OLTL Transcript Wednesday 9/27/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/27/06


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Adriana: So Layla's looking for a place to live and I'm looking for a place to live, so we thought why not find a place together? You know?

Rex: And I'm supposed to be excited about you moving out of here?

Adriana: I told you I wasn't ready to live with you yet.

Rex: Yeah, but you, Layla -- roommates?

Adriana: What? You don't think it's a good idea?

Rex: Well, she's an out-of-work actress. You sure she can pay the rent?

Adriana: Rex, she has a job, ok? I'm the one out of work.

Rex: Since when?

Adriana: Since I quit craze.

Rex: Well, does Dorian know?

Adriana: I told her tonight. She may still be my mother, but she doesn't need to be my boss, so now I have to start looking for a job.

Rex: All right, no problem. Plenty of magazines will hire you.

Adriana: I'm not so sure I want to do that anymore, or modeling, either.

Rex: Adriana, Bruce only pretended to stalk you. It had nothing to do with you being a model.

Adriana: Yeah, and everything to do with my mother hating the fact that you're in my life -- I know.

[Adriana sighs]

Rex: Are you still serious? About what you said earlier?

Adriana: You bet. I want to hurt Dorian as much as she hurt me.

Adriana's voice: I'm no longer your employee or your daughter.

Renee: What part of "get out" don't you understand? Don't you walk away from me. And I want to tell you, the next time, I am -- I am calling the police!

David: You misunderstood the situation, Renee.

Renee: You misunderstood my ability to tolerate your sleazy behavior.

David: Dorian, would you please tell Renee that I am not the bad guy here?

Renee: Oh.

David: I'm just the bad guy's brother.

Dorian: What's he done this time?

David: Nothing. I was having an innocent drink.

Renee: He was talking to the mayor's wife, asking her how much she'd like to pay to spend the night with him.

David: Pfft.

Claudia: Nash? Nash?

Nash: Mm-hmm?

Claudia: Look at me.

Nash: Why?

Claudia: Look at me. Nash?

Nash: What?

Claudia: Are you with me or Tess?

Antonio: Babe -- babe, where's the fire?

Jessica: I just can't wait.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hmm --

Jessica: Hmm -- ignore it.

Antonio: I can't, honey. You know I'm always on the clock. I got to go check.

Jessica: No, come on.

Antonio: Come here. Ah, I have to get it. I'm sorry. Whew. Vega. Yeah, what is it? What? No.

Jessica: What is it?

Antonio: You're sure it was him? Yeah. I'm still here. Do me a favor and call highway patrol. Confirm everything. Yeah. Thanks for calling.

Jessica: Hey, what is it? What happened?

Antonio: That was Gloria from the PD. She called to -- It was John.

Jessica: What about him?

Antonio: He's dead.

Marcie: I thought I heard you. I have the most amazing news! Ooh.

Natalie: Who is it?

Bo: It's Uncle Bo, Nat.

Natalie: Now really isn't a good time, Uncle Bo, you know? I've got these forensics exams coming up and I'm pulling an all-nighter.

Bo: Well, that'll have to wait. I need to talk to you.

Natalie: After the test? Please?

Bo: No, I'm sorry. We have to talk right now.

Marcie: Normally, I would totally make you guess -- animal, mineral, or vegetable, but this news -- it is way too good to make you wait.

Michael: Marcie --

Marcie: I know, I know -- get to the point, right? Well, Janice Dixon called and she said that judge granger made her decision. And she chose us. Michael, she chose us. We get to adopt Tommy. Isn't that great? Isn't that news just so wonderful?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, that's -- that's really great, Marcie.

Marcie: Yeah, I know. All we have to do now is fill out the paperwork and then Tommy's ours and, look -- look, I even got -- I even got us some champagne, you know, to celebrate because you're going to be a daddy.

Michael: Marcie, there was an accident on I-65.

Marcie: , I know. I know. I saw it on the news. Is that where you were?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: I'm so sorry. Michael, I -- I'm so excited about Tommy, I just kept blabbing. I'm -- I'm so sorry. It must've been terrible.

Michael: I wasn't there to treat the injured. I --

Marcie: Michael, what is it?

Michael: I --

Marcie: Michael?

Michael: I had to identify --

Marcie: What? Well, it's ok, honey. I'm here. Just tell me. It's ok. What is it?

Michael: John --

Marcie: John what?

Michael: He was in an accident. He's dead.

Natalie: I'm sorry, Uncle Bo. You know, these exams are really hard, so can we please just talk tomorrow?

Bo: It's about John, Natalie.

Natalie: Do you like balloons? John was planning a special night for us and I -- I thought I'd do something fun for him for when he comes home.

Bo: He's not coming home. There was an accident.

Natalie: Is he ok? What hospital is he in? I'm -- I'm going to -- I should go there.

Bo: Natalie? He didn't make it.

Dorian: You tried to sell yourself to the mayor's wife?

David: No. Beats digging ditches for a living.

Renee: Get out and don't come back.

Dorian: No. Renee, let him stay. I'll make sure he behaves.

Renee: Not possible.

Dorian: I agree, but everyone deserves a second chance.

Renee: Oh, thank you. Are you sure you want to do this?

Dorian: Not really, but if he misbehaves again, I'll call the police myself.

Renee: Oh, you are one lucky -- you are so lucky to have this woman in your life.

Dorian: Oh.

David: Thank you. But if you're about to launch into a lecture, I think I'd rather leave.

Dorian: No -- no lectures. Thank you very much for sticking up for me with Adriana. I'm living in a glass house myself, anyway, and don't ask me about Clint because, oh, I really blew it.

David: Well, if it makes you feel better, I can identify. I haven't exactly been voted Llanview's most popular resident.

Dorian: You know, trying to seduce the mayor's wife wouldn't have helped.

David: I need the money. I want to start a fresh life somewhere else.

Dorian: You're leaving?

David: I have no job, no money, and no place to live. People in this town treat me as if I've got some sort of contagious disease. Why shouldn't I leave?

Dorian: Because I'd miss you.

David: I'm sorry -- what?

Dorian: Because I'd miss you, you moron.

David: That's really sweet, I appreciate it. But it doesn't pay the rent.

Dorian: Llanview will feel empty without you.

David: Come with me.

Adriana: Come on, Rex. Haven't you heard the expression "revenge is sweet"?

Rex: Revenge can also ruin your life. Why don't you just forget about Dorian and move on?

Adriana: Hello. She hired someone to stalk me and then he kidnapped me and then he almost killed you. She has to be punished.

Rex: And you had her arrested.

Adriana: That's not enough!

Rex: You really want to see your mother in jail?

Adriana: She's not my mother -- she's a monster, and monsters deserve to be locked up for the good of society.

Rex: Bruce is dead. He can't testify against her.

Adriana: Well, then, the police can build a case against -- on my testimony.

Rex: Oh, then it's your word against Dorian's. That's not enough.

Adriana: I can't let her go free, Rex.

Rex: Why not? She can't stop us from being together. She knows how much she hurt you. Isn't that punishment enough?

Adriana: Apparently not, since she still thinks she can control my life.

Rex: Just ignore her. I doubt she'll hire another pseudo stalker.

Adriana: This isn't funny, Rex. I was never so scared in my entire life.

Rex: I know. You're safe now.

Adriana: Because of you, but my mother still hates you.

Rex: I don't care.

Adriana: I do. I need to teach her a lesson.

Rex: How?

Adriana: I'm not sure, but I've got a couple of ideas. Hire somebody to stalk her.

Rex: And what? He'll put a bag over her head, hold a knife to her throat?

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: She knows that's what happened to you. She'll probably be flattered by the imitation.

Adriana: Please, help me? Or I'll do it without you.

Rex: What if something goes wrong and you get hurt?

Adriana: I'll risk it.

Rex: All right, I'm in.

Adriana: Oh, thank you!

Rex: Well, I just hope you feel that way when it's over.

Adriana: You won't be sorry, I promise.

Rex: I already am. You really want to get back at her? All right. Then you've got to make her suffer over something she really cares about.

Marcie: No. Ok, no, because John -- he can't --

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: No, Michael, it can't be.

Michael: An 18-wheeler jumped the divide on the highway, hit him head-on.

Marcie: I don't -- I don't believe this.

Michael: The car exploded. He never had a chance, Marcie.

Marcie: Are you really sure about this, Michael, because, you know, I mean, a lot of people got hurt in that accident.

Michael: I saw his body.

Marcie: No. I am so sorry, Michael.

Michael: Why John? Why did this have to happen?

Natalie: No -- no, John's fine. I know it, I can feel it.

Bo: Natalie, you called me earlier to tell me that you thought that something was wrong.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I was being neurotic, you know, overprotective. John -- makes John crazy.

Bo: Oh, Natalie --

Natalie: Look, would I buy all these balloons if I thought something was wrong? I mean, would I be cramming for an exam if I thought that John was gone?

Bo: This is hard, I know.

Natalie: No, it's not hard because it's a mistake.

Bo: It's not a mistake. I saw the body.

Natalie: It wasn't him, ok? John made plans with me. He wouldn't leave me, ok? He wouldn't.

Bo: Natalie, he's dead.

Natalie: Well, that's what they said about Cristian.

Bo: This isn't the same.

Natalie: Then prove it. If John's really dead, then I want to see his body now.

Claudia: Nash?

Nash: Mm-hmm?

Claudia: If we're going to have passionate, mind-blowing sex --

Nash: Hmm.

Claudia: I need you to have it with me and not schizo girl.

Nash: Schizo girl is gone.

Claudia: Yeah, I know that. The world knows that. But do you know that?

Nash: Stop.

Claudia: You've had more drinks than I can count.

Nash: Hmm-hmm!

Claudia: Huh-huh. Are you seeing double of me or Tess?

Nash: No, come on. This is crazy.

Claudia: Yeah, so is falling in love with a woman who doesn't exist.

Nash: Tess is gone. What do you want me to say?

Claudia: That she's gone from your heart.

Nash: Can't. Sorry.

Claudia: Because she's part of Jessica and Jessica's starting to act like her now?

Nash: Nope -- because Tess is a part of Jessica, and Tess is not coming back. I lost her.

Claudia: So -- hmm -- I'm your consolation prize.

Nash: Yes.

Claudia: Who are you in bed with?

Nash: You.

Claudia: Say my name.

Nash: What?

Claudia: Say it.

Nash: Claudia.

Claudia: Again.

Nash: Claudia.

Claudia: Hmm.

Nash: Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. Claudia.

Claudia: Hmm, hmm. And now --

Nash: Hmm?

Claudia: I'm going to make you scream it.

Jessica: Oh, my God. What if -- what if Natalie's at home waiting for John?

Antonio: Bo will tell her.

Jessica: No. I -- Bo doesn't know where she is. She told me that she was going to John's house. I'll just call her. I can't -- can't tell her this over the phone. I can't tell her this over the phone.

Antonio: Go to her.

Jessica: Baby, I don't want to leave you.

Antonio: I'll be ok. Your sister needs you more than I do right now.

Jessica: I love you.

Antonio: I love you, too. Go.

Jessica: I can't even imagine what this is going to do to Natalie.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. John's family, too. Michael must be going through the worst nightmare of his life.

Michael: How can John be gone? Doesn't make sense.

Marcie: It never does.

Michael: I can't imagine a world without him. You know, even when we weren't getting along, you know, I -- I knew all I had to do was pick up the phone and call him and he'd be there for me. And now, I don't know. If I need my big brother, Marcie, I -- I'm scared. Please, Marcie, don't -- don't ever leave me.

Marcie: Oh, never. I'm never going to leave you. You're my world.

[Tommy cries]

Michael: He needs you.

Marcie: Ok. What's the matter? What's the matter with my big boy, huh? What's the matter? Your diaper's not wet. Oh, what's the matter? Are you hungry? Maybe? Are you hungry? What's the matter -- you hungry? You want some ba-ba? Yes. Aw. Did you have a nightmare? Huh?

Michael: Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah, baby?

Michael: Can I hold him?

Marcie: Of course you can hold him. Yeah, go to dad. There you go.

Michael: Hey, buddy. What's the matter, huh? Huh? Did you have a bad dream? Was it a monster? Ah. I thought so.

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: Let me let you in on a little secret, pal. My arms are force fields and no monsters can pass through them. So you're safe, buddy, so long as you're in my arms or your mom's arms, because we have secret powers. We'll protect you forever, buddy.

Natalie: Where is he? I want to see him.

Bo: That's not a good idea.

Natalie: Why not?

Bo: Just take my word for it.

Natalie: That's not good enough, ok? John told me that he was coming home and I believe him. You know, so unless there's some sort of proof that he's dead, then I -- I'm going to sit here and I'm going to wait for him to walk through that door. Ok, are you going to take me to the morgue, Uncle Bo, or do I have to go myself?

Bo: No, Natalie. Natalie. I want you to remember him the way he was.

Natalie: Why? I mean, nothing could be worse than what I am picturing in my head.

Bo: Listen to me. He was burned very badly.

Natalie: Then how do you know it's him?

Bo: Because his -- his height and his weight matched.

Natalie: That -- that could be thousands of guys!

Bo: No, but Michael was there with me. He's the one that identified the body.

Natalie: Ok, but did he look, did he really look --

Bo: Look, we found his badge. It was right next to the body. We also saw some tattoos that were visible --

Natalie: Ok, the badge, the badge -- it flew. It flew away during the crash and, I mean, lots of guys have tattoos. He could still be at the site. I've got to go find him.

Bo: No -- Natalie. Listen -- there's something else. We found this.

[Al Green's let's stay together]

Rex: What does your mother care most about?

Adriana: Money.

Rex: Ok. That's easy, then. Go after her wallet.

Adriana: I want her on the street, Rex.

Rex: Are you sure about this, because once we get the ball rolling, it could be a little hard to stop.

Adriana: I'm not going to change my mind.

Rex: All right. Bankruptcy is an option. I'm thinking something a little more emotional.

Adriana: Well, my mother is very attached to her bank account. I mean, she loves being rich.

Rex: All right, well, then she'll just figure out another way to get rich. People like her always do. In fact, it's the reason they get up in the morning. Uh -- what else does she care about?

Adriana: Her girls, or so she says.

Rex: Do you really want to hurt Blair or Kelly?

Adriana: Oh, God, no, of course not. I mean, it's hard enough being one of Dorian's girls. They don't need to be caught in the middle. Come on, Rex, just keep thinking. I need something guaranteed to work.

Rex: Men.

Adriana: David broke her heart, but she's over him.

Rex: Are you sure?

Adriana: Yeah. She has a thing for Clint Buchanan. I saw them kissing and she was like a teenager, but I told you -- he broke up with her when he found out what she did.

Rex: All right, Clint might be the way to go. I got to think about it.

Adriana: On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed am I?

Rex: Oh, 100. That's what I love about you.

Adriana: My capacity for hate?

Rex: No, I think of it as commitment. You know what you want. In this case, it's revenge.

Adriana: Hmm. So, where do we start?

Rex: Here. Would this make your mother crazy?

Adriana: Very.

Rex: How about this?

Adriana: Hmm, definitely.

Rex: And this?

Adriana: She'd go insane.

Rex: Let's send her to the loony bin.

Adriana: Hmm.

Dorian: Go away with you? You're joking.

David: I've never been more serious in my life. Why do you need to stick around in Llanview? It's not like you need to stay here for the money.

Dorian: I get it. You want me and my checkbook.

David: I always want you, baby. The money doesn't hurt.

Dorian: Oh, ho! I so appreciate your honesty.

David: Look the truth is I'm going whether you come with me or not.

Dorian: You've threatened to leave before.

David: I know. But this time, I'm really going. I'm not going to stick around here for Spencer's trial.

Dorian: But you'll have to testify.

David: So I'll leave a forwarding address. Haven't you ever just wanted to ditch everything and start all over again?

Dorian: Hmm. Many, many, many times. It sounds tempting, but --

David: But, but, but -- but what?

Dorian: It's -- but we'd be running away.

David: I love running away. It's what I do best.

Dorian: No, no, no. If -- if I went away now, I'd -- I'd never be able to win my daughter back, or Clint.

David: So what? Those two -- they did nothing but hurt you.

Dorian: Oh, no. No, no, no. I've hurt them much more.

David: Remorse is not a quality that suits you.

Dorian: David, I -- I couldn't leave now, I mean, not with my daughter hating me -- no, no. I've got to win her back.

David: What am I going to do without you?

Dorian: Survive.

David: Hmm.

Dorian: You always do.

David: It's not exactly a skill that you can put on a resume.

Woman: Don't be so sure. Beverly Altman.

David: David Vickers. You're a casting director?

Beverly: And you're a hot tamale for a guy your age.

David: Easy. She meant that as a compliment.

Beverly: I absolutely did. Ever consider a career in show biz?

Marcie: You know that you don't need any secret powers, right? The only thing I need is you. I need you. Tommy needs you. You know, this is what it's about. You know, you have us and we have you. [Marcie chuckles]

Michael: Well, he's damn lucky to have you. We both are.

Marcie: You know that John -- John is always going to be with you, right? You know that. He's going to be in here.

Michael: Yeah. I guess he's with dad now. I hope my dad's yelling at him for not watching the road. My mom. I have to tell my mom about John.

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: She's going to be here tomorrow.

Marcie: I didn't know that your mom was coming for a visit.

Michael: Yeah. She's bringing John her engagement ring.

Marcie: For Natalie.

Natalie: No, no, no, no, no! No! Oh! He left me! How could he leave me?

Bo: He didn't want to leave you. Natty, he loved you so much, you know? You hold on to that.

Natalie: Every-- everything was finally turning out ok for us. We -- we finally got it right. We got it right.

Bo: Come on. Let me take you to your mom's.

Natalie: No, no. I want to stay here.

Bo: Natalie --

Natalie: No, I --

Bo: You can't be alone.

Natalie: I'm not alone, ok? I'll be with John!

Bo: Ok, fine -- then I'll call Viki.

Natalie: No.

Bo: I'll have her come by. Natalie --

Natalie: I can't. I just -- I don't want to se anyone, Uncle Bo. I just -- I want to -- I want to -- I want to be alone. I'm fine. I'll be fine.

Bo: You're not fine.

Natalie: I am fine, ok? Please, Uncle Bo -- let me do this my way. Please?

Bo: Ok. Ok.

Natalie: Please.

Bo: I want you to promise me, though, that you're going to call your mom and you're going to call me later.

Natalie: Yeah.

Bo: Ok? Oh, gee. I love you so much.

Natalie: I love you, too. I love you, too. I got it. Thanks.

Bo: Now, you call me.

Natalie: Ok.

Jessica: Bo, how is she?

Bo: Not good.

Jessica: I'll go talk to her.

Bo: Jess -- she wants to be alone right now.

Jessica: Well, that's crazy. She shouldn't be alone.

Bo: Well, let's -- let's let her handle it her way, at least just for now.

Jessica: I can't just walk away.

Bo: I know, but she was really adamant about being alone, so let's respect the way that she wants it.

Jessica: Well, I don't think that she's the best judge of what she needs right now.

Bo: I think maybe you're right. But I also think that she doesn't want anybody else telling her what she needs any more than you do.

Jessica: Well, can you promise me that she's going to be ok?

Bo: She's not ok, but she's going to get through this, and we have to let her. Ok? Her way.

Jessica: She's just all alone. I --

Bo: That's the way she wants it right now.

Jessica: Fine. But just for tonight.

Bo: Just for tonight. Come on.

Antonio: Tell Bo I'll be home if he needs me.

Jessica: Hey. Who was that?

Antonio: That was Gloria from the PD. John's car was hit head-on. Exploded on impact.

Jessica: That's awful.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah. So you couldn't reach Natalie?

Jessica: No. Um -- I ran into Bo outside John's door and he said that she didn't want to see anyone.

Antonio: Well, then you go to her. You let her tell you what she wants.

Jessica: I would, except that I -- I can almost feel her pain, I don't know, like it was my own and I kind of feel like she needs to be alone with it.

Dorian: What kind of a career in show biz?

Beverly: Acting.

David: I've done that my whole life.

Dorian: He's had no formal training.

Beverly: He doesn't need any. This is Hollywood we're talking about.

David: Wait. Will I have to do nude scenes?

Beverly: With that body? Definitely.

David: Thank God. Where do I sign up?

Beverly: You have my card. I head back to the coast tomorrow. If you're ever in town, give me a call, please.

David: Would you like to help me write my Oscar acceptance speech right now?

Dorian: Oh, please. Oh, come on, you're not seriously considering this, are you?

David: She is a legitimate casting director. She has a business card. And she thinks I'm a natural.

Dorian: A natural con artist.

David: That's what acting is! Come on. Think about it. I've been training for this my whole life. And it beats trying to bed the mayor's wife for dough.

Dorian: I would tell you to be careful, but then you always do land on your feet.

David: I guess it's Hollywood or bust.

Dorian: Don't bust.

David: Come with me. You can be my leading lady.

Dorian: Oh. No thanks. I'm already starring in my very own little drama right here in Llanview.

David: We had good times, didn't we?

Dorian: Yes. We did, always.

David: I'll miss you.

Dorian: I'll miss you.

Singer: It's ok I'm going home now I'll be ok tonight I just want to be alone now with the dark and the light that's my favorite color blue there as the sun sets in the sky there's just something in the hue there in the corner of my eye in the dark and the light in the blue and the white all the things that I've forgotten all the things that I am not holding back and never letting you see light a match in the dark now see my shadow on the wall doesn't seem too much like me, no it's Not like me at all I pore over what you wrote and the letters burn the page I see all the things you meant to me in the things you didn't say in the dark and the light in the blue and the white all the things that I've forgotten and all the things that I am not holding back And never letting you see. Now I am Now I am now I am ooh, ooh

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Bo: We need to plan a funeral for a hero.

Michael: She's never going to know that John wanted her to marry him.

Eve: Maybe she should know.

Natalie: You caused this. You killed John!

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