OLTL Transcript Thursday 1/4/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/4/07


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Starr: My mom is in the hospital, my dad is probably going to jail. The team losing the game tonight was like the cherry on the sundae of my holiday season.

Langston: I hid my eyes during the last quarter. 48-12 -- totally humiliating. I can't believe it.

Starr: I can -- they didn't have Cole.

Girl: Ew.

Boy: Oh.

Natalie: Well, everything is all set up and disinfected and I have to say, this place has never been so clean.

John: Thanks, Natalie, but don't knock yourself out.

Natalie: John, I don't want you just to come home. I want you safe. And I'm not going to be reckless with your life and I'm not going to let you be, either.

John: Hey, wouldn't you be dying to come home if you were stuck here?

Natalie: All right -- cut it out, ok? I've been on my hands and knees scrubbing this place down so you can come home, so make nice.

John: I will, as soon as I walk through my front door.

Natalie: All right, well, just a few more hours. So please just stay calm and stay out of trouble and stay away from Spencer.

John: I have to go. I'll call you back.

Marty: I got a message you wanted to see me.

John: Ahem. We do this right, we never have to see each other again.

Blair: He is just such a good boy. Look, he doesn't even cry when he's with strangers.

Todd: Well, he likes you.

Marcie: Yeah, well, you know, he's always been easy like that, you know? I guess when you've gone through what he has, you've got to --

Blair: I'm sure. Yeah.

Marcie: Develop people skills.

Todd: Hey, kid? Hey? Yeah, right.

Blair: Do you want to go to Todd? He likes babies.

Todd: No, I like my own babies, thanks.

Blair: Hey -- he's just playing hard to get.

Adriana: Oh, I can't stand this. He's -- Todd is going to hold Tommy and not even know that he's holding his own baby.

Antonio: I haven't heard from Jess, and every time I call her cell, it goes straight to voicemail.

Bo: The roads are a mess out there.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. I'm afraid she might have spun out or something.

Bo: Was the baby with her?

Antonio: No, Bree's with Viki.

Bo: All right, give me the make and model of Jess' car and I'll check with the state police.

Antonio: She didn't take her car. I think she's with Nash.

Jessica: Leaving the car to come here -- that was a great idea.

Nash: It would be just as cold in the car.

Jessica: But at least it would be dry. We're wet -- gives a whole new meaning to "freezing your butt off."

Nash: Ah, right.

Jessica: What am I right about?

Nash: We're going to freeze to death here. There's only one thing to do.

Jessica: What?

Nash: We got to get out of these clothes.

Asa: I'll tell you something.

Clint: Pa, watch your step now. The floor is slippery.

Asa: Oh. You know, that damn woman has me on a treadmill 20 minutes every time. Look at me. I'm walking pretty good.

Clint: Yeah. I'm -- I'm just saying that if you fall and break your leg, you're going to have to start this physical therapy all over again.

Asa: It's going nowhere! I feel like a damn hamster! It's not worth it.

Clint: Pa, you're strengthening your heart.

Asa: Not my heart that's the problem. You are, Clint.

Clint: Me?

Asa: Yes. You and the whole family -- Jessica, Natalie. Bo's ok. Kevin goes halfway around the world with Zane.

Clint: Well, they wouldn't have gone if the doctor didn't say that Zane was strong enough.

Asa: Doctors do not know everything.

Clint: Oh, yeah? Well, they fixed you up pretty damn good.

Asa: I'm in a place called serenity springs for God's sakes!

Clint: Well --

Asa: It's got a name like it's a home for the aged. Or a funeral grounds.

Clint: Oh, yeah? You taking a look around?

Asa: Oh, ho, ho. Yes. The scenery has improved now that you've mentioned it.

Clint: Pa, I'm proud of you for doing this. It takes a lot of guts to fight back the way that you have. For a moment there, we thought we were going to lose you. And the doctors -- they thought that, too.

Asa: Clint? I'm not ready to kick the bucket, not until you learn how to stay out of trouble. Speaking of the word "trouble."

Bo: All right, thanks. State police are going to get a description of Nash's car from the DMV, Then they're going to check all the roads that lead up to his vineyard.

Antonio: Yeah, if they could get through. The storm's dumped about a foot of snow up there.

Bo: Well, they've been plowing for the past couple of hours. Might take a while, but if Nash and Jess are stranded, they're going to find them.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I -- I hope they could stay warm until then.

Bo: Oh. That all you hope?

Antonio: What do you mean?

Bo: Well, Jess stuck in the snow with the guy that fathered her baby -- I mean, that wouldn't be my favorite scenario.

Antonio: Right. Um, no, they'll -- they'll be ok. I mean, I know Nash will take care of Jessica. And I -- I trust Nash. Period.

Jessica: You want us to get naked?

Nash: Yes.

Jessica: Yeah, well, nice try.

Nash: Look, your lips are turning blue. All right? These wet clothes are killing us. If we can get them off and get them dry, then maybe we can put them back on and they'll keep us warm.

Jessica: Ok, I don't understand. So -- so when we're waiting for our clothes to get dry with no sun, no warmth, we're just going to hang out together naked?

Nash: Oh, God. Look, skin-to-skin contact -- I know -- will keep us warmer than these wet clothes, ok?

Jessica: Keep your pants on there, ok, buddy?

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Jeez!

Nash: Look, I'm thinking of keeping warmer. I'm not trying to cop a feel. Ok? Look, you're not my type anyway.

Jessica: Yeah, well, we both know that's not true.

Nash: I'm sorry, princess, but I'm trying to survive, not get some of that.

Jessica: Yeah, well, please tell me on what page of the scout's manual does it say that when you get caught in a cave, then you're supposed to get naked with the person --

Nash: You want to die in here? Huh?

Jessica: I'm just saying that it --

Nash: Well, stop saying. Ok, now, look -- reach deep into that integrated little thing of yours and find the Tess part because the Tess part loves getting naked --

Jessica: Yeah, well, I told you I am not Tess!

Nash: I know. You're not Tess -- I know that now, and I don't care. All right? We can use this tarp to stay warm.

Jessica: Well, it's filthy. Fine. Just turn around and give me the tarp.

Nash: I will not give you the tarp. Either we share this warmth or you're going to turn into an icicle, ok? So are you going to take off those clothes or do I got to take them off for you?

Blair: Here we go.

Marcie: You sure you don't want to hold him?

Blair: Hey, Tommy.

Todd: No, he looks happy where he is.

Blair: Oh, come on, Todd. You should hold him. He -- it helped me. It could help you.

Todd: No, I doubt it.

Blair: Come on. Give it a try. Take him. Take him.

Todd: All right, all right, all right.

Blair: There you go, bud.

Todd: Oh. Hello. I'm over here.

Natalie: Uh -- can I help you? I mean, I don't know what you're saying or who you are.

Roxy: It's me -- Nurse Roxy.

Natalie: Where did you get that?

Roxy: From the hottie at the Army/Navy store. I traded him six free months of buzz cuts for this little baby.

Natalie: Why?

Roxy: Because I want to give Johnny some TLC.

Natalie: You'll probably give him a heart attack.

Roxy: Well, that's better than having his skin fall off and rot.

Natalie: Well -- no. Roxy, Roxy, you're tracking in all sorts of dirt.

Roxy: Oh, no, no. That's why I got these special little booties. Besides, if he's going to be looking like a fried onion ring --

Natalie: That is not the way he looks.

Roxy: Well, all I'm saying, honey, is he's tough.

Natalie: Yeah, well, he's too tough. You know, he -- he's still not admitting how sick he really is and I'm telling you if he doesn't follow the doctors' orders and stay whether he likes it or not.

Marty: What did you want to talk to me about?

John: You know, I was just curious -- what did I ever do to you, lady?

Marty: Nothing so far. I have no feelings about you, positive or otherwise. Huh. Yeah, well, if I did, I wouldn't have seen you safely back to your room. I would've told the doctors about the incident and you would have a guard outside your door right now just like Spencer.

John: Yeah, well, a thank-you note's in the mail.

Marty: Huh. I won't hold my breath.

John: Hmm. don't. Hey, by the way -- how'd you know where I'd go? You follow me?

Marty: Why would I do that? I came here to talk to you, and when I found that you weren't here, well, it was pretty easy to figure out where you'd gone.

John: So why'd you want to see me?

Marty: I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to tell you that I was the psychiatrist who evaluated Dr. Truman and found him unfit to stand trial.

John: Let me tell you what I'm talking about. Manning is up on murder charges, Blair's in a hospital bed.

Marty: You think I'm responsible for what happened to Blair?

John: Don't you?

Gabe: Hey.

Cole: Hey, sorry about the game.

Gabe: I can't believe you have the guts to show up here.

Cole: So do they hate me as much as I think they hate me?

Gabe: Yeah. Yeah, they pretty much hate you.

Cole: Hmm.

Starr: What are they going to do next -- stone him to death?

Langston: You said it yourself -- they lost because he couldn't play.

Starr: Yeah, well, it's a stupid game. It's not World War III. Look at Gabe over there. He's the one that forced those steroids on him. He's really happy now. Cole carried him the whole season. I throw better passes than him and I never picked up a football.

Langston: Forget it. Cole will be on the team next year. He was juiced. He shouldn't get off scot-free.

Starr: Yeah, well, it's not like he's Osama Bin Laden or anything. I should go talk to him. Wait, you're not going to stop me or anything or tell me that I should leave him alone?

Langston: Has it ever worked?

Starr: You're right. I'll be back. Um -- can I talk to Cole alone, please?

Cole: Ok.

Gabe: Fine by me.

Cole: So how's your mom?

Starr: Better. She's still in the hospital. They shouldn't be doing this to you.

Cole: No, this was supposed to be a victory celebration. If I hadn't screwed up, then it would be.

Starr: Last time I looked, there were 11 players on the team, not one.

Cole: Yeah, but you know what? I had to take those stupid pills to be like superman, you know? And I ended up letting everybody down, especially you.

Girl: Excuse me, Cole.

Starr: What do you want, Allison?

Allison: You know something, Starr? When everyone was booing at Cole before, the person they should've been booing was you.

Roxy: What the hell are you doing with that lamp?

Natalie: Well, I had to take it apart so that I could disinfect it.

Roxy: Don't you think you're going a little over the top?

Natalie: I told you -- John's very vulnerable to any sort of infection. We're not even supposed to touch.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, right.

Natalie: Actually, in the hospital he did hold my hand once or twice, which was totally against the rules. And -- and we kissed once, but I mean, in how many months and even then, I was afraid he might die of some sort of infection.

Roxy: Well, that's because the Balsoms are such great kissers.

Natalie: All right, that's not even funny.

Roxy: Hey, what's with this new mattress that Dr. Mike dragged up here?

Natalie: Germs, Roxy. Did you know that your mattress weighs more when you get rid of it than when you buy it?

Roxy: Ugh -- I'm not sleeping on that.

Natalie: Well, John can't. Oh, and we've got to keep the temperature in this room always at 75, 80 degrees. We can't have any drafts, and the bathroom is clean enough that you can eat in it.

Roxy: Well, I hope you didn't dump his copy of "jokes for the John" that I gave him.

Natalie: You know, Roxy, you got to take all the precautions that you need with a burn patient. I'm not losing him again.

Roxy: What's all these paper products?

Natalie: Oh -- those are sterile dressings, and someone from the hospital is going to come and teach me how to change them.

Roxy: Ew.

Natalie: I thought John was dead. I got him back. I would do anything now. I mean, I'd -- I'd give him my own skin if I thought it would help.

Marty: You know, I'm going to tell you what I told Todd -- I was asked by the court to give my opinion about Dr. Truman's sanity and I gave it.

John: You screwed up and you know it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here trying to justify yourself again.

Marty: Mm-hmm. You know, you were the detective on the case, right, so I'm sure you've been briefed on the transcripts from the court. Dr. Truman speaks to his dead mother and she talks back. Hearing voices is part of the definition of psychosis.

John: Blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, Truman played you.

Marty: Yeah, well, hmm, I wouldn't be the first, would I?

John: You call yourself some kind of expert?

Marty: You know, if I had come down on your side of this, you'd be thinking I was God's gift to the medical profession right now.

John: If you're so down with what you did, why didn't you tell me who you were?

Marty: Well, you wouldn't stop talking, you were hostile, and you didn't want to hear anything I had to say, even my name. Insisted and I wasn't 100% honest with you and I apologize for that.

John: If I had known who you were, I'd have thrown you out on your ass, lady.

Marty: Hmm. You know, you strike me as the kind of detective that would bend the rules to get his man.

John: I do what I do in the best interest of justice.

Marty: And you decide what justice is?

John: Isn't that what you did with Truman?

Marty: No. I didn't decide he was insane -- the voices he hears in his head did that for me. He can't tell the difference between right and wrong.

John: That's crap! Voices didn't tell Truman to kill my father! He did it to save himself. That's not insane -- that's a coward, which is what he is. And our prisons are full of scum just like him.

Marty: I'm not saying he was insane then. I'm saying he is unfit to stand trial now.

John: No.

Marty: Besides, if I hadn't stopped, you would've strangled him, you'd be on your way to prison right now. You're both obsessed.

John: Why do we keep talking about me?

Marty: Because a man in your condition leaves his hospital bed, jeopardizing his own life just to dish out his own personal brand of justice. That's obsessive, that's indicative of a death wish.

John: I don't have a death wish, lady.

Marty: Oh.

John: If I did, I would've given up when they first brought me into the burn unit.

Marty: Getting revenge on Spencer Truman is more important to you than your own life, more important than people who love you. So maybe you need to ask yourself what your hatred is costing you -- and if it's worth risking everything.

Nash: Oh. Oh.

Jessica: You look like an idiot.

Nash: I don't care what I look like. I'm trying not to die, which is exactly what's going to happen unless you take off those clothes and we keep each other warm.

Jessica: Yeah, well, you can keep your body heat, you letch.

Nash: Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you, sweetheart, but what I'm trying to do is stop our daughter from becoming an orphan. All right? Look, no matter how much you look like Tess or you make me like you, Jessica, you got --

Jessica: What -- what? What did you just say?

Cole: Who are you? Why don't you lay off Starr, all right?

Starr: Ok, look, I can handle this. What is your problem, Allison?

Allison: My problem? I don't think so. You're the one who went all "wounded virgin" the night of the party, and called the cops on Cole.

Starr: I didn't call the cops.

Cole: Hey, what happened is between us, all right? It's none of your business.

Allison: She is the reason you weren't playing tonight. She's the reason the entire school got humiliated out on the field. And she doesn't even put out.

Cole: Hey, you shut your mouth right now!

Allison: If you would have just done what he wanted, he wouldn't have gone crazy. None of this would have happened.

Starr: It's just a stupid game!

Cole: Yeah. The night of the party, I was out of my mind before I even saw Starr. I mean, she didn't make me take drugs. Everything that happened was my fault, all right?

Allison: Cole, look, you're just a football jock, and that means it's harder for you to understand things. Read my lips. Starr isn't worth it. She's the child of a whore and a rapist. I thought my little slide show would make that clear, even to you.

Starr: That -- wait, that was you? You made the slide show?

Cole: I thought that was Britney.

Allison: Everyone did. Worked out pretty well for me.

Starr: Oh. What did I do to deserve any of this?

Cole: Nothing. Not a damn thing.

Britney: How'd it go?

Allison: I killed. I totally rocked the house. I'm definitely going to try out for the senior play.  I'll take that 100 now.

Britney: It's my allowance for the whole week, but it's worth it. And now for phase two.

Adriana: This is driving me crazy.

Rex: Why? He doesn't know anything.

Adriana: Are you kidding me? Look at him with that kid.

Todd: You know, I was thinking, doctor -- because the kid I had with Margaret would be about your age.

Marcie: Hmm. You guys haven't figured out anything else yet?

Blair: No.

Marcie: I'm sorry.

Blair: Yeah, so are we.

Marcie: I admire you guys. I do. A lot. I mean, you know, most couples in your situation -- they would just say good riddance to a baby that was conceived that way, but you guys -- I mean, you're going all out to find him.

Blair: But it's Todd's flesh and blood. It's Starr and Jack's half brother. Of course we're going to do everything we can to find the baby.

Marcie: Hmm. I would, too. Look, I know that you're tired and you need to get your rest --

Blair: No Marcie, I'm fine, really.

Marcie: You sure?

Blair: Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Marcie: You know, actually, would you mind holding him for a couple more minutes? I hate taking him to the ER, And I have to say goodbye to Michael. So, if you wouldn't mind --

Todd: No, I'm good. No problem.

Marcie: Great. Thanks. All right, I promise, I'll be a few minutes.

Blair: They grow up so fast, don't they?

Todd: Yeah, you miss a lot.

Adriana: I can't stand this. This is a mistake.

Dorian: Hello, Clint. Asa -- you are looking so fit.

Asa: What the hell does that mean?

Clint: He's here for his physical therapy.

Dorian: And it's working. I just love that sweatsuit.

Asa: Really? I'm going to tell you something. I would rather be on that devil's device over there than to you.

Dorian: Ah. I feel the warmth.

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: I do, I do. Oh -- huh -- speaking of the weather -- huh -- it's getting dark so early, and it looks like it's about to snow.

Clint: Oh, please. No, no.

Dorian: Oh.

Clint: Pa's in a foul mood. I don't want to get trapped with him somewhere while he's in this raging bull mode.

Dorian: You know --

Clint: Dorian, about -- sorry.

Dorian: You first.

Clint: I was just going to say, about your Christmas gift that you gave me. It was charming. The pencil, I mean. And very to the point. No pun intended.

Dorian: I miss spending time with you, and I can't believe I'm saying that to a Buchanan.

Clint: Well, you're growing.

Dorian: So, have you considered penciling me in?

Clint: Just when I think that I have got you out of my system --

John: I tell you what -- I need a shrink, so let's do this right. Not one that thinks a murderer isn't fit to stand trial.

Marty: Yeah, well, I just call them like I see them.

John: Yeah, me, too.

Marty: Oh, I see. Ok, fine. So you might be a rogue cop with a Messiah complex.

John: Is that the best you can do?

Marty: Oh, well, you know, I'm just a quack.

Antonio: Yeah, you know, Nash is a fact of my life. I could make an enemy of him, or --

Bo: You keep him close. Keep an eye on him.

Antonio: Right, right. Ah, come on. He wished us well at our wedding. I mean, he's not a bad guy.

Antonio: Yeah. I hope so. You know, when I found out that Jess had this disorder, I -- I knew my life wasn't going to be like other guys, you know? But what are you going to do when you love someone? I just wish they'd get a hold of me.

Bo: I know. So do I.

Antonio: You know, if Jessica's out there -- I mean, I -- I want her to be with Nash, because the one thing about Nash loving Tess is that he's not going to let anything happen to Jessica.

Nash: See? They're drying out a bit already.

Jessica: Ok. Well, when you said that you liked the Jessica in me -- well, what did you mean by that?

Nash: I was cold, ok? I'm freezing. I don't know what I was saying.

Jessica: You're conning me, right? You obviously don't want me to take my clothes off to keep you warm.

Nash: Yes, I'm conning you. I want you to keep us warm, all right? Now, Jessica, are you going to do this or not? Because I'm freezing. Come on.

Jessica: All right, all right.

Nash: Ok.

Jessica: Ooh. Oh, God, ok, ok, ok.

Nash: Ok?

Jessica: Ok, ok.

Nash: All right.

Jessica: Ok, ok.

Nash: Ok. All right, uh, you -- uh -- you get on top of me. Ok? All right. Oh. Oh. All right. Ok.

Jessica: Ok, now -- oh!

Nash: You all right?

Jessica: You ok?

Nash: Oh, great.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Fantastic.

Jessica: Ooh.

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Ooh.

Nash: Oh, this is much better.

Jessica: I can hear your heartbeat.

Nash: That's great. Let me know when you hear it stop.

Jessica: You're right, I'm warmer.

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Nash, I -- we should switch positions. The ground must be freezing.

Nash: I'm ok.

Jessica: No, Nash, I'm serious, we should switch positions.

Nash: No.

Jessica: Get on top of me.

Nash: I'm not getting on top of you, all right? It's ok, no arguments.

Jessica: Nash, are you still with me?

Nash: Yeah. Jessica, I would die before I'd let something happen to you. Ok? Ok.

Antonio: Any sign of them? How about tire tracks? Thanks a lot, I owe you one.

Bo: They find Nash's car?

Antonio: Yeah, that's the good news. The bad news is he and Jessica weren't in it.

Bo: Probably looking for shelter.

Antonio: Well, the state guys -- they didn't find any tracks.

Bo: All right, where's the car?

Antonio: The old mines, out in the mountains.

Bo: Well -- no, you're not going alone.

Antonio: Look, they said there were three avalanches out in that area since this morning.

Bo: I'll call for the plows.

Antonio: Tell them to hurry.

Roxy: Hey, you know, you're right about that latrine -- you could do a tummy-tuck in there.

Natalie: I'm going to have to go disinfect that sink again.

Roxy: Hey, no worries -- I cleaned up all my germs.

Natalie: Oh, good, thank you.

Roxy: You know, I was thinking in there -- you can't even touch Johnny?

Natalie: It's kind of complicated. I mean, the doctor says it's ok, but if he got an infection because of me --

Roxy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, hang on. Are you nuts?

Natalie: About what?

Roxy: Well, it's just that, you know, you've got this oppressive convulsiveness about being all germ-free and everything, and the doctor did say that you could get down and get germy without killing the guy.

Natalie: Are you meaning sex?

Roxy: Yeah. So, you know, if you do the nasty, I hardly think that dust on a light bulb is going to be the end of the world.

Natalie: I don't want to take any chances.

Roxy: Hey, baby, listen to me. Listen to Dr. Roxy -- sex is the best medicine, and I think you haven't had any in a while, so you got needs. You know, we all got needs -- even the fried lieutenant's woman.

Natalie: Ok, that was so not funny.

Roxy: No, it's tragic -- you need to get laid immediately.

Natalie: Ok, I'll -- I'll take it into consideration.

Roxy: And I'll take back this sauna suit. I'm not giving free haircuts if I don't have to. I'm just glad you got Johnny boy back, because I was thinking that I was going to have to hate God forever.

Natalie: Why?

Roxy: Well, you know me -- I'd go to the mat if anybody's against you, even if that's the man upstairs. I don't want nobody breaking your heart. What time's the big homecoming?

Natalie: Soon. Soon, and, Roxy, I'm not going to let anybody mess this up. John and I are going to be together, this time for good.

Marty: I'm sorry you don't agree with my diagnosis of Spencer, but I didn't expect you to.

John: I know him better than you do.

Marty: Losing your father must've been extremely painful.

John: You see me now? Compared to what I felt when my dad died, this is a walk in the park.

Marty: And finding his killer is what has enabled you to go on. I know what it's like to lose someone in a heartbeat. It's the biggest cheat in the world. One minute they're sitting there next to you, and -- and then they're gone. No warning, no illness.

John: Yeah, something like that.

Marty: I heard your father was a cop, too.

John: One of the best.

Marty: And a good dad.

John: That, too.

Marty: So what do you think he would think about the risks you've been taking, not only with your health but the possibility of spending the rest of your life in prison?

John: Are you done?

Marty: I guess so. You?

John: Yeah.

Marty: Yeah, well, just keep getting better. It's the best thing you can do for everybody. Right here.

Dorian: I haven't gotten you out of my system.

Clint: I've stopped pretending to know what to do about it.

Dorian: Is that a good thing?

Clint: I don't know that, either. You know what drives me absolutely nuts about you, Dorian, is that you are so damn unpredictable.

Dorian: What's good about predictable? It's like watching a movie you've seen a thousand times.

Clint: Well, it's soothing.

Dorian: It's boring. I mean, you don't even really have to watch it because you already know the ending. I mean, you could -- you could fall asleep in the middle of it.

Clint: Yeah, like being on a treadmill -- going to nowhere.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. And it doesn't exercise your heart. You know, you never have impressed me as somebody who was afraid of a challenge. Or did I misread you, Clint?

Langston: You know, maybe this isn't the best place for you two to be.

Starr: What am I supposed to do, Langston? Go back home where everything is awful? I came here to get away from that.

Langston: You do know whose fault this is?

Starr: Ok, don't start on Cole. If you want to help, just tell me what you know about Allison.

Langston: What did she say to you?

Cole: She said that she was behind the slide show at the dance.

Langston: Britney take the fall for something she didn't do? I don't think so.

Britney: Starr, I'm really sorry.

Starr: For what?

Britney: Well, Allison just told me all the stuff she just said to you about, you know, if -- Cole wouldn't be in trouble if you had just done it with him that night.

Langston: She said that?

Starr: Yep. Gives a whole new meaning to "taking one for the team."

Britney: What she said wasn't fair, and we all know that.

Langston: She said that she did the slide show.. so how come you said you did it?

Britney: Well -- well, I was covering for Allison. And I know it wasn't right, because what she did was the worst. I'm really sorry. I hope we can work this out.

Langston: Please tell me you didn't buy a word of that.

Cole: Well, I don't know. I mean, maybe she's telling the truth. Why would she put herself out there like that?

Langston: Starr? You there?

Starr: I was just thinking.

Langston: What?

Starr: That when somebody says they're sorry, they ought to get a second chance.

Blair: What -- what are you talking about? What's a mistake?

Adriana: Tommy -- I was talking about Tommy.

Blair: What about him?

Adriana: Well, it's just that he's --

Blair: What?

Adriana: I just think it was too soon for you to hold a baby. I know that Marcie meant well.

Blair: Oh, I just -- it -- look, it's fine, really.

Todd: Hey, will you take the kid for a second? Thank you.  You all right?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: You look a little white.

Blair: No, I -- I just -- I'm fine. I just want to sit here a minute. I feel -- I feel a little dizzy.

Todd: Well, maybe I should take you back to your room.

Blair: No, Todd, really.

Todd: All right. You can do whatever you want. But, you know, maybe Adriana's right. It's too soon to be holding the baby.

Blair: Whew.

Rex: You were going to tell them, weren't you?

Adriana: I'm sorry. It's just, look at them, they're so lost.

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Yeah?

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Yeah?

Jessica: Nash, I think that you should keep your eyes open.

Nash: I'm just tired.

Jessica: I know. Well, you know what? Maybe we should -- maybe we should play a game or something, like hangman.

Nash: I'm really tired.

Jessica: Nash, I know, but playing a game will help you, and it'll help you keep you awake, and I think that you should stay awake, ok?

Nash: Look, I don't want to play any games.

Jessica: I know. Gosh, you're so cold. Come here.

Nash: Ok.

Jessica: Ok.

Nash: Ok.

Jessica: Nash, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I was such a bitch before. I mean, I just wanted to keep warm. I'm really sorry.

Nash: Well, you should be sorry. Come back to me. Come back to me. I still want you back.

Jessica: I'm right here. Nash --

Nash: Come back to me.

Jessica: Nash, wake up. Look at me, Nash. Nash? Nash?

Clint: Dorian, this is not the time to be doing this. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

Dorian: How did you mean it?

Clint: I don't know. I just need to, you know -- a break from the holidays, I think. You know, if it was -- it's just been one family thing after another for well over a month. This is exhausting.

Dorian: Well, I know what you mean. I mean, it's a joy, you know, having the people you love and care about around you. Then again, sometimes I can hardly keep my eyes open. And then when they leave, I just collapse.

Clint: Yeah. And if it -- if it's not the family, it's -- you know, it's the year end of BE

Dorian: Mm-hmm, "craze" and -- poor Blair's situation.

Clint: I know. And then pa with his physical therapy thing. You know, he's kicking and screaming every step of the way.

Dorian: Clint, you're a very good son to him.

Clint: Um -- I don't know if I'd go that far. You know, I missed quite a few years, and you just can't -- you can't get those back.

Dorian: You have your own life. I would really hate to think that Cassie felt guilty just because she's decided to take care of her own needs.

Clint: Oh, really?

Dorian: -- Ok, I would love it if she would live with me at La Boulaie-- all my girls, in fact -- but it feels like they're scattering to the four winds. I'm thinking of going to London next month to visit Kelly and Zane.

Clint: Oh.

Dorian: Feel like coming with me?

Clint: This is what I'm talking about. Go with you to London? You're so damn unpredictable. Dorian, you're a complicated woman.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. I suppose I am. Especially when it comes to you.

Natalie: Hey, John, ready to get out of here and go home?

John: Almost thought you were going to stand me up.

Natalie: Well, you know, playing cards with Roxy in a hazmat suit is fun, but not that much fun.

John: What's all that?

Natalie: Kind of a long story. But it's sweet, actually. She -- she just doesn't want to get you sick when she comes by to tell her jokes.

John: Maybe she should hold off on the jokes, then.

Natalie: Yeah, good look with that. Huh. Ahem -- oh, I talked to your specialist today.

John: And?

Natalie: And I told him that I cleaned your hotel room up as best as I possibly could.

John: Hey, look, I don't want you doing that.

Natalie: Well, you don't get a vote.

John: Just so long as gets me out of here.

Natalie: Well, soon as the doctors sign the release papers, we're out of here.

John: You didn't bargain for all this.

Natalie: I want it all, John. The good and the bad. Do you still want that, too?

John: I never stopped.

Jessica: Nash --

Nash: No --

Jessica: Nash, quit -- quit joking around. Open up your eyes. Nash, talk to me! Open up your eyes! Come on!

Antonio: Jessica? Nash? Anybody there?

Jessica: Hello? Hello?

Antonio: Jessica?

Jessica: Yes, Antonio! Please, we're stuck in this old mine!

Antonio: Keep talking, honey! I'm trying to find you!

Jessica: The entrance way's blocked! God, please hurry! Nash?

Adriana: Hey, guys, Rex and I are going to take off.

Blair: Ok. Thanks for stopping by.

Adriana: Yeah, sure, anytime. Bye.

Todd: Why don't I take you back to your room?

Blair: Todd --

Todd: What?

Blair: Look, I didn't want to say anything before, but I don't -- I really don't feel well. I feel like I can't breathe.

Todd: Ok. Hold on, hold on. Let me get somebody. Somebody help us here, please.

Blair: Oh --

Todd: My God -- Blair? Blair? Oh, don't do this to me now, sweetheart. Hurry up!

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