OLTL Transcript Tuesday 11/14/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/14/06


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Evangeline: Thank you.

Todd: I'll get this.

Evangeline: No, I pay for my own drinks, thank you.

Todd: Take it.

Evangeline: I have it.

Todd: Take it, take it.

Evangeline: Todd, what did I just say? What did I just say?

Bartender: Uh -- if you two need more time to work it out --

Evangeline: No, we don't need more time. No, I'll pay for my own drink. End of story.

Todd: You know what you're teaching me here, is that you don't want or need my generosity anymore. I, Todd Manning, am never going to do another good deed again in my life. I'll have another beer. Huh.

Evangeline: Hey. You know what, Todd? Next time, donate my drink money to charity.

Todd: Where's Cristian?

Evangeline: I left my cell phone at the wedding reception, so he went back to get it for me. Why are you here?

Todd: Oh, Starr's at her friend's, jack's asleep.

Evangeline: And Blair?

Todd: Blair is sleeping off her drunken stupor. Besides, I think the company is better here.

Nash: Wasn't it nice of mummy to let Daddy take you while she went on her -- we'll call it a holiday -- oh, yes -- relief. Huh? It means that you and I are going to get to spend all kinds of quality time together. Yeah. Yes. What do we do? First, we will figure out what we're going to put in your room. Yes, I know, shocking -- your own room. I can't have you all hunkered down in the living room every time you come to see me, can I? What do we do then? Game time. We'll play three-card stud, 21, blackjack. Huh? No? All right. Yeah, I'm just kidding. Daddy doesn't gamble. I know, this whole three-parent thing is kind of a gamble, isn't it? Huh? Yeah, I know. Not quite what Daddy had in mind for his little girl. Whoa. But then, I suppose it's not really what Antonio and Jessica had in mind for you, either.

Jessica: Leave it.

Antonio: Thanks.

Jessica: If you're going to thank me after every kiss, this is going to get a little predictable.

Antonio: No. Thank you for showing up at that train station that day three years ago.

Jessica: Oh, that.

Antonio: Ever since that day, you have been saving my life over and over again. And you continue to save my life every single day by choosing to be with me.

Jessica: You do the same for me. You make me happier than I ever though I could be.

Natalie: So, u decided to crash the party now?

Vincent: I'm looking for you.

Natalie: Why?

Vincent: There's something that I have to tell you.

Natalie: Well, my sister just got married, I'm exhausted. I --

Vincent: I'm sorry, but this is very important.

Natalie: It'll have to wait.

Vincent: But it can't.

Starr: So, this party's probably going to be crazier than Madison's, huh?

Cole: Yeah, I hope you don't mind me dragging you here.

Starr: Are you kidding? You just won the big game tonight. You deserve it.

Cole: This party is going to be awesome.

Clint: Ah -- I'll see that drink and raise you some wedding cake, Pa. It's only marginally better for your heart, though.

Asa: Don't -- don't you ever steal a man's drink.

Clint: Well, I think I just did.

Asa: Yeah -- ok. Was she gorgeous?

Clint: Pa, she was radiant, she was beautiful -- and so was the ceremony. Jessica sure did miss you, but she's happy to know that you're getting better.

Asa: Well, I'll make it up to the young lady when I'm fully recovered.

Clint: I'm going to hold you to that.

Asa: You know something? You and that Renee are in cahoots. That woman has dedicated herself to making my life miserable.

Clint: Well, I think you brought that on yourself, Pa.

Asa: Emma Bradley was a half century ago -- we hadn't even landed on the moon. All right, I'll -- I'll explain.

Clint: "Explain"? What -- how -- you going to explain how you were two-timing her and three-timing ma?

Asa: Everything is all so damn black and white to you boys.

Clint: I did not come here to pass judgment. I came here to find out what you are not telling us about Emma Bradley. Now, Pa, you've kept this secret far too long. It's time to tell the truth.

Asa: All right. I'll talk -- if you promise me you'll never see Dorian Lord again.

Dorian: The ceremony was very touching and all of that, but you have to admit the reception -- I mean -- Renee's catering was absolutely abysmal. The flowers -- they're so ordinary.

David: Yeah, well, that's the Buchanan clan for you -- allergic to class.

Doan: Mm-hmm. Wouldn't it have been better if they rented out the country club, had a string quartet?

David: Yeah, plenty of swag for the guests.

Dorian: That's what I call a wedding.

David: That was our wedding -- the wedding that wasn't.

Partygoers: Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole! Cole!

Starr: Ew, gross.

Langston: Don't even think about bailing.

Starr: I told my parents I was staying at your house.

Langston: Chill -- they're out of town. If they call, then they'll just get the answering machine.

Starr: Where's Gabe? Why aren't you with him?

Langston: Oh, he's off inhaling a keg somewhere. Forget him, he's a loser. So, where's Cole?

Starr: They took him off the minute we got in here, but he should be back soon.

Langston: I saw you by the doorway, like, together-together.

Starr: So?

Langston: So don't even tell me he's not into you. Starr, he totally likes you.

Britney: But that's the worst thing that can happen, Manning. If you hook up with Cole, you're going to regret it.

Evangeline: So, Starr's at a sleepover?

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: Jack's tucked in?

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: And you're here hiding out from Blair.

Todd: No, I'm not hiding out. I don't hide out, I keep a low profile -- there's a difference.

Evangeline: Oh, this from a walking tabloid sensation?

Todd: Blair is so drunk. She probably won't wake up till noon tomorrow. She said she didn't drink that much.

Evangeline: Hmm. So you're not here because you want to be here? You're here so she doesn't catch you there worrying about her? Yes --

Todd: No.

Evangeline: That's what this is.

Todd: I need a night off from her. She's everywhere -- I cannot escape the woman. She's at home, she's at school roping me into being a chaperone. She's -- she's in the kitchen baking brownies. You know, she does things now that she never did before, that she never would be caught doing a year ago.

Evangeline: Yeah, it's because priorities change.

Todd: I don't know why she won't leave me alone.

Evangeline: Long answer -- because she's madly in love with you. Because you're what she wants, and typical Blair style, she's going to fight for it tooth and nail.

Todd: What's the short answer?

Evangeline: You don't want her to leave you alone. She's getting to you, isn't she?

Natalie: Move it or lose it. You're blocking me?

Vincent: Just until you hear me out.

Natalie: Fine. But all those points you earned for turning yourself in -- gone. So, go ahead, shoot. What's so damn important that you got to make this day harder for me?

Vincent: John McBain.

Starr: The only thing that I regret is you being in my face every day.

Britney: Down, puppy. I'm just trying to look out for you.

Starr: By what, embarrassing me in front of the whole entire school?

Amber: Paranoid much?

Starr: Stalk much?

Britney: Look, my parents said they'd yank my platinum if I didn't stop fighting with you.

Starr: So?

Britney: So, stay away from Cole.

Starr: Or else what, you'll make me regret it?

Britney: Not me, stupid -- Cole will.

Gabe: Yo! What are you doing, Cole? Keg's over here.

Cole: No, I'm all right. Beating pine valley's a natural high, my friend. Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Gabe: That's what's up, that's what's up. Yo, we are going to get some tonight. It is mandatory. Yo, you think -- you think this chick Langston is into me?

Cole: I don't know.

Gabe: Wow. Check it out -- double trouble. Ha-ha-ha. Yo, Starr is really sweating you and so is Britney, even after you blew her off. You ought to see if you can get the two of them to, you know, collaborate?

Cole: Hey, shut up.

Gabe: All right, dude, but, seriously, look. Starr is really into you. Are you going to take advantage of that?

Starr: Britney? So you can't ruin my rep so you go to ruin Cole's? How pathetic is that?

Britney: Look, I've heard Cole is aggressive and experienced, and he likes his girls the same way. Are you really that type of girl, Starr?

Nash: Oh, look -- photo album. See that? It's your mommy, yeah. See how happy but tired she looks? That's because she fought very, very hard for you. You were so loved before you were even born. Let's see what else we got -- oh. Flip the page. There's your daddy, there's you, there's Mommy again. We thought we were going to fill this up with pictures for you, and we were going to put it in your bedside table so that you would always have your family close to you. Didn't work out that way, did it? We thought we'd have more time. I'll bet Jessica's got this all taken care of, doesn't she millions of pictures of you, millions of pictures of you! You know what? It doesn't solve your little dilemma, does it? You need pictures of yourself with your real daddy.

Antonio: Do you like it?

Jessica: Antonio, it's -- oh.

Antonio: I wanted to give you a little preview -- of our honeymoon.

Jessica: But how did you do this? When? When did you do this?

Antonio: Doesn't matter. What matters is that beautiful smile. I'd do anything to keep it there forever.

Evangeline: Is it working? Is she getting to you?

Todd: No, no. She's going around in circles. She's not getting anywhere.

Evangeline: Huh. That's why you're here, crying in your beer instead of ho, comfortable in the penthouse?

Todd: I said I need a break. Why is that so much to ask?

Evangeline: Oh -- ho, ho, ho! She's so in there.

Todd: God!

Evangeline: She is getting to you, Todd.

Todd: Do you realize that every time we get together, all you ever want to discuss is Blair? And why is it you are so --

Evangeline: That's not true.

Todd: You are so obsessed with the idea that I want to get back together with her?

Evangeline: Because it's true. Because if you really wanted her out of your house or out of your life, you would make it happen. You would do whatever it takes. You wouldn't roll over and you certainly wouldn't have left your niece's wedding, your favorite niece's wedding --

Todd: Whoo -- what do you want me to do?

Evangeline: To chase after Blair to make sure she's ok?

Todd: You want me to leave her lying in a puddle of her own vomit?

Evangeline: I -- I seem to remember Dorian being there and I think she would've loved to take care of Blair.

Todd: The situation with Blair is as follows -- end of story. Are you ready?

Evangeline: I'm ready.

Todd: It is a business situation. It is a business relationship. It is a business thing.

Evangeline: It's an arrangement.

Todd: Yes.

Evangeline: It is a strategic arrangement set up exactly the way you both want it. She's in your face all day long.

Todd: I don't want Blair anymore.

Evangeline: Do you even know what you want?

Todd: I'm starting to.

Natalie: John? You want to talk to me about John?

Vincent: There's something that I found out today --

Natalie: Who the hell do you think you are?

Vincent: That I really need to tell you.

Natalie: You know, I have been trying to get through today, through this wedding and the reception. Why can't you just leave it alone?

Vincent: Natalie, please, just l me explain something to you.

Natalie: Do you get off on making me upset?

Vincent: No, it's not like that at all. Look, I'm trying to help you.

Natalie: "Help" -- from you? Oh, that's -- that's rich, the man who wants me in his back pocket and the one who screwed up Cristian's life just to make a buck. The only person you want to help is yourself.

Vincent: Oh, that's not true and you know it.

Natalie: Anyway, you can take your help and you can shove it. I don't want it and I don't need it!

Vincent: Well, you need to hear what I have to tell you.

Natalie: Shut up! Just shut up! You don't know me, you don't know John! Just leave us alone! Leave me alone!

Vincent: Natalie, stop!

Natalie: I'm trying to! Please! Can't you see I can't stop thinking about him? I tried to fake it through the wedding, I tried! It's just when Antonio gave Jessica the ring, I couldn't help but think of the ring that John wanted to give to me. It's like he's everywhere, Vincent. He's everywhere.

Vincent: Natalie, just --

Natalie: Even the dry cleaners called this morning to pick up his shirt.

Vincent: Let me help you, let me help you.

Natalie: Please just make me forget him.

Vincent: Ok --

Natalie: Don't say his name.

Vincent: Natalie, please, if you'd just let me explain. I promise you that you --

Natalie: Why are you trying to hurt me?

Vincent: Want to know this. I'm not trying to hurt you, I promise you.

Natalie: Then don't. Please just don't. Take me out of here.

Vincent: Ok, ok. Let's go. Let's --

Natalie: Oh!

Vincent: God! What the hell --

Cristian: Touch her again and I'll kill you.

Asa: How about it, Clint? You promise me you'll quit seeing Dorian lord, I'll spill my guts.

Clint: All right. I agree -- now talk.

Asa: I'm not going to tell you anything.

Clint: This is not about Dorian. It's not about me. It's about you and Emma Bradley. Now, are you going to tell me the truth? Or do I have to beat it out of you?

Dorian: We are two of the most forward-looking people in this town. Please let us not fall prey to sloppy sentimentality.

David: Always the pragmatist.

Dorian: Always the opportunist.

David: Yeah. Still, moments like these, it's hard not to think about our wedding day.

Dorian: A lot has happened since then.

David: It certainly has. You in the big house, me in the doghouse.

Dorian: Oh, David. Circumstances can always change. Why, only last week, Clint wouldn't have crossed the street to say hello to me and we were dancing together tonight. Anything can be changed if you're just determined.

David: I'm the one who told you that.

Dorian: Right, and it was really good advice. Yes. So Clint has, you know, come back into the fold and eventually Adriana will, too. So, do you know why that happened?

David: Why did that happen?

Dorian: Because I asked myself why, why does Viki have the monopoly on happiness? Why when I am just as talented, energetic? I have just as good a work ethic. So?

David: So -- why not you?

Dorian: Exactly. Why not me? And -- I'm going to ask you this question --

David: Ok.

Dorian: Why not you? Ok. Now, let's go home.

David: Dorian? I would like nothing more, but it's time. It's really time that I left.

Natalie: Cristian, please stop. He didn't do anything.

Cristian: You get away with messing with my life and now you want to mess with the people I care about?

Vincent: Listen, man, it's not even like that.

Cristian: How about if I return the favor, huh, and break every bone in this hand?

Vincent: Hey --

Cristian: Huh?

Vincent: Vega, if that would square things between us, then go ahead, man, do it!

Evangeline: You're lucky. A lot of people in this world go their whole lives without knowing what they want.

Todd: Not you.

Evangeline: No, not me.

Todd: No.

Evangeline: But I see it in other people like -- like my sister, casting around searching for direction, and Cristian to a certain extent, now that his boxing career has been trashed by Vincent Jones.

Todd: But not us. It's all or nothing for people like you and me, huh? It's tough, though, because sometimes that certainty is -- well, sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse.

Evangeline: A curse?

Todd: Yeah, knowing what you want but not being able to get it. That's happened to you certainly, hasn't it?

Evangeline: Let's see. I want success in my career, I want a family. I want a soul mate to spend the rest of my life with. I have the career success but everything else is a work in progress.

Todd: Yeah, yeah. And now, I have the career and the success but if I want the soul mate, I got to get rid of the squatter in my house.

Evangeline: Ok, Todd, you just keep telling yourself that.

Todd: You know what? I don't need a woman 24/7 -- Unlike the Vega brothers.

Evangeline: Ok, you know what? Stop taking cheap shots at Cristian.

Todd: It's not a cheap shot. Hey, listen -- if I want a woman, she's got to be three things. She's got to be smart, she's got to be ballsy, all right? And she's got to be, you know, kind of a take-no-prisoners kind of chick.

Evangeline: Hello. That's Blair.

Todd: No -- I forgot. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention faithful. And she's got to be straightforward, honest, and impossible to ignore.

Evangeline: I hope you find her.

Todd: Yes. Me, too.

Gabe: Yo, you're the man. You won the game. Now you get the girl. That's your right, bro. Come on! Look at me. Yo. You're a champion, Cole. What are you -- a champion? Come on now -- look at me. Look at me. E you a lion or a pussycat, huh? Are you a lion or a pussycat? Listen to me, bro. We're in the wild kingdom, all right? And if you're going to nail Starr Manning, it has to happen right now.

Cole: Shut the hell up about it, man!

Gabe: What the hell's the matter with you? Come on!

Langston: Back off, bitch!

Britney: Yeah? If you don't want Starr on some sleazy sex tape, you'll keep her away from Cole.

Starr: You're gross.

Britney: Cole likes girls who put out.

Starr: Then why didn't he take you to the dance?

Britney: Look, I don't expect us to be friends or anything, but this is just good advice -- stay away from Cole. You're not his type.

Langston: Starr, wait. Go die.

Britney: Don't yell at me because you're a sucky friend who didn't keep Cole away from her. She'll thank me in the end.


Cole: Let's go. We're out of here.

Gabe: Hey, Starr? Try not to rape him, all right? I know it's in the family.

Natalie: Please, Cristian, just stop. It was a misunderstanding. Vincent didn't do anything to me. Please?

Vincent: You know, I'm truly sorry about all this.

Cristian: What's going on? You know, you're starting to worry me.

Evangeline: You don't give Blair enough credit. And you give me way too much.

Todd: I don't think so. And I don't think Cristian would think so, either. Ahem -- things still going ok with him?

Evangeline: Uh -- things are more than ok --

Todd: Hmm.

Evangeline: With Cristian.

Todd: More than ok?

Evangeline: We have our ups and downs, but, you know, we're working it out.

Todd: What's your secret?

Evangeline: That we have no secrets, I think.

Todd: Huh.

Evangeline: Yeah, I think that Cris and I work because we don't hold anything back, you know? We -- we don't lie, and we don't omit the truth.

Todd: Ok, I got it, I -- I --

Evangeline: You can "I got it, I got it" all day long, but if you want what Cris and I have, you're going to have to learn to do the same thing.

Gabe: Yo, he sucker-punched me!

Cole: Let's go. Come on. I'll take you home. We're out of here, come on.

Britney: She better not say I didn't warn her.

Nash: Don't we make a pretty cute couple, you and me? What do you think? Wait till you see the next one. Look at that! What a smile! You are your mommy all over again. Maybe with, you know, a little bit of me mixed in. Huh? We will get these printed up pronto. Put them in your album. Huh? Yeah? What do you think? Should we make some up for your mommy? You think Jessica would like that? You think so? I think so. But, hey, you got to watch out, because Antonio -- Antonio is going to be tempted to pull out a little black pen and put a little mustache on your daddy -- that's me. No, he's a nice guy. Really. See that? Ah! Lying. That means I'm lying. Nah, he's ok. Really, he's ok. He's not your real daddy, though. You only got one of them. You know who that is? That is the guy holding you right now.

Asa: You want a piece of me?

Clint: Oh, no, no, no, no. All right. You take it easy, Pa.

Asa: Stay where you are.

Clint: Take it easy. I wasn't serious. I would never hit my old man.

Nigel: He's agitated. This calls for my special herbal root tea.

Asa: It calls for -- bourbon. Four fingers.

Nigel: A cold day in hell, sir.

Asa: Can I ask you something? Why do they call them help? They ought to call them hurt.

Clint: Pa, I want to show you something. It's a picture of Bree. And that's little Zane.

Asa: Oh --

Clint: I'm telling you, when he was born, he was no bigger than my hand.

Asa: I'll tell you, he looks stubborn, like his old grandpa.

Clint: Yeah. And he's alive and kicking, just like you, but he's vulnerable. It does not take much to hurt him. These kids -- it's the only reason I would consider going up against you, pa. I want you to keep these kids first.

Asa: Let me tell you something. They always have been. Always will. But that damn Truman is going to pay for what he did to Duke and Kevin.

Clint: I sure as hell hope so.

Asa: You're doing a fine job bringing up your family, son. Keep doing it your way. I'll do it my way.

Both: I'm sorry for --

Starr: You go.

Cole: No, you. Ladies first.

Starr: I'm sorry for ruing your entire night.

Cole: You? You didn't do anything.

Starr: My baggage did. That's what Gabe said.

Cole: Gabe's an idiot, all right? I mean, I should have hit him a long time ago. And I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Starr: That was really brave of you, punching Gabe out. Considering he's a senior and all.

Cole: You're the brave one. I mean, you have to come to school every day and deal with morons like Britney and Gabe.

Starr: Least I'm not getting pounded on some football team, then having the whole school newspaper tell me whether I did a good job or not.

Cole: That's football. I mean, yeah, sure it gets rough sometimes, but there's a lot of things that take way more guts.

Starr: Like what?

Cole: Like this.

Dorian: You're leaving Llanview, again? Why? Where are you going to go?

David: L.A.

Dorian: You've been there and done that.

David: Yeah, well, you're the one who said, "why not me?" Hilary swank lived in her car for over a year before she got any work, and look at her now. She's a two-time, Oscar-winning, multimillion-dollar baby.

Dorian: Pipe dream.

David: Maybe it is, but you know what? I still got my youth in me. And I've g a couple -- hundred rounds left in me on the casting couch. If it'll land me on pay-per-view.

Dorian: That's right. Aim high.

David: Besides, what's keeping me here? You just said Clint's coming back into the fold. And Spencer -- he's going to get what's coming to him, anyway.

Dorian: What about Spencer's trial?

David: If they need me as a witness, that may not even be for months. I'm not going to put my life on hold just for that.

Dorian: What about -- what about me?

Natalie: Vincent -- he was -- he was trying to talk to me, and it was just bad timing, that's all.

Cristian: Ok. Well, if you need anything, you -- I'm around, ok?

Natalie: Thank you.

Vincent: Hey, Vega, I know you hate my guts. You got every reason. I did you dirty. But I'm trying to make amends.

Cristian: Save it.

Vincent: Vega, wait. You might want to know -- Todd Manning -- he's no fan of yours.

Cristian: Really? Tell me something I don't know.

Vincent: Todd knew ahead of time about how your fight was going to go down.

Todd: It's that easy, huh? You just play the honesty card and collect the girl of your dreams?

Evangeline: Didn't you just finish telling me you want complete honesty in a woman?

Todd: Yes, but I wasn't saying anything about me.

Evangeline: Oh -- Todd, no. No.

Todd: What?

Evangeline: I'm not -- I'm not even going to go there.

Todd: No, please, go there.

Evangeline: That is your problem. That is exactly what your problem is. You just --

Todd: What?

Evangeline: You hold everybody to these ridiculously high standards, especially women. But when someone holds a mirror in front of you, it's a different story, isn't it?

Todd: All right, yes, I have a double standard. So what? That happens.

Evangeline: You get what you give.

Todd: I see. So, if I want more -- if I want to get more, I have to pay the piper with honesty, huh?

Evangeline: All or nothing.

Todd: So does this theory of yours apply to -- to friends?

Evangeline: Of course.

Todd: Ah, man. Well, I guess -- I guess there's something I ought to tell you, then.

Nash: No matter what happens, I will always take care of you, little girl. I promise you. It might get a little bit weird having three parents who love you to pieces. Take it from me, three's better than none. Besides, there are millions of families out there like that, huh? Your mommy has been to hell and back. She's got some scars. More than she knows. I'll pretend everything's cool. But I know better. This whole three-parent family thing is going to be a lot more complicated than Antonio and Jessica realize.

Asa: Damn! I still can't believe I'm paying for a one-night stand 35 years ago. Trust your instincts, Nigel. If the woman's no good, do not give her another shot.

Nigel: Yes, sir. Wait -- another shot? 35 years ago -- that was 10 years after your first.

Asa: That was the biggest mistake of my life.

Nigel: Might this second union have resulted in the child ms. Bradley spoke of? Spencer Truman does have a younger brother.

Asa: It's over, Nigel. Forget it.

David: What about you? What about you? Give me your hand. Why don't we dance?

Dorian: There's no music.

David: Yeah. That's never stopped us before. I'm no good at goodbyes. I'm more accustomed to an angry mob chasing me out of town.

Dorian: Hmm. I don't think any goodbye could be sufficient.

David: I'll miss you.

Dorian: Hmm. I'll miss you.

Starr: That was -- nice.

Cole: "Nice"? I want a better review than that.

Starr: Uh -- I should probably go find Langston and see where she is.

Cole: Hey, Langston can take care of herself. What the hell -- you don't even want me to touch you?

Starr: No, that's not it.

Cole: Why were you such a tease?

Starr: I'm not!

Cole: You've been leading me on for weeks, and now -- I mean, why did you even come to the party if you didn't want to have sex with me? God! Son of a bitch! Ugh! Agh!

Todd: You're not going to like it.

Evangeline: Like what?

Todd: No, maybe I shouldn't. We're having such a nice time tonight.

Evangeline: Todd -- we're friends. After everything we've been through, you know you can tell me anything.

Todd: Well, it's about Cristian and his ex-manager and that fight that he threw.

Natalie: Uh -- Vince, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Cris and everything before. I'm --

Vincent: Look, don't talk. Don't apologize. Just listen. John McBain -- he's alive.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: The door's unlocked and I know I locked it. Just stay there.

Cole: I'm a freakin' football star. You are lucky to be with me.

Todd: I sort of knew what Vincent had in mind for that fight.

Natalie: You've seen John?

Vincent: And so have you.

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