OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/19/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/19/06


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Todd: Oh, no, Bo, no. No, no, no. Not now. Don't do this to me now.

Bo: Manning, don't make this harder than it is.

Todd: Blair is in that room fighting for her life at this moment. I'm not about to leave her. You don't like it, you can shoot me.

Bo: That can be arranged.

Todd: What's going on?

Michael: We need to get her into O.R., stat.

Todd: Hey, hey, hey.

Blair: Hi, Todd. Oh --

Todd: You're going to be okay. You're going to be just fine.

Blair: Don't worry about me. Just save my baby. Oh.

[Jessica giggles]

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hmm. Uh-uh.

Jessica: Hmm. Ignore it, ignore it.

Antonio: Oh. I canít.

Jessica: No. Come on.

Antonio: No, I told the station to tell me -- call me if there was an emergency.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: I know. Ah. Yeah, what's going on?

Layla: Oh, my God, you didnít. Seriously?

Nash: Why, yes, I did. Come on, you're an actress. You can't tell me you never conned your way into someplace before.

Layla: Well, I impersonated Jessica -- well, actually, Tess. Sorry.

Nash: Well, I can see why. You look just like her.

Layla: Oh, don't I. This was fun tonight, for a fix-up.

Nash: Better than it started.

Layla: And I'm glad we decided to be friends.

Nash: With benefits?

Layla: Stop. Come here.

[Music plays]

Adriana: Rex, don't you know how to wrap presents?

Rex: Guys don't wrap, okay?

Adriana: Since when?

Rex: Since they invented gift wrap counters at the stores.

Adriana: Well, there is one thing you're good at.

Rex: Oh, that is definitely something I can do.

Adriana: Ow, ow!

Rex: Ooh, careful.

Adriana: Oh, God. I'm okay, thanks for asking.

Rex: You know how much this thing set me back?

Adriana: Who's it for?

Rex: Tommy.

Adriana: Rex, don't you think he's a little young?

Rex: What, are you kidding? That kid rocks.

Adriana: Oh -- okay. Yeah, Michael and Marcie are going to be thrilled.

Rex: Nothing is too good for my godson.

Adriana: I know.

Rex: I did the right thing, not telling Marcie and mike that Tommy is Todd's son. Didn't I?

Adriana: There was really no other way around it.

Singer: Spirit filled my heart and you see me standing on the corner

Rex: I'm sorry I laid it on you, and you're stuck with my lie, too.

Adriana: Don't be sorry. It means a lot to me that you trusted me to tell me in the first place, and I hope youíre always honest with me, Rex.

Rex: Then there's something else I'd better tell you. And you're not going to like it.

Marty: So, can I get you anything else? How about some dessert?

Starr: Well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I was supposed to sleep over Langstonís house, but because she's mad at me and we got into a fight, I canít. I should probably go home. Would you be able to drive me?

Marty: Um -- I just need to check on something just real quick, okay? I'll be right back.

Cole: Is it work?

Marty: Um -- something like that.

Starr: What's the matter?

Cole: Nothing, I hope.

Marty: Yeah, hi, Ellie. It's Dr. Saybrooke. You had a patient that was just admitted to the E.R., a Blair Cramer. Uh-huh. Can you tell me about her condition?

Michael: Come on, Doctor, we really have to get a move on here.

Todd: Blair, sweetie, what baby?

Blair: I'm pregnant. Oh.

Todd: Is it mine or Trumanís?

Adriana: So, what's your deep, dark secret? You still believe in Santa Claus?

Rex: Adriana, I'm serious here.

Adriana: You really have a secret?

Rex: I -- I just found out about it this afternoon. I wanted to tell you sooner, but we were having so much fun, I didn't want to kill the vibe.

Adriana: Okay, you're scaring me now.

Rex: No, it's -- it's not scary, not like you think.

Adriana: So just tell me, Rex.

Rex: Layla found out that somebody wants to invest some money in your company. A lot of money. A lot, a lot.

Adriana: Well, how would they even know about it? I mean, we haven't even gotten off the ground yet. We don't even have a name.

Rex: That was the tipoff right there.

Adriana: For what?

Rex: That this guy wasn't legit.

Adriana: You think he's trying to scam us or something?

Rex: I know he was.

Adriana: How?

Rex: His name is Richard La Fleur.

Adriana: Who's Richard La Fleur?

Rex: Nobody. Just somebody who works for your mom.

Adriana: My mother? So you mean that --

Rex: Dorian was using him as a beard to invest money in your company.

Adriana: You're sure?

Rex: I went to her and asked. She copped to it.

Adriana: That meddling bitch!


Layla: Whoa, that's a lot of fire engines.

Nash: Ooh, it looks like they're coming this way. Here, I'll get you home.

Layla: No. No, you don't take me home. My apartment's close by here.

Nash: No, it's fine. Really, come on. I don't want to go home yet, anyway. It's too cold to discuss it. Come on.

Layla: You're right. The cold air's coming over the water.

Nash: Yeah. I'll take you.

Jessica: Ah.

Antonio: Oh, I didn't mean to startle you.

Jessica: No, it's --

Antonio: Is something going on out there?

Jessica: No. No, I was just spacing.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Staring out the window, yeah.

Antonio: Oh. I -- I have to go in.

Jessica: It's that important?

Antonio: Yeah, baby. If I didn't have to go out, then trust me, I wouldnít.

Jessica: Well, I just thought that we would snuggle in bed and finish what we started.

Antonio: Oh, make me feel worse, why don't you?

Jessica: I'm not trying to make you feel worse, I just miss you.

Antonio: All right, but trust me, if I didn't have to go back out, I wouldn't, but --

Jessica: Duty calls, I know.

Antonio: Yes, duty calls. I'll make it up to you as soon as I get back. Twice.

Jessica: Three times, and you have got yourself a deal.

Antonio: Mmm. All right, baby. I'll -- I'll make it as quick as I can.

Jessica: Okay.

Antonio: I promise.

Jessica: Well, I'll wait up for you.

Antonio: All right, honey.

[Bree cries]

Marty: So they're admitting her in surgery right now? Okay, great. Thanks for filling me in. I have Blair's daughter here. I have to figure out what I'm going to say to her. Yeah, you're right. You're right. I want Cole to know, too. Great, thanks.

Cole: Mom, what's wrong?

Marty: Starr, I just got off the phone with a nurse in the E.R.

Starr: Okay, yeah?

Marty: It's about your mom. She's been in an accident.

Starr: Is she -- is she all right?

Marty: She's at the hospital, and they're assessing the situation right now.

Marty: She fell off a -- a roof at a warehouse outside of town.

Starr: A -- a warehouse? Where -- where would the -- why was she there? How did she fall off a roof?

Marty: They're just trying to figure out. No one really knows right now, okay? They're figuring it all out.

Starr: She's all right, isn't she? Please.

Marty: Your dad is with her, and they're taking her into surgery in just a few minutes, okay?

Starr: Okay, no, I need to be there right now. You don't understand.

Marty: Okay. Okay, sweetie, okay? I will take you. Look, I'm just going to pay the check. Could you just grab our coats, okay?

Cole: It's all right. It's okay.

Todd: Blair, honey, is the baby mine or Spencer's? Blair?

[Blair groans]

Todd: Blair?

Michael: We really need to get her into an O.R. Come on, go, guys.

Todd: Michael, is she really pregnant?

Michael: Listen, that's what she keeps saying, but I'm not going to know until I get the labs back. Now, if you love this woman, you will let me perform surgery, because she may just bleed out from the inside.

Bo: No, Manning -- Manning --

Todd: Bo, you got to let me go.

Bo: You're under suspicion of attempted murder.

Todd: Yeah, of a psychopath!

Bo: Yeah, but that doesn't make you special. Most killers think that their victims had it coming.

Todd: We're talking about my family here, Bo. Possibly my own child. If she's pregnant, I need to know who the father is.

Spencer: Blair's pregnant? Then we're going to have a baby.

[Layla laughs]

Layla: Thanks for seeing me home.

Nash: Well, it's like I said --

Layla: Nothing better to do.

Nash: I did not say that.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Nash: I did tell Tyra Banks that I had better plans tonight and to quit calling me, but --

Layla: Hmm. It was nice getting out.

Nash: Yeah.

Layla: Especially with a guy like you who isn't a jerk and doesn't make me feel like warmed-over garbage.

Nash: Jones did that?

Layla: No. He made me feel really good, actually. Special. But he's not good for me. And trashing him makes me stay away from him.

Nash: Well, you must be really good at diets, then.

Layla: Oh, it depends on what's for lunch.

Nash: Huh. Well, uh -- huh -- flustered -- um -- you are a wonderful girl. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Layla: Thank you. And if you were serious about hanging, I'm going to take you up on those wine lessons.

Nash: It's a deal. If Jessica could see us now, she would freak out.

Layla: Do you really think she wanted us to fall head over heels for each other?

Nash: Is that what's happening? No, it's none of her business either way. Kind of annoying, though, huh? I mean, even if I did have a lot of fun tonight. What are the odds of that, huh?

Layla: Still, she must really care about you, to go through all that trouble.

Nash: Yeah. Or maybe she's trying to set me up because she feels guilty for not being Tess.

Layla: You think she really does?

Nash: Or maybe she feels guilty that she's living happily with Antonio while I'm supposed to be getting over Tess -- I don't know.

Layla: Well, whatever it is, whatever her motives were, I'm glad I have a new friend.

Nash: Me, too -- friend. So, whenever you're ready for that next wine lesson, give me a call. I'll give you a tour of the winery. Show you around.

Layla: I'd love that. Except it'll have to be after Christmas. I'm going to visit my family.

Nash: Okay. I'll call you.

Layla: Give me your cell.

Nash: Hmm.

Layla: I'll put my number in it.

Nash: Batteries are dead. Write it down.

Layla: I have nothing to write it on.

Nash: Write it on me.

[Layla chuckles]

Layla: Don't wash it till it's on your phone list.

Nash: I will never wash it, okay?

[Layla laughs]

Adriana: I cannot believe that Dorian thinks she can get away with this, trying to infiltrate my company using some bogus investor!

Rex: Well, when you think about it, it's classic Dorian.

Adriana: Well, I'm not going to let her get away with this.

Rex: So you're just going to turn her down?

Adriana: I can't take the money! If I do, she'll own me, then.

Rex: Yeah, but technically, isn't it your money that she's paying back?

Adriana: What? You think I should take it?

Rex: I know you're pissed, but Dorian said that she was just trying to fix what happened with your Aunt Betsyís money.

Adriana: My money, from my Aunt Betsy, and what happened was Dorian stole it. She already offered to pay it back and I turned her down. What makes her think that I'll take her money now through some middleman?

Rex: I guess she was hoping you wouldn't find out.

Adriana: Well, she was wrong.

[Adriana sighs]

Layla: What's going on?

Adriana: I just found out my mother's latest scheme.

Layla: Oh, what did she do now?

Adriana: You know that investor that came to you? Richard La Flower?

Rex: Fleur.

Adriana: He is working for my mother.

Layla: So it's your mother who wants to back us?

Adriana: Yes. Can you believe her?

Layla: I can't believe you. Adriana, it's free money. That's just what we need to get this company going.

Evangeline: Whoo!

Cristian: Pretty cold out there, huh?

Evangeline: Oh, yeah. I'm going to need hot chocolate before we tackle Angel Square.

Cristian: Two lattes, please.

Evangeline: Thanks.

Cristian: Thanks.

Evangeline: You know, that scene you painted on the window at Loganís -- it's beautiful.

Cristian: Yeah, right.

Evangeline: Excuse me. I'm not the only person who thinks this.

Cristian: Thank you.

Evangeline: Everybody said it. I'm listening to other people talk about it --

Cristian: Thank you. I just don't think it's as good as what I used to do, that's all.

Evangeline: Well, it will be. You're getting stronger.

Cristian: Thanks.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Cristian: So, how are you doing with this Truman stuff?

Evangeline: I'm handling it. But honestly, Cristian, I feel like everywhere I go, I see that man out of the corner of my eye. You know?

Cristian: And?

Evangeline: I just hope that Todd isn't involved with Spencer's disappearance.

Cristian: Well, I'm not a gambler, but I'd lay odds he's knee-deep in it.

Evangeline: Todd deserves revenge. Spencer plotted his execution, he took his son from him, he won't tell him where he is. But I just still hope Todd doesn't do something stupid.

Cristian: Oh, he will -- if he hasn't already.

Doctor: Spencer, can you hear me?

Spencer: I'm going to be a daddy?

Doctor: We need to go up to x-ray.

Spencer: You got to get me to see Blair. I got to tell her how happy I am we're going to have a baby.

Todd: Son of a bitch --

Bo: No, Manning, you're in enough trouble.

Spencer: You got to arrest him, Commissioner. He kidnapped me, tortured me, and pushed me and Blair off the rooftop.

Todd: That's all lies, Bo.

Bo: All right, but it's enough to take you in for questioning. Come on, let's go. You can call your lawyer on the way.

Starr: Dad? Dad! Where's Mom? Is she okay? Please say she's going to be okay.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Cristian: Thanks.

Evangeline: So, want to talk about Christmas plans?

Cristian: You staying in town?

Evangeline: Yes, I am.

Cristian: Yes!

Evangeline: But my mother wasn't very thrilled about it. So I sent Layla in my place. I had to bribe her, because she didn't want to go without me. I don't want my mother to be alone on Christmas, you know? But with everything that's going on here, I just -- I don't think I should go. And I think Layla will be happy when she gets there.

Cristian: Yeah, and I think it's good for her to get out of town. This way, she won't have Vincent making the moves on her all through the holidays.

Evangeline: Oh, she is so over Vincent.

Cristian: Is she?

Evangeline: Yeah, I talked to her earlier, and she was going out on a date.

Cristian: Really? Is it someone you approve of?

Evangeline: I don't know.

Cristian: Well, who is it?

Evangeline: Nash Brennan.

Cristian: Hmm.

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: Nash?

Evangeline: What, he's not good?

Cristian: No, no. I actually suggested Layla to Nash. I thought it was a good idea.

Evangeline: Okay, cupid, I don't know if that's such a good idea. Isn't he, like, on the rebound from something?

Cristian: And Layla isn't?

Evangeline: Well, I guess you're right. As far as I'm concerned, anybody is better than -- for her -- than Vincent Jones.

Vincent: My, my, my. You wouldn't be talking about that damn Vincent Jones, now, would you?

Singer: It's Christmas simply Christmas the best day

Jessica: Hey, Bree, look at the pretty lights. Huh. It's not like those lights are going to calm you down and make you go to sleep, huh? One thing's for sure, though. When you get bigger, your mom is going to take you all around Llanview to show you how pretty it is. We're going to go to concerts in the park. We're going to hike around Llantano Mountain. We're going to go swimming in the quarry -- all the things that I did when I was a little girl. You see that, over there? That's abuela Carlottaís diner. And there -- that's Nash.

[Nash hums]

Jessica: Hey! You want a ride?

Nash: Jessica?

Jessica: Yeah, and Bree.

Nash: What are you doing out? I thought Antonio took you home to bed.

Jessica: He did. But then Bree started crying and fussing. And you know, the only way to get a baby to calm down is to take her for a drive. And she's lucky that Jamie was staying at her grandpa R.J.'s, so I could do it.

Nash: Huh. Hey -- what are you doing, keeping your mommy out late, huh? Huh? Hey.

Jessica: Well, what are doing out so late, wandering the streets?

Nash: Christmas caroling. You got me in the mood.

Jessica: No, I meant, shouldn't you be with Layla?

Nash: Oh, I just was. Took her home. I'm just on my way back to my place.

Jessica: Where's your car?

Nash: I had a couple drinks. And -- not too many. I'm not sloshed. Just a little happy. But believe it or not, I figured I should -- better safe than sorry. Left the car there.

Jessica: Yeah, well, hop in.

Nash: No, no, it's all right.

Jessica: I'll give you a ride.

Nash: It's -- it's not far.

Jessica: Well, it's not that close. Just hop in. Or are you afraid I'm going to do more matchmaking?

Nash: Well, I hope you do. That was the best night I have had in a very, very, very long time.

Blair: Todd? Todd?

Nurse: You're in the hospital, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: Where's Todd?

Nurse: He's downstairs.

Blair: I need to talk to him.

Nurse: You'll be okay. The doctors [word missing] to you for surgery.

Blair: No surgery. I can't have surgery.

Nurse: Ms. Cramer, your injuries are extreme.

Blair: No.

Nurse: You need surgery.

Blair: What about the baby?

Nurse: You're pregnant?

Blair: Yes. Ask Dr. Chen.

Nurse: Okay.

Blair: I got to talk to Todd. I got to talk -- he's got to know who the father is.

Starr: Dad, please tell me, how did Mom fall off the roof?

Spencer: Wait, wait -- no, she didn't fall, honey. Your daddy pushed her.

Starr: What? No he didn't! Why would he do that?

Spencer: Because he found out she's carrying my child.

[Spencer chuckles]

Starr: Dad, is that true?

Todd: I don't know.

Starr: Is Mom pregnant?

Todd: I don't know.

Starr: Is she pregnant with Dr. Truman's baby?

Todd: I don't know. Bo, what the hell are they doing here?

Bo: Step over here. Excuse us. Look, I was at Rodiís when I got the call about Blair. Now, I asked Marty to keep an eye on Starr.

Todd: You asked Marty, of all people?

Bo: Well, she got her here, didn't she?

Todd: And now you're going to drag me out of here in handcuffs in front of my own daughter, who's scared already because of Marty?

Bo: You're not helping.

Todd: Yeah, I know that.

Bo: I mean, look at you right now. You haven't learned a thing. Blair -- she's in critical condition. And what did you do? You bought a one-way ticket right back to the holding cell.

Todd: Listen, Truman is lying. He's lying. I wouldn't push Blair. She fell.

Bo: I want to know exactly why the three of you were up on that roof in the first place.

Todd: I got a -- I got an anonymous tip that Spencer was hiding there, so I went over to check it out, and I found him there holed up. And I chased him up to the roof, and we had it out up there, and -- he got the advantage, and he got me to the edge. He was trying to push me off, and then Blair showed up, and I think she must have -- she must have hit him with something. But she got in the middle of it all, and -- and the next thing I know, she and Truman are going off the roof. That all I know. He pulled her off. He dragged her off the roof.

Bo: You saw Blair and Truman go off that roof together?

Todd: Yeah, yes, I did, and then I ran down to -- to the ground and I called 911.

Bo: And were you still there when the paramedics got to the scene?

Todd: Yeah, of course. But I'm not responsible for their falling. So you can't -- you can't arrest me for anything. You got nothing on me.

Bo: But you knew Truman fell from the roof?

Todd: Yes, but I didn't push him.

Bo: Yeah. But we found him laying there on the ground and bleeding to death, and that was after Blair went to the hospital. Now, did you tell the paramedics that he was there? Look, if you didn't, that's attempted murder.

Vincent: Those were very kind words, Counselor.

Evangeline: I am so sorry you just heard what I said.

[Vincent laughs]

Cristian: It's not like you didn't deserve it.

Evangeline: Well, you're right about that. He did deserve it, but it was bad form. So, Vincent, Cristian and I were just talking about Layla.

Cristian: And how happy she is without you.

Vincent: Oh, good. I want her to be happy.

Cristian: Good. Then you'll leave her alone and you won't mind if she sees other people.

Vincent: Layla's seeing someone else?

Evangeline: Well, I wouldn't call it that -- yet. But she did just have a date and one never knows where that might lead.

Vincent: Well. That's great for Layla. Makes me feel good. She deserves nothing but the best.

Evangeline: That's right. She deserves the best.

[Vincent chuckles]

Vincent: Hey, you know, I ran into John McBain the other day at the hospital. You know, he's looking real good. He was coming along. Gave me a hard time, eh? That's a good sign.

Evangeline: Now, what were you doing visiting John?

Vincent: Well, I was picking up pictures of Hugh that were left behind. I'm going to send them off to his parents out in Cali. John and I, we wound up having a little exchange.

Evangeline: About?

Vincent: Well, he wanted to get some things straight with me. You know, he wanted to talk to me man to man.

Cristian: Does it have something to do with Natalie?

[Vincent sighs]

Cristian: You better not mess with her, Vincent.

Vincent: Hey, Cristian, man, I don't do that to my friends.

Cristian: Since when are you and Natalie friends?

Vincent: Since I helped her figure out that it was John in that bed and not Hugh.

Cristian: Helping her is one thing. Getting in her life is another.

Vincent: And since when are you so concerned with your ex's business?

Cristian: I'm concerned because she's my ex and she's my friend. Keep away from her.

Vincent: Cristian? Oh. I am so disappointed in you, man. What's with you tonight? I thought -- I thought we made peace.

Cristian: Maybe you but what you did to me, I'll never forget.

Vincent: Ah.

Shaun: Excuse me.

Vincent: Shaun.

Shaun: Need to talk to you, boss.

Vincent: Of course, for my man. What's going on?

Shaun: You know that empty property you just bought, the one by the docks?

Vincent: Yeah.

Shaun: It's going down in flames.

Adriana: Dorian's help is the last thing we need, Layla.

Layla: But we've got to get backing from somewhere.

Adriana: And we will, but not from Dorian, okay? If we take one penny from Dorian, she will take over the whole company.

Layla: Well, maybe she just wants to make it up to you.

Adriana: Well, maybe she's just trying to buy me back.

Layla: Or set things straight.

Adriana: She doesn't even know what "straight" means, okay? This is her way of getting control over my life again. We will find money for the company.

Layla: How?

Adriana: Not from Dorian, all right? Trust me on this one. There is a high price to pay for her generosity, and you know what? This is the perfect example. I wouldn't let her in, so she's trying to force her way in like she always does.

Layla: Rex, you talked to Adrianaís mother. You think this is what she's doing?

Rex: Don't know. It's really hard for me to make a call on this one.

Adriana: Oh, yeah, because she almost got us both killed -- not just with that psycho Bruce. Let's not forget when she shot you up with heroin so I'd think you were some kind of junkie.

Layla: What? Are you kidding?

Rex: Yeah --

Adriana: I wish. My mother hates Rex, okay? She would do anything to keep us apart. You know what? She probably wants to find a way to use the company to do it.

Layla: Oh.

Rex: She has a point. That woman's threshold of unacceptable tactics is somewhere on Jupiter.

Layla: Okay. But is there a chance she feels bad about all of that? That all she wants is your forgiveness?

Adriana: Huh.

Layla: I mean, I'm not saying you should forgive her -- just think about it, Adriana. Dorian's your mother. Don't you owe her at least that much?

Jessica: So, how was the rest of your evening with Layla?

Nash: Oh, it was fantastic. It was amazing, great. I -- I asked her to marry me.

Jessica: What?

Nash: Gotcha.

Jessica: Oh. Okay, fine. I deserved that.

Nash: For setting me up without asking me first.

Jessica: I was just trying --

Nash: I know exactly what you were trying to do -- you were trying to find a replacement for Tess so that you don't have to feel guilty about being integrated.

Jessica: I -- oh. I don't feel guilty. I just -- I feel -- I feel bad, that's all. I just feel bad that you got hurt in all this.

Nash: Well, that's done.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I was trying to help, really.

Nash: You crossed a line tonight.

Jessica: I know. It won't happen again.

Nash: You know, your heart was in the right place. You're sweet. But I need you to understand that I don't want and I don't think I need your pity, even if I did have a really, really great time.

Jessica: You really did?

Nash: Yeah, are you kidding? Layla, she's gorgeous. She's cute, fun, funny. But I never would've got to meet her if it wasn't for you.

Jessica: So are you going to see her again?

Nash: Yeah -- are you kidding me? You can take this horse to water and he'll drink. We have plans for after Christmas.

Jessica: That's terrific.

Nash: Hmm.

Bo: Did you leave Truman in that warehouse to die, Manning?

Todd: No.

Bo: So you told the EMTs about him?

Todd: Probably.

Bo: No, either you did or you didnít.

Todd: I don't remember, Bo! It was total chaos! I was just thinking about Blair. I'm -- I must have -- I probably said something. I must have.

Bo: It's easy to verify.

Todd: Well, you do that. I just want to see Blair right now.

Starr: Michael, how's my mom?

Michael: She's still being prepped for surgery. Now, I -- I spoke with Dr. Chen and she confirmed what Blair was saying. She is indeed pregnant.

Okay, is she conscious?

Michael: She's in and out.

Todd: Bo? I have to see her. She might not make it, okay? I have to know the truth about this baby. She'd want me to know.

Bo: Hmm.

Starr: Look, he's not going to run away, not with my mom so sick. Please, Bo. I don't want to be alone. Just let me stay with him, okay? I'll take care of him.

Bo: All right, Starr. But, look, it's not your job to take care of anyone besides yourself.

Todd: Yeah.

Starr: That's not the way it works in my family.

Bo: All right. You can see her if it's okay with mike.

Michael: You have two minutes -- two minutes and that is it, okay? We need to get her put under for surgery. Two minutes. Go.

Starr: Wait, Dad, I want to see her, too.

Bo: Don't let him out of your sight.

Michael: Look.

Starr: I --

Michael: Honey, I'm really sorry but she can only have one visitor at a time. I'll make you a deal, okay? As soon as she's in recovery, you will be right next to her. I'm sorry, Starr, it's the best I could do. Bo, listen, I -- I have to get out of here. Spencer needs surgery and I'm assisting.

Bo: Yeah.

Marty: I don't think that's a good idea.

Jessica: Well, home sweet hotel.

Nash: Mm-hmm. Thanks for the lift.

Jessica: Anytime. And I am sorry again about the unauthorized mix-up.

Nash: No, it's all right. It's like I said, I had a fantastic time. Oh, hey. You be a good girl. Get some sleep, okay? Mommy's worked hard for it. Bye-bye. I'll see you tomorrow.

Jessica: Night.

Nash: Night.

Nash: Hmm.

Jessica: What?

Michael: Is there a problem here?

Marty: You don't see a problem with you operating on Spencer?

Michael: No.

Marty: You hate him and you think he murdered your father.

Michael: And your point is?

Marty: This would be the perfect way for you to pay him back.

Michael: And murder him on the operating table the way he did my father?

Marty: Look, I just think with your animosity, you could compromise your work subconsciously without you even knowing it.

Michael: With all due respect, Doc, I'm a trained professional. Back off.

Starr: So unreal. My mom has to have surgery and she's pregnant with Dr. Truman's kid.

Cole: Well, I thought they said that the kid wasn't his, that it might be your dadís.

Starr: What if it isn't?

Cole: Hey, listen, don't think like that.

Starr: How can I not? Everything is so messed up!

Cole: Or it could be a good thing. I mean, if the baby is your dad's, then it could help to get your mom and dad back together, right?

Todd: Blair?

Blair: I need to talk to you.

Todd: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no.

Blair: Now.

Todd: No. Don't say anything.

Blair: No, I have to, Todd. I have to, about the baby.

Vincent: You're telling me one of my buildings is burning down?

Shaun: Fire department's there right now trying to put it out, but it got so hot they had to pull their men out. Sorry, boss. Looks like a total loss.

Vincent: What the hell happened?

Shaun: No idea. I just got the word.

Evangeline: Did you know he owned buildings down there?

Cristian: I donít know anything about his business, but it's Vincentís. You know it can't be good.

Adriana: You know what? I can't deal with all of this Dorian stuff. I need to go for a walk.

Layla: Gosh. I didn't mean to upset her.

Rex: I know. I better make sure she's okay.

Layla: Hey, Vange.

Evangeline: Layla, hey. Hold on one second. Mind if I take this?

Cristian: Of course, it's your sister.

Evangeline: I'll just be a second. Hey. How's it going? How was your date?

Layla: Hmm, it wasn't exactly a date. But it was fun, whatever it was.

Evangeline: Oh, I'm so glad.

Layla: So? What's up with you?

Evangeline: I'm just hanging out at Rodiís with Cris.

Layla: Are you having fun?

Evangeline: Yeah, actually a good time until Vincent Jones showed up.

Layla: What did he do now?

Evangeline: Nothing, it's no big deal. He just ran out of here with Shaun, something about one of his buildings at the docks being on fire? I have no idea.

Jessica: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. Hello?

Antonio: That was quick.

Jessica: Oh. I just finally got Bree to sleep.

Antonio: Rough night?

Jessica: Oh, I don't know. Maybe she's teething or something.

Antonio: All right. Well, I -- I was calling to let you know that I'm going to be here a while. Everything okay? Something up?

Jessica: No, no. I'm right here, exactly where you left me.

Doctor: You want to do the cut or me?

Michael: I'll do it. Scalpel.

Marty's voice: You hate him and you think he murdered your father. This would be the perfect way for you to pay him back.

Todd: Now, don't talk now. You don't have to say anything.

Blair: Yes. You need to know the truth, Todd.

Todd: No, that can wait.

Blair: No, it -- Dr. Chen did a D.N.A. test. And it's yours, Todd. The baby's yours.

Nurse: We're ready for you, Ms. Cramer.

Todd: I'll be right here. I'm not going to leave.

Blair: Okay.

Todd: I'm not going to leave. Ahem.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Antonio: If it was arson, who do you suspect?

Cristian: I know who I suspect -- you.

John: I want to know what happened with Truman.

Rex: Your mom's having a hard time. I think you should give her a break.

Todd: I love you, Blair. You have to come back to me.

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