OLTL Transcript Monday 8/28/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/28/06


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Blair: Every time Spencer would kiss me, I would close my eyes and -- and dream it was you, Todd. I dreamed that -- that you would hold me again.

Todd: Do you know how easy it would be for me to walk away from you right now?

Blair: Donít go. Oh, Todd.

Normanís voice: Tell everybody your name.

Young Jessica: Tess.

Antonio: You shouldnít be looking at that.

Jessica: Oh, no, donít worry. I'm not going to do anything to compromise the arrest of that scum.

Antonio: Honey, thatís not what I'm talking about. You donít need to put yourself through this again.

Jessica: Actually, itís helping. I hope you rot in hell with your buddy Norman Leeds.

Rex: Adriana?

Adriana: Rex? What are you doing at my motherís?

Rex: Adriana, can you hear me?

Adriana: Re--

Rex: Adriana? Adri -- can you -- Adriana! [Dial tone] Come on, pick up. Damn, the phoneís blocked.

Dorian: What happened?

Rex: We got cut off!

Dorian: Or maybe she just doesnít want to talk to you.

Rex: Oh, cut the crap, Dorian. Tell me what the hell is really going on.

Adriana: Why would Rex be with my mom?

Bruce: Thatís a damn good question. Because if she thinks she can double-cross me, she doesnít know who sheís dealing with.

Bo: Hey. Whatís going on?

John: Waiting to hear back from the judge on Trumanís arrest warrant. I donít know whatís holding him up.

Bo: Well, these things take time.

John: We donít have time. I need that warrant now.

Bo: John, we're going to make the arrest today.

John: Unless Natalie compromised it.

Bo: What?

John: I donít -- I donít know, Bo. You're going to have to ask her. I'm going to the firing range.

Spencer: Blair, itís Spencer. I'm looking for you. Call me.† Hey, Mike. What -- whatís going on? Why isnít Starr in her room? Has she been released?

Michael: Why?

Spencer: Because I need to know. Is Starr with Todd and Blair? Where is she?

Blair: No. Donít you even think about stopping.

Eugene: I donít know anybody named Leeds.

Jessica: You're lying! He is the man that made the tape of me that you have on your computer! He was your supplier!

Antonio: Donít try to deny it. I have a witness who will testify that he delivered the tapes from Leeds to you. Take the evidence outside. Leave this lowlife to me. Go on.

Eugene: What are you going to do to me?

Antonio: I want to kill you, just like I wanted to kill Leeds -- whoís dead now.

Eugene: You mean you --

Antonio: No. No. Different place, different time, thatís what I would've done. But I'm a cop now, so I'm going to let the justice system handle you, because I know what they do to pedophiles in prison.

Eugene: I didnít do anything wrong.

Jessica: Like hell you didnít. You helped destroy my life, and god knows how many other girls like me.

Bo: Natalie? Hey.

Natalie: You get the arrest warrant for Spencer?

Bo: That was a court clerk. He says that the judge is still reviewing the evidence.

Natalie: What? What is taking so long? Donít they know we donít have all day?

Bo: Hmm. Why? Uh -- is there something I should know?

Natalie: I messed up, uncle Bo.

Bo: John mentioned that. Ahem. What happened?

Natalie: Ok, I ran into Spencer earlier and he said some things that made me think that he figured Blair out. And then Blair wasnít answering her cell phone, and Spencer was acting so weird, so I just called him a freak and asked him what he did to her, you know?

Bo: What did he say?

Natalie: Well, I tried to cover it up -- pretty badly -- and then he remembered that John and Blair had been talking, and I tried to cover that up, too. I was just worried about Blair, and now I may have put her life in danger.

Bo: Hospital security, please? Hey, Calvin? Bo Buchanan. I need to know if Spencer Truman is still at the hospital. Ok. Thank you. Trumanís still there.

Natalie: Oh, thank God.

Bo: So maybe you donít have to worry. He couldnít have known about the warrant for the safe-deposit box. You didnít say anything about that?

Natalie: No. No, no. I wouldnít do that for sure.

Bo: Ok, then -- then I think Blairís ok.

Natalie: Yeah, but why wasnít she answering her phone?

Bo: Could be for any number of reasons. If he suspected Blair, he'd know that the police are closing in on him. And I think the last thing he would do, then, is go after Blair.

Natalie: Yeah, but heís a killer.

Bo: Not a homicidal maniac.

Natalie: Thereís a difference?

Bo: Heís cool, heís very calm, heís methodical. He prides himself in not making mistakes. Heís not going to panic, heís not going to do anything self-destructive.

Natalie: Even if heís cornered?

Bo: It doesnít fit his profile. Blairís safe -- for now, anyway.

Natalie: Maybe we should just have a car go out and check on her.

Bo: We'd tip our hand. If we do anything at all, we could put her in danger.

Michael: Starrís not your patient, and you're not family -- at least not yet. So, itís none of your business where she is.

Spencer: Whatís with the attitude, mike? You know, I know how you feel about me, but I am still your superior.

Michael: Well, I donít think thatís going to be true for too much longer. My brotherís closing in on you.

Spencer: Thereís nothing to close in on.

Michael: You killed my father. You know it, we know it, and now everybodyís going to know it, including Blair.

Spencer: Listen, damn it, I just want to know where she is. Did she go home with Starr or not?

Michael: Why should I tell you anything?

Spencer: I need to find her.

Michael: Well, maybe she doesnít want to be found.

Spencer: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Michael: It means maybe sheís figured out what everybody in this town already knows -- you're a cold-blooded killer.

Spencer: All right, thatís it.

Michael: Where you going? You have -- you have no right to touch that.

Spencer: Oh, radiology, fine.

Michael: Donít waste your time.

Spencer: My fiancťe is not a waste of my time, Michael.

Michael: Look, I'm only telling you this so that you donít interfere with Starrís tests. Blairís not with Starr.

Spencer: Do you know where she is?

Michael: Thatís all you're getting out of me, Truman.

Spencer: Thanks for nothing. Whatís that? Yeah, Peggy. Hey, itís me, dr. Truman. Have I received any messages from Blair? No. All right. Just have me paged if you hear from her, immediately, all right? Thanks. Damn it, Blair. Where in the hell are you?

Natalie: Ok, I have to go find John.

Bo: Natalie, no, no, not a good idea. All right? Heís at the range.

Natalie: I know thatís where he goes to be alone, but in this case --

Bo: No, no, no. Just donít make it worse.

Natalie: Than I already have? God, how could I be so stupid? You know, this was almost over. He -- he almost had him.

Bo: No, he -- he will get him.

Natalie: Not the way he wants him.

Bo: First things first, ok? The first thing that we have to do, we have to lock Spencer up. That way he canít destroy any more evidence. The gun that he used to shoot Johnís dad -- that is still out there somewhere.

Natalie: What if we never find that gun?

Bo: Itís not an option to John.

Natalie: Thatís what I'm afraid of.

Bo: Well, then we're just going to have to wait for the warrant.

Natalie: I know, and hopefully it wonít be too late.

Bo: Hmm. Hey, whatís going on with Balsom?

Natalie: Yeah, well, Adrianaís still missing.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I know. I've got an APB out in the tri-state area. What I'm trying to find out is, is howís he holding up?

Natalie: Oh, heís a mess, especially now that he knows Dorianís behind all of this.

Adriana: You know my mother hates Rex. Isnít that why s hired you and set this all up?

Bruce: Yeah. So what the hellís Balsom doing answering her phone?

Adriana: Heís probably trying to find out where I am.

Bruce: Oh, even after I sent him that message from you, dumping him? What a loser.

Adriana: Rex loves me and he isnít going to give up on me -- ever.

Bruce: Oh, Rex should be the least of your problems right now. You just better hope Dorian comes through with the money before I have to resort to plan B.

Dorian: I resent your accusations.

Rex: Why canít you admit it? You know where Adriana is -- just tell me.

Dorian: Because I donít know! [Phone rings] Oh, please, donít -- donít answer that. Please. Let me answer it.

Rex: Ok. If I do, you have to promise me you'll tell me everything.

Dorian: Ok, but just let me answer it now before he hangs up. Please. Hello?

Bruce: Balsom still there?

Dorian: No. Uh -- Rex has left.

Bruce: What the hell is he answering your phone for?

Dorian: Oh. Well -- huh -- you know, I -- I -- I tried to tell him that he better back off, but he -- he refuses to give up, and when he was here, he -- he answered the phone before I could stop him.

Bruce: You better not be trying to pull something here, because if you're lying --

Dorian: No, I'm -- I'm not lying. I wouldnít lie. Thereís too much at stake.

Bruce: Damn straight. You got my money?

Dorian: Uh, yes. I mean, I'm -- I'm definitely working on it. I am going to do exactly what you want.

Bruce: I' be in touch to work out the transfer, and remember, no cops or you'll never see your daughter again.

Rex: Who was that? Who has Adriana? Answer me!

Dorian: Just go, please.

Rex: I want the truth and I want it now. Tell me whatís going on.

Dorian: This is none of your concern.

Rex: I love your daughter.

Dorian: Then leave it alone.

Rex: Fine, I'll call Bo.

Dorian: What? You're -- you're going to call the police?

Rex: And?

Dorian: No! You canít call the police!

Rex: Why not? Tell me, Dorian, or I'm heading straight over there.

Dorian: Because Adrianaís been kidnapped. And he said that if I go to the authorities, he'll kill her.

Eugene: Young lady, if you suffered, I --

Antonio: "If"? You're a doctor. You know she did.

Eugene: I didnít have anything to do with it.

Jessica: Like hell you didnít. It wasnít for perverts like you, then sickos like Norman Leeds wouldnít be making that trash. He wouldnít be able to make money out of doing disgusting things to little girls like me to satisfy your disgusting needs.

Antonio: Listen to her.

Jessica: While you were getting off on your videotapes, did you ever think about what it was doing to us? The humiliation, the fear? You were watching children being scarred for life. You know, some of those little girls are going to end up just like their abusers, and others will be so damaged that they're going to be screwed up for the rest of their lives, never able to love or to be loved. God, you are a monster. You're just like Norman Leeds. Actually, you're worse, because if it werenít for men like you making it worth his while, then he wouldnít have done those horrible things to me.

Eugene: I -- I only watched.

Jessica: You think that excuses you? Well, thatís crap, because you know what? Whatever Norman Leeds did to me, you did to me, as well, over and over again in your mind. I mean, how many times did you watch that tape, huh? How many times -- 10, 20, 100 times? But, you know, you were never really looking at me. I was just an object. I wasnít a human being with feelings or fears at all. And you know what? Look at me now. Look at me now!

Antonio: Look at her, damn it.

Jessica: I'm real -- as real as all the things that Norman Leeds did to me and what I know you wanted to do to me, too.

Eugene: I want to see my lawyer.

Antonio: You will.

Jessica: Werenít you a doctor? I mean, didnít you take an oath? To what -- not do any harm? Well, the harm that you did to me is unfixable. And you're not even sorry, are you?

Spencer: Mike, you going to tell me where Blair is or not?

Michael: Even if I did know, I wouldnít tell you.

Spencer: What about Todd? Is he with Starr?

Michael: I donít have time for this.

Spencer: Michael, I will just go to radiology and find out for myself.

Michael: Neither Todd nor Blair are with Starr.

Spencer: Really? How do you know that? Did you see them together?

Michael: What are you so paranoid about, Spencer? Hmm? Starr thinking they're still a couple -- you think that might get them back together?

Spencer: I'm not paranoid. Thatís not what I'm worried about. Manning is -- heís unstable. Heís insane, man.

Michael: Heís insane? You think that because -- because he thinks that you framed him for murdering Margaret and her baby?

Spencer: Blair has accepted my proposal. Thereís no telling what he might do.

Michael: You know what? I think that Blair can take care of herself.

Todd: That was way too easy.

Blair: Hmm. Thatís the way that it is with us.

Todd: Ahem. This doesnít change anything.

Blair: What?

Todd: Sex ainít going to solve it this time, sweetheart.

Blair: Are you saying we canít be together?

Todd: I donít know. But if we're going to be, we canít pretend nothing happened between you and Spencer.

Thomas: Who are you aiming for, son?

John: I almost got the bastard who killed you. The only thing holding me up now is some red tape.

Thomas: Hmm. Back in the day, we called it "probable cause."

John: The irony being if I wasnít a cop, I would've had justice for you long ago, instead of waiting for some fat-cat judge trying to play god.

Thomas: Then you would've gotten justice on the wrong guy -- his brother, remember?

John: I know who did it now.

Thomas: Let it play out, Johnny. Donít screw yourself up. You love being a cop.

John: So did you.

Thomas: Yeah, but for me, just a way to put food on the table for the family, a job. You? You're different. Itís a calling. Itís who you are. I couldnít be more proud. Do right by me, son. Stick to the book.

John: I am.

Thomas: Then what are you doing with my service revolver?

John: Calms me down.

Thomas: Hmm. You look real calm. You canít fool me, Johnny, or yourself. You're saving it for the day you can use it to put a bullet in the guy.

Blair: I'm not trying to pretend anything here, Todd. I just want to me on and forget about it.

Todd: That easy, huh?

Blair: Yeah, it'll be that easy when Spencer is arrested, and he will be. Heís going to pay for everything that he did to you, to -- to David, to Paige, to me, to Bo, to --

Todd: So itís Blair to the rescue for all of us, eh?

Blair: I did this for you, Todd, every bit of it.

Todd: Well, you just keep telling yourself that, honey.

Blair: Well, I had hoped at what just happened here proved that we were on the same page.

Todd: Doesnít mean that at all.

Bo: I know he thinks Dorianís behind it.

Natalie: Canít help -- to hire someone to stalk your own daughter? Thatís unbelievable.

Bo: Hmm. Does he have any proof yet?

Natalie: No, no, but he is on a tear and not just to find Adriana, but to prove that Dorian set him up.

Bruce: You better hope your mother plays ball and doesnít call the cops.

Adriana: She wonít. She wouldnít put me in more danger.

Bruce: Sure about that?

Adriana: She hasnít -- I mean, not really. She knew you wouldnít hurt me.

Bruce: Yet. As long as she comes through with the money.

Adriana: She will.

Bruce: And what makes you think that?

Adriana: No matter what sheís done, she loves me.

Bruce: Ah. Funny way of showing it, donít you think? I mean, if it were me, I'd hate her guts. Oh. Poor little rich girl, nobody loves you?

Adriana: Rex does.

Bruce: Oh, yeah. You blew that one, huh? And I get to reap the benefits.

Rex: Adrianaís been kidnapped?

Dorian: By a maniac. The man whoís been stalking her.

Rex: Stalkers donít hold their victims for ransom. Thereís something else going on here. Itís you. You set this whole thing up.

Dorian: Oh, please. Why would I have my own daughter kidnapped?

Rex: Well, that wasnít part of the plan. Was it? You hired somebody to break us up, he double-crosses you, and now he wants money. Stop me if I'm wrong.

Dorian stop.

Rex: No --

Dorian: You're wrong.

Rex: You're sick! Damn it, Dorian. Donít you see what you've done? You hate me so much, you put Adriana in the hands of some thug.

Dorian: This isnít about me or what you think I did or didnít do. Adriana is in danger and we've got to save her.

Rex: Well, itís time to bring the pros in, then.

Dorian: What are you talking about, the police?

Rex: Yeah, I mean the cops.

Dorian: Well, no we canít do that because the -- the man said that -- that if we go to the authorities, he would kill her.

Rex: Yeah, they always say that. The police know it, so does the FBI. They know how to handle this.

Dorian: Oh, right, right, right, and the victim is always returned unharmed.

Rex: Not always.

Dorian: What -- exactly, so I am not going to take that risk!

Rex: You're not the one calling the shots here anymore.

Dorian: This is my daughter we're talking about. Itís my money. I will pay the ransom, and he will return her.

Rex: You really believe that?

Dorian: Yes! Believe me, with him, itís all about the money.

Rex: How much?

Dorian: $10 million.

Rex: You have that much cash?

Dorian: I told my broker to liquidate some assets, put it in my personal account. Heís doing it now even as we speak.

Rex: Well, we still need the police. Too much can go wrong.

Dorian: No! Rex -- you have to believe me. This man will kill her. I really believe he will because heís that desperate. Now, if you love Adriana as much as you say you do, please do this my way.

Jessica: You're pathetic. I mean, look at you. Look at the filth that you live in. And you're all alone. Nobody wants to be with you. Nobody loves you. But you know what? I have wonderful people in my life. I have got a wonderful family, and I have two daughters of my own and I am going to make sure that they never have to face a monster like you. They're never going to be a name on some sickoís private collection. And you know what? You're going to jail. You'll probably die there. But I have a life. And I've had to fight really hard for it because of pigs like you, and I'm not going to let anybody take it away from me. I've won. I'm going to be ok. And you're not even sorry. You're only sorry you got caught. And you're just one of thousands of animals out there that prey on little girls. I was just a little girl. You know what? They have a special place for your kind in hell. Have fun rotting the.

Antonio: Itís ok. I'm not going to let him hurt you anymore.

Jessica: Just get him out of here, ok?

Antonio: All right. Get this slime out of here.

Normanís voice: Can I have a hug?

Antonio: Come on, letís go.

Jessica: No. Antonio, I'm remembering.

Antonio: What was on the video?

Jessica: No. What happened to me -- me, before Tess ever existed.

Todd: I donít know. I got a lot of stuff to work through.

Blair: We could do it. We can, Todd.

Todd: And you think bringing down Trumanís going to make it automatic?

Blair: You love me, donít you?

Todd: You thought I was capable of killing my own child.

Blair: Oh, Todd --

Todd: I donít know.

Blair: And being sorry isnít nearly enough.

Todd: Yeah. I donít know if anythingís going to be enough now, to tell you the truth.

Blair: We can get through this. We can, Todd. We've gotten through worse things.

Todd: Not like this. Only in the world according to Blair do you help the man you claim to love by sleeping with another man.

Blair: And itís killed me to do it.

Todd: Well, you're not dead yet.

Blair: I'm not going to do it again, all right?

Todd: Were you considering it?

Blair: No! No, I wasnít! Just -- would you just stop all this? Spencer is going -- itís going to be over. Heís going to be caught and heís t going to hurt us anymore.

Todd: What if that doesnít happen? What if something goes wrong? Are you going to keep up this charade?

Blair: I donít want to think about that.

Todd: Hmm. And what about that rock he gave you? What are you going to do with that -- sell it online?

Blair: Ok, you know what? Would you just stop --

Todd: Put it up on the wall as a trophy?

Blair: Just please stop it. We just made love, we still love each other.

Todd: Huh. No, I just wanted to stick it to Spencer.

Blair: No, thatís not the way that it was, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, you think?

Blair: Why canít we just be happy for us, Todd? Look, itís almost over, I promise you.

Todd: Promise me you'll never let him touch you again.

Michael: Still looking for Blair, huh?

Spencer: You know, I hope you're enjoying yourself, mike, because I will not forget this, man.

Michael: You know, I remember -- I did see Blair. She was leaving, with Todd. Yeah, yeah, I guess they're trying to keep the show up for Starr, you know? Some actors, those two, because if I didnít know that Blair was engaged to you, I'd have thought they were going home together.

Spencer: Damn it.

John: Death would be too good for Truman. I want to take away everything he cares about -- his money, his career, the woman he loves, his freedom.

Thomas: You want to take away his life, nothing less.

John: You'd do the same thing if you were me.

Thomas: That old gun of mine always pulled a bit to the left and sighted a little high.

John: I know.

Thomas: Means you have to make allowances.

John: I do.

Thomas: Maybe when you're firing that gun, but not when it comes to people.

John: All I know is thereís such a thing as right and wrong -- I believe in that. Thatís why I became a cop. Sometimes you got to take out the bad guys.

Thomas: One in particular.

John: I wanted a piece of this guy since the night you died, and itís going to happen. I'm taking him down.

Spencer: Listen, I'm really starting to get worried about you. I wish you would call me. I need to talk to you. Kimi, yeah. Dr. Truman here. Have you heard from Blair yet? All right. And you've asked Dorian? She doesnít have any idea where she is? All right, all right. Just -- if you hear from her, would you have her call me, please? Thanks. Todd is behind this.

Natalie: Nope, nothing.

Bo: This is weird. Balsomís been bugging me about this Adriana business. Now all of a sudden, he just drops out of sight?

Natalie: And you havenít found anything out about where Adriana could be?

Bo: We donít have any evidence that she didnít just run away.

Natalie: Oh, me on. You donít really believe that, do you?

Bo: I donít want to. The longer this drags on, the more worried I get.

Natalie: Well, you know what? I'm going to go see if I can find Rex, you know, get an update or something. I canít just wait around here for that warrant.

Bo: Ok.

Natalie: Driving me crazy.

Bo: All right.

Natalie: Bye.

Bo: Keep me posted, will you?

Natalie: Yes, I will -- you, too. Bye, uncle Bo.

Bo: See you.

Rex: Why should I trust you? You wonít even admit you know who the kidnapper is.

Dorian: Because I do not know, and even if I did know, I have no clue as to where he may have taken Adriana, so do you love her or not?

Rex: You know I do.

Dorian: Good. So do I, and I would do anything to protect her, anything.

Rex: Me, too.

Dorian: All right, then. We better just put our differences aside and work together to make sure that we bring her back home, because that is all that matters.

Rex: You're right. It is.

Dorian: So you're not going to call the police?

Rex: What, so you can cover your behind?

Dorian: So Adriana wonít be killed. Please, Rex. You've got to let me handle this. I -- I know what I'm doing.

Rex: Fine. But I still think you're behind it. And when this is all over, I'm outing you.

Dorian: Do your worst. Thereís nothing to out.

Rex: Oh -- assuming this guy doesnít get caught, because if he does, he'll give you up in a minute. Adriana will hate you forever.

Dorian: Why donít we just focus on getting Adriana home, shall we?

Rex: Like you said, nothingís more important.

Bruce: Look, I know this is tough on you.

Adriana: Oh, like you care.

Bruce: I'm not really a bad guy.

Adriana: No, you just stalk people for money and then kidnap them and hold them for ransom.

Bruce: Oh. I made a few bad calls. So I needed some cash, and now I need more -- a lot more -- and I need it fast.

Adriana: What'd you do anyway? What are you trying to get away from?

Bruce: Well, letís just say I pissed off some people who donít take well to being pissed off.

Adriana: And they'll kill you if they catch you?

Bruce: Itís not your problem. Yours is if your mother pisses me off and doesnít come through with the money. Then you're going to be the one who pays.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan. All right. Ok, I'll tell him.

Thomas: Nice shooting, son.

John: Thanks.

Thomas: I hope you find what you're looking for Johnny.

John: Trumanís going to pay for what he did to you.

Thomas: Even if you bust him, he wonít -- not for that. And you're never going to find peace until he does, are you?

John: First I nail him for framing manning, then I get him for what he did to you.

Bo: John?

John: Hey. Bo, did you hear from the judge?

Bo: Turned us down.

John: Uh -- son of a bitch turned it down.

Bo: Well, we knew that the probable cause was flimsy.

John: Well, uh -- maybe that judge, he needs to look a little more carefully at it. Maybe somebody needs to make him look at that case a little bit more --

Bo: Now donít -- donít -- you pressure a judge, thatís a lost cause.

John: Well, heís -- we've already lost this one.

Bo: There are other judges.

John: All right, well, then we need to find one that can see whatís right in front of him, someone at least to connect the dots.

Bo: All right, but donít make this look at all personal, ok? Thatís a good way to lose a case.

John: It is personal, Bo. I've got to see it through to the end. I have to.

Bo: You do what you have to do, ok? Good luck, John.

Thomas: Go get him, son.

John: Donít worry. I will.

Todd: Promise me you'll never let him touch you again. Promise me that. I want to know for sure.

Blair: You do care.

Todd: Here. Go home to your boyfriend.

Blair: Oh, Todd, Todd -- I need you to understand why I'm doing this.

Todd: Do you understand why you're doing it? Or are you just not thinking about it like you approach everything else?

Blair: What are you talking about? I think about it all the time. It makes me crazy. I wish it were easier, but itís not.

Todd: Oh, give me a break. I'm the one who died -- do you remember?

Blair: I know! I was there!

Todd: Oh.

Blair: Todd, I came to you after the execution, but you wouldnít have anything to do with --

Todd: That has got nothing to do with it!

Blair: Itís got everything to do with it! Are you kidding me? Because it was at at moment, at that moment when I thought that I had lost you forever that I realized that I still loved you and that I would always love you. Todd, I am asking you, please let me do this. Let me play is out. We have to get Spencer. If we do nothing, letís bring down Spencer together. [Doorbell rings] Are you expecting someone?

Todd: No.

Spencer: Let me in.

Todd: Oh, hi, Truman. Looking for somebody?

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Todd: Go ahead, tell him.

Michael: If Cristian throws a punch and itís the slightest bit off, he may never use his right hand again.

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