OLTL Transcript Friday 9/15/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/15/06


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Reporter: How's the hand, Cristian? Can you make a fist?

Cristian: Well, I'm sure Abbott here will let you know after the fight.

Abbott: Yeah, right. Picture that.

Cristian: I feel great. Never felt better.

Reporter: Where do you get your inspiration from, Cris?

Cristian: Well, as you all know, I grew up in Angel Square. Um -- things can be pretty rough out there.

Abbott: Pretty boy.

Cristian: I'd like to be a role model to those kids. And there's a woman in my life. She makes me want to be better. She's my inspiration. My lucky charm.

Vincent: He's going to need a lot more than that to win tonight.

Abbott: Hey, gorgeous.

Cristian: Easy there, Abbott. You wouldn't want to make things worse on yourself.

Claudia: What's in the file? The full 411 on Jessica/Tess?

Nash: No. This is the new love of my life.

Jessica: See who's here. I think I know who it is. You're going to like her.

Kelly: Hi.

Jessica: Oh, there she is! Hello, Auntie Kelly!

Kelly: Oh, I'm so glad you're awake.

Jessica: Come in, come in. Oh, here let me give her over.

Kelly: You slept through my last visit. Oh, ye please, I want to see. Oh, you look so beautiful in your jean dress, and you smell so good. Oh, I can't wait to get to know you.

Jessica: Oh, well, you will. The second you have your baby, we can go to the park together. We can go to the playground.

Kelly: That sounds like so much fun. Oh, you are such a lucky, lucky girl to have a sweet mommy and daddy. I bet Antonio's great with her.

Jessica: He is. He's wonderful with her. He's actually even more wonderful with me.

Kelly: Well, you two are the perfect couple. And you're so lucky to have this one.

Jessica: Yeah. Well, we sure do know how lucky we are.

Kelly: Oh, it must be such a relief to have found your way back to each other.

Jessica: Yeah, it is. And I kind of think in a weird way, because we had to fight so hard for it, we're in love now more than ever.

Kelly: Oh, Jessica, that's so great.

Jessica: Yeah, it is. I just hope now we can finally find some peace.

Antonio: Bo? Hey. You saw?

Bo: Antonio, if that's what I think it is, I couldn't be happier for you.

Antonio: I'm going to ask Jessica to marry me again. Today.

Bo: That's good news. That's the best news I've heard all day. And believe me, I really needed some.

John: All right, fellas, let's get to work. Have some fun with it. Don't hold back.

Officer: Ok, no problem, Lieutenant.

Hugh: Hmm. So tossing Spencer's hotel room is --

John: Just for effect. The sooner Truman's getting nervous, the sooner he'll make a mistake.

Spencer: Hello, Blair.

Blair: How dare you show up.

Jack: Dr. Spencer, you came!

Spencer: Well, yeah. How are you doing?

Claudia: A new love of your life? I'm intrigued. Real estate?

Nash: Not just real estate. It's a vineyard. Right here.

Claudia: In Llanview? You're kidding.

Nash: Uh-uh. An investment banker bought it. He had the vines shipped in directly from Italy, paid some people to get it up and running, and now he wants to sell it.

Claudia: Huh. That sounds like a great opportunity for you, Nash. And since Napa isn't really an option with your baby daughter being here in Llanview, this is perfect.

Nash: Hmm. Except for that.

Claudia: Oh. Yeah, that's steep.

Nash: It's steep. It's about five times more than I was expecting to pay. It's out of my budget.

Claudia: Well, it's in mine.

Jessica: Keep your fingers crossed.

Kelly: Is she asleep?

Jessica: I don't know. Maybe. She's fighting it with everything that she has. She never napped this afternoon. That's why she was a bit crabby.

Kelly: She wasn't crabby, she was a doll.

Jessica: Kelly, give me a break. She was screaming in your ear.

Kelly: I didn't hear a thing. It sounded like music.

Jessica: Oh, God. That's because you're Saint Kelly.

Kelly: Oh, God, no, I'm not.

Jessica: You are. You're always patient. You've always been serene and calm, and those are very important qualities to have when you're a mommy.

Kelly: Well, you have those qualities, too. You're really great with her.

Jessica: I don't know. Lately, I've been a bit of a worrier. I don't know whether it's sleep deprivation or what it is. But even when she's not crying, I get up, like, 10, 15 times a night to make sure she's still breathing.

Kelly: It's totally natural.

Jessica: Yeah. Tell that to Antonio because every time I get up he's, like, "Jessica, go back to sleep! If you don't get some sleep and stay calm, I don't know what I'm going to do with you!"

Kelly: Well, I'm sure a lot of your anxiety has to do with what you've been going through lately.

Jessica: Yeah. Well, I guess so, huh? I don't know -- it just feels like we've had to fight through so much, and --

Kelly: What?

Jessica: It just feels like -- I don't know -- we're losing sight of us, losing sight of our relationship.

Kelly: You've been through a huge crisis. It's got to be more complicated having Nash involved. I mean, it's stressful, trying to figure out how he fits into your lives.

Jessica: Yeah, well, it's a lot harder on Nash.

Kelly: Does he come around a lot?

Jessica: Well, he's really devoted to his daughter, which wouldn't be so difficult if --

Kelly: If what?

Jessica: If he wasn't still in love with Tess. You have no idea. It's horrible to see. He is devastated and lonely.

Kelly: Makes my situation seem a little less dramatic.

Jessica: You and Kevin getting along any better?

Kelly: Yeah. You know, we're trying.

Jessica: Good.

Kelly: But there's so much water under the bridge. There's no solution for us. I mean, there's no way we're ever going to find our way back to each other.

Jessica: Are you kidding? What have we just been talking about? Look at all the stuff Antonio and I have gone through, and we're happier than ever.

Kelly: You think you might get married again?

Jessica: I don't know. Well, we haven't really talked about it recently. You know, he brought it up not too long ago, but I told him that I couldn't wear a ring until I was whole again.

Kelly: And now that you are?

Bo: It's beautiful.

Antonio: It's the same ring I gave her before. I just didn't want to give it to her until she was herself again.

Bo: So you think that day has come?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I think it has.

Bo: Well, if that's true, then I couldn't be happier for you, and you and Jess, and, man, you guys have come a long way together.

Antonio: You know, Bo, to be honest with you, I -- I never thought this day would come, you know, but for the first time in a long time, Jessica and I and Bree and Jamie are a family. I'm a very lucky man.

Bo: Well, there's no argument there.

Antonio: And thanks for the kind words, Bo. I'll let you know how it goes.

Bo: All right. Come on, John, what's happening?

John: You call this tossed? Looks like the maid just got there! Come on! This place should look like zeppelin came through after a three-day bender, you know what I'm saying?

Officer: We're doing the best we can, Lieutenant.

John: All right! Let's get moving, all right, Eddie? That's better. [Phone rings] Hey, Jeeter, what do you got for me? You got Truman on the G.P.S.? Yeah? Where? 202 Lincoln avenue. 202 Lincoln Avenue? You sure? Thanks, man, I'll check it out. Looks like Truman stopped at an address in town.

Hugh: How strange. Wouldn't you think he -- he just got out on bail. He'd probably come home first, huh?

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, but who knows with -- hang on. It's bo. Hey, bo. Yeah. No, we're at Truman's right now. Well, the fellas are doing a hell of a job. Yeah. Hey, look, I just got word from Jeeter. Truman stopped at an address in town. Um -- 202 Lincoln Avenue -- that sounds familiar. Do you know where that is? Damn, he went to see Blair. All right. You know, Bo -- I'll take care of it. I'll get him out of -- n I'll figure out way to get him -- I'll figure out a way to get him out of there, Bo. I'm on it. I got to figure -- hey, ray, stop what you're doing right now. Uh -- do me a favor. What's his number? I need you to go downstairs, all right? And I want you to use a hotel phone, and I want you to pretend you're a desk clerk, all right? And you're going to call Truman at this number. This is his cell phone. And you're going to say there's cops upstairs, and they're going through his room, and you thought he should know about it, all right? Do it right now.

Ray: I'm on it.

John: Tell him it's an emergency. Let me tell you something. He lays a hand on Blair, he's dead.

Spencer: How are you doing, Jack? I missed you so much. You all right, buddy?

Jack: Did you get my message? Is that why you came here?

Blair: Wait, you called Spencer?

Jack: Are you mad?

Blair: No. Why did you call him?

Jack: I missed him. I wanted him to help.

Blair: With what, sweetie?

Jack: Telling Dad that I don't want to live with him anymore.

Spencer: Have you moved back in with Todd, Blair?

Blair: Jack, come here, babe. Come here. Come on. I'm going to have a little talk with Dr. Spencer. You mind?

Jack: Ok. I'm sorry.

Blair: You didn't do anything wrong, ok?

Jack: Ok.

Blair: It'll just be a minute. You have gone too far.

Evangeline: Well, I'm honored that Cristian says I'm his inspiration, but the truth is it's his drive and his strength that have gotten him where he is. I mean, he literally and figuratively fought his way back from so much to be here tonight, fighting for this title.

Cristian: All right, that's enough, guys. I'm -- I'm sure we'll talk later. After I win the fight.

Evangeline: That's right.

Reporter: Good luck, Cristian.

Cristian: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Evangeline: Good job.

Cristian: Yeah, right. I like having you by my side for all this.

Evangeline: Yeah? Just try to get rid of me.

Cristian: And why would I do that? You're so damn beautiful.

Evangeline: Wait -- question.

Cristian: What?

Evangeline: Is your hand really better, or are you just saying it is?

Ted: Don't look so worried, boss.

Vincent: I got a lot riding on this fight. In case Vega's got more than willpower going for him --

Ted: Did you hear what I said? I told you to quit worrying. It's all taken care of.

Nash: No way. You are not going to buy this for me, Claudia.

Claudia: Would you just hear me out?

Nash: I did just hear you out. I just showed you the specs on a vineyard that I can't afford. Without even batting an eyelash, you offered to buy it for me, which is a bad idea on more levels than I can count.

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, you're right. But since when is sound business a bad idea?

Nash: You don't know that it is sound business. All you know is that it will get you closer to me and leave me beholden to you. And neither of those things is going to happen.

Claudia: Wow.

Nash: Wow what? Wow that, after all these years, I can see right through you?

Claudia: No, that after everything we've been through, that's the best you can come up with for me?

Nash: You know what? Forget it. I was never doing this for myself, so what does it matter? It was all for Tess.

Claudia: I understand that, but what about your dream? You're nothing in all this?

Nash: Go away. Honey, I'm home! I have the first wine from our first vine of our first vineyard.

Tess: Oh, well, congratulations.

Nash: Why, thank you very much. It's grimy, it's young, it's full of sugar.

Tess: Oh. But it's ours.

Nash: It's ours.

[Tess laughs]

Tess: Have never been so happy that I'm not lowed to drink.

Nash: Well, I guess I'll just have to drink for both of us -- for the three of us. To -- a toast. To our family. To our wine. To our baby.

Tess: Yikes. Oh.

Nash: Oh, that's perfect.

Tess: You're insane.

Nash: I am insanely, madly in love with you.

Tess: Mm-hmm.

Nash: Mmm.

Tess: Mmm, mmm. Mmm, mmm. That wine tastes sweet.

Nash: Yeah. You want another taste?

Tess: Sure do.

Jessica: So, are you going to stay in town?

Kelly: Yeah, I think so. You know, I need to be around my family and my friends. It's just hard being here.

Jessica: Yeah. I know. I heard about what Spencer Truman did to Kevin.

Kelly: Yeah, i can't make any sense of it. I don't know why he would perform surgery on me so that I could have a child only to make Kevin unable to give me one. It doesn't have a pot.

Antonio: Look --

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Hello, Kelly.

Kelly: Hi, Antonio.

Antonio: Hi. But I thought you were getting a sitter so you could take your yoga class.

Jessica: Well, I was, but then Kelly called and wanted to come over and visit, so I canceled. I'll do it tomorrow.

Antonio: Hmm. Oh -- oh! I can't believe it.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: I -- I -- I came straight here from -- from the station and forgot the third -- aah -- forgot the third-quarter books. I have a -- a meeting with the accountant first thing tomorrow at Capricorn, and --

Jessica: So you --

Antonio: And I'm so tired I can't even -- I can't even trust myself to drive.

Jessica: Ok, ok. So you need the book?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, but you know what? I -- no, I'll just wake up a little extra early tomorrow morning, and -- and I'll get it before the meeting.

Jessica: Shh, shh. Honey, I will go and get the books for you.

Antonio: Jess --

Jessica: I'll go get your laptop. You don't sleep enough as it is.

Antonio: No.

Jessica: Yes.

Antonio: But you have company.

Kelly: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm going to go see Blair. I'll walk you out.

Jessica: Ok. See? No problem, ok?

Antonio: Oh -- all right.

Jessica: Don't worry about it.

Antonio: All right. Ok.

Jessica: Bree's down for her nap.

Antonio: Ok.

Jessica: If she wakes up --

Antonio: I'll give her her bottle.

Jessica: Excellent. And your laptop?

Antonio: In the office.

Jessica: Excellent. Ok?

Antonio: Ok. All right.

Jessica: See you soon.

Antonio: I'll see you later?

Kelly: Ok, yeah.

Antonio: And next time you come, we'll have a real visit.

Kelly: Yeah, definitely. See you around.

Jessica: Ok, let's go, Kelly.

Kelly: Bye.

Antonio: Yes. Now I got to work fast.

Blair: You've got some nerve showing up here out of the blue.

Spencer: Well, your son reached out to me, Blair.

Blair: My son doesn't know any better, Spencer.

Spencer: In a very heartfelt way, I might add.

Blair: He is young. He is confused.

Spencer: Would you prefer that I just ignore him?

Blair: I would prefer if you didn't use my children as an excuse for your vile behavior!

Spencer: He called me, Blair. I didn't call him. He's just a sweet, innocent --

Blair: Don't you dare tell me what kind of child I have, you got it? You have no right to him. And I swear to God, Spencer, if you touch either one of my children ever again --

Spencer: All right, all right, enough with the threats. I'm going. I'm going already. Now that you've already tried and convicted me, used me to our advantage --

Blair: Oh, I used you, did I? I don't think so. See, you came after me. You pretended to be consoling, protecting me. The whole time, you were just trying to get me in your bed.

Spencer: Oh, no, no, that's what you assume because that's what you do, Blair. You use sex to get what you want from people. Then you become self-righteous because you can't handle your own guilt.

Blair: You get the hell out of here, Spencer, now!

Spencer: You know, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I count you to be the biggest one. [Phone rings] Spencer Truman. No, I'll be right there. The cops are ransacking my suite. How about that? You happy now?

Jack: Is Spencer never coming back?

John: Hey. Did you get through to him? Good work. I'll get back to you. All right. He called Truman, told him we're going through the room. There's a good chance he's on his way here. You sure you're ready?

Hugh: I'm ready.

Ted: So here's how it's going to go down --

Vincent: Listen, teddy, I don't want to know anything, ok? Just get it done. That's all I care about. I can't afford for this to come back at me in any way.

Ted: Can you afford to have your fighter win?

Vincent: Just get it done, teddy. That's all I care about.

Ted: All right.

Vincent: Excuse me, champ. Hey, I just want to wish you good luck, all right?

Cristian: Thanks, but I won't need it. Hey, listen, Vincent, thank you for backing me on this. It means the world to me, really.

Vincent: Yeah, man. You'll do good.

Cristian: Thanks. So, you're going to go to this pre-fight party, huh?

Evangeline: Hey, you never answered my question.

Cristian: My hand is fine. Really. It's all right, don't worry. I promise you.

Evangeline: . I believe you. I'll just take care of the rest of you.

Claudia: Not smart, Nash. Getting drunk's the last thing you need.

Nash: No, getting a lecture from Claudia Reston on drinking is the last thing I need.

Claudia: I'm trying to help, that's all.

Nash: Well, thank you. But I'm not an alcoholic. I like alcohol. It tastes good. Makes me feel good.

Claudia: Oh, and here's something else that'll make you feel good.

Bo: How'd it go?

John: The guys tossed the place pretty good. I left Hughes there.

Bo: Is the plan still the same?

John: Truman should be getting to the suite just about now. About to get the shock of his life.

Spencer: Oh, son of a bitch. I didn't realize that it was common practice for the D.A. to personally destroy a defendant's private property!

Hugh: This isn't my handiwork.

Spencer: Yours, Mc Bain's, Bo Buchanan's, Llanview police department -- what difference does it make? What are you doing here? What are you doing here still? You got something you want to say to me?

Hugh: Yes. I do. I'm your son.

Cristian: I wish I could go to this party with you.

Evangeline: Yeah, I wish you could, too. But I don't think it would be good form for the fighter to be sitting at the bar, drinking and eating buffalo wings --

Cristian: No, you're right.

Evangeline: Before the big match?

Cristian: You're right. Definitely not.

Evangeline: But I guess I have to admit it was -- it was really good of Vincent to arrange this party for you. Oh!

Cristian: Yeah?

Evangeline: I almost forgot -- I have something for you.

Cristian: Oh, Evangeline, come on.

Evangeline: No, no, wait, wait, Cristian. Before you go telling me I shouldn't have, why don't you wait and hear what it is?

Cristian: Ok.

Evangeline: Ok. I was going to get you, like, a chain with a charm on it -- you know, of, like, the patron saint of boxing or something, but then I thought, "I don't think there is a patron saint of boxing," and -- and you can't wear jewelry in the ring, so -- so then I was going to get you a new robe with, like, a slogan on it. But that started to feel very "million dollar baby," and I don't even want us to think about how that ended up, so since clothing and jewelry was out, I had to think really hard about what I could get you that might make a difference tonight, you know? And then I remembered, something that my grandmother taught me I should always give whenever I could. It's -- it's the simplest and the most precious gift. It's gratitude. I just want you to know that you' given me more joy over the last few months than I thought I had left inside me to feel. And I just wanted to thank you for that and for loving me and, well, just for being you.

Cristian: I'll try to wear it well.

Claudia: She's becoming a realtor.

Jessica: Hello.

Nash: Jessica.

Jessica: Hi, Claudia. How are you?

Claudia: Swell, thanks.

Jessica: Well, I just came by to pick something up for Antonio -- his laptop. I think it's in his office. What's this?

Nash: Oh, nothing. It's some real estate.

Jessica: It's beautiful. I hope it works out for you. [Phone rings] Oh. Claudia, don't let us keep you from answering your call.

Claudia: Hello?

Antonio: Claudia, it -- it's Antonio. Is Jessica there?

Claudia: Yeah. Why?

Antonio: Uh -- because there was a mix-up in our plans tonight, but I -- I think I got everything ready. I sent her on a bogus errand to pick up the laptop. I just need to make sure that I have at least 15 more minutes before she comes back home.

Claudia: Everything all right?

Antonio: Oh, everything's more than all right. I'm proposing to her tonight.

Claudia: Oh. Really?

Jessica: So, are you going make an offer on this vineyard?

Nash: No. It's not really right for me.

Jessica: Oh. That's too bad.

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: I should go pick that laptop up.

Nash: Give Bree a kiss for me.

Jessica: I will, and with any luck, she'll flash me one of her gummy smiles.

Nash: Some smile, huh?

Jessica: Yeah. It's yours.

Nash: What?

Jessica: She has your smile, even the way your face scrunches up and everything. Good to see you, Nash.

Claudia: Everything all right?

Nash: Why wouldn't it be?

Claudia: You think I don't know that it affects you seeing Jessica?

Nash: Claudia, I don't want to talk about it.

Claudia: How could it not, a constant reminder of everything you lost?

Nash: Bartender.

Claudia: Nash, you need a friend.

Nash: I've got a friend.

Claudia: Yeah?

Nash: Yeah.

Claudia: Who? Someone you can confide in, who's there for you when times get tough?

Nash: Now, I thought I told you to go away.

Claudia: I know I told you that you should go easy, but you're going to need another one of those.

Nash: Huh. Now what?

Blair: Hey. I know you're confused and I know you're going to miss Dr. Truman, but this is the way it's got to be, all right?

Jack: Are we going to live with daddy again?

Blair: I don't know if I can answer that, Jack.

Jack: Why not?

Blair: I just don't know if I can do it. But I can tell you this much -- we're not going to spend any time with Dr. Truman again, ok? And if you have a problem, you can talk to me, aunt Dorian, Daddy, Starr. But do not call Dr. Truman -- got it?

Jack: You wanted me to like him before.

Blair: Yeah, I know I did.

Jack: Then why not now?

Blair: Kelly.

Kelly: Hi. Hey, Jack. How's it going, sweetheart? Something I said?

Blair: No. This one's all on me.

Spencer: Paige put you up to this?

Hugh: No one p me up to anything -- I'm your son. And just so you know the whole story, I'm -- I was adopted and I never got to know my birth parents, and then right before I was about to arraign you on a fistful of felony counts, Paige comes in and tells me that she gave birth to me and that you were the one who made her pregnant. She also told me that you didn't know anything about it.

Spencer: You know, this is the most pathetic, convoluted approach I've ever seen, trying to build a case. Mc Bain put you up to this?

Hugh: John Mc Bain has nothing to do with this.

Spencer: Oh, whatever, man. You know, I'm calling my lawyer. I'm going to tell him you guys trashed my room, find out what recourse I have. I don't believe it.

Hugh: Look at me. Do you remember what I said to you after I told the judge that I had no objection to your low bail when you were at the police station and you were gathering your things? You remember what I said? I'm just looking to see if there's a trace, there's any trace at all, of me in there. Here. Paige gave this to me. It's proof of my birth, my adoption -- all of it. And I don't think that, you know, in terms of paternity, Paige has any reason to lie about that now. It's very clear to me and to the rest of Llanview that Paige wishes that anyone but you were the father of her child.

Spencer: You're my son?

Hugh: Unfortunately for both of us, yes.

Evangeline: Hello, Vincent.

Vincent: Hey. Oh -- Evangeline.

Evangeline: You know, I wanted to -- I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for getting Cris this title bout.

Vincent: It's good for me, too, right?

Evangeline: Yeah, I'm sure it is. But even so, Cris has been through so much over the last few years, and this chance to redeem himself, it's like it's given him a whole new lease on life, and -- and you're responsible for that.

Vincent: You're giving me too much credit.

Evangeline: No, I'm not. Every fighter that wants to make it big, I think they need the right person to believe in them, and -- and for Cris, that person is you.

Vincent: That's really good of you to say.

Evangeline: So, I'll see you at the arena.

Nash: Why would you say I'm going to need another one of these -- because of Jessica's little drive-by right now? Think I can't handle a little small talk with good old Jessie?

Claudia: Of course you can, but what you might have a hard time with -- that was Antonio calling. He told me something.

Nash: Do I care what Antonio has to say? No.

Claudia: You'll care about this -- he's proposing to Jessica tonight. I'm -- I'm so sorry, Nash. I wish I could think of something helpful to say. I'll just leave you alone.

Nash: You know, I was thinking we could add a den, maybe a couple of bedrooms up there.

Tess: To our cute little cottage? Why would we do that?

Nash: Well, I was thinking, you know, if we're going to have a whole lot of kids, then --

Tess: Whoa, whoa, whoa. "A whole lot of kids?" I'm not a baby machine, ok?

Nash: Yeah, I was just thinking that, you know, if we were going to -- we could turn this place into a homestead, you know, somewhere we could really raise a family.

Tess: What's the matter with you, Brennan? Am I not enough?

Nash: Well, I could always get more.

Tess: Yeah, just so you know, the second I pop this kid out, I'm going to start drinking and smoking, and I'm going to be swearing like a sailor.

Nash: No, you won't. You will be completely transformed, completely dedicated to being a mother.

Tess: Sounds boring.

Nash: What if I make an honest woman out of you?

Tess: Impossible.

Nash: Well, I'm going to do it, anyway. If I marry you, put you in a white dress, even if you are barefoot and on a beach acting above it all because you are just far too cool and independent to ever possibly be anybody's wife --

Tess: Which I am.

Nash: Well, I'm going to do it, anyway, so that you know that I will never leave you. You're the only woman I love, the only woman I've ever loved.

Tess: You know, I never thought that I could really be anything to anybody. But you, Nash Brennan, you make me believe in everything.

Antonio: She's coming.

Jessica: Antonio, I -- what's going on here? And I thought you were supposed to be at your grandma's.

Jamie: I only said I was.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: You only said you were?

Antonio: Yeah, because she knew that -- that I needed all the help I could get, and I wanted all my little girls here --

Jessica: Well --

Antonio: With me.

Jessica: Good. I guess it's about time at we had a celebration with our family.

Jamie: Say yes, Jessica. Say yes, yes, yes!

Jessica: Yes, yes, yes! What am I saying yes to?

Jamie: To Daddy!

Blair: Oh, Kelly, when's it all going to end?

Kelly: Soon, I hope. John's working around the clock to get more evidence.

Blair: You know, I know what John's trying to do, but my biggest fear is that Spencer is going to find a way to get rid of all that evidence that John's found.

Kelly: I hope that's not possible.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: I hope so, too, but you don't know Spencer like I know Spencer. I just have this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that, once again, Spencer is going to get away with murder.

Bo: How did Hugh seem when you saw him?

John: Determined.

Bo: You know, I can't imagine what that guy's going through right now -- knowing that his father's a crook, trying to gather evidence on the guy to convict him.

John: I just hope, whatever Hugh says to him, it sends him straight to the gun that killed my father.

Spencer: You're not my son. You're not smart enough to be my son. What you are is the D.A. that's prosecuting my case!

Hugh: I'll have to remove myself from the prosecution. I just can't send my own father to death, even if he is guilty.

Spencer: I'm looking at a man who I hardly know who's trying to prosecute me, send me to death row, to jail for the rest of my life! I mean, what's -- what's in it for you, Hughes? What's the point? What are you trying to do -- what, just to taunt me so you can let me know how much you hate me?

Hugh: No, I told you --

Spencer: How despicable I am?

Hugh: I told you -- the reason I told you was -- the reason I told you was so that I can help you. I am a meat -- meat & potatoes kind of guy.

Ted: Your boy's girl got all dolled up for nothing.

Vincent: You know you talk too much?

Ted: What is your problem?

Vincent: Step off.

Claudia: Look, Nash, I didn't mean to hurt you before. Antonio called because he wanted to make sure Jessica was still here. He was setting things up for the proposal, making it festive, I guess. I'm really sorry, Nash. I take no pleasure in seeing you suffer.

Nash: Hey, it's probably for the best. I mean, Tess is gone. Jessica is just a -- well, she's just a girl who really, really reminds me of Tess. I hope that Jessica and Antonio live deliriously, happily together forever.

Jessica: Oh. Oh. I love this ring. It's the ring that you gave to me the first time.

Jamie: Go on, daddy. Ask her!

Antonio: All right. I'm going. Jessica, my best friend, love of my life, will you marry me?

Jessica: Yeah. I will. Well, you have your hands full, so I'm going to put it on.

Antonio: Give it to me.

Jessica: Oh. I love you so much. With all my heart and my soul, I love you, and I promise you I will never take this ring off again.

Bo: What's your secret, John? Still cool as ever, you know. You -- you are the ice man.

John: If this plan doesn't work, Bo, I got a dozen others. There's no way Spencer's getting away, not again.

Spencer: You want to help me? I don't believe it.

Hugh: I put my career on the line when I helped you get out on bail. Why do you think I took that risk?

Spencer: I don't know.

Hugh: I'll tell you. Uh, it's simple -- you're my father. Your blood is my blood, and I just can't stand by and let you fry. So if there's something -- if there's anything out there that can link you to the murder of Thomas Mc Bain, you better find it and destroy it.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: I wonder if my mother knows how much pain and suffering she's caused.

Todd: So what's this I hear about setting Cristian Vega up?

Nora: Cristian has every right to be concerned.

Hugh: I told him to get rid of anything that could connect him to the shooting.

John: If you move, I'll kill you right where you stand.

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