OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/26/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/26/06


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Bo: All right. Ahem. Who do you have? Is there a positive ID?

Jack: It's a billfold with a Llanview PD badge. The ID was charred, but the badge is still intact. I can read the number.

Bo: All right. I'm -- I'm at my computer. Go ahead.

Jack: All right. It's 5-6-6-6-1-7.

Bo: Oh, God.

Bo: Uh --

Jack: You got a name?

Bo: Lieutenant John McBain.

Jack: I'm sorry, sir. I know how hard it is to lose one of your own.

Bo: How sure are you about this?

Jack: The badge was found right next to the body.

Bo: Yeah, but that doesn't prove anything. I'm on my way there.

Jack: All right, sir, but I got to tell you -- prepare yourself. It's bad. It's very bad.

Jessica: Vodka, double, Russian, straight. Are we clear, honey?

Claudia: What's up with that?

Nash: Whew -- what you doing?

Jessica: I'm having a drink.

Nash: Huh.

Jessica: Would you mind hooking my friend up with one of these? I hate drinking alone. You going to join me, or what?

Blair: So which one is your homeroom, Starr?

Starr: It's down this way.

Blair: Are you sure?

Starr: Mom, calm down. I got it. Just chill, ok?

Blair: Well, I can't help it. You missed your whole first week of school. I'm just glad that we're actually at this back-to-school conference tonight so I can meet your teacher.

Starr: You know, we didn't have to come here.

Blair: Yes, we did. I think it's a great idea. We're going to get back to normal, you know.

Starr: "Normal"?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Starr: Our family? Look, just be cool and don't do anything embarrassing.

Blair: I wouldn't.

Starr: Like you never have before?

Blair: Oh, you really want to get into this right now, Starr, hmm?

Starr: It was your idea to come.

Blair: Oh, yeah, well, it was your idea to fake brain damage to get your parents back together.

Starr: And for the one millionth time, I wouldn't have had to do that if you weren't with that psycho.

Blair: I was not with him, all right?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: I was getting information to help your dad, and I got it.

Starr: And how many times did you have to sleep with him in order to get it? Look, I don't blame dad for not wanting to see you tonight.

Blair: Well, he might be here. I left him a message, anyway.

Starr: Let's just get this over with.

Blair: Yeah, let's get this over with.

Man: Let me be the first to shake your hand, Mr. Manning.

Nora: Hey, Matthew and I are going out to grab a bite. You want to come with?

Bo: Um -- there's a big pileup on I-65.

Nora: Yeah, I know. I heard it on the radio. It's terrible. People were killed. Uh -- I-65 is a little out of your jurisdiction, isn't it?

Bo: I just got a call from a captain Murphy from Atlantic City police department. John McBain was one of the casualties.

Nora: Oh, my God, Bo. Are -- are you sure John was killed?

Bo: All I know is what this Murphy told me. They found John's badge near one of the bodies.

Nora: Was there a description?

Bo: No, the body's burned too badly. That's why I want to go there to see for myself. I mean, you know, it -- maybe it's not John.

Nora: Did he have any reason to be on I-65?

Bo: He was on his way to Atlantic City because he wanted to visit his father's grave. He felt like he could finally make peace with his father's murder and with Truman's arrest.

Nora: Could the world be that cruel, to take John's life just as he was pulling it together?

Bo: No, but it might not be John.

Nora: Oh, God, I hope not. Um -- is there anything --

Bo: No. No, but I got to call Michael. Uh -- he should know.

Nora: Are you sure you don't want to wait?

Bo: No, I can't wait. He's next of kin. I know he wants to -- he would want to know.

Nora: What about Natalie?

Bo: No, not now. She had a bad feeling tonight about John. Let's just hope she's wrong.

Nora: All right, well, I won't say anything until you give me the word.

Bo: Hey, Michael? It's Bo Buchanan. Are you somewhere where you can talk? Yeah, something -- something important. It -- something's happened and I think you need to know about it.

Antonio: So, what's going on here?

Jessica: Hey, baby!

Antonio: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey! Ahem. So -- what's up?

Jessica: Oh, just having a drink with Nash.

Nash: Yeah -- her idea.

Jessica: Oh, no, no, no. Don't be jealous.

Antonio: No, I'm -- I'm not, but -- but when do you -- since when do you do shots?

Jessica: I -- just got bored of always drinking white wine and cosmos all the time, so I thought I'd try something different.

Nash: No, it wasn't different for Tess. Vodka was her drink.

Jessica: Explains a lot.

Nash: Yeah, I tried to get her into wine, you know, with the vineyard and everything. Once in a while, she'd try a red, mostly -- something hearty, a cabernet.

Jessica: Yeah, I hate red.

Nash: Oh. Once in a while, she'd say she had a taste for a chardonnay.

Jessica: Hmm. My favorite. Huh.

Antonio: Jessica, but you don't like shots. You never did.

Jessica: Well, now I do. Antonio, it's ok. Tess is a part of me now, or again. Anyways, I'm going to like things that I never did before.

Man: Now, I think I can speak for all of us when I say what a raw deal you got. I mean, just think -- you were set up for those murders, you nearly died, and you came back. It's unbelievable. You're some kind of phenom.

Second man: You should sue.

First man: You know, if I had a drink, I'd make a toast. Anyone got a bottle around here?

Todd: No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'd -- I'd say he's had enough, but thanks.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: No, no, no. I'm -- I'm -- I'm no phenom. I'm just -- I'm just somebody who got in the way of the wrong guy and we're not here about -- about me anyway. We're here for our children, you know. We're all here for our children, right?

Starr: I'm -- I'm glad you came, dad.

Todd: You didn't think I'd come?

Blair: We're both glad.

Todd: Well, let's go find your teacher.

Starr: Ok.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: Mrs. Kowalksi? I'm Starr Manning.

Mrs. Kowalski: Starr. It's so nice to finally meet you.

Blair: Hi. I'm Blair Cramer. This is her father, Todd Manning, and we're sorry Starr missed her whole first week of school, but she was in the hospital.

Mrs. Kowalski: I heard, I heard. I hope you're feeling better, Starr.

Blair: Oh, she has made what we call a -- a miracle recovery.

Mrs. Kowalski: Miracles seem to run in your family.

Todd: Oh, depends on how you look at it.

Starr: Hey, look. Langston's here.

Blair: Oh. Well, you should probably run over and say hello and I'll talk to Mrs. Kowalski a little bit longer, ok? I'm not going to do anything to embarrass you, ok?

Starr: Don't say it, dad.

Mrs. Kowalski: It's all right, Starr. I know how to handle parents.

Starr: Hmm, you haven't met my parents.

Mrs. Kowalski: No, but I've been doing this a while. I've seen all kinds. Langston looks like she could use some company. I'll see you tomorrow morning, ok?

Starr: Ok, cool. See you. Hey, I didn't think you were coming.

Langston: Me, neither.

Starr: Where's your parents?

Langston: Like I know?

Starr: That sucks.

Langston: It happens.

Starr: No kidding. The only reason why my parents can stand being in the same room with each other is because of me.

Blair: Well, we know that you're Starr's counselor.

Mrs. Kowalski: That's right, so anything I can help her with --

Blair: Well, I'm just afraid that she's not going to fit in. Her father and I have had a lot of publicity lately and I just don't want her to be singled out.

Man: I've never liked that Truman. I used to run into him at the club -- real arrogant SOB. He had a God complex gone wild. What the hell was Manning's ex thinking, going to bed with the guy trying to execute him?

Bo: Mike, it may not be John. Ok?

Michael: Where's this Captain Murphy?

Bo: I don't know. Excuse me. I'm commissioner Bo Buchanan from the Llanview, Pennsylvania, Police Department. I'm looking for captain Jack Murphy.

Officer: Yeah. He's right there with his back to us.

Bo: Thank you.

Jack: Hey, I need help over there by the black van, right there. And you get statements from everybody in the station wagon.

Bo: Captain Murphy?

Jack: Yeah?

Bo: I'm Bo Buchanan.

Jack: Oh. You got here quick.

Bo: Yes. This is dr. Michael McBain. This is lieutenant McBain's brother.

Jack: Sorry I don't have any better news for you.

Michael: Commissioner Buchanan told me that you found my brother's badge?

Jack: Yeah. Right here.

Mrs. Kowalski: I'm terribly sorry.

Blair: Ah. It's all right. I'm -- I've learned to ignore jerks like that.

Todd: And I don't think Starr heard it, anyway. Otherwise, she would've torn him a new one.

Blair: The old Starr would have.

Todd: She is our daughter. She sticks up for herself.

Mrs. Kowalski: Anything else that you're specifically worried about where Starr is concerned?

Blair: Yes. Um -- advanced geometry.

Mrs. Kowalski: Oh, she scored very highly on the placement test.

Blair: Well, I'm sure she did, but, you know, she's missed that whole first week of school and all and --

Todd: She'll make it up.

Mrs. Kowalski: Yeah, she'll be fine, Ms. Cramer. She hasn't missed that much, and if she needs any extra help, I'll set her up with a student mentor.

Man: I'll tell you this much --

Blair: Ok, well, thank you.

Man: Todd Manning is a better man than me. I mean, I don't know how he can stand to be around that tramp after what she did to him. I'd teach her a lesson if it was me.

Blair: Todd! [Blair gasps]

Todd: How about I teach you a lesson?

Man: Please!

Antonio: I'm a little unclear. I talked to Adriana, she told me that you had left already to go find Nash.

Jessica: And then I came back. Nash was at his new vineyard.

Nash: It's not my vineyard yet, Jessica.

Antonio: Oh.

Jessica: Oh, it will be.

Nash: Yeah, just as long as nobody buys it from under me before I find an investor.

Antonio: Are you buying here in Llanview?

Nash: Hmm. Just outside of town, actually. It's pretty rundown, but it's got great bones. Hey, I've got nothing but time these days.

Antonio: Right. That's a pretty big project. It's going to take a lot of capital.

Nash: Don't I know it. Hey, I'm talking to investors.

Jessica: No, no, no, no, no.

Nash: No, no, not Jessica. Someone else.

Antonio: Anyone I know?

Nash: Yeah -- your brother's manager.

Antonio: Vincent Jones?

Nash: Yeah, that a problem?

Antonio: Uh -- well, no, not right now, but it will be if you get mixed up with him. Guy is bad news.

Nash: I will take that under advisement.

Antonio: Good. Ahem. Ready?

[Music plays]

Jessica: No. I love this song. Please? Please, can we dance? Please? Come on.

Claudia: She's not Tess. She never will be.

Nash: But part of her still is. And that's what makes it worse.

Paige: Nora?

Nora: Paige. Bo's not here.

Paige: Oh. Is he -- is he somewhere around the station or --

Nora: Stepped out on a case.

Paige: Do you know when he'll be back?

Nora: Not anytime soon.

Paige: What's wrong?

Nora: Hmm? Oh, I'm just tired. That's all.

Paige: You're not feeling dizzy or headachy?

Nora: Oh, God, no, no, no, nothing like that. Don't worry about that.

Paige: What's so fascinating about that picture?

Jack: It was found right there, right next to the car.

Bo: How did this accident happen?

Jack: Well, from what we've been able to put together, the 18-wheeler there crossed the center line for some reason -- we don't know why -- and the driver's dead. It hit the McBain car head-on, caused the car to explode, which then caused the pileup. A number of fatalities, a lot of injuries. We haven't identified everybody yet.

Michael: How -- how do you know that that is his car? I mean, you can't -- you can't even recognize it.

Jack: No, no. We were able to run the plates, and the car is registered to John McBain of Llanview, Pennsylvania. I'm very sorry. We think Lieutenant McBain was thrown from the car at the time of the explosion. We found the badge and the -- right nearby.

Michael: I need to see the body.

Jack: I don't think that's a good idea.

Michael: I can handle it.

Jack: It's been very badly burned.

Michael: I'm a doctor. I need to see my brother.

Jack: This way. Let me warn you again about the condition of the body.

Michael: Just let me look at it. Please.

Nash: Set me up with another.

Claudia: Sure you want to do that?

Antonio: Much as I love dancing with you --

Jessica: No.

Antonio: I think it's time to go.

Jessica: But I'm in the mood to dance.

Antonio: I know, but we got to go. Baby.

Jessica: You're right.

Antonio: I know.

Jessica: All right. We got to go pick up Bree and Jamie from my mother's to give her a rest.

Antonio: Yes, we do.

Jessica: But thanks for the dance.

Antonio: You're welcome.

Claudia: That's weird -- they just leave like that without saying goodbye. They sure are good together, Antonio and Jessica -- on the dance floor, I mean.

Nash: Well, they got nothing on us. Hmm. Mm-hmm.

Todd: I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget. How about that?

Mrs. Kowalski: Mr. Manning, please!

Todd: Oh, what are you going to do? Give me detention, send me down to the principal's office?

Starr: Dad, stop it!

Todd: Apologize.

Man: I apologize if I insulted you.

Todd: Not me, dummy -- my wife.

Blair: Oh -- Todd, it's ok.

Todd: No, it's not.

Blair: Come on.

Todd: This guy's had too much to drink, but that doesn't give him an excuse to trash you.

Man: I can't believe you're doing this after what she did to you.

Todd: You don't know what you're talking about, do you?

Man: Her and Spencer Truman.

Todd: Listen, if it weren't for that woman right there, Spencer Truman would be still on the street. If anybody's a phenom, it's her.

Nora: I -- I just found this picture on Bo's desk and I -- I've just been sort of thinking about John and how he was finally getting the justice he deserved for his father's death.

Paige: "Was"? What are you -- what are you saying? Is Spencer getting out of this somehow?

Nora: Oh, no, no, no. No, that's not what I meant. I just -- no, John got his man.

Paige: You know, Spencer's not the only person responsible for Thomas McBain's death. If I hadn't been drinking that night --

Nora: You know, if Spencer hadn't shot Thomas McBain to begin with, it wouldn't have mattered how many drinks you had. Besides, you've owned up to your mistakes and you're paying the consequences.

Paige: Well, losing my medical license is really not fair payment for a man losing his life.

Nora: Oh, wow. I -- I remember when I was having my little pity party about my stroke, you came to "kick my butt." Is that what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Paige: I don't know. It's just every time I think about John or Michael, I -- I feel this huge wave of guilt. They're both really great men and they don't deserve the pain that Spencer and I have caused them.

Bo: You ok, Michael?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- yeah, I'm -- I'm ok. Uh -- white male, 30s, approximately six feet tall, hair of indeterminate length and color. Tattoo on the right arm.

Bo: Is it John?

Michael: It's tough to say.

Bo: What is it?

Michael: It's -- it's John.

Blair: Come on, Todd, just let him go.

Todd: Say "I'm sorry."

Man: I am sorry.

Todd: Say "I'll never do it again."

Man: Yeah. What he said.

Todd: Good going. You get an A.

Woman: Blake, are you all right?

Blake: I thought this nut job was a good guy. I ought to sue.

Todd: Yeah, you should try that.

Blake: You two deserve each other.

Todd: Yeah, sorry about that. I think I lost it a little bit.

Starr: It's ok.

Todd: Whew. I should probably go before I burn down the Chem lab. You guys cool here alone?

Starr: Hmm, I'm good.

Langston: She's not alone.

Starr: What?

Langston: She's got me.

Todd: Oh, so you got her back?

Langston: Yeah.

Todd: See you.

Blair: Todd, wait.

Claudia: Oh.

Nash: Whoo-hoo! We are good. You know what? I think we should challenge Antonio and Jessica to a dance-off. You know, just like that TV show.

Claudia: How drunk are you?

Nash: Oh -- not nearly drunk enough. Couple more shots here. Oh, wait a minute. I'm sorry. I forgot -- she doesn't drink. Oh, well.

Nash: You know, I thought that I would have wanted more Tess in Jess. But it is like seeing Tess with Antonio. And that sucks.

Claudia: It's got to be impossible. Like -- like seeing something you're dying for and aren't allowed to touch. What's so funny?

Nash: What? Me. Myself. I am a sad case. And I know that I am a sad case. And when you know that you're a sad case, you're truly in trouble. So you know what I say to that? Whoo-hoo! Party on. You going to get in my face for that?

Claudia: No, I'm not. The fact is I think you should party on as much as you want to.

Nash: Hmm.

Nora: I may not be able to kick your butt, so I'm going to torture you with this coffee.

Paige: Thanks.

Nora: And now, for my defense strategy.

Paige: Hmm. I thought you were a prosecutor.

Nora: Not always. A -- you -- you have owned up to your mistakes. And whether you believe it or not, you're paying for them. B -- you're also testifying against Spencer. That's big. It helps John and Michael tremendously.

Paige: I hope it's enough.

Nora: It's all I need.

Paige: You?

Nora: Yes, I'm probably going to be trying this case. Hugh has recused himself quite suddenly.

Paige: Well, then you've -- you've heard.

Nora: Heard what?

Paige: I'm Hugh's biological mother, and Spencer is his father.

Bo: Mike, are you sure it's John?

Michael: Yeah, yeah. He never wore it. You know? He always had it with him. Natalie -- Natalie gave it to him last Christmas.

Jack: Gentlemen, again -- excuse me, I'm sorry.

Michael: Yeah.

Jack: If there's anything that you need --

Bo: Thank you. Listen, I know you've got a lot to do, so we'll take it from here, ok? Thank you.

Jack: Yeah.

Michael: Thank you.

Bo: Mike, you ok?

Michael: No. No! No, ok? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Jessica: Well, that's a first. Jamie and Bree in bed at the same time.

Antonio: Oh, well, your mom wore them out.

Jessica: Or the other way around. But I'm thinking that we should be taking advantage of the situation.

Antonio: Well, I was thinking that maybe we should go to bed ourselves.

Jessica: Hmm, yeah, same here, if you like to.

Antonio: I meant to sleep. Hmm.

Jessica: What's going on? Are you still mad at me?

Antonio: I was never mad. Just concerned.

Jessica: "Concerned"? That I was having a drink with Nash and that I wanted to dance?

Antonio: That's not you, Jessica.

Jessica: I'm not Tess, Antonio.

Antonio: I know.

Jessica: I just wanted to have a little bit of fun. I mean, we just got engaged, and -- I just like the way I feel right now. I own my feelings for the first time, and I'm feeling more, and it doesn't mean that I love you any less. But I just hope that it hasn't changed the way you feel about me.

Antonio: Of course it doesn't. I love you. I always have, and I always will.

Jessica: How did I get so lucky?

Antonio: I don't know.

Jessica: Thank you for understanding. But I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

Antonio: I am a little curious, though. You said you went to the winery to find Nash -- for what?

Jessica: I wanted to thank him.

Antonio: Why?

Jessica: Well, I was talking with Adriana.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: And what happened with her and Bruce Bartlett.

Antonio: I see -- who would have known nothing about Adriana if it weren't for Nash bringing him to Llanview.

Jessica: That's a bit of a stretch, Antonio. It's not Nash's fault that he kidnapped Adriana.

Antonio: Well, he was friends with that sick bastard.

Jessica: No. No, they weren't friends. They knew each other. Nash also saved me from Bruce Bartlett almost raping me.

Antonio: Ok, that might be true. All right? But he didn't save you, Jess. He saved Tess.

Jessica: Well, it was my body. And Tess' past is now my past. And Bruce would have drugged and raped and possibly killed me if Nash hadn't have dragged me out of that party. And it was me. And Tess was grateful to him for that. Very grateful. And therefore, so am I. You understand, right?

Antonio: Yes. I'm just not sure that Nash does.

Nash: Hit me again, both of them.

Jerry: I don't think so.

Nash: You're cutting me off?

Jerry: Unless it's coffee.

Nash: Screw you. I got a bottle in my room.

Claudia: I am not letting you behind the wheel of a lethal weapon.

Nash: What happened to "party on," huh?

Claudia: Fun is one thing, insanity is something else.

Nash: I'll walk.

Claudia: Like you even could.

Nash: Claudia, back off. I'm a big boy, all right?

Claudia: Come on, Nash. I'll drive you home and get you into bed. To sleep it off. What do you think? Come on.

Starr: I can't believe my dad went off on that guy like that.

Langston: I know. Your dad is so awesome.

Starr: I guess. I mean, it's cool how he stuck up for my mom, but did he have to do it in front of half of homeroom?

Langston: It'll be like "so what" by tomorrow. You know how ADD everyone is.

Girl: Hi. I'm Britney.

Starr: Hi, I'm Starr. And this is Langston.

Langston: Hi.

Britney: Nice to meet you guys. You know that guy your dad just tried to attack?

Starr: Yeah.

Britney: That was my father.

Starr: I'm sorry.

Britney: Not as sorry as you're going to be, for the rest of your high school life.

Todd: I should probably get going before they call the cops on me.

Blair: Thanks -- um -- for sticking up for me.

Todd: Well, he's just a drunk idiot.

Blair: You called me a phenom. Meant a lot to me.

Todd: Just setting the record straight, that's all.

Paige: I gave up my son at birth because I didn't want him to be around Spencer. But now the secret is out, and Spencer knows. So Hugh is going to have to find a way to handle it on his own from now on.

Nora: Oh. Hmm. It's pretty incredible.

Paige: I know. And the most incredible part is that he ended up in the same town, right here. It's almost like it was meant to be.

Nora: Oh, it's exactly like that. Wow. You must be very proud of him. He's a smart, talented man.

Paige: He's a wonderful man. I just -- I wish I deserved that.

Nora: Oh, for God's sake. Ok, why don't you think you deserve that?

Paige: Well, no matter how -- how we sugarcoat it, my negligence caused a man's death. I wish that I'd had the guts to refuse to perform surgery that night. But Spencer insisted.

Nora: What do you mean? What do you mean, that Spencer insisted?

Michael: I can't believe this is happening. How can John be dead? I was talking to him a couple of hours ago.

Bo: I know. Me, too.

Michael: He gave Tommy a present. He said he was going to visit our father's grave. He told me maybe the old man's soul can get some -- some rest now. And I said -- maybe -- maybe yours can, too. That was the last thing that I said to my brother.

Jack: Excuse me. Sorry to intrude, but, Dr. McBain, I need your help. We just got another accident victim out from under her car. She's in very bad shape.

Bo: Dr. McBain's brother just died.

Michael: I'm ok. No, I'm -- I'm ok.

Bo: Are you sure?

Michael: Yeah, yeah -- I -- I want to help, you know? My brother -- my brother would want me to help. So I'm going to -- I'm going to do that.

Bo: Don't let me stop you. Hey, Mike?

Michael: Huh?

Bo: Don't be a hero.

Britney: Welcome to high school hell. And if you don't plan on being there with her, I suggest you lose this loser.

Blair: Well, how's everything going over here, girls? Hi.

Starr: Everything's just fine, mom.

Blair: Well, great! It is so nice to see you make new friends.

Todd: Somebody better get me a beer!

Jessica: I don't want to talk anymore. I -- want to make love to my husband-to-be.

Nash: Well, I think I got it from here.

Claudia: Well, let me at least help you out of these clothes.

Nora: Why would Spencer insist that you perform the surgery if he knew you'd been out drinking?

Paige: I don't know, but whatever his reasons were, it doesn't change the fact that I -- I was drinking and I did perform the surgery.

Nora: How many drinks did you have that night?

Paige: I don't even want to think about it really.

Nora: Ok. I won't push.

Paige: Do you have any idea when -- when Bo is coming back?

Nora: No. In fact, I wouldn't expect him tonight at all.

Jack: Again, Commissioner, I'm very sorry about your friend.

Bo: Natalie, it's Uncle Bo. Uh -- I need you to call me as soon as you get this message. Ok? It's very important. I love you.

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Adriana: I want to hurt Dorian as much as she hurt me.

Claudia: Who are you in bed with? Say my name.

Michael: There was an accident on I-65.

Antonio: It was John. He's dead.

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