OLTL Transcript Wednesday 9/20/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/20/06


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Antonio: I'm glad you still like it.

Jessica: Who said anything about me liking it? I love it --

Antonio: Oh.

Jessica: Love it, love it.

Antonio: And it looks good on you, too.

Jessica: It certainly does look good on me, doesn't it? You know, it's about time we took this thing out of the box and made it at home on my finger.

Antonio: It was in the box a long time, but I didn't want to give it to you until you were yourself again.

Jessica: It's such a beautiful ring. It's perfect. I have everything I ever wanted.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: I want more. I want to set a date.

Claudia: When you said you wanted to go, I thought you meant home, not another bar. Let's get out of here. You've had enough.

Nash: Ahem, bartender?

Bartender: Yes, sir?

Nash: A single malt scotch, please.

Bartender: You got it.

Claudia: I hate watching you like this.

Nash: You don't want to watch me like this, you can close your eyes, or you can -- hey, leave.

Claudia: Are you trying to self-destruct?

Nash: Kaboom.

Claudia: Ok, you want to be that way? Fine. Actually, could you make that two scotches?

Bartender: Two scotch, you got it.

Nash: What are you doing?

Claudia: I'm having a drink.

Nash: No, no, no, you can't do that. Your sobriety is too important to you.

Claudia: So?

Nash: So you've been sober for months.

Claudia: Yeah, and if you take a sip of that scotch, then I won't be anymore.

Roxy: That's my boy! Whoo!

Referee: You ok?

Man: Come on!

Referee: One, two --

Layla: He's going to do it. He's going to win!

Evangeline: Something's wrong with him.

Layla: Come on, Cris!

David: I know you like French cuffs, but I prefer your handcuffs.

Spencer: And you know just how they fit, don't you, David?

David: Oh  

Bo: See if you can find out what's going on with Lieutenant Mc Bain down at the docks, ok?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Bo: Thank you.

David: You know what? There is something you ought to keep in mind. You're going to have to update your resume now. You can keep "kidnapper" and "murderer" and "generally no good," but you're going to have to add "inmate" to that list now.

Spencer: The truth of the matter is, once my attorney finds out that I'm being held down here, I will be released. And by the way, how about that phone call, Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah, and when your attorney gets here, you can tell him that you're being held for trying to jump bail.

Spencer: If I wanted to leave town, Commissioner, I wouldn't be standing here right now, I can assure you.

Bo: Really? Because some of my guys said they saw you at the bus depot, and you were acting real strange, like you just wanted to go somewhere.

Spencer: Well, if that were true, I certainly wouldn't take a bus.

Bo: Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, because by the time your attorney gets here, the charges against you will be murder.

Spencer: Oh, really? Who got killed this time?

Bo: Thomas Mc Bain.

Spencer: Oh, right, yes, the cold case with no evidence. Yeah.

Bo: John and I saw you with that gun in your hand. Now, I don't think we're going to get to a point where it's like we said you said, because I think John is going to find that gun that you used to kill his father.

Natalie: John? John. Did you find it?

John: Everybody out. We're done here.

Natalie: Did you find it?

Referee: Five, six, seven --

Evangeline: Something's not right.

Layla: What are talking about? He's doing great.

Man: Come on, Abbott, get back in there!

Vincent: Hey, man, thanks for putting the brakes on that thing.

Ted: I tried, but I'm not sure the Abbott crew got the message, though.

Vincent: But Cristian is winning every round.

Woman: Yeah! Yeah!

Vincent: You mean to tell me that the fix might still be on?

Ted: You see, Abbott's trainer mixed up some concoction for your boy, and whether he uses it or not --

Vincent: I don't want to know the details.

Roxy: Whoa. That's the way! I got big bucks riding on you! Don't let your mama down!

Evangeline: He should have seen that coming.

Roxy: Go! Come on!

Paige: Am I catching you at a bad time?

Hugh: Nope. Come in.

Paige: We just -- we haven't had a chance to talk since --

Hugh: Since the bombshell.

Paige: Yes.

Hugh: I told my parents.

Paige: Your real parents?

Hugh: Yes, my real parents. The ones who raised me. The only parents I've ever known. They're great people, and even better parents.

Paige: Obviously. Just look at you. I hope -- I hope they were ok with it.

Hugh: Yeah. They always expected that I'd want to meet my birth mother -- and father.

Paige: Listen, Hugh, I don't expect you to treat me any differently than you did before.

Hugh: How can I not treat you any differently, Paige? You're my mother. I want to get to know you better. Now, Spencer, on the other hand -- that's maybe a tough one. I'm having trouble with that. He's not a -- the kind of guy that I'd like to be genetically tied to.

Paige: I don't blame you.

Hugh: Genetics and DNA -- that's all it is. And I told him he was basically just a donor.

Paige: You told him?

Hugh: Yeah. And once he was convinced, he bought the rest of what I told him.

Paige: What did you say?

Hugh: That his newfound son was warning him to get rid of any evidence tying him to the Thomas Mc Bain murder before John finds it.

Paige: Whoo. I don't even want to ask what happened next. Spencer -- he ----doesn't handle betrayal well.

Hugh: There's nothing he can do about it.

Paige: You know, your whole life, I have tried to protect you from this man. And now that he knows that you're his son, I -- I can't protect you.

Hugh: I don't need your protection, Paige. Thank you. Don't worry.

Paige: When Spencer's in your life, there's always a reason to worry.

Spencer: See you then.

Bo: Ahem.

Spencer: Well, that was my attorney, and he says not to worry. I should be free to roam Llanview within the hour.

Bo: Don't be so sure of yourself.

Spencer: I'm sure of this, commissioner. Those charges will be dropped, and the Llanview police department will be under investigation for gross misconduct and false arrest. I know that much.

David: What did they do, Spencer? Feed you an overdose of smug while you were in lockup?

Spencer: You see, the thing about it is, David, is that these charges were brought forth by the assistant D.A., Hugh Hughes. Isn't that right, Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Spencer: Actually, I do have a problem with being prosecuted by my son.

David: Whoa. What? Hugh Hughes is your son? Oh, Spencer, you finally find out you have a son, and it turns out to be the district attorney. What are the chances?

Spencer: You knew I had a son, David.

David: Oh, yeah. Everybody knew but you.

Spencer: Thanks for the heads-up, Dave.

David: You know, I think I like it on this side of the secret-keeping fence.

Bo: It doesn't really matter, though, that Hugh brought the charges.

Spencer: Actually, I disagree, Commissioner. He obviously resented me for not having been a part of his life, so he retaliated against me the only way he knew how to -- through the judicial system. Any way you slice it, it's grounds for dismissal.

Bo: All right, before you get yourself all worked up, take a look at the timeline. Ok? See, Hugh found out that he was your son after you were arrested. And now that he knows, he's not going to be the prosecutor.

David: You know, imagine my surprise, Spencer. No sooner do you find out that you have a son than you parlay it into your own favor.

Spencer: Shut up, David.

David: But then again, why should I be surprised, huh? I'm your brother. You set me up for a murder that you committed.

Spencer: Allegedly.

David: I guess I really shouldn't be surprised, though, should I? But then again, why did you hold on to the murder weapon all those years? Sentimentality? The only thing that dad ever gave you was the gun, so you held on to it? You saved it like a -- a flower pressed between two pages? Oh, Spencer, my brother, the murdering yet sentimental sap.

Spencer: What do you think I should do, David? Break down and confess?

Bo: You know, the irony here is you kept that gun to preserve your father's memory, and now, John Mc Bain is avenging his father's memory by trying to find it.

Natalie: Come on, John, talk to me.

John: The current is strong, especially on the bottom.

Natalie: Yeah, but the gun's heavy enough. It would just go strait down, wouldn't it?

John: It'd seem that way, like the current would carry it downstream on the way to the bottom, but there's no telling how far it would bounce along.

Natalie: I'm so sorry, John. I mean, isn't there any way that you can find this gun?

John: Not unless it got jammed on a rock.

Nash: I don't believe you. I don't think that you would throw away your precious sobriety just so that I won't have this one drink.

Claudia: It's not about that one drink. Or the next one, or even tomorrow's. Nash, you have a problem. I have been there. You're going down. I can see it happening. I know what I'm talking about.

Nash: You're going down with me?

Claudia: I'll do it.

Nash: And then what?

Claudia: I'll deal with the fallout tomorrow.

Nash: You can't do that. You're an addict.

Claudia: Hmm. You think?

Nash: I think that you're trying to play me.

Claudia: Cheers.

Nash: Cheers. I'm not drinking a Shirley Temple.

Claudia: Ok. Um -- actually, we changed our mind. We're going to have two club sodas.

Bartender: Oh, two club sodas.

Claudia: I have my moments.

Nash: So were you just trying to trick me?

Claudia: I don't know. You think?

Nash: Yeah. Tell me, you have any more tricks in that bag of yours that can help me forget?

Claudia: Depends. What do you need to forget?

Nash: That Antonio is marrying Jessica, and I'm never going to see Tess again.

Claudia: Yeah. I have something for that.

Antonio: Christmas. That way, I never forget our anniversary.

Jessica: Hey, buddy, I don't care what day we get married. You'd better never forget our --

Antonio: I was kidding, I was kidding. I would never forget the day I marry you. Besides, Christmas is too far away. I'd marry you tonight.

Jessica: Well, I want to marry you right away, too, but I thought that you wanted, you know, a big wedding.

Antonio: Well --

Jessica: You know, Jamie as a flower girl, and all of our friends and family and everything. Come on.

Antonio: Well, that sounds like my mother, but ok, how soon can we pull it all together?

Jessica: I don't know.

Antonio: How does the first week in November sound?

Jessica: Perfect. You know, tonight has been perfect, with the balloons and the flowers and the champagne, and the proposal.

Antonio: And we're not done yet.

Jessica: Hmm. Goody.

Man: Hey, are you ok?

Woman: Yeah, come on.

Evangeline: Fight back!

Layla: He -- he's doing the rope-a-dope. He's letting Abbott wear himself down, and then bam, Cristian takes him out.

Evangeline: How do you know that?

Layla: Everyone knows that. Come on, Cris. Come on!

Evangeline: Hey. Hey, Cris. Are you all right? Is it your hand?

Cristian: My hand's fine.

Trainer: You stung him with that right, ok? Are you listening to me, man?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I stung him.

Trainer: You're getting flat-footed. Now, you got to stay focused, all right? Focus, all right? Now, start feeding him with the jab, ok? And then you can cut loose. This guy's a tomato can. You can beat him. Stay with me, come on.

Evangeline: Are you ok? What's wrong?

Layla: This is so amazingly exciting. Cris and Vange are going to be flying tonight. And that prize money -- it's going to be sweet.

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I'm all right, but --

Evangeline: But what? Cristian, answer me.


Trainer: Bring it home, champ. Here we go. [Applause]

Roxy: Hey, Abbott, what do you think this is, the ballet? Bite his ear off!

Evangeline: Go for it!

Woman: Come on! [Cheers]

Trainer: Come on. Keep your hands up, damn it! Come on, Vega. [Cheers]

Evangeline: Vincent, something's wrong with him.

Vincent: I asked him, and he said he was ok.

Evangeline: I'm telling you that something is wrong with Cristian.

Vincent: This guy is the champion. I'm surprised he's doing as well as he is. Don't worry. Cristian's going to finish this fight just the way I expect him to.

Layla: That's it, Cristian, keep moving!

Roxy: All right, give him your right because you own this fight!

Layla: You think so?

Roxy: Yeah, if he doesn't knock this schlub out, he's going to win the decision.

Man: Whoa! Get up, Cristian.

Woman: Come on, get up.

Referee: One --

Layla: Get up!

Evangeline: What? Cris, get up! Get up!

Antonio: Wow.

Jessica: Hmm.

Antonio: You sent me down for the count. Hmm.

Jessica: It was really good.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Speaking of great --

Antonio: Hmm?

Jessica: Where should we go for our honeymoon do you think?

Antonio: Well, where do you want to go?

Jessica: Somewhere where neither of us has been before, so we can have a whole new experience together.

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Hmm. Well, this is the only experience that counts for me.

Jessica: Well, I'm sure we can fit this in while we're there.

Antonio: You know, I've been looking to buy a house for us. Enough rooms for Jamie and Bree, space for you to write.

Jessica: You were pretty confident that I was going to say yes, weren't you?

Antonio: Well, I was positive that my Jess was going to come back to me.

Jessica: You know, I know that I'm integrated and everything, and the therapy's really helping with my childhood, but --

Antonio: Yeah?

Jessica: I don't know -- we thought that my mom was integrated, too, and --

Antonio: And Niki came back out.

Jessica: What if that happens to me?

Antonio: Well, honey, the only reason Niki came out is because Viki called on hero help you. Niki knew the secret, not Viki. But you know everything that Tess does. So it's Jessica from here on in.

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: You're not convinced?

Jessica: No. It's just -- I didn't know before that D.I.D. could be inherited until I got it. And I was just thinking -- I don't know -- what if I pass it on to Bree?

Nash: Are you suggesting that you can help me forget about Tess?

Claudia: I see where you're going, you big-headed jerk. Maybe I have something to offer other than hopping in the sack with you.

Nash: Sorry.

Claudia: You know, I did learn a few things in the program, like instead of having scotch, have water.

Nash: Hmm.

Claudia: Excercise, take a walk, talk to a friend. And, like it or not, I seem to be the only friend you have in this town.

Hugh: Thank you for your concern, Paige, but I don't think Spencer's going to be able to hurt anyone from prison.

Paige: Well, how sure are you that you're going to get a conviction?

Hugh: It's out of my hands now. John's certain that he'll get what he needs.

Paige: Well, I hope that's true, for -- for everybody's sake.

Hugh: Yeah. What are you looking at?

Paige: Well, it's -- it's what I'm looking for. I'm -- I'm just looking to see if there's anything of me in there.

Hugh: We don't physically look like each other.

Paige: No, we don't.

Hugh: We have the same eyes.

Paige: Yeah. We do.

Hugh: Maybe when we get to know each other a little better, we can find some more common threads.

Paige: I'd really like that. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Hugh: Yeah. Me, too. What?

Paige: Now I'm just -- I'm looking for any trace of him.

Hugh: There's no trace, right?

Paige: No. I just see you.

Stan: In no way has my client violated any of the bail agreements.

David: He was at the bus station restocking the aspirin --

Spencer: I was never at the bus station, David.

Bo: He violated the terms of his bail. He was in possession of a handgun.

Stan: And that gun is where? Then let's bring this up before e judge. I'm sure he'll get a big kick out of your accusations. Come on, Spencer, let's get you out of here.

John: I don't think so. I've waited a long time to say this. Spencer Truman, you're under arrest for the murder of Thomas Mc Bain.

Stan: What is all this about?

John: 25 years ago, officer Thomas Mc Bain of the Atlantic City PD was shot in cold blood. This is the gun that was used to kill him.

Spencer: Well, even if that gun were used in some long-forgotten crime, Lieutenant --

John: No. Never forgotten.

Spencer: Nevertheless, there is no way to connect me to that gun or the crime.

David: Looks like you're starting to fray around the edges there, Spencer.

Spencer: Don't touch me.

David: There's something I'd like to clarify about that gun. Do you mind if I look at it?

[John sighs]

David: This gun is identical to the one that my father gave us. It's pretty rare. It's no ordinary Saturday night special. And since we know that it was not my gun that shot your father, odds are really good, Spencer, that it was yours.

Natalie: I'm going to take this down to ballistics. I'll have them put a rush on it.

Spencer: You're wasting your time. I swear to God, Buchanan --

Stan: Not another word, Spencer.

David: It looks like you're going to be spending some time in the yard wearing overalls and hanging out with a couple of tattooed fellas named bubba and snake.

Claudia: What a beautiful night. Stop.

Nash: What?

Claudia: Take a deep, cleansing breath. Mmm.

Nash: What, is this some kind of rehab thing?

Claudia: Maybe.

Nash: You almost made me spill my coffee.

Claudia: I'm sorry.

Nash: No, you're not.

Claudia: Ok, maybe not.

Nash: Ahem. So would you really have done it?

Claudia: Done what?

Nash: Had that drink?

Claudia: I guess you'll never know. Hmm. Hey, you know what this night reminds me of?

Nash: What?

Claudia: The first night we met, remember? That wine bar on the Upper East Side?

Nash: Of course I do.

Claudia: Huh. I was there with some friends when I heard this ass send back his wine because it was "immature."

Nash: Maybe I was a little immature.

Claudia: Hmm. I didn't think so.

Nash: Well, I was.

Claudia: You were so impressed that I knew so much about wine. And especially when you found out that daddy had a vineyard. Hmm.

Nash: That was a long time ago.

Claudia: Yeah, I know. I'm not trying to re-create history. Hmm.

Nash: Some things you can never get back.

Referee: Five, six, seven, eight!

Evangeline: Cris, get up!

Referee: Nine, 10! [Whistle]

Referee: The winner, and still champion!

Evangeline: He's not getting up. He's hurt.

Roxy: What the hell just happened?

Layla: Abbott got lucky. Is he going to be ok?

Vincent: I hope so.

Evangeline: Listen, Cristian. Cristian, answer me.

Trainer: You hear me, son?

Evangeline: Cristian? What's wrong with him?

Trainer: He's out.

Evangeline: Is he ok?

Trainer: He has a pulse, and it doesn't look like there's anything broken. But I think we ought to get this place cleared out before these people get a little crazy. A lot of moola changed hands here tonight.

Roxy: Oh, man, this is not going to cover it. Excuse me. You didn't happen to see a big ornery-looking bookie with a hairy neck and a medallion and a dented nose?

Man: Yeah, he's right over there, and he don't look happy.

Roxy: Thanks.

Layla: Listen, I -- I can tell that you're upset.

Vincent: Of course I am.

Layla: I know how important this fight was to you.

Vincent: It sure was.

Referee: I want to have a word with you.

Vincent: Of course.

Evangeline: Cristian -- Cristian, please say something. Say something.

Trainer: We got an ambulance sitting outside. One of my boys went to get the paramedics.

Evangeline: Oh, thank God. Thank God, babe, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Cristian: Did I win?

Evangeline: Abbott knocked you out.

Cristian: What? That's impossible. Oh.

Layla: Oh. I'm so glad you're awake.

Cristian: Where's Vincent?

Layla: He's talking to the ref.

Trainer: Where the hell is that paramedic?

Cristian: Wait, wait, what's he talking to the ref about?

Layla: They're going to send a video of the fight to the boxing commissioner. There's going to be an inquiry.

Evangeline: Good. Good, because something was definitely wrong with you.

Layla: Um -- that's not what they're investigating. They were talking about a phantom hit or something?

Cristian: Phantom punch.

Layla: Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Evangeline: I don't understand.

Cristian: They're saying I took a dive.

Claudia: When I was using, I never looked up. I never saw the stars. Half the time, I was just trying not to fall down. And the other half, I was looking for a drink or whatever. And then the other half, I was looking for you or thinking about you.

Nash: That's three halves.

Claudia: I know. That pretty much sums up my life excess across the board.

Nash: Hmm. Now, you're all about moderation?

Claudia: It's one of the hazards of the 12-step program. You know, you're addicted to self-help.

Nash: I don't think you got that one -- self-help addiction. I mean --

Claudia: What? Hey, you better watch it, buster. I did you a solid tonight.

Nash: I put you into rehab last time.

Claudia: No, you didn't -- you didn't pour the liquor and the pills down my throat.

Nash: Maybe not, but I was the reason you ended up there, and I'm sorry. I haven't said that lately.

Claudia: It's -- it's not something a person forgets.

Nash: Well, you're not going back there.

Claudia: Hmm. That's not up to you.

Nash: Well, maybe not. But I am not going to drive you to it. My conscience couldn't handle that.

Claudia: Thanks.

Nash: Oh, no, don't thank me. It's merely selfish. I got enough bad karma following me around here.

Claudia: You're doing ok. Don't be so hard on yourself, Nash. The fine citizens of Llanview will be happy enough to do that for you.

Nash: It is a weird place, isn't it?

Claudia: Yeah. We're not really in the club. But I'm not leaving.

Nash: Well, neither am I.

Claudia: Good.

Nash: Thank you for looking out for me tonight.

Claudia: Thank you for caring enough about me that you wouldn't let me take that drink. Hey, maybe we can't be business partners, but we can be friends.

Nash: Maybe.

Claudia: Hmm.

Antonio: Now, I understand your concern, honey, but what happened to you is not going to happen to Bree.

Jessica: How do you know?

Antonio: You know it, too. I -- look -- ok. There could be a predisposition of D.I.D. sure, right? But something horrific h to happen for it to set off, right? And I am not going to let that happen to my daughters. Yes, that's right. My daughters. Our family's going to be great.

Jessica: I believe you. With all my heart, I believe you.

Jamie: Daddy?

Antonio: Hmm.

Jessica: Oh --

Antonio: Coming, baby. I'll be right back.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: Oh.

Jessica: Oh, ho, ho.

Antonio: Somebody had a hard time sleeping.

Jessica: Oh, no!

Antonio: Yeah. Oh.

Jessica: Come here, honey!

Antonio: Ah.

Jamie: Could you tell me a bedtime story?

Jessica: Well, I would love to tell you a bedtime story.

[Bree cries]

Antonio: Oh -- when it rains.

Jessica: Oh, it pours.

Antonio: Hmm.

Jessica: Ok, where should I begin? Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named --

Jamie: Jessica!

Jessica: Jessica, that's right.

Natalie: Jeeter said he'd test the gun. He'll have an answer for us any minute.

John: It's only going to confirm what we already know.

Hugh: What's going on, John?

John: We found the gun.

Hugh: Excellent.

Spencer: You two set me up? Now it all makes sense. I never had a child with you!

Paige: Yes, you did. It's the truth.

Spencer: He's no son of mine.

Hugh: No, I'm not. I never have been, I never will be. Though, we do share some DNA.

Natalie: That was the lab. It is the gun that shot Thomas Mc Bain. And it unquestionably belongs to that sorry son of a bitch.

Jessica: And then, the fairy princess married the incredibly handsome, charming, and wonderful prince, and they --

Jamie: They lived happily ever after.

Jessica: Yes, they did live happily ever after, but not before they had two wonderful, incredible, amazing little daughters. And then --

Jamie: They lived happily ever after.

Antonio: Yes. Just like us.

Claudia: I have never seen so many stars. How many wishes do you think are up there?

Nash: Hurry up! Come on, it's a meteor shower! It'll only last a couple of seconds. Look, look, look, look!

Tess: Oh, wow, it's beautiful.

Nash: I know, right? We can make a million wishes. What was your wish?

Tess: Just that everything would stay how it is. Just you and me. No problems, no complications.

Nash: Wishing on stars is a waste of time.

Evangeline: They're saying you cheated? That's insane.

Layla: I didn't say it. That's what they're saying out there. They think Cristian threw the fight.

Cristian: I didn't.

Evangeline: Of course you didn't. Layla, can you give us a minute alone, please? Do you mind?

Layla: Of course. I'm glad that you're ok, Cristian. And for what it's worth, I don't think you did anything wrong.

Evangeline: Hey, what happened tonight?

Vincent: This better not come back to bite me.

Ted: Don't worry. There's no way they can trace the stuff on the gloves.

Vincent: Make sure of it.

Ted: Now, sit back and relax. I'll collect the money on the bets you made against your boy.

Layla: Hey.

Vincent: Hey. How is he?

Layla: Hmm. He's up and talking. I mean, do you really think Cristian threw the fight? Come on.

Vincent: Well, it doesn't really matter what we believe. What matters is the boxing commission is convinced.

Evangeline: Are you sure you don't want me to get the paramedic?

Cristian: No, no, I'm ok. Come on. I think that stuff is wearing of

Evangeline: What stuff?

Cristian: The stuff that was on Abbott's glove.

Evangeline: I don't know what you're talking about, Cris.

Cristian: The last couple of rounds, Abbott went at my face hard. And every time he connected, I could feel this burn. It smelled funny, and I passed out.

Evangeline: Well, that means if we watch the tape we can -- we can prove that you were drugged.

Cristian: I don't know. Maybe it just proves that I went down without a punch.

Evangeline: Cris, we have to do something.

Cristian: Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to find out exactly what happened and who did this to me.

Bo: Spencer Truman, consider yourself officially charged.

David: Don't look so concerned, Spencer. You're going to make a lot of new friends in the pen. And take a lot of cigarettes. They like cigarettes in the pen.

Paige: I thought this day would never come. But now that it's here, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Hugh: My only regret is that I'm not prosecuting your case.

Bo: John, you want to have one of our officers escort him down to booking?

John: Well, you know, Bo, if it's all the same with you, how about letting me see through to the end?

Bo: Go for it.

John: Let's go.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Spencer: Did you ever care about me?

Adriana: Maybe I need to give her a dose of her own medicine.

Rex: Well, now I'm scared.

John: I'm going to the grave. I can finally tell him it's over.

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