OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/5/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/5/06


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Ted: Heís looking good. Heís not favoring his hand at all.

Vincent: Right.

Ted: You sure you want to keep laying bets against him?

Vincent: Definitely.

Ted: I feel bad, man, for this guy. His whole future is riding on winning this championship.

Vincent: Like my old man always said, "life is full of disappointments."

Blair: Well. It looks like I showed up at just the wrong time.

Evangeline: Blair, this isnít what it looks like.

Blair: Hmm. It seems to me people only say that when itís exactly what it looks like.

Phil: Do you remember?

Jessica: Everything.

Phil: Then our job is done -- for today, anyway. I'm going to count backwards from three. When I'm finished, you'll be at home, safe, with your loved ones.

Tess: Who says I'm going anywhere?

Phil: Three, two, one. Can you tell me your name? Is it Jessica or Tess?

Nash: Itís you, isnít it? You did it. You came back to us. I can see it in your eyes.

Rex: Freeze! Police! Adriana. Damn it.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Rex, do you have her? Is she all right?

Rex: Sheís not here.

Dorian: What?

Rex: I tracked her cell at one of those storage compartments. Itís completely empty.

Dorian: She was probably never there.

Rex: Well, somebody was here. Thereís a bag of food on the floor.

Dorian: Then that man who has her must've seen you. You -- you must've tipped him off somehow.

Rex: Oh, yeah, thatís right. Make it my fault, Dorian. Ok, we both know you're the one who set this whole thing in motion.

Dorian: No, I didnít.

Rex: If something happened to Adriana, you are going to have to live with it for the rest of your rotten life.

Adriana: What are we doing here?

Bruce: Didnít you see the sign? Ah, itís a rest area. Yeah, like anybody in their right mind would spend two minutes resting here when itís this hot -- which makes it perfect for our purposes.

Adriana: What are you going to do to me?

Bruce: Nothing if your mother comes through with the money.

Adriana: And if she doesnít?

Bruce: If she doesnít, well, this might just be your final resting place.

Nash: Honey? Tess?

Jessica: No, I'm not Tess. I'm Jessica.

Nash: No. But you -- you looked in my --

Jessica: I'm sorry. If you -- if you saw Tess at all, itís only because sheís a part of me. I'm Jessica and I always will be.

Viki: Darling --

Jessica: Oh --

Clint: Oh, Jessie. We got our Jessie back.

Viki: Oh, baby!

Natalie: Hey, donít you ever go anywhere again, you promise me?

Clint: I donít know about you, but I havenít felt this good in a long, long time.

Viki: Are you ok?

Jessica: Oh, mom --

Viki: Do you want anything? Do you want water or something to eat, all my worldly possessions?

Jessica: Well, no. No. I'm ok. I'm just so happy that part is over.

Viki: Oh, my God! Dr. Jamison, thank you, thank you so much for seeing her through this.

Phil: She has a long way to go, but the future looks bright.

Antonio: No kidding. We got a whole life to plan.

Dorian: You know, Rex, maybe you should spend a little less time castigating me and a lot more time trying to find my daughter, the girl that you claim to love.

Rex: If you would've let me bring the police in or the FBI, they would've had this place surrounded, they would've grabbed him when he made his move, we'd have Adriana, he'd be in custody by now.

Dorian: If that maniac had seen even one policeman, he could've killed her.

Rex: Well, look at it this way -- you would've lost a daughter, but you could blame me for it for the rest of your life.

Dorian: Oh, do you really think I would sacrifice my daughter just to get at you?

Rex: That isnít what I meant.

Dorian: It better not be.

Rex: But you have to admit you've been a little obsessed with setting me up lately. It hasnít worked out too well for Adriana.

Dorian: So what do we do next? Other than going to the police?

Rex: I'm going to -- I'm going to look around, see if I can find something that tells us where they went. If I come up empty, I'll come back to your place.

Dorian: And we just wait?

Bruce: I canít talk anymore. Well, you do that, and I'll never be able to pay back that money.

Adriana: What happened? Why'd you hang up?

Bruce: I donít like listening to detailed descriptions of whatís going to happen to my kneecaps -- and other less public parts of my anatomy.

Adriana: Why do you owe so much money? Did you gamble or something?

Bruce: Do you know that I used to be a lawyer?

Adriana: Donít they make a lot of money?

Bruce: Not when you've got over $100,000 in loans from law school. So smart guy over here started taking clients that other lawyers didnít want to represent. And for the right fee, I'd agree not to do things by the book. Even that wasnít enough money, so I started doing jobs that clients didnít want to do themselves.

Adriana: So what went wrong?

Bruce: Well, one of the "clients" decided he wanted to get rid of anything that could tie him to a certain "incident," including the guy who did the job -- me.

Adriana: So they want to kill you?

Bruce: I'm not sure what they want, but I donít intend to find out.

Adriana: Is -- is that who you were talking to on the phone?

Bruce: No. The guy on the phone is the reason I took the job from your mother. Heís problem A. I was just finishing up what I agreed to do for Dorian when I found out about problem B.

Adriana: The guy who wants to get rid of you?

Bruce: Bingo. Then I saw that you'd run away from a boyfriend, and I figured, "I've got a way to solve both problem a and problem B."

Adriana: The money from my mother.

Bruce: Yes. A whole lot more than we agreed on.

Adriana: Why are you telling me all this?

Bruce: Well, if your mother double-crosses me, you're history. And if she pays up, I'll be seeing ya. I'm an official expatriate. Now, we've got time to kill, so to speak, and I've got nothing to lose by telling you.

Adriana: I'm so stupid. If I had just stayed with Rex --

Bruce: Listen, beautiful, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and you still are.

Ted: So you're ok with Vega losing everything?

Vincent: This is boxing. Somebodyís got to lose.

Ted: But I've never seen a kid with such heart, man. And the fans -- they love him.

Vincent: It makes them put their money on him when they shouldnít.

Ted: What if the boxing commission finds out you're betting against your own guy?

Vincent: I'm not telling him to take a dive. I'm not fixing anything.

Ted: But you're not sidelining him until his hand heals, either.

Vincent: The handís never going to be right. Rourke covered that when he sold me Vegaís contract. I've spent a lot of money on him. I deserve to break even.

Ted: You better hope that he doesnít win the fight in the end.

Vincent: Listen, did you hear what his doctor said at the press conference? He doesnít have a chance, and I've seen the x-rays. The manís got a heart but doesnít have a right hand.

Ted: Thatís too damn bad because he sure knows how to use it.

Vincent: Yeah, I know, but every one of them damn jabs is killing him, but heís too proud to admit it. He says heís ok because he needs to be.

Ted: To impress that lady lawyer that heís with now?

Vincent: Yeah, the manís got an ego. He doesnít want to be Mr. Evangeline Williamson. Thatís why he will give this fight everything he has and why the hand go and why he'll lose.

Ted: All right, all right. Give it a rest, man, give it a rest.

Cristian: Thanks.

Ted: All right.

Vincent: Hey, champ. You know, you're looking very, very good out there, man.

Cristian: Thanks, man.

Vincent: And I just took a look at the odds, and they're heavy in your favor.

Cristian: But wait a minute, even with all that press about my hand?

Vincent: Thatís right. Keep this up and I tell you our slice of the gate is going to go way up.

Cristian: Thatís what I'm counting on.

Vincent: Me, too. The more and more I watch you, the more and more I realize that this championship is in the bag. And after this, Evangelineís not going to have eyes for anyone else but you.

Todd: Bye, Evangeline.

Blair: Wait a minute, Todd. You owe me an explanation --

Todd: I donít owe you anything.

Blair: Yes, you do. Do you have any idea what -- what a hard day that I've had?

Todd: Aw.

Evangeline: But, Blair, Todd and I were just talking outside.

Todd: Hey -- no, no, no. Donít justify yourself to her.

Evangeline: Blair, if you could just try to calm down --

Blair: No, if you could just try not to patronize me.

Evangeline: Thatís not what I'm doing, Blair.

Blair: Yeah, it is.

Todd: He this is whatís happening here. Blair has had a tough day. Sheís just broken up with her boyfriend. Or should I say your fiancťe, or did you change your mind? Perhaps you've decided that one Spencer in jail is worth two Todds set free.

Blair: Thatís not funny, Todd.

Todd: I think itís hilarious. I think you and Spencer having sex is hilarious.

Blair: I donít even know what you're talking about.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: I promised you that I wouldnít, and I didnít.

Evangeline: You know what? This doesnít concern me, so I'm going to --

Blair: You know wt? Actually, it does. It really, really does, because every time this man makes his mind up about me, he uses you to get even. And as usual, you just play right along with it.

Evangeline: Thatís it. I'm out of here.

Todd: No, no, no. No, no, no, hold on. Evangeline, wait --

Blair: Go ahead, go. See ya.

Todd: I want you to stay.

Evangeline: Why?

Todd: I want to hear what she told Spencer, and what he said back, because you're the only one besides me who believed he set me up. Come here. Ok, Blair, what'd you say?

Blair: I kept my word, Todd. I told him everything.

Evangeline: What do you mean by "everything"?

Blair: He started out by trying to convince me that he was innocent, said all this evidence was manipulated, manufactured, and you were behind it.

Todd: And what did you say, Blair?

Blair: I told him he was wrong. I told him that I was the one that led the cops to the evidence and I was the one that put him in jail.

Evangeline: Wait -- are you sure that was wise?

Blair: Do you know how -- do you know how sick I am of at man?

Evangeline: Blair, he hasnít even been indicted yet. He could get out of jail --

Todd: No, no, no, no, no.

Evangeline: And he could come after you.

Todd: Blair can handle Spencer. Sheís got something that he really loves.

Blair: Spencer said that you'd treat me like this.

Todd: Did you defend me?

Blair: I did, Todd. I told him he was wrong. I told him I didnít love him, that I never loved him, and I left the ring on the floor of the cell.

Todd: And -- just curious -- what did you say to him about how you felt about me?

Blair: God, do we have to have this conversation in front of her?

Todd: Yeah, we have to have this conversation in front of her right now. Why? Canít you say it? You canít say out loud, "I still love you, Todd"? Hmm? You canít, can you? I bet you couldnít say it to Spencer, either, and I bet at this moment heís sitting on the floor of his cell just congratulating himself and thinking, "how can I seal this deal, man?"

Blair: I told him that I loved you. And, you know, God help me, I do, even though you're acting like a bitter, cruel, self-destructive ass, Todd.

Todd: Well, you know that we're perfect together -- a bitter, cruel, self-destructive ass, and a bitter, cruel, self-destructive bitch whore.

Evangeline: I'm out of here.

Todd: No, no, no. No, no, no. Sheís leaving, arenít you?

Evangeline: Todd, donít do this.

Blair: You know what? I donít need you defending me. You got it? I wouldnít dream of staying. Excuse me.

Todd: Thanks for dropping in. Was it something I said?

Evangeline: What in Godís name -- what in Godís name is wrong with you?

Adriana: If you kill me, you'll never get the money.

Bruce: Well, did I forget to mention problem c, the police? Well, yeah, they're kind of after me -- you know, an S.E.C. violation and a handful of other class-one felonies. Now, if I get rid of you, I'll have a big head start on getting away, and with you out of the picture, there wonít be any witnesses. I mean, I might end up in a little sleazy bar in some third-world country, but I wonít be in jail. Have you ever seen the inside of a jail cell?

Adriana: No.

Bruce: No. Well, I have -- visiting my clients. Itís not a nice place. But thanks to you, you, one way or another, are my ticket out.

Adriana: My motherís not going to let you get away with this.

Bruce: Are you kidding? She sics the cops on me, and they'll find out how she paid me to terrorize her own kid.

Riana: So it was just a coincidence that you picked me up that night?

Bruce: Oh, I wouldnít call it a coincidence exactly. I've been watching and waiting to see how your little drama with Rex was going to play out, which was pretty easy when he decided to take you to that house on an empty stretch of beach.

Adriana: He was just trying to protect me. He said I was safe with him.

Bruce: Yeah, which you didnít buy, thanks to me.

Adriana: I was scared, I didnít know what to think.

Bruce: I made up my mind to grab you that night no matter what. But then -- oh-oh-oh -- oh, I'm sorry, but it was just unbelievable. When you knocked Rex out and went running off by yourself, I couldnít believe my luck. Itís so much easier to deal with someone whoís scared than someone whoís angry, but I guess Rex found that out the hard way.

Adriana: I canít believe my mother is responsible for all of this.

Bruce: Oh, yeah, she is. If it wasnít for her, you'd be a happy little cover girl, without a problem in the world.

Adriana: I have to make it out of here and get back to Llanview so I can tell my mother that I'll hate her forever for doing this to me.

Dorian: Did you find anything out?

Rex: Yeah. She was definitely being held at that storage unit.

Dorian: How could you be so sure?

Rex: I found her hair thing on the beach, and she left this in a bag of food. Sheís trying to tell us where she is.

Dorian: Oh, no. She wears this all the time.

Rex: She'll be all right, I promise.

Dorian: She better be. Because my life is over yet. I donít understand. Why doesnít that animal call me? Itís almost as if heís enjoying torturing me.

Rex: He figures the longer he waits, the more likely you are to give him what he wants.

Dorian: You should've gotten to that storage unit sooner!

Rex: Yeah, and you shouldnít have played games with the money.

Dorian: If he had the money and Adriana, then my bargaining power would be over!

Rex: This isnít some kind of investment you're protecting. This is your daughterís life.

Dorian: If -- so help me, if you accuse me one more time about not caring about my daughterís well-being --

Rex: You'll what? You'll what? You'll what? Now, we canít get the authorities involved, and itís not just because it might be dangerous to Adriana. Itís because you donít want them to know what you did. Now, I'm all you got. So you will take everything dish out and you will stop with the insults, because I swear --

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Thatís him. Hello?

Bruce: Itís time.

Phil: Tess enabled Jessica to survive what happened to her. You know, she was born because of what Jessica went through at such an early age.

Nash: You talk about the day Tess was born. Is this the day Tess died? Is the baby all thatís left of her?

Jessica: Nash -- hey. I'm sorry. Tess isnít dead, ok? Sheís -- sheís a part of me. You'll always have Bree. She will always be your and Tess' baby.

Nash: Good. Can I ask you something?

Jessica: Anything, please.

Nash: What did it feel like when you connected with Tess?

[Jessica sighs]

Antonio: You know, maybe she doesnít want to talk about that right now.

Natalie: Yeah, Nash, sheís been through enough today. Back off.

Jessica: No, please -- Donít. I -- I donít mind at all. I donít mind. Um -- I donít know. I -- itís hard to describe. I -- it was kind of like joining hands with somebody, like a -- a twin facing something together, except when I looked over, she was gone. I can still feel her, I just canít see her. I'm sorry. I feel different now. I -- I feel angry.

Phil: Childhood sexual abuse often takes away a childís anger and replaces it with fear. Jessicaís just beginning to have the feelings of that angry child who fought back and survived.

Viki: She shouldnít have had to go through any of it.

Clint: Viki, donít.

Viki: Well, itís true, isnít it? If I'd handled my illness properly, Jessie would never have been hurt by Niki.

Clint: Viki, nobody here is blaming you.

Natalie: Yeah, mom. You're no more responsible for things Niki did than Jess is for what Tess did.

Nash: Yeah, like running off to New York and falling in love with me.

Jessica: I think that was a turning point.

Nash: How so?

Jessica: Tess used men. She didnít like them, she didnít trust them. You embraced her. You loved her without changing her. And she was an outsider, and you gave her a home and love.

Nash: You know all that?

Jessica: If itís any consolation at all, I know I can -- I can feel how much Tess loved you -- and still does.

Antonio: You know, maybe you could stop thinking about yourself for five seconds and consider what Jess just went through.

Jessica: Antonio, itís ok.

Antonio: No, honey, itís not, ok? Heís trying to destroy everything you've worked so hard for, and all he cares about is getting Tess back.

Nash: Thatís not true.

Phil: And it wonít happen. Tess isnít coming back.

Jessica: Tess was a part of me before that man molested me, and sheís a part of me now. Her anger at Norman is now my anger.

Nash: And how about her feelings for me?

Antonio: Oh, come on.

Jessica: I was trying to tell you. I understand what you and Tess had. I understand how you guys felt. And I'm so grateful for everything that you did for her, for both of us.

Antonio: Jessica --

Jessica: Itís true, Antonio. I mean, where would I be if Tess hadnít met Nash?

Nash: She was -- she was covering.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: She was in a bad place.

Jessica: And she didnít feel worthy of love at all, and you saved her. And by saving her, you saved me. I can never thank you enough for that.

Nash: You're welcome.

Clint: Nash, Tess is now a part of Jessica --

Nash: Yes.

Clint: And Jessieís in love with Antonio. Can you accept that?

Nash: Well, Clint, do I have a choice?

Antonio: No, you donít.

Todd: I have told everyone I know that you're the dearest, most loyal friend I have -- the only friend I have, actually -- and now you're turning on me!

Evangeline: I donít -- I have no idea how to get through to you.

Todd: You want to get through to me? Somebody needs to get through to that woman out there. Did you see the way she acted when she saw us together? I thought she was going to come in here and get a frying pan out of the kitchen and chase me around the apartment with it!

Evangeline: You loved it, Todd. You loved it.

Todd: After everything that she and I have been through together, she thinks I'm going to leave her and start something with you?

Evangeline: Thatís exactly what you just accused her of doing with Spencer.

Todd: Thatís what happened!

Evangeline: I'm beginning to think that you donít even care about whatís true. No, no, you just want to play these stupid games.

Todd: Why would I want to play stupid games?

Evangeline: Because you're afraid of whatís going to happen if you get back together with Blair.

Todd: Why would I want to be -- why would I be afraid of nonstop sex? Thatís what it would be.

Evangeline: Do you have to be such a pig, Todd?

Todd: Excuse me?

Evangeline: She made a mistake. Blair made a mistake. For a while, she believed in Spencer and not in you. But the minute she realized she made a mistake, she put everything on the line, for you.

Todd: Yeah, right.

Evangeline: No, no, she stayed with Spencer to vindicate you. It was all for you. And I know you're hurting, and I know you're angry, and you -- you're telling yourself that -- that what she did for you was easy for her and that maybe she got some kind of pleasure out of it. But I saw her face, and you're wrong. I mean, my God, the woman is hurting. She not only needs you back, she needs you to understand. She needs your forgiveness.

Todd: Thatís too much to ask of me right now.

Evangeline: Spencer Truman is behind bars because of what she did for you, Todd. Can you at least -- can you at least tell her that you believe in her again?

Todd: No. I'm not there yet.

Evangeline: You donít want to be there. You know, all those months I was representing you, I just -- I didnít understand why -- why everybody in this whole town turned their back on you, why you didnít have a single friend. And you know what? Now I get it.

Vincent: Keep your balance. Thatís right. Show the right. Throw the right jab, Vega. Thatís your best punch. Use that right. There you go. If you donít use it, you're going to be toast against Abbott. Yeah, there you go. Hey, come on, teddy. Watch what you're doing. Otherwise, you might get hurt. There you go, man. There you go. Uh-huh. There you go.

Man: Oh. My prayers have been answered.

Blair: Shut up.

Vincent: Damn, baby girl, you dropped that bantamweight without throwing a single punch. I'm impressed.

Blair: Ugh -- whatever. Hey, Cristian, can I have a word with you, please?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Come here. Whatís up?

Blair: Well -- um -- we got a problem.

Cristian: Oh, what do you mean?

Blair: I think Todd has set his sights on Evangeline. And when he does that, itís a problem. I love baseball so much.

Nash: Well, I guess I'll scoot. Give you all time to celebrate, if thatís the right word.

Viki: Actually, yes, it is.

Phil: Why donít I walk out with you, Nash.

Viki: Dr. Jamison, thank you again for shepherding us all through this. I know it wasnít easy.

Phil: We'll be back at the office for our regular session.

Jessica: I'll be there.

Phil: Ok.

Nash: Can I ask you something?

Phil: Yeah, of course.

Nash: What you were saying in there -- is Tess really gone for good, or is that just for their benefit?

Dorian: I'm not agreeing to anything until I'm absolutely sure that Adriana is safe.

Bruce: I already told you, sheís fine!

Dorian: Not good enough. I want to hear her voice now.

Bruce: All right, hold on. She wants to talk to you. Make it short and sweet.

Adriana: Mom?

Dorian: Oh, Adriana -- darling, are you all right?

Adriana: He hasnít hurt me, but I'm scared.

Dorian: Oh, sweetheart, where are you? Do you know?

Adriana: I -- well--

Bruce: Thatís all you get. Now, hereís the deal. Do you know the rest stop near Llantano County State Park?

Dorian: Thereís a rest stop near Llantano County State Park? Right, yeah, of course there is. I -- I know -- I -- I know exactly where it is. Is that where you are? Is that where you have Adriana?

Bruce: Just shut up and listen! You get in your car and you go there right now. I know how long it takes to make the trip, so if you make any little detours or stops, I'll know that, too.

Dorian: And what happens when I get there?

Bruce: Itís very simple. You call your banker, and you get him to do a wire transfer into my account. Once I know the moneyís there, I'll release your daughter.

Dorian: I'll be right there.

Bruce: And remember, no cops. You come alone, or Adrianaís dead.

Rex: What'd he say?

Dorian: He said -- he said he'll hand over Adriana as soon as the money is transferred to him. Fine.

Rex: Yeah, and heís been so trustworthy up to now.

Dorian: You're the one who told me to do exactly what he said!

Rex: No, no, no, no, no. I told you to tell him you'd do what he said.

Dorian: Oh -- aah! I have to go.

Rex: Listen to me. You donít know what you're walking into. He may not be at that rest stop when you get there. There could be instructions for you to go to a second location. He could grab you and take you with him.

Dorian: That doesnít matter! If -- if I donít go there, heaven knows what heís going to do to Adriana.

Rex: You can leave in two minutes.

Dorian: What?

Rex: Our plan. I'm going to tell you the plan.

Antonio: It must be strange having a whole new set of memories.

Jessica: Well, itís better than having a whole bunch of blank spots in my life. In a weird way, I have a better sense of myself than I ever had. I just hope --

Viki: What, sweetheart?

Jessica: Dr. Jamison said that he was so sure that Tess would never be in control again, and I really want to believe that. But we were really sure about you. And last winter Niki came out again. Took over and --

Viki: I know, honey, but --

Jessica: I just want to know if I can ever be sure.

Nash: Come on, Doc. Tess really gone?

Phil: In terms of being her own person, a separate being, yes, Tess is gone. Sheís become part of Jessica.

Nash: Come on. I mean, we've heard that before.

Phil: Jessica is finally becoming the person that she was born to be. And if you have any feelings at all for her, or for this family, youíll allow her to heal and be happy.

Nash: I do want her to be happy. And as happy as I was with Tess, I knew that she was suffering.

Phil: Yeah. She was carrying a terrible burden. But now she gets to share that with Jessica.

Nash: Yeah.

Phil: This has to have been hard on you. And I'm very familiar with the situation. So if you ever want someone to talk to --

Nash: Phil -- thanks, Phil.

Phil: All right. Good night.

Singer: Nothing but an empty page breathing in an open space captured by a momentís grace again thereís so much I left behind even more that waits in time everything so undefined I'm standing on the edge of my fear and I see it clear hereís my resolution I'm letting go all I need to learn is along this road and I just want to be the best man I can be because hereís my resolution I'm letting go all need to learn is along this road and I just want to be the best man I can be breathe

Nash: You said you'd never leave me.†

Viki: Honey, Niki did not come back on her own, you know. She only came back because I allowed it. It was the only way I could help you and me. See, I realized that I would never, ever be truly integrated until I acknowledged what Niki had done to you. But anyway, over -- over now, ok? Itís all over. And as for Tess, there is nothing left for her to protect you from, so you donít need her anymore. We will not see her again.

Jessica: Well, I canít say that I hate Tess. I mean, she scared me to death, but, in her own way, she was just trying to protect me. And I wouldnít have this beautiful baby if it wasnít for her.

Viki: I know.

Jessica: Are you sure you're ready to deal with all this?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready, now that this nightmareís over. We have a wonderful life to look forward to.

Cristian: Look, I may not know Todd as well as you do, but I do know Evangeline, and sheís just grateful to him, thatís all. I mean, come on, the guy paid for her surgery -- To get her sight back.

Blair: And thatís why he did that, so she'd owe him, and I think itís working.

Cristian: How do you know that?

Blair: We've been friends a long time, and I really donít want to tell you this, but I just left Toddís penthouse, and she was all up in his arms.

Cristian: I think you misunderstood, Blair.

Blair: Well, thatís what they both said, but I donít think so.

Cristian: Why are you telling me this?

Blair: Because. We've been friends a long time, Cristian.

Evangeline: What are you doing here?

Blair: Oh, itís not what it looks like.

Dorian: If I donít do exactly as he says, heís going to kill Adriana. You've got to promise me that you are not going to follow me.

Rex: I sure hope you know what you're doing.

Dorian: I do. Though I know you wonít believe me until I come walking back through that door with Adriana.

Rex: Ok.

Dorian: I mean, heís not a psychopath. I know that. He just wants the money.

Rex: We can fight about it on the way.

Dorian: What are you talking about?

Rex: I'm riding shotgun.

Dorian: Oh.

Bruce: Your motherís on her way. It will all be over soon.

Adriana: Why do you still need the gun? Look, I know my mother, ok? She wonít involve the police. She'll come alone.

Bruce: Yeah, thatís what she said. But people donít always do what they say they're going to do. And if that happens tonight, I'll be ready.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: Heís using you to make Blair jealous.

Todd: We actually pretended to be in love, even though we arenít, are we?

Nash: Jessicaís back. Sheís all his.

Claudia: And they're here.

Nash: Canít you see this is over?

Bruce: Does this look like itís over to you?

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