OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/29/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/29/06


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Evangeline: Wow.

Cristian: I donít know how much I like this.

Evangeline: I love it. You look so sexy.

Cristian: Huh. I meant the whole publicity thing.

Evangeline: Well, it comes with the territory, you know? If you want to fight with the big boys, you have to play the game.

Cristian: Right.

Evangeline: They have to promote you if you want to win the big money and win all those adoring fans and endorsements and -- thereís so much.

Cristian: Right, right, right. The big money, I think I like. The adoring fans and all the rest of that stuff, I donít know if I'm ready for it.

Evangeline: Well, you have one adoring fan standing right here in front of you.

Cristian: Oh, this one I canít do without. Ok, you know what? I think I'll make the most out of this press conference. I do have an announcement I want to make, and I think this is the perfect time.

Michael: Are you completely insane?

Cristian: I'm crazy about her.

Michael: You really getting into the ring with this guy?

Cristian: Thatís right.

Evangeline: Why are you worried about it?

Michael: Well, if Cristian throws a punch and itís the slightest bit off, he may never use his right hand again.

Clint: Bo, what is this all about?

Viki: I asked him to come by. I'm kind of worried about Kevin.

Clint: Worried enough to call in the police?

Viki: Well, no, itís not a legal matter. I asked Bo because heís family, and I thank you very much for coming by. I know you have a lot going on now.

Bo: Well, I'm never too busy for family. Besides, I wanted to give you an update on this child pornography case.

Clint: Do you have something?

Bo: Antonio made an arrest. This guy had a ton stuff, like magazines, videos, downloads.

Clint: All of it kids?

Bo: Yeah.

Viki: Was -- was there anything of Jessica?

Clint: Does Jessica know about the arrest?

Bo: Yeah. Sheís at the station right now with Antonio. Heís -- heís going to bring her back here as soon as he finishes his paperwork.

Viki: Well, you know what? I'm glad she knows. This could, you know, bring her another step closer to integration.

Kevin: Oh, Bo, you're here. I was just going to call you.

Viki: Honey, I took the liberty. I hope you donít mind?

Kevin: Uh -- no. No, itís fine.

Bo: So, whatís going on with Kelly?

Kevin: Listen, I hate to throw this at you right now, but I donít know what else to do. She called me, she -- she was really scared, sheís afraid sheís going to lose the baby, and I have to try and find her.

Kelly: Did you get the test results back?

Dr. Mulhern: Your HCG level is a little low for this point in the pregnancy.

Kelly: Is there anything else?

Dr. Mulhern: Yes, the ultrasound indicated an irregular fetal heartbeat.

Kelly: Am I going to lose my baby?

John: Oh -- just donít close that door. I need to see Judge Baylor.

Woman: I'm sorry, heís busy and canít be disturbed.

John: Well, truth be told, I wasnít asking. Hey! Wow, your secretary said you were busy. I didnít realize you were this busy.

Secretary: I'm sorry sir, I tried to stop him.

Judge Baylor: Who do you think you are?

John: Last time I checked, I'm John McBain with the Llanview PD and -- I just need a signature.

Judge Baylor: Well, I've got two problems here. First, I donít sign anything for police officers who barge into my chambers. Second, I have already reviewed this warrant and rejected it for lack of probable cause. Good day, Lieutenant.

John: Let me tell you something -- you donít sign this, someone could end up dead.

Todd: What do you want, Spencer?

Spencer: Michael told me you left the hospital with Todd. What the hell are you doing here? Blair, I asked you a question. What are you doing here?

Todd: Go ahead, tell him.

Evangeline: Your hand is still hurt? You said it was better.

Cristian: It is. It is better, itís fine.

Michael: No, itís not. Itís not "fine," Cristian. You canít fight this way. Itís way too much of a risk.

Vincent: Whatís going on?

Evangeline: Dr. McBain thinks Cristianís hand is still in bad shape.

Michael: You canít fight this way.

Cristian: Itís my body, ok, and I think I know my body better than anyone else.

Michael: Oh, yeah? I'm a doctor.

Cristian: So what? Doctors know everything?

Michael: No, but this doctorís already worked on that hand.

Cristian: Months ago, and it healed -hands do that. I'm fine, really.

Michael: Yeah, because you're a doctor, right? You graduated medical school and everything?

Vincent: Excuse me, gentlemen. Gentlemen, can we take this over here so we can have a little bit physical --

Evangeline: Wait a minute. Excuse me. We're all talking about whether or not Cristian should fight.

Vincent: Exactly. Thatís why I need to speak to your guy for a minute. I -- I promise I'll bring him right back, ok?

Evangeline: Is he always like this, so disrespectful?

Layla: He treats me great. Speaking of which, you didnít come home last night. Mm-hmm. So?

Evangeline: So what?

Layla: Ok, you can tell me, Vange. You slept with Cristian last night, didnít you?

Carlotta: What?

Layla: Oops.

Vincent: Whatís up, Vega? Tell me the deal. Whatís up with the knuckles?

Cristian: The knuckles are fine.

Vincent: Vega, if your hand is not ok, I'm calling off the fight. Now, I know itís going to hurt your rep and your small wallet, but itís not worth it, man. You got to have that hand to sign your checks.

Cristian: Look, I won the last three fights, right? I'll win this one.

Michael: Itís a bad idea, Cris.

Cristian: What is? Boxing in general? I bet you donít like skateboarding, either. What about chess? Hate for someone to trip over a pawn, poke their eyes out. Brutal sport, that chess. I'm good to go.

Vincent: Give 'em a right, Vega! Oh, man. You know, give it to me straight, doctor. Do you think itís a bad idea for this guy to be stepping into the ring and all?

Michael: That hand was pretty bad when I looked at it. It will be for a long time. That is, unless heís been seeing some orthopedic magician.

Vincent: You know, I would really hate for him to step into the ring, you know, if itís going to mess him up.

Michael: Well, I appreciate that. You know, a lot of managers wouldnít give a damn. I guess you're one of a kind.

Vincent: I'll take that as a compliment.

Michael: It was meant as such. Do me a favor -- look out for the guy, ok? I mean, heís got a big heart, but heís got a thick skull.

Vincent: Yeah. That Vega guy -- you know, I like that man. You know, I'll go the distance with him if I have to.

Michael: Thanks.

Ted: You arenít going to pull Vega, are you?

Vincent: Oh, man, you have taken too many shots to the head.

Bo: Good. I'll call you back in about an hour. Ok, we're going to ping Kellyís cell phone. That way it shouldnít be too hard to back-trace it to wherever she is.

Kevin: All right. Thanks. Listen, I know sheís not technically a missing person, so you're not supposed to do this. But, you know, since Dukeís not around anymore.

Bo: Well, yeah, yeah. Plus, a baby needs somebody to look after him.

Kevin: Or her.

Natalie: Uncle Bo? Excuse us.

Bo: Ok. All right.

Natalie: Please, I got to talk to you.

Bo: What -- just --

Natalie: Listen, do you know that the judge did not issue the arrest warrant for Spencer?

Bo: Ahem. Yeah, I knew that.

Natalie: Ok, well, I'm really concerned about John. Do you have any idea where he is?

Bo: Yes, and I'll tell you if you'll just calm down.

Natalie: I'm calm!

Bo: You are?

Natalie: Ok. I'm calm. I'm calm. Now, where is he?

Bo: Ok, first of all, you're right. John is really mad, so he went to see that judge himself to see if he could get the judge to change his mind. They're probably talking right now.

John: I -- I need you to stop what you're doing and take another look at this warrant again.

Judge Baylor: Excuse me?

John: I need you to look at the warrant again.

Judge Baylor: What are you suggesting?

John: Well, I'm suggesting there might've been something you missed.

Judge Baylor: I donít miss things. Thereís not enough solid evidence to arrest Dr. Truman.

John: Well, then perhaps itís my fault and I didnít make the evidence clear enough. What do you say we go over it again? Thereís the photo of Margaret Cochran and her baby, the letter from Truman, and signed affidavits from his brother, his ex-wife, and a former colleague, Dr. Eugene Snyder.

Judge Baylor: I am not going to risk putting a fine man and a good member of our community through the humiliation of an arrest on the basis of weak and possibly tainted evidence. As for your three witnesses -- if you had some that donít have felonies on their records, it might be feasible.

John: Shouldnít we leave that up to a jury, your honor?

Judge Baylor: I'm not going to flush the taxpayers' money down the drain on a trial that canít be won.

John: Huh. This is a -- a sport I never quite got. I can tell you spent a lot of time on your golf game. Isnít that right, judge?

Judge Baylor: Is there a point you're trying to make?

John: Hmm. I mean, you play with Truman, donít you? You play golf with him.

Judge Baylor: Be careful, Lieutenant.

John: Hell, you were on the hospital board with Truman. Isnít that right? And if I'm not mistaken, you had lunch with him yesterday at The Palace restaurant.

Judge Baylor: Are you trying to say that I'm showing favoritism because I know the man?

John: Oh, no, I would -- I would never say that. I would never say that, your honor. Although, I'm not quite sure what the good citizens of Llanview might say if they were to find out about this. Say it got splashed across the headlines of the paper right before the election? I'm sure you could clear it up with some clever talking, but, really, would it be in -- in time? What do you say you take another look?

Todd: Maybe I should tell him.

Blair: No, I will tell him, Todd. Todd and I were just doing what we do best -- arguing.

Spencer: Really?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Spencer: What were you arguing about?

Blair: Oh, our favorite topic -- you. Todd was saying some nasty things about you, and, of course, I was defending you, Spencer.

Spencer: You look a little uptight, Blair. Whatís he doing? Did he put his hands on you? Did he try to hurt you?

Todd: What do you mean? Like you hurt her, choking her?

Blair: Would you just stop it?

Todd: Ok. Oh.

Blair: No, he didnít. He didnít hurt me.

Spencer: Ok.

Blair: He didnít.

Spencer: So tell me what the hell you're doing here, then.

Blair: Well, my mom -- she bought me this really beautiful peignoir. Actually, some of the nuns at St. Annís helped her order it out of a catalogue, and she told me that it would be her wish -- you know, it would be really good luck for me if I wore it on my wedding night with the man that I love. Hmm. I know it sounds crazy, but she believes that. And because she believes it with her heart and soul, so do I. I didnít think I was going to get a chance to wear it, but now I know that I am, and I'm ready now.

Spencer: All right. Well, thatís very nice, but that still doest answer my question.

Blair: What?

Spencer: Explain to me what you're doing here right now.

Blair: Well, itís upstairs, in my closet -- of course, if Todd hasnít thrown it away. Did you throw it away?

Todd: I didnít -- I didnít know it was here.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Why donít you go get it so we can go home?

Blair: That is a great idea.

Spencer: Yes, Todd? You look like you have something to say. Go ahead, say it.

Todd: She is never going to marry you, Dummy.

Bo: Ok -- ahem. This is the address of the -- the clinic that Kellyís at. Itís in Arizona.

Kevin: Thanks, Bo. I really owe you. I'm going to fly out on Grandpaís jet, get there as soon as I can, you know, just in case.

Viki: Sweetheart, I'm praying that everything turns out all right.

Dr. Mulhern: At this pot, the tests are inconclusive. Close to half of all babies have irregular heartbeats at this stage. And since I donít know what your hormone levels were during the first trimester, thereís no way for me to know whether they've dropped or not.

Kelly: So my babyís going to be ok?

Dr. Mulhern: I havenít seen anything that positively indicates a danger, but either of these conditions could cause a serious problem, especially considering your history.

Kelly: So is something wrong?

Dr. Mulhern: I'd like to do a more thorough sonogram. I'm going to have the technician set up the 3-D imaging system, but it will take a little while for us to be ready.

Kelly: Ok, so what do I do in the meantime?

Dr. Mulhern: I'd like to take a more extensive genetic history if thatís all right. You said the father is deceased?

Kelly: Yeah, heís dead, because of a terrible mistake that I made. Heís gone because of me, and, God, I hope I donít lose this baby, too.

Spencer: You're wrong, Manning. Blair is going to marry me and very, very soon.

Todd: Not a chance, buddy. She doesnít believe you --

Blair: Ok, Todd. Todd? You always going to ruin everything for me?

Todd: No, no, no. I was just telling the good doctor that you donít believe in marriage. Every time we got married, it was my idea and then she'd do something to screw it up. Itís just --

Spencer: Why donít we ask Blair to tell us how she feels?

Blair: I donít believe in marrying the wrong man.

Spencer: How about that?

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

John: I got the judge to reconsider the arrest warrant.

Blair: Thatís wonderful. When can you deliver it?

John: Spencer with you?

Blair: Yep.

John: Ok. Well, if the judge signs it, I think I can get it within the hour. You at his suite right now?

Blair: No. No, I'm not, but I can certainly have someone there to sign for it.

John: All right. Well, you'll have to keep this up till I get there. Itís almost over.

Blair: Wonderful. Thanks.

Spencer: Who was that?

Blair: I canít tell you. Itís a surprise, an engagement surprise, but you have to be there when itís delivered, ok?

Spencer: Sure. Hear that? An engagement surprise. Did you get what you came for?

Blair: I sure did.

Spencer: All right, letís go. Come on -- hey.

Blair: Ok. What?

Spencer: Why arenít you wearing your engagement ring? - Itís good. - Terrific.

Carlotta: What was that I just heard?

Evangeline: Uh -- well, Cristian and I -- well, we are --

Cristian: In love.

Carlotta: Oh.

Carlotta: I think I know your heart and I'll be thanking God for you, because it seems my son has found happiness again.

Vincent: The press is ready. Are you?

Cristian: As ready as I'll ever be.

Vincent: All right. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Letís get this party started. Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the next cruiserweight champion of the world, angel squareís very own, the man of the hour, Cristian Vega.

Cristian: Thank you, thank you. All I want to say is, well, I plan to donate a portion of my purse to the angel square athletic association so underprivileged kids like I was get an opportunity at the future. Thatís it.

Man: Yeah!

Cristian: Thanks.

Vincent: Thatís right, my friends. I tell you this man, Cristian -- he is not only a fighter, he is an artist. Thatís right, an artiste, just like each and every one of you deep down inside. He actually sculpted this statue that you see here before you. Thatís right, the man with finesse and skill, and now Cristian Vegaís going to be the 12-round artist. When Vega steps into the ring with Abbott, he is going to --

Man: To get crushed like a bug.

Michael: Hey there, good-looking. My brother around?

Natalie: Uh -- no, no. Actually, he isnít. Is it important?

Michael: No -- I mean, kind of. I'm -- well, I was already in the building, I was filling out some forms, and I thought I'd stop by and tell John that heís going to be a foster uncle.

Natalie: What you -- you and Marcie are going to --

Michael: Yep, yeah. We're petitioning to become Tommyís official foster parents.

Natalie: That is awesome!

Michael: Yeah, yeah, you know, and when Marcie found out that his name was Tommy, she sort of said, you know, it was meant to be and, I mean, he really likes being with us and itís a terrific way to honor my dad, you know?

Natalie: Yeah. You know, thatís what Johnís trying to do right now -- honor your father. And I think he might be successful this time.

John: Well?

Judge Baylor: I'm granting you the warrant.

John: You made the right decision.

Judge Baylor: We'll see. I hope you're not too disappointed when Dr. Truman walks.

John: Thatís not going to happen.

Judge Baylor: Only time will tell.

John: Hmm. May I have it now? Thanks, Judge. You wonít regret it.

Judge Baylor: I already do.

Spencer: I said, whereís your ring? Whereís your engagement ring?

Blair: Well, I was afraid I would lose it.

Spencer: Well, Blair, it would really make me very happy if you put it on, all right? Donít worry, itís insured.

Blair: Well, insurance doesnít replace sentiment.

Spencer: Humor me.

Blair: Oh. Here it is.

Spencer: Here. Why donít you just let me do that. Here we go. Hey, look at that -- yeah. It fits just fine.

Blair: Well, I guess I was just a little overcautious.

Spencer: You ready to go now?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: All right, letís go.

Blair: Ok.

Blair: Oh, you know what?

Spencer: What?

Blair: I forgot the robe, inside. I'll meet you down in the car.

Spencer: I'll wait here --

Blair: Ok, no, no -- come on, Spencer. You're not having trust issues about me with Todd now, are you?

Spencer: Not at all. Of course I trust you.

Blair: Ok. Well, I'll -- I'll meet you down there.

Spencer: I'm the one you're marrying, right?

Blair: You've got that right. I'll be right there.

Spencer: All right.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Donít keep me waiting, please.

Blair: Ok.

Kelly: If I lose this baby, itís all my fault because of what I did, because of how this child was conceived.

Dr. Mulhern: Listen, Kelly, obviously I'm a woman of science, but there are some things that donít fit into a test tube or a double-blind study. Faith is one of them. I've seen patients who were given only months or weeks to live. Medically speaking, there was no hope, but there was faith and those people were healed somehow against all the odds. But I've also seen patients who lost battles they shouldnít have because they felt that they were supposed to suffer or they deserved punishment. I will do all I can to save your baby, Kelly. But I am going to need your help.

Viki: Clint, I'm worried about Kelly and the baby.

Clint: Worrying never did anybody any good. Now, kin will find her. He'll get to her and everything will be all right.

Viki: Well, letís hope.

Clint: What time did Jessie say that she and Antonio were going to get here?

Viki: They should be here any minute. You know, she saw that man -- Snyder -- when he was arrested. Poor baby. And she said something to me about having memories? She wants to see Dr. Jamison as soon as possible.

Clint: Sounds to me like integration is just around the corner.

Blair: I have to go --

Todd: Hmm.

Blair: With him. But it'll be the last time. That was John who called and he thinks he has what he needs to arrest Spencer.

Todd: Then why do you have to go?

Blair: Because I just -- we're so close. He says heís got the evidence, and I'm telling you Spencer will be convicted for faking Margaretís death and it will all be over. I've worked too hard, Todd.

Todd: And you did it for me, huh?

Blair: Yeah, I did it for you. Listen, no matter what happens to us down the road, I have to see this through. I am not going to let Spencer get away with what he did to you, what he did to us.

Todd: Ok, then. Guess you better go.

Blair: I'll go to his suite, but I wonít go to his bed. You have my promise.

Todd: No, I donít want you to go.

Blair: I know.

Todd: No, no, no, itís not -- I just have a bad feeling about it.

Blair: I'll be fine.

Todd: Blair?

Blair: Hmm? I meant what I said about this gift from mama. I have been saving it for the night that I would spend with the man that I love -- on my wedding night. You. I may not get to wear this because of what Spencer did and what I did, but I'm going to save it and hope that I can someday wear it for you.

Bo: Natalie? They posted your Forensics exam grades. Why donít you go see how you did?

Natalie: You know what? I think I'm just going to wait here and -- and see if John got that warrant. You know, I just want to -- ok, so? I am so proud of you!

Bo: Good job.

John: I spoke to Blair. She said Truman would be at The Palace. I think you should come with me, Bo. I think you should be the one to put the cuffs on him.

Bo: No, thanks. I think that honor is all yours and I think you deserve it. Good luck, John.

John: Thanks.

Natalie: Do you have a good feeling about this?

John: Not as good as I'd feel if I was arresting him for murder.†

Abbott: You better back off of me, chump. Back up off of me, Vega!

Evangeline: Hey!

Man: Hit him, Vega.

[Crowd yells]

Abbott: He donít even want to fight! I'm the cruiserweight champion!

Ted: This Abbott guy, he really knows how to work the crowd.

Vincent: Yeah, he does.

Abbott: Let me see you box!

Vincent: What are the odds, man?

Abbott: All right, all right, all right! Down!

Ted: Six to five, Abbott.

Vincent: Oh, man, thatís not good.

Abbott: What, what?

Vincent: I tell you this damn Abbott -- heís a punk, man. Look at him -- heís a clown. Look -- I think he won the championship on a fluke. If Haywood wouldnít have slipped on Abbottís blood in between rounds and hit his head on the stool, Abbott wouldnít even have a chance.

Abbott: I'm the cruiserweight champ.

Ted: Vega should be the champ. He should be the one favored.

Vincent: You're damn straight.

Ted: So what are you going to do about it?

Vincent: Everything I know how to do. Hey, hey, everybody, everybody, check it out. This is guaranteed to be the best fight this town has ever seen.

Abbott: Thatís right.

Vincent: Ha-ha-ha. We got Abbott, we got Vega, thatís right. Hey -- Abbott vs. Vega, the fantastic fantastical in that order, huh? Yeah, that sounds good. Vega, the artist turned pugilist, Vega, the liquidator from Llanview, Vega, the assassin from angel square, the man of the hour. Vega -- yeah, thatís right -- Vega, Vega.

Crowd: Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega!

Abbott: Kill that noise!

Crowd: Vega!

Abbott: You know, your hometown crowdís not going to be in the ring to help you when I'm smashing your face in, punk.

Vincent: Come on, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega --

Crowd: Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega, Vega!

Vincent: And thatís how itís done, my friend.

[Cheers and applause]

Evangeline: Ah.

Cristian: Guyís rough.

Evangeline: My God. But you were great. Oh, my God. I donít know about the ďLiquidator of LlanviewĒ thing, but you were great.

Cristian: Hey, come on. I didnít make any of that stuff up.

Evangeline: I'm so proud of you, my little liquidator.

Carlotta: And so am I. You know, you made a lot of people happy today, especially me. You will always have a special place in my heart, ever since you saved his life.

Evangeline: He saved my life, too, in more ways than one.

Ted: Nice. How did you get Vega to fight with that bum hand of his?

Vincent: Ah, pride, my friend, pride. Hey, you know, heís got a big lesson to learn, though.

Ted: What?

Vincent: That pride goeth before a fall.

Ted: What the hell does that mean?

Vincent: What I'm trying to say to you, teddy, is that Vegaís going to fall. Five, six -- hmm, thatís as far as heís going to make it.

Ted: And the chumps that bet on Vega -- they're going to lose a lot of dough.

Vincent: Uh-huh, and those betting on Abbott four, five, or six are going to win big. Ha-ha, cha-ching!

Layla: You and all this, it almost seems like you know what you're doing.

Vincent: Hey there, sugar bear.

Layla: Hey.

Vincent: You know I like to stay on top of my game.

Layla: Yeah. And the way you're building Cristian up, Evangelineís almost a fan of yours.

Vincent: Oh, "almost," huh?

Layla: Well, you know, sheís still protective of her little sister and all and she has said some pretty bold statements. If you hurt me, you donít know what sheís going to do.

Vincent: Ah. And what did you say?

Layla: Only that you're not what she thinks you are.

Toddís voice: You canít look me in the eyes and tell me you love Spencer, can you? That you're deeply in love with him, and you believe heís innocent? You canít look at me and tell me that. You canít look at me and tell me you donít love me anymore, can you? Why donít you look at me and tell me that, Blair? Right here, right now, tell me.

Blair: I canít. Listen, no matter what happens to us down the road, I have to see this through. I am not going to let Spencer get away with what he did to you.

Spencerís voice: Blair Cramer? Will you marry me?

Blair: Yes. I'll marry you. No matter what happens to us down the road, I have to see this through. I am not going to let Spencer get away with what he did to you. I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you, Todd. I've been going behind his back to get evidence to help you. Do you believe me?

Todd: Ahem.

Spencer: Here we go. : Whatís the matter? Hey, why are you so jumpy?

Blair: Am I?

Spencer: Yeah, you are. Is something bothering you?

Blair: Like what?

Spencer: Well, your ex-husband, maybe.

Blair: I donít want to talk about Todd, ok?

Spencer: You know, I just kept getting the feeling that I was interrupting something between you two all night, something very personal.

Blair: Well, actually, you were.

Spencer: Go on.

Blair: Well, we were fighting, you know, about you mostly, and he definitely does not want Jack and Starr under the same roof as you, and he said some nasty things.

Spencer: Like what?

Blair: I donít want to tell you. It'd just, like, upset you. Itís better off, you know, this way.

Spencer: All right.

Blair: Ahem.

Spencer: I suppose we will get past Todd and all the venom that he spews soon enough, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: What -- what is the matter with you?

Blair: No, Spencer --

Spencer: You donít want to kiss me?

Blair: I told you that, you know, some things were said -- some about you, some about me -- but I just canít turn my feelings off, I'm sorry.

Spencer: All right, well, you're in the right place. Just relax, ok? Forget about it. We are not going to allow our hurt feelings and other peopleís negativity in Spencerís house.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: Got it?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: Ok?

Blair: Thanks.

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Hmm?

Spencer: Blair? I -- I need you to do something for me.

Blair: What?

Spencer: You know the peignoir that your mother gave you?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: Put it on for me.

Blair: What?

Spencer: It would really mean the world to me, baby.

Blair: Spencer, that --

Spencer: Please?

Blair: That -- thatís for my wedding night. I'm saving that for --

Spencer: And itís supposed to bring you good luck for the man that you love. And I am the man that you love. Right?

Evangeline: Hey, are you ok?

Cristian: Yeah.

Evangeline: I'm worried about your hand.

Cristian: My hand is fine. I'm going to win this fight.

Vincent: Hey, teddy, man, listen. We're only going to take this hometown favorite grass-root tactic but so far.

Ted: Ok.

Vincent: You know, we need to stir up some dirt, get the talk going on Abbott. You know, talk about how heís sick or how heís got a broken rib or something, you know? We need to raise the stakes on Vega as high as we could get them before we snatch the rug out from underneath him, because Vegaís going to fall and we're going to win big and thatís the bottom line.

Viki: Oh.

Clint: Viki, good news. Ahem -- I just talked with Dr. Jamison and he'll be able to meet with Jessie first thing tomorrow.

Viki: Well, thatís good.

Clint: Viki? How could we have known back then?

Viki: We couldnít. We couldnít. You know, back then, I couldnít even imagine that one day our children would be parents, much less grandparents.

Kelly: No. No, not my baby, please. Please donít let my baby die.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: I have been waiting so long to give that back to you ever since you gave it back to me. I've been daydreaming about slipping it on your finger.

Spencer: Here. Why donít you just let me do that. Here we go. Yeah, look at that -- yeah. Fits just fine.

Toddís voice: I'll ask you a thousand times -- will you marry me?

Blair: And I will say yes a thousand times.

Todd: Can we do it right this time?

Blair: Yes!

Spencer: Oh, my. My, my. Thatís very nice. You look beautiful in that thing, you know that? I almost hate to have to take it off of you.

Blair: Hmm.

Spencer: Almost.

Blair: Oh, look, Spencer, I canít.

Spencer: Wait a minute. What are you talking about?

Blair: I canít, all right? I just canít.

Spencer: Donít you want to make love to me? [Knock on door] I guess that must be your surprise. Blair? Arenít you going to answer the door, honey?

Bo: That was Renee, at The Palace. She said a reporter was there asking questions about Truman. Now the media is all over the place.

Natalie: Oh, my God. I hope they donít get in Johnís way.

John: Hey, move it, move it. Out of the way. Out of the way, move, move.

Reporter: Oh, perfect.

John: Open up, police!

Spencer: What the hellís going on, McBain?

John: Spencer Truman, you're under arrest.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Clint: We think sheís very close to integration.

Jessica: After we do this, I'm not going to be the same. If I'm not, will you still want me?

Evangeline: I have a question for you -- have you forgiven her?

Reporter: Dr. Truman, how do you feel about the charges? Did you do it?

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