OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/21/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/21/06


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Singer: O, come

Cristian: So?

Singer: O, come Emmanuel

Lindsay: Well, it's a very different style.

Singer: And ransom

Cristian: Well, I used a very different hand.

Singer: Israel

Lindsay: It's full of feeling, and you still do beautiful things with shadow and light.

Singer: Until

Cristian: But you can't sell it?

Singer: The son of God appears

Lindsay: No, I can't.

Singer: Rejoice

Lindsay: I'm sorry.

Singer: Rejoice

Nora: Hi, I'm sorry.

Evangeline: Hey. Hmm, it's okay.

Nora: I'm sorry I'm late. I was lighting candles with Matthew and then I gave him an mp-3 player. I know it's a bit extravagant for -- but it is the last night of Hanukkah. You know, compete with Bo who gave him a water buffalo -- horns and everything.

Evangeline: What?

Nora: Where were you? Is it a good place or a bad place, because it was a million miles away.

Nora: What's going on with Spencer?

Evangeline: Last I heard, he was out of surgery, but honestly, I'm thinking about Cristian. He had a bad year, and I want to make his Christmas special.

Nora: Okay. Ask him to marry you.

Claudia: Aw. For me? You shouldn't have.

Nash: And I didn't. But remind me to start shopping after Thanksgiving next year. It's a zoo out there.

Claudia: Oh. Adorable animal, cute outfit. You got enough books to get her through college.

Nash: Thank you for that.

Claudia: Mm-hmm.

Officer: Excuse me.

Vincent: I need to talk to a cop.

Officer: You are talking to a cop.

Vincent: I apologize.

Officer: What do you want?

Vincent: My building burned down yesterday.

Officer: The empty warehouses down by the docks?

Vincent: That's right. Supposedly the department's looking into it.

Vincent: Excuse me.

Officer: You grab my arm one more time, I will break yours in half.

Vincent: What's the word?

Antonio: We're still waiting for the report from the squad on the cause of the fire.

Vincent: Still?

Antonio: It's Christmas Eve. We're short-staffed.

Antonio: Oh, man. Dude, is this another one of your clever schemes, man? You going to drive me so crazy that I don't figure out that the one who set the fire was you?

Spencer: Oh, God. What do you want?

Clint: We've got a message for you.

Bo: Yeah, it's from our father.

Todd: Yeah, hi. I'd like to speak to the director of the hospital, please. Todd Manning. No, I'm not going to spell it for you, you moron! I'm on the board of directors at this hospital and I went to ICU -- and I was booted out of there.

Marty: Maybe it's because you're out of control again.

Todd: Blair just got out of surgery and she's in ICU now. And can't find a doctor in this whole freakin' hospital! But, you know, I'm not out of control. Just --

Marty: I am sorry I said anything. This is none of my business.

Todd: No.

Marty: Look, there are rounds going on in ICU right now. They don't allow visitors in during that time, so that's probably why you couldn't get in there to see Blair. Soon she'll come out and she'll let you in to see her. After that you can hear how her condition is.

Todd: Well, why didn't they tell me that?

Marty: Well, maybe if you stopped yelling at them, they would have.

Todd: How do you know about hospital procedure?

Marty: Because I consult here.

Todd: You better not be shining me on.

Marty: Huh. You're impossible.

Todd: Marty, I'm just going crazy, you know? Cops held me all night and I tried to find out about Blair and I couldn't and they wouldn't let me see her.

Marty: Why'd the cops hold you?

Todd: Who else? Spencer Truman, your favorite client. They haven't charged me with anything yet, but they're thinking about kidnapping or attempted murder. It's been one hell of a night. And it's all because you decided to get back at me by letting Spencer Truman go free.

Spencer: I don't know what you're talking about.

Bo: Oh, I'll bet you do.

Clint: And since you're chained to this bed, I guess you're going to have to listen.

Bo: You know, my father would love to have been here himself to deliver this message. He still does have the heart of a lion, though, and he's stronger than you've ever been or ever will be.

Spencer: Is that why you got me chained to this hospital bed, Bo, and pumped full of this poison here -- so I can't defend myself while you two boys stand there with your trigger fingers twitching? I'm going to heal, and I'm going to get out of here and I'm going to finish what I started.

Clint: Truman, there was a point in time when there was a possibility that you were a Buchanan. But thank God that turned out to be not true. Now, whether you end up at the funny farm, in prison, or in the cemetery, it doesn't make any difference to us because you can't touch us anymore.

Bo: This could be the last conversation we ever have, Truman, unless a judge wakes up and realizes that you are fit to stand trial, and then I would have -- I'd have the opportunity of testifying against you. Let's go.

Clint: Yeah, kind of stinks in here, Bo.

Spencer: Asa's going to pay for what he did to her. I guarantee it.

Lindsay: What -- what are you doing? What are you doing?

Cristian: I'd rather not look

Lindsay: Just because I can't sell it in Llanview doesn't mean it's no good.

Cristian: The paintings that I made before I hurt my hand might actually be worth something. This is like one of those pictures on black velvet --

Lindsay: No. I see this isn't up to your standard. It's the downside of being an established painter with an established body of work. Come on, you know that.

Cristian: What I don't know is how I'm going to make a living.

Singer: And open wide

Cristian: I have to. If not, this whole town's going to look at me like I'm Evangeline Williamson's rent boy.

Lindsay: Can't you give it time and do some more physical therapy on your hand?

Cristian: I -- I don't see the point. I already lost it.

Singer: And rejoice

Cristian: I'm sorry. I'm sure this is not the way you want to spend Christmas Eve.

Lindsay: There is nothing to apologize for here. Why don't we have a few nips and we'll talk about this further?

Cristian: Thanks, but I'm -- I'm going to go for a walk, get some air. Merry Christmas.

Singer: O come to see him

Nora: I'm sorry. I'm just a little over the top, you know, with the holidays and everything because I -- I just completely missed them last year being in a coma and all and -- I also kind tend to be, you know, live each day like it were your last?

Evangeline: It's just that me and Cristian -- we're not ready for marriage

Evangeline: No. Does Cristian agree you on that?

Evangeline: Well, we don't -- talk about marriage.

Nora: Oh. Well, why not?

Evangeline: Excuse me?

Nora: Oh, for God's sake. Evangeline, I see the look in your eyes when you're with him. He's got the same look in his eyes when he's with you. You know, he's turned his whole life around since he's been with you and you've been with him. I mean, you love each other, you're good for each other, and God knows you're beautiful.

Nora: And Cristian knows as well as I do that Christmas Eve has always been sort of a time for thatů okay, I might have made that up, but wouldn't it be a good time?

Evangeline: Nora?

Nora: Yeah?

Evangeline: Do you -- do you think he's going to ask me to marry him?

Nora: Oh, hell if I know, but God, it's fun watching you sweat.

Evangeline: You are so bad.

Nash: Oh, come on. It's Bree's first Christmas.

Jessica: Oh, please. How could I be mad? I somehow concluded that there weren't nearly enough presents under the tree for Jamie and Bree.

Claudia: Hmm. Well, why shouldn't she get twice as many presents? I mean, she just has two daddies and two mommies, right? Did I say something wrong?

Antonio: Yeah, Ted also ratted you out to my brother.

Vincent: You think that I'd start anything that would kill an employee of mine?

Antonio: My brother worked for you, too. I saw what you did to him.

Vincent: You are going to let this thing slide because you got a grudge against me. There is more to this, okay? Somebody's out to get me. And Ted -- he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Antonio: If the fire department says this was arson, then whoever set the fire will be guilty of homicide, as well.

Vincent: You think I don't know that building was up to code. I got it inspected a couple of weeks ago.

Antonio: When the fire department is done doing whatever it is they do, if they find something, they'll turn it over to us.

Vincent: And you'll bury it if you can't lay it on me.

Officer Sahid: Okay. Do you have any idea who that might be?

Vincent: Huh. I don't know. You accuse me of burning my own building and killing a man. You want to know who my enemies are? Why don't you start with Detective Vega and his brother?

Bo: Did you hear that, Clint?

Clint: Yeah, I did, Bo.

Bo: I think he just threatened our father.

Clint: I thought so, too.

Bo: You know, for a man who's not competent to stand trial, he really came through loud and clear

Clint: Well, he's not going to get away with it forever.

Bo: Give it up, Truman. You're through. You can't hurt anybody else. And if you ever try, you really don't want to know what we're going to do to you.

Marty: So let me just make sure I've got this straight -- you're blaming me for what happened to Blair.

Todd: Ah Spencer almost gets me executed, and in the process, he steals my wife and a kid I've never met. Ahem -- but then he gets caught and he goes to trial. But his lawyer knows that he's guilty, so he becomes insane because that's "the only way I'll get off my charges." But the problem is he's not, of course, so they have to find a shrink who will attest that he is. And who did they get? Hmm -- you?

Marty: Yeah, me. See, unlike you, I examined Dr. Truman at length, found him to be dissociative, and as a matter of fact, he wasn't on trial for what he did to you. I didn't have any idea you had anything to do with him.

Todd: You don't have any idea about your own son! Your drug addict son, who wanted to attack my daughter!

Marty: He made a mistake, just like you. You remember those things -- he's a good kid.

Todd: I have children, and tonight, they are spending Christmas Eve alone because their parents are not with them. One of them is in ICU, the other one had to sit the whole night with a bunch of police officers .

Marty: Hmm.

Todd: And Spencer Truman is upstairs nursing a sore back. And that's on you.

Marty: Oh. Well, see, you've conveniently skipped over your part in all of this. You know, has anything that ever happened to you been your fault? I mean, in your -- in your entire adult life, have you ever been responsible for anything?

Jessica: Your little digs to me don't get to me anymore. But keep my daughter out of it.

Nash: How much have you had to drink tonight?

Claudia: Nothing.

Jessica: Hmm.

Claudia: I promised Antonio I'd stay sober and I did.

Jessica: Oh. For reasons unbeknownst to me Antonio feels protective over you, but I don't. So I'm going to grab something to eat here and you're going to stay on the other side

Nash: You happy now?

Claudia: No.

Nash: Why do you keep doing this crap?

Claudia: I don't know. Yes, I do. This is the first Christmas Eve I am spending without my father. And it's so stupid, but that little girl -- she has all these people who [some words missing]

Boy: Hey, hey. I know you. You're the fighter.

Boy: What now? Boxing commission change their mind. They said you didn't do nothing wrong.

Cristian: Yeah, they did.

Boy: Well, now, that was a good day, man. You made us all proud.

Cristian: Oh, yeah?

Boy: Yeah, yeah. You got out of here, then you made something of yourself, then you stood up for yourself when all that happened.

Cristian: Thanks, man.

Cristian: Thanks for saying that.

Boy: Yeah, I didn't say nothing but the truth. Hey, you have a Merry Christmas.

Cristian: Thank you. Hey. Is that the only coat you got?

Boy: No, no, no, no. Yeah.

Cristian: I got an idea. You want to help me?

Boy: Yeah.

Cristian: All right, let's go.

Nash: I'm sorry. I should've realized that this was your first Christmas without your dad.

Claudia: I -- I know he was crazy, but he was all I had.

Nash: Well, keep up like this and he's all you'll ever have.

Claudia: Huh. I know. I -- God. I'm sorry. I should just go to a meeting and take it out on a bunch of strangers.

Nash: Hmm. Here's a better idea -- how about you don't take it out on anybody and just be happy?

Claudia: Whoa.

Nash: Hmm. Something to think about.

Claudia: Huh.

Nash: Mind if I join you?

Jessica: Please.

Nash: Claudia is sorry.

Jessica: You know, she's obnoxious, but she's right. Bree's a baby now and when she gets older, she's going to have a lot to accept.

Nash: Well, every kid has to realize their parents aren't perfect sometime.

Jessica: Well, my flaws are a lot more colorful than most people's.

Nash: First of all, they're not flaws. Second of all, they're not your fault. And third of all, before she finds out about any of that, she's going to realize that she has a wonderful mom who takes really great care of her.

Evangeline: Yeah, something like that. I don't know.

Lindsay: Nora?

Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Happy Holidays.

Nora: Same to you.

Evangeline: Hello.

Lindsay: I'm sorry to be bothering you, but I was just with Cristian.

Evangeline: You were?

Lindsay: Yes. He was wanting to show me some of his recent work.

Evangeline: Well, that's great. How did it go?

Lindsay: Not very well. That's why I was looking for you. I'm worried about him.

Boy: Well, I like the coat, man, but a sign on a bucket? That's your big idea?

Cristian: The sign and the bucket is just the beginning.

Boy: What are you talking about?

Cristian: I'm talking about the biggest entertainment stage...this place.

Boy: Right.

Cristian: You got the bucket?

Cristian: Let's just say something you said to me made me realize what a lucky man I am. You see, around this same time last year, I got my life back. You have any friends?

Boy: Yeah. Don't worry about the bucket -- I'll get it.

Boy: All right, give me 15 minutes.

Cristian: It'll be worth it.

Antonio: You know, this is your lucky day. I'm going to pretend you didn't say what you just said. Officer Sahid, do me a favor. Call the fire department; see if you can get that report over here.

Officer Sahid: Yes, sir.

Antonio: Why don't you make a list of all the people Jones pissed off. I'll be in my office if you need me. Merry Christmas.

Bo: I'm on to you, Truman. You can't make a move that I won't be ready for.

Spencer: Yeah. Who's making threats now, huh? You son -- son of a bitches!

Clint: Sounds like Truman's a little frustrated.

Todd: I know what I did to you, Marty. I live with it every day of my life.

Marty: So do I.

Todd: And I know now how you must have felt when the governor pardoned me.

Marty: I was terrified.

Todd: And I know you think I haven't paid enough for what I did, but there are lots of ways you can pay. You know, every time I look at my daughter, I think if some monster did that to her, I'd want to kill him. And now she knows I'm that monster. That's never going to go away. No matter how much she loves me, she's always going to know I'm a rapist.

Paige: Todd, I -- I understand that nobody talked to you in the ICU. I want to apologize for that.

Todd: How's Blair?

Paige: She's -- she's stabilized. She's going to make it.

Todd: And the baby? She lost the baby, didn't she?

Paige: Yes. I'm very sorry.

Nash: Oh, my God. That one is so cute.

Jessica: And the one where she's wearing the colander as a hat?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: These are yours.

Nash: I -- I'm going to get a little wallet-sized one of this one.

Jessica: I'm already running out of space, running out of flat surfaces in my apartment and she's a year old.

Jessica: Oh. It's Antonio.

Nash: Well, take it.

Jessica: Hi, honey. Yeah -- no, I am finally done all of my Christmas shopping, and you are going to love what I got you.

Lindsay: I mean, I really wanted to be supportive, but I didn't want to lie to him. I -- I respect Cristian too much as an artist to do that.

Evangeline: I didn't even know he was painting again. He didn't tell me.

Lindsay: I just feel so bad.

Evangeline: Excuse me, okay? Oh, it's him.

Lindsay: Well, you're looking pretty good for someone that's been in a coma for a year.

Nora: I guess I'm just a lucky lady.

Evangeline: Hey, Cris. Are you okay?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I'm great.

Evangeline: I just talked to Lindsay.

Cristian: You heard about that, huh?

Evangeline: Yeah. Is -- is there anything I can do?

Cristian: Actually, there is. But you got to hurry.

Marty: I'll leave you two alone.

Todd: So what happened?

Paige: The impact of the fall dislodged the placenta. [some words missing]

Todd: But you're sure Blair is okay?

Paige: She's in the ICU, but things -- things look good.

Todd: You know, I didn't even know about this baby till after this accident.

Paige: Well, the pregnancy was just confirmed a -- a few days ago. But judging from the size of the fetus, I would say she was at least in her fourth month.

Todd: Did you -- you saw the fetus?

Paige: Yes.

Todd: Was it a little boy or a little girl?

Paige: It was a little boy.

Paige: I'm sorry.

Todd: Ahem.

Todd: So I -- one son of mine is lost or dead, and I've just lost a second.

Todd: That's fantastic. Well -- I -- ahem. I was about to say, you know, there's more than one way to pay for your sins.

Officer Sahid: I got it.

Vincent: What does it say?

Officer Sahid: The arson squad says the fire was deliberately set.

Vincent: See?

Officer Sahid: Well, it's our case now.

Vincent: Ted? He was murdered.

Antonio: Hmm. Unless he was setting the fire.

Vincent: He wouldn't do that.

Officer Sahid: The ME's report will tell us how he died.

Vincent: Officer, I had nothing to gain by burning down my own warehouse. You could check with the insurance company. I let the policy lapse last month. I'm not even covered.

Officer Sahid: We'll figure out what happened, Mr. Jones. If you don't mind, I'd like to finish taking your statement.

Vincent: Yeah. Whatever.

Antonio: Talia, I'm going to check out. Um -- Merry Christmas.

Talia: Thanks. Same to you. I want to make some copies of this report and start a case file. I'll be right back.

Antonio: This department will treat you fairly -- that, I promise.

Jessica: Well, I better get my stuff together. Antonio is going to be outside soon.

Nash: Oh, yeah? Big plans for Christmas Eve, huh?

Jessica: Um -- I don't know. Cristian called Antonio and told us to get Bree and meet him at the Square. That's where their mother's at. We're doing something with her.

Nash: Sounds like fun.

Jessica: Yeah. -- Well, how about I drop Bree off tomorrow so you can have Christmas with her?

Nash: Thanks. That'd be great. Have fun.

Jessica: Do you want to come?

Nash: No, I don't. Thank you, though.

Jessica: I just -- I feel bad, you being alone.

Nash: Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Last Christmas, I was in a hospital bed.

Jessica: Yeah, I remember.

Jessica: Well, I hope you find that kind of happiness again soon.

Nash: Me, too.

Claudia: Hmm.

Nash: Hmm. Mmm.

Claudia: Hot cider -- mulled, unspiked.

Nash: Whoopee.

Claudia: Welcome to my world. Wait, wait -- what should we drink to?

Nash: Better times.

Claudia: To better times. Hmm. I don't know about you, but a couple of pulls off this and I'm suddenly filled with Christmas spirit. Something happen with you and Jessica?

Nash: Just looking at baby photographs.

Claudia: Let me see. Yeah.

Claudia: Oh, God -- look at her! Hmm.

Nash: Yeah. Could you watch this for a minute?

Claudia: Yeah.

Nash: Thanks.

Claudia: Where are you -- where are you going?

Nash: You think the stores will be open late?

Claudia: Yeah, of course.

Nash: I got to go see a guy about a locket.

Evangeline: Cris.

Evangeline and Cristian: Hey.

Cristian: Thanks for coming, guys.

Evangeline: What was the mysterious phone call about?

Cristian: Well, I have this little idea that I need your help with.

Marcie: Hey, guys. Got your message. I mean, is -- is everything okay?

Cristian: Yeah, everything's great.

Cristian: You know what? Something woke me up. I've been so busy feeling sorry for myself that I forgot what's really important. So what if I can't? I'm an artist. I'm going to -- I'm going to do something with my art again. I know it. But what's important right now is that, well, I got someone to love.

Evangeline: Well, I'm really glad to hear you talking like this.

Cristian: Oh, you don't know the half of it.

Marcie: Okay, okay, enough. Just please tell us already.

Cristian: Okay, okay. You come to the Square to hang out. We should show them a good time and maybe in the process, those kids that I promised I wouldn't forget.

Paige: I wish I knew what I could say to you right now.

Todd: I feel really lucky for the kids I have, because, you know, a lot of people -- can't have kids.

Paige: Yes, doesn't mean you can't feel this loss.

Todd: You know, I didn't plan for any of this. I didn't plan either one of these kids. Maybe if I had -- God, do they have to play this stupid Christmas music? It's a hospital. It's not a -- God, this isn't helping.

Paige: You know, the person you should be with right now is Blair.

Todd: Did you tell her? Does she know?

Paige: No, she's -- she's still sedated. We're going to keep her that way for one more day.

Todd: Oh. Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Paige: Yeah. Right.

Todd: She kept having these headaches and getting woozy all the time. And I -- I never said anything to her because I was really scared it was the --

Paige: Of course you were scared. She had a history of brain tumor. You had every right to be.

Todd: And I think she was scared, too, because, you know, she kept delaying going to the hospital, seeing a doctor.

Paige: No, no, you --

Todd: If I had thought of it --

Paige: You can't second-guess yourself, to death. Just go up to the ICU, sit with Blair, just be with her.

Todd: Okay, thank you.

Todd: I'm sorry, little man. I'm sorry.

Evangeline: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire jack frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like Eskimos even Marcie knows

Marcie: A turkey and some mistletoe will help to make the season bright tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight

Evangeline: They know that Santa's on his way he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh and every mother's child is gonna spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly

Both: Fly and so

Marcie: I'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92

Both: Although it's been said many times, many ways Merry Christmas to you they know that Santa's on his way he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh and every mother's child is gonna spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly and so

Evangeline: I'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92

Evangeline: You know it's been said

Both: Many times many ways

Both: Merry Christmas to you

Evangeline: Merry Christmas

Marcie: Merry Christmas

Both: To you

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