OLTL Transcript Monday 11/27/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/27/06


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Clint: Viki.

Viki: Oh, Clint. I'm glad you got my message, and thank you for coming so quickly.

Clint: Yeah. Well, judging by the look on your face, I'm glad I did. So, who is it -- Jessica, Natalie, Kevin, or Joey?

Viki: Natalie.

John: You've really done it this time, haven't you?

Adriana: I -- oh.

[Knock on door]

Blair: Marcie --

Marcie: Come on.

Blair: I can drive --

Marcie: No, no.

Blair: Myself home.

Marcie: You're going to sit down right here, and you are going to get something to eat.

Blair: I am fine.

Michael: You are not fine. Your pulse is elevated, you were dizzy, and I guarantee you've eaten nothing today.

Blair: Well, I'll eat at home, Michael.

Michael: No, you'll eat now -- soup and salad.

Blair: Well, at least let me pay, ok?

Michael: Are you kidding me? After what you're doing for me at Spencer's trial, I couldn't possibly let you pay.

Blair: I'm not doing anything. I haven't done anything yet, anyway. We're not two words out of my testimony and I pass out.

Michael: Yeah, well, you'll do it tomorrow. Eat.

Marcie: Yeah, start looking at this menu.

Blair: Ok. Boy, you two are such nice, nice people.

Marcie: We're lucky, is what we are. Not only do I have this big guy here, you know, but we have the greatest little guy, you know, any parents could ever want in the world.

Todd: What do you want? You got bad news about my kid or something?

Rex: Not exactly.

Todd: What exactly is it?

Rex: Look, it's a little touchy. I need to make sure you get it, every aspect. And --

Todd: You know, you're a freakin' nut job, man. What is it? Did you find my kid or didn't you?

Rex: Yeah. I did.

Natalie: What did you just say?

John: You heard me. You've really done it this time. You know, grave-robbing is a serious offense in this state.

Natalie: Yeah, well, so what? Turns out my gut was right.

John: You think?

Natalie: You're here, aren't you?

John: In your dreams.

Natalie: That is not funny, Mr. Mc Bain.

John: This is a dream, Natalie.

Natalie: Don't keep reminding me. I don't want to wake up.

John: But you think that's me in the O.R.

Natalie: I know it's you.

John: Then why are you here talking to me?

Natalie: Because this is the closest I can get to you right now. Everyone still thinks that it's Hugh in there.

John: It's going to be hell on his family.

Natalie: Yeah. Well, I know hell -- I've been living it.

John: Hey -- you look good.

Natalie: You, too -- so good.

John: No, not so much.

Natalie: You look wonderful to me.

John: I miss you.

Natalie: I miss you. Come back to me, please.

Dorian: Hello! I can see you in there, and I will not leave until you open up. I -- I will stay here until midnight if that's what it takes.

Adriana: Ahem. Ugh. [Tapping] I am only doing this so you don't annoy the neighbors.

Dorian: May I come in? Thank you.

Adriana: How did you find me?

Dorian: Oh, it wasn't difficult. You do, after all, spend half your time here. Oh, my. Is this part of your new venture? I see you're making ogress.

Adriana: Yes, I am.

Dorian: Hmm. Nice prints, colors.

Adriana: It's a line of underwear I'm designing.

Dorian: Oh, that's right -- underwear. The fashion editor did mention that to me. Mm-hmm. Lovely.

Adriana: It will be. It's going to do very well, especially my men's line. I'm calling it "Rex."

Dorian: Ah. So when you're finished with all of the designs, how will you then proceed?

Adriana: I'll figure it out.

Dorian: Well, I think this is just a very, very brave effort -- you know, trying new things.

Adriana: I'm not "trying." I'm doing this, and I'm going to make it.

Dorian: Of course you will. You're my daughter.

Adriana: No, I'm not. I'm me. And I'm going to do this better than anything you've ever done.

Dorian: Huh.

Marcie: "You better listen to the doctor." He always holds that over my head. It is so nice to say it to somebody instead of hearing it. You know what? Look, I will get your car, I will drive you, and then Michael can follow us.

Blair: No.

Marcie: Yes.

Blair: Really --

Michael: Yes, really. Do as I say, I'm a physician. Please.

Blair: Well, you're nice people, but you're tough. That little boy of yours doesn't stand a chance.

Marcie: Him? He has us over a barrel.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: He already knows how much we love him.

Michael: Mm-hmm. So much so that it's a little scary. I think that he's actually already starting to learn how to manipulate us.

Todd: You found my kid?

Rex: I -- found the guy Spencer hired to broker the deal.

Todd: Uh-huh. And?

Rex: And -- well --

Todd: Is that it? That's all you got?

Rex: It's just -- ok, it's like this -- sometimes the more you look for something, you -- you find not what you expected --

Todd: What's the deal, Rex?

Rex: The deal is the more I dug, the trickier this case got -- complicated --

Todd: Get to the point!

Rex: I got close, real close. Like I said, I found this lawyer, this Nevins guy, who Truman had to broker --

Todd: Yes, yes, yes! You've told me that before! He's dead!

Rex: Yeah -- but when I found his secretary, she knew a lot more, had all his files from way back. She was tough, but I worked her. She wasn't ready to give anything up --

Todd: Ok, is that what you came to tell me, that you -- you couldn't get any information out of some broad? Hmm? Is that it?

Rex: See, the thing is it took me in a direction I didn't think I was going to go. I kind of hit a detour.

Todd: Yeah. Uh-huh. You hit a dead end?

Rex: No, it's -- it's not that, really, either. I just found myself in a place I didn't want to go.

Todd: You know what? I don't want to argue it. Shut up. I've got something to say to you -- you're fired.

John: I did come back.

Natalie: I know. That's why I did this.

John: Do you have it?

Natalie: Have what?

John: Do you still have it?

Natalie: John, what are you talking about? Have what?

Paige: Natalie?

Natalie: Is it John? He's alive.

Dorian: Is that your sole reason for doing all of this -- that you're trying to get back at me for mistakes made in the past?

Adriana: Those "mistakes" nearly cost me everything.

Dorian: Adriana, I've explained to you how everything was so --

Adriana: I don't want to hear it, ok? I am done with that.

Dorian: Are you done with that? I don't think so. Otherwise, why would you be behaving --

Adriana: What do you want, Dorian?

Dorian: I just want to see how things are going, and, obviously, they're -- well, they're going very well. So, are you planning to go forward? Are you going to need backers for this venture?

Adriana: No, I won't, in case you were offering. I will be using my own money -- remember aunt Betsy?

Dorian: That's right. Your inheritance from aunt Betsy. But, you know, it's a very bad idea to invest your own money in a business. It's not a wise decision.

Adriana: Aunt Betsy left me $30 million. There' be plenty left over if the business goes bust -- which it won't. Now, I was in the middle of something. So, are we through here?

Dorian: Yes. Yes, indeed. Thank you very much for updating me on your progress.

Adriana: Not that it's any of your business.

Dorian: You know, your designs, they have very nice lines. But I'd forget about the colors if I were you and go with black. That way, you let the garment speak for itself. [Door closes] This is Dorian Lord calling. I need $30 million transferred to my daughter's name -- right now.

Clint: Viki, do you actually believe this  that John is still alive?

Viki: Yes. Based on what I was told, yes, i do. Apparently, lightning can strike twice -- at least for Natalie.

Clint: How's she handling it?

Viki: Oh, please, she's on fire. She's determined to prove that it's John in the bed.

Clint: Is there any proof that it's not Hugh?

Viki: No, not yet. No, they're -- they're going to run a D.N.A. test, though. Bo is working on that.

Clint: Oh, man, what a spot he's in.

Viki: Tell me about it. I mean, John was -- well, he is his very close friend, and, of course, Hugh was Paige's son.

Clint: There is no worse hell than losing your child.

Blair: Ok. Oh --

Michael: Hey -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Blair: No, I'm fine.

Michael: Are -- are you ok?

Blair: Yes, yes, I'm fine.

Michael: Yeah?

Blair: Yeah, I just got up too fast.

Michael: Ok, I want you to get this checked out.

Blair: Michael --

Michael: Promise.

Blair: I will, I promise.

Michael: Ok. And if there are any new symptoms, you have my phone number. Call me.

Blair: It's stress, I'm sure, just like you said.

Michael: Yes, I'm sure that it's definitely stress-related, partially. Whatever it is you do when you go home to relieve your stress, that's what I want you to do.

Blair: Yeah, well, you're not in love with a man like Todd Manning.

Rex: Whoa, you're firing me?

Todd: Yeah, you're in over your head.

Rex: But I know --

Todd: You had one good lead, and you screwed it up! You're a rookie.

Rex: Listen to me --

Todd: No, you listen to me. Maybe you think "that's not important to Todd. How could it be? He's got two kids already. What does he want with another kid? Especially one from a nut case like you?" Hmm, you may have a point. I've asked myself that thing sometimes myself. Do I really need that reminder?

Rex: Do you?

Todd: I don't know. With this kid, it'd be a clean slate, you know? Maybe a fresh start. Jack, you know, will walk in the room, and he just -- he flinches. Starr -- don't get me started on Starr. I don't know where her head is now. I got my hands full with those two.

Rex: Then why do you want another one?

Todd: Because he's mine, that's why.

Rex: This is all about you, what's yours.

Todd: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Rex: No. Except isn't being a parent supposed to be about the kid?

Todd: What would you know about being a parent?

Rex: I'm somebody's kid.

Todd: Oh, yeah, that mother from hell.

Rex: Hey, don't go dissing Roxy, ok? She'd throw herself in front of a truck for me. She's all I got.

Todd: Well, Margaret's kid might be all I've got at this point! And I'm going to find him!

Rex: Why? So you can add him to your collection? Stake your claim? He's better off with the great parents he has.

Todd: How would you know how great his parents were?

Dorian: I don't care if the banks are closed at this hour. Open yrs. Look, this is not an international merger we're talking about. I simply want you to change the name of one of the accounts of mine into my daughter's name. I mean, this is absolutely crucial. I -- I need it done yesterday. It -- it will seriously affect my entire relationship with my daughter. So $30 million -- are we -- you heard me, $30 million. I want that money moved into my daughter's name. Do you understand? Now, if you can't do it, I'll find somebody else who will.

Todd: How would you know how great my kid's parents are, Rex?

Rex: Well, they must be. If they'd go through all the trouble of getting a baby off the black market, they must really want a kid.

Todd: Well, why wouldn't they do the adoption by the book?

Rex: I don't know. It could be a lot of reasons.

Todd: But you're just pulling this out of thin air, aren't you? You dot have any idea where my kid is?

Rex: Nope, none.

Todd: Well, then I was right to fire you, wasn't I? Get out of here.

Blair: Hey, I'm home.

Marcie: Hi. Oh. Hey, Rex.

Rex: Marcie.

Blair: So what's going on? Rex find your son?

Paige: Oh, Natalie, I -- I can't even imagine how hard this must be for you. Losing John. Were you -- were you dreaming about him?

Natalie: Yeah, it was a dream. Is -- Hugh out of surgery?

Paige: Yeah. And the doctors say he's doing fairly well, considering.

Natalie: Thank God.

Paige: You were really worried about him, weren't you?

Natalie: More than you can imagine.

Paige: That -- that means so much to me. I'm just so happy that my son has friends like you, and -- and like Vincent.

Natalie: Can I -- can we see him?

Paige: Well, not now. Nobody can. He's at huge risk for infection because of the skin grafts, so it's going to be a while.

Natalie: Oh.

Paige: This is just one of so many surgeries. He still has such a long way to go. Excuse me.

Natalie: Michael, it's Natalie. I need to see you right away in Atlantic City -- about John.

Dorian: All right, go ahead. Have at me. Just give it to me. I'm sure you heard what I was saying, what I'm doing, and you think it's for all the wrong reasons.

Clint: Well, wasn't it?

Dorian: No.

Clint: Hey, it was none of my business, anyway.

Dorian: Fine, since you feel that way about it.

Clint: Unless you -- unless you think there's something that I should know.

Dorian: As a matter of fact, I -- I do. Um -- we've -- we have been something to each other, and I'm afraid that you think you finally have proof positive in this "Dorian is a liar" conspiracy theory thing.

Clint: I just came over to say hello. I mean, you looked a little upset, and I said to Viki, "I'm going to go check on her."

Dorian: Oh. I see. You're -- you're with Viki.

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: Hmm. Cozy little meal for two?

Clint: No, it's -- it's a family meeting about our children. Listen, I'm sorry I interrupted whatever it is you're dealing with. I'll -- I'll let you get back to it.

Dorian: No. Don't go, please. Let me explain about that phone call. Please?

Dr. Sheridan: Ms. Buchanan?

Natalie: Dr. Sheridan, how is he?

Dr. Sheridan: He came through the surgery with very few problems. Our concern now is infection. His immune system is compromised. And if Hugh -- you still don't think that's Mr. Hughes in that bed?

Natalie: It's not. That is John Mc Bain. I know it, Vincent knows it. And if you had bothered to listen to either one of us, you would know it.

Dr. Sheridan: You're confused. Grief does that to people.

Natalie: Don't you dare patronize me. You might be a doctor, but you don't know John. You don't even know Hugh. All you're looking at is a list of symptoms and some old photographs, and i am telling you that the man I love is lying in that bed. I mean, do you not care about that? What kind of healer are you?

Dr. Sheridan: I suggest you dial back your fury, ms. Buchanan. I can take it. But Dr. Miller is crying for her son. Do you really want to make things worse for her by telling her, her boy's dead?

Natalie: I don't want to hurt Paige. But frankly, there is no way around it. Dr. Sheridan, please. Look, you've seen the photographs of both John and Hugh. You've seen the man in that bed. You've seen his face. Please, consider for one moment that I might be right here. You know the answer. Who is lying in that bed?

Paige: What are you talking about?

Todd: No, Rex didn't find out squat about my kid, so I canned him.

Blair: What?

Marcie: You fired him?

Todd: Yeah, that's right. And if you want to find out who your kid's parents are, you'll fire him, too. You see, Rex is -- well, he's just worthless.

Marcie: Whoa. Whoa, wait -- this is my son's godfather, ok? Don't talk about him like that, and in front of me --

Todd: Oh, have you been moonlighting, with her? Huh? Leaving my kid to hang out dry?

Rex: I really wanted to help you. I did. But it just didn't work out that way.

Todd: Yeah. Quit wasting my time. Get the hell out of my face.

Rex: Not fast enough.

Marcie: Rex, look -- [Marcie sighs]

Blair: Ok.

Marcie: You know what? He was just trying to help you. And believe it or not, he actually -- he actually does care about his clients. You know what, just forget it.

Blair: What is going on here, Todd?

Todd: He couldn't find my kid.

Blair: Well, what if somebody else can't find him, either?

Todd: Then I'll hire somebody else. I'll do it myself. I don't know -- I'm going to do whatever it takes to find my kid. I don't care who's got him.

Rex: Thanks for the save, Todd -- you just made this call a whole lot easier.

Dorian: Viki left. Do you think that she was upset?

Clint: Well, not about you. No, she just had to make a few phone calls. We're having some issues with Natalie. And speaking of phone calls -- is there something that you want to tell me about yours?

Dorian: Yes. I made a prior error in judgment, and I'm trying to rectify it. It was something that I know that you wouldn't have approved of.

Clint: Sometimes, Dorian, you make me feel like I've just come down from the mountain with two tablets in my arms. I'm just a guy who makes as many mistakes as the next person.

Dorian: Even me?

Clint: Well, I'd have to go a ways to catch up there, but lately, I -- I am getting closer. Why don't you just tell me what you did and be done with it?

Adriana: Hey. Did you go see Todd?

Rex: Yeah, I did. And he fired me.

Adriana: What? Wait. He hired you to find his son, and you did, and then he fired you?

Rex: Not exactly. I didn't tell him about Tommy. I was getting to it -- I think. But he never gave me the chance.

Adriana: What happened?

Rex: Todd Manning is a psycho. That's what happened. Everything people say about him is dead-on.

Adriana: Ok, ok. I still don't understand.

Rex: All right, I went over there to tell him the story, right? The whole story about how Michael and Marcie have his kid. I even started to say it, but it sn't easy, you know?

Adriana: Of course. You love Tommy. So what -- what did you say?

Rex: Well, I -- I had a hard time getting it out.

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Rex: But then Todd decides that I don't know anything, and that I screwed up the one lead that I had, and I'm a loser.

Adriana: He said that?

Rex: But I was still going to tell him. But then he starts ragging about his kids -- about how much trouble they are, and how he hopes that this new one can -- can make up for that somehow. He doesn't give a damn about this kid, just getting what he thinks is rightfully his.

Adriana: That's awful.

Rex: Then Marcie shows up.

Adriana: At Todd's?

Rex: With Blair, for some reason. And I'm looking at Marcie, and I'm thinking, she's just the nicest mother, ever. She loves Tommy with everything in her. And Todd just wants to get even with Truman for taking his baby, or whoever knows what else. But it's not motivated by fatherly feelings, I'll tell you that much. And I'm just supposed to hand my godson over to him? I don't think so. Michael and Marcie would lie down in front of an oncoming train for Tommy. And Todd just is looking out for himself, like always. I mean, look what Starr and Jack have had to go through. If I can save a little boy from having to live through that kind of hell -- I just keep my mouth shut.

Adriana: I can't believe he fired you.

Rex: Yeah. After I went to the mat for him when he was on the run.

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: This is the thanks I get. The jerk.

Adriana: So you've made up your mind?

Rex: I don't know. But -- I do know this. When Marcie walked in, seeing her, there was no way. Even if I thought that Todd deserved to know the truth, do you know what this would do to Marcie?

Adriana: It would be bad.

Rex: It would kill her. And Todd fired me. So my obligation to tell my employer the truth -- out the window.

Adriana: You know that's lying, right? And you'll have to keep it up forever every time you see Todd or Tommy or Michael or Marcie. Can you live with that?

Blair: Todd, I don't understand. What happened with Rex?

Todd: He's a screwup, that's what.

Blair: What?

Marcie: He's not a screwup. He tried his best.

Todd: His best isn't good enough, apparently. Someone else is tucking my kid in tonight, if I'm lucky. Who knows what kind of sicko Spencer hooked him up with?

Marcie: I really don't blame you for wanting to find your son. Ok? If anything ever happened to my son, I don't know what I would do. But Rex really didn't deserve to be talked to that way.

Todd: Blair, who is this person, and why is she here?

Blair: Who was on the phone, Marcie?

Marcie: It was Michael. Something's wrong with Natalie. He went to find her, and --

Blair: You want a ride?

Marcie: No. No, no, no. Not from you. I -- I'll -- I'll get the doorman to hail me a cab. It'll be fine.

Blair: Ok -- yeah, well, I appreciate everything you did.

Marcie: Oh --

Blair: Thank you so very much.

Marcie: Are you kidding? Anytime, you know, especially with what you're doing for Michael's family. I really -- I do appreciate it.

Blair: Oh, you're welcome.

Marcie: And if I don't see you tomorrow, just good luck with the trial, ok?

Blair: Ok, thanks.

Marcie: Todd.

Todd: You've been hitting the sauce?

Blair: What?

Todd: Is that why she had to drive you home?

Blair: I was testifying today, remember?

Todd: Oh, right!

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Against your old boyfriend. How'd it go?

Blair: It didn't.

Todd: How come? Couldn't go through with it, after everything that son of a bitch has done?

Blair: No, I just couldn't do it, that's all.

Todd: Chickened out, huh?

Blair: No, I didn't, I wasn't scared -- about that, anyway.

Todd: What does that mean? Spencer threaten you or something?

Blair: No, Todd. I'm afraid. I'm afraid I'm really sick. I'm really sick, like I was before with the brain tumor.

Clint: Dorian, you're going to raid your own daughter's inheritance?

Dorian: Oh, absolutely not. No, no, no. My -- my intention was to protect it for her, so I -- I put it into trust.

Clint: In her name?

Dorian: No, actually, I put it into my name. But I wanted to make certain that David could never get his hands on it.

Clint: Oh. Just David?

Dorian: All right, I -- I put it into my name because I wanted to control the money. I mean, you know, sue me. I -- Adriana was terribly young at that time. It's an enormous amount of money. I mean, $30 million. And -- all right, I -- I made a mistake. But I -- I am trying to rectify it, by having the money put into Adriana's name before she ever finds out that it wasn't. You don't believe me, do you?

Paige: What is going on? Is -- is there something you're not telling me? Was there -- was there some kind of surprise in the O.R.?

Dr. Sheridan: The patient is resting as comfortably as possible.

Paige: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything you've done. I'm -- I'm going to go call the Hughes.

Dr. Sheridan: I know there's an investigation going on. And you're uncle is trying to keep it qui. But until we find out the facts of who this patient is, you have to be more discreet. Particularly with his mother.

Natalie: Do you know how hard that is for me?

Dr. Sheridan: Until we know something for sure, please, keep this to yourself.

Michael: Natalie, what's going on?

Natalie: John didn't die in that car crash.

Clint: I believe you. I believe that you are trying to correct this -- what'd you call it? What'd you call it? -- "Previous error."

Dorian: And I am. I really am.

Clint: Good. Don't screw it up.

Dorian: Oh, I don't intend to screw it up. You see, what I want to do --

Clint: Dorian, just tell her.

Dorian: Tell her? I can't. She'd never speak to me again.

Clint: Well, she's hardly speaking to you at all now. And if she finds out that you took her inheritance --

Dorian: I didn't! I didn't. I -- I -- I put it into trust, that's all. And -- and even if it may look that way, I -- I am putting it back.

Clint: Well -- see, she'll understand it that much better coming from you, rather than finding out about it some other way.

Dorian: But how would she ever find out?

Clint: Oh, Dorian, don't -- haven't you learned by now that you always get caught? So don't make it worse by covering one lie with another lie, because that's going to backfire on you. And you know, you could lose her for good.

Dorian: So what you're saying is, you don't think what I did is so bad?

Viki: Excuse me. Dorian.

Dorian: Viki.

Viki: Look, I can't reach Natalie. I'm going to go home and see if she's there, ok?

Clint: Oh -- I'll go with you. You'll probably need backup.

Viki: Well, I -- I didn't mean to interrupt this.

Clint: No, no, you're not interrupting anything. Good luck with Adriana. It's a real minefield, isn't it, trying to figure out what's best for your child?

Dorian: Oh, that is so true. Thank you. Thank you for understanding.

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: Ok, this is Dorian Lord again. I expect you to be at the bank tomorrow morning, first thing. And I know where you live, so don't make me come over there and drag you out of bed.

Rex: I can't do that to them.

Adriana: So you're not going to tell Todd?

Rex: If you could have heard how he was talking about his kid, like it was his property --

Adriana: I know Todd is not the nicest guy --

Rex: Well, that's understating it by a mile.

Adriana: But Tommy is his son.

Rex: And you're Dorian's daughter. But wouldn't you say you were better off with Cesar and Ramona as your parents in Puerto Rico?

Adriana: Yes. Definitely, without a question. But the truth came out, eventually.

Rex: But if you had a choice, you would have rather had them as parents than Dorian. Tommy would be better off with Michael and Marcie. You know I'm right.

Adriana: So you're going to make that decision for him?

Rex: You think I'm playing god, don't you?

Adriana: Look, I don't know what I think. And it's not my news to tell, it's yours. And -- a I love you. And I'll stand by whatever you do.

Rex: Even if you don't agree with me?

Adriana: I'm not sure that I don't. But I'm sure about you.

Todd: You really think you're showing signs of that -- that brain thing again?

Blair: Well, it's -- it feels different, but the -- the symptoms are the same. I'm dizzy, I have headaches. You know.

Todd: Well, that would explain why you got messed up with Spencer.

Blair: I was confused about a lot of things back then, too.

Todd: Did you see a doctor about it?

Blair: Well, Michael was there when I passed out. He just thinks it's maybe stress or eating poorly. I don't know.

Todd: And you think it's more?

Blair: I don't know. If you have a tumor, you're always worried that it'll come back. But you know, the symptoms all seem the same.

Todd: You should get the tests. Find out what it is so you can fix it.

Blair: You almost sound like you care.

Todd: I almost do.

Michael: No. That is Hugh Hughes.

Natalie: No, no! Michael, it isn't. That's John!

Michael: Natalie, have you spoken to anybody about this?

Natalie: Yes. I spoke with uncle Bo, and he's going to do whatever he can to --

Michael: No. I mean, have you sought any counseling?

Natalie: I don't need any help, Michael. I need you -- I need you to believe me. Ok? The night of that car crash, John and Hugh's bodies -- they -- they were -- they were mistaken for each other, and -- you know what? It doesn't matter. You don't have to believe me, because you will. I'm going to get proof.

Michael: Really? Then where's the proof?

Natalie: He's right there, Michael! That's your brother! We've been mourning for John. But we really lost -- we really lost Hugh. Michael, please, go. Go -- go look at him. Look at him. Take a really hard look. That is not Hugh. A lot of people are going to be affected by this. But that is John. That is your brother. Michael, he's alive. You're looking at your brother.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: I want you right here right now.

Nash: The woman I loved died.

Clint: Well, then maybe you ought to bury her.

Todd: What happened with Cole's mother and me has nothing to do with how I feel about you and Cole.

Natalie: Please, please let it be John. 

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