for Spencer Truman.

Michael: That's not the only thing.

Todd: It's enough for me. Oh, hey, by the way, thanks for all your help with Blair. I owe you one. Hey, Billy? Put that on my bill, will you?

Billy: Yeah.

Todd: Hey. Where you been hiding?

Evangeline: Uh -- usual places.

Todd: Yeah?

Evangeline: I heard about Blair. You must be so happy and relieved.

Todd: Relieved, I'm -- yes. Happy, not so much.

Marty: Yeah, you don't owe me anything, uh-uh. But what about Natalie?

John: What about Natalie?

Marty: Don't you think you owe it to her to be honest?

John: It seems the less I tell her about this, the better.

Marcie: Is this about Tommy? Oh, my God -- that's it, isn't it? Is there something wrong with the adoption? Do his parents want him back -- is that it?

Rex: No, Marcie. I did not come here to tell Michael that.

Marcie: Oh. Well, then what? Rex, what?

Rex: It's like this. We had a bet on one of the Sixers' games last week and Mike owes me 20 bucks.

Marcie: That's it? You came all the way here to tell me that he owes you 20 bucks? Well, that -- it's not really a big deal, Rex. I'll just give you the money.

Rex: It -- no.

Marcie: Here.

Rex: No, for-- forget it. That's what I came here to tell him -- to take the 20 and put it towards my Godson's college fund.

Marcie: You sure about that?

Rex: It's a good cause.

Marcie: Yeah.

Rex: Right?

Marcie: Yeah.

Rex: Yeah, got to go. Bye.

Marcie: Ok.

Rex: Peace out, dude.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Todd: Mm-hmm. So I asked Blair to marry me.

Evangeline: Great news. Great.

Todd: Yeah, she turned me down.

Evangeline: Todd, I'm sorry. You know she just needs time.

Todd: Huh. She needs forever, apparently. She said she never wants to marry me, ever again.

Evangeline: I don't understand.

Todd: You, me, and the rest of civilization. But she's made up her mind.

Evangeline: Well, if memory serves me correctly, you said the same thing not so long ago, so she didn't give up on you and you can't give up on her.

Todd: Yeah, I've been given that speech from everybody.

Evangeline: Then listen to everybody.

Todd: Why? I know her better than anyone. I thought that -- I thought that maybe if I found my son, brought him back, that that would do it, that would bring us back together. But, you know, not to -- not to replace the baby we lost but just to -- I don't know -- make a family. Blair's such a good mom. And then, of course, Starr and Jack had a little half brother running around. Because the only thing Blair and I never screwed up was our kids.

Evangeline: Well, you know, this is a huge loss. And you said it yourself -- you can't replace one baby with another.

Todd: Well, it doesn't make any difference -- I can't find him. Let's talk about something else. How are you?

Evangeline: I've been better.

Todd: What's up?

Evangeline: I'm worried about Cristian.

Todd: Well, you do like men who are projects.

Evangeline: Are you going to listen to me or not.

Todd: What's going on?

Evangeline: The police have accused him of arson.

Todd: Yeah, I know. I had somebody from the paper there covering the press conference. But it's a waste of ink and, I mean, I'm no fan of Cristian, but he's no arsonist.

Evangeline: I know. But the police think he might be.

Todd: Even Antonio?

Evangeline: Well, Antonio's been taken off the case and so have I.

Todd: That's a smart move by Bo. So how's the case against him? Is it good?

Evangeline: So far, they have motive, opportunity, and physical evidence. And I really want to help him, but I'm running out of ideas.

Antonio: Hello?

Nash: All right, come on.

Antonio: My wife hasn't gotten there yet?

Nash: Have a taste. Hey.

Antonio: Hmm. No, no, no worries. I -- I will be there in a -- jiffy. Ok. All right, thanks. Bye.

Nash: Yum, yum, yum.

Antonio: That's weird. Hmm. We left Asa and Renée's gift to be picked up, but I guess she forgot.

Nash: Well, um -- if you want me to watch Bree while you go

Antonio: Would you mind?

Nash: No, not at all.

Antonio: All right. Um -- yeah, we’re supposed to take her to my mother's actually. Um -- Jamie's already there. If you -- if you wouldn't mind, you know, watching her, you could stay with her here.

Nash: Don't ask me twice.

Antonio: Awesome. And I'll -- I'll pick something up for you at Rodi's.

Nash: No, that's alright.

Antonio: Trust me, you'll thank me later. The fridge is empty.

Nash :, I'm sure there's plenty of this great stuff in there.

Antonio: Look, I know that you and Jessica have had some issues lately, but things will work themselves out.

Nash: One way or another.

Antonio: Yeah, well, we're friends.

Nash: And who'd have thunk that?

Antonio: And it'll happen for you and Jessica, too.

Jessica: I love Antonio with all of my heart.

Viki: Yeah?

Jessica: But I feel something. I feel this pull towards Nash and --

Viki: Well, honey, he -- he's the father of your daughter --

Viki: And obviously, you two share a lot of memories from when you were Tess.

Jessica: Oh, I hate her sometimes for making me feel this way.

Viki: Yeah. I understand that.

Jessica: What am I going to do? I mean, one second Nash and I are constantly fighting and then the next second, I am letting him kiss me. I mean, I didn't fight him. I didn't push him away. How could I have done that?

Viki: Are -- are you sure it was you and not some residual Tess --

Jessica: Do you think that could be it?

Viki: I don't know, sweetheart. I mean, you asked me about Niki before, and frankly, I could generally tell the difference between Niki's feelings and mine.

Jessica: I know. It just happened so fast. It was confusing.

Viki: It is very, very confusing. Hmm -- hey. The thing is, you're married now, you know? You made a commitment to Antonio and to Jamie. They are your family. And I think you have to think long and hard before you do anything to jeopardize that unless you think that you made a mistake in getting married.

Jessica: No. No, I didn't. I love Antonio and he can't find out about this because I -- I can't lose him.

Viki: Then -- then don't let it happen.

Jessica: How?

Viki: Look, whatever these feelings are that you have for Nash, whether they're yours or Tess', you have to fight em. I know that, but you can do it.

Jessica: You really think so?

Viki: I know you can, honey. And I'll tell you why -- you are in control now. The only way Tess is coming back is if you allow it.

Jessica: I won't. I can't.

Viki: Good. Then you can do it.

Jessica: Thanks, Mom. I want to hug you but I'm sick.

Viki: I know. Feel better and I'll see you later.

Jessica: Ok. I'll leave you to get ready.

Viki: Ok, baby.

Jessica: Thanks again.

Viki: Ok. Ok. This is not good.

Starr: Cole? We were supposed to meet at the community center but you never showed.

Cole: Yeah, sorry. I left you a message -- you didn't get it?

Starr: No. Why, what's up?

Cole: Well, there was something I needed to do.

Starr: Here in the hospital? Was it something with your steroids? Is everything ok?

Cole: No, no. It's not -- that's not it. I just needed to warn Spencer Truman never to mess with my mom again.

Starr: Are you crazy? You can't do that.

Blair: Ah, ah!

Spencer: Shh. Don't worry.

Blair: Oh, my --

Spencer: Just a little something to help you relax, ok? You seem a little nervous.

Blair: Oh!

Spencer: Come on, now.

Blair: Oh!

Spencer: I need you to be calm, darling.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Ok? I need you to be calm -- you understand? That's good, that's better. Because you will realize once I'm finished, that this is better for the Both of us.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Ok, I'm going to remove my hand and you're not going to scream, ok? Because if someone hears you and if someone disturbs us, then I'm going to have to hurt them.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: And you don't want me to hurt anyone, do you, baby?

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: That a girl.

Blair: Oh. What do you want?

Spencer: Just what I've always wanted --

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: You.

Michael: Alone.

Todd: Ah. I'm in the middle of a conversation here.

Evangeline: No, no, that's ok. I need to check and see if Cristian left me a message, anyway. It's fine.

Todd: All right, spit it out.

Rex: Am I too late?

Todd: Too late for what?

Rex: To -- buy you a drink -- to celebrate Blair pulling through.

Todd: No, man. This cat wants to tell me something, and obviously, it's very important. I'm getting curious. What is it?

Rex: Yeah, I need to talk to you, too, Michael -- about Tommy.

Michael: Tommy?

Rex: Yeah, your son? My Godson.

Todd: Hey, hey, hey. I was here first. Let's go.

Michael: I -- um -- I just wanted to say how happy I am that Blair has pulled through. And I wanted to offer my sincere apology that I wasn't able to do something more for her sooner.

Todd: That's all?

Michael: That's it.

Evangeline: Hey, guys.

Todd: What's the verdict?

Evangeline: Uh --

Todd: He stood you up, didn't he?

Evangeline: No, he must -- he's probably just -- he's running late.

Todd: No message?

Evangeline: Stop it.

Todd: Actually, I was just about to tell you that you shouldn't give up on him.

Evangeline: Well, are you going to take the same advice from me?

Todd: If I do, will you get off my back about it?

Evangeline: Never.

Rex: You can't tell Todd about Tommy.

Michael: Tommy is Todd's son.

Rex: Hey -- he's your son, Michael. Yours and Marcie's. No one -- not anyone -- needs to know any different.

Antonio: Let me get a burger, the works, large fries to go. Hey, guys.

Rex: Hey. Hi.

Evangeline: Come on, Cristian.

Antonio: How are you holding up?

Evangeline: Hey. Uh -- well, probably about as well as you are.

Antonio: Cristian's in a tough spot, even though he's innocent.

Evangeline: You know, he's supposed to meet me here, and, well, I guess he's -- he's late.

Antonio: Well, I mean, he's trying to clear his name.

Evangeline: You know, if this was my case, I would be confident that I had enough to take to the grand jury.

Antonio: Well, he's being set up, maybe even by Jones. Even though I'm officially off the case, I'm keeping my eye on it.

Evangeline: Can you keep your eye on your friend Officer Sahid?

Antonio: Well, she's a good cop. She's not going to railroad him if he's innocent.

Evangeline: "If"? Antonio, he is innocent.

Antonio: Evangeline, like I told you, you and I Both know that, all right? But we still have to prove it.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Jessica: That kiss meant nothing, and you know it.

Nash: So you keep telling me.

Jessica: Oh. Look, I mean it. I don't even want to think about that happening again.

Nash: Hmm.

Jessica: Tess is gone.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: I know I was acting like Tess. I came into the steam room, I took my towel off, and I know it must have been confusing for you, but I only did that because --

Nash: Because you thought I was Antonio.

Jessica: Right, exactly.

Nash: But when we kissed, you didn't think I was Antonio, just like I didn't think you were Tess. That kiss was all about Jessica and Nash.

Jessica: It can't happen again.

Nash: Right. But it did. Why?

Jessica: I've been asking myself that same question.

Nash: Hmm.

Jessica: I asked my mom about it.

Nash: Let -- let me guess -- she -- she thought that it was leftover Tess feelings.

Jessica: Not exactly. She said that I should be able to tell the difference between Tess' feelings and my own.

Nash: Can you? All right, truth time. When you kissed me, was it the Tess part or the Jessica part that wanted to kiss me?

John: Natalie knew I was hell to live with.

Marty: Yes, and she loves you anyway.

John: She wants me to change.

Marty: She said that?

John: She made it clear enough.

Marty: Ok. And that would be hard because you're so perfect?

John: No. I don't now that I can.

Marty: Or want to.

John: I don't need people telling me what to do, trying to save me from myself.

Marty: Are we talking about something specific here?

John: I'm talking about a lot of things.

Marty: Would you care to elaborate on one of those things?

John: Hey, don't analyze me.

Marty: Don't deflect, ok? Why are you so defensive?

John: What do you want to know?

Marty: I want a simple answer from you.

John: What? Natalie drugged my food -- is that what you want to hear?

Blair: Oh -- what have you got? What are you going to do to me, Spencer?

Spencer: I have dreamt about this day. You don't even know what I'm talking about. After all the things that we discussed when you came to see me, Blair?

Blair: I came to see you? What --

Spencer: In my room. Don't tell me you've forgotten, baby.

Blair: No, I -- no, I -- I -- I remember, yeah. I was there in your room.

Spencer: Yeah. It was so special, wasn't it? Oh, baby, it was so, so good to finally be a team again. That was just the beginning.

Blair: No --

Spencer: Now that I'm a free man, I'm going to finally be able to make all of our dreams come true.

Evangeline: Hey, Cristian, it's me -- again. I'm still here at Rodi's, just waiting, and I'm hoping everything is ok. So I guess I'll see you when you get here. Bye.

Michael: How can I keep it a secret? Spencer knows. He'll tell. He'll tell just to screw me over, ok? And I don't know what I would do if Marcie and I lost Tommy.

Rex: You won't.

Michael: But Spencer --

Rex: Isn't going to say anything. As much as he hates you, he hates Todd a lot more. He would do anything to keep Todd's kid away from him.

Michael: Yeah, but I --

Rex: No -- no "buts." Just go home, be with your wife and son. Forget Spencer and be happy.

Michael: How can I do that with what I know?

Rex: Look at Tommy in Marcie's arms and know how happy he is. Would he be that way with Todd?

Michael: No. Still --

Rex: You need to do what's best for Tommy, mike, and that's being with you and Marcie. Now, go. Let me handle it. When you made me Tommy's Godfather, I promised to take care of him. Let me do my job.

Nash: Come on, you felt something when you kissed me, didn't you? And it wasn't Tess.

Jessica: Ok, ok. It was me. Are you happy?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: I -- I felt something when you kissed me, something I never want to feel again. Look, I'm sorry.

Nash: No, no, no, I am. I really had to know that.

Jessica: And now that you do?

Nash: Well, I think we both know what we do know.

Jessica: Right.

Nash: Hmm.

Jessica: Never let it happen again.

Nash: Exactly. What happened in the steam room stays in the steam room. I wouldn't want to come between you and Antonio.

Jessica: You couldn't.

Nash: Because he's a good guy.

Jessica: The best.

Nash: Been a best friend to me.

Jessica: He's been an amazing husband. I love every part of him.

Nash: As you should.

Jessica: Great.

Nash: Good.

Jessica: So, now that we've talked about it, we don't ever have to bring it up again.

Nash: Exactly. Hey.

Antonio: Am I interrupting something?

Starr: What if he wakes up?

Cole: I want him awake.

Starr: I meant the guard.

Cole: Well, if he wakes up, then he most likely won't check the room. And if he does, I mean, he's not going to admit to -- to letting us get past him. Hey, wake up, dirtbag. I've got some stuff to say to you. Did you hear me? I said wake up.

Starr: Cole, maybe they gave him something to knock him out.

Cole: No, no, no, no. No, the SOB's faking it. Did you hear me? I said wake up, Truman.

Spencer: You see, my love, I heard that Todd was going to ask you to marry him.

Blair: How did you hear that?

Spencer: Oh, Starr told me. And Todd told me. They were just so damn smug about it!

Blair: Oh --

Spencer: Oh, don't you worry. Don't you worry. I'm going to show them. I'll protect you.

Blair: Don't hurt Todd, please. Don't hurt Starr. Please, Spencer. Please.

Spencer: Not physically, anyway. But emotionally -- I mean, they're going to get what's coming to them. Trying to keep us apart like that. That's why we have to hurry.

Blair: Hurry?

Spencer: Well, Todd can't marry you if I do first.

Blair: You?

Spencer: Me? Oh, Blair, yes. Yes, I'll marry you. It's the happiest day of my life. Oh, my God -- yes, I'll marry you right here, right now, today!

Blair: Marry me? What?

Spencer: We have to get you ready.

Blair: No, Spencer, no. No, Spencer, no.

Nash: Hey, no. I was just telling Jessica that you asked me to take care of Bree while you guys go off to the party tonight.

Antonio: Oh, cool. Is that ok with you?

Jessica: Yeah, of course.

Antonio: All right.

Jessica: Nash can spend as much time with Bree as he wants.

Antonio: Oh, have I told you how beautiful you look?

Jessica: You look pretty hot yourself.

Antonio: Oh. Yum. All right. Nash, food.

Nash: Thank you. All right, get out of here, you crazy kids. Go have a good time.

Antonio: All right. Let's not forget the present.

Jessica: Uh, sorry I forgot --

Antonio: No big deal.

Marty: I can't believe Natalie would do that. I mean, drug you without your consent?

John: Spike my food with sedatives.

Marty: Well, why would she?

John: I don't know. You know? Maybe because I wouldn't take them myself.

Marty: Well, obviously, she was just trying to help.

John: You know, just forget I said anything, all right? You know what I need right now? I need a little trust. That's it -- from -- from her, from you, from everyone. And I don't know if it's just because I've been cooped up here so long -- I'm getting a little paranoid, but I don't think I'm getting any of that.

Marty: And this is all Natalie's fault?

John: I know I can be a real bastard sometimes. Most of the time, I don't even like me. So no, I'm not blaming all my problems on Natalie.

Natalie: Problems?

John: I thought I could change, you know, and be the kind of man she wants me to be, the kind of man that she deserves.

Marty: Can't you?

John: I don't know. Truman needs to pay for killing my old man. And that probably won't happen till Truman's dead himself. The truth is, nothing's going to make me happy until he is.

Marty: Not even Natalie?

John: I'm not going to answer that.

Marcie: I'm going to eat your feetsies! You got chubby little feetsies. I'm eating them. Oh, hey, honey. Hey, look, daddy's home. Yeah, say hello. Hi, daddy. Oh, Rex called looking for you. Well, actually, he came by. He said something about you betting on a game with him?

Michael: Yeah. I'm -- I'm sorry about that. It won't happen again.

Marcie: Oh, I don't care. You're allowed. Here's daddy. Michael? Hey. Something wrong? You kind of look like you lost your best friend.

Michael: I just need a hug from my son.

Marcie: Of course. Go to daddy. Here's daddy.

Starr: Cole, something's wrong. We should get the guard.

Cole: No, hold on.

Starr: Oh, my God.

Blair's voice: Too much damage has been done already. The only way we can survive is apart.

Todd: And what if I make things worse?

Spencer: You are so beautiful, Blair. More beautiful than I ever dreamed. I'm going to make you my wife, darling. And we're going to be together for an eternity.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: Spencer Truman is ruining my life.

Rex: Join the club.

Michael: Nothing's going to take him away from us. I know what I have to do.

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