OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/10/07

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/10/07


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Antonio: All right. Why do you have a problem with Nash working here?

Nash: You don't think I can handle it?

Jessica: I didn't say that.

Antonio: On New Year's, he took over. He did a great job. I mean, he's perfect to manage the club.

Jessica: What about the vineyard?

Nash: Well, I can do that during the day, I'll be here mostly nights.

Jessica: Well, if you're working day and night, when are you going to have time for Bree?

Roxy: There she is, miss prim and prop, or so I thought. You are one hot mama.

Adriana: "Jessica Buchanan Vega goes inside out, showing off her exposed lingerie at the Capricorn New Year's bash." Hmm.

Rex: Great.

Adriana: The magazine Bought five of Cristian's pictures. I mean, can you believe that? Do you know how many people are going to see this? "Mania" has huge circulation.

Rex: I'm really proud of you.

Adriana: I'm sorry. I've been so wrapped up in this publicity thing, I -- I haven't even asked what's going on with you.

Rex: That's ok. We talk about me plenty.

Adriana: Rex.

Rex: Forget it. I don't want to rain on your parade.

Adriana: Nothing is going to bring me down today, ok, so please talk to me.

Rex: It's -- it's just this assignment Bo's given me, looking into Spencer's escape -- or kidnapping.

Adriana: Have you found any evidence that Todd did it?

Rex: Not yet. But I have a feeling it's only a matter of time. And if Todd did this, he is looking at a good, long stretch in the slammer.

Adriana: Well, he should go to prison if he took matters into his own hands.

Rex: I took matters into my own hands, with Tommy. How can I take away Todd's freedom when I've already taken away his baby?

Bo: Tommy, my man!

Michael: Hey, Tommy, look who's here.

Bo: Hey! Look who's getting so big.

Michael: Yeah. 95th percentile, and weight.

Bo: Oh. You got a good appetite, huh?

Michael: Oh, yeah. He loves to eat, don't you,

Bo: Hey, you got a minute?

Michael: Sure -- I mean, that is if you don't mind talking in front of Tommy.

Bo: Nah. I don't think he'll betray a confidence.

Michael: He claims he was tortured. Yeah, ranting Todd did it. I know. And if he did, I don't blame him. I mean, I can't imagine what I'd do if someone tried to take my baby away from me.

Ed: Mr. Manning?

Todd: Hey. How's Blair?

Paige: She's the same.

Todd: Is Starr in there with her?

Paige: No. No. I was just there. Starr -- Starr isn't there.

Starr: I have news that is going to ruin your whole day, maybe your entire miserable life.

Spencer: You do have a sadistic streak, don't you? Just like your father.

Starr: I am proud to be like my father, especially now, because when my mother gets better, my dad is going to ask her to marry him and I can guarantee she'll say yes. The right family is going to be together again, Spencer, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Spencer: Want to bet?

Langston: She's not here.

Cole: Huh?

Langston: Starr. That's who you're looking for, right? She's not in school.

Cole: Oh. Well, thanks for letting me know.

Marcie: Britney, would you care to share that with the rest of the class?

Britney: Um -- actually, I would. It's a get-well card for Starr's mom. I thought it would be nice if the whole class signed.

Marcie: Oh. Well, that's very thoughtful.

Starr: You think you scare me, handcuffed to that bed?

Spencer: You were saying?

Starr: You think you scare me handcuffed to that bed, about to be carted off into the loony bin? Well, I have news for you -- unlike some people, I don't want you dead. I want you to live long enough to read my parents' marriage announcement in the newspaper.

Paige: I know you're worried about Blair, but what about you? You lost a son, too.

Todd: I lost two sons, Paige. Spencer told me he killed the son I had with Margaret. And you helped deliver him. He could've been saved if you had come clean.

Starr: Don't be expecting an invitation to the wedding. But don't worry -- you'll be busy in a straightjacket with all the other nut jobs playing bingo. Oh, well.

Spencer: Your mommy won't be getting married, Starr --Not to Todd anyway.

Todd: Hello, Starr.

Starr: Uh -- dad, hey. How's mom?

Todd: Uh -- hey. I don't know. I was about to see her. And I expected you to be there, but you're visiting Truman.

Starr: I told him that you and mom were getting married again, and I'm glad that I did, because now he knows that all the horrible things he did to us can't stop us from being a family again.

Todd: No, they can't.

Starr: Mom has to get well. Then everything will be all right.

Todd: Yeah. Everything will be all right.

Rex: I don't want to see Todd go to prison, but I did promise Bo I'd do a thorough job.

Adriana: You love Bo. You don't want to lie to him.

Rex: Yeah. So wish me bad luck, huh? I'll see you later.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: And I really am very happy for you.

Adriana: I know you are.

Roxy: I got the last two copies. These babies are flying off the newsstands.

Jessica: So what'd you think?

Antonio: Hmm. Ahem. It's nice.

Jessica: Well, Cristian took the picture and Adriana submitted it to the magazine.

Antonio: So you knew you were going to be in here?

Jessica: I signed a release like all the other models that he took photos of.

Antonio: Right. All the other models are wearing their clothes.

Jessica: So am I.

Antonio: You're wearing underwear.

Jessica: It's not like I'm hanging out or anything. I'm not showing anything.

Antonio: Come on, Jess.

Jessica: "Come on" what? I was doing publicity for your sister and Layla's lingerie company. I mean, I think I look pretty damn good.

Antonio: Well, you look pretty damn incredible, but that's not the point.

Jessica: What is the point, then? Are you jealous that other men are going to see me in my underwear?

Antonio: Yeah. I am.

Jessica: Well, suck it up, because I had to deal with it when you were stripping and you were undercover and you didn't even tell me about that.

Antonio: Well, the -- the key word is that I was "undercover." I was on the job, ok? And I'd rather not be reminded of that.

Jessica: I am sorry that this upset you, but I think that you're overreacting just a -- just a touch. Besides, what's under the undies is exclusively yours.

Antonio: Hmm, hmm. Damn straight.

Nash: All right.

Roxy: Falling in love?

Nash: What?

Roxy: Falling in love?

Nash: No. No, no, of course not. I mean, Jessica's, she's -- she's a good person, she's reasonably good-looking, she's a terrific mother, but no, no. Of course not.

Singer: Well, we can take our time

Nash: What were you talking about?

Roxy: "Falling in love -- here's a quiz to help you decide."

Nash: Ha.

Roxy: What were you talking about?

Nash: I wasn't talking about anything.

Roxy: Ok, then, are you going to take the quiz?

Nash: Me?

Roxy: Yeah, you. Who do you think I'm talking to -- your other personality?

Nash: Huh, yeah.

Roxy: Ok. All right. Question number one -- "do you find yourself fantasizing about the other person?" Are you going to answer or are you just going to be lost in space?

Nash: No. No, I don't. And even if I did, look, I mean, what does it matter? This isn't exactly a scientific study, is it?

Roxy: Hey, listen, these people know what they're talking about. You know, they all have mp-3s in sexology. Oh, last month, I took this quiz on rating yourself in the sack.

Nash: Ah, thank you. That's -- what a wonderful image.

Antonio: You're not going to make a career out of this, you know, posing-in-lingerie thing, are you?

Jessica: Stop it. It was a one-time thing, ok?

Antonio: All right, ok.

Jessica: It was just a spur-of-the-moment --

Antonio: I'm just getting used to this spontaneity thing.

Jessica: Well, you sure as hell didn't mind on our honeymoon, now, did you?

Antonio: Hmm.

Antonio: I got to take this. Vega. I'll be there. They found evidence at the site of Vincent Jones' warehouse fire.

Jessica: Do you think it'll clear Cristian?

Antonio: I hope so. I'll call you later.

Jessica: Wait -- ok, now --

Antonio: All right?

Jessica: Hey -- be safe.

Antonio: Yeah, I always am. Hey, Nash?

Nash: Huh?

Antonio: I -- I got to go take care of some police business, but I'll be back, so when I get back, we'll discuss you taking over this -- this job.

Nash: I will be right here.

Antonio: All right.

Nash: Page 136.

Jessica: Hey.

Nash: Yeah?

Jessica: I need to talk to you, now.

Roxy: Yeah, but first you got to take the quiz.

Michael: I'll get you that report. All right, Tommy, you stay with Bo.

Bo: Ok. It'd be great, really helpful. Hey. Do you want to hear a joke? Who likes to hear a joke? Did you hear the one about Mickey mouse, his wife, she bought a new car? A "Minnie" van?

Bo: You like the girls better than you --

Lindsay: Well, you wear him well.

Bo: Well, you know, it's been so long. It seems like, you know, forever since Matthew was this size.

Lindsay: Yeah. I still can't believe will's a grown man with a life of his own.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Lindsay: You want to come be with me? Can I hold you?

Bo: Hey. You want to see --

Lindsay: Tommy? Can I hold my little angel?

Bo: You want to see Lindsay?

Lindsay: Let me hold you. Oh.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Lindsay: Oh, my angel.

Bo: He loves you, I can tell.

Lindsay: Oh, yeah, well --

Bo: Yeah.

Lindsay: You know what? Kids are the one thing I always got right. Men? Not so much.

Bo: Well, don't be so hard on yourself all right?

Lindsay: It's the truth.

Bo: No -- look -- look at me. I mean, you know, my track record with women -- it's not exactly what you'd call stellar or anything.

Lindsay: Hey. We were one of each other's less stellar episodes.

Bo: I don't regret it. No, I think it was a -- it's a -- it was really an experience.

Lindsay: Bo, are you happy?

Bo: That Paige and I are back together now? Yeah. I'm happy.

Lindsay: Are you going to get married?

Britney: "No child should be subjected to the hardship of joint custody. Luckily, after a short separation, my mom and dad decided not to get a divorce, but even thinking that they might split up for good caused me terrible pain and suffering. That's why I've decided that before I have children of my own, I'm going to make sure that I've made a good decision about whom I choose to marry."

Marcie: I'm impressed. Excellent work.

Britney: Just writing from the heart.

Marcie: I think it was pretty obvious. Ok, let's see. Who should be --

Marcie: Ok -- just keep working on your journals and we'll read from them next time, ok?

Amber: I didn't know your parents almost got a divorce.

Britney: Oh, they didn't. But that tragic heroine thing always works for Starr, so I figured I'd try it myself.

Amber: Oh -- oh, my God. You are so bad.

Britney: Hey, Cole, wait. Could you do me a favor and sign this card for Starr's mom? I feel so bad for her. I wish there was more I could do.

Cole: Yeah, I bet.

Britney: What, you don't believe me?

Cole: Uh -- no.

Britney: Cole, that is so unfair.

Cole: Huh -- really? I mean, you don't think I haven't noticed that you hate Starr?

Britney: I never hated her. All right, yes, I admit I was mean to her sometimes, but, well, I'm just an idiot then, acting out because of the problems in my own life. I never meant to be that mean to her and I feel awful about it. I -- I want to make it up to her, but do you think she can forgive me? Can you?

Todd: Now, you are not to go anywhere near Spencer Truman again. You understand me? Your mom would kill us both if she found out.

Starr: But I --

Todd: No buts. We both should be trying to do what she would want, which means you got to go to school.

Starr: Jack didn't have to go back! Well, I want to stay here!

Todd: There's nothing you can do here, Starr, whereas at school you could study and earn good grades and make your mom proud, ok?

Starr: Dad?

Todd: No arguments. Go.

Starr: Fine, I'll go, but there's not much point --

Todd: Go to school.

Starr: What's up?

Langston: Get down here now.

Starr: Wait, why? What happened?

Langston: Stop asking questions. Just get here.

Starr: Ok.

Todd: Spencer? Wakey-wakey.

Spencer: How the hell did you get in here? You surely didn't charm the guard like your daughter obviously did.

Todd: So Blair is hanging on by a thread, thanks to you.

Spencer: Thanks to me? You pushed her.

Todd: No, I pushed you, after you told me my son was dead. But I just talked to Paige and she's got me thinking.

Spencer: Hey, no small accomplishment there, huh?

Todd: Maybe you didn't kill my son.

Ed: Time's up.

Spencer: Why don't you do your job and get him out of here?

Ed: What's going on?

Spencer: Where in the hell you been? Get him out!

Todd: His Body would've turned up. I'm right, aren't I?

Ed: Let's go.

Todd: You didn't kill him. Where is he? You son of a bitch, I'm going to find him. You know I'm going to find him.

Ed: Ok, get out before --

Todd: I'm going to survive this.

Ed: I put you under arrest.

Todd: I'm going to survive this.

Spencer: Hey, Toddy? I heard you were going to ask Blair to marry you. Good luck.

Adriana: Yeah. Ok. Yeah, I'll talk to you later. All right, bye. Hey.

Antonio: Hi.

Adriana: That was Layla. Our phone has been ringing off the hook.

Antonio: Well, I bet it is.

Adriana: Sit.

Antonio: All right. I can't stay long. I've got to get back to Capricorn.

Adriana: Did you know that "mania" printed the pictures? They ran five pictures. They never do that, and they're all here on the "trends" page, and they mentioned exposed with every single one.

Antonio: I saw the pictures.

Adriana: Uh-oh. You freaked, huh?

Antonio: Oh, well, you know -- no, look, I'm -- I'm happy. I mean, it's good for you guys. But do me a favor -- the next time you need a model, don't use my wife.

Adriana: But she looks so incredible --

Antonio: Well, I -- I know. I just don't want the whole world seeing her in her underwear.

Adriana: Ok.

Antonio: What? What's that look?

Adriana: I'm just wondering if you're worried about the whole world or just someone in particular.

Jessica: Why would I need to take a quiz to see if I'm falling in love? I'm happily married.

Roxy: Hmm. Being married never got in the way of my falling in love.

Jessica: Ha-ha. Well, Antonio and I are very happy and as I said before, I need to speak with you, so --

Roxy: Listen, are you interested in that -- that other questionnaire about how to rate yourself in the sack, because I got it in last month's issue.

Nash: It's all right, Roxy. I better --

Roxy: Yeah, well, you'd probably pass with flying colors.

Nash: Hmm.

Roxy: And I can tell by the gleam in your eye and the size of your feet --

Jessica: Roxy.

Nash: Whew.

Roxy: What? I'm going, I'm going. I'll take this magazine to the little girls' room. Excuse me.

Nash: Yeah. Love her.

Jessica: Hmm. So, are you going to do it?

Nash: The quiz?

Jessica: No, Nash -- the job. Are you going to take the job?

Nash: I am. I had a really good time pitching in here New Year's eve, and you know what? I think I'd be good at running the place.

Jessica: But the vineyard -- what about the vineyard?

Nash: It's like I said -- I can do that during the day. Besides, you know, I -- I think I've been really isolated out there. I think it'd be good for me to be around other people.

Jessica: Nash, don't do this. Please just don't take this job.

Lindsay: I'm sorry. It's none of my business what your plans for the future are. You and Paige are happy, that's all that matters. And besides, what do I know about marriage? I mean, if I had accepted RJ's proposal -- which I didn't because I thought he felt backed into it -- I'd probably be filing for divorce as we speak.

Bo: Yeah. It's -- I thought you guys were really good together, you know, from an outsider. What --

Lindsay: Well, we had a lot of fun, and I thought that I loved him. But I realized that he was just filling a gap in my life after Jen. I -- I think I -- I should've recognized that it wasn't the real thing. I've had real love in my life. I know what that feels like.

Paige: Hi, Bo.

Bo: Paige.

Paige: Hello.

Paige: Hi, Lindsay. Hi, Tommy.

Lindsay: You want to say hi to the doctor?

Paige: Hi.

Lindsay: Did you want to say hi to the pretty doctor?

Paige: Oh, he's got the sweetest face.

Lindsay: Yes, he does, and he's always got that sweet face, bless his heart.

Paige: Listen, I -- I'm not going to be able to have dinner with you tonight. I'm so sorry. We're understaffed, so I'm stuck.

Bo: Oh, I -- that's too bad. Well, maybe tomorrow, huh?

Michael: I -- I got that report you wanted.

Bo: Oh, good. Let's have a look at it. Here you go.

Lindsay: OOPS.

Michael: Ahem. When they brought him in, he had some irritation on his forehead that could be consistent with the type of torture he described. But he had had that head-banging incident at the LPD, And there's no way to know now if it was a residual scrape or something more recent.

Paige: You know, Tommy is good -Oh, he cries, believe me. I baby-sit him and he's a good Boy, but he's got his moods just like any other baby. Well, at least he's got a good life. He's got good people who adopted him --

Lindsay: Yeah.

Paige: Just like my son, Hugh.

Lindsay: I am so sorry.

Paige: Thank you.

Lindsay: I don't know if you know, but I -- I know what it feels like losing a child. You be good to him.

Paige: Thanks.

Todd: Oh, yeah, good. Come on in. I was going to call you anyway. You're officially rehired.

Rex: What?

Todd: Spencer was lying. My son's alive. I'm sure of it. And I'd go after him myself, but Blair -- so I need you on the case 24/7, and I'll pay you double what I was paying you before and I'll give you a big Bonus when you find him, so let me get you a check.

Rex: No. No -- no check. I'm not taking the case. I can't.

Todd: Why not?

Rex: Because I already know what happened to your baby.

Langston: I am so glad you're here. You should have heard Britney sucking up to Cole. It was disgusting.

Starr: I didn't have to hear, I saw. She's all over him.

Langston: Well, what are you going to do?

Cole: Well, I hope everything's cool with your family now.

Britney: That's so sweet. Yeah, everything's better now. It's just things could change at any minute. You never know, right? Got a tissue?

Amber: You sure know how to work it.

Britney: My mom always said I was a Born actress.

Amber: Born liar, you mean? Why do you want to hook up with Cole so much? I mean, after the way he screwed things up for the football team.

Britney: Ok, do I even care what he did to the team? Or that he's so hot, which he totally is?

Amber: Then why do you want to --

Britney: I want to hook up with Cole because that's what Starr wants. And as much as Starr likes Cole, I hate Starr that much more.

Cole: Excuse me, Mrs. McBain?

Marcie: Oh, hey. Is everything all right?

Cole: Yeah. I -- I just borrowed this from Ms. Kenny before she went on maternity leave.

Marcie: Hmm. "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Cole: Yeah. A friend recommended it.

Marcie: Did you mark this page?

Cole: Yeah, actually, there was a passage in there that I liked.

Marcie: "I wanted you to see what real courage is. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway, and you see it through, no matter what." Did the friend happen to be Starr Manning, by any chance? I'm -- I'm not -- I'm not judging you. I know that every story has many sides to it. But I do know that the school board has recommended that you keep your distance from Starr.

Cole: Well, why would anybody think that I would hurt her?

Marcie: There's more than one way someone can get hurt.

Langston: I can't believe I'm saying this, because I'm not too crazy about Cole. But it would really make me sick if Britney made a move on the guy you really like. And knowing Britney, she would do anything. And I mean anything to take him away from you. You can't let her do that to you, Starr.

Starr: I won't. My life sucks right now, but this is something I can do something about.

Bo: That's going to help a lot, Mike. Thanks.

Michael: I hope so. I'd better get Tommy home, or I'm going to be in the doghouse.

Lindsay: Oh -- ok. Here we go.

Michael: Come here, big Boy.

Lindsay: Here's daddy! Here, get your Boo rabbit. Here you go.

Michael: Thanks, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Sure.

Michael: Hey, take care, you guys.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Bye. Bye, Tommy.

Lindsay: Bye, my angel. Hey, Bo, it was great talking to you today. I'll see you soon. And it was really great to get a chance to know you a little bit.

Paige: I'll see you soon, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Ok. See you later.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Lindsay was -- was really kind about Hugh.

Bo: Yeah. She understands loss more than most people.

Paige: I guess she's had her share of it.

Bo: Yeah. You know, everything -- I hope everything just goes right for her now.

Paige: You said you and Lindsay had a really stormy relationship.

Bo: Yeah, we did. We did. Oh, did we. But it was a long time ago, and I think, you know, as time goes on, you tend to forget all the bad stuff and, you know, you remember the good.

Paige: Well, it wasn't that way with my ex-husband. I mean, I married him because he was a brilliant surgeon. But I don't think there's any good in Spencer.

Spencer: Oh, that's brilliant. More people in and out of here than a public restroom at Octoberfest. You going to check the doctor's I.D.? Unbelievable, man. No, it's true, Michael. I mean, just for the constant stream of ill-wishers all day long. What, you got nothing to say to me? Why don't you go check on your patients, man? Get out of here. Leave me alone.

Michael: I'm just trying to understand. You were a great doctor. Highly esteemed, successful. You had power, money, love. Why wasn't that enough?

Spencer: Oh, well, the semi-talented Dr. Marty Saybrooke would say it's because I didn't get enough love from my daddy when I was a little Boy. You know, you certainly love your son, though, don't you, Michael? You've become quite devoted to him, haven't you?

Michael: I am. And one day, I'll tell him about his grandfather who was murdered by a monster named Spencer Truman. You know, they're going to be shipping you off to Wingdale in the next 24 hours, so it's probably the last time I'll see you.

Spencer: Well, let's be men about it, shall we? No tears, now, mike.

Michael: You know, I keep thinking of the oath we took as doctors. And I thank God it's over for you. The end. You can do no more harm.

Spencer: Well, Dr. McBain, you are so wrong.

Todd: You know where my son is?

Rex: I didn't say that. I said I know what happened to him. He's gone.

Todd: No.

Rex: For--

Todd: No. No, no. He's alive. He's out there somewhere. Spencer was lying. He's such an idiot. I should have known that. I should have known it from the beginning. If I had -- because it was him telling me my son was dead that made me do what I did. Now Blair lost her baby. I know I could have gotten him to tell me. I know it. If I had just stuck around a little bit longer, pushed him a little harder -- because he wasn't going to escape. No way. And that water was driving him crazy. He was about to crack.

Rex: Are you admitting you tortured Spencer?

Todd: I'm not admitting anything.

Rex: No, you just did. You said it flat out.

Todd: Yeah, I tortured him. Huh. I should have killed him, though. Of course, then I wouldn't know where my son was. And I need to know, because maybe if I give Blair a son, then --

Rex: Wait, hold -- hold on. Just take it easy.

Todd: No. Don't tell me to take it easy. I'm done taking it easy. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to torture anyone who knows where my son is and doesn't tell me. And then when I find out what I want to know, I'm going to mutilate them, and I'm going to watch them die slowly and painfully. Ok, well, what are you going to do about it?

Rex: The right thing.

Todd: Like what?

Adriana: You're worried what she'll think if she sees the picture.

Antonio: --You know what a prude she is.

Adriana: Don't be totally embarrassed if she saw this picture of Jessica. You know what? She's embarrassed every time I talk about "'EXPOSED'" and use words like 'bustier'.

Antonio: Well, I -- I don't think Carlotta subscribes to "mania," so I think we're safe.

Adriana: Hmm. True. But, you know, she's going to see the picture once Layla and I use it for a billboard ad. Gotcha.

Antonio: Very funny.

Adriana: Yeah.

Antonio: All right, I'm out of here. I'll see you later.

Adriana: All right. Hey, Antonio?

Antonio: Yeah?

Adriana: You know, the bra isn't the only beautiful thing that Jessica's wearing in the picture.

Antonio: Huh?

Adriana: Well, she's also wearing her wedding ring. And anyone who sees her will see that and wonder who the lucky guy is that she's so crazy about.

Antonio: Bye.

Adriana: Bye.

Antonio: Thank you.

Nash: I don't get it. Why are you getting so bent out of shape? I mean, it's just a job, right?

Jessica: A job that will put you in constant contact with my husband.

Nash: So?

Jessica: Why would you want that? I mean, when did the two of you become bosom buddies?

Nash: Oh, I see. So now you're not just telling me who I can or can't see, but who I can or can't be friends with, and who I can or can't work for?

Jessica: I just don't understand why. Why out of all the people in the world would you want to work for Antonio? Especially considering the way you guys started off.

Nash: He's really cool. He's good to me. You know, he buys me stuff, like a vineyard. I like your Antonio.

Jessica: Well, I love Antonio. And I don't want to see him in an awkward position.

Nash: He offered me the job.

Jessica: He wasn't thinking. He wasn't thinking about how uncomfortable we would be. We would be at other's throats which is how we are going to be if we have to spend more than five minutes together handing off our daughter.

Nash: No, he's fine with our relationship. Are you?

Roxy: I must be falling in love. I took the quiz. I got all the symptoms. Butterflies in the stomach, excessive grooming...

Jessica: I just don't understand why you would want to put yourself in the middle of my life with Antonio. Nash, if you care about me at all, even just a little bit, say no to this job. Hey, you're back.

Antonio: Hi. Yeah, I just -- I just had to sign off on some evidence that they found at the warehouse site, that's all.

Jessica: Do you think it's going to clear Cristian?

Antonio: Uh -- well, they -- they found an empty can of turpentine in the alley behind the building, so CSU's brushing it for prints.

Jessica: Shouldn't you be there?

Antonio: Yeah, I should. You know, if I wasn't sure before, I am now. I -- I can't do my job and run this place full-time. It's impossible. I really need help. Nash?

Nash: Hmm?

Antonio: Have you made your decision? About taking the job?

Nash: Yeah. I'll do it. I will take the job.

Antonio: Great. Great. Looks like we'll be working closely together, then.

Nash: Fantastic.

Langston: So what are you going to do?

Starr: I don't know, but I'll think of something.

Britney: Oh, hey, Starr. I'm so glad to see you. I've got something for you.

Starr: Yeah?

Britney: It's a get-well card for your mom. I got everyone in class to sign it.

Starr: Oh. Thank you, Britney. That's really sweet of you.

Britney: Hey, Cole.

Starr: Excuse me.

Adriana: Hey, you're back.

Rex: I'm surprised you're still here.

Adriana: Oh, well, I ran we were chatting. I was about to hit the road, though. I want to go see Blair before I get back to work.

Rex: Right.

Adriana: Did you find anything out about Todd?

Rex: Nothing you need to worry about.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Not here, ok? Not now.

Adriana: Well, can you come over later?

Rex: Oh, despite your fame and soon-to-be fortune, you still have time for me?

Adriana: Of course. I'll be home after 7:00. You can come over anytime after that. Bye. Hey.

Bo: Balsom.

Rex: Thanks for meeting me here, Bo.

Bo: You said it was urgent. Did you turn up anything about Manning?

Spencer: Good. You got my message.

Todd: Yeah.

Spencer: I see you got rid of the guard.

Todd: Yeah, we won't be interrupted.

Spencer: Excellent.

Todd: You know, I have nothing to lose now, Spencer, so this had better be good. What is it?

Spencer: I can save Blair.

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