OLTL Transcript Tuesday 11/28/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/28/06


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Antonio: Ah. You know, I love dancing with you, but it is the first night of our honeymoon.

Jessica: I know.

Antonio: So you want to go upstairs?

Jessica: No. I want to stay right here with you.

Nash: First you'll have your dinner of mashed peaches and yams, and then I'll have mine. And then we will have a bath and then straight to the crib. Ah-ah-ah. No arguments. Just because you're shacking up with your old man does not mean that you don't have a schedule. I read the books, too -- all of the books. See these? See these? Scrambled eggs. Making them just like your mommy liked them. Ha-ha. "Scramble my eggs hard," your mama used to say. Ah. I guess Jessica wouldn't say that, would she? Hey, I don't know -- maybe she would. You know, I used to be able to tell them apart in a heartbeat. Now, not so much.

Blair: Ok, enough about me. I want to know why you fired Rex.

Todd: Because all his talk about dead ends was a bunch of bull. I was paying him all that money and he was doing absolutely nothing to find my kid.

Blair: That's not true.

Todd: How would you know and why would you defend him?

Blair: You know who took your son -- it's Spencer. He did everything he could to convince everyone in this town including me that you were a murderer and he's good at covering up his tracks.

Todd: That's why I have to get a good lead before they put him away. And I have to find someone with more experience than Rex Balsom.

Blair: Yeah, and who are you going to hire, Todd?

Todd: Yours truly.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: What's up? You ok?

Blair: Yeah, it's just a headache.

Todd: Hmm. Did you tell Mc Bain that you thought maybe it was --

Blair: Yes, I did and he told me to come by for some tests and said it's stress-related, but it's -- it's gone, see? It just kind of comes and goes.

Todd: Are you sure?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Good, because I have more bad news.

Blair: What?

Todd: When I came home from the school, I found Starr in here with Cole.

Blair: Are you kidding me?

Todd: No.

Blair: After everything that's happened, she brought him here to the house?

Todd: Yes, and I kicked him out but she really let me have it afterwards. She's really into him, about as into him as --

Blair: I'm into you?

Clint: Boilermakers?

Bo: Ay, boilermaker -- ahem.

Clint: Oh.

Bo: Just the one. What are you doing here? I thought you were turning into one of those palace-type guys.

Clint: I was on my way home from Viki's and I saw your car in the parking lot.

Bo: Well, I'm meeting Paige when she gets back from Atlantic City.

Clint: Oh. Is that the reason for the boilermaker?

Bo: Hmm. Big brother, I found out some news.

Michael: Natalie, you're telling me that the man in this room is my brother, that the -- that the man in this room is John. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, but I can't. I can't believe it.

Natalie: Ok, and I reacted the same way when someone told me, but, Michael, it's true. That man in there is your brother. He's alive.

Michael: I identified the dy.

Natalie: I know, but the body was so badly burned.

Michael: The st. Jude's medal --

Natalie: I know.

Michael: The tattoo.

Natalie: It was a partial. There's no way for you to have known.

Michael: His badge was next to the car. His body was next to the car!

Natalie: It's all circumstantial evidence. Look, there were a lot of coincidences that we all read wrong.

Michael: Natalie? I care about you. I care about you a great deal. Don't do this to yourself. Please. I won't let you.

Todd: Cole and Starr are nothing like you and me.

Blair: Well, why don't you cut her a little slack?

Todd: I'm trying to protect her. 10 to one that little punk's still using steroids. He could've come in here and freaked out like he did at that party. He could've --

Blair: Well, what, raped her like you raped --

Todd: Don't get in my face about it.

Blair: I'm not!

Todd: You know I've changed, completely.

Blair: You have --

Todd: And I hate the man I was and I hate this little punk Cole.

Blair: Well, I hate the fact that Cole is Marty's son. I wish it was anybody else but her.

Todd: No kidding.

Blair: But I think maybe Starr is angry with you because, you know, she forgave you and she expects you to understand if she forgives Cole.

Todd: She hasn't forgiven him. She told me.

Blair: Ok, Todd. What happened at school?

Todd: Oh, exactly what I expected -- principal doesn't want to lose her star quarterback.

Blair: I'll bet.

Todd: And then -- and then Marty comes in and she gives me this sob story about how she's a single mother now and --

Blair: Oh.

Todd: Struggling to raise a child on her own --

Blair: Blah, blah, blah.

Todd: And blah, blah, blah, and I ruined her life.

Blair: So what happens now?

Todd: I told the principal that if she didn't expel Cole, that I was going to pull Starr out.

Blair: What'd Starr say about that?

Todd: I have no idea -- didn't ask her. It's none of her business as far as I'm concerned.

Blair: Todd, you can't do that to Starr.

Todd: Yes, I can.

Blair: Hey, sweetie? Starr, come down here a minute. What are you thinking?

Starr: What?

Blair: Um -- we want to talk to you a minute.

Starr: Maybe you do. Dad just wants to tell me how to feel and what to do.

Todd: Maybe I know what's best for you.

Starr: Maybe you don't and maybe you never have!

Todd: Hey, you watch your tone.

Starr: You think you're the only person in the world who can make mistakes and get away with them.

Bo: There was no doubt in our minds at the time. We identified the body at the scene. There were no other unidentified victims there. But looking back on that night, I think we -- we made some assumptions, and we could've made a mistake.

Clint: Well, Viki said Natalie seems certain.

Bo: She's in love with the guy. She wants to believe it.

Clint: Sounded stronger than that to me.

Bo: Well, you know, your daughter doesn't back off.

Clint: Let's go sit down.

Bo: You know, when -- when she couldn't get me to listen, you know what she did?

Clint: What?

Bo: She went to John's grave, tried to dig it up herself.

Clint: I hope to god somebody stopped her.

Bo: Yeah, Vincent Jones -- he stopped her.

Clint: Cristian's former manager?

Bo: Yep. That guy is all through this whole thing. He's the first person that suspected at Hugh wasn't Hugh.

Clint: So he went to Natalie?

Bo: Right.

Clint: Hoping for what?

Bo: I don't know. But I've got a request for a D.N.A. sample from the -- the victim that's in the burn unit in Atlantic City. I've also filed for an exhumation order for the body that's buried in John's grave. Now, if it turns out that John is the patient in that Atlantic City hospital, then we have to get a positive I.D. on the body.

Clint: Well, odds are that it's Hugh Hughes, right?

Bo: Hugh and John were both at the station on that day. Maybe John accidentally dropped the medal, maybe Hugh picked it up.

Clint: Does Paige know about any of this?

Bo: No. I don't want to say anything to her until I know something positive one way or the other. It just -- it'd be cruel.

Clint: So you're going to see her tonight, but you got to keep all of this from her, huh? That's good reason, Bo, to limit the boilermakers to one.

Paige: Hey.

Clint: Hi.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Hi.

Paige: Hi, Clint.

Clint: Hi.

Paige: I didn't know you'd be here.

Bo: Well, you look happy.

Paige: I am. I got really great news about Hugh tonight.

Michael: Natalie? I miss my brother. I miss him every day, and I want more than anything for this to be true. But it's not.

Natalie: The man in that bed has blue eyes. Hugh Hughes had brown eyes.

Michael: Then why is it that you're the only person running around this hospital with this crazy theory?

Natalie: Because nobody wants to admit that they made such a huge mistake, including you. Michael, that is your brother in there. He is alive. Even Vincent Jones saw his blue eyes, he heard him say that his name is John. I mean, could it not be more clear for you?

Michael: Vincent Jones? What does Vincent Jones have to do with any of this?

Natalie: Hugh was a good friend of his.

Michael: Oh. How strange -- a guy like Jones having a friend that's an A.D.A.

Natalie: Well, they went to college together. They were roommates.

Michael: Oh, Jones went to college? What'd he major in -- gangster 101?

Natalie: Vincent saw his blue eyes, he heard the man speak. He heard that man there say that his name was John. We buried Hugh in that grave, Michael. That is your brother. He's alive, and uncle Bo is going to exhume the body. We're going to get D.N.A. testing done and we're going to know the truth soon.

Michael: Johnny? Is that really you in there? Is that really you, bro?

Paige: Are you sure you won't stay and have a drink with us?

Clint: I'd like to, but I promised Jessica that I'd look in on my granddaughter while she and Antonio are away, so --

Bo: Kiss Bree for me.

Clint: I will do that. Paige, good night. I'll talk to you later.

Paige: Good night.

Bo: All right. Well, would you like a drink?

Paige: I would like a glass of champagne. I want to celebrate. Things are going really well for Hugh and they look worse and worse for Spencer. This could end up being the best day of my life.

[Slow music plays]

Antonio: You don't want to go up to the room?

Jessica: Well, it's not even late, and look -- look at the moon. It's so beautiful.

Antonio: Well, there's moonlight in our room, too -- and a bed.

Jessica: Oh. I am sure that that bed is going to see a lot of action.

Antonio: Hmm.

Jessica: But we can have a drink first.

Antonio: Oh, ok. Well, when did you become such a night person?

Jessica: Well, I guess staying up with Bree.

Antonio: You miss her?

Jessica: Yeah, I do.

Antonio: Hmm. You know, you take care of a baby all day long --

Jessica: Hmm.

Antonio: And then, you just keep asking yourself, you know, "when I am going to have some time to myself?"

Jessica: And then when you get time to yourself, all you want to do is be with the baby.

Antonio: Would you like to call Nash and ask how Bree is doing?

Jessica: Yeah, I would. Thank you.

Nash: Oh. What's the matter -- you don't like your mashed yams, huh? Huh? Come on, you loved your mashed bananas and disgusting cereal this morning. One more try  come on, come on. Ah. No, not a chance -- don't like them. All right. You are a lady who knows her mind. Oh. Just like your mama. You know what? When you are old enough, Jessica is going to explain to you how you kind of had two moms. But not unless you're old enough to handle it, I guess, huh? Not that I think I'm old enough to handle it yet. You know, I keep looking at Jessica and seeing stuff which is just straight Tess. Yeah, I know -- I hear you, I hear you. I got to stop doing this. Jessica is not Tess. Jessica is married to Antonio and I need to get a life. Right? Yeah. Ooh. Telephone. Hold on. Don't go anywhere. All right. Ha-ha. Hello?

Jessica: Hi, it's me. How's my girl?

Nash: Oh -- speak of the devil. She's doing great. She just finished her dinner -- didn't like her mashed yams, can't imagine why. Then I'm going to give her a bath and put her to bed.

Jessica: Sounds like you have things under control.

Nash: Yeah. Oh. Sounds like you're somewhere with very beautiful music.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. We love it here. We're having the best time.

Nash: That's great. Don't -- don't rush back for me, all right? I am enjoying every moment I have alone with my daughter.

Jessica: May I say good night to her?

Nash: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Hey. Bree -- Brennan, Bree? It's your mommy. She wants to say good night.

Jessica: Hi, baby girl. It's mom. I miss you so much, but I want you to have the best sleep ever and I love you. And don't you worry -- daddy's going to take great care of you.

Nash: It's a telephone. Normally, people talk through it.

Blair: I know you're angry, but you're not allowed to speak to your father like that. You got that?

Starr: I just love you guys. You can call each other every name in the book, but en I say something --

Blair: Ok, ok, ok, ok. We'll start all over, shall we? Sweetheart, your father and I have had such an awful day --

Starr: Did you tell mom that you're transferring me out of my school yet?

Todd: Yes, I mentioned it to her, yes.

Blair: And he also mentioned that after his meeting with Principal Wexler, he came back to the house and Cole was in here with you.

Starr: Yeah, he came to apologize. What was I supposed to do -- slam the door in his face?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: That's exactly right. A kid that's hyped up on drugs -- that's exactly what you do.

Starr: You're the one who went crazy!

Blair: He's your father. What do you expect him to do, Starr?

Starr: Cole doesn't take that stuff anymore.

Todd: Ah, we don't know that till we see the results of the tox screen.

Starr: He was the same guy from Halloween, the one who stood up for me when Britney and her crew made up that stupid slide show about you. I could tell that he really felt bad about what happened.

Todd: Oh, he was trying to get you to keep me from pressing charges.

Starr: You're right because I'm stupid and you know everything.

Blair: Ok. Ok, Starr. Let's just stop a minute. You think that maybe because of what you feel about Cole that you're not seeing the truth here?

Starr: What are you talking about?

Blair: Well, I know that if you care about somebody and you, you like him -- and I know that you like him -- that maybe you're not seeing the mistakes that he's making.

Starr: Are we talking about me or are we talking about you and dad?

Nash: "Unlike chardonnay, which has an affinity for oak, riesling is best left unoaked to retain the crisp --"

[Bree cries]

Nash: "Fresh, elegant character that makes it a nearly --" "Perfect accompaniment for any meal, especially fish." Oh.

[Bree whimpers]

Nash: It's ok. Nighty-night. Guess we'll make you a vintner some other day, huh? Ok, ok.

Shh. Shh, shh, shh. Hi.

Clint: Am I too late?

Nash: No, she's just falling asleep.

Clint: Oh. Should I go?

Nash: No, it's ok. Come on in. Come on in.

Clint: Ok.

Nash: All right. Yeah. So --

Clint: What a beautiful baby.

Nash: Yeah.

Clint: Surprise, surprise.

Nash: So let me guess -- Jessica and Antonio had you come by to check up on me, huh?

Clint: I'm not going to lie to you, Nash -- yes, they did.

Blair: Don't change the subject -- this is about you and Cole and what he tried to do to you.

Starr: Mom, I know that taking steroids is dangerous.

Todd: I'm glad to hear you admit that.

Starr: But he told me why he did that -- because he had to win every game for his whole team, for the whole school.

Todd: Is that so?

Starr: Yeah, it is, dad. I saw it with my own eyes.

Blair: Sweetie, he got aggressive with you.

Starr: I know that. It'll probably take me a long time to trust him again.

Todd: You want to see him again?

Starr: Well, mom's still seeing you, isn't she?

Todd: Cut that out. This is not about her and me.

Starr: Oh, it's not? It's always about you! I like a guy and he likes me, and I think to myself, "finally, someone who gets me. He doesn't listen to what those stupid girls say about you. He doesn't care. None of that matters." Everything is good, and then he does something stupid, and I see him for who he is. Now I'm back in my room watching reruns and you guys are out living my life for me.

Todd: Cut the crap. What happened with Cole's mother and me has nothing to do with how I feel about you and Cole.

Starr: Have you ever heard of a double standard?

Todd: What are you talking about?

Starr: You. You are all over Cole, but you know that what you did to his mother was a hell of a lot worse than what Cole did to me.

Michael: Um -- we were just wondering, how is the patient doing?

Nurse: He's still sedated.

Natalie: So his eyes aren't open?

Nurse: No.

Michael: Ok. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is dr. Michael Mc Bain. I'm a surgical resident at Llanview hospital. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to speak with the surgeon that performed the skin grafts?

Nurse: Well, he'll be doing rounds later.

Natalie: Um -- there's a picture in there of a man with a soccer team. Could you get it for me?

Nurse: Why?

Natalie: It's important to me -- please?

Nurse: Oh.

Natalie: You're starting to believe me, aren't you?

Michael: I think that we have to find out one way or another what's going on.

Natalie: Right.

Michael: But I'm still not sure what that answer is, so let me handle this. Do not do anything crazy.

Natalie: Don't worry. I got that out of my system already.

Michael: Ok, I'm a little afraid to ask how.

Natalie: You don't want to know.

Michael: Let's leave it at that.

Natalie: Good idea.

Michael: Yeah.

Natalie: Oh, thank you.

Michael: Thank you.

Natalie: Uh -- excuse me. Uh -- I'm Natalie Buchanan, this is Dr. Michael Mc Bain. I -- I would like it if you could look at these two pictures here of these two men and tell me which one just came out of surgery -- you know, the man that's lying there in that bed?

Nurse: Why am I doing this?

Natalie: Please. Just do it.

Nash: I should have known I'd be watched.

Clint: Just take it easy. If Jessie and Antonio didn't think you could do it, they wouldn't have left the baby with you.

Nash: Of course. I -- I'm sorry.

Clint: Besides, I know that it's hard to take care of yourself and a little baby in a hotel room. And I was just wondering if you needed anything.

Nash: Well, I got a drawer full of diapers, I got a minibar full of formula, and a portable crib. I think I'm ok.

Clint: Yeah, you got the pediatrician's phone number, and -- and Viki's cell phone number, and mine?

Nash: Shh -- written down.

Clint: Good man. Must be nice being with your daughter almost around the clock.

Nash: Yeah. Yes, it is.

Clint: On the other hand, it must remind you of what you're missing.

Nash: I am not going to cause any trouble for Antonio and Jessica, all right?

Clint: Nash, are you having a hard time accepting that it's over?

Nash: The day Jessica and Tess were integrated, the woman I loved died.

Clint: Well, then maybe you ought to bury her.

Nash: How am I supposed to do that, huh?

Clint: Son, you've got to find a way to say goodbye. So maybe you just sort of have -- I don't know -- a funeral for what the two of you shared together. You recognize it. You honor it. And then, Nash, you got to let go.

Nash: Would you mind watching her for a while?

Clint: No, not at all.

Nash: I won't be long.

Clint: Nash --

Nash: Purely ceremonial.

[Latin music plays]

Antonio: Ok. Now, now are you ready to go upstairs?

Jessica: No. I want you right here.

Antonio: But the room's ready.

Jessica: No. I mean it. I want you right here, right now.

Antonio: Uh, baby, um, it's not that I don't love this, but we are out in public.

Jessica: I know. That's what makes it so exciting. There's nobody else in the world but us. No one else here.

Antonio: You just --

Jessica: Still want me to stop?

Antonio: Uh --

Paige: Hey, guess who was there when they brought Hugh back to his room.

Bo: Uh -- Natalie?

Paige: How did you know?

Bo: Because she mentioned that she might want to go back to the hospital.

Paige: She has been so wonderful to Hugh. And I know she's still grieving for John.

Bo: Right.

Paige: I mean, I wouldn't blame her if she resented Hugh for surviving the crash.

Bo: Oh. Thanks, bill.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Paige: I mean, if it were John in that bed, and Hugh who was -- oh, but it's not. He's alive and he's strong. You know when you encouraged me to find my son?

Bo: I sure do.

Paige: I just thank god I'm not too late. Now, I -- I can -- I can finally be a mom to him. I can make a difference in his life.

Bo: It's got to feel wonderful.

Paige: It does. It feels so wonderful. To my son, Hugh, and to his complete recovery.

Bo: To Hugh.

Nurse: I'm sorry. I can't tell you which of these men was operated on.

Natalie: Why not?

Nurse: I didn't see him before the surgery. I was just assigned to special him, now that he's post-op.

Natalie: Why didn't you just say that?

Michael: Natalie --

Nurse: Look, frankly, I've heard the gossip. There's supposedly some confusion about who this guy really is?

Michael: There's a possibility that the bodies were mixed up at the site of the accident.

Nurse: That seems highly unlikely.

Natalie: Hugh Hughes did not have blue eyes, damn it! The man in there does. If somebody in this stupid hospital would just let me go in there and take a good look at him --

Nurse: Don't you raise your voice to me.

Michael: Listen, you have to understand, we are under an incredible amount of stress right now. We believe that the man lying in that bed is actually police officer John Mc Bain. He was -- he -- he is my brother. And he's Natalie's fiance.

Natalie: Don't you understand? If he didn't die in that crash, and he has been here all this time --

Nurse: Ok, I understand now. And there may be a way for you to get a look at him.

Natalie: There is?

Nurse: Well, I was just about to supervise the changing of his dressings. If you wear a gown and a mask --

Natalie: Oh, good!

Nurse: I'll let you take a look.

Michael: She said a gown and a mask. We'll scrub.

Nurse: Wouldn't be a bad idea.

Natalie: Ok, that's going to take forever.

Michael: Listen, I am not going to take a risk at infecting this man. Ok? He just came out of surgery.

Natalie: Where do we go?

Nurse: I'll show you.

Nash's voice: "Dear Tess, you're never going to read this, but I had to write it anyway. I had to put into words what I never got a chance to say to you. So here goes. You are, and you always will be, the one great love of my life. I will never forget you, and I will always miss you. But tonight, I'm going to let you go." "I kept getting hung up on what might have been. But then I started to see that what might have been doesn't apply to us. You're a beautiful memory. But we have no future, except in our daughter. Oh, man, you would love her. She's stubborn just like you. She throws back her head and laughs just like you. I have to start living again if I'm going to do right by her. But I promise, she will know who you were."

Nash: "Who you were." The brightest star always burns out fastest, though.

Antonio: Oh, oh.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Antonio: Oh. And I'd love to give you a standing ovation, but I'm a little weak in the knees.

Jessica: Told you.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: So you want to go to the room now?

Antonio: Oh, no, I -- I think you're going to have to give me a minute.

Jessica: Ok, I guess I should fix myself up, too.

Antonio: Right, you do that.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: Oh. Oh. Well -- huh, you're just full of surprises tonight. Ahem.

Jessica: Yeah -- um -- I found that when I was packing, and -- this is an old purse. I haven't used it in a while.

Antonio: Tess.

Jessica: I suppose.

Nurse: All right, let's look at his face now.

Natalie: Please -- please let it be John. Be John.

Todd: Ok. I was a kid, and I was drunk, and I was stupid. And what I did to Marty was horribly wrong. And they sent me to prison for it because that's exactly what I deserved. I don't forgive myself for what I did. I don't expect others to forgive me, because I don't deserve forgiveness. Neither does Cole.

Starr: Cole didn't rape me.

Blair: That's because you were smart enough to get out of the room, Starr.

Starr: He would never hurt me.

Blair: Come on.

Todd: He's never going to hurt you again because you're never going to see him again. Besides, she should be in private school anyway.

Starr: Then I won't get to see Langston, and she's my only real friend. Everybody will think that I left the school because I was embarrassed, or because I was afraid of Cole. And Britney will be sure that she's won. Everyone will think that I'm a total loser.

Todd: You'll get new friends. You'll get better friends.

Starr: Are you kidding me? Mom --

Blair: Ok, ok, look. Your dad and I will talk about it. Nothing's been decided. We know what transferring would be like for you.

Todd: Yeah, well, she's not setting foot back in that school, unless Cole's behind bars where he belongs.

Starr: Well, you would know what that felt like, wouldn't you? My life sucks, and so do you.

Todd: Come back.

Blair: Ok, ok, ok -- you'll only make things worse.

Todd: I don't know how they could get any worse.

Blair: Todd -- oh --

Bellman: Ahem -- senor Vega? Your bags have been taken to your room.

Antonio: Thank you.

Bellman: Good night, Mr. And Mrs. Vega.

Antonio: Good night.

Jessica: I thought he'd never leave.

Antonio: No, no, no, we got away with this once. Let's not press our luck.

Jessica: Ok. Well, I guess you're right. First one to the room gets to be on top?

Antonio: Ow.

Nash: Bye.

Todd: Blair, honey?

Blair: I --

Todd: You got to go to the hospital right now.

Blair: No, Todd. No.

Todd: You just passed out.

Blair: I had a headache. I didn't take an aspirin and didn't eat much at Rodi's.

Todd: Well, I still think we should go to the emergency room.

Blair: Not tonight.

Todd: Didn't you say you were worried about the --

Blair: Well, yeah, Todd. When -- when you have cancer, everybody's afraid that it's going to come back.

Todd: I'm going to figure out what this is and I'll call the world's greatest neurologist.

Blair: Not -- no, not tonight. Come on, I just -- I just want to be right here, ok?

Todd: All right. But if you're not 100% by morning, then I'm going to drag you to the hospital.

Blair: It's a headache. I'm sure it's going to be fine. Nice to know you're worried.

Todd: I'm worried. Starr needs both of us right now.

Blair: You think?

Todd: Well, I probably could have handled her a little bit better.

Blair: Maybe you should he let me handle it.

Todd: So, food? What do you want?

Blair: Chamomile tea, a little toast, and then a big bottle of aspirin.

Todd: Yeah. Next time, I will let you handle it.

Blair: I just hope there is a next time.

Bo: I want that D.N.A. report yesterday. I want you to understand something. Someone that I care for very, very much is going to be devastated by that report, no matter which way it goes. Now, I want it on my desk ASAP. I got to go. Are you ready?

Paige: Ok. Yeah. I -- I want to be at the hospital tomorrow morning when Hugh wakes up.

Bo: Why don't I drive you there tomorrow?

Paige: Don't you have to be at the trial?

Bo: You know, I can take a day off.

Paige: No. No, I don't want you to. I love the idea of Spencer squirming while you're sitting behind him, staring bullets into his back.

Bo: Well, you're scaring me. You do. But you know something? I'll -- I'll follow you home, though, in my car, just to make sure that you get there safe, ok?

Paige: I don't even know if I can sleep tonight.

Bo: You worried?

Paige: , I'm excited. I am looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in so long. Tomorrow, Hugh is going to wake up, and he's going to open his eyes, and he -- he might even talk to me. I mean, wouldn't that be incredible?

Bo: Hey. Just don't -- don't set yourself up for disappointment, though, ok? Let's just take it just one day at a time, just as it comes.

Paige: I know, I know. I will do that -- after tomorrow, ok? I mean, I got good news today. I just -- I just want to enjoy it.

Bo: Ok.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Langston: You're not thinking of forgiving him, are you?

Adriana: So what are you going to do?

Rex: I'll know right after I see Truman.

Mark: Ms. Cramer, at any point in your relationship, were you in love with dr. Truman?

Natalie: John.

John: Hey, Natalie.

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